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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nash Game Theory-Explains Gang Stalking and His New Discoveru May Have Gottrn Him Killes

Yes this is the Beautiful Mind charcter based on. The movie is supposedly inaccurate and most likely part of cover story/disinfo.
Forget the movie. This is way more interesting.

A half Jew male who was a geek type was posing as a homeless Target in Austin (who of course turned out to be a perp at the end of our hours long conversation. Which nowadays is unusual.)

He read on internet that Nash died after I showed him the Russian mathemeticia who solved the world's unsolvable math problem which interested him greatly.

He said Nash created GAME THEORIES. These theories were used to create public policy and to predict military outcome and strategy.

He told me things the internet isnt telling:
That John Nash discovered from having players in these game experiments that people would choose the most selfish action or behavior in these games.

He claimed that all modern public policy is now based on these game theories and that the powers that be have basically created PUBLIC POLICY THATS "ARMED AGAINST THE PUBLIC".

He then explained that Nash went to these same powers later and explained that he had kept experimenting adding more players in a broader area of game and found that his first theory-that people will always choose the selfish option was incorrect BECUZ SOMEONE ALWAYS COMES ALONG AND DOES THE RIGHT THING.

He said that all these policies armed against the public were already created and put in place and they didnt want to deal wjth this new information nor have anyone else deal with it either. So 'they' killed him.

Internet conspiracy theories only deal in his past discoveries being motivations

Remember years ago I posted that helpful perps always have the best most accurate information that seems to assist TIs.

So it seems that game theoru explains Gang Stalking.

From now on just look at the perps as little players in a game who have chosen the selfish choice as most players do on average.

Then the few people who are helpful, genuine and normal or do the right thing to help Targets
are part of the the experiment or theory's people who create the second theory by messing up the first.

The gang stalking could very well be continued game theory experimentation or the use of game theory to keep us mostly trapped (by the majority taking the selfish way  or decision. It could also be being used to keep TIs supressed becuz WE ARE that one variable person who chooses the right thing.

Whats really depressing is we cant just live our lives. We live in a miliarized game theory or ongoing experiment.

Rain Brought Clarity-Can post about whats REALLLY been going on here in midwest

GS has become.a.constant non stop forced deprogramming campaign.

Im also being harassed into writing and giving up information.

This constant harassment also has delayed me every on my attempts to gst back to the north east.

I have an ongoing staph infection in scar tissue in and on many days Im having difficulty breathing fully. I now have a belly button infection from ?

I need to go back to MY doctors who are familiar with this ongoing infection or the case of it or history not some emergency room on the way to the northeast.

Im also putting up with the conditions of not being able to breathe or pain without concern for my long term health. Im only focusing on gettijg home.

The gs system as it is now somehow prevents me from taking care of myself or taking initiative to get medical care but thats not like me ive always been very astute about my health care.

I believe they might be trying to cause long term damage by delaying medical treatment as long as possible.

Also the harassment seems to have a stressful effect on my heart out on the road this trip and this is another reason to delay me repeatedly. To do the most damage possible so future health difficulties appear to be random, genetic predisposition and/or a result of homeless lifestyle.

The gang stalking perps are now causing unwanted sexual arousal just by having males do gesturing and intimidation. Thats when i get nervous and start writijng or talking to myself out of nerves or the feeling of being raped by strangers.

They also seem to want me to bond with them throigh this process. Which I DO NOT WANT.

The physical sensations once again seem linked to the abortion and whatevsr was done to me at OHSU in Portland OR.

Im hoping leaving US will cause loss of control for them as perhaps crossing national borders will cut whatever tech is being used.

It also has something to do with....just got blanked out. They only used to be able to do that in Boston. Now its happening in middle of nowhere midwest USA. So I cant tell you what I was going to write. I dont even recall where my mind was...

Will try to remember. I know it was in reference to the unwanted sexual arousal which seems to stem from OHSU doing abortion two years ago.

Trying to think...i cant remember..

Only reason I could erase last posts and write this one was becuz it started to rain here.
Got clear once rain came. Realized ive been under mind control all day here.

Uh now I think about it tattoo artost fat woman gave me ride here and this was not where i wanted to go.

Im also noticing that people around me have ability to make me think and feel sexually.

Like the woman in car today gavebme ride, trucker yesterday (which state police stopped us and gave him ticket for unauthorized lassenger) as well as a guy doing harassment tonight in McDonalds.

Why are they trying so hard again to force me to be sexual?

....thats what I was going to say. Lee the guy I dated from Harvard Sw area. Its something to do with the way that he was intimate with me. After him they seem much more aggressive about tryijg to manipulate me sexualy again.

(i beleive i was 'allowed'to recall that info becuz i revealed state police stopped possible would be rapist trucker.

And when he did stop us he was blonde and basicaly acted out this male thing like he was cock blocking the guy.
So im supposed to bond with cops through this process?

Is anyTHING or anyONE genuine anymore?

They Are Slandering Now With My Being Autistic

Latest attempt at slander consisting of smear psych diagnoses.

Where perps try to tell everyone TI has some disorder or psychiatric diagnoses.

First during Bush they tried for schizophrenia of course.

Then when I wouldnt fall for that or be pushed into it they tried

Then they tried directed conversations with bi polar.

Now if Im correct, they are going for my being in the broad spectrum of Autism.

Uh yeah if u give an artistic, sensitive enough brain damage, expose them to daily violence and keep them from proper healthy stimulation yes you can create the impression of Autism.

Did I mention that these people can all go screw themselves?

I believe that cures my Autism.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dissident Defence Network- Canada, Cases Of Persecuted Dissidents Canada

So tell me again why its this great idea to run off to Canada? Every summer for the past few years I get this ideation to run away to Canada.

I would be crucified up there for my blog content and probably even mp3s taken off some internet site or ripped Youtube vids. They also have a problem with porn content there that anyone from a big city  in the US would think was tame and old news forty years ago.

I dont think it sounds fun or productive and food can be very expensive there.

My great grandfather was from there so I was thinking 'right of return'. Return to what? Canada is connected to MK Ultra via Cameron conducting work there.

True they have put out media to the public which validates MK Ultra and TI Charles Schlund claimed he sued Bush through Canada as opposed to USA somehow and didnt win a lawsuit but won a civil suit which didnt work in US becuz govt would neither comfirm nor deny existence of technologies involved.

I would be gang stalked like in any other place but it would at least fulfill my wish to no longer be associated with USA stolen Native land (at least til I can get elsewhere. I know Canada also Native lands) and no longer be part of US foriegn policy or war crimes via citizenship.

I just want to deny the US and its citizens any more of my energy and satisfaction from harassing and destroying me. Theyve watched me age and taken the best years of my life from me, I want to deny US citizens being able to take anymore.

Let some other country terrorizr me daily so as to force me to pump out loads of psychic energy and life force.

This is what the lady last year in Harvard Sq meant by TIs are sacrifices to take on the karma of the United States. Without TIs as living human sacrifices, the US would succumb to all its done to the Natives and the rest of the world and its own people.

This is why so much of what many of us have seen is ritual abuse which seems Masonic in nature. Not like the individual lodges but the US as Masonic, the govt and United States as an entity.

I havent heard of any Targets who are Survivors of mc projects etc ever relocating to another country and escaping harassment. It just starts again wherever you go....but you can have control over who gets anything from you.

You can deny your homeland or hometown the satisfaction and stop the never ending woundedness of the betrayal on that level that never heals.

Canada does NOT sound like anyplace to run to.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

In very conservative religious part of country thats turned insane recently i guess and not doing well. Lots of gang stalking and actually being delayed constantly.

Wish me luck

Surveillance Grows, Public Realizes Its Not Conspiracy Theory

Welcome to TIs worlds since 2003.

Friday, June 26, 2015

ACORN Funded OCCUPY? I Knew Something Was Up

The whole thing was a big smoke out operation it seemed.

Lets see who's out in the sub cultures or the streets who might be a problem. Let's see what people do with these camps in every city. Lets see what happens then after we get intel on potential enemies, then shut it all down.

Then proceed to blow up homeless scenes and with black ops and over tolerance to create problems then solve them by creating anti homeless laws and atmosphere in USA.

They are just so clever arent they? COINTELPRO lives on.

Washinton Post Journalist Says Something Chilling At Charleston Church

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post said something scary just now sitting next to the CEO of the Urban League in front of the church in Charleston.

He said that certain changes need to take place EVEN IF INNOCENT LIVES have to be lost.

Little clues and innuendos are oftrn obvious if you are in the mindset to see or hear the truth.
Its when you trust the situation that such comments can be used as manipulation.

Charleston Church Shootings- False Flag Operation

South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs this was another "false flag"

Many Targets over these years has experienced just how involved the black community is in covert activities such as psychological operations, organized stalking and harassment, even unethical human experimentation.

Not enough of the public know what COINTELPRO was and that agents were not retired just reassigned.

It's disgusting that innocent lives are being ended to manipulate the public, in these 'lone shootings' and suicide killings.

Obamas reaction is complaining that there are too many of these press conferences? Not too panicked or disturbed is he?

(Will someone please take Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out of every SINGLE 'black issue in existence?)

What we should be listening to the pastor sitting next to Sharpton saying that people shouldn't allow anyone to incite them to hate becuz they control you that way.

Of course he started making too much sense and Sharpton had to butt in and start dragging historical black politics into it and intimidations like saying imagine if the black community reacted badly to this and then sighting how the victims simply dont want to become vengeful and venomous.

Why be overtly vengeful and veomius or rioting when you've got most of the USA under control by being a major part of US domestic covert ops on the American public?
The only reason there wasnt a riot is becuz thats not what was required for this operation or desired result. Believe me if they wanted a riot it would have done a certain way to get that reaction.

I also saw a horrible woman from the church say a few words to the camera, she made sure she did a Miley Cyrus with her toungue (tongue out to the side) before she said something about the incident that was non sensical and totally mind controlling andanipulative. She didnt look like Christian.

The main focus is for these groups and these actions to CAUSE CHAOS and this causes CHANGE. Obama promised changed...the trick of the secret societies is that they may promise something but people are naive and foolish about how its going to be done.

ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. Making desired changes by using chaos to manipulate.

These evil forces who only care about gaining their own ends either for themselves or for a certain group or even the NWO.


The New World Order.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

America Is Dead End/People Associated With Harvatd Sq Dying In Nasty Ways

All is lost it seems. Its so hot during the day the heat is making the gs difficult to desl with.
Evdry long ride I get is pretty bad.

Im isolated.  The gs is more than ive ever seen in my life. Its like they are keepijg me surrounded this time. I rarely interact with normal people.

Im self talking at a disturbingly high rate lately which of course only helps them accomplish their goals.  It seems to be a reaction to the extreme stress ans isolation.

My homebase has been ruined for me and California is now uninhabitable (second home) due to Fukushima.

Why has this excelerated over past two years. Ceetainly since rhe change in Cambridge and Boston administrations.

I only feel normal or the environment is normal again late at nite like 2am.

I am so hated and treated wirh mistrust everywhere I go.

I should have planned better for my allies and family members dying making it so i have less protection.

They are also pissed becuz i have wised up And shed all handlers or people working for gs system.

I noticed  a frightenng trend back home in Cambridge- that anyone knows too much or was closely tied into black gangs or anyone pedophile or  hangs witj people like thst long time in Harvard Square scene is ending up dead-
-Hang oneself in jail.
-Bodies found in Charles River etc.
What the hell is going on?
(Unless u work for them it seems).
Also over a few years time people have been dying or going insane from Harvard Sq scene, anyone who doesn't work for gs system or anyone who cant be of use to them dealing drugs etc.

Its being made very hard for me to go back to get my things. Im going to MA for a few hours to one day then leaving forever. Why is that so difficult?

MA has always wanted me gone and now they get thier wish but im not leaving my stuff there. Wtf?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still Wondering How Much GS Perps Know About Targets-Interactions In Quincy, Ill

Im a bit confused by what Im seeing lately.

People are doing little milder more slight versions of tactics in public and then if I start speaking to them we can have a full fledged conversation with the other person doing mild gesturing throughout.

(Pushing hair up on one side of forehead, tapping sides of thighs with hands and since Austin the men have been doing this ridiculous, hysterical tactic where they touch their genital area. Is this supposed to transfer male dominance of some kind? Its all i can do to not bust out laughing.)

And i dont think the perps know who Targets are. One man who worked in this awesome employee owned grocery store called HyVee in Quincy, was at rhe sandwhich and hot food counter and he had these brown eyes, dark like mine. They had a heat almost like a little flame in them and we made some connection and admired each other silently. I noticed right away his trying to do tactics as the little portly woman gleefully asked him tk make me a breakfast sandwich later than usual.

He stopped doing the tactics as my admiration of the Midwestern typical hearty food portions, quality and price became a common ground.

He still seemed hard somehow but his lighted eyes left mine with a weird sort of peace made.

He had asked me where I was from etc as if he genuinely did not know anything about me.

One of the manager types from the office was the one doing retarded mild mini tactical gesturing throughout our conversation as i asked about the employee owned company set up they have.
The employees seem genuinely excited and involved in the daily workings of rhe store. They seem happpy. I told him of the misery and drone like state of other supermarket employees around the country.
He said their model was unique and that some study was being done on their business model. (The store is bad ass by the way if u like food and expect decent presentation like the old days).

I joked i hoped it was to copy their model and not for their competitors to destroy them. THAT was a comment he did not want to hear and seemed to brush it off with the only darkness of personality he displayed the entire interaction.But it was scary to get even a glimpse of the killer within...this seemingly normal, fat, happy slightly handsome managerial type.

The employees I was aware some knew who I was but seemed tolerant almost overly accommodating (perhaps last night's harassment that was totally outrageous. Don't know)

It was a slightly sad gang stalking environment but not aggressive or nasty or HEB in Texas would have been.

The waitresses kept keeping an eye on me in the café as I ate but I got to watch hot sweaty males in UFC as I ate ACTUAL REAL eggs and bacon and ham..instead of McDonalds for the first time in a while.

I was made to feel out of place and suspect and definitely Im urged to not stay in town.

It makes me wonder if the organized harassment isnt just for anyone who appears homeless or out of place, like last night that jerk saying I was suspicious partly due to being "all bundled up"-had a backpack.

Do they simply know theres a Target in town they are to harass and watch or is it just anyone who looks homeless or Traveler?

I got off that truck ride yesterday full of adrenaline from having to get out of that bad truck ride, the sun was too hot for me, which made me more aggressive (too much heat makes me overly aggressive-maybe my body isnt used to it being from a snowy place.  My body seems to feel 'threatened' somehow.)
And right when i got out and truck left men in cars and pick up trucks started driving by and harassing me. Right where I JUST got dropped off!

So of course Im going to become aggrevated and bitching and moaning as I try to find where I am and maps wont load on my wifi only smartphone (that little cheap old LG I had was the best maps and gps ever. It would load in middle of nowhere without wifi around.)

So I began waving cars down to get directions and also as a way of fighting back at perps. They HATE being fought back as it takes their power away and any aggression towards them is what they WANT do you can be classified as crazy, violent, dangerous etc. So being aggressive waving down assholes for directions is a great cover but its also just: you wanna put me out here assholes? Fine, you are going to stop, give me directions and maybe even a ride or some cash for food. (Pay me! Bitches).

That's the attitude you have to take. THIS SYSTEM DID THIS TO YOU. Cost them time, money, aggravation, tarnish reps-whatever you can do. They usually are keeping u down or diverted so u cant get legal help anyway.

U must think of ways to fight back where they cant use whst they try to get out of you to frame u. Use it against THEM. THEY DESERVE IT.

So I made sure I kept being aggressive in trying to wave people down for directions so that cops might come. Becuz i was NOT walking three miles jn the heat and sun being targeted like that.

Of course someone called telling the Sheriff that I was out there "in an altercation". He was a normal person so I told him about the truck ride and creepy local men messing with me as I tried to get jntk town only after A WOMAN WITH A CHILD in a car told me which way town was. An perp in a ridiculous black truck gave me wrong directions which i knew from his demeanor.

So they will try to set u up and you HAVE GOT to turn the tables on them.

Remember Britney Spears meltdown? The results you see in those photos is only a part of what went on I strongly believe from experience.
The poor kid was telling everyone shes sick of people touching her. No one was hearing that, they only saw the frame up, literally-media content FRAMED to produce certain perceptions in the public's mind.
I cant imagine how much harassment went on before those pictures were taken.

It seems to me that the people who do this to Targets especially Survivors of programming genuinely believe we arent human like them and we can only exist if we are controlled every moment.

Which is just bullshit arrogance on their part and the typical envy and jealousy from them towards us.

Perhaps its simply known nowadays that ANYONE targeted ends up homeless and therefore when they enter a town or city they are labeled a terrorist like threat from touch down due to the ongoing campaign in this country against dissenters.

Harassed By A Guy Who Intimated He Was Community Watch- Walmart, Quincy, Illinois (video!)

Looking for WiFi around Walmart in Quincy, Ill. Walmart open, adjacent stores not.

Creepy old fat guy in baseball cap stalked around dark parking lot then stopped to ask me "Is everything OK?"

I thought he was a pervert or wasnt sure what was going on so I asked him if he was security.  He kept evading the question and intimidating me to answer his question.

It got into my being legal minded and logical and he responding with "Shut the f*ck up" which I stayed calm through also.

He also said things like I was a stupid f*ck etc.

He intimiated he was community watch but I doubt if community watch would say things like that in response to logic.

I should not have had to explain myself to anyone not identifying themselves as professional security or even community watch.

I said I was trying to find wifi and I had bought something at Walmart and they didnt have any. I also informed him that I had spoken to a sheriff today earlier and he knew I was in town. (That should have been enough or if he felt something was off he should have called police away from me. He pulled out his phone as if using caling the police as a punishment or intimidation.)

I said to go ahead and call. He claimed I was acting in a suspicious manner. "Your not supposed to be messing around these stores when they arent open."
Walking on the sidewalk with my phone out, looking for a signal? Just walking around checking things out shouldnt be a problem: THERE'S NO SIGNS THAT STATE PEOPLE CANNOT WALK IN THE AREA AFTER A CERTAIN TIME.

He also made a comment about being "bundled up like you are". Backpacking?

I also pointed out that he is a single male in a dark lot using his car to stalk around where there's a single female at a late hour. WHOS SUSPICIOUS NOW?
In my mind hes a potential danger and I do not need to speak to him.

He became threatening when I would not answer his question thru a window in a dark parking lot without him identidying himself as a legit security or law enforcment officer.
He then became belligerent and used abusive language in response to a female who felt threatened by him pointing out legalities and using logic. He attempted to use the police as intimidation for my self defense.

When my camera light came on him he started driving away still arguing. He was clutching his phone to his ear. I havent seen a policeman yet but I would love to.

The vid takes a while to post so I will do it tomorrow. Shud have gotten plate.

This is the worst abuse of the community watch system as well as profiling I have ever seen.

It could have been anything from TI activity to anti vagrant/homeless actions taken on by locals without authorization or just some total creepy pervert who needed to gain control and dominance over a female in some weird situation.

The danger of this is that if hes a pervert he gets a good look at the victim hes scoping out this way and you never know if a town has a rape group or network of men.
These are real dangers for Travelers of both sexes or anyone seen as vulnerable by predators.

Ironically I had to ditch a truck ride in this town today due to his getting too creepy and thats when I met the sheriff becuz people sae me trying to wave them down in middle of nowhere to ask where town was (and I was being harassed heavily by males in pick ups and cars, alot of Quincy city worker types so I kind of did what I needed to to get towards town quick and knew cops might show up but this would get rid of perps. Sheriff was genuine, legit and reasonable. Nice actually. Its the locals that sucked.)

I then tried to get out of town one side , didnt so started to walk to other side to freeway I can walk down. Stopped at Walmart then as leaving storm began- tornado warnings. No tarp. So left late.

Then walked around looking for open stores, came back Walmart WiFi.
This guys intimidation was the last thing I needed.

Iowa was bad too but not this bad.

A cop recently said the country is bad right now...I agree. At least the legit ones know. And I wonder if Im being pushed to leave due to something thats going to go down soon being particularly nasty and dangerous even deadly.

I keep getting this impression I should stay in Austin TX. But why?

Amazing isnt it that a single female's safety is totally unimportant compared to possible threats to property (walking by them!!!!)

I smell a local rape and or pedo group. Just the language he used. Imagine his wife and kids!!

(If hes a perp these geniuses probably read my blog and think that becuz I use foul language here as part of candid Boston character that I would be dumb enough to respond in kind in real life.)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

TIs Finding Media Psy Ops On Hotwire or Expedia Ads? No Prob, Got Theory

Hotwire, now owned by InteractiveCorp.

Chairman Barry Diller
"..InterActiveCorp (also known as IAC) is an American media and Internet company, with over 150 brands across 100 countries.[1] It is headquartered in New York City.[2] The Chairman and Senior Executive is Barry Diller,[3][4] who was previously head of Paramount Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, and USA Broadcasting."

Spouse: Diane Von Fürstenberg.

No sweat....its the same crowd whos been up to this crap for ages.



Christian Perv Perps/Anti Homeless Psy Ops

Short but important.

Over past year or so have been being harassed or had attempted handlers who are Christians but display red flags for either pedophilia or being perverts or and abusive of women psychologically.

This driver Im stuck with is the typical religious perv and hes attempting to be controlling. Its so hard to get rides nowit seems Im stuck with anyone offering a ride long distances who of course turns ouy tl be a perp. He does hand gesturing when we go into stores and of course theres perps in the store already who begin doing same. He onlu does this in stores.

It also seems theres a campaign to ens homelessness and the Traveler lifestyle.

I have also noticed alot of gang stalking harassers who are  hiding out posing as Travelers. So be aware.

Mobbing Is Everywhere, No Place Seems Tolerant

My reader numbers on stats are so low I think only a handful of TIs read my blog now. Im sure its mostly used now by perps who literally take anything Targetd say and use it against them in the psy ops.

All of the difficulties of the past few years must have lowered my reader base. Yet, Im more clear and realistic about my situation than ever before.

Theyve made it impossible to live as a Target in the US and still have any sort of life.

I dont know whats going on but the harassment is everywhere I go. I seem  to have absolutely no anonymity at all. There is no place I can go where I have any privacy or where there isnt a perp group either already in a location I arrive at or comes in as a mobbing There  right after I arrive.

The system is either coming after Targets now to finish us off and ensure we are completely isolated from society or my individual situation has gotten worse.
This could be due to everything that happened  last year when I went back to Cambridge MA.
There was that change in administration and the guy I dated had a a bad rep. Some things he did were also damaging to me like fooling around outside which is usually safe but once a helicopter was overhead and they seemed to be circling. It was too late by the time I really noticed that the helicopter was circling us hidden in high vegatation like reeds. They were there for some special event in Cambridge. If they filmed us, its another situation created like with my ex Jake where it was intimated films of us having sex were used as slander.

Also getting arrested after being baited heavily might have put me on the radar. Racist is a good new cover story or character assasination.

They seem to want to destroy my lifestyle and identity force me to settle and forget.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Implants Most Probable To Cause Unwanted Sexual Arousal And Other Resulting Effecrs

I think I finally understand whats been wrong for past year or so.

To be brief Im having alot of trouble with what seema like the effects of some kind of implant.

Ive posted before that in early 2000s that some of the torture from those early years seemed to be eminating from this scar I had from a bladder exploratory (for Interstitial Cystitis).
That when I put magnets over it, taped them over that spot I got relief.

I also posted that in when living in Brighton I had an MRI that showed a strange white dot in center of my brain. And that when I asked a neurologist about it he seemed deathly afraid of me and my situation and backed away from me. He kept saying I was doing the right thing quitting coffee and that the headaches I had were prob due to that. (My headaches were due to the moldy apartment that permanently did brain damage, lung damage and nasal damage. One perp admitted " screwed you up for life". So everyone knows, its part of all this to once again minimize and invalidate the Target/experimentees pain and suffering.)

Ive had many surgeries in my life. Like many MK Kids, high level programming and RA Survivors, I have things in my history doctors who arent compromised will comment are odd. One doctor once looked at my history in my late 20s his mouth opened and he said 'You've been through HELL!' . The other doctor next to him who was obviously part of this system calmly ignored this rational, normal response and trying to dismiss it, moved on with the normal invalidation of the Target's pain and suffering over a lifetime.

My double hernias at age 8 often gets percieved as odd by doctors. Usually that happens in little boys not girls.

Many opportinities have occurred for implants to be put in possibly. If the sexual arousal and other targeting like negative and defeatist thoughts are originating from an implant in the physical area nearby then it could have been the double hernia, any of my numerous endometriosis surgeries or the bladder exploratory in 1997.

From the positioning of where the forced stimulation eminates from, the small scar on the bladder from 97 seems likely.

It could have also been made worse or compounded by some thing done during the abortion procedure done by OHSU in Oregon two years ago that seemed botched. My womb still feels..scarred. Its never been right since then.
Alot of what happened to me in the years following that procedure seemed very timed and supernatural. Like things that could only be pulled off by some kind of nanotechnology or implanted tech that over time, released a 'program' of body and mind effects for behavior modification.. namely, punishment for aborting and prevention from becoming pregnant again. That would be something in line with Eugenics anyway and the history thereof.
(Hey how about my never having had to become careless or helpless enough to begin with to ever had become pregant-BOTH PREGNANCIES ARE DUE TO MY BEING A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and not in control of my life or circumstances.)

Lately Ive had problems with becoming agitated leading to self talking in public. The constant harassment now doesnt help but its due to influence over my physical and emotional state thats beyond my control. Great way to FORCE someone to discredit themselves.

TX has been very bad for this and I couldnt take it anymore. I recalled years ago my using shielding in the form of magnets so put something multilayered and metal over my abdomen where the multiple scars are.

I got relief. The forced arousal ceased. Unlike years ago I can no longer fight this effect with my mind and imagination.
The negativity ceased. Whatever had been used lately fell away and reality around me seemed normal again.

Also on net it says that deep brain implants can be used to cause this kind of stimulation by causing small shocks to the brain.

I am pretty sure Raytheon's facilities in Burlington MA were responsible for attempting to 'burn out' the chip shown in the brain on the MRI.

What's strange as usual is that I couldnt see clearly that Raytheon had facilities there. Why couldnt I just look it up at that time or go to maps and look at the area? Only after a new administration has come to Raytheon have I been able to deduct or even see clearly what was always right in front of my eyes.

This is the 'black magick' part of gang stalking, RA and dealing with the elite that no one seems to grasp.
I was stalked by Eddie Cox (aka Eddie Hand) from Louisiana in 2006 or 07 and I distinctly recall that I 'saw' him standing watching me on a phone in Denver CO, but I did not really or truly 'see' him standing there watching me until approximately 20 min after he had been standing there.

Alot of what the military is trying to reproduce for war are tricks Satanists and magicians have by nature or can perform mentally.

Is it really all worth it?

Anyway this will also serve to show how wonderful new advances in science and technology aren't without potential for abuse.

People believe technology in itself is divine and will save humanity. Like weapons being unable to kill or mame humans without humans weilding them, tech requires human actions and intent.

If u want to know alot about the current situation look to the old movie Conan The Barbarian. Just the first one.
Thalsa Doom is reptilian. He can hypnotize people. He almost convinces the hero he made him through adversity.

Doom's snake towers are very much like the cell repeater and main towers all over every city.

And one lesson my tall and imposing uncle always pointed out about the movie-the riddle of steal. (Swords, weapons).

'What is the power of steel, compared to the hand that wields it?'
Doom tells Conan as a last favor before trying to kill him by leaving him in the desert to die.

He motions a young female cult member to jump to him and she does-to her death. This is power Doom states.

Technology should be clearly defined by who is using it and for what intent.

For instance the horrors now produced by the general punlic (and perps posing as members of the general public) having access to spying equipment.

People better wake up and realize what kind of world is truly forming from the use of technologies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Black Imposter Steps Down From NAACP Position After Parents Expose SHE IS EURO-AMERICAN

Imposter's brother criticizes her life as 'blackface':

Could she simply be part of NWO chaos or even traumatized into behavior modification that made her percieve herself differently?

Ive seen what this system can do to people's minds. Its totally possible to destroy someone's mind to this extent.

Remember Tylenol is putting out ads about marriage that show all races and genders in families saying its not who you love but how.

If this was genuine it would be excusable. The American public seems to know nothing of COINTELPRO and MK Ultra which has made the American black community completely untrustworthy due to infiltration and destroying genuine dissidents and replacing them with house slaves and spies. Then creating black gangs to deal the drugs, cause choas and intimidation then fill the prisons.

People still believe African Americans are the holy keepers of Civil Rights... and eternal victims.

Ask all the Targeted Individuals in our community who are African American if they feel liberated hy todays black community.

They are the remaining threats to the infiltrated system just as the rest of us of all genders and races-to the deceptions of the NWO.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

'Commisioned Stalking' By The Rich And Powerful
My former party friend had a dark performance art band and he would say Madonna stole from him in her Justify My Love era. We all could see the similarities and I believed him but it seemed bigger than all of us then. He should have sued just to have it on file.
It looks like many artists may have been stolen from and the content mixed to form something she could put her name on.

Targets claim our work is stolen before its even made into anything thats copyrighted or formed into art. Like ideas or raw material. It would be simple to do via spying on Targets in private spaces.
Lawyer Burt Fields looks like he possibly has a few years on him as a seasoned perp eh? We all know that look. All TIs can identify it.

Whats interesting are the lawyers for these powerful people involved in protecting their harassment campaigns as well as the private detectives.

"Commissioned stalking" seems to be an actual legal term used. How far would it go with a gang stalking case?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Military Training

Its not directly related to gang stalking but just the fact it exists as well as things in the outline of training like signals for participants to know each other etc show how gs is or can be done.

Harvard University, Bush and Enron Connection

Corporate corruption and academia: The Bush-Harvard-Enron connection
By Joseph Kay
19 October 2002

BUSHWHACKED: HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard
by Uri Dowbenko


If u are from nothing you're a disposable pawn to them.

Well, this explains alot about my misery in my of my birth... where my parents met.

Especially the Bush years. Not fun.
I need never realized how much those old guard guys protected us in the Pit or me personally. Now they are retired or dead.

Explains alot.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Very Big WARNING On Chemical Terrorism Used On Targeted Individuals and The Masses

This is something I haven't done enough work on. Mostly becuz I thought this nonsense ceased after the Bush-9/11 era.

Ive posted about spray bottles being used to administer psychedelics to Targets during Bush and early Obama. These drugs seemed to make the TI either more seceptible to the technologies or make them more effective by altering the brain.

I also experienced being drugged by a substance thsy makes the mind basically blank or dulled. During Bush it was put into a pair of pants so wjen i put them on the drug became administered through my skin pver many hours. When the clothing was removed my skin was red almost like a rash. I could only remember my name. That was it until it wore off.

Ive also experienced being exposed to a substance that seems to dumb down the mind and now I realize its purpose is probably to block aggressive behavior.

Animal Behavior by Reena Mathur:

I will NEVER forget this scent. Ive been smelling this since Bush era. Its horrible.
SOME COLOGNES HAVE SIMILAR SMELL BUT WON'T PRODUCE LONG LASTING EFFECTS LIKE WHAT GS SYSTEM USES TO DRUG TARGETS. (Maybe they are putting this into colognes or the smell is put into the mindinhinitor drug to mask it AS a cologne so people dont notice).

You will know when you are exposed to this substance. After smelling the distinctive scent, your mind wil become less 'deep'. Your mind slows a bit but also you will notice a lack of motivation that you had just moments or seconds earlier. Internal drive, based on natural normal healthy aggression or fight will be drowned out by this substance.
Your mind and thoughts will become shallow.

Ive experienced this scent IN PUBLIC SPACES also which means possibly its being used on the public.
Buses and underground train stations.
In MA I regularly smell this in the Harvard MBTA station.

In Austin TX one of the key dangers is that bus riders on public transit can't open the windows, unlike Boston area buses.

During Bush in Boston on a bus out of Station Cambridge, I witnessed an entire bus full of people all fall asleep at the same time. I also slept but awoke to notice the 'coincidence'.

I think they were just testing these things then in public spaces. It seemed like a testing process. And recall what a woman said to me in the street, out of nowhere in conversation: "Theres more experimentation going on in Boston than in Maryland".. and that I shud leave town. She was right it was very bad then.

Now it seems chemical 'management' of the public is used in smaller doses but consistently. On buses, in train stations. ANYWHERE THERE IS A CLOSED SPACE WITH A AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM IS A DANGER.

Most people dont notice these things and their lives are unaffected. If u r targeted, you get dosed as an individual being atracked with these chemicals under circumstances that make it so they are used for behavior midification or as a punishment.

Before writing this I was listening to Kreator (German metal) and exhibiting a drive to fight back while writing my blog or taking care of internet stuff in a fast food place. (They usually get you with this when you are sitting down stationary).
I am 'too aggressive'. (Recall when I tried for a job at CVS in Brighton MA in circa 2004 the bald, skinny manager led me along for 3 weeks, then when I inquired he exclaimed " Your too aggressive!! " and that he wasnt going to ever give me the job anyway. This is something thats been marketed to people as part of my roster of thjngs to hate about me or rationales for my being targeted.)
Thus a male walks by me on his way to the rest room, glares at me with that stupid controlling perp look and I smell that scent. Sure enough i experience the dumb down effect seconds later.
I usually try to get out of the space I was sitting in and breathe through a bandana. It works but once its ingested the effects are for hours. And the effects are noticeable and undeniable.

They arent using spray bottles anymore. There must be some delivery system for the drug that's stealth, which is probably old hat and standardized by now in spycraft.

The perps' greatest tactic and advantage is to catch a Target off guard. One can only be so hypervigilant without going crazy.

Just take caution and make decisions based on being informed. The modern world is a covert warfare, psy ops battlefield for your mind.

Dont be afraid. Don't panic. Stay in control and take action thats effective and that makes it so you can keep functioning.
Bush told us not to live in fear. There seems to be a part of Bush the younger that is somewhat rebelliius of his elder's agenda. Bush has actually been helpful to freeing people by allowing us to see just how extreme this situation is. And his advice about terrorism applies to any oppressive forces.

If you are good at political activism and proper channels like contacting congressmen etc then take that action as people like me cannot. I can only report and inform.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Die Antwoord

(Update: though i stand by this post as informative about mind control and occult in media i realized that the way the post is written is very judgemental. Why should I care what Die Antwood or whatever they are called, are doing or their moral charcter?

My job is to report on the content found in media and its effect on unaware minds and society at large.

This is most likely a result of being under the year long intimidation and psych warfare of probation (due to being baited unddr harsh conditions after new admin took over in Cambridge MA.)

Creating terrorists and informants has been their goal for years now and psychological pressure can do this.

Lina Morgana-Make Her Live Again, And The Illusion Of 'Lady GaGa' Dies

Look Morgana up. Study her. Looking at her, all that Lady GaGa is melts away and the imposter she is reveals itself.

The evidence is there at least enough for to theorize conspiracy or a plot of evil design.

True female empowerment consists of stopping the practice of sacrificing goddesses (who are uncooperative) in order to create mind controlled dolls-who will serve male power.

All the world fears woman. Big 3 Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, male gods as kings or lords and oppressive of females. Only polytheisitc religions have goddesses.

Mary is so subjegated, she has to be a virgin to have any power. And she's all that remains of goddess reference in Christiqnized, amnesia ridden Europe.

Male power must be pandered to.

And the greatest insult is that women were tricked into supporting black males via civil rights who now serve the original male power structure through a house slave/field slave culture of pimping, misogynistic testosterone driven violent music that feeds the Massa's prison complex, so women are once again frequently left alone to raise the children.

Nice repayment of feminist support hey? Why would women of any race ever believe males wouldnt support each others agenda based on gender?

Once again women are used as nannys, babysitters and wet nurses for the convenience of men of power.

Lady GaGa is a servant. Lina was a potential problem. True female confidence eslecially in the NWO, always is.

The NWO loathes real women. Pro Israel, Muslims and a militarized United States?
All pro male and oppressive of women. If the NWO is about a new 'Satanic Age' remember that Satan hates women supposedly.

And like the old Egyptian tales, Seth was only afraid of Isis. (Nice choice of name for the latest CIA created terrorist cell.)

Austin-Hypnotic Suggestions Daily To Relocate, To Very Dangerous Cities Part 2

There are too many people in the United States using the gang stalking situation that is supposed to be political for their personal or social group's purpose.

There's too many people living out ethnic revenge fantasies.
Too many men living out cultural fantasies involving women due to society's focus on Equality and consequences of sexual harassment.
Too many citizens living off the petty satisfaction of being a class above The Losers.
Too many unhappy, jealous women being able to hate a female Target with the same disregard as a reality TV personality.

America has become a spying society which is too regimented and oppressive. Americans are humans and humans are animals.
They will try to live out their true natures however they can especially if it ties into a twisted sense of patriotism nowadays.

People in a society are told what to care about and what to hate.
Everyone around the country has noticed that the latest group of 20 something Millenials to come to cities or college are anti homeless. Its standardized at this point.
Yet Jay-Z has cooed that this is the least racist generation to come up.

Empires need victims. Someone has to lose. 'We love blacks, we care about gay rights!' yet Homeless people and Targeted Individuals are ok to oppress, deny rights, abuse and basically scape goat.

And in the grand design its obvious that those blacks and gays are only being allowed on board in this culture of 'progress' becuz they are willing or trained to be part of the power structure's agenda.
And that power knew it was going to target anyone into homelessness who would be a problem for the NWO or any of the horrid classified unethical human experimentation that went on under the cover of the Bush war years and early Obama.

People are full of sh*t or easily manipulated and controlled. Its appaling how many people in this country dont respect me or take whats going on seriously. Ive learned one important thing: Bush was right, people are either for or against those in the power position.
Theres not enough good people to make up for whats mostly out here in America now.

The country has become progressively sicker from the radiation fallout from the Japan nuclear accident. I can see the change. People dont realize what's happening-to their minds and their emotional state.

I now realize that the country is also permanently damaged from the 9-11/war era and all that went with it that theres no recovering. Especially becuz they all know they have to support a lie to survive. Something of that magnitude Americans weren't ready for as a burden of secrecy I think. Remember it was a large size ritual. The toll its going to cost is very big.

The state of this country isnt going to change either.

Austin-Hypnotic Suggestions Daily To Relocate, To Very Dangerous Cities

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brighting-Common And Damaging GS Tactic

They might use this a lot in the beginning of a campaign against a Target. Variations on this are using the vehicle tactics described without headlights during day-only driving off after TI spots car.

In the beginning they do this parked ouyside a Targets house.
Its also common at the end of streets when waiting to make a turn, a car will wait for TI there then driver will do gesturing or other in person harassment.
You will know its a perp becuz the car will miss opportunities to turn and wait for you to come up to the crossing in front of them and they are NOT texting or other NORMAL people's logical reasons for not taking the turn.
A way to avoid this is to
-spot them first and refuse to approach the crossing and vehicle with perp inside AT A SAFE DISTANCE SO THEY CANNOY GESTURE YOU OR OTHER EFFECTIVE HARASSMENT, then they their position is useless to their purpose.
Also if they continue to stay in that spot it becomes very obvious stalking and they draw attention of cameras, authorities, onlookers etc.

Remember the Target MUST be made to be imagining things and discredited as mentally ill so they MUST do these things quickly in public spaces. The average normal citizens mind of a democracy doesnt see these things becuz they dont know they exist and have no special training.

The other way of dealing with this is to approach the crossing and walk BEHIND the vehicle. This also ensures that the perp cannot be seen by the TI thus their actions cannot effect you.

I notice with BRIGHTING they react to the Target having a light shining back at them. A headlamp or other high lumens light is best.

These people as well as the modern American general public fear authorities, power and exposure.

Instinctually, a light facing say cars passing you the opposite direction on street at night makes all kinds of humans behave-from perps to judgemental nosey onlookers.

For perps the light from a camera is best. They fear being filmed most of all and BRIGHTING is something that comes up very clearly at night on video.

Another use of lights for harassment is flashes from cameras.
I notice this was used a lot in the beginning of my overt 24-7 campaign but hasnt been in use for years.

Now on S Congress Ave in Austin TX if i have been panhandling and done ok and weathered the perps passing by during daylight,a man will go by once its dark and use a phone or camera flash as harassment. Im sitting on sidewalk so they keep camera hanging in hand with arm down by side and simply snap camera with flash. There's no aiming camera like taking pic and thats probably on purpose so it registers as a psych warfare tactic not just a rude tourist snapping homeless people.

The use of lights in hypnotism is well documented. This line of tactics are damaging due to the use of lights AND the use of vehicles. Both afford the perps power TI doesn't have as well as behind lights they can hide.

Always GS is to make Target feel godlike entity is doing the harassment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Yorker: How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy (Study conducted)

Securitas Is Swedish Company Who Is Buying Up A lot Lately-McDonalds Security System Same As Other Harassment Hot Spot Corporate Chains

Ive found they are a Swedish company with many overseas operations.

They also have a frightening hunger for eating up lots of smaller companies by acquisition.

(Sweden also has a horrific history of shaping their society with eugenics programs, NAZIs and a king who is French not true Swede royalty and his wife is Argentinian, German and Jewish.
Its also home to a very pro NWO agenda including the certifiable nutcase Barbara Spectre who should have never been allowed political power to begin with due to her being unstable and with crazy theories of creating a perfect 'Master Race' type of society via Diversity.
No freedom of speech, no right to bare arms and obviously no checks and balances.

They even have Pinkerton, the security company with an long and interesting history.

(I hate using wikipedia becuz for years Ive had to listen to college perps make fun of me for it. Listen one of their greatest advantages and my disadvantage is my being uneducated.)

They even do military contracting like other big security companies

This post began with my being harassed once again in a McDonalds restaurant along with the e-harassmemt of which McDonalds is one of the most consistent for this problem to occur as a Targeted Individual. (Walmart and Target running a close second with Starbucks being pretty bad but never as consistent. They tend to go between tech and emploulyees or customers dishing out harassment or a combo thereof depending kn location. Anyplace with a security vamera system seems to be also capable of producing effects known to be from electromagnetic or microwave weaponry and tech traditionally used by psy ops military in foriegn conflicts.
Look at how many of these companies do military contracting work.)

Many McDonalds restaurants nationwide seem to use Westec security company and they display a company sticker on the doors of the restaurant.

Westec Intelligent Surveillance

Westec is owned by Interface Security Systems LLC

After robberies and lone shootings, restaurants began having security systems "like banks have":

This article shows they also are used in 7-11 and Circle Ks. 7-11 is a known nightmare for TIs. Staff are usually doing harassment and for whatever reason, its become obvious that showing your face in any 7-11 in a new location you are in is like announcing your presence to the local gang stalking system and whatever cops they have on board.
This could now explain why:

Most powerful private security in the world:

Next its necessary to research how much access and use these companies have to military psy ops technologies.
They obviously cross between military and domestic contracting.

The public as usual are blissfully unaware or they cooperate fully due to being stupid and enjoying mobbing people probably as well as getting a payoff or some skewed ideal of Patriotism (as a rationale).

Monday, June 1, 2015

Stop All Personal Technology When Possible

Finally finishing notes from years ago.

Ditched social media site. Feels good.

One of the best suggestions I have is to turn off any tech you have while not using it. Ive discovered leaving phone on is a very bad idea. Take batteries out when you can.

Looking at ugly pics of famous psy ops agents will make u feel better

Especially plastic surgery fotos. And beach bodies. And cellulite snaps.

Id post uglies of that psy ops drunkard Chelsea 'I hate Goyim poor white women even though I totally benefit from blonde ass DNA' Handler but those recent photos she posted on FB of herself topless in Israel on a camel is enough to make anyone vomit. She did herself in nicely with those.

I just wish the female hating Sarah 'I had to sleep with David Cross and kiss Mr. Show's ass to get famous' Silverman would start looking ugly.

Shes still unfortunately a good looking obnoxious little jerk. Without The Boys of comedy helping her, she'd probably still be collaborating with other dumb reactionary little girls in dark clubs, writing material about their periods and focusing on their vaginas. And of course helping The Boys with Divide And Conquer of females by dishing other women to gain favor.