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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extreme Weather Ceases Effects Of Being Targeted

I am in an area where there is major storm warnings. Like 70mph winds etc. We simply could not get a ride out.


This has occured repeatedly when I find myself in circumstances that are dangerous like impending storms or other things where authorities would be focused on other things.

I wonder if this is due to these groups being funded to keep targeted persons under control for national security with technologies or even as part of some black budgeted project where this is one of their functions to abuse power in this way but they dont divulge this officially. Or perhaps what is now 'official' and even legal to do to members of the public like myself is simply beyond my the scope of knowledge of someone at my level.

The other theory is that the weather being extreme destroys the effectiveness of whatever is in use to cause these effects. Could it be that each place has been profiled according to its normal weather pattern and that if it deviates from this the tech in that area does not function accordingly?

At times like these I know exactly what my situation is about. I dont feel nervous or anxiety ridden or childlike or dumbed down. I dont have difficulty making decisions or taking action. Being targeted makes you basically retarded. And constant harassment from strangers doesnt help.
GS is not aptly named. Its a simplified name for something much more in depth and sinister. Its very serious and life threatening. The culminative effect of being targeted by 'gang stalking' campaigns is being reduced to a childlike state where you basically live in a combo of denial but yet suffer being tormented by the reality of what is happening to you.

And at times like these I know damn well what happened to me. No one wanted to deal with me. I was percieved as f*cked up and damaged and the people around me who were in my life didnt want to deal with the responsibility. Blacks seem very in on the NWO and gs campaigns. And the treatment targets get resembles the heartless, abusive tough and ignorant way they treat thier own children. And its very Republican right as well, NeoCon. It also resembles Christian beatings to get a child to behave accordingly. It also resembles the military hard ass way of getting soldiers programmed.

Each of these groups have taken over the power over our country in the past fifteen years or so and each one is very dangerous- and each one either has a way to hide or a good front to fool the public with.

What happened to me is that Julie, Jake, my mother and her family all did not want to get exposed for what they are really about. It seems they and their numerous powerful friends and connections who assisted them all benefit from me being silenced.

I am one single poor powerless person up against multiple people with money and connections. My mother was always in with some group that had covert power and she mentioned the syndicate yet it keeps me from informants that its police connections. Julie of course is an untouchable career criminal protected by local police, very powerful clients, important friends and even family members. Not to mention various crime organizations of many ethnicities.

What is so hurtful about being targeted is that so many nobodies across the nation seem involved. There CANNOT be that many operatives planted in various places around the country. Its as if normal people are in on this simply becuz they support the target's life being destroyed for the sake of rich, important people or they percieve say, family members as more worthy. The things humans do more as animals than conscious beings is numerable yet they do it anyway. And there are more numerous humans that behave as animals especially in America, than behave as human beings. America by its nature breeds greed, snobbery and mindless competitiveness.

Also my being sacrificed is seen as negligible. Many people around the US seem guilty faced yet none of them really feel its wrong. No one truly cares. This is what people hate about America. This is why we were bombed if indeed 9-11 wasnt a set up. Americans lie about being good and having wonderful morals. They will destroy anyone they have to like animals to get what they want. Covert actions by American forces or to support American interests is often what creates desperate actions by foriegn countries. And then everyone simply denies such things exist and simply snickers with their backs turned basically- just like they do to individual Targets.

The likes of someone like Carmen one of the black shelter rats in Boston, MA is a good gauge of what people think of the Target. That horrid woman was always letting me hear her say things like "No one cares about HER". Shes right though. As usual blacks speak as out of the mouth of babes: they innocently speak the truth in its harshness. She is correct that is the basic attitude.
America and the people who helped ensure I am tortured daily are too busy having a good time, and succeeding in life to care about me. I was 'inconvenient' to alot of people so I was removed and put out of the way.

TIs are considered simply the losers in the American system. And when we become lone shooters or terrorists then their asshole accomplices in law enforcement and the feds move in with hero bullshit consisting of saving the world from one more schizo or 'lone extremist'. Me even writing this makes me look like I deserve to be targeted for being un-American to begin with.
That asshole bitch mother of mine is the perfect, model American: shes immature, greedy, loves Disneyland and Xmas, and is a viscous, self serving sneaky piece of sh*t who will sell out her own kid to make herself and her immediate family look good on the outside, to provide a good front. My mother has actually done what is EXPECTED of a loyal American citizen and I am percieved as justifyably an enemy of the state.

In the end everyone involved is so stupid, so in denial and so controlled by the abusive authority that they continue to write me off as a complaining immature childish spolied brat who deserved what she got and is making this all up or over dramatizing.

Thats usually how abusive, dysfunctional families AND THEIR COMMUNITIES deal with that one renegade kid from said family that acts out the most and then tells the truth about whats really going on behind closed doors in that house.
I have seen this time and time again. Laws protecting people from abuse, PC and all the other Liberal crap doesnt work when humans dont want to admit shit happens on THEIR own block. I have seen numerous families and communities protect pedophiles and other screw ups, for various selfish motives. Americans, existing in an ultimately dysfunctional situation are no different.

In moments like these I wonder why I am overweight and where has the age on my face come from. Its like waking up out of a dream state, the best way to describe the effects of whatever is used on both individuals, groups and populations.

I know I can make a simple statement on video or get a lawyer....but soon enough the sleep state comes again and I am once again reduced to minimal brain power, fleeting memories, and a scared confused feminized child.

The years pass by me like I am already dead. I know this is not the way my life should have ended up..but what else is there? This is the timeline the powers have chosen. I lose, I die, I dont get to be happy and I suffer.

Its unreal to TIs bexuz its not supposed to be going this way and we know that. Its a totally fabricated false reality. One we try to break out of daily to no avail.

HIV Immunity/Carrier Gene And Hep C (HCV)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Detaining Americans Anywhere On Earth Anytime- Bill?

What is this bill that is trying to be passed concerning detaining Americans indefinitely anywhere on the globe?

I often wonder if this talk for years now about marshal law and camps is actually going to happen? Just heard some anarchists died getting that out to the public.

I hope my life doesnt end in some camp somewhere. There is so much that just slides under the radar its worrisome.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Seek Sounds Of Your Ancestors To Heal and Steel

Listen to folk or ancient music of your ancestors. This activity seems to nourish and protect, through the covert wars.

Cultural warfare is part of psychological warfare it seems. And dominating populations with only specific and select cultures is a large part of brainwashing in America anyway.

It doesnt matter if you have ten different ethnic backgrounds, find out what they are and seek out pre Christian culture and music, even modern music.

You will become revitalized. Something triggered within the DNA.

America has basically banished Targets to live outside of American society anyway and perhaps internationally in any other modern country as well, so why not seek outside thier culture?

Its a form of time travel really. GS seeks to destroy the use of the imagination, the life force and take away any power to move about in society or even spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

Identify the culture or time and spaces you are being exempt from and avoid them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Romney Scum 2012: Hayden Is On Foreign Policy Team

Is there no end to the indicators this guy is respresentative of the worst elements of power in recent history?

When the hell is this going to be over? Each party choice sucks....theres nowhere to turn.
Its working. The poor are extremely ignorant and the homeless black women I eavesdrop on dont know how things come to be.
They believe Obama is doing his job. They say he is the one that killed Osama Bin as if military actions depend on presidential actions, perhaps but its all planned. Just as planned Obama gets cred for destroying a major bad guy.

The bitch about Bush. They say he didnt do shit that he messed up while in office. She doesnt know how he got in-that he cheated. Which is true.

What is so disappointing is many people dont even know where G W Bush comes from nor his father. They dont really associate him with his father's

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drugstores Lose Big Pharma Bucks With Exposure Of Mass Mind Control/Targeted Individuals

How much money would drug stores stand to lose if many psychiatric diagnoses were debunked by exposing and people understanding mind control projects or that many cases of schizophrenia are really people being targeted?


CVS Pharmacy

CVS has been a place where I have experienced a few different kinds of gs activity. Nationwide, this chain pumps out remote influence in thier stores that is pure torture and it only begins when.entered and only ceases after exiting the building.

Interesting that in their list of controversies that in 2005 there were so many mistakes with meds in the Boston area. In 2003 or 2004 my ex Jake's guitarist friend from Watertown (a very short blonde), his girlfriend was working at the Brighton MA pharmacy. My prescribed sedatives half went missing and I reported it. I think it was part of some attempt to frame me. Recently an old friend from Boston now in Las Vegas, who cant stay off drugs, baited me with his recalling seeing an article on the internet where my own mother was in court or talking to the FBI testifying my pills were indeed stolen. Pretty strange that a woman who was part of my gas lighting gets to testify on my behalf becuz I never recieved a subpeona.

But that is exactly what would go in if you were trying to frame someone as mentally ill and incompetent for testimony.

Remember cover stories concerning MK Ultra related activity etc must be maintained. GS would not be possible without intimidating or recruiting those closest to the Targeted person. What is so annoying about this story is that, if true, the original radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra (documented) is actually now helping that very system against the public and other victims.
Watch the Presidents Advisory vids again of the 1995 committee, the people that actually did show up.speak of harassment so severe they fear for their lives. Not only will this force many weaker people to stop pursuing justice it may also force some people with illegal activity or scams (her lawsuits and hiding money under my name without permission-essentially identity fraud) to turn to their side and help screw over whistleblowers or victim witnesses.

Which is exactly what happened it seems.

CVS is a company very close to my hometown. It also seems to have had much to answer for.

The overt harassment and mind games by the management of CVS in Brighton MA was outrageous as was most harassment in that community.

With what we know now about the technologies, its totally possible to pump in mass mind control just the way older in store anti-theft subliminals were used. Other TIs with tech backgrounds can elaborate more on how it works.

The height of misery seems to be those damn cell towers potentially, power lines with sensitive people, wi fi, and what seems like in house systems such as Walmart, CVS and other controlled, false environments.

Mental illness does not begin entering a building or exiting. The same chain store in variable locations? The same or similar effects each time?

The powers that be are keeping the public perception 20th century while utilizing 21st century technologies.

For note, Walgreens employees in Brookline MA and Newton MA were in on harassment and even profiling me unfairly as a.drug seeker (while Jake, the actual drug dealer goes on to work for Aerosmith and get cred in the biz for life).

However, many Walgreens nationwide also pump out what seems like remote influence, however the effects I have documented in this chain's stores are mostly positive, supportive and keeps giving me the idea to sue the hell out of everyone back home and that what was done to me was very WRONG.
Same as CVS, it begins upon entrance to physical building and ceases upon exit.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Stuck In Yuma Sucks

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loves Truck Stop Yuma AZ, harassment from managers

Loves truck stop in Yuma AZ. Tallish man, lower manager Aaron Wade has been basically profiling us and harassing myself and travel partner since we walked into the store yesterday. We did not solicit on the property such as rides nor money. He assumed due to outr appearence. He has gone beyond what is appropriate by asking us our destination, travel plans etc and even our progress each time he saw us. I am trained to not fall into psych traps. my companion was sucked into being baited with directed conversation just now and even confronting the manager about the conversation was enoigh to give him cause to ask us to never enter the store again.

We were simply buying things a few times a day or using rest room. One instance he said we could leave our backpacks outside, which is not appropriate either.

When questioned just now by me abkut the incident, he used every excuse and pretzel logic i have heard before. There are no signs posted about back packs, travelers or the limit.of frequency.of patronage to the store. He actually tried to claim there was a how many times a patron could frequent the store. He claimed that the truckers gas up and leave, and they dont get paid to sit. This was stated with a certsin amount of aggression, and conviction. The intimiation was that as travelers, we dont get paid, becuz we do indeed do alot of sitting.

I informed him that a driver who spoke to me earlier in conversation told me he was stuck at Loves until Sunday to get loaded with what he is hauling. Thus this trucker will most likely be frequenting the store repeatedly for days. Aaron informed me that if a customer is seen more than once the employees are to call security then the customer is questioned. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous.

I highly doubt if this country's hard working men in trucking would put up with that, but the way the powers that be are utilizing corporate entities to try to break them down and get the industry totally controlled, you never know.
Truckers are not these stereotypical predators as they are marketed. Corporate types are just as predatory, the only difference is hiding behind class..and a suit.

Best giveaway that this was not simply harassment of travelers was when Aaron said in this conversation "Especially in your situation, you may think its you specifically."

What, exsctly is my situation? This is gang stalking, or its someone trying to exploit a person being targeted.
That statement along with the constant attention to us (stalking) as well as asking our travel plans (info gathering) is all indicative of the organized stalking and harassment system.

This statement, one that is certainly meant to intimidate the Target, can be taken two ways: "your situation" might be intimating being a Targeted Individual or it may be trying to hint at being a paranoid schizophrenic, the typical condition used as a cover story for many TI cases.

His behavior is atypical of what I have dealt with for years-people abusing power, blaming their unseen superiors and making thngs up to explain the situation, as if they believe the victim is too naive to understand their legal rights.

He did of course blame his boss, who of course we never see. There was a definate set up last night and there was a very fat man in a red shirt involved, who could be that manager. My companion noticed thst as we approached, staff in store scrambled as if 'places everybody' had been announced.

We were made to feel uncomfortable and all we did was walk in, look at a pair of sandals and walk out. A loud "SECURITY CHECK" was heard as we walked out.

I also note over the years that perps believe they are owed something in life, that society owes them something or they have been cheated. As usual, this is usually a bad quality attached to the TI as slander and smear to make the person look worse. My abusive mother for instance, used to accuse me of this when i was just a child. That I wanted everything handed to me on a silver platter. Everyone knows my mother was always neurotically jealous of me, due to her own inhability to face her own shit.....and her extremely controlling mother and pedophile, abusive father. Whether in families, communities or governments, Whistle blowers are usually targeted, punished and shunned-simply for telling the truth.

Earlier I inquired as to his long hours. He replied " I live here". Most perps believe they are either the worlds most hardworking human being or that society has denied them a chance in life. This is usually their rationale for being a perp.

Notice, that a person like myself who has been tortured and not even allowed my basic human and civil rights in my own country, much less allowed opportunity, CHOOSES not to sell out to such a system.

These are people who take the easy way out. These are people who have to destroy others to survive. Due to its covert nature, much of society engages in gs due to lack of proper consequences by a justice system of law and order.

I suspect that AZ is still pulling Hayden era harassment due to either the strong right wing Rebuplican presence, or military or even Mormons-all of which tie into Romney and Bush heavily.

Tucson Still A Nightmare

battery for smart phone missing. how did that happen? eithrt someone at occupy was perp or i took phone apart half asleep, missed purse, battery ended up in sleep bag and then when sprinklerz were turnd on at like 5am i grabbef blankets and battery fell out?? its a theory anyway but that time not hacing phone was difficult yet it gave me time to return to a more natural state, without it. cost me money though...not good now.

I hate these mysteries becuz every TI knows what this systrm is capable of. it knkws targetd so well it can pull off stuff like this or at least get u so riled up and sleep deprivrd u make stupid moves. careless.

Tucson definitely gang stalking heavy still. not as so during Bush but present.

Looked at city bus map.
Air force base, Raytheon, Bombardier all in Tucson. Also told major drug route.
So its watched and the militsty industrial complex prevelant there, couldn't get out of there fast enough. and it took a few days..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Men Kill, Why Humans Torture

Tucson Sucks and Heavily Targeted...Except College Area

I experienced Tucson AZ, outside the college area at least, to be HEAVILY managed/targeted by technologies. Interface content was very sophisticated. Almost like Boston or Cambridge MA, like every second , every thought interfaced. Alot of influence on self perception and much feeling watched/anxiety ridden. A great deal of feeling someone was assesing my situation currently as compared to the last time I was in Tucson, and recieving or being able to hack into that thought process by an 'other'. This was the case mostly on the bus or transit system. Like I said the collefe area was fine and anything I felt was coverage in the city area disappated once I got to the edge of the city, more desert, less built up etc. OCCUPY was lovely as usual.

Many People Perhaps Dont Want To Believe Us-The End Of Their World

The road dog I have claims to believe in being targeted. Yet seems to always avoid references to mass mind control even though hes seen MindWar and the Presidents Advisory Committee (on human experimentees).
It seems to be simply fear. He described his reactions earlier on as being due to not being able to handle the concept of "the end of the world". I had to laugh thinking of this later- is that what people think? Why r Targets so strong and mature about all this while everyone else is cowering or in denial?

They r so sweet, so child like. Its not the end of the world, its simply the progress of technology by mankind being utilized by its most natural dominant rulers. Humans r beasts, mammals, why WOULDNT we as a species attempt to utilize such power to dominate or rule? Its in history books repeatedly.

Its not the end of the world, its the end of the 20th century. The true levels.of progress are being hidden from them, so they get mind blown when its exposed. They are being lied to.

All humanity need do is decide what laws need to be made concerning the use and abuse of these technologies.

How is that the end of the world?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Opportunist

I am sure like all the rest this person was sent to keep me down and stop my believing in myself so that exposé never comes out. and i am sure hes or already has gotten out of trouble successfully for doing so.

hes gotten it so i like manage everthing....

A Lifetime of Suffering Is The Norm For A Targeted Survivor of Programming

As usual I am stuck with someone who I cannot trust, who knows about gs but wants to avoid the seriousness of it. i am in a restaurant trying to stay up all night at , becuz no good to try to sleep here due to snakes ans other critters. I feel like this new person I am with is getting off on this as we just argued. he has been abusive by droppi g inappropriate commnts in public. only done it three times but its sniper delivery when he does do it, after hes cuddly and lo able all day and telling me i am loved and all this sort.of thing. It reminds me of when this first went twenty four/seven. these rich jerks in Newton were messing with me by getting me to pose for portraits but under very hot lights. i would sit there and struggle to stay awake becuz the lights were so hot. it wasnt real artists, it was these three people in a private office, belonging to the man who set up the gigs. he told me his two female friends found me to be a novelty becus i was so poor or from poverty. This reminds me of the same thing, only years later. In other words, here I am years later, being abused, exploited and not in control of my situation- and its due to the gs system putting me at such a disadvantage that i have little co trol over my situation, and have only to act out of survival and desperation.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How The GS Psych Warfare System Destroys TIs Future Growth

One of the psychological warfare tactics is to always make the TI feel bad. Especially survivors of mind control are kept isolated as TIs by perps making fun of every aspect of the enslavement that was necessary to create and perpetuate mind control.

Commenting that I am 'so sheltered' has always been a frequent one and working on that theme.

This of course is humiliating the TI with a condition of living originally created by the system to begin with.

It hasnt occured in some time but the memory is in there, and is triggered by my actions now. Such as trying out different radio stations internationally on an app. Shocked at how American culture saturates so much of it. Then I become self critical and self censoring, as this experience is then linked to that past perception by perps, instead of my experiencing this as discovery, expanding-learning something new.

The perps destroy a TI over time by stopping any positive future growth in this way. It takes alot of Will and some anchoring to Spirit to keep anything positive at all.

You're basically being brainwashed to hate your own Self for the rest of your life...conditioned to do so.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Messed With In Albuquerque Greyhound

At least two hick idiots have attempted the same interrigation style tactics as in years prior.

My companion and I were smart enough to not reveal information.

I awoke to confusion in the station due to a bus gate line being near us, one of the said hicks trying to take advantage of my comapnion's weary state.

I awoke displeased at a bus station being used as a social scene and my northeast accent and heavy use of explicatives let the idiots around here know that bus stations are places where we traditionally mind our own business, unless one wants trouble.

Then an older Black male (Greyhound is infamous for the use of the American Houseslave) demanded to know what direction we were going in even though my telling him we werent going east should have sufficed. Typically, part of gang stalking always involves interrogation and also mind games including control. The demand for submission to nosy staff or security at Greyhound with information that is private or unecessary is very typical of Greyhound's style of organized harassment. I was tired, I used a debit card and my real name..I expected some trouble on the bus but not any bullsh*t in the terminal.

Whats interesting is the fact they seem to need me to reveal my plans which makes me question if its a mind game or if they genuinely cannot access this information otherwise.

All the assholes got was perhaps security vid of me being slightly amusing being woken up pissed off.

Also I try not to acknlowledge any African male authority nowadays unless absolutely necessary, largely due to gross abuse of power in gang stalking experiences natiowide, specifically on Blackhoun....I mean Greyhound.

BTW, i have a nice camera on my phone. I also have learned well from my tormenters and will in return find it easy to make life miserable for anyone who wants to get cute.

Do not mess with me on this ride. Anyone interested is now on alert.

Oh..also you can bite me. Smarten up and realize that old tactics dont work and one trick ponies are the most pathetic creatures alive. Gang stalkers are nothing more than one trick ponies to be certain, which is why they insist on destroying creative, special people often, systematically.