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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tucson Still A Nightmare

battery for smart phone missing. how did that happen? eithrt someone at occupy was perp or i took phone apart half asleep, missed purse, battery ended up in sleep bag and then when sprinklerz were turnd on at like 5am i grabbef blankets and battery fell out?? its a theory anyway but that time not hacing phone was difficult yet it gave me time to return to a more natural state, without it. cost me money though...not good now.

I hate these mysteries becuz every TI knows what this systrm is capable of. it knkws targetd so well it can pull off stuff like this or at least get u so riled up and sleep deprivrd u make stupid moves. careless.

Tucson definitely gang stalking heavy still. not as so during Bush but present.

Looked at city bus map.
Air force base, Raytheon, Bombardier all in Tucson. Also told major drug route.
So its watched and the militsty industrial complex prevelant there, couldn't get out of there fast enough. and it took a few days..


Anonymous said...

I've had situations where my cell phone battery died awefully fast. It happens very rarely. What makes those instances odd is that normally, I can have my cell unplugged for a couple of days, and the batter meter would be at full strength. Some rare occasions, after just a few hours, I'd check my cell, and it would be off, apparently the battery had been exhausted when I had charged it like normal. This tells me someone had been hacking it and actively monitoring it for surveillance. I note that some people would mysteriously want to be my friend, and the next goal would be to obtain my cell number.

Anonymous said...

The thing that's most bothersome is how we get treated like crap, while the perps get treated like royalty. By that I mean the perps get perks and benefits, while we get dumped on and called molesters and pedophiles by strangers who look like they are the ones who should be talking. But the low intelligence molesters and pedos who are going along with this get their sins forgiven, and exhaled as gods when they are crap. I imagine that is part of the psy-ops game to demoralize us futher. This system and everyone involved needs exposed and brought down. A lot of online media sites have harassment aimed at targets, so I can't get away from this massive invasion of privacy.

They really should be talking. I can only imagine how many predators and nasty people who go after little kids are in on this, while the target gets to get the heat without ever having touching a child, and would never harm or have sex with a child.

Snobert said...

It's a shame when decent people are mobbed out of work and driven to homelessness simply because they're on somebody's list.

About your cell phone battery, my guess would be number one, which is one of the occupants being Perps. I can tell you first hand that there are Occupy protestors involved in gang-stalking (and probably electronic harassment). I was harassed very heavily by participants at Occupy Lancaster (PA), especially every time I walk by them. I have also received V2K transmission that sounded like protestors. I know I have warned you about Lancaster before, but if you ever come here, I would advise you to protest at Occupy Lancaster, but sleep somewhere else. At least sixty percent of the people at this occupation are Perps.

It just infuriates me when people want to change the world, but not themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was mobbed out of a job and the city of Tucson by an old nut in a gun shop where I worked in tucson, Az. I was followed, had late night visitors, had work projects messed with, employees went from being friendly to idiots etc. Remember most people that get you listed are addicts and/or alcoholics with brain neuropathy. They are nothing more than controlled by satan and choose there path. Pray for them.

Unknown said...

Seems like Tucson is a big targeting area. This dude describes an experience that sounds a lot like being targeted.

LOL at the comment about lots of grumpy-looking Mexicans there. And the burglary rate is one of the highest in the nation. And the neighbors complaining about him, and the cops getting on his case, and the girl who falsely complained about him stealing her purse. Sounds genuine.