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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Police Technology-Scatter Vans

The Future of Policing Is Here, and It's Terrifying Backscatter vans, crowd dispersal microwaves, lasers that make you vomit—welcome to the future of law enforcement, and all the icky questions the technology raises.

Ever have that feeling walking in today's public spaces you're being scanned with 'see through' tech, used to see under clothing or felt your face being facial recognitioned? 

For many of us there's an element of interface with these technologies as well as with surveillance tech. 

It makes modern tech laden society unbearable yet 5hat is why people like us are here, doing this kind of work to ensure that humans are protected from abuse of power and any unfair advantage using these methods. 

It's always been a mystery to me if those putting these types of things forth are consciously aware of the interface and is it just accidental or is it purposefully to torture people like us. I even suspect there's a quiet genocide at work to rid the world of people with such sensitivity so those in power with the advantage of superior tech will be the only ones left with that advantage, ruling over what then remains of humanity-people who don't realize they are being controlled, abused  harmed and denied their right to exist. 

What's most frustrating is how old this article is. Now, after experiencing two years of police being negligent and standing down during violent destructive protests and straight up domestic terrorism even noise campaigns under the guise of protests, crime waves and out of control shitty quality street drugs purposely being flooded into our country it's obvious that law enforcement has the tech to handle all the chaos we've seen over the past two years-even to prevent it. 

The pandemic era itself is obviously a 'reset'. Just reading articles from before this time period helps us remember what life and our society was like and the contrast makes it clear it is very likely a power grab, an attempt to break down society very quickly in order to restructure it. What's shocking is the effect one gets when remembering and comparing. 
It's also obvious that the desired effect is to have us kept captive of this new reality and it's probably intended that we don't remember. 

Utilizing a so called progressive agenda is also a weapon of coercion to ensure remembering and realizing the difference is a shameful action and one that will be seen as futile as time moves forward. 

Again  we are being dragged into a false timeline that seems unnatural. Many of us sense it and feel there's something not right about it. 
 Just as many of us feel after studying WW2 long enough and putting together a timeline of just the wars in our lifetime. It becomes obvious that WW2 never should have occurred and it was most likely induced. Created, manufactured. All by the formulated actions that created enough key changes at certain times to ensure such influence would alter our timeline. 
WW2 likely occurred in order to keep us in the industrialist nightmare we still are kept down in which has been partially responsible for making our environment increasingly uninhabitable for humans and other life forms. 
Imagine if the technological advances that were just beginning in Germany, Scandinavia and even the likes of Tesla from eastern Europe were allowed to occur and evolve naturally. Maybe instead of an atom bomb that was unecessarily used to destroy an eastern culture populated by a native indigenous people the west with all it's controls developed over almost two thousand years was so threatened by (Japan) we'd be living in a genuinely sustainable wonderous future instead of the one being presented to us now fully controlled by the same kinds of powers that caused the wars, the riots, pandemic etc. One that offers only enslavement not enlightenment and salvation.

Btw the incompetent scumbag Harry Truman was put into office by organized crime,  very powerful people in his hometown. 
If you look at the face of the monster who put Truman into office, then consider the action of dropping the bomb on Japan you can plainly see how such an act makes sense to a murderous psychopath such as the one behind Truman. Such an action makes sense due to who was behind the throne. Try it as an experiment. Read about the mobster who put Truman into power. Look into his face. Then think about dropping an atomic bomb on an island full of people. 
The violent action makes sense when we understand it doesn't come from the presidency as it's understood by Americans as it is supposed to be. It comes from the natural forces of people of that nature who find doing such things comes very easily. 

It's very important to understand who is  behind the throne. It's something American society has seemed to have forgotten. We have become so overburdened, terrorized, exploited, dumbed down and drugged (by many things including internet use) that we are now living in a reality of false trust and believing that what we see is what we get or that things are just as they appear. 

The current game being played with the public where lawlessness and anti police culture is allowed to break down society so we will actually embrace a police state did not have to occur. 

While diversions are being dealt with I'm sure that the construction of the prison being built for us and all it's ways and means of control has been been accelerated with things being invented and implemented that are much worse than the article above. 

We must now focus on REMEMBERING. Reading old articles, books etc will be very important from here on because it seems it's not just the destruction of our reality but of our minds that's at play here. 

It's been documented that COVID-19 and even vaccines for COVID cause neurological damage much of it seems to be loss of cognitive ability which I am sure is made more effective by quarantine isolation as well as the Divide and Conquer methods used in the power grab of the past two years. 

The Obama era sentiment of the conspiracy theory community that there's a war for your mind as in using psychology ops, deception, mind control etc now seems to have become much worse. At least in a war for your mind you can think, reflect and resist. 
What are we to do now when everything around us is being destroyed as well as our internal worlds-our minds? 

The timing of installing LED streetlights everywhere a year or two before this war on the public fits in well into the long term plan to reset society using terrorism and mind control and obviously-torture. 
LED lights contain timed flickering undetectable by most human eyes as well as contains HEV blue light that mimicks sunlight thus severely disrupting human and animal circadian sleep patterns along with other things run by the human pineal/pituitary system. Twenty five years ago these lights would not have been allowed due to such concerns. 

What has happened to our nation where no one questions what is good for public health and safety? 

That is the reality of what is happening. 

It's not progress it's destruction. It's not environmentalism-it's a population reduction program. 
Whoever is left is going to be imprisoned in ways that will be impossible to fight or resist with traditional human Will and ingenuity. 

There's new horrors as well. 5g, 'the internet of things',  Google's recently purchased DEEP MIND program. 

I would worry about the militarization of police by the use of military grade toys as well as what seems like an infiltration of the police by military intelligence-not their traditional brutality. That's only a small glimpse of what's coming. 

Pretty soon you'll be brutalized and it will look like peace. You won't even notice you've been effectively neutralized. 

The Great Reset Society Progresses-The COVID Blog

(best to use Simplified View on smartphone to view this site. Simplified View is an option in most mobile devices in the ACCESSIBILITY section of the device's settings. It effectively stops ads, pop ups and visual changes in the website from being a visual distraction.) Great Reset Accelerated: governments declaring red meat carcinogenic, encouraging humans to eat insects and eliminating private car ownership

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Common Annoyances in Hotels That Might Not Be Random-A Noise Campaign Theory Guide

Annoyances in hotel rooms.  Most of these are commonly experienced by people anyway so it's up for consideration. 

-front desk employees. Be leery of anyone who reveals any run ins with the law. The system often recruits from this population heavily. Try to be fair however as someone with a manner that seems lacking might be the person you can actually trust whereas the nice charmer may be the one to watch out for. It's up for debate how many of these people are actually random in areas where there's potential terrorist targets contractors or anything else that needs protection. They could be working for a private security company or they could be from the feds in some way and their job is to work at the hotel as a front desk employee. Unfortunately it seems like anti terrorism has been abused over and over again in order to harass targets for political reasons.

-noise and disturbance occurs at hotels but one must factor in time of day and day of week and the location. at the start of your stay a pattern will emerge that shows the natural, normal noise cycles as opposed to events that seem manufactured that form a pattern later.  the most outrageous instances of noise and disturbances may only occur during certain employees shifts but again a pattern of what is the ongoing norm must be established first. 

- people/groups who will make noise may be put near your room-repeatedly.  Some of the situations that occur may involve people who appear disordered mentally. If there is any sort of Directed Conversation (like happens during 'street theatre') then the likelyhood it's manufactured chaos is much more viable. A person may act crazy in your hallway late at night ranting yet the content seems personal which isn't normal. One individual will be riding in the same elevator and make a seemingly strange comment like "you'll go to hell for what you do" or something else that seems accusatory when such interactions with strangers isn't normal. Remember, in the world of organized stalking the system may use communities and locals so that it degenerates to a level of community mobbing where they are simple people akin to civilians in a war whove been recruited as force multipliers, not understanding the massive size of this system and the fact theyre working off of lies, rumours or cover stories. Cause Stalkers are working off of religious beliefs that they use to live out moral fantasies. Most stalkers who are even minimally aware of what's really going on rationalize their behavior especially if they feel safe because they are cooperating with official authorities 'unofficially'.    

 These kinds of instances must be reported as either noise complaints or direct harassment from another guest depending on the delivery system as described above. This kind of harassment will be upsetting to a TI but not as effective in ruining a TIs rep or having your sanity questioned (if it's handled properly), which is usually the goal of baiting or agitators. A nice suggestion of a wellness check to staff is enough to cure the elevator scenerio above for instance. A wellness check is probably what they want for the Target, so make sure to turn the tables and use it to fight back against those doing the harassment-always fun. 

-During ongoing noise campaigns there may be a group that check in as seemingly separate guests. They are a supporting cast so to speak, who will play the role of guests that are going to tolerate ridiculous noise levels but in reality under normal circumstances, the hotel staff and police would have been involved early on in the event of a loud party with lots of door slamming etc. 

Again you have to use years of skill and ability to analyze and calculate to spot this accurately.                            They may do alot of tactical gesturing (a system of sensitizing a Target to gesture(s) by abusing Pavlovian psychological methods) or other actions that make you feel 'surrounded' by the enemy and it may be to make one feel isolated and helpless during an ongoing noise campaign.  They will ooze hatred, disregard, etc toward a Target when that just isn't normal human behavior from strangers especially with such frequency. 

A pattern forms of unusual behavior that is not the natural pattern of that environment. So it's obviously something being introduced into the environment. 

This is war and these are akin to troops entering into a territory to go after an enemy and just like soldiers, their enemy has been dehumanized in their perceptions as a necessity to them being able to fight, destroy or neutralize that enemy.  This sort of group always seems like pros or people who are collectively morally corrupt to begin with. They seem too highly organized and too much like complete assholes to be locals pulled into community mobbing. 

A false sense of security is the worst thing to form in any place one stays but it's often unavoidable especially if one is nesting for some reason. Theres some TIs who've theorized that the blindness that comes with staying someplace for a period of time after starting to feel safe could be induced by means of remote influence as opposed to the illusion forming in the person's mind as a reaction to the trauma of having to stay mobile. 

It isn't normal two weeks into staying somewhere for someone who's used to being mobile and has a focus on their agenda not their surroundings to start having delusional perceptions that the hotel room is their 'forever home' inducing fears they won't be capable of leaving when it's time to check out. 

Then 24 hours before check out, they suddenly wake up snapped out of that delusion and there's an urgency to pack and prepare to check out the next day. That seems like a whole bunch of bullshit that's coming from outside influences somehow. Especially if that delusion along with an ongoing noise campaigns works to deter and distract from a person's To Do list and they have only a limited time inside to complete it. It's a great way to ensure someone doesn't get anything done while they are staying there.

Add to that experiencing not being able to sleep until 5am (with the help of noise campaigns starting at 12-2am of course) and feeling 'hit' with something every single night at approx 2:30 am that causes ones body to feel like it's being electroshocked. Followed by not being able to get up until 1pm every single day due to some sort of induced dream sleep from 10am-1pm accompanied with tiredness so bad you can't get out of bed. 

Someone's running their satellites or repeaters illegally at night is my theory. Running them real hot and it creates electromag pollution and as usual the polluters pull this crap late at night when the public is sleeping. It could be that or just plain bein' targeted directly. It could also be something new coming from the smart wired LED Street light system because no one recalls this happening until those damn lights were installed everywhere. 

This horror  doesn't start until the person is there for a solid week or two and it ends abruptly before check out to allow enough time to return to reality to pack and leave. 

Dont tell me that's any sort of illness or imagined. It's tech plain and simple. Obviously.

One Target recalls that someone once told them to their face that it was a goal of the harassment system to keep them "on the run" as long as possible.  

Just like in war they will find your home base(s) and destroy them and ensure you cannot create new ones-unless of course you are...or agree to be totally neutralized and no longer a threat (what's considered a threat to this system could be anything from a blog to being able to testify against powerful people or to out family members or former employers/corporations etc as a whistle blower. In some situations the Target cannot ever in their lifetime be allowed to exist as others are able to live, work, relax, receive medical care and express themselves.  They must be 'kept' from the public eye and silenced for a lifetime). There is no such thing as a guarantee to being granted your constitutional or other authorities deemed right to exist. If you don't have the education, training, access, connections, resources or know how you will not be able to defend that right. This is the scenerio that most westerners don't want to accept about fellow citizens so it's easier to designate the person to being 'crazy' or making up being targeted for attention, diversion etc. It's a fact that at any given moment, the illusion of freedom and rights that most Americans live with as being inalienable, can be destroyed at any time, anywhere. Rights must be defended or they are just concepts. As GW Bush once said "the US Constitution is just a piece of paper". This is a fact because it takes human force to bring it into being so. 

Unfortunately human nature still exists and that will always rule if not tempered by such things like our US Constitution. 

-surveillance equipment that monitors specific areas may suddenly not work after your arrival. This could occur for no reason or an event may be taken advantage of to make this happen (a power outage etc where only certain cameras do not return to service). This could also be just a random occurrence. The other events and circumstances have to be factored in.

-producing noise in the parking lots or areas surrounding the property using easily explained away scenerios. However many of these can be judged as bogus if one studies the situations. Things like cars arriving at late hours that park up against the building that just happens to be near your room (always with the car windows shut so others won't be disturbed) or a loud group of people in the parking lot that seem to hang out much longer that would normally be tolerated are borderline because they can simply be random along with guests who don't care and a negligent employee who isn't walking the property. 

In situations involving snow plows or work vehicles it's easy to watch and determine that they are there too long and they are no longer doing anything related to work but are working for a noise campaign. Backing up repeatedly to cause beeping is sometimes a normal part of a job but sometimes it's just to cause noise. Snow plows that have been there way to long and there's no visible snow left but are just going thru motions especially for extended periods at very late hours are highly suspicious but there's a slim chance they are wasting time to get more hours. Again one must consider that unions are notorious for being involved in 'gang stalking' and many other kinds of harassment campaigns-some documented in court records and these kinds of workers even when not union are usually either fraternizing with union and/or there's a police connection which unfortunately goes into the justice system where all aspects can be aware of and involved in high level harassment campaigns even going to the point of helping to neutralize or destroy the target. Sometimes these workers are just locals that are not Union but the same relationships apply because these are the kinds of people that they fraternize with and these people are probably not as savvy and they will be likely fed disinformation or cover stories that will make them act more in a manner of community mobbing but that isn't to say that there isn't compensation for their actions involved in any harassment campaigns like a noise campaign.

-pets may be weaponized whether the guest is aware or not. If the  animal is noisy, especially in rooms designed to share a door the target will experience noise as if the animal is right in the room. The animal will sense another person or persons and movement because there is not a solid wall, even being driven to scratch at the door throughout the night.

 so it's best to get a hotel room  that doesn't have an adjoining door to another room because this can be a big opportunity to use noise as Psy warfare. A small dog would be perceived as less threatening to guests generally and probably only affect someone in a room next door. Again if this situation occurs it has to be looked at in the context of what else has been going on recently what other events have occurred and what kind of staff he's working that may seem to continue to put bad people around you and your room. It could just be the easiest way for the person to do their job or it might be a half measure by what we call perps who care which are people that know the target situation but they still see them as a lesser and they help the target but oftentimes they fail in protecting them or even accidentally help the enemy because they perceive as what help they do give or what civility they do treat them with as more than what the target deserves or that they're lucky to even be treated decently by somebody. It could also be unconsciously helping the enemy and targeting someone by taking actions that end up in those results even if the person is aware of the target situation and doesn't have bad intentions. We have to remember that mobbing is natural in animals. It's almost an uncontrollable subconscious drive like a pack instinct in wolves and dogs. If you watch birds long enough not so much pigeons but something like a house sparrow you can plainly see this mobbing instinct occur it's the same with humans.

I had many TI's tell me that their circumstances are sometimes so dangerous that they've almost been killed yet there's people involved in the harassment campaigns in one location that don't know what occurs in another location so therefore they minimize the entire campaign and the entire harassment system believing that nobody would ever do that to the Target that they just want to teach them or other such illusions created by the system itself. 

Remember this is akin to an intelligence operation and the biggest thing with intelligence is an octopus effect with something called central control I've heard. You may have experienced this in a dysfunction or toxic family where a parent/grandparent seems to run or rule over the family by only giving information to one person and in return they gather info exclusively yet that info is never shared with other members. Also the ruling patriarch or matriarch will ensure their relationship with each member seems exclusive. This means whoever has all their lines extended, like an octopuses tentacles, will gather and control all information yet the individual members will be essentially controlled. This is exactly the layout of the harassment or 'gang stalking' system. It's unbelievable what disinfo some people involved believe about the TI and their campaign. The damage to the person is definitely minimized and the villification of them maximized. Remember this system never wants the punlc to understand it's brutality, it's lawlessness, it's criminal nature nor it's deceptions because people would realize the corruption the TI is claiming is probably real. 

I was told once that the purpose of containing a Target is to avoid "alarming the public" (exposing what's actually going on) so therefore they must also not 'alarm' alot of their own players as to how damaging and all pervasive this system really is. If someone is crooked anyway they will already be convincing themselves the Target is fair game because that's how they exist. The people who are aware of how damaging this is who are involved are a hell of alot safer because at least they are living in reality. 

There's nothing more dangerous than mob rules and GS is a very covert, sneaky form of actions by a mob of people. This is why we have law and order and angry mobs aren't supposed to dish out justice. They are often manipulated by smarter more powerful people. The level of self delusion even brainwashing a group of people are capable of is frightening. 

This is what you are essentially dealing with especially when involving force multipliers that dont directly work for private security/intelligence firms, dishonest justice system etc. People who do it for the money and they do it to anyone are alot easier to deal with. They are most predictable and they aren't required to conjure up moralizing as an excuse for their actions. 

Take heart that any attempts at noise campaigns in our current age of cameras and audio recorders on cell phones will be minimal compared to the pre smart phone era specifically post 9-11. One Target claims that during GW Bush admin an entire floor of a hotel was  rented by a 'perp group' (in a city with multiple major military industrial complex contractors some of them quite criminal) because over the course of two days a door slamming campaign occurred on their floor that lasted literally multiple hours.  In normal circumstances, other guests renting would have complained. 

This could never be performed in today's world due to personal video cameras and audio recorders, portable surveillance systems etc.  

The testimonies from TIs nationally concerning the noise campaigns of that time attest to outrageous tactics and activity that would never be able to be pulled off today. The activities also seemed to be perpetrated by people who ranged from professionals to very dark and strange cult type group arrangements usually involving young people and a few grey beards, some had kids as young as their teens. An nationwide network of child trafficking and abuses is definitely suspected when considering the existence of the last type of 'perp group' of stalkers doing harassment. 

Nowadays many TIs experience that common people and local citizens seem involved resembling a system reminiscent of the East German Stasi arranged society. 

The former is definitely more easy to deal with than the latter. 

As always watch for  good old reliable fake negligence or purposeful passivity from people in charge or authorities. Every TI has seen this from everyone from doctors to legit authorities. Not so much ACTIONS as a LACK OF ACTION that allows damaging activity to occur or perpetuate.

This is known by some in the TI community as 'passive gang stalking'. The purposeful action of negligence. Purposely NOT taking action or ensuring that no one else will either in order to allow things to occur that would usually not be able to under normal, realistic circumstances. 

'dropping the ball'. Losing the files, not doing a good job. Etc.  

A Target's life has to appear to be the happenstance of re occuring bad luck when anyone could deduct or figure that the odds of such reoccurring events in one single person's life would be quite improbable-IF they knew the details. It's like a magic trick where the Target sees how it's done but the public believes what they see.

Remember that in Psy ops convincing a victim they have been defeated is a main goal even if that's not the case. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Your targeted or homeless you can't afford to dabble in the nwos latest manipulations

 This is what the world is concerned with nowadays when there's so much going on in our world? So much that could be fixed and solutions created using all that energy?

If you are using the GS theory of being a Targeted Individual or are a houseless person living in the 'Homeless' subculture please don't allow yourself to become consumed by these diversions. 

We have hardships that most people do not understand nor does society acknowledge our experiences officially. We are forgotten and invisible in this New World Order society which is probably by design. 

If you've been decieved into living in oppression as a TI and you've at least found your way out of the maze to survive the worst outcomes of jails, institutions or death then you should understand at some point how to recognize a long term manipulation or plot of deception. 

We that don't have domiciles or are denied what most people take for granted in other ways simply do not have the time or luxury of indulging in diversion or entering this new kind of prison that's been constructed for the masses to exist in. 

I wish that people would acknowledge there's a such thing known as housed privilege which makes it so that people that have homes have a privilege that they do not check every time they're dealing with someone whose houseless homeless or targeted even into homelessness as a lifestyle. 

There's even the privilege to work whether being a TI has made you disabled over the years or if you simply are afraid to work because you're afraid that you won't be able to maintain a job due to stress or that something may happen on the job. 

People don't realize that they have privilege over homeless people and targeted individuals and they're not going to make that glaringly obvious because of course this whole entire thing is just social engineering.

We know in our generation that PC was not created for the purpose of having the corporateocracy infiltrate and hijack it and then weaponize it against the public to gain control of the whole entire world. We are the generation that clearly sees that the transition from analog to digital from the old way of doing things to this new world of political correctness wasn't supposed to go this way. It was supposed to create a genuinely better world not one that's more controlled more polarized and divided with nothing but divide and conquer being used which I'm surprised that the public who was supposed to be educated now don't see that it's one of the oldest tricks in the book of those in power.

But that's humans for you throughout history and I guess that's why people like us are here to point out the truth which of course we usually don't get credit for it until after we're dead or get resented for in our lifetime. We all know that people telling genuinely the truth at this point right now in the world we live in and this time frame are considered something akin to terrorists.

What we're really dealing with here is an entire globe full of human animals that somehow it's some unconscious primitive level since that their planet is being destroyed and it's partially due to their own actions which they cannot stop due to fearing economic collapse this is why this stuff should have been changed 25 years ago 40 years ago. Which is why people like Greta the manufactured poster child of fake corporate environmentalism is not really a poster child for a movement but she's a poster child for a generation of kids that have been raised so badly on purpose and so ignorant of History that they don't realize that their parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents have all had conservationists have all been trying to get the industrialists to change and fix the system to not destroy the health of their families their children and destroy any of our futures. 

Which shows you that the entire thing is fake and meant to cause problems not solve them. There wouldn't be the blame game going on with race there wouldn't be the blame game going on with generational issues of who's to blame for the environment. There is no fucking way that your parents can be to blame for the environment it's going to have to go way back to 1 to 200 years and even before that to a generation of people that didn't know they were wrong because they were products of their time in the way they ran factories into rivers and polluted the ground and the air.

But in order to cause generational division you have to play the blame game which of course is fake and made up and manufactured just like Greta. 

Every generation has tried to get the system to start being more environmentally conscious and tiny baby steps are made and then they're usually retracted such as what happened when 9/11 occurred people forgot all about the environment which is something we were working on in the early 90s with success and then after 9/11 and he real environmental group were designated as terrorists and people stopped putting their newspapers in the stores. So how in the fuck congrators generation blame our generation. As the saying goes don't be mad at the players be mad at the game if I have that correct well it does have some wisdom in it.

I don't understand why these kids are being raised to play in the system itself probably because the system is raising them that way to make sure they don't turn on the power structure and the corporatocracy. They're also being raised as total consumerists and they're basically children raised by a communist state like entity that is the corporatocracy.

The one of the reasons you know that it's fake is what I just spoke about. Take for instance a military mission when you're on a military mission I've read that there's a such thing called no man left behind and when you have prisoners of war you acknowledge them and then you go back and try to find them. Well if you're changing society and you're on this mission why would you leave the homeless behind and start writing them off and forgetting about them and even allowing everybody to vilify them? And also underprivileged areas all I see are people being gentrified out of their neighborhoods and they are minority neighborhoods a lot of the time so how is all the virtual signaling helping actual real issues of a lack of housing?

That's the privilege I'm talking about you can't sit there and bullwhit people over these things that come out of this egg head college environment probably run by intelligence agencies as they always have been the ivy League colleges and other colleges and then turn around and ignore the fact that there's a building boom and people are being priced out of their homes and homelessness is on the rise and pump meth which also involves North korea.

The fact people are putting up with high gas prices and they're not even paying attention to how it works the fact that people aren't realizing that in my grandmother's day during World war II there should not have been any kind of panic shopping hoarding or any kind of shipping wars causing prices to go up and gas prices like they are now. Because back in my grandmother's day where they had more common sense and real communal societies governments would have stepped in and immediately put their foot down on companies and demanded their be rationing from day one as well as International laws would be put down telling the shipping companies that there's an international health emergency called a pandemic and they need to stop overcharging to ship things and every tugboat and every shift that was available would have been drafted to get those products where they belong.

So while you're ignoring constitutional government and working according to mob rules is the powers that be are screwing you and ruining our world and with fake environmentalism global warming isn't going to stop and if you think that nuclear energy is a clean form of energy then you are being fooled cuz that's part of this fake environmental movement nuclear everything would have to be outlawed on this planet for it to be environmentally sustainable and sound.

You're also talking about now trading environmental pollution as it stands as we know it today for electromagnetic environmental pollution which is going to be damaging to humans flora and fauna in a different way.

There's a reason that these kids and people are now being raised trained and encouraged to ignore constitutional law and law and order because all the problems we've seen over the past two years could have been solved by going and forcing the legal system and through proper channels to change the way they do things with the voice of the United public especially in America where we have a Constitution and the government is supposed to be accountable to us. Well now that we have the internet and we know that the government's accountable to this of course the powers that be have to switch to control through the corporatocracy to get us back under control it's that simple.

So if you see any of this it's probably one of the reasons that you're in theory targeted. The system no longer can afford any kind of resistance or any kind of people who actually see through the smoke screens. This is definitely a power grab but it isn't just bipartisan or political party base it's the ultimate power grab.

So don't allow yourself to be sucked into this stuff because it's not important and it's just one more tactical move that probably will go away in 10 years. And they'll come up with something else or the tables will turn the other way you have to have yourself formed according to the long waves not the short waves the big long truths the plan in the long term I know the words not the small things that come along in spurts that people are going to abandon like the board spoiled children that they are in consumerist countries like this. 

What was it called and what is now in danger of becoming a permanent religion must be resisted and those of you who are familiar with the oppression of the Middle ages and know the history repeats itself by those ignorant of it understand how important it is to prevent this from happening. 

Monday, March 7, 2022

USAF SERE Operations May Assist Those Using the GS Theory

Behind The Censoring Of Operation Dark Heart 

Behind the Censorship of Operation Dark Heart 
"By censoring Anthony Shaffer’s new book “Operation Dark Heart” even though uncensored review copies are already available in the public domain, the Department of Defense has produced a genuinely unique product: a revealing snapshot of the way that the Obama Administration classifies national security information in 2010."

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Strange dream that might be a warning about yet another plot of evil design

 Had a dream before woke today a person I used to know Steve fico (who's passed away I found out on internet recently) was driving me in his car and asking me what I was doing lately and part of it seemed like a warning that there are people who are going to try to start shit for  me again (perhaps in a frame up attempt like in 2016). 

That's all I need is another frame up attempt. 

Steve was from Watertown and it's tied into the area my family member lives in and she's being abused at the place she lives in. 

I'm so close to using the legal system and proper channels to fix it it would be a shame if anything happened at this point before I can ensure that my family member has a solid safe structure to live in where she's being respected which is not the case at this point. Everybody deserves a safe space isn't that the sentiment nowadays. However that part of the state that whole area it's a little bit out of touch with the modern world in some ways it's a blessing because they really do cater to the older population and they really do take care of older people however it's a little bit towny and old school back when you can do whatever you want which isn't the way the world works today. I know all I have to do is make connection that's what your dark is done and to the current power structure which favors advocacy but I have to do it delicately but we all know that all good deeds don't go unpunished and did people are on power trips which is most likely all they have and nobody likes to give that up. All the greatest successful women in this world their greatest asset has been everyone underestimating them I'm hoping I can use that to my advantage greatly without any more obstacles.