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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister obituary- Motörhead frontman whose reputation as one of rock’s hell-raisers belied his keen intelligence and interest in social and political issues

"‘His antagonism towards religions, governments and indeed any established authority was legendary.’ "

Lemmy Kilmister, Lead Singer Of MOTÖRHEAD 1945-2015

Motörhead. Godfathers of metal.

With us since childhood. Respectable. Dependable. Inspirational. Point of reference for what decent metal should be.

Invaluable to this project they and other bands have provided not only wortjy battle music for daily struggle but very approporiate material for inspiring people to fight for themselves.

Like other bands of English descent they also provided a connection to sounds and concepts lost to those living in the new world. Awakening the Celtic and Anglo Saxon DNA.

Lemmy once said their success was simply their refusal to "go away". Ive used that many times.
Lemmy is always an inspiration. Thats why his death isnt sad.

Everyone dies. It will happen to all of us. Old age. Then death.

Its the warriors that go to Vallhall. They dont die they live on as examples.

Also people who are commited and responsible to what they do and do it well are not sad losses. He did his job while he was here its that simple.

Perhaps I should have told him while he was alive.

And this comes just one month after their long time drummer passed away.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Boston area cold gonna snow.

Got bed shelter tonite.
Mess with me everytime im in there. Gonna avoid it tonutr. Feel like they wsnna get me into jail or arrest beforr yesr ends.

Had horrible crrepy fears of homeless sweeps- putting us in camps finally.  Hope it was just intimidation.

MA is so dsmn dangerous now. Dont waana return ever again.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Harvard Street Musician Likes Messing With Targeted Females

This street musician named Roche was very overt and rude about doing gang stalking.

When I told him off quietly and other tactics out of desperstion he actually was arrogant enough to sit there and laugh at me while he played.
 I tried everything and the only thing that made him become sensible is mentioning his getting a feature on this blog.

So it seems alot.of these perps lately dont realize I have a means of exposing them.

Other performers have claimed hes not very nice.

NONE.of the performers are overt with the harassment with me. No one is that rude or stupid.

Well here you go. Heres your feature piece. The gs in Harvard is so out of control and unexposed pedos and scum are getting favored and exalted now I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt get rewarded.
Anyone dissident or decent is being hunted and framed up like a terrorist.

Friday, December 25, 2015

I Realize Now That Boston And Cambridge Are Just Pure Evil

I now understand why they got Whitey Bulger out of hiding to parade him around as 'evil'.

So that its made to look as if the past is what was so evil. The terrible old days. And all those awful evil people that made it so.

Let me tell you something.
This area is just as evil if not moreso now. All theyve done is streamlined it so the public no longer sees or knows what goes on.

YUPpies and refugees make good fronts. So does political correctness. And MAKING SCAPEGOATS OUT OF PEOPLE YOUVE VICTIMIZED you dont want to answer for or have hold you accountable.

The use of technologies and chemical influences as well as non stop psy ops makes for a much worse environment than mobsters running around doing what mobsters do.

This place has a darkness over it that only slightly lifts on federal holidays (almost totally) and Sundays (enough to think more clearly than Mon-Fri).

Its become a complete and total living hell for anyone who enjoyed this area long term.
Society is broken down and the area rebuilt as to be unrecognizable.

My advice is to stop fighting. It has become evident that dissidents, countering corruption and even self defense are STRICTLY NO LONGER TOLERATED in the UNITED STATES or in the power center Boston especially.

For safety reasons I would seek to go elsewhere and fight from there even considering fleeing the United States not out of want but for preservation of one's life.

Despite the extreme torture during Bush never was the country so dangerous as now to its own citizens.

After seeing the conditions realistically in the Boston-Cambridge are after mind control has been lifted temporarily due to the holidays (Christmas) its shocking to come to the realization of the true conditions cirizens now live under specifically Targeted Individuals.

My advice to anyone in the northeast is to get out. Leave the US if you can. I dont know if its any safer or worse in any other first world country.

I now understand that Ive lived 44 years in most probably the most evil empire in earth's history.

The United States is evil and it will never change. Its always been.

Its time to decide if you want to be part of that or not.

The Take Over Of Cambridge And Boston Over Past Few Years

Robert W. Healy
City Manager of Cambridge, Massachusetts
In office 1981–2013

Healey announces retirement as long time Cambridge city manager

Rossi wins City Manager contract

Boston mayor Menino
announces retirement

Boston Bombing

Rossi sworn in as Cambridge City Manager

Marty Walsh elected Mayor Of Boston

William Evans named
Boston police Commisioner
(was Capt at D14, Brighton) brother of Evans Commisioner in early 90s.

William Gross
first African American Boston police Chief (2nd command)

Maher re elected mayor of Cambridge for second term

Anthony Galluccio
Michael A. Sullivan 2002–2005
Kenneth Reeves
E. DeniseSimmons

David P. Maher
2010 – 2011

Henrietta Davis

David P. Maher
2014 – Present"
Chinese billionaire buying up Harvard Sq.

Satanic mass took place in the pit Harvard Square Cambridge MA
Nyc satanic temple group

Bush, Bloomberg, and Others Awarded Honorary Degrees at Harvard
Chinese billionaire buying up Harvard Sq, gives university biggest donation in history

Menino dies

Cuomo dies

Charlie Baker becomes MA govenor
Brian Murphy dies 'suddenly'.
Former NYC fed and MA native Shaw new FBI head
Kenneth Green
named MBTA police Chief

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has Gotten MORE Insane Over These Many Years...And Much Better At Being Full Of Sh*t

All the candidates are scary this time around. It will be time to do research pretty soon to see who is closest to my principals and views but i dont think it matters anymore.

But VOTING is necessary. Becuz EXCERCISING that right is more important than who gets in.

And if u vote for an odd party you stack votes against the parties and people you dont like.

They want you to percieve your vote as wasted if just one of the Dems or Repubs gets in.


Gang Stalking Groups In The USA Should Now Be Regarded Strictly As CULTS

From my experience over the last few years we've gone from what seemed like professionals and very hidden, sick messed up-Jonestownesque sort of intense organized stalking groups used on TI experimentees or hardcore gangs (or thier jerk off affiliates in certain cities) to what seems like a cult movement thats sucking in normal people across the USA.

This has become like a cult thats taken over the country.  It doesnt make sense. You ask why people would take part in such a thing. Dont they know by now its about ritual abuse and MK Ultra.

Firstly realize that the average person even if they understand this doesnt want to deal with it.  The scumbags of the world on the lower levels seem to actually know whats on my blog. They are just so stupid, so uneducated and basically without the intelligence to understand the artfulness and complexity of it- both the good and evil side. Perps in higher positions are more apt to understand the depth of whats going on than the idiots I have to deal with in the street.

They refer to MK Ultra as being about "sex slaves" or they read the blog and simply mirror what theyve read or have low level understanding of Satanism. One red headed little bastard from Harvard had been starting to act up under the guidance of people there and I heard him say something about "Oh if she thinks dealing with the devil was bad".

These people take the power they have OVER ME AT THAT MOMENT becuz I am in thier direct contact or if they are higher up in society-thier little fish bowl of a city or town etc-as having MORE power than that of this system. When if fact they are simply empowered becuz they are part of the mobbing system.

This has been a problem lately. Average citizens seeming very arrogant and taking personal power in my being a long time target for political reasons.

Its been turned into community mobbing or a huge problem right now is its being based into the race war thats emerging. Somehow war crimes during  Bush and rooting out of decades old MK Ultra projects have been twisted into having something to do with the Black & Red core of POC trying to take over society in the NWO. At least in Liberal areas.

If I go to Austin its going to be from Mexicans and locals who seem to be part of the upper middle to upper classes of whites. So there its not used as a race war tool but whats so bizarre about it is in Boston it is.

(This always makes  TIs confused: how can people who have opposing political and social views partake in harassing the same Target?)

First and foremost:  THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS UNDER HEAVY MIND CONTROL. This consists of and for years now consisted of technologies, chemical influences and ongoing domestic psy ops.  Probably the use of Psychic Warriors (Cheney's Spoon Benders) as is used on TIs in covert warfare but I cant tell if that is used on the public generally.

The daily doses of tech-chem psycho management of society, Monday through Friday is heavier for these last few years than has been in the entirety of my campaign.
I believe Fukushima radiation is part of the effect but Im not a scientist I cant say just how it just seems that way. As if the environment is getting really bad.

The public are so far gone now in large part I dont even think its negotiable. Only people who are established or have means seem able to have any independent actions from the gang stalking system. Its like a fucking competition out there now. The young kids seem to do it as if its normal every day fare for them.

There are people who arent into this now but its less than it ever was it seems. People have stopped using thier minds, stopped thinking, stopped fighting.

CIA Torture Victims Validate TI or Targeted Survivor Experiences Yet May Be Cover For Covert Levels Of The Same Done Domestically

I was the one that linked that dog experiment to the torture camps and prisoners of war..and to Targeted Individuals specifically MK Ultra ongoing experimentation.

Its people like me that were writing that what was going on in the military was not necessitated by war but UNETHICAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.

And how did I recognize that? BECUZ WHAT THE MILITARY DOES OFTEN PARALLELS WHATS GOING ON WITH TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. Except with us its going on covertly on classified levels in civilian life, domestically in the United States. Just like it went on decades ago when it was listed under MK Ultra.

This seems like its to piss us off. To make us think that all this activism and trying to survive while working endlessly and tirelessly is for nothing becuz NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE US 8 MILLION DOLLARS. I cant even get a decent amount of money daily for meals or laundry. Of course this is on purpose so that I am kept from doing activism or getting legal council.

For years low level people would repeat what I knew they heard from higher up scum bags about my activism: "It gives your life meaning." How can a number of different people in different locations repeat EXACTLY the same sentiment? IT JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW CULT MIND CONTROLLED OR CULTISH THE GANG STALKING GROUPS ARE.

I return back to the day that that little punk in AZ tried to coerce me to join the gang stalking system. Imagine if I had. I can imagine that I would be in an insular world like a cult, where the Target is an outsider even if they share the same space with the perp group(s).

I am going to do a post on as of now the GS groups in the USA should be regarded as a cult or cults.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Do Perps Do Tactical Gesturing When A Target Cannot See Them (Out Of Visual Range)

Why do the gang stalking perps do tactical gesturing after they pass by me so I cant see them?
If only by chance I would turn around to see them.

-Maybe they get my attention by doing a tactic I only slightly noticed then I look more carefully after the prompt so to speak and end up seeing harassmemt activity after I turn around.

-These activities are actually Ritual Abuse. Masonic or other kinds of rituals that perps would do regardless of if the Target was aware or not.
They do serve the purpose of psychological warfare but also to bond the perps through ritual thus the use of cult mind control to control the mob.

-These cult rituals also serve to empower or give the illusion of power to the mob as well as to be part of actual genuine metaphysical or magickal empowerment of the mob or cult of perps.
In this way these actions are part of magickal rituals that are ongoing, until the Target dies.

-There are cameras and possibly observers everywhere nowadays. So maybe the perpetrators perform these actions regardless of if the Target can or has seen so that THEY GET PAID or whatever they are getting out of it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Guardian: What's Eating Italy's Far Right? Skinheads In Italy-In Pictures

"Skinheads in Italy – in pictures
What's eating Europe's far right? For five years, between 2009 and 2013, an Italian photographer followed young fascist skinheads to try to understand their fear and rage..."

“Immigration has amplified the germs of racial intolerance among young people in most of Europe," Marchetti says."

"Rage is growing rapidly in societies affected by the banking dictatorship… with antisemitism, a strong intolerance of the gay community and a growing hatred of immigrants.”

Europe Destroyed By Mass Immigration:

Long Time Black Male From rvard Square Threatens Me (Just Wanna Document )/Boston Area Is COINTELPRO hell

I was dumb enough to stay in the Harvars Sq Homeless Shelter last night which ever since it became a lottery system and other factors like the new administrations, is no longer a peaceable place full of just houseless people from our little village of Harvard Square but outsiders and it seems alot of rats.

Onyx is a longtime Harvard street kid. Used to be ok but everything has gotten bad and alot of people seem to have also. Peoples worst behaviors and qualities define them now. Its all very sad.

I was trying to get this old bastard Peter off my ass becuz he harasses young women with flirting and older women with just plain old harassment.

I said theres alot of pedos in here and other lovely sort of criminal types and he butts in and starts thoroughly minding his own business.

He asked.if I was talking about him but thats never been anything Ive heard about him which makes it more strange.
Then he authoritarily tells me to watch my mouth..whenever that's said you have to assume that 'or else' follows. Then he also added that Im always "out there running your mouth".

I said I dont hang in Harvard anymore so whats he talking about.

So becuz I consider this person dangerous compared to most of the people who engage in harassment Im posting this here.   There are things Ive been told that make that fear very realistic.

Also I dont recall being under juristiction of any black males at any time as well as I dont do jail mentality and Im not anyone's bitch.

This sexist pig can go straight to hell. Gang stalking is one thing. Overt crap like this is another.

Theres a very dangerous trend right now of African Americans being given power positions in the metro Boston area and unlike other cities and perhaps like some others the racial conflict here might lead to alot of living out cultural and ethnic revenge fantasies.

The new head of the MBTA police is an Africsn American male (why not a woman? Its never a black WOMAN. Feminism is such BS becuz black males simply work with white males to oppress women. And it may be WHITE women specificaly. Feminims has failed.) who hails from a housing project in Boston. This might be part of my problem with the transit cops lately showing up wherever I sleep (and I might have an actual single stalker which is easy enough to report).
Or it might be an older white male who also just recently took power. Im not sure.

Diversity in Boston the way its being pushed  by Liberals now where positions are being given out just to silence the Intelligentsia and the mobs of citizens swept up in the Black Lives Matter designed diversion from other politics- is going to lead to abuse of power that is going to be based on revenge.

They will destroy anything good that's hidden like Harvard Sq was and they will go after any dissident whos against the NWO. For obvious reasons.

This is a major site for COINTEPRO in the old days and nothing much has changed.

Friday, December 18, 2015

From A YouTuber Comment: This Is Most Likely What They Are Up To Lately With My Campaign, Perhaps Others Are In This Phase

"humble revolver 3 weeks ago
US Army Definition from FM 2-22.3

8-45. (Interrogation) The emotional-pride and ego-down approach is based on attacking the source's ego or self-image. The source, in defending his ego, reveals information to justify or rationalize his actions. This information may be valuable in answering collection requirements or may give the [human intelligence] HUMINT collector insight into the viability of other approaches. This approach is effective with sources who have displayed weakness or feelings of inferiority. A real or imaginary deficiency voiced about the source, loyalty to his organization, or any other feature can provide a basis for this technique.

8-46. The HUMINT collector accuses the source of weakness or implies he is unable to do a certain thing. This type of source is also prone to excuses and rationalizations, often shifting the blame to others. An example of this technique is opening the collection effort with the question, "Why did you surrender so easily when you could have escaped by crossing the nearby ford in the river?" The source is likely to provide a basis for further questions or to reveal significant information if he attempts to explain his surrender in order to vindicate himself. He may give an answer such as, "No one could cross the ford because it is mined."

8-47. The objective is for the HUMINT collector to use the source's sense of pride by attacking his loyalty, intelligence, abilities, leadership qualities, slovenly appearance, or any other perceived weakness. This will usually goad the source into becoming defensive, and he will try to convince the HUMINT collector he is wrong. In his attempt to redeem his pride and explain his actions, the source may provide pertinent information. Possible targets for the emotional-pride and ego-down approach are the source's—

Technical competence.
Leadership abilities.
Soldierly qualities.
8-48. There is a risk associated with this approach. If the emotional-pride and ego-down approach fails, it is difficult for the HUMINT collector to recover and move to another approach without losing his credibility. Also, there is potential for application of the pride and ego approach to cross the line into humiliating and degrading treatment of the detainee. Supervisors should consider the experience level of their subordinates and determine specifically how the interrogator intends to apply the approach technique before approving the interrogation plan.
Show less"

Daytime In Boston Area Worse Than Ever Before (posted few moments wake up from sleep)

Its practically deadly.

Cant believe the clarity at 4am.

Gloom and doom in daytime. Isolation. Very crazymaking.

Self talking out of extreme anxiety everryday. Very discrediting.

Demotivation daily via feelings of failure. Falsely generated of course.

I cannot BELIEVE how I cant stay focused on this being military or intell.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Are Gang Stalking Perps? (OnMC Wordpress post)

Possible Shadowing From First Responder Types Outside That Laundry In Malden (vid on YouTube)

Came out of hellish time being harassed at laundromat (see last post) then saw this.

It might have been random but the way it's parked in proximity to laundry and them leaving just as I exit is significant if youve been targeted this long and framed up recently especially.

Theres a social security office in that plaza and i dont know if a fed building gives some sort of protocol.

I was actually waiting to see if they would leave as I did as this has been a common tactic in the past.

Lately theres been either a policeman a police vehicle or less frequently an ambulance. Also the police have had a pattern of showing up where I sleep and claiming its random but these places are undisturbed before I start showing up then they claim people are calling and complaining.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Heavy Harassment In Malden Laundromat (South American Female Employees) By African Foriegners And Latinos (Look South American)/No Morw Pics On Blog Being Coerced Into Posting Pics Probably Legal Entrapment

Help theres social climbing foreign blacks doing gang stalking tactics at a laundromat in Malden! Fuckin A! Isnt any neighborhood safe from Diversity protected COINTELPRO?

Wake up to this sh&t people!

This mofo's a fool too! Yuk

Update: 8pm.

This guy had his mother in here. She said that was her son. And while she was doing side tap gesturing she claimed he had gone to MIT for engineering but then when he went to get a job two years later he "got sick" (as in his bizarre behavior.)

She then said something about only god knowing what was really going on with him.

I got pics of them and an older foriegn black lady with her two gang stalkig daughters who were.just taking it way to far.


WHICH MEANS THE SYSTEM WANTS ME TO PUT PICS OF PEOPLE ON MY BLOG. Probably to claim I harassed THEM or sue me becuz their images are on internet.

So no more pics posted just stored with dates and actions.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reader Comments December 2015

"You should've told him that "dying slowly" is better than living a full life of a complete LOSER and FAILURE and being weaker than the females he's harassing. It's a good bet that if he's harassing you, then he's harassing other women, too. women who are alone and vulnerable. Sitting in a large vehicle. Real brave people, aren't they? If he was really living life to the fullest, it's an almost 100% safe bet he'd be anywhere else other than a parking lot of some ugly dying mall with his fat ass and ugly wife provoking you. Point to the mall and then to him next time. on Man In SUV Seen Knocking Fists With Possible Undercovers Near Macys Downtown Boston Reveals GS System Is Real-Tells Me I Am "Dying Slowly""


"Out to get funding for his company, I see... black ops style. The cheating way as opposed to doing something legitimately. on PREMIER Building Co Guys Park St MBTA Station

I dont know how this would get him funding but it might get the company jobs to do. People who seem to be looking for gov't funding take part in harassment I know that much. Ive also had experience with acedemics or researchers recieving hard to get.grant monies.

This is perhaps the union sector of the gang stalking system. Some groups you can be sure take part in harassment due to every single Target testifying to it.

First Responders, union types, medical professionals are all groups who have demonstrated repeated instances of gang stalking TIs.

"And if cops are being violent towards blacks, then why aren't blacks seeing that cops are being violent towards dissidents in general? Why not rally against corrupt cops instead of turning it into strictly a racial thing? on Older Civil Rights Advocates Beginning To See The Results Of Their Civil Rights Work Being Hijacked By The Shadow System
on 11/29/15"

Becuz COINTELPRO was so successful destroying the Black Panthers and any true revolt and revolutionaries or genuine activists that its grown into part of the system.

These people are kept down purposely so that they will not focus beyond their own plight and can be useful to the system. These arent educated or middle class African Americans. These are the ghettos. Ive been to them, lived in them for a few years as a kid. They are kept this way by design.

The real question should be why are there ghettos of former slaves still in existence in the 21st century?

Theres many other factors at work. Many bills have been passed and political issues not protested due to this diversion and of course lone shootings.

And as usual please stop sending me your ga gang stalking experiences that are just to vent UNLESS ITS RELATED TO THE POST YOU ARE COMMENTING ON.
Also I dont need music vids or discussions on music.

Please send more comments that will helpother Targeted Individuals. Positive outlooks, practical advice, info about how the system works or experiences with perp behavior and tactics thats revealing and useful. Counter measures etc.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Current Boston Police Commissioner Was Capt Of D14 Where I Lived In Brighton When Campaign Started. Brother Was Former Chief

It appears that this new  police Commissioner in Boston was Captain of D14 in Brighton MA when I lived there. And was harassed mercilessly. And my life was destroyed. Cops were coming on to me. It was disgusting. I never had to deal with that before.

I recall my mother having a comfy relarelationship with this dept. As she helped in the campaign.

She stated many times that d14 owed her becuz she knew things about what went on in the old days. (It was amusing when they ticketed her car for parking too long on Washington St. It's not the good old days anymore Ma. Either that or someone decent on the force didn't respect someone who sells out her own kid.)

This is the same dept that had an older officer who Ive posted bragged about my landlady who ran the moldy apartment I lived in and eventually sued for-giving him a monthly payoff stipend.

My activism stays as it is. That book is going to be manifested through hell or high water and nothing is going to get in the way.

This is bigger than this city. Its bigger than me.

911 Plays Games And Refuses To Send Help For Crazy Homeless Man Being Violent and Making Threats At Bus Stop

Harassed by older black male at Hynes convention center T stop. Threats of violence. I told him to leave me alone and some small white homeless girl had to stand in front of him.

Was forced to call 911. Police stalled. Repeatedly asked for exact threats as this man was coming towards me.

I have footage of him.

Reeks of a set up. And I said so too.

I believe during the holiday they will try to get me good or get me jailed.
I believe they are trying to get threats by frustrating me and having people threaten me so I react.

More frame ups.

And I realized why this admin is so rough. Why I was advised to stay in Austin. See next post.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Were Ads Placed On MBTA Trains As Part Of Terrorizing Me With False Accusations Of Domestic Terrorism..Or Were They Warnings?

Or even further MK Ultra testing and experimentation? To see if I notice and understand. If I say anything about it?

Please be aware that the models in these ads may not have known what they were posing for. They may have just taken direction.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanks To The Few Remaining Sane Decent Normal People Who Remain Civil

Thanks to the remaining people who are genuinely friendly with me from choice donut shops to street musicians even officers etc.

I dont know if these people simply are unfamiliar with me as a Target or if they just have class and decency.

I appreciate the continued validation of being human.

Runaway Train And No Longer Being Able To Sleep In Common Spot Might Be Retaliation For My Work

I was on a train headed to Braintree yesterday morning very early. They made us all get off in JFK Station (before trains split off to Braintree and Ashmont) but the trains that this one might have crashed into were on outbound side going to Alewife Station Cambridge).

As I was sitting on the platform of Central Sq station last night an MBTA worker walked by me and said something very quickly which sounded like "you're getting us in trouble (over) here".

Last few nights have been fairly quiet where I sleep often enough and many of the regular people who stay there who try to befriend me or do tactical gesturing HAVEN'T BEEN THERE. The T police have been waking people up at 5 which wasnt happening before.

If I stay away from the place and show up then they dont come to wake people. If I begin going every nite they come around again.

This morning they said there were so many complants in the last week.that no one is going to be allowed to sleep there anymore. They didnt tell everyone that however.

The cop in the video I posted earlier was there.this morning and he wasnt before.

This doesnt make sense becuz weeks have gone past where their little rats or minions have been there smoking during the day and still sleeping on the floor in the daytime totally disrespectful of the priveledge.

The same people who have been there for weeks magically aren't there when its time for taking names so they know who's been told they cant stay there.

Even I didnt think the day time thing was ok.

So why were they there? And they were all people who would do gesturing. Chronic drunks who are low functioning and some have mental illness issues but they can still perform gang stalking?

One woman an older blonde whos very messed up has repeatedly stated she is or was a Harvard employee.  Its not like these people are faking being drunk.

Last night i had to deal with a well known drunk  from Harvard who's inside now, and moved from booze to nasty habits- coming over to the station from where he stays just to pretend not to know me so he could gain my trust for a few minutes then start doing gesturing halfway through the conversation.

He kept saying he liked his new girlfriend becuz among other things she's not a rat. I also asked him what hw thought of Harvard now and he wouldnt even talk about it or agree it has changed etc.

So as Ive posted before many places that seem randomly messed up are that way by design.

And if this blog is considered ratting you are completely full of shit becuz Im not the one being paid off to help commit war crimes against other US citizens.

I should be able to use any sleep space anyone else does as long as I need to stay here til i go away for the winter. And i bet you they relax the rules again once I leave.

It was hard to sleep anyways becuz once it was obvious I was going to be there regularly mysteriously people would show up and disrupt the place.   Then i would stay away for a few days and show up and it would be perfectly peaceful and quiet for that night.

Just like when I used to stay in Harvard. Same cycle.

To be fair I had a strong intuition not to go there last night and a few nights ago but stubbornly did. This would have prevented me from being one of the people who had been told not to stay there anymore.

Im also wondering if this is some sort of nastiness to scare people into privitizing the T. It was the govenor who said it was tampering not the MBTA heads.

The T is facing a hefty multi billion dollar cost in getting the system up to par. Ive seen in the past everyone from Museum Of Fine Arts to the bar in Brighton across the street from my apartment get renovations and extensions built seemingly for cooperating with gang stalking a TI which just screams Masonic involvement.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Perps Using School Kids And Developmentally Disabled People To Perform Psychological Harassment

Gang Stalkers in Boston MA are using CHILDREN from school or daycare programs as well as DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED PEOPLE.

This is how viscous and competitive my hometown is. They've simply removed all the decency and kept the cut throat competitiveness, using it for evil and the New World Order.

These choices in perps are probably to get me to act out publicly against such types so that not only am I further discredited but so i appear even more in bad character.

My doing my community service hours with vulnerable populations as well as my public affections for dogs and children makes it very important for them to take these things away from me and to destroy what few things people can bare witness to that I am friendly pleasant and caring in social interactions.

The children were in the Boston Commons yesterday right near where the old Jewish man was cleaning and caring for the Chanukah lighting.display which is up on a lift.

They passed  by all bomded together like good little future cult members pn one of those things that makes it look like little kids on a chain gang.

The white whispered something to the kids and shockingly they passed by and a few did tsctical gesturing. Kids only do the hand over the hair or ear tactic for some reason they never perform side taps or back pocket taps. Its also more obvious its gesturing becuz little girls and boys dont usually concern themselves with hair flipping caused by vanity in the same style as adults.

They would only brush the hair out of their faces for practical reasons logically.

And also this Arab Americanized looking woman wearing Black & Red holding the reigns at the end of one of the lines of kids did the same tactic and made sure it was overt.

Just now on the turnstile waiting for the Alewife train in Downtown Crossing station in Boston of course there was gesturing and perps as downtown xing has Always been absolutely ridiculous for harassment and arrogant mocking Boston blacks.

The arrogance and mocking is died down nowadays but the harassment is still constant.

This group of disabled young people like late teens or so with some handlers got front of me in a group as I was sitting on one of the benches.

I knew they were.going to gang stalk me becuz obvious set up. Also i know this city has NO SHAME and is viscous with psych warfare and will use anyone to win.

One disabled  man in thw place in TX I volunteered at did gesturing and was in on it with some staff. They also seemed to be trying to spread the slander I was in the broad spectrum of Autistic and was hyperactive. THIS MAN FIT THE PROFILE FOR A PERP MOTIVATED BY BEING CAUGHT WITH ILLEGAL PORN OR OTHER SEXUAL DEVIANCY AS MOTIVE.

So it didn't surprise me.

However I often wonder if the retarded type people I just got harassed by are simply employed by intelligence services.

If actors can be children or developmentally disabled or have Downs Syndrome then why cant gang stalking perps?

So this is how low.these people will go to win.

Remember the Satanic pics of Sandy Hook kids? Black and red and devilsih faces? That one little.blonde girl making the Sign Of The Horns by putting her two middle fingers in her mouth?

Remember the gs system harasses Survivors. Pedophiles who lay down Satanic programming are major perps in this.

Its just that years ago this was hidden from the public..Now they are forcing people to live with this in their faces all the time. They are trying to take over the world.

ISIS's American Made Weapons Arsenal Vid

McDonalds Downtown Boston Its Still Ridiculous

This older white thin lady works there and has been a gang stalking fool for years. Why is she so nasty or indignant (in that quiet way with total deniability.that only the Irish can come up with)?

This town takes business way to personal.

If you want organized crime crooked cops elite pedophile networks the scam known as the homeless industry drug dealers corporate America and basically the NWO thats your business.

Take being an uppity self righteous bitch and shove it up your ass.

Its so tiring. My grandmother used to pull the same tedious Irish Catholic bullshit her whole life.  The kid in the family who is realizes how messed up the family really is and is too smart or asks too many questions HAS TO BE SHUT DOWN, BLOCKED, INVALIDATED, VILLIFIED and SLANDERED AS CRAZY.

This is why I can deal with this system so well. I grew up with this foolishness. This is what families do and entire towns, cities, companies even countries. Its all the same set up. You see these poor souls on the street and in shelters all the time. Then when they drop dead the family does this barely plausible act like they gave a shit but its more obvious they are finally glad their problem is now gone.
Not me f&ckers. It aint gonna be me.

Its such a shitty act.

Oh...have pic of yet another Boston black that was doing gesturing, staring like a menacing idiot and being a general pain in the ass.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PREMIER Building Co Guys Park St MBTA Station

Blue hooded sweatshirts. White lettering PREMIERE BUILDING. Park St T station.

Tactical gesturing. White males. Only one performed gesturing.

I believe ive posted this company before a while ago.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Obama Wants To Ban Assault Weapons But Doesn't know What They Are/Hold Steady, Stay The Course

Dont let these bastards take your only means of defense against the covert warfare core thats present in the USA (that's responsible for creating lone shooters to begin with) or the militarized authorities that are  now fully armed against the American public.

This admin and the people who support it are SNEAKY motherf#ckers who pretend to preach peace and cult mind control concepts like a Promise Land reached through uncritical thinking and endless brainwash such as Diversity, Equality etc.

Its totally ridiculous to point out that civilian society should not have weapons of war when our CIVILIAN authorities are now fully MILITARIZED and have all the toys of war they need to fight as if on a battlefield, as well as weapons the public hasnt seen yet that I can imagine will come out in a conflict with civilians.

As TIs know they already have weapons they are using against the public and ANYONE DISSIDENT which is why a majority of people seem to not be thinking this through very clearly.

If the forefathers were alive today or even the Native peoples in control of the nation BOTH would point out clearly what these people are trying to do.

Hold tight. Its the death throws of the Obama admin and they want to do THE MOST DAMAGE POSSIBLE before he leaves office.

Look around you in the cities. See all the hateful POC wearing Black & Red.


Remember Bush's NWO speech.

Realize that false flags or purposeful chaos is INDUCED by these people by covert methods.

Hold tight and dont let go of your rights or the US Constitution. The people used by Obama dont seem to have any respect for this piece of paper. Remember Bush said "its just a piece of paper".

BUT BUSH UNLIKE THIS ADMIN GIVES THE PEOPLE A FAIR CHANCE. His statement leads one to think that its JUST a piece of paper as long as people dont fight for whats written on it or what it stands for.

Im telling you this admin is not the angels of hope they make themselves out to be. Black lives matter while lives lost in drone strikes dont?

Protests over obvious diversions instead of drone programs and screw ups, NSA federal trials and other issues?

THEY MILITARIZED THE POLICE TO BEGIN WITH...then it becomes a problem and somehow this leads to OUR guns being taken away?

Im from Harvard Sq area. This admin is so bad and Harvard is very in on this agenda look at how Ive been set up recently with that false tip to the fed about domestic terrorism? ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS GETTING SLAMMED.

Stay the course and try to spread the truth.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Circle Laundry aka Laundry Unlimited In Medford Heavy GS And Owner Uses Black & Red POC Core For Psych Warfare Strong Arming

Older white male owner employs Latinos liklwy south Americans it appeared one or two blacks. TOTAL racist hiring practices.

ONE OF THE WORST most active gang stalking businesses Ive experienced in eastern MA-metro Boston area.

State police barracks and courthouse for Cambridge located here.
Im tryung to get rid of whatever thus is i caught in Prov that also seems to be in parts of Cambridge, Somerville and poorer neighborhoods south of Boston.
I got there and realized I didnt have time to dry if I washed so I began packing up and the employees started mobbing me.
(I believe this is part of the 'make the Target lose or leave behind their possessions' part of the campaign. Becuz Boston is a major thieving city it makes sense that this has always been one of their biggest tactics. To make me loose things.

If Im correct a guy told me recently that my Templar ring that everyone thinks is a Christian cross-is worth 12000 or 1200 dollars.

So they must be paying for TI objects or posessions which is why they want you to lose them. This would also explain whI NEVER get lost property turned in or returned to me.

Becuz perps are lazy, greedy assholes of the highest degree who are murderous and dont care about anyone but themselves. If it rains or is too cold these scumbags wont be outside chasing TIs around. They really have convinced themselves they deserve to be superior to others just becuz they are in a mob.
Wouldnt the military have an interest in bringing in South Americans also?)

After giving it right back to them for being perps (so much black and red as usual) the owner showed his true colors.

So hes org crime connected becuz Ive noticed that the Italian strong hold areas ARE USING SOUTH AMERICANS HEAVILY like in Providence RI.

The Irish seem quietly compliant but they dont move into their areas. Blacks do.

Which keeps telling me something every time this occurs: organized crime from decades ago has a very strong interest and was active in the war crimes perpetrated by the US Gov, military, military indutrial complex and contractors.

I mentioned mafia just to piss them off and see what they would do and they got visibly offended or angry with me. They had this unbelievably ARROGANT authority over me which like blacks pisses me off BECUZ ITS TOTALLY UNNATURAL.

Theres no way people like this should have authority over ME.

Also the owner looked possibly like Jewish mafia could have been also aa they worked closely with Italians.

None of the other kinds of people I deal with have ever been this obnoxious. Why are South Americans such assholes in this game? Mexicans are consistent gang stalkers down near the US border but they seem generally happier more positive people. Their energy is..higher. They are even more pleasant even when they pull obnoxious stunts and believe me they do. But its like children.
In RI the south Americans were impossible to be around and these people were too.

One young kid looked at me with this warlike look that triggered into some DNA I have and I almost went charging at him out of instinct. Perhaps some Native thing. Mexicans dont piss like that. No wonder they dont want to come up north. Its fucking miserable and only these South Americans can be as disgusting as the whites running things into the ground up here.

(And its interesting that the S Americans can co exist with the shittiest blacks (like Providence RI) but Mexicans would have gotten into total war with them by now, as they are in CA or other parts of southern most USA.
Shows a marked difference in nature.

Vegas shocks me. I dont know how Mexicans are living with black gangs who've taken over Vegas and brought in these bizarre backwards deep South blacks that now make living off the strip absolutely miserable.

At this point Im all for AztecLand. It was theirs anyway.  I hope to return to the ancestral homelands soon anyway.)

So these people truly are HANDLERS for the citizens of the USA. Diverisity serves only to cover for organized crime and authorities joining forces to fill businesses and cities and towns with their muscle which now is also defined as psychological warfare.

These fat bitches can all go fuck themselves.

I hope the place floods out beyond repaie or worse. And the owner should get cancer of the most painful terminal kind. Asshole.

Long Time TI Author of JBHfile blog Posts Losing Long Time Trusted Friend

We have so few people we can trust this is very sad and scary. I have liked this blog for years from the beginning of my awareness of my situation being gang stalking, becuz he, like myself tries to have a separate existence from the situation. It was BUSH that told us that we shouldn't let terrorism interfere with our lives. That we should go on living.

He focuses on positive things going on in his life. In a way the more selfish, self possessed and focused TIs are the ones who make it. People who don't sit around making vids asking 'WHY?' or asking for sympathy or doing like Jesus Mendoza did like make vids where he said 'god bless you' to his perpetrators.

They want that sh*t. They want you to be in so much pain you seek your own death. Its like a black metal song I have where the lyrics read: "your death is your ecstasy/and it means..nothing to me

This is the way this system works and the way many of these people think. The people who matter who are for real or at the top. The force multipliers as I call them- the pseudo Satanists who are just part of cult mind control which commercial and pop Satanism is used for now (see Jonestown experiment)don't count. If you got them alone you could destroy them, they only exist due to being part of a mob. And hey, peasants with pitch forks and torches have been around for thousands of years. Its the truly cold hearted killers who are to be respected but dealt with as enemies

Ignore the pawns on the chess board. Look at the bigger pieces.

Its interesting that he claims to get ridiculous slander or attempted frame ups. The underwear stealing is notable becuz years ago, perps would steal mine from laundry dryers. A perp from a cohesive group told me that someone was paying for these. That "some people never outgrow their immaturity". Hey, give ME the money directly assh*le. Sheesh..

His blog is also really simple and well laid out there was a couple of parts to it when it started. And hes still writing which I love becuz soooo many TIs give in and stop writing or pull down their blogs. Whining about how it gives perps material to work with. WHAT-EVER.

Enjoy the house JBH. But be ware the gremlins love house break ins and putting LSD like sh*t in your food..or rat poison....or leaving the gas on..etc. You know the drill.----

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wanderlust Gene Linked To ADHD And Human Longevity

I discovered this awhile ago and theres even more about it now so thought it might possibly help TIs who have had to convert to a Traveler lifestyle to survive.

Counter-Insurgence Policing (COINTELPRO type warfare) Is Being Used In MA To Counter Gang Activity In Western MA

So Im handled as an INSURGENT in society then is that right?

Interestingly C3 warfare is used here in MA against gangs in the western part of the state.

Hey I always wondered why marshal law wasnt ordered in some areas of the US to clean them up.

Using unconventional warfare to cover your ass is quit another issue.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodwill Store In Allston MA On Commonwealth Ave Is Out Of Control GS By Foriegn POC, local African American

This kid stands around looking at his phone or someone elses. Gets.reprimanded by staff he screws up when he does do something.

He was standing there doing both gestures Im anchored to in the sequence thats very common nowadays.

I was minding my own business looking for clothes. They tried to mess with me the second I entered and I
quietly advised 'dont mess with me'. 

Also they have racist hiring practices. All third world foriegners and blacks and they talk shit about you in
their language. EuroAmerican employees only showed thier faces after I took this pic of him and posted this on this blog. ITS AS IF THEY WANTED ME TO BE MOBBED EXCLUSIVLEY BY PEOPLE OF COLOR SO THAT I WOULD REACT WITH RACIALLY CHARGED CONTENT and anger or indignity of course. More frame ups for 'racism'. 
Its ironic that you immigrate to America becuz or WAR CRIMES in your country but then have no problem
committing WAR CRIMES on American citizens.

update-a few hours later:
After posting this, some sort of tech I seemed to be being hit with that was causing AGGRESSION was lifted immediately after this pic and post was published. 

It seems that false battlefield type environs can be created in public spaces now. They can also be halted just as easily...if they get in danger of exposure to the public.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Older Civil Rights Advocates Beginning To See The Results Of Their Civil Rights Work Being Hijacked By The Shadow System

(NY Times article few days ago. I had gotta find again. Older civil rights advocate nrevous about things like following link.)

I love how older generations of civil rights advocates are writing all sorts of articles trying to tell Millenials to be more moderate in their approach to hate speech.

They are getting scared that what they started is now snowballing into complete censorship.

Actually its been hijacked the way PC was by the evil that is in our world and it's being abused so now its being utilized as part of the all out brainwashing and cult mind control of the masses.

Firstly, if theres comments posted that seem offensive WHY ARENT PEOPLE STARTING TO QUESTION AND DISCUSS WHY PEOPLE FEEL AS THEY DO?
True understanding and mediation is something the shadow govt fears especially right now when they are on the verge of gaining control like speech and right to bare arms.

Secondly, this generation needs to learn to toughen up and ignore things that are hurtful or 'offensive'. Humans are animals and you are going to get swiped with claws sometimes. You need to learn to hit back without starting flame wars or give a response that shuts the offender down.
That or just let it roll off your back.

Also making certain comments unacceptable on certain forums and asking the conversation go elsewhere is not as ridiculous or dangerous as all out censorship.

The danger of creating safe spaces is that its adding to the long term plans of the shadow system to create complete and total.
FALSE ENVIRONMENTS for humans to live in.

This is beginning to form in a generation that seems to be very accustomed to such environs to begin with by being born native to technology.

Its the beginning of people living in computerized houses and automobiles as if we were under domes on another planet.

Which is the future of those conditions. That and being fused with technology.

The total enslavement of mankind.

Once again the reason this is all so easy to accomplish is simply the technologies and chemical influences being pumped into public and private spaces along with psy ops and propaganda.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why I Dont Trust My Doctor-But Feel I Have To Compromise To Get Well-Then Get Out

Ive always needed to stay to get health issues dealt with then I keep saying I can finally leave the US-and the Native Genocide behind.

My liver started to hurt in ways it never had last year in Austin. Maybe it was multiple scary brushes with spider venom or getting weird creepy pollution in my clothing from Baytown TX. Exxon Mobile's stronghold on the town is their chemical plant there. Something got into my overalls..or was in them from purchasing them from Baytown-and it made my liver hurt in a new awful way. It seemed. (The town is so owned that the hospital seems the worst Ive ever seen-my theory being that if a resident or employee complains of chemical plant related illness...its covered by the shills working at the hospital.

As a TI you get to see all the corruption present first hand. Becuz they dont care-yer targeted. No one listens anyway and their job consists of erasing, denying or covering wrongdoing for some corrupt power to begin with.

I guess harassing TIs is part of the payment plan.

It has been accompanied by weakness and tiredness. It feels like the organ itself is being damaged.

Interestingly just as Im getting seriously ill science has made progress and one of the reasons I put up with this city is becuz you cant beat the hospitals here.

In years past Id been harassed badly but some hospitals did end up taking care of my medical needs. BMC was ok until about 2011 then it was over. They turned.

Id never consider going to MGH after what they did during Bush and how connected they were (and are obviously to MK Ultra).

Brigham and Womens has always been tentative and when an ex friend had her kids there, after that security would just shoo me away (she is important locally).

Tufts always took care of me before the Bush years but docs became cruel after that time and I knew to stay away. Looking back that wasnt the best either.

Tufts is Tufts U.

BMC is BU.

Harvard is-
HMS Affiliates:
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston Children's Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Cambridge Health Alliance
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Hebrew SeniorLife
Joslin Diabetes Center
Judge Baker's Children's Center
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Massachusetts General Hospital
McLean Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
VA Boston Healthcare System

So where are you supposed to go? If institutions are MK Ultra connected what can you do?

My mother would make a kurt comment about "Boston doctors!" in a short rant always the answer as to why I was getting shitty treatment whenever something would happen.
I never understood what she meant but with understanding being TIs and MK Ultra experimentees IT MAKES SENSE NOW.
Her solution was decent just not explained well. 'Boston doctors' are inevitably all going to be connected to an institution thats up to no good with classified level black project and mad scientist levels of shenanigans.

Just becuz these people study to be docs doesnt mean its for the most novel motives. Money and status and cover for predator behaviors come to mind.
And of course what mater and pater expect of you.

Many did stand by 'First Do No Harm' but some did not..and not all out of pure fear.

So I chose the hospital that did the least harm during the early Bush years. And the harassment has been minimal until the last few years.

I would even have some professors happy to meet me. Probably this was before the pressure really came on a few years ago.

No one wants to know you then.

Often doctors would minimize my pain like from old surgical scars etc and I never understood it.

I just met my new liver doc.
The appointment is in Newton not Boston. I got perped from the street to the building to the doc office.

The doc was fine UNTIL I stated my liver hurt in the past year. Usually my condition is more other issues with the liver much more subtle.

I also said that I dont take Tylenol becuz  I was told its not good for the liver AND IT HURTS metabolizing through it. Thats what made me get clean decades ago in part. I could no longer process the toxins in street drugs.
If I drank which I tried to later- I felt like a week long blow out in my younger years. Just a drink or two.

So I stopped smoking-everything. I also took herbal pills until I got allergic reaction condition from Bactrim in 2009.

Broccoli, lemon juice and artichoke hearts will repair it if it feels really bad.

But this woman kept saying EXACTLY what a Tufts doctor would say about my old surgery scars:
Me: They or it hurts.
Doc: It shouldnt
Me: But it does
Doc: But it shouldn't.

Then she ended this with  A GESTURING TACTIC that was so damn awkward and obvious. I ignored it and pressed forward explaining how toxins and Tylenol hurt as they go through this organ. And my concern lately is that it hurts worse than that but without any food or medicine ingested being a culprit.

She countered with saying she has no explanation for that. Then went on to state how safe Tylenol is in small amounts with liver disease.

Im thinking that at this point everyone is just trying to make sure theres nothing present in medical records for a nice fat pain and suffering charge in a lawsuit or war crimes charge.

Thats why MT AUBURN sat right in front of me when I was going thru mild but alarming anaphylaxis when I got bitten by a white spider in Harvard Sq circa like 2010 or so. (Sat on the median with the statue. No humans usually so lots more critters.)
Not only did the venom put me on a 8 hour acid like trip mildly but they had to treat me for Benadryl overdose (which was prob why my anaphylaxis was so mild by the time I felt it was out of my control to go to an ER.)

Im genuinely worried this time. Im getting weird premonitions of death due to my liver.
Like its liver cancer or something and they are going to try to hide it so I get sick enough to die and MAKE IT LOOK RANDOM.

Homeless people die right? That sort of set up.

I am thinking just get the damn pills off the bitch and get my liver cured then just ditch everything about this place thats so determined to kill me off or deny me the right to exist.

Strange its yet another Russian doctor. The psychologist at St Elizabeths Medical Center in Brighton who intimidated me into NOT going to a hypnotist when I started recalling memories was Russian also.

I might request someone else as I dont need this crap when Im seriously afraid of death here-which I usually am not but when you have a degenerating organ....mother Nature starts preparing you.  Thats what I dont like about it.

A little too much feeling light on me a bit too much feeling a dead heavy sense of peace.

I dont like it. Im starting to nest alone a lot. Like be away from people. Like Im 'preparing' for some transition of the spirit and body.

My life force is low.

So play time is over with these medical people becuz I am not quite ready to sail off to wherever on the ship that takes you there.

This could be why Im increasingly psychic. Im there, right?  One foot in already. It could also be just what Nature does for an older female whos ill as a method of self defense against predators.

Im even suspect they are going to lie about tests and claim Im fine.
Which has been one too many times with this new resident PCP.

I guess the hospital that did the least harm is perhaps out to do the most.

Researchers Generalizations About Pedophiles WILL HELP DANGEROUS PREDATORS GET AWAY AND REMAIN HIDDEN FROM SOCIETY or It Explains Why Perps Are So Lame Ass

If you are a Survivor of RA or MK Ultra and similar projects or any abuse by elite pedo networks or even protected local sex industries anywhere you know one thing:
These people dont get caught.

They are smart. They are rich. Connected. They use like minded people in power and authority to escape detection.

This means that these 'findings' on pedophiles ONLY REPRESENT THE PEDOPHILES THAT HAVE BEEN EXPOSED AS SUCH and caught. Hopefully brought to justice.

What about the pedo and SRA networks recently exposed in the UK.

Do these standardizations apply still?

This is the problem with psychiatry, science and medicine being seperated from criminology.

Logic would dictate that if these people are criminals then many havent been caught.

How can research be done based on those that have been caught?

All we can assume is that the pedos that get caught are of lower intelligence and this would make sense.
Height of males has been shown to determine their success in business dealings with people.

Perhaps taller pedos gain more assistance along with other leverage or edge like higher education, intelligence and connections and wealth!

They may also be able to intimidate others more readily.

Are the researchers using just US pedos who've been caught or internationally?

Is George HW Bush of low intelligence? Or any of the employees of the Pentagon caught looking up massive amounts of kiddie porn? What about priests? Coaches? Teachers or any other trusted position of authority predators take as jobs to gain access to prey as well as maintain cover?

What about the entertainment industry?

Perhaps they are shorter generally.

But interestingly this research may help to explain the existence of mobbing in gang stalking.

IF its pedophiles that are the basis for gang stalking and if pedo networks find slaves to program for the system and maintain our silence throughout our lives THEN THIS IS WHY THEY MUST FORM MOBS AND KEEP A GROUP ON ONR TARGETED SURVIVOR every day of the Survivor's life.

BECUZ THEY ARE LESS INTELLIGENT THEY MUST MOB TO WIN over one smarter and perhaps more physically superior victim.

If the research is correct, we now know why 'perps' aggrevate us as they appear so stupid compared to TI .
If its incorrect and just based off of those who are stupid and without leverage to get caught that is allowing many to continue to escape detection-perhaps that is its purpose.

An Example Of How Bad The GS Is In RI and On Train Systems In USA Generally

This goes to show how confused my thinking was while (trying ) to live in RI and how intense the harassment was on the commuter rail trains.

All I had to do was wiki the subject matter for sensible answers. And Wiki isnt even considered an acceptable reference in academia but it had legit information.

Interesting how so many seemingly normal nobody civilians on the subway got real itchy and avoidant upon peering over and seeing the content of this post. Lol.

Neglected Native Issues In Favor Of Favortism Of Other Groups Oppression: Just One More Reason That POLITICAL CORRECTNESS In The NWO Is Deception (and only for manipulation not true justice)

PC and the race war thats been created using much psychological warfare is simply to use chosen groups to wage a CLASS WAR and socially engineer society to the elite's liking.

These select groups are used as mercenaries would be in a war by the elite and other special interests in society against the lower and middle classes to socially engineer the entire western world to THEIR liking.

The word genocide wasnt even created until one of the select groups-the Jews, were victimized in such a way in Germany.

Most of the time the other victims are neglected like Gypsies or anyone else Nazis deemed unfit.
Also peoples of African descent allied with Nazi forces are never mentioned yet in the western cult now known as 'Political Correctness' and all the warfare that goes with it, Jews are aligned as victims with African peoples and for that matter-the bizarre 'People of Color' core.

The spotlight in America and perhaps the west is given to Jews for genocide throughout human history. African Americans now hold first place for beinf brought to civilization through slavery. As if no other peoples before or after their plights has ever experienced any similar crimes against humanity of the same type.

African American slavery is used to shake the foundations of the United States often enough becuz their enslavement created that foundation.

However note that the Native genocide which certainly destroyed more than just six million people has until very recently been ignored. Even now the focus is usually on the star players of PC games: Latinos, African peoples and always hovering in the backround as a standard- the Jewish holocaust.

Latinos are Native peoples from the Americas. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There are no Latinos in Spain...unless they come from a place of Asiatic indigenous Natives (originating in Siberia many millenia ago) mixed with Spaniards.

Yet they align themselves in victimhood with African Americans nowadays not as Natives but as darkies who have been victimized purely based on racism due to skin color.

Italians, who were treated as POC upon arrival and oppressed due to that as well as being Catholics are not included in the POC cult. Probably becuz we successfully took a piece of America the way we conquered anything and everything during ancient Roman times.

So Italians have too much 'white' or European heritage to be included in the color scheme.

So in reality the POC set up is based on people coming from third world or technologically lacking civilizations where they simply couldn't compete with Europeans and in the case of Native Americans to the south-were wiped out by Europeans who arrived here.
Becuz the predictive alt time line of the Americas if Europeans had never interfered is the more advanced cultures-the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs would have expanded their empires northward and influenced hunter gatherer tribes.

I love Native Americans but like much of Africa they did not posess TECHNOLOGY.
The other factor is Neanderthal DNA. No one in dark continent Africa has Neanderthal DNA. Ever race outside of those areas posesses it even Native Americans.

There are so many factors influencing why peoples are oppressed. Reducing the plight to 'racism' based on shade of skin tone is nothing short of purposelfully creating a cult which uses psychological warfare.

People Of Color wearing the colors Black & Red to push their agenda (actually the special interests in the upper classes) isnt truly fighting for justice for oppressed peoples.

Its using select groups of oppressed peoples for viscous psychological warfare.

The only groups truly suffering and losing culuture, land and right to exist are THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASSES OF EUROPEAN AMERICANS and EUROPEANS overseas.

The elites and uppers can protect themselves and assimilate with very small gestures of compliance without losing their world to this invasion.


The point of this piece is to show yet another part of the deception: if this were not the case then why are Native Americans not placed as the star players of the oppressed peoples of color game? THE LAND WE USED TO BUILT THE ENTITY KNOWN AS THE USA IS BUILT ON LAND STOLEN FROM THEM and they have been wiped out of existence.

Becuz...the puppet masters behind the war on middle and lower class whites knows that this country isnt legal.

People are willing to focus on injustices in the Americas but never the injustice that IS America.

Thats why Latinos are so useful. They are technically Natives. And thats good enough right?

Ive traveled the US since 2006 and short trips before that in youth. Most Natives in this country live under oppression and on miserable reservations that most other 'oppressed peoples' could never dream of.

They still dont have the enzyme needed to process alcoholic beverages so alcoholism is rampant and it rules their lives. They live outside of reservations just so they can keep buying alcohol.

Many tribes of Native peoples are overweight and this is a cultural problem with Mexican women. They are akways being scolded and reminded not to "get fat".

What most people dont seem to know is theres a scientific explanation for this happening: genetics and evolution.

The way Natives lived and ate is toally out of synch with European diets and lifestyles. Their bodies dont PROCESS PROTEIN they way European bodies do.

Food turns to fat and yet another health problem based on invader culture. As if the diseases that killed them off in the beginning werent enough.

And I don't see Natives repairing their culture they way Jews and African Americans have.

They aren't making a mint off of entertainment or being marketed as the new mafia. I dont see them escaping oppression once and for all by building a homeland back where they supposedly originated from...BECUZ WE ARE HERE ON THE LAND THEY ORIGINATE FROM preventing that.

POC warfare slyly includes the Native Americans superficially. I see them often enough involved in POC films etc and sometimes wearing red cultishly to show solidarity with other POC.

I hear radio shows where they use phrases like "white supremacy" often enough. But I dont trust these alignments becuz Obama has been very busy handing out funding to many POC type groups including Native ones and that may be why they have taken to red shirts and POC rhetoric.

But I expect that most Natives will remain more selective than that. They wisely dont trust America or anything its marketing. Rightly so.

Becuz no matter what occurs or comes out of the POC cults class warfare for the elite so they can be rewarded with middle class status in the United States-Natives will never get their land back.

Their numbers will never rival that of Latinos or African peoples.

Becuz PC is a lie fabricated by the worlds elite. Not to create a new promised land of peace and Equality but simply to rearrange society to the liking and needs of those whove been running it for centuries.

No one knows them better than THOSE OF UA WHO HAVE AND HAD BEEN FIGHTING THEM BACK IN WEST AND EAST EUROPE FOR MILLENNIA. Which is one of the reasons for the destroying and forced modification of lower and middle classed Europeans and Euro-Americans.

You think poor whites are stupid. If anyone can spot a scam or know what true justice is or isnt its traditionally oppressed European peoples.

You are naive and have no idea who you are dealing with. The people behind this deception are ruthless, deception is an age old art form for them and they only want to keep using people as slaves. They arent going to magically change their ways overnight.

I suspect Natives are a bit more aware of this realzing the POC scam can never fully benefit them...unless America ceases to exist and their land is returned.

All other POC deep down know that they are simply making a deal with the Man Ij Charge or owners of The Big House to gain favor in the NWO and are satisfied being rewarded for their compliance.

Another piece of evidence debunking the POC cult mind control tactics and Equality myth.

'Social justice' is just another phrase in the PC cults loaded language book meant to seem meaningful yet it really cant be defined exactly to begin with.

These are the tools and methods of mind control and marketing ideas.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Depressive State On Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday was absolutely one of the most depressing days Ive had. I dont even want to look at what I wrote. And I wont.

This blog is supposed to be to inform but also to show what daily TI life is like. I often attach personal views or griping onto info I want to post.

Its candid. That's the point. It shows moods and times of confusion. And if I ever get to my book it will serve as a reference as to what was going on at the time.
Becuz unless I have a reminder for someoI can't remember most of whats happened. They target me in a way so I will forget what's occurred. Most of that damage comes from the daily in person harassment.

Im going to post a correction now on something I posted a month or so ago. Just to show the confusion and lack of ability to reason clearly that a certain area of intense harassment can cause (living in Providence and on commuter rail trains were very bad. And im still getting ideations to go back to RI! Yeah thats a GREAT idea.)

I avoid any Thnsgving traditions becuz I want to remember the Native American genocide is what came from that.

When you travel enough you begin to realize the peace prosperity and feelings of safety on an energy level are due to whats left by the Native peoples.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Obama's Civilian Security Force/ Ret Marine Asks 'Is Everybody Blind?"-To US Building Up Civilian Military

I believe that the civilian security force could include 'gang stalking' but that might be a whole other organization or dept.

Notice Obama did not say "armed" he said "powerful, strong and funded".

That might refer to the endless seemingly plain old civilians that take part in covert activity that includes stalking and harassing Targeted Individuals.

And in response to the Marines rhetoric question-YES. Most American citizens are 'blinded' by being under the influence of MASS MIND CONTROL but its also an issue of perceptions being managed and skewed to support such a CSF of an armed, military kind.

Dear former Marine- most people don't have the experience you do. THEY DONT HAVE ANY POINT OF REFERENCE to measure by or use as comparison.

All they are told is that bad people whi are wacked out religious extremists are blowing stuff up (becuz they hate us and want to kill us becuz we "let women drive" etc) around the world and angry schizo Americans arent dealing well with a black president or 'Change' so we NEED a built up security in our communities.

These people you ask about this American citizenry dont live in the real world. They havent been allowed access to any sensible reality since the late 80s...maybe the very early 90s but thats pushing it.

They've been more and more been talked to, treated and pandered to like children.

Just the short excerpt of your talk on the issue illustrates a sensible, real world out there beyond the domes of FALSE ENVIRONMENTS and the realities created within them in which people now live.

What you said releases the mind from imprisonment and shows a glimpse of what is really going on 'out there' and puts things into perspective in a realstic sensible way.

Such things are no longer allowed. People know only what they want them to think or understand about our military.

The common sense you put forth has been long lost in most communities nationwide. I know. Ive been traveling this country since 2006. The Circus and the Big Top the public are held captive in are in place in most of the US now.

NH, minusing the area bordering on MA, might just be one of the last places ledt in the USA with any such sense or freedom left all.

So yes, the public have been rendered 'blind'.

But your speech is invaluable to what few are awake with sight.
Btw the only reason I can write anything at all thats near the quality it should be or makes any sense IS BECUZ ITS A CLEAR DAY due to being a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.

Once again the pattern proves itself true year after year.

'Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles'-Another Nice Ride The Fence NY Times Article- That The ObamaBots Wont Heed

You know what f#ck all these complete assholes.

Domestically the mass mind control that blankets our nation and is keeping Targeted Individuals from living ournloves is worse than it was during ANY OTHER PRESIDENT.

I hate this halfrican N*gger reverse racist sneaky piece of sh#t and his wife whos bitch and a piece of shit likw himself.

And everyone is sick of the same aholes sniffing around the presidency like Hillary. We saw this with Bush also. He was around the presidency during Nixon and many of those guys are who served with his son during his presidency.

THIS PRICK SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN OFFICE. It never should have happened. Just likw Bush the younger shouldnt have been elected.

He was SUPPOSED to be impeached for vote fixing etc. But things blew up and Americans went running to Daddy asking for answers and to take action.

He won his second election via MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Thats been intimated to me by guilt ridden operatives who still have a little grey matter left in their cult brain washed skulls.
Myself and other US citizens woke up on the morning of voting day 2004 and as we went about planning the day FOR SOME REASON HAD THE IRRESISTABLE URGE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN on that day. Even if we planned not to. Democrat or Independent-it didnt matter.

So some of us obeyed the mind control commands. Some like myself who resist other than take action we dont agree with just didnt vote at all.

Either way the Bastard won.

The only thing I got out of it is that I finally became aware that I was a life long Target. Bush is better than Obama in this way. He carries with him an honesty and I believe part of him does not approve of his father's ways or NWO.
By allowing us to know the truth we could fight. Bush and Hayden and the NeoCons administration almost killed me and I assume others. Yet you could fight back. You could think through the torture. You could travel and seek out subcultures to survive in.

Nanny state type Dem Libs dont believe in the kind of freedom they believe in fown south and in places like TX and AZ. Even CA to a point.

They believe that everyone must be controlled completely and elites and the intelligentsia must engineer the shit out of society so that their latest version of utopia or the American negro's 'Promised Land' (so the selling point of Obama's creepy campaign posters) will result.

This entire administration's aims are at furthering the New World Order just like any other has been in the United States or in the EU.

Im proud of countries like Switzerland who arm themselves, wont join the EU ans refuse Oprah or anyone else they choose service. They would have denied my poor American ass service also AND THAT IS THEIR PEROGATIVE.


I cant imagine what the secret paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo look like on that one.

This guys job is to SERVE THE PURPOSE OF THE ELITES OR BANKSTERS AND NEW WORLD ORDER-however you want to put it or whatever you want to call it.

I am the grand daughter of two US Marines. Its eerie to me how much my 'job' as a programmed person resembles that of the Marines in a war. Someone recently explained their job is to go in first and prep the way for other branches.
I seem to be on the 'front lines' of this and gather intel on what's out here.

So their job has been to make sure I can't get it out there as well as lately, discredit me so no one listens.

Putting a person like Obama in office simply makes it so the continuing 'occupation' of a New World Order is less obvious and like his other actions-less visible to the public.

Pushing racism, using covert ops and old COINTELPRO agents and tactics, creating wack jobs to become lone shooters who are white supremacists nowadays magically is to not only cover up for the now huge People Of Color core of people serving in covert ops around the United States (and in EU it seems) but to make sure no one wakes up and realizes a lithe, Liberal civil rights lawyer who attended gentile Harvard would be capable of the same actions AS ANY OTHER BASTARD IN THE WHITE HOUSE in that seat of power.

Guess what happens if you dont do the bidding of those truly in power? Assasination time.

Theyve already stopped multiple attempts on Obamas life from THE AMERICAN PUBLIC they dont spotlight in news (but its out there).

Which tells us the PEOPLE are dissatisfied with this guy-but the elite & Co find him satisfactory to serve their interests.

Secret kill lists dont just encompass done strikes. It seems like TIs are suffering worse than ever now and faring very badly. Killing someone can be done in many ways.

It almost seems like the killing is being done to dissidents in the US like me but quietly of course 'gang stalking' is unofficial and denied to exist to begin with.

I actually had a few good years during Obama which was probably dependent upon who was in power in other positions. But this may have been also to lead me on and give me a false sense of security.

Over time Obama has only built a better and more effective prison for Americans and its so good that people dont even realize its there. They dont percieve this as a continuation of Bush's NWO at all or what GW started in earnest.

I was given the impression it was time to physically leave the United States when Obamacare came out. Something in it is doing more harm than we lay people can understand. I was warned simply that theres something in it thats dangerous for me.

I was also warned to leave the US in 2012. Just get out of the country. And now I see why.

During Bush people wanted to leave. But this was more of a gotta leave to survive.

Btw no one ever asks why these horrible terrorists want to kill us. If they do the answers they give are bullshit excuses.

Its becuz we support Israel. Its becuz we have endless covert ops in the area CAUSING trouble to begin with.

And from a Survivor's perspective-can you imagine how many dollar signs you would see in your eyes if you realized you could use the PROGRAMMING OF HUMAN BEINGS to CREATE TERRORISTS to be a 'problem' utilizing the ever convenient cult platform of RELIGIOUS BELIEF as the holding area and motivator for your mind controlled slaves?

Voice Of God technology would certainly be helpful in motivating ignorants who have semi primitive cultures.

Its one thing to be a greedy f#ck and play the old Robber Baron games of selling arms to both sides or other scams during war and conflict or even creating it for profit-and MIND CONTROLLONG THE WHOLE frickin WORLD so that everyone has to exist in a blanketed, floating living hell every damn day from 6 am to 12 midnight with only Sundays and federal holidays as any sort of return to true reality once again.

Its outrageous and now they are at war with the Homeless which contains high numbers of TIs and exploited peoples.

This is exactly like the Nazi Holocaust written in history books except its microwave weapons not ovens. Its chemical influence in public spaces or chemical warfare targeting specific populations ALL BEING DONE DOMESTICALLY.
The camps are the shelters or anyplace we congregate to sleep for those offers us who refuse oppression from the grossly corrupt shelter/homeless industry.

Its funny isnt it? That only the most elite or connected or covert agent AS WELL AS the lowest level in American society ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO REALLY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON?

This is why church types used to protect and help us. Not becuz of some Christian bs of sympathy but becuz in the US church and state are seperated and they have always known that when govt is screwing up the church may be a refuge. And the wise ones realize its people who are targeted who are really fighting that or victimized by it.

WHICH IS WHY ALL THESE YUPPY CHURCHES HAVE TO REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL ONES IN STRONG HOLDS LIKE BOSTON. I also now think its the reason Bush pulled in right wing Christianity into govt during his presidency- so it couldnt rival what govt was doing.

Obama is notoruously Wall St and non religious. His bitch wife has been showcased by multiple activists making the sign of the Horns (Satanic hand sign) on magazine covers years ago in the middle of his presidency.

This kind of marketing Satanism isnt really Satanism. Its merely a tool of mind control (like modern Islam extremists making lots of lovely terrorists to make war for profit) to overthrow the US govt.

It cuts out the churches position countering govt in the USA or as a refuge from its abuses. Note that the leadsr of the Church Of Satan was Anton Lavey- a Hungarian Jew (Communism-a popular Obama tool of cult mind control) with connections to Jewish mafia in Las Vegas.

Maybe mathmetician Nash wasnt mistaken when he was color harassed and targeted ny "men wearing red ties" and took it to mean there was a Communist plot.

Communism or whatever crap ObamaBots are pushing by wearing Black & Red like cult idiots, is certainly a way of accomplishing that. Even if it isnt real and its all psychological bullshit.

Its mind control and thats all that matters nowadays.

Oh and the most "paranoid insular organization" is the elite and shadow govt.