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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

 I'm going to test the system a little bit and see what happens I think what's going to have to happen is that all of you out there who are involved in gs theory and all the related subjects are going to have to find me anonymously on the internet I might switch to writing anonymously because after being framed I just can't write whatever I want and I'm really sick and tired of being stifled because the system has decided to try to take away my freedom of speech. So let me test the waters see how it goes and if it turns out that I'm being muzzled and harassed for what I say on the internet and the blog is once again on trial the way that it was when they framed me in 2016 then I'm going to have to go underground we shall see.

Update: 11pm

So just the reactions I've gotten and the responses I'm getting and the changes in behavior that I'm getting in my environment I think it might be better to redact some stuff that I've put forward to test the system I think I have my answer I think it might be better to go Anonymous and underground with certain stuff having to do with this subject matter.

 Having fun playing with the system today. Exercising freedom of speech. If I get any responses at all I'm not going to read them. Because some people can't take a joke. Again I challenge anybody to try to use the information I'm putting out there now playing with the system today I dare you to write an email under my name with any of these businesses names. I dare you to use it to profile me as delusional mentally ill alone shoot or anything else I challenge you to take what I've written and try to use it against me because I am going to play right back because I am not going to be silenced anymore or intimidated. So let's play.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hey Kids, Let's Have a Refresher Course On Some Basics!! THE STASI and INFORMANTS

(I use Wikipedia here as reference. It's good enough for this subjectmatter. If you do actual credible research I'm sure higher standard references are available and can be referenced.)

I've noticed many articles produced over the past 5 years or so that claim 'gang stalking' is a totally implausible, delusional 'belief' with claims forums and groups dealing with the issue are dangerous, its ruining lives and harming people-all the bullshit you'd expect after Bradley/Chelsea Manning, WIKILEAKS and Snowden as well as 9-11 Truth or even EARTH FIRST! and similar groups that actually want real change and have a legit laundry list and mission. 

Whats surprising is the sources for these articles, some are actual peer reviewed papers put out by .gov sources or universities. Years ago, respectable sources like this wouldnt lower themselves to partaking in such propaganda pandering nor would they be caught up in producing works that are obviously going to crumble under investigation or when put through the rigors of what they claim are the standards for producing such works. 

One can definitively smell desperation in every one of these articles. After WIKILEAKS its not surprising and MIT getting into the act after being caught for the Jeffrey Epstein scandal as well as taking part in framing activists who go against the Complex (or anyone who has dirt on them related to sex crimes such as Epstien was involved in)-well they've got to pay the rent on that of course. This is the college that actually wasted their time producing a paper attempting to debunk the 'tin foil hat' theory when all it takes to demonstrate that it would theoretically work if the same methods were applied in making a simple RFID chip blocker such as the sleeves we buy to put IDs and credit cards in to stop identity theft. The theory should be that if people possibly arent simply paranoids or delusional then they are at worst uneducated about science and really bad at engineering lol.

The tone of all these articles is very know-it-all, very condescending and aligned with our Trump era obsession with 'fake news' term being misused to describing any opinion we dont agree with and a very strong campaign to destroy conspiracy theory culture. This works especially well in the environment now of not being allowed to question or disagree with what is put forth as moral, right, just or 'progressive'. The very academic institutions that produced these bogus articles are the same who have replaced education with indoctrination and disinformation. Thus it makes sense they would be in the business of disinformation nowadays. They've lost respectability and credibility so there are no longer standards to adhere to.

This comes along at a time when many activists and dissident voices have been silenced and much of the conspiracy theory culture has been systematically dismantled through propaganda, frame ups and other classic COINTELPRO methods as well as alot of diversion.

So just a reminder that anyone can make claims all about conspiracy theory or even theorizing about being targeted or even believing it; the danger is when conspiracy theory is accepted without research and without it remaining a theory. It's okay to believe conspiracy theories, it's not ok completely to believe conspiracies as fact- unless you have solid proof or are experiencing it first hand as a victim/witness or witness. Q-Anon is an example of this and it's probable that entire movement was created by the system to sew chaos and discredit other conspiracy theories or alternative history/facts.

It seems that there is now total disregard for knowledge of history and other documented realities concerning human societies, human behavior, oppressive systems of governing or power structure. This is the real institutional oppression. 

"The Stasi would often identify refusal to collaborate, using another jargon term, as "enemy-negative conduct" ("feindlich-negativen Haltung"), which frequently resulted in what they termed "Zersetzungsmaßnahmen", a term for which no very direct English translation is available, but for one form of which a definition has been provided that begins: "a systematic degradation of reputation, image, and prestige in a database on one part true, verifiable and degrading, and on the other part false, plausible, irrefutable, and always degrading; a systematic organization of social and professional failures for demolishing the self-confidence of the individual..."."

"Zersetzung (pronounced [t͡sɛɐ̯ˈzɛt͡sʊŋ], German for "decomposition") is a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities." 

Theoretically this system could be used by the private sector if resources were available.

"The Stasi used operational psychology and its extensive network of......informal launch personalized psychological attacks against targets to damage their mental health and lower chances of a "hostile action" against the state."

"Operations were designed to intimidate and destabilise them by subjecting them to repeated disappointment, and to socially alienate them by interfering with and disrupting their relationships with others as in social undermining. The aim was to induce personal crises in victims, leaving them too unnerved and psychologically distressed to have the time and energy for anti-government activism."

"Once aware of his own status as a target....Wolfgang Templin tried, with some success, to bring details of the Stasi's Zersetzung activities to the attention of western journalists. In 1977 Der Spiegel published a five-part article series, "Du sollst zerbrechen!" ("You're going to crack!"), by the exiled Jürgen Fuchs, in which he describes the Stasi's "operational psychology". The Stasi tried to discredit Fuchs and the contents of similar articles, publishing in turn claims that he had a paranoid view of its function,and intending that Der Spiegel and other media would assume he was suffering from a persecution complex."
That last line should tell you why the latest pile of junk science articles are being produced over the past five years. 

Dont get bullshitted by diversion, intimidation or disinformation. This actually happened and can happen again. This is a norm for human societies not an exception. Our Constitutional government is the exception.
Remember the Stasi system was called 'secret' for a reason.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Big Multinationals Own Everything-Cell Towers to your Morning Coffee


I've always been bad at math and I'm no economist but when doing research on say who owns certain things it became disturbing to learn that the same names kept popping up Vanguard Inc, Blackrock, Blackstone group etc.
 So say you're trying to find out exactly who owns Starbucks and how the company is set up, if they have military contracts etc (certain things explain alot if a company seems to engage in particularly aggressive 'gang stalking' campaigns or activities. Most chain stores engage in GS however they are varied in their methods, tactics, and who is involved, just like differences in every state one goes to, you'll discover these differences in companies. It also seems to depend on location if a TI is harassed heavily or not. Harassment is always worse anywhere easily accessible by public transit and other such patterns. 
It seems that companies connected to the military industrial complex have more vested interest in harassment campaigns and many other connections to different industries or companies as factors.)

So looking up Starbucks I realized that most of that company was owned by Vanguard Inc, Blackrock etc. These names also came up when I was researching cell phone towers. Turns out that the public perception of communication companies 'owning' their towers is false.  
People always say that Verizon's system isnt compatible with the other phone companies' systems because they run on a different system and they own the towers. Smaller companies  such as Cricket or Walmart Family Mobile then piggy back off of the big main companies signals, say Verizon's or T Mobile's.

After reading up on this it seems it would actually be really stupid from a financial point of view to own towers as physical property due to ongoing maintenance issues of the towers, the posts they are rooted into and that property etc. So Verizon actually leases the physical cell phone towers from companies like American Tower Corp, Crown Castle etc. Disturbingly these companies are mostly all in Massachusetts and the main owners of them are the big names that seem to own everything else nowadays: Vanguard Inc, Blackrock etc. 

This can't be good and when one applies the dangers of what's going on with electromagnetic pollution or even theories of possible 'psycho management'  of human populations. 

Most people also don't understand that the 'wireless' and 'cloud' service they have gotten from 2g through 4g actually comes from fiber optics (broadband) laid deep on the ocean floors spanning the globe.

With billionaires like Elon Musk pushing Starlink (literally pushing other satellites out of the way )  it's about to get much worse. Using satellites as opposed to broadband is going to be alot different environment. 

The illusion of consumer choice is the least of our worries at this point. 

It's already been put forth that theoretically if 'protecting the US economy is part of national security' then wouldn't that be accomplished by any means necessary? Thus any secret or covert methods could be hidden under 'national security'  or information withheld due to that? 
In theory sinister methods could be used (psycho management, chemical influence, human forces using psych warfare or pavlovian psychology or a combination thereof) such as influencing consumer behaviors, theft prevention even using surveillance or any other systems available in both private and public spaces to target dissidents or anyone whos exposing corruption would threaten national security. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

What's Wrong With 'White People'? Well I'll Tell You..

 Question: White fragility 


Thousands of years.of plague, war, oppression, famines, slavery, invasions, disease, tribal infighting etc etc.

It especially sucks when as a people EUROPEANS HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED by a church that basically owned all the land that was known as Europe by this entity ripping us from our PAGAN NATIVE ETHNIC RELIGIONS AND CULTURES by forced conversion to a religion that was more of an institution than any sort of spiritual belief system.

This is where 'white people' learned INSTITUTION SLAVERY from. Enslaving others from wars or invasions etc is common among ALL PEOPLES however.

So 'white people' are among the most abused, enslaved, oppressed people made sick and weak by INSTITUTIONAL OPPRESSION which of course gets past down.

Also in order to get this cumbia utopian society going that these leftists nutjobs are trying to create one would have to face the fact that 85% of African Americans have European DNA. Ah the 'white devil' within. 

So how much of the attitudes and practices of modern American black culture come from white oppression or even European DNA?  

Europeans have never had peace in our homeland. Evolution to a golden age has never occurred in any permanent way and when it does occur naturally then the powers that be stop it and appply the same methods of oppression in different forms.

If anything Europeans are an example of a people who have never been allowed to experience SELF DETERMINATION or FREE ASSOCIATION.

THATS WHY THE CONSTITUTION WAS CREATED dumbasses! In order to prevent any further bullshit and it seems to have been created by people who recognized the bullshit and were sick of it.

GLOBALISM is just another form of global domination by the same powers. Sorry if u don't recognize that but many Europeans and people of European descent do. Our DNA tells us that anyone offering a world wide utopia is FULL OF SHIT and should be watched very carefully. 

European peoples are genetically weakened by being forced to live under horrible conditions for thousands of years. European peoples dont have the advantage of living in Nature for most of our ancestral history where we could remain healthy and strong. 'White people' have been enslaved and broken down almost two thousand years ago-not four hundred. 'White people' have sick breeds among us, like domesticated animals.  Kind of like designer dogs that look all fucked up because they are anotomical nightmares such as pugs or dogs that shake constantly because they are so small they fit into your purse. Sick unhealthy shit like that. 

Any person of European descent with 'wild blood' or aristocratic blood who's found in any class that's maintained health and natural intelligence has always been systematically oppressed by various means by the power structure. Many people have become genetically sensitized to recognize the oppressive system and methods by those in power from thousand of years of oppression are also systematically oppressed or worse- the system is designed to kill us off with drug empidemics etc.  Nowadays Globalism, tech being used to empower others and not us as well as PC culture will perform the same function-if we aren't going to die from the system of drug addiction set up for people like us to fall into.

Every fuedal system or similar is slavery. And it resembles the corporate globalist system today where one has to work very hard for very little like a slave where the people in the castle on the hill gain.

If the world is so great today then why do things cost so much now? Why do people have to work so hard? Why cant people even buy a house? Why is there so much terrorism? Why is there a new drug epidemic? Why is there homelessness? And why are people becoming MORE HEARTLESS, SELFISH, LACKING IN COMMON SENSE OR DECENCY?  Because DIVIDE AND CONQUER isnt utopia or even a system of improvement of human society-its the same old BULLSHIT that the Constitution was created to prevent. 

So the answer to why such condition exists among 'white people' is that your sick of being accused of heresy and tortured for something you didn't do because it's been going on for fucking thousands of years in different forms usually as a bullshit game to benefit the power structure as well as ensure THEY MAINTAIN THEIR POSITION AND DONT HAVE TO GIVE UP ANYTHING THEY HAVE for concepts like Equality etc. 

What would happen if I walked into some rich ass fuckin neighborhood and plopped down on someone's lawn and said I was going to make that my home until further notice?  Should I tell them they are taking away from people with less advantage than they? That they are priveledged?  Kind of like the latest extremist left wing nutter theory where reading your child a bed time story is bad because your allegedly giving your kid an advantage over kids who don't have that. These are the same people who are now putting forth the concept or theory (probably soon to be federal law) that the existence of family units creates disadvantage among children who don't have loving families. (So how are people supposed to help less advantaged people if they arent raised with advantages? What some 'state' like entity will raise your children? How is that going to give advantages?    If I wasn't helped and tolerated by multiple people of all walks of life around the USA in various ways you wouldnt be reading this blog right now. 'Advantage' is something people are born with and they use it as a tool to work with as well as it's something people seek out to acquire from others.)

So in order to create the mythical 'equality'-the mythical unicorn beast-you have to stop loving your children. How far is this BULLSHIT going to go? How much torture are you going to withstand in the name of upholding the holy institution's orthodoxy?   Sacrificing your children to a mythical unicorn seems alot more like the behavior of our PAGAN ancestors than any sort of evolving human society.

Get a grip on your primitive, primal animal self and admit the horrors you are capable of daily. Then try to act HUMAN accordingly not like an animal and you'll find we all get along fairly  without the overlords. 

Also let people fucking be if their beliefs don't align with yours. 

The Church was the first NEW WOLRD ORDER. For those of us who recall the damage done to our minds, bodies, spirits, cultures, gods and peoples-its not going to be easy to convince us this is any different.

'White people' are tired. That's the end of it.White people aren't wimps or stupid or nicey nicey. White people understand from thousands of years of experience the cost of war or other horrors. White people don't want any more trouble. 

'White people' have finally found a way to evolve past oppressive INSTITUTION'S in order to be able to have SELF DETERMINATION, FREE ASSOCIATION and most of all-peace or simply autonomy.

Best of luck finding yours on your evolutionary journey... because we aren't giving up ours again so easily.

As an aside it's interesting that when PC theories are applied to explain away society's ills, it seems all understanding of the existence of corruption and covert activity and methods disappears. So if one considers the theory of GS and being targeted in any society (Stasi East Germany etc) then for some who pose any challenges to the power structure there is no peace for the entirety of their lives. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Why Do People Ignore COVID-19 Deaths So Easily?

 Why Do People Ignore COVID-19 Deaths So Easily?

It's helpful for some people to understand GS Theory if you understand human society and it's structuring and history. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

CBRE stands for ' hire douchebags on every one of our properties+especially security'.

I like to dig. I'm like a gopher
 I can.keep digging. up. 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

This Master Gardener's Advice Will Set You Free From Any Suffering When Facing The NWO, Globalism and Many Other Modern Systems Effecting Our Lives MUST READ

 I could not believe when I read this short paragraph how simple it was as it was applied to our modern world. It seems that the Powers That Be have the same education on 'handling' the masses as they restructure our world environment to suite thier preferences.   And that makes alot of sense. 

"The two basic steps in managing any pest that outgrows its controls is to find out where it lives and destroy that habitat to any extent possible, and then find its natural predators and encourage them to inhabit and flourish, forever if possible."

This is totally where they would get the mess that's out there now. 

From a well laid out plan that was concocted by experts from multiple disciples. However becuz we humans perceive ourselves as all humans existing in a human environment we don't quite understand that the people in charge DO NOT have the same perception. 

It stands to reason that they perceive us as problems collectively or as insects in large faceless groups as opposed to fellow humans.

The power structure has a very good con going nowadays where they are making themselves appear as if they care about people, causes and outcomes simply becuz it's the morally right thing to do. So they perpetuate the changes necessary to through various means.

It's obvious that terrorism is one of the main instruments of accomplishing this and people are being abused and left behind. The fact they and a percentage of the public do not care tells us it is not a perfect system and that the results they desire as probably as usual, in their best interest for an agenda and not The People's.

So we are simply 'pests'. And the demographics being engineered are our natural 'predators'.

Okay. Fine. 

That's easy. 

From now on if you can just look at it this way, from this simple perspective, then you'll  have peace of mind.  No more trying to figure how it works in the big picture, no more asking 'WHY?' and no more nagging confusion over the actions of your fellow humans. 

They are predators installed to manage we, the pests. This can even be applied to GS theory and it will make life so much easier.

It's a quiet, peaceful everyday war.        They are predators. We are pests. Of course one would no longer perceive us as pests when this is internalized. They are being introduced as predators into our environment whereas perhaps in a different environment they would not be or had not been. 

Our 'environments' are definitely being destroyed. Everything from neighborhoods to small scenes to subcultures. That move has been obvious from the beginning. Even concerning the homeless population where Hostile Environmental Design destroys an environment that we could exist in into something we cannot and it's done in a way that the other populations are unaware that is the design's purpose. 

I would use this simple advice and internalize it when dealing with the daily struggles of being a Targeted Individual, a demographic or person left behind by today's social engineering or anywhere that a person senses that these changes have taken place.  

Friday, July 16, 2021

Biden Becomes Responsible, Respectful and Serious At Joint Press Conference With German Chancellor Markel-So Why Can't The American People Get The Same Consideration?

 Even the reporters in the audience were serious and there was no bipartisan clowning, no drama or baiting. Press conferences in the United States are basically circuses at this point where even his red headed White House Press Secretary Psaki gets into the act and has exhibited very inappropriate and unprofessional behavior handling reporters and questions. 

If ever you believe that the country is going to hell since Trump or even Obama or that you have become depressed becuz of the chaos, baiting, infighting, constant rhetoric, arguing and constant insanity that seems to be so manufactured or if you are sick of the public being regressed and infantilzed or that you recall fondly a time when leaders spoke to the public respectfully and about relevant topics of importance to us then WATCH THIS VIDEO AND REALIZE THAT THE POLITICS IN THE USA HAS BEEN BULLSHIT MIND GAMING PROBABLY SINCE REAGAN...but it got really disgusting with GW Bush. Clinton was also pandering but it just seemed more respectful. Playing the saxophone should not determine winning a presidential election.

I don't know, could anyone take Jimmy Carter seriously? I think even then it seemed like it was bs. The country was so corrupt and a mess but some of the basic structure still remained. 

And always in the background of the presidency was HW Bush. Since Nixon. Probably before. And then through his son. Then there's the video of his son GW Bush attending  McCain's funeral slapping Barack Obama in the ass just as HW was so fond of doing to people as was revealed before his death-as McCains widow turned away for an instant in disapproval of such an action especially at such an event. However her reaction seemed short lived as if she was used to seeing such behavior.

That doesn't seem like an action that would suite someone like Michelle Obama who has terrorized the American public demanding to be taken seriously-a form of intimidation throughout the eight years of their occupying the white house, resembling more the behavior of a gangster than a world leader. With one slap of her husband's ass by GW Bush, any and all terror that had any effect over eight years time no longer has any effect.

Interestingly GW Bush at least for me personally, reveals the truth and offers anyone who wants to rise to the challenge of oppression to do so-in spite of himself and his trying to continue his family line's agenda. 

When Bush says the US Constitution is just a piece of paper at least it's a challenge instead of outright intimidation on a public who can't fight back becuz they've been terrorized and infantilzed so badly as today. 

The insanity of today's American culture is noticably absent. So much so that with just one viewing of this, the completely brainwashing insanity has fell away-from the last four four years if not the last eight, including Bidens administration. 

It's very noticeable that Biden keeps his voice serious and metered and a low tone that's sincere (in appearance and affect) calm, consistant and is for ADULTS who are citizens of a nation that expects to he taken seriously not condescended to like children. Lately Americans are being treated like abused children who are being villified by their abusers. It's absolutely disgusting.

He also made damn sure he kept his face.very controlled, very serious but seemingly gentle. At one point he seemed to be tempted to put on the clown face he does when speaking to the American public but he kept steady and continued his 'act' quite successfully.

I haven't seen an American politician in high office treat people that way or even speak on relevant issues in a mature, responsible manner since Gerald Ford was president and I was just a toddler then. Reagan just seemed to be speaking to Americans with Bush's hand up his ass like a puppet. When he was shot at by that nut case (who of course was traced back to his family having had connections to Bush's family) many people wondered if maybe Reagan did something or wouldn't do something that got him snuffed..or if HW Simply got impatient to become Commander In Chief before the next election.

The fact Biden addresses the issue of ensuring progresses in technology align with freedom not oppressive authoritarianism is obnoxious considering how Americans are being treated and handled in the past many years. 

Watching this you'd actually believe he's a responsible respectful person who takes the issues facing all of humanity currently seriously. 

Also what was noticably absent was the culture of the left that's been used for everything from Divide and Conquer to mind control over the American public. There was no one there to weaponize becuz it was another country. Then it's obvious that without the American people-the con can't be pulled off on us. 

I get the feeling that the rest of the world has no idea how we are tortured almost daily with polarization, manufactured bipartisanism and the never ending circus the media creates as well as the use of the public as useful idiots who act as armies to wage war on American citizens for the cult of identity politics.

If only the person I experienced in this news conference was the president of my country I would be alot bester off and would have gotten alot more done over the past 20 years. 

Keep this vid as medicine the next time you actually believe how ridiculous the country has become or angry enough to hurt someone or if your feeling isolated, left behind or just fed up. 

Obviously the Matrix has an exit. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy 4th. Enjoy your CLEAR DAY From Psycho managed Society

Who knew McCarthy was right?  Nixon used to refer to Harvard as 'Kremlin on the Charles'. This used to be a joke. It used to be a laugh at the expense of seemingly paranoid old men from a long gone era or Republicans as we understood them here with our Left wing Liberal sensibilities (ruled under an old strict New England system). 

Now looking at how fucking insane the plot is to utilize Communism and socialism type systems for social control over a Constitutional republic, democracy and a Capitalist society. It seems surrealistic that now at this age I am seriously considering that ideas once considered totally outlandish  may have had some validity.

I just don't think they ever imagined it would be being put forth by huge international hedge funds and companies that now own everything as well as banksters etc etc. It's a great ploy to convince people to blame 'The Government' for everything when they are blind to the thredt being from the private sector where there is no oversight or accountability-two phrases used in the new brainwashed cult we now live in that have no literal meaning but are part of it's loaded language and aren't realistic.

The frightening thing is that it's working and we live in a totally psycho managed society. 

Instead of paying attention to our survival in many different ways we are now basically cult members dying for a cause. The LED lights, the terrorism, the cult like mentalities, the tribalism creating a fractured society of people who are told to live collectively not as private individuals in one country but yet have built their entire identities on being part of a certain tribe akin to prison populations. The LED lights make it look like a prison yard at night along with the surveillance cameras. 

During Trump they engineered it so that the factions pushing cult mind control had an enemy in which they could rally against and collectively become stronger-and more crazy, outrageous and stray from reality. 

For our society to admit that private para military companies pull off acts of terrorism both false flag, hoax and domestic as well as there's sinister ways to make a human being commit a lone shooting by force, they would have to face all the corruption of the past they had more clear view of and more evidence for but chose to shove it aside as too unpleasant or impossible to change. 

25 years ago LED street lights would have been refused outright and made illegal for use at night. The fact that they are now present in mostly every city around the world and have been installed with government funding and incentives and are being touted and marketed as good for the environment even thoigh they are deadly for humans and animals is complete insanity. This is the kind of world we live in today, post 9-11, post Political Correctness hijacked and used for social control alongside a surveillance state now necessary becuz of terrorism and rises in crime (both brought on by the very changes in society that are claimed to be good and for hope and change). 

It's very suspect that many people in my generation of Gen X are getting sick with ailments for too young, feeling fatigued and weak as well as morbidly focusing on growing old or when it's time to die, instead of focusing on living out what remains of our lives. 

On clear days if you're aware of the theory of how our society is currently psycho managed then you can clearly see the difference. 

(The theory of psycho managment of our country-I can speak for any other but there may be similar theoretical systems in place, is that on federal holidays that system is shut down and one can see, think, feel and perceive the physical world and beyond clearly as it really is.                   The theory- rule of thumb of the gang stalking theory or of mind control being used is that our land is psycho managed every day except holidays where people will gather and spend money thus it's more beneficial to make people feel 'free' on these days, also becuz the system doesn't want people comparing notes or having the Divide And Conquer on these days that the psycho management causes the rest of the time. 

There seems to be a system that exists with variations based on location. The general schedule if you will is theorized to be a form of control over human populations is put forth by some form of tech and/or chemical influence-probbly both. Gang Stalking or organized harassment of people is a sort of human run maintenance program for the main system. People have observed that another rule seems to be in areas without alot of remote influence using tech or chemical influence there is alot more use of gang stalking or human forces to maintain control and visa versa: in areas where heavy use of technology and chemical influence is used, there is less use of human forces to maintain control. 

Gang Stalking itself is thought, in the big scheme of things to be a sort of maintenance of a system that causes false changes to our reality and a Targeted Individual is just one part of that falsified reality that must be maintained. Kind of on the idea of the movie 'The Readjustment Bureau' where reality is actually manipulated by a powerful group unknown to human society. If you take this and consider it then the disregard for the homeless for instance and the unbelievable neglect of it's population and the disinformation put forth about them makes sense becuz it's basically a dumping ground for inconvenient humans and no one wants to look at that. There's people that are targeted in the homeless population. People who are targeted regardless of being homeless or not usually are denied free association and self determination and do not fully reach their potential in life. In the world of gang Stalking winners losers and losers win. By all rights and logic this is not how it should be and it doesnt make any sense. 

This then is manipulation of outcomes of one person's life. Add to that the false or planned outcome of multiple people. Add to that the manipulation of world events, wars, entire groups and populations even countries. 

This is why the idea of creating a utopia based on PC, hope and change, critical race theories, identity politics etc is so annoying to activists dealing with the theories of societal psycho management mass 'mind control' and of individuals becuz it's obviously just another deceptive system of control put forth by those who wish to manipulate populations. There is no way in hell that those in power would allow or encourage actual changes to human societal structure or the power structure that would actually change anything towards the common good. 

This is the naivete that activists, conspiracy theorists TIs and Survivors of mind control/cults get frustrated with but unfortunately it's always the same-every generation, every century. 

Our lives consist of 80 years or so in these bodies on this planet. The powers that run our world will get you to waste that time or even live as slaves or live for their agendas. However being targeted will surely waste ones life IF IT ISNT HANDLED CORRECTLY so that one can make something productive out of it. 

It's annoying to hear terms like 'woke' created when in fact these manipulations are making people become small minded, myopic, their worlds become very small and the focus on very small areas or specific things kind of like horses with blinders on.  The fact that nuclear waste, the environment heating up and war for profit which now included automation is not being protested or is even a major concern for western human populations is completely insane, irresponsible and will result in our extinction. 

It's obvious to any idiot that something like LED lights is maybe going to improve the environment but yet it's most likely also going to reduce population by making people sick. 'global warming'? Is that the loaded language cult mind control catch phrase they use? Of course it comes nowhere near the reality of what's going on. And that is it's purpose.

The psycho management since Biden got into office has been miserable and the system generally has been unbearable since Obama's second term and its only gotten worse.  The societal re structuring using terrorism disguised as activism for 'hope and change' has made it easy for people to be manipulated into believing that any other kinds of activism are not valid and as this was implemented, there was a campaign to change public perception about conspiracy theories. Now anything touching on something sinister or unpleasant the public doesn't want to deal with or that isn't in their power to fix is disregarded as delusion, fantasy or misinformation. This was done during the Trump administration when popular conspiracy theories were brought into the mainstream and disinformation was put out to the general public who have no business forming or researching conspiracy theories.  When a president or govt starts spewing conspiracy theories you know it's time to stop listening and pull back unil they leave office just like Macy's and Maybelline and corporate in general supporting activism that claims to change the system as last summer. It must BENEFIT THEM in some way. That's the ou reason they support it. 

So enjoy your clear day and try to use it productively. It's hard not to get saddened by waking up to perhaps less than ideal circumstances and seeing that this is certainly not the life you wanted nor is it the life you could have had-were it not for circumstances beyond your control. 

Monday you will be returned to the horrors of the psycho managed system and obsessing over getting old and questioning when you're going to die. Dealing with being blocked and toyed with at every turn and feeling sick and old with ailments well before your time. But it's value is that you know it's real. This is the actual physical reality that humans live in. And it's peaceful, it makes sense, and you are important, an individual and alone with no interface, no group affiliation no collectivism. 

It's value is to see the stark comparison between both and realize that we as well as everyone else deserve our birthright on this planet. The life we have been given by Nature and we should be able to live in it without manipulation or being used as cattle.