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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

A piece on how diversity is just a boardroom meeting we are corporate has decided to maximize profit and minimize cost and the realities of PC culture and globalism (long post needs editing used speech to text)

 A Peruvian friend of mine explain to me the reason my frustration is so great with people from the northern triangle specifically usually the men but sometimes the women depending on the situation. It seems that when I go to the border of Mexico I get along just fine even if there is harassment present it's their land they lived on it for millennia before the arrival of the colonialist Invaders from Europe or the Vikings from northern Europe.

So even though the Spanish blood is in the Mexicans there's a great similarity if you look at the natives in New Mexico when you look at Mexicans of course there's a similarity between Central America should go down and Mexican people pending on with the Mexicans look like and what part of Mexico Mexicans close to the border it's their land. And traditionally coming from Boston I've usually been surrounded by people that are sort of North American you know they share the same ocean the same land the same immigration and migration patterns such as Puerto Ricans cape verdeans Santo Domingo and Haiti the Caribbean and Mexicans and to a smaller extent Cubans. Of course the shooting geographical proximity Cubans and Mexicans tend to immigrate to the southern part of the country on the Southeastern part of the country respectively but these people have always been around us and opposed to today's really bizarre people of color race theories brought on by Obama's infantilization and dumpling down of the country and its people, more akin to Forrest Gump looking at the world like a box of chocolates IE people are a box of crayons is what I see it seems like. But before that we had natural alliance's you have to understand the way that we get along nowadays is all very fascist run very contrived very new world order and very unhealthy it's based on the fascist idea that people have the right to tell you who to like and it's the most racist system since the Nazis or pronology I've ever seen. You should be able to have under the US Constitution and as a human being as an adult he should be able to have free association free will and fraternization of your choosing and based on ethnic naturalness. Sort of unnatural predictable way that groups of people would get along based on their ethnic similarity not the color of their skin which is racist and it's all really to benefit the corporate ocracy and economics and it's not real. Nature is what's real not the things they make up and make you live by them.

FFor instance

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Companies Waste Money On Protest Symbols On Wallstreet Instead Of Fixing Real Problems

A bunch of homeless people should have slept against the gorilla statue and eaten the bananas in protest of wasting money on self indulgent symbolic protest to get thier company attention instead of actually doing something productive.

Instead of taking down statues, burning cities, harassing people at restaurants, blocking traffic, ruining tolerance of street people in cities and putting up statues and wasting food why don't people actually solve real problems?

While you're out fucking around with self indulgent symbolisms elderly, disabled and homeless people need help. There's someone being abused RIGHT NOW that needs help in an institution like a hospital or jail or home where the public can't see what's really going on. Why don't you help them? 

people in other countries exist in horrible constructions compared to even the poorest people in the USA. 

What in the fuck are you doing? 

People are MORE selfish and heartless and uncaring NOW than they were in past decades.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Creepy Use Of Young People In Harassment Groupsg

 I cannot stand when kids are used for even community watch groups much less harassment and stalking campaigns even theoretically its totally distasteful. 

I've personally seen kids used as community watch and it's not only inappropriate but it's very uncomfortable for anyone who's a 'stranger' or 'outsider' they end up dealing with. Adults should be ashamed of themselves for utilizing people that are too young to have any life experience to handle such a situation or even perform such operations effectively but also kids should be allowed to be just that, children for as long as they possibly can be. However as we see a lot in the LDS Church of which there's many people who are lifetime targeted individuals in the ti community and from various other cult groups we're talking about the most extreme LDS groups that I've met people who are permanently running from these groups which of course is always a little more believable to The world at Large opposed to people that have a little more of a covert situation well it seems to me it's almost like the strange culture I experienced in that part of the country where a lot of these Christian and or hardcore Mormon groups some of the more extreme ones you experiencing them having a lot of control over women they watch them they have them live in houses where they're very controlled and you're on a train or a bus and you're trying to talk to someone who's a female because you're another female and you're traveling and the man is very controlling and won't let her talk to anybody I guess these people could be being trafficked but it seems like there's just a lot of control over the women and I've been told that about these extremist groups. Plus this is why women run away from them and we've seen the Provo Utah the behavior modification camps and that is a lot of extremist groups that want to make their children behave in Utah area influenced by those religious groups I think because their children either claimed abuse by the parents turned out to be homosexual and the parents didn't like it and they wanted to convert them back to what they considered normal stuff like that there's videos on it in my youtube. But you see this kind of cult control over children in community watch groups as well.

The idea that if you raise children with this kind of behavior has normal then they'll turn around and do it and you've got yourselves the perfect little perk groups later on well most of us think of people in the theory of gang stalking as recruits as being people that are in trouble for something or people that are working for a private security company paramilitary whatever the hell it is or other sort of power structure connected stuff that we don't know about so private sector or otherwise. However you know imagine if you have these little groups well the example of that would be Newtown CT.

Before I was framed I was doing a pretty good job at doing things like trying to measure the perimeters of psycho management within different areas of the city I was residing in using different methods amateur of course and the other thing was that I was really still very good at writing and my memory was still very good and I could write in my head log and then document by writing it down so I had all this planned out in my head where I was going to do all the loan shootings right about them and right about the common thread where people seem to be completely normal or they seem to have trouble fitting in or they seems to be like a satanic element or an element of then being from families that just don't seem right to begin with and then like blood sacrifices there they go they end up performing this horrible act. 

And was going to tie them all together to show the commonality well I must have gotten too close especially when I started referencing video footage of the kids from Newtown Connecticut shooting and how there's video footage of them being interviewed with plane to see that the parents are coaching them using gesturing and different methods of poking the children a certain number of times and stuff like that that signals to get them to recite exactly what they've been told to say.

After that video that's when everything fell down it seems like that's when the system got really really pissed at me. And you ask anyone who's honest about being targeted and it might just be theory but we've seen the gamut we've seen all kinds of people let's just put it that way and it's extremely sad and I think the most inappropriate thing that angers all of us is the use of people who should remain innocence. If you've dealt with the worst people from the bottom of the scum of the earth that they get to do this kind of crap that's not surprising. What's very sad is when you experience people in the homeless scene who are now completely brain damaged and degenerated or people that will approach you that obviously work in the system that it's obvious they have some kind of brain damage and it's not natural it's almost like the system did it to them and now they belong to them almost like the idea of how to make a zombie in Haiti with that powder they blow in people's faces made from the puffer fish that makes it look like you're dead so they bury you and really what happens is you get brain damage from lack of oxygen and when the voodoo digs you up that along with some real black magic as well as psychological warfare you belong to him well it's because of the brain damage mainly.. 

and the elements of spycraft are what drugs psychological warfare murder I mean these are things that old is time especially poisons and druggings those are the very saddest cases people that are so obviously turned into Frankenstein monsters by this system and they were once human we've all seen that plenty of times we probably even have people close to us or family members that we could not save because this system has just turned them into such a mess because they just could not handle it or did not understand what was happening to them or their mind simply cannot expand to accept these theories and they cannot entertain its a system handle it like a system and have countermeasures and live peaceably and coexist with it they're just victimized every time something happens to them and it destroys them and it's very hard to watch that happen to someone that you know.

But when you see people using children even in community watch groups it's absolutely disgusting. Because kids should be allowed to be kids but then again how are you going to raise people to vilify the enemy unless you do it when they're young like Hitler youth that kind of thing.

In my book I'm going to put down the various kinds of groups that I've seen and me seeing people use kids in community watch groups or like just community organized harassment groups were probably the community has been told something or there's a cover story stuff to make it look like that's why the situation exists when really of course the person is targeted for way bigger reasons than that and they probably shouldn't be homeless or be targeted at all the whole thing is wrong to begin with and the person who's being picked on is the victim from a much bigger campaign of course the people in the community don't know that and they simply go with whatever cover story is told that seems feasible or even if it's something small that seems reasonable and it's not hard to get a community to pick on somebody but yet it could be that these are the same groups like Newtown where these are organized pedophile groups these are groups where black magic is involved of course that really just means cult mind control..

In my book I'm going to put down not just these small community groups that people can get together where the parents are probably prominent in the community in ways that would make it feasible for them to train the kids to do stuff like this especially around an election time we have to consider the fact that there's very important very key elections coming up and as we know my life is miserable in my hometown every single November and and October that there's an election and that is this is one of those years so this doesn't surprise me at all what's odd is that in the theoretical harassment becomes very localized during the election and this is what always happens it almost seems like the interested parties who want to get their candidate and send their kids to do their dirty work in some neighborhood watch or community harassment campaign and I find it extremely distasteful I'd rather a bunch of parolees and criminals come after me that I can deal with people's kids I can't deal with that.


What's really frightening is years ago it seems like there were these groups of rich kids who were controlled by street gang type leaders working in hostels there was a group that seemed to take over a homeless shelter in Connecticut that I was staying at and there were also black males involved in controlling those kids and they were all white and they were rich kids it was really strange that formula I've seen and also I think I wrote about this in my blog that same group in Connecticut that seem to swoop upon the shelter and infiltrate it all these rich kids that of course don't belong in a homeless shelter with these black guys in charge of them as a cult group and extremely sleazy the black guys in charge extremely sleazy like criminals like bad people and the kids just seem totally controlled and they're rich kids in all white and I've seen the same thing in Boston in a hostel all white kids all rich kids were a black and a Spanish guy were running the hostel and I knew for a fact that the black guy was a local pimp and a local bouncer for a bar that was sleazy with crooked cops involved so that tells you probably there's drugs and trafficking going through there but why white rich kids none of that makes sense to me.

So these people in the shelter this group I think I wrote about it in my blog one time there was a bald really creepy pedophile a little wormy guy showing up in a car that came over to the building and one of the kids one of the boys in the park group was absolutely terrified absolutely terrified of this guy just a small tiny goofy guy like you could have just beat him up scrawny bald with a beard middle-aged but he had that pedophile look like such a little worm and this kid was a healthy young 20 something kid and he was terrified of him so how long have these grown-ups been handling these kids and what the hell are they doing to them sexually or otherwise in groups like this I saw in the homeless shelter in Connecticut and this is during Bush this was a very big thing during bush an early Obama and after that that thing kind of gave way to Obama being president and gang started to be used it was obvious it was gang activity and after that it changed again and now it just seems to be more community-based in theory of course..

Are you hot but you have to wonder how safe are these groups of kids I hope it's not the same kind of abuse cult groups that I saw during Bush I hope it's just a bunch of naive people in the community that are just the general public and you can tell them some small piece of bad information and they take the bait and they think well this is our duty or this is community watch or whatever it is and they're overzealous about it because of course people can't control their environment nowadays so they go after whatever they can control. But it's getting a little disgusting with using kids right now but then again that's what they do in this area during an election don't know why. 

I've had an adult male African-American with a white female who have a child who seem to live out of their car where I'm staying lately partying with underage kids in a public city parking lot where people pay to park in a nice neighborhood that is a town not even a city and that is unusual for this area very unusual and another thing I'm noticing about this activity there's no law enforcement around to be seen at all and there was a heavy presence during the summer and before that law enforcement is noticeably absent and now we have young people underage drinking and smoking loads of pot is if it's Jamaica for hours on end in a parking lot in a nice rich neighborhood it's usually extremely quiet and the neighbors are not happy but where's the law enforcement. And now we have groups of kids who seem to be all up my ass being jerks and again no police cars for hours on end whereas I used to see a lot of patrolling during the summer so you can't say that you don't notice one and then the other a lack of one and then an incoming of the other interesting isn't it I think they truly believe that TI's have no brains at all at all.

What is the beauties of being underestimated historically is that you usually win so take advantage of it and remember that during election time people are desperate to of course by crooked methods get whoever they want into office I don't think it's ever anonymous vote at least not in the Northeast so October can be pretty nasty.

And again never underestimate that people abuse their children and they come up with all kinds of excuses why it's okay to take their innocence away or to twist their minds for a cause probably because they're scared to death of someone or some skeleton in their own closet always remember that the goal is to make you feel bad when you're the victim you're the ti.

All you can do is try to understand that these kids are victims whether you're dealing with these really sick cult groups like I mentioned in Connecticut in the homeless shelter where they're obviously being trafficked and or molested or something worse and it's exploitative and extremely controlling or in any other group I've described where the kids just have absolutely no innocence left and they're only like 14 15 or 20 or something or if it's as simple as teaching your kids to hate in an era where it's not popular to hate so people of course have to find something to hate they need a wicker man because humans aren't genuinely really really capable of true equality and all this kumbaya shit so they have to have an enemy so this is a perfect time to go after TI's with anything that people can find because there's so much pressure on people to accept people unnaturally and far too quickly. The tolerance and equality that we have now is fascist it is not based on free association people of equal value systems being put into the same areas jobs neighborhoods schools it is forced it is unnatural it is unhealthy and it's all in the interest of the corporatocracy it's not in the interest of the public as usual because if they were to have the population get along genuinely and things would grow naturally so that people would really get along and everybody would have equal opportunity well that would be a functional society and they can't have that now can they? 

So because people are having stuff shoved down their throats now they're dying for a public hanging they'll go after anything you put in front of them which also makes it very dangerous and I'm sure with all this panic now about shortages that people are going to start coming up with excuses to be selfish again and then of course they'll put the virtual signaling signs on their lawns right after they go panic shopping again like during quarantine. Always avoid being brainwashed and always remember that the people that come after you are not that strong or smart so it's up to you to be the diplomatic bigger better person.