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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Again The E-Harassment or 'Mind Control' Brainwash Streaming Is Altered By A Police Presence Showing Up N The Area

Once again if there comes a police emergency like cops show up or a police man or woman the tech harassment changes considerably even ceases.

Ive been being subdued in Berkeley CA over these past weeks. I am becoming increasingly very depressed and non funtional becuz of it. More worried about what others think and dwelling on not fitting in.

I am overeating also another red flag.

The weather doesnt help as its now too hot midday and cold, windy in evenings. That's a typical SoCal weather pattern which I loathed-hot sun and cold wind. Its intolerable for some reason and it wasn't this way when we arrived. I am told if its hot in the Bay area daytime then the water heats up and fog rolls in for nite and morning. All I know is its inconsistent and it sucks and its contributing to my being miserable in this location.

Other than the weather, there's been a constant streaming of low level negativity in the background. Same content I posted before utilizing insecurities about aging, looks, human and social value, credibility etc.

Its slowly worn me down. I only get relief from this torment in public spaces when I am in say, a public rest room made of concrete in a parking garage. Of course my companion mentioned he doesn't get 3 G when he's in there.

Same conditions, same actions and reactions repeatedly in differing locations. Microwaves and these technologies cannot flow underground, have difficulty through water and trees or through certain man made structures.

When legit law enforcement appears in the area I've experienced the tech subsiding, lessening or changing in nature.
This is also the case if there's a state emergency such as a natural disaster.

Todau a UC Berkeley lady cop pulled a car over on Telegraph Ave. Soon after she had backup but what happened before that was the stream of negativity I was experiencing died down considerably.

Perhaps its becuz the powers behind GS are connected to org crime or even the banking systems and powers and/or corporate America.

It could also be that the authorities dont want such tormented mindsets interfering with police business at a specific location so it gets 'turned off' in such situations.
May also be to prevent the person being dealt with by law enforcement from reacting badly to a police interrogation or police contact.

It was really obvious that the 'signal' if you will got altered due to a police presence conducting police business.

MK Ultra Related Places And People


I've found through my years of experience as a backpacking, traveling Target in the USA that many of these institutions are still actively involved in the continuing of these projects. Being the daughter of a documented radiation experimentee who's grandparents were both US Marines, its safe to assume my experiences are part of continued unethical human experimentation.

At this point it doesnt seem to be soley about experimentation but also an active behavior modification program as well as actions taken to control TIs so we cannot be believed nor try to break free of these programs.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interviews In Media From Boston Authorities Reflect The Total Expected Amount Of Bullshit Concerning Bombings

Listened to internet radio broadcast from Britain by chance interviewing Boston cop about terrorists and bombing.

The accent from Boston made me feel at home but I also am fully aware of how full of shit that area is.

Basically they profiled the attack as done by lone wolf terrorists and listed off everything that made them reach that criteria.

So basically the perps in Boston and Cambridge etc in all likelihood gang stalked the shit out of these two and isolated them marginalizing them from society so that they acted out.

Probably with the assistance of local fed connected scum who egged them on or gave them connections-or at least ideas.

You see the.value of the agitators in forums and TI conference calls in this type situation-get someone to deal with their.situation through violence.

Thats why exposing this system is important to society not just individual Targets.

We are the real peacekeepers, trying to prevent such actions. Legit law enforcement only act on what shadow government causes creating a controlled cycle and a very profitable one.

I now realize that those nitwits back.home were trying to frame me up as a lone terrorist threat and most likely make me react.

Its certainly a good strategy to make someone 'manageable' as I was told. It gives them the excuse of watching you for life as well as constantly interrigating you wherever u go even though the real reason you are in that situation is becuz you know too much about something or can testify against someone valuable.

Boston and Cambridge have a huge covert presence as well as an intense gang stalking system in place.

They created this problem be sure of it.

I will never go back there nor forgive what that sleazy area did to me. They are scum and don't deserve any of what they have. It's all based in dirty slave money to begin with -slaves for rum and bibles all that old money crap. That's the way they still think. Its the way America thinks at the top levels.
Americans also think this way if the demographic is okay'd by authority to be abused.

The problem with America isn't the human faults as thats everywhere. Its the purposefully keeping its citizens in this mentality and on these lower spiritual realms. Its bullshit.

I cannot wait to get out of the US and disappear never again having to be abused by this disgusting culture and its arrogant people.

And I wont be accused of any terrorist acts from abroad either so dont even try it.

When are people going to realize that alot of what has happened to me is due to being stalked by a total serial killer psycho whos obviously in some authority like intelligence or military etc? Some of the stuff that comes through the media psy ops shows that clearly.

And I still could care less.

Boston Marathon Bombings Diversion From Continued Warcrimes?

I know my sources ars never that great but who's gonna publish any truth or anything worth considering in major or mainstream media?

Something's going on becuz I am being guided very consistently not to go back to MA and to leave Cali but dont bother with Canada.


Boston Is One Of The Major Cities To Have Its Anti Terror Funding Cut Recently

"As the program budgets have fallen in recent years, DHS has eliminated the grants to many smaller cities and shaved others — including Atlanta and Boston."
Boston, huh? Well, now they will probably be reconsidered and get fat grants again. Believe me, I know that place. Smart, slick, corrupt, organized crime part of economy and a very great talent for keeping up appearances and pretending to be goodly and puritanical. Boston and NYC would sell anyone or anything to sustain their high standard of living.

The other excerpt of interest is this:
" “And so people have said, look, we can’t continue the same level, hopefully we’ve given people a good amount of money over 10 years and that money has built capabilities that don’t just vanish on the next day. But there definitely have been cutbacks that I’m sure are painful on the ground.” "

What 'capabilities' are they talking about?
..." we’ve given people a good amount of money over 10 years and that money has built capabilities that don’t just vanish on the next day."

TIs have experienced a prison being built in this country since 9-11. Not just through anti terror stuff that makes sense but what seems like mass mind control capabilities using chemicals, technologies and psychological operations in a mix or cocktail. It's the same formula used to control Targets.
Except those of us who've made it this far are aware of what's really going on.

Reader Advises Me Not To Escape To Europe-Not An Option

"And the NE cities like Boston and NYC inherited their core values from Europeans, just that the Europeans hide their duplicity behind veneers of polite "sophistication" at the upper levels of their societies, and revel in their corruption. Italian mafia hails their identity back to Italy, the Vatican and so on and so on...Irish mafia back to the "old country", and etc etc each separate faction of these established groups of corruption have never broken their identity from old Europe and if you believe Europe in any way is going to be an improvement over America, please reconsider that notion.

As for most of the 3rd world countries that I have seen, or the immigrants living in America, they adopt the mentality of their former and current colonial oppressors, so it's very hard to "escape" this mentality anywhere. I grew up in the Midwest although my family is from NYC, and it seems less corrupt, but they do hide it well. There are pockets of "liberalism" but nevertheless I was targeted my entire life while living in the Midwest so it's really very difficult, the corruption is everywhere. It's just very openly expressed in the NE cities.
4/19/13, 3:46 PM"

I want to move to Europe for more personal reasons than GS related ones. I have no genetic ties to America other than being born here. My ancestors haven't been here but 120 years which in Boston is considered no legit time at all.

I seem to make the best of my life being targeted by being a Traveler. Firstly why not see something different and secondly I am European genetically anyway. I'm not Native American nor Latino which is native American or islander (Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc) mixed with Spaniard.
I have absolutely no genetic ties to the Americas whatsoever. I also cannot live with the genocide of the Native Americans any longer or continued immigration issues which is basically telling Mexicans they can't come back onto land that the original native tribes they are rooted in are from to begin with (do your research). They also treat the surviving Indians or Natives in Mexico like total shit even though thats their original peoples in part genetically!!

This country has created a reality all its own which is TOTALLY REMOVED from truth which can be proven through science and history.

Political Correctness is supposed to spread Equality and Diversity but has created a racial cold war. Generally Americans' views of race now run anywhere from ignorance leading to self destruction mostly caused by fear to ignorance leading to being destructive to other races caused by hatred.

People here actually now rate human beings soley by color shade without any regard or understanding of countries of origin, history or genetic evidence.

For example, my being Eastern European I have some genetic similarities with Chinese and close Oriental countries in Asia but little with India and that area.
People are so brainwashed and ignorant that they consider people from India and other places to be 'Asian' along with peoples from Oriental countries, also Asian. Eastern Europeans and Russians are written off as 'white'. These same ignorant people perceive Jews as 'white' also!!

The place has been turned into a country thats racist towards anyone not 'of color' which is COMPLETELY INSANE becuz color doesnt give indication of racial background. Countries of origin do, history of that area as well as GENETICS.

So the culture preaches 'there is no such thing as race' so everyone now judges according to this simpleton brain wash system OF DIVISIONS BASED ON COLORING AND FALSIFIED AREAS like the new way of referring to Asia as an area related to race instead of merely a continent like when I was in school.

Its turning society into the dark ages, which is of course what the NWO is about. Peace based on the enslavement of mankind.
Many people are playing the race card and payback in order to legitimize fucked up foreigners from awful areas invading and destroying both my country and abroad.

Race is more complex than most people realize and they dont want people to know that.

What if I told you that Scandinavians have a right to their land not becuz of white dominance but becuz many of them carry on the DNA of the native Sami peoples but its become hidden under very light coloring? This argument blocks the leverage people have by saying whites emigrated and its not their land to begin with as well as this 'white devil' theory.

America now officially sucks for anyone who's of European descent whos poor with any intelligence at all. There is an ongoing campaign of propaganda, brainwashing and covert warfare to destroy such people as myself. We are supposed to give up and be destroyed by immersing in ghetto culture or white flight it by struggling up the ladder to YUPpydom to escape such a fate. Both of those cultures fulfill the NWO agenda of denying expression of any remaining pagan or heathen heritage from Europe as well as they enslave people and deny them self expression of their individuality.

These mind games are for children. Anyone with any DNA from the ancient classical world has got to see this manipulative crap for what it is. Even though I have much blue eyed, blonde ancestry, I have to admit there's times when i can plainly see the difference between barbaric peoples and more long term civilized ones. I enjoy my barbarian DNA, but always the Roman watches with amusement as America pulls such foolishness.

Afrocentrics try to claim Egypt. To be honest, Egyptian artifacts show Nubians as being different than ancient Egyptians. There's a pair of sandals a Pharaoh had which featured an image of both the Semite and the Nubian tied as prisoners on the shoe's sole, so every step the Pharaoh took, he would be stepping on Egypt's enemies.

People's from Europe specifically that area had made their bones with surrounding cultures years ago. We already know how other people's are. Many countries act as if black Africans are something new.

Part of me is very very tired of these games in America. There's no way after thousands of years of Roman civilization that I am going to allow Judaic culture or Nubians to rule over me, put me down or oppress me in any way or influence me all for the benefit of the elite, working as their house slaves.

I am sick of American entertainment culture being heavily influenced by Jews-Russian ones at that from Hollywood's creation. And most certainly growing up in Boston's racial war zone of the 70s I have had it with rap music and Wiggers everywhere. Mexican wiggers being the worst as I expect more from them having strong roots to begin with.

If I DONT leave Im only going to become a really hateful racist, though the smear campaign on me has me being racist from the beginning. If anything the current environment in the US of blind racism against whites and hidden classism of that oppression being specifically towards poor whites, as well as the GS campaign has turned me very sour on other races in the USA. Its only a matter of time until such pressure forces me to become an extremist to survive such as white supremacy movement which obviously dont match up to my beliefs to begin with or worse. Much worse. How would my readers feel if I was years from now caught and tried as the first female serial killer of black males exclusively? Becuz its getting that bad. The pressure is incredible and the country's only getting worse. Ive had no chance to get any relief from pressure or closure from the original wounds...thats becuz in order for behavior modification to work I'd have to give up on TRUE HEALING and settle for conforming to whatever the system wants.

My snapping is the system's way of GETTING RID OF ANYONE DIFFICULT WHO WON'T CONFORM. Many TIs snap and become lone shooters or commit suicide. I am sure that the powers that be helped create many serial killers in America's history.

I've been written off by society basically. And even the perps in the GS system are writing me off now. The whole campaign lately has turned towards getting me to live as if I never existed-and don't exist.

Its not something I'm interested in. I'd rather go back to the homeland and die. I'd rather be Gang Stalked by a better class of people. Its gonna get me anyway so why not die 'at home' if you will.

If the US wants to cut up and dissect its own people for some agenda and create orderly disharmony where there was merely natural disharmony before qnd make a number of us feel marginalized in our own homeland then maybe its time to go somewhere that we can truly claim as our own? For those TIs who have lost everything and never had anything to begin with why not finally be around people who act, look and think like we do? Becuz it seems our countrymen dont resemble us in any way now so why stay? They have no problem with America's war crimes, policies or bullshit classism and reverse racism nor allowing Jews who hail from a culture of exclusion to focus on their genocide like forever, while the US exists due to a much larger genocide WHICH IS NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED AS SUCH.

I can't take the bullshit any more thats why I want to leave. Let me deal with bullshit over in my ancestral lands instead.

There has got to be a culture somewhere I can tolerate and perhaps even flourish, if thats not asking too much.

America is dead. Whatever this has become, its very different from the America that once existed. Its always been corrupt, greedy, money obsessed and puritanical but one used to be able to find little niches to hide in and express your self. Its become a prison and there's got to be something else out there.

If my ancestors left for a better life why wouldn't I? I know there's a good chance I'll be knocking down the door to get back in later but I dont care.

Its worth the search for freedom and truth. Things America has forgotten about.

I hate this country for what its become and what its done to me and am going to leave. Even just for spite or to prove I cant be controlled here.

A Reader Comment Regarding Lawson's Disinfo Book TERRORIST STALKING IN AMERICA

"have you read David Lawson's Terrorist Stalking in America, where he infiltrates a g.s. group? stay strong - ti in vermont__ on I'm Not As Dumb As This Blog Makes Me Seem/Why The Northeast Is A Solid Suspect In 9-11 Compliance"

Yeah-its been determined by the TI community years ago the book is disinformation.

He claims its done by cults, never says anything about law enforcement or other professionals (First Responders for instance or medical people) being a part of GS campaigns, he never connects GS to classified or black projects such as MK Ultra nor the military industrial complex.

The author was also impossible to find when people tried to get to him for interviews or more information.

I did a post on this book years ago on the sister blog to this one Skepticism For Targeted Individuals.

Its pretty much a work of fantasy-unless David Lawson is the worst investigator ever.

Inspector Cluso would have a better handle on whats going on than Lawson. Forget that book and find legit info.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Not As Dumb As This Blog Makes Me Seem/Why The Northeast Is A Solid Suspect In 9-11 Compliance

People have to understand that the betrayers in Boston who can still be held legally responsible for what they did, like HUD and Olnick connected Pettiti real estate people as well as family, friends and ex lovers are depending on this continuing campaign for me to be diverted, discredited as well as for me to expose myself for certain things so they think it will make their case better in court if such a thing ever did occur.

These are heartless white collar criminals, rich kids and their underclass house slaves who take advantage of poor people and think only with their wallets as well as only fear legal reprocussions nothing else.

They represent everything wrong with America. They are typically American. I'd rather leave the country penniless than to deal with their unevolved, low levels of human existence.

Most of all they want to prove their business and corporate 'real world ' matter most and is more powerful than Nature's superior creatures :the artists.

Its an age old story and its reoccurring in every society in every age. Forces of nature must be subverted by the herd, the hive and their worldly power.

Yet there's alot i could argue legally-that what they did is totally unacceptable and everyone involved, especially in Boston are part of committing war crimes. That if someone is making a disturbance in an apartment you get them on disturbing the peace, not target them out of the apartment. Its also gonna be hard to do something like that if a bar across the street disturbs the peace nightly by disregarding noise ordinances.

Also if you want to bust a person for fraud but dont want to bust the person they work for in doing so becuz THAT person is a local valuable career criminal then thats your lack of balls and moral back bone so don't go targeting the little guy becuz you dont have the balls to go after EVERYONE involved.
Especially since everyone around me actually had crimes they needed covered whereas I did not in comparison.

Jake: drug dealing and ripping off the copy shop he managed for his drug dealing activities. My mother: crooked lawsuits and hiding money under my name waaaay past the age of 18 when its no longer legal. Julia of course is an established untouchable career criminal. The Pettitis were running some real estate scam with HUD money through their trust Warren Hall, the building owned by Olnick who of course has since been busted for giving black politicians in Harlem low income units for their political headquarters.

Btw if u r gonna run a real estate scam u may want to not be stupid a arrogant f*cks by refusing to properly fix a mold ridden apartment so the occupant sues you AND BRINGS ATTENTION TO YOUR SCAM.

Boston and NYC are scum and dont deserve half the money and sympathy they are getting off of terrorism.

This is why I am one of these people who believes terrorism is in part a result of compliance from the very communities its supposedly victimized-Ive seen how the northeast functions. Its a disgusting sewer of organized crime, corruption and overpriveledge.

They didnt want to clean up their acts probably with the new anti corruption environment nowadays so they cover up and divert from their culture of of corruption with terrorism.
The northeast would fall over flat and go broke without their old system the way its set up.

Notice how Americans no longer focus on domestic corruption as much due to preoccupation with outside threats?


Hater Mail Call For April 18, 2013

"You're really ugly on Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories Debunked-Too Bad No One's Asking The Right Questions
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Anonymouson 4/17/13"

See that's the thing-actually I was model-like gorgeous and extremely youthful looking.

I highly doubt YOU ever were. And u can never take real confidence awwy from someone who had the real deal at one time. Born with it.

I still get compliments...I got the bone structure, which plastic surgeons can't give. I'll be attractive when I'm 90. And u have no idea how many people perceive a true beauty thats been battle hardened as hot.

America's standards of beauty suck anyway.

Start providing return addresses and identities becuz this anonymous hate mail crap is getting dull. Afraid the legions will retaliate if u give yer info?

F*ck u then, cowards.

"you need to be put away__ on Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations
 | Not spam
Anonymouson 4/16/13"

I imagine this is the same person, Mr One Liner. Its probable this is a good indicator of this man's ability to sustain in other areas as well. Things ending prematurely most likely-if you know what I mean. If its a female....who can take that seriously anyway?

Its all time wasters and attempts to chip away at confidence and probablu keep testing the Target's reactions to things to continue tailoring the campaign. Just keep ignoring this bullsh*t and keep doing whatever yer doing.

"just because you bring up documented facts means nothing - nobody believes the facts anyways so you might as well be making it all up... if nobody believes a fact that makes it fiction. sucks for you.__ on Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations
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Anonymouson 4/16/13"

Circular logic is so stupid.

"unamerican loser__ on Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations
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Anonymouson 4/16/13"

"YOU'RE A LOSER__ on Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations
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Anonymouson 4/16/13"

That was more of the same obviously.

"If you don't like our government and think they are staging things like this just get the fuck out of our fucking country we don't want people like you here__ on Boston Marathon Bombing Happened Same Day as Drills
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And why would someone concerned with only the bombings and more topical issues seven bother with a blog about very complex and involved subject matter?

Shes either an on the job perp or some internet junkie idiot who's taken to believing patriotism equates going along with the highest forms of corruption. Either way her opinions dont matter. Unless she wants to discuss MK Ultra which I dont even think she's familiar with probably...or if she's psy ops she knows her job is to protect the corrupt system at any cost which would include denouncing such subjects.

It seems Americans are now divided as to what it means to care about your country.

We all know TIs who do activism are trying to help themselves in self defense AND save what the USA is supposed to be-what it once was.

And I might just be leaving soon..but that doesnt mean I wont try for a lawsuit from abroad, honey.
Have fun trolling, bitch.

"You're just a beat schizo. How long can you hold onto this delusion that you matter or that anyone is targeting you? No one believes you anyways. Give up and check yourself into a mental hospital or just shut up and fade away. Just give up this campaign. You lost. You can't change anything. You will never make a difference in anything.__ on Safeway Security Guard Fired For Interrogating Four Year Old- Comment Left On Thread, Not Posted Of Course By Site, Posted Here
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But I have made a difference. Yer posting comments on a blog that gets actual traffic, readers and comments. I exist and function as a counter to this system of oppression.

Why don't i give up? Becuz I have no choice but to act in self defense. Also, being Roman in part I will never cease until I get satisfactory revenge. Nothing less will do. They started this with me, I didnt start this. Italians want revenge and our property and families returned or revenge for 'interfering' with those dear things. Being Eastern European also I naturally resist all invaders til death who wish to overtake and occupy, and have no problems dying for it.


Most of all: becuz what this system is doing is innately wrong. The darker forces have a place on this planet however its not THEIR world to rule completely. You can deceive man, murder, rape, sacrifice, dement, war, condemn, curse and tempt but mankind should always have a private place within himself to choose and to contemplate rebellion or submission to oppression.

The dark side has an unfair advantage right now. People like me are here to reset the balance-ITS THAT SIMPLE.

"Oh so this is what happens to used up ugly sluts.. good to know that everyone has to atone on Attempted Mind Twisting MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013
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If thats true then this country and those close to me who betrayed me are gonna bleed for me-hard.

And continuing to work off cover stories is not gonna work. Those who are stupid enough to focus on such simplicities don't matter in this anyway.

I was never a slut. Youve got your terminology wrong. I am assume you are either someone whos repressed who cannot have a good time or a male who goes through many women to prove he's macho but actually has closet gay issues.
Again, such issues have nothing to do with MK Ultra and related subjects.

"Where is your proof to any of this stuff that you claim? I want to see the documents. I want to see all the evidence. I want sworn affidavits of witnesses. I want pictures. I want videos. Put it out there. Oh wait, you don't have any real info. Did you ever think maybe you're just a nutcase Rachel? Maybe you really should just go away for a while and try to get some help. It would make your mother so much happy to know you were being taken care of.__ on Attempted Mind Twisting MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013
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Anonymouson 4/9/13"

Stuuupiid. Especially the mommy part. Psy ops first grade level!

"Your hypothesis that just because you have evidence of govt corruption does not disprove that you aren't schizophrenic. Why don't you try psychiatric drugs and see if that helps you? I have a pretty strong feeling if you would get the correct combination of drugs (it does take some experimenting to get the right combination) that all your problems would go away... __on Attempted Mind Twisting MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013 "

Lol..yeah the "right combination of drugs" usually does work to make people's problems go away. However, reality is alot harder to deal with yet also more rewarding when difficulties are mastered. Try it sometime instead of being a house slave for the oppresor or believing bullsh*t.
Also many people's 'mental health issues' are being caused by our depressing, spiritually lacking consumerist society not to mention the electromagnetic pollution so many other countries are now admitting to and making laws to protect people. America isnt admitting to anything only allowing psychiatry and Big Pharma to make profit off of people's misery.

I'm saddened you support such a scam but hey- that's on you.

I don't have to disprove I'm mentally ill. I have dirt and numbers on powerful men and career criminals in Boston, which I was smart enough to not run to authorities like a bitch. As a perp once said to me: "YOU can do whatever you want". Ah but I choose to fight a difficult battle for freedom instead of live off of my hush cred...becuz I'm a noble, stellar human being and also becuz if the fed wants to disrespect and play games using investigations to frame TIs as rats instead of actually solve crime, the justice system doesnt deserve anything from me.

I got an exposè to write-u got jacksh*t. All you get to write are trolling comments on activist blogs. Good luck with that-creative genius.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories Debunked-Too Bad No One's Asking The Right Questions

First of all the guy who bought the site domain needs to go f*ck off becuz there IS something going on thats totally deceptive, manipulative and criminal.

Boston and Cambridge are totally saturated with a covert presence its like the USSR, East Germany or something from a sci fi movie. The cops have been in cooperation with organized crime since forever and its a megalith of powerful people, institutions and private sector. In NA of Watertown and Newton all those wanna be biker rich trust fund kids and mafia people KNEW what was going on during Bush. "Oh ALOT of people are going crazy lately..." in regard to what was happening to me when living in Brighton, MA.

This is why I feel a moral obligation to write and publish what I've experienced. The gang stalking system keeps us victim witnesses so controlled its virtually impossible to get anything done.
But it has to be done. These bastards will keep a TI prisoner forever with what we know if given the chance and utilize it to slowly destroy the person.

Cambridge is packed with people who are in on GS, the NWO agenda and are generally evil greedy Liberal elitist pieces of sh*t who are part of the joint effort with other parties and ideologies to create a new version of the medieval feudal system. To enslave mankind basically.

There's also hella former military that turn against the system when they get exposed to enough of whats going on.

You would not believe how many rich kids from MA are aware of whats going on. GS runs rampant in MA especially Boston and its usually very brutal. The MBTA is involved extensively as well as store owners, citizens, college kids..

I've learned anywhere the Military Industrial Complex is strong gang stalking and covert ops are very strong.

Some horrible things happened in metro Boston during Bush. They in eastern MA especially are capable of great atrocities and abuse with total and complete heartlessness.
Ive experienced the most cruelty and cold heartedness from Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and their black communities south of there.

Its an area that one could call evil by nature. And very good at being deceptive about keeping up appearances to outsiders.

The northeast certainly does stick together as they like to brag is their mantra.

Yes the victims should be in people's thoughts but knowing the area like I do, being highly suspect of this event and the real motive(s) should always be on our minds.

Then again it could be that Boston is finally getting its commupence as well as its safety bubble burst. So much for perps during Bush playing with the dramatic idea of Al-Queda walking down THEIR street in order to terrorize a TI like myself with directed conversation.

Hows it feel now I wonder? Most likely those bitches and assholes who partake of such things arent worried at all. They know its all a controlled and methodical operation of continued false flag terror in order to further special interests and the NWO.

Thats fine for the little people for whom mobbing as part of a herd serving corrupt authority is enough in life but for those of us who are genuinely human that exist above the level of mere animals, we require truly clear consciences to continue living. And exposing these war crimes by telling what we know may be the only way to do that

Kooks dont ask sensible questions. Reasonable people of good conscience do.

Its disinfo agents who write unreasonable things....and buy up web site domains to block free speech.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations

This explains why community watch was pissing themselves a few nights ago when I walked up to the hills at 2am to check out the Clairemont Hotel-just to see what it was. It looks like a really grand building from down below like a church or temple or something...important.

I couldn't sleep anyway and my companion wasn't with me again yet. I was afraid of being robbed for some reason even though i know people out here and know where to sleep in the groups.

I see now that i needed to walk up there, not just to see the architecture but to experience being circled by cars driven by civilians behaving like sharks after prey. Cops went by only twice and after I talked to a local who claimed to be walking home from a play rehearsal, we discussing the history of the hotel and area-much of the mobbing behavior seemed to stop.

Now, reading this, i just wonder if, knowing what i do about GS and the covert activities and classified projects across this country-were those people in cars serving as protection against intruders or were they a continued part of the black projects going on that keep continued pressure on Targeted Individuals -specifically Survivors of programming, cults, RA-all 'mind control' -to attempt to cause yet ANOTHER unfortunate incident?

Another excuse and opportunity to put pressure on a Targeted Individual. Maybe they'll snap, or appear mentally ill. And with such an incident so close in that area's past wouldn't that be just enough to perhaps bring on more pressure or even question the person perhaps worse?

It seems unlikely that, targeted as Ive been for years the locals on this level and authoeities dont know who i am.

It worked for them last time I was here. I screamed at a cop car at the top.of my lungs becuz i was being messed with constantly when all i wanted to do was look around the university area up the hill at night.

Didn't work this time. Ive had a caring companion for too long. Also the health issues i have and the medical procedures Ive been through made me realize this commitment to this cause and my exposé is life long-and at any cost.
And i am older...Ive lost everything from my youthful life energy to my looks ever since 2011 due to various circumstances.

Not only has there never been any fear there due to my RA and programming history, now there's no point in screaming at police cars or perp civilians-I've been doing this too long and theres a point u reach where they just repeat themselves. U adapt and become unbeatable.

Besides their cities are all being sold out to corporate by these business associations...always control is handed over to them after 'unfortunate incidents' like the one in Berkeley written about in the link above.

Basically a strong theory is that these business associations seem in cahoots with police who of course are in with organized crime. The gang stalking tech and methods of causing chaos are being utilized so that communities become so screwed up they probably feel that tight control or privatization is the only solution.

Many people in the community probably see these actions for what they really are: intimidation, blackmale, extortion. The same old games. 'Either go along with this new way or the mob's will (business association or whomever is really behind these associations) or you'll have murders, deaths, chaos, destruction and be overrun with crazies'.

More corporate control, especially one that appears to be curing concerns of safety and protection of property equals MORE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS-CAMERAS and that means more involvement of security companies.

Every TI can tell you from experience that one of the main sources of the GS system is through security systems and their surveillance cameras-its been that way ever since 2002. Certainly since Bush gained power over our society during that era, post 9-11.

Those houses up there aren't full of completely innocent people. One mansion was tall with two lions out front and white. It sit on the side of the road going up the hill, against a black backdrop. The second floor of the three high had a large triangular window in it, all lit up with a red light.

Another house buried in the darkness behind the road made me especially uneasy walking past.

Something tells me those two houses and their occupants wont be the victims of any such misfortunes any time soon.

People need to realize that these 'black ops' groups if you will, that cause an area utilizing the technologies, chemical controls and psychological warfare while traveling through an area for a time are not the only source of the problem.

Every community in the USA seems to be infiltrated or contains from their beginnings such people. People who work for this system, who are for this agenda.

Before looking at some puppet or pawn sent in to cause a disturbance, first look at your own community.

If you arent willing to do that, you wont solve these issues nor prevent being sucked into the NWO by way of the Eye In The Sky effect every damn where you go.

Literally what's behind those cameras and what eminates from the tech is INTENDED TO BE YOUR NEW GOD.

The system behaves and interfaces with humans very much like the Abrahamic god of the old testament or a similar figure.

Its up to each one of us if they want to live as a slave or truly free in the years to come-even now.

I know its closing in and time to leave the country even. Even places like Berkeley wont exist as they do soon enough.

Its a choice of free Will once you understand whats really going on. Then its on you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Happened Same Day as Drills

Boston is home to some of the country's most greedy viscous selfish and destructive people. These types are highly educated have connection to old money, institutions like Harvard and MIT , and the area is home to the military industrial complex via multiple contractors like Raytheon and lets not forget about multiple crime syndicates all working with the system to generate money and keep the area wealthy and powerful through any l kind of economic environment.

The bpd knows all. Its total bullshit that no one knows who did this.

In fact u can b sure these sadistic greedy bastards did it themselves for political reasons to generate some sort of effect that gains them more money and power in the global world economy. I cannot say i am sorry or sad or that i care.

Boston is a mean cold hearted place and has more covert presence since 9-1 than anywhere ive been except NYC.

I'm shedding no tears and i am sure they are all continuing to pretend i dont exist and shun me after betraying and exiling me for life.

I guess my opinions don't matter then anyways on the subject as to them i dont exist.

Like i said-i am not sad today surely.

Being from the area and having been targeted there I can tell everyone who's interested the truth about Boston and Cambridge.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Safeway Security Guard Fired For Interrogating Four Year Old- Comment Left On Thread, Not Posted Of Course By Site, Posted Here

"SAFEWAY is actively involved in 'gang stalking' and organized harassment, sponsored by the military industrial-academic- intelligence complex. Their higher ups have been in trouble for screwing around with money and other things and this is a perfect way to get out of trouble. These people might be Targeted Individuals and not know it. Safeway in Cali is known as Von's supermarket. ALL MAJOR FOOD STORES ARE NOW INVOLVED IN GANG STALKING AND OTHER THINGS CONNECTED TO IT. Its amazing how only certain people get treated this way in a store. Yet I bet you these same people will find that thier 'bad luck' follows them everywhere. That they have  incidents like this all thier lives. Strange how other people simply dont encounter such troubles. Depending on the location you are in, the region, you will find major supermarket chains involved. In Cali its Safeway aka Vons, Albertsons and Smiths. Nationwide its Walmart and Target- two of the worst offenders in this system.

No corporation would ever gain dominance as a chain nationwide or even regionally unless they took part in this system. I am not making this up. Greyhound, THE nationwide bus company-unchallenged until recently by upstarts like Megabus- is the number one worst company for gang stalking programs connected to said parties, even taking part in continued unethical human experimentation connected to ongoing MK Ultra programs. It seems anything connected to transportation as well as the classic industrialist's domain like rail, steel etc are big in on involvement in these programs. ANY COMPANY THAT USES A LARGE SECURITY/SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM. Which is the main way that a Target is watched and then messed with my employees. And you can be local cops are in on it too. San Diego- the drone manufacturing capital of the USA is terrible on Targets being messed with in stores. ITS MAINLY THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX behind this but industry and major corporations seem to take part.
It looks as if companies can only succeed as chains if they take part in harassment of Targets. So these actions are possibly not random at all, as security guards are some of the most careless, rude, arrogant GS perps around due to thier lack of stealth from not being trained as heavily as real cops.
There is no excuse for such incidents and NO ONE IS THIS STUPID. The two kinds of harassment are aggressive and passive which means people can use the 'oops, we dropped the ball' excuse on a one time incident in one location thats ludicrous like the ones mentioned in comments above and in this article. Yet ask the person who suffered from the incident how many other odd or strange incidents where people act crazy and unreasonably and a percentage of them will realize that such insanity is frequent in thier lives compared to other people.

Ive been harassed by a Von's employee. One who misrepresented herself as security and acted inappropriately. The 2nd manager gave me a $10 gift card also. SHE HAS SINCE LEFT THAT STORE AND THAT JOB WITHIN A WEEK OF THE INCIDENT as she was the only witness other than the cameras- yet the offending employee was not fired.

I also believe that many sadistic, sick types are behind alot of this and they view these instances on the security tapes for entertainment becuz that is the way thier minds work- you would be surprised at whats out there for internet sites and satellite channels when you reach a certain level of wealth and being connected.

Watch your back and learn not to give the harassers nor the cameras what they want- a show and a reaction from you. ALWAYS prosecute the offenders from the store to the security company and stay on it. Call the media do whatever it takes to get them to make it right. IF YOU ARE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL the store wont give a crap about you or what they did to you especially if you are discredited already so dont expect the same treatment like the families got above after ill treatment. There was a kid involved and that makes Americans listen so they had to be careful on this one. A lone adult, especially one without money or cred is going to be written off as thier PR dept doesnt have to care about you. And Targets get incidents like this so frequently that they pile up, leave you overwhelmed and you just stop reporting them or advocating for yourself. Bad idea. You've got to stay on top of things. Take the time to write corporate from a safe place where harassment is minimum and if necessary get a lawyer to keep track of incidents that will pile up and show a pattern of harassment. The security camera tapes are your best friend- they want to use them against you so you must use them to defend yourself.
There was one Albertson's where a bagging clerk attacked me and the crooked cops claimed it was after the camera's reach and it was too dark to see outside- then tried to talk me out of advocating for myself any further. San Diego of course, where this type of thing is a nightmare.  But always- always make sure you look at such incidents and be sure there isnt a pattern of this stuff happening in your life. If not, then it was just random stupidity- though it might still fall under the category of sick people behind the cameras who want incidents like this to goof on or even sell to people for entertainment but if you arent targeted, it wont KEEP HAPPENING.

If you DO see a pattern you need to quickly start learning about 'gang stalking' or organized stalking and related subjects as, unfortunately, there may be forces and parties at work that are actually trying to get you to commit suicide as an end result of what is actually a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign, possibly related to things you never realized you might be victimized by- things its going to take your mind a while to deal with.

There is NO reason that in a first world country this wealthy in this day and age such incidents need to occur so often. If you find that your life is becoming wrought with such happenings you need to act quickly and get connected to the Targeted Individual community or you are going to possibly lose your life after losing your material possessions. GS is used on ANYONE who knows too much about something or someone- its the ultimate victim witness intimidation. Sometimes people just piss off the wrong person who has powerful connections they did not know about. Gang Stalking is just like WORKPLACE MOBBING or BULLYING except its done in public spaces and follows the Target everywhere they go. YOU CAN SURVIVE, ADAPT AND EVEN LIVE NORMALLY as a Targeted person. You simply need to learn how the system works, how to defend yourself and then how to adapt.
When a person is targeted, death is usually the desired outcome of the perpetrators. Incidents like these are only a small portion of what the Target has to endure and many people in the public dont know that they simply see someone going crazy, slowly.

Deal with being Targeted or you may end up dead and the TI community does not want you dead we want you alive so that you too can bear witness to this system, how it works and how technology, anti terror programs/funds and abuse of power is being used to perpetrate this system in western societies around the globe.

Its usually used in democratic societies that want to appear freedom loving and human rights advocating. If you compare GS to whats used overtly in more oppressive countries, you'll see its the same thing. Its actually worse for Westerners, as citizens dont want to accept that America or Europe in this modern age has a system akin to East Germany or the USSR or modern day Iran, China etc.
For us it means having to live a double life as its not accepted in western societies as officially occurring. Psychiatry also does alot to cover for such a system, just as they did in the USSR, where it was known as 'punitive psychiatry'. The psychiatric community would cover for the oppression of targeted citizens by government or other entities in the power structure by labeling the person mentally ill for making such claims.
You will learn that going to police, being overt about gang stalking by mentioning it or talking about this with any professional in the USA is useless and might get you labeled. Its covert, so a Target must deal with it covertly also. BUT DONT PUT UP WITH THE ABUSE as you can see its people just doing really stupid stuff like above and acting like it was an accident or isolated incident. BTW, the jerks who do this stuff to people GET PAID for doing it or, if they are in trouble with the law or about to be in trouble, get a 'out of jail free' card basically. Good cops cant help you because they dont want to get targeted.

Please see my blog and all the others like it and live your life freely. The magic trick cant fool you anymore, once you know how the magician does it. Good Luck to all."

Safeway lot was location of Tucson AZ shooting.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Attempted Mind Twisting MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013

And as a bonus I will include a 'Nice Try!' comment by  a reader. Nice Try! at mind f*cking with this one, but sorry, its a bit obvious:
"Oh well, there's no convincing them. They will forever be hopeless sheep until (when/if) the powers decide to end this, which they probably never will. There's no convincing them. I'd concentrate on living my life rather than fighting them. After all, you can't fight the mob, and you can't argue with a sick mind. It's like a person with schizophrenia: they don't think or know they are mentally ill, so it's like convincing this person till the end of time they are crazy. It just doesn't work. The sheep and certain perps will similarly never see reality and that they just live in a fake ridiculous reality that we aren't interested in sharing with them. on AZ Another Example of Whats wrong with this shithole country

Anonymous on 3/22/13"

If you are a Targeted Individual or Survivor of programming, cult mind control or RA you would know enough to question the very validity of schizophrenia as a diagnosis for certain behaviors and situations. An honest investigation by authorities would turn up enough evidence to clear many people of the diagnoses and an honest research project by medical science would show that much of 'mental illness' is caused by various organic brain diseases like parasites, bacteria even lesions.(They've documented lesions causing impulsive violent behavior).  There has been such research done and its always rejected by the establishment. Interestingly, the same drug that works for anti-psychotic medication also kills certain smaller parasites in the brain.
Toxiplasmosis has been an issue since feline ownership became popular in the late 1800's in Britain and the USA. All they do is warn pregnant women not to touch cat litter boxes during thier second trimester due to the progesterone in thier bodies making them more susceptible to parasitic infection.

Yet, what about females taking synthetic progesterone- progestin, that mimics the same phase of pregnancy in the body in order to provide birth control? I was on such a medication called Ovrette for years, and one of my research projects was to study how this drug's effects resembled steroid abuse in males, including verbal and reading skills being effected and learning ability and of course aggression- as well as the possibility of women being more susceptible to parasitic infection and other conditions.

Of course this is during my blooming period in Brighton, where I came up with such good ideas and theories, and its one of the things they came after me for I am certain of it. Needless to say that drug went off the market in 2004 or 5. I had depended on it for years and it had made me very aggressive which I also came to depend on.

I was warned by well-to-do people in Narcotics Anonymous basically that anyone who stumbles upon, figures out or is a doctor or scientist- exactly how f*cked up America is and the things they are doing to our bodies with drugs etc- is GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I was being told stories about a doc who cured this rich guy's Hep C and he had to go to Mexico becuz the guy had been chased out of the country becuz his cure works and rivals the depression inducing, painful, long term treatment of Interferon. Which doesnt have a 100% success rate depending on the strain you have its less than a good outcome.

Its been documented that parasitic disease is prevalent among Americans especially poorer populations where its been proven that this class level, specifically certain races, have common Third World 'tropical' diseases living in the USA. Poor African Americans are one such community. I believe this is the real reason why Euro-Americans had separate facilities for them as well as they were forced to live in poor conditions during slavery and were most likely kept sickly.

No one ever deals with the realities of the diseases people bring with them from Africa, the Orient (I refuse to call it Asia as that's many different countries. Asia is a damn continent making up Russia and Oriental countries. This new way of including India is racist, ridiculous and only benefits investors into the NWO.), the Middle East, South America and Mexico. And what of any such diseases Native Americans had?

It may have been possible decades ago to be separated in your own community from such things but now with so much 'diversity' and many foriegn people living among each other its ridiculous to have the same standards as 40 plus years ago.

It stands to reason that parasitic diseases feed the psychiatric field, Big Pharma as well as the food industry and of course the medical field.

After the amount of dishonesty and outright disregard, even murderous intent from the medical field with gang stalking activity- why wouldn't they be capable of such a deception to generate money?

Again people believe that a certain field or profession makes humans divine by default- moral and beyond reproach.

Taking care of your health is the number one priority for TI's and Survivors. Especially if you become houseless.

They want homelessness to take care of thier 'problem' for them.
The more depressed you become or aged or sickly the less you may shower. The less you shower, the more chem trail materials and pollutants get on your hair and skin and make you even more depressed, compliant and emotionally screwed up. I wonder just how many of the people we see out here have been targeted into being so messed up.(It doesnt surprise me that in San Diego and  surrounding area there is only the worst area of homelessness to get a shower referred to as 'The Bottoms'. In an area that big with various neighborhoods there's no other homeless drop in's or shower programs? You'll start to experience all kinds of problems there, you're mental and emotional condition will suffer- yet if you do get a shower you feel 100% better. Strange how that works eh? Phoenix, AZ area is just the same set up.)

Their theories of 'chemical imbalances' have to go further to explain to the public the CAUSES of  the electrical or structural problems with the human brain causing people to not be sane or reasonable first of all. Secondly, when there is an entire system working out in society that causes people to appear to be insane and unreasonable and there is no official recognition of that- I would doubt thier theory of 'mental illness' generally until they can prove that a certain portion of it isnt caused by the 'gang stalking' system- the results of being targeted as well as the trials of recovering from programming, RA or cult mind control. And remember all my scientific minds out there- you cant DISprove, you can only prove. As is my understanding. Which means 'dis' proving has to consist of media blackouts, denying information, selecting info to pay attention to, oppression etc etc. Becuz proving there is a significant amount of people in society who become Targeted Individuals would be not be difficult, at least having some indication there is indeed some such plot of evil design present in our society and other societies.

They wanna f*ck our theories? Then f*ck thiers' then. I dont trust the medical profession nor psychiatry after what I've experienced. In my experience they are fully aware of organized stalking as well as continued unethical human experimentation classifed and 'black' projects. They are aware and they take part.

Until thier roles in classified or 'black' projects and covert activity are fully understood by law enforcement and the public, nothing they say or claim can be trusted. Simply becuz their reasoning and theory do not disclose certain information, so how can it be true?

There was a man from Russia, a Jew who solved math's most unsolvable problem some years ago. I posted about it. He came to the USA and when he reviewed his peers mathematics as well as saw the intellectual scene as it is, he stated to the press his revelation that the intellectuals and acedemics in the West were misusing math and statistics etc- fudging results if you will and misrepresenting- in order to benefit thier own agendas, especially to the public.

He got disgusted, left America and now seems very uncomfortable with his having the status of the smartest mathematician in the world. He's probably targeted for being smart enough to uncover the truth.

Being over educated, smart and rich isnt enough. You have to decide what side you want to be on. And in that, those people are just like the rest of us, so dont get confused about people you think are superior to you in society. I am from Cambridge and Boston. Ive seen those people privately and on thier worst days. They may be more interesting, or have more money to hide behind but they are human animals. Dont forget that.

Psychiatry is very dangerous.  Dr Cameron was a prized psychiatrist regardless of all the pain and suffering his work caused people. That should set a precedent of how we percieve the psychiatric community today.

Psychiatry has basically become social control for those who no longer fall under the power of religion or get out of the world of recreational drug use.  Their worst nightmare are people who have experimented with drugs- becuz you know your own consciousness and have tested your mettle.  I believe this is one of the biggest motives for the War On Drugs- other than to make money by playing both sides as well as the Corporate Prison Industrial Complex. You can control a populous alot better with the tech and chemicals out there now IF THEY DONT KNOW WHAT BEING DRUGGED OR INFLUENCED IS LIKE.  If they are humans who have never experienced consciousnesses shift.

Also primitive humans took natural drugs to have communal experiences with gods or inner gods. If the powers that be can also deny or control that themselves they have a very ancient power over human beings. Note the 'magickal' experiences in our modern society consist of entertainment from well as the Xanax  your psychiatrist gives you along with your psych  meds- an added bonus for going along with the system.

This is ALL ABOUT control of information and thats it. If the public understood how these tricks were done or that this system existed they would be all over thier asses, just as they have been with the drone situation.

HATE MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013- The Power Of Repitition In Brainwashing

"aren't you dead yet? on Students, Scholars And Spies: The CIA On Campus By Robert Witanek"

"ur just a loud mouth b1tch. we will put u in ur place. keep it up cause no one is listening. you're just our entertainment now on

Anonymous on 4/7/13"

"YOU HAVE FAILED. YOU ARE WEAK AND YOU ARE PATHETIC. NO ONE LISTENS TO YOU. YOU DON'T COUNT. on Why Its Of Utmost Importance TIs Become Active Against Electromagnetic Pollution

Anonymous on 4/7/13"

Uh, same person I assume. Someone got bored I guess or just found the site and wanted to troll it. Funny how, if a Target didnt keep sight of thier future plans coming to fruition or if the TI didnt keep focused inwardly, these comments might serve as material to keep running over in the person's mind and chip away at the inner confidence.

They seem ridiculous true. But things like this can do actual damage becuz in a moment of trauma or weakness these comments do indeed represent what is going on outside the Target every day.

Tactics like these are meant to help negative realities from outside the Target gain access inside the Targeted Individual. Thats most likely why there's three of them in a row. Brainwashing means repetition. Its likely that one comment would do little.

So 'we' are so powerful that 'we' have to remain anonymous? lol.

So much of this is smoke and mirrors.

Kinda like Bloomberg saying sh*t like 'Drones are creepy- but inevitable', right after the public got a good, solid idea of how damaging, illegal and indeed creepy the drone program was- partially becuz much of it is still classified. The people decided to make laws- on drones trespassing on private property, on law enforcement in WA having them for use in civilian areas.

The public has the power- this is what they want the everyone to forget. So they create bogeymen and lots of smoke to blow up your ass. Kinda like the Wizard of Oz. All that noise and scary face and smoke and such- turns out its a simple man who's behind the curtain.
 This entire situation with gang stalking (psych warfare domestically) and these new technologies even chemtrails are the same thing. The people have  the power, which is why they need to hide the truth as well as intimidate, confuse etc.

If the public knew what was going on with these programs as well as were made to understand mass mind control is possible and a reality there is no doubt in my mind that they would take immediate action.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Its Of Utmost Importance TIs Become Active Against Electromagnetic Pollution

Targeted Individuals are effected by electromagnetic and microwave pollution just as we are also targeted specifically utilizing these means.

However, that remains an area where the public remain either in disbelief or ignorant. While TIs are exposed to these forces purposely multitudes of people are being made sick by these same forces. Many TIs have experienced so much and done research that many of us now sincerely believe that the people of the USA and perhaps abroad are now living under a form of mass mind control via advances in military grade technologies, originated for use in warfare overseas but we believe being used domestically by very powerful entities to further their interests and those they consider the business interests of the United States.

Since the mass mind control theory or claim as well as the claims of being targeted dissidents within a Democratic country are viewed with disbelief and suspicion it seems practical for Targets to appeal to what is believable as well as effects the general public but also effects us as well.

These two cases show that the public in other countries are becoming aware and active:

If the public can get electromag pollution reduced people like Targeted Individuals who have been sensitized to it will also benefit, greatly.

Remember Big Pharma and psychiatry are making a mint off of humans being made sick from electromag pollution. Its not going to be easy to fight this and skirting around the politics of what I just mentioned without losing sight of those parties' special interest in the matter is going to be very important to the issue.

Its also a way TIs can become active to benefit themselves without focusing on being in our small and marginalized community, being able to join something more broad where mentioning our status is not necessary.

The numbers of people on this front are much more in number-just watch out for typical perps and infiltrators in any activist group. Either ignore them or play them good and win.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Students, Scholars And Spies: The CIA On Campus By Robert Witanek

Ok so I cant vouch much for the publication but its interesting.

MIT working in the CIA's interest? If credible, this explains alot. Cambridge is absolutely saturated throughout with covert presence-on the streets, in shops e erhwere. Its REALLY bad in Central Sq and Harvard Sq has gone downhill considerably.

Everywhere you'd think was liberal has been so infiltrated. But for how long? This article suggests that Liberal areas are actually quite susceptible to being under the influence of such forces.

Which makes one wonder if the entire Sixties movement wasnt orchestrated as a diversion of some sort or a large social experiment or some phase in a larger long term plan.

Article made me feel better surely.

Friday, April 5, 2013

You All Claim To Support The Troops-What About When The War Is Over? Homelessness Among Iraq Vets

Firstly its FORMER military not EX military. That would be used if you had a dishonorable discharge. As is my understanding.

So why doesnt the Pentagon use some of that 17 billion dollars they 'misplaced' some years ago to assist with this problem?

Perhaps skim a bit off the black projects eh? What about all the uppity normal s and YUPpie assholes in on gang stalking who would claim to support the troops if they thought thats what they were supposed to say and do to hide the fact they are actually disgusting, self serving greedy assholes who only care about how much a TI is worth? Where are they in this situation?

Actually I am very suspicious of the high suicide rate of veterans especially ones from this recent war era and specifically in places like AZ where I personally have experienced the harassment from actual persons as well as the technology and chemical influences in use to be one of the worst places in the country to deal with if targeted.

All the glitz and glamour and romanticizing soldiers yet this is the harsh reality.

Ive been in shelters and Ive also known many people in veteran's shelters. I've also been put through such brutalization myself and stress by this system that I now have PTSD. :. The only thing making my situation different is the trauma occured at a very late age, I understood what it was and that it was abusive not my duty or the norm and whatever internal programming was present to either prevent suicide or compartmentalize the damage so it didn't become as much of a danger to me as it might to others.

However, compartmentalization is exactly what vets have done with their experiences. Its the only way to function in the normal, civilian world.

These people were so young when this happened and in a mind controlled state the military puts them into to survive that these experiences shape them for life.

There should be therapies available. There should be help. Yet in my experience the systems part of gang stalking Targets could be used to actually make a human being's PTSD and re running memories so bad that it drives a person to suicide.


Citizens forget who they are dealing with in civilian time-the same viscous, merciless badasses who open cans of whoop ass on foreign nations and use drones to kill anyone in their way or find ways to get results at any cost are THE SAME people you are dealing with AFTER the war.

And its not so much about military anymore as it is about military industrial complex. The companies involved-it must be ridiculous how far corporate power has grown on this planet since fifty years ago-even just thirty. I probably can't even perceive exactly what a huge international corporation is at this point. What it is, how its set up or.what it 'looks like' on paper and in the physical world...but I'll tell you one thing I do know.

Some force or power out there now has the ability to play god with people's lives on a metaphysical level all the way down to emotionally, mentally even physically, by utilizing technologies and chemicals and through manipulating physical space via hired people in large numbers.

The tech seems to have originated with the military and civilian prison system.

The public first needs to be made aware of how corrupt the homeless industry is and completely overhaul the entire system and its funding. They also need to understand homeless culture as it is-not from a religious or political party perspective nor through campaigns for funding. I have yet to see or read any materials that accurately represent homelessness in the United States. Partially becuz the population is purposely oppressed and kept down as well as many homeless people either lie to please service providers or want to spare normals the realities of the culture.

Then people have to accept the military is a business and the complex is a monolithic giant nowadays. If construction used to budget in expendable workers on job sites building structures can you imagine what a business based on killing has for numbers?

I dare speculate that such a money making megalith which bases its profit on death would have no qualms about further deaths benefitting their industry and the government and tax payers that fund it.

Less money for the casualities means more for them and their friends businesses as well as the public won't begin to head towards the complete realization of what the complex is truly about. And how war shouldnt even be as frequent nor necessary in this day and age.

One thing about the former military being rural homeless at least they'll be able to survive. Still its no way to live.

This is why its important to have within our culture a real understanding of homeless culture as well as.some form of houseless culture that can become socially acceptable-that the country can coexist with.

Sweeping homelessness under the rug and allowing the social services people and corrupt homeless industry to represent is only allowing corruption and human/civil rights abuses to continue.

Homeless vets might be dealt with better becuz police understand and respect them and civilians accept that serving may have caused their plight but the lack of services for them as well as a true and clear understanding of why they are houseless seems non existent.

And if an effort is made for better public awareness of homeless culture lets be sure we are watchful of the disinfo machine taking on that task to yet again ensure the truth stay hidden.

In this social climate I cannot see such an exposure being made especially through media. If it were it would be drowned out by the Kardashians, the latest gadget and other diversions. Whats so disgusting are all the yellow ribbons everywhere.

Its easy to stick a magnet on your car. What about the problems of real life? And giving to shelters isn't enough. There needs to be policy change and an entirely new way of percieving the cultures homelessness and the military itself.

Until what was and is mine is returned to me, I will NEVER give up doing things as I am doing them. You will be fought against, bucked and rebelled against as well as disregarded until I am allowed to produce a work that gives me closure or until what was taken from me is compensated or returned and I am allowed to properly grieve my losses, opposed to being ripped from things then abducted into this prison camp and forced into a torture chamber meat grinder until I comply with behavior modification. I will do as I am doing until I grow old or incapable enough to no longer do so.

You WILL be fought against until the end. This is what's in my DNA and you know you cant modify whats at the core of the double helix even with gassings, poisonings, brain damage, microwaving, shocks, intimidation, psychological warfare, betrayals, slander, mobbing, negativity. You are not gods, you are humans playing god. Go fuck off.

Bombarded By Negativity While Writing Last Two Posts

(As I finish these two posts I am bombarded with impressions of the fact i am no longer good looking or young so i shud not waste my time writing, that no one listens to me anyway, that I no one pays attention to the ravings of a poor schizophrenic, that I'm being written off as mad, that there are people here and if I do go abraod that do not believe in me, what i am writing or the way i live-who will interfere at any cost, block me, make sure i can't stay in any country too long and ultimately believe I should focus on working and getting a job or building a life as opposed to doing what I am doing, even completing my book.

To that my reaction is, that in 2004 I went to therapy in earnest as I was deprogramming and asked for help. I wanted to become a counciler utilizing my life experience in adult entertainment to help others and perhaps do personal art projects on the side for self satisfaction. I had taken three weeks of vocational testing at Mass Rehab and wanted to attend UMass. All I got from therapists were harassment, questions about people related to the federal investigation [totally illegal and unethical and I WILL get Boston for that. They REALLY didn't want to expose their precious Julia to being testified against by giving me a subpoena did they?] or intimidation so I wouldn't go to a hypnotist and recover memories.

Everyone chose to f*ck with me, dehumanize and devalue me instead of help me.

So, in kind, everyone involved can go totally royally f*ck themselves as far as I am concerned. The United States owes me and my family for radiation experiments, abusing their own military personnel and MK Ultra.

Feel fortunate this is all I am able to do.

Fuck the elite and their house slaves and every single compliant asshole in between. I'll do as I see fit.)

Altering Humanity As Part Of The NWO

Note the destruction of anything Native American or folk European in our culture. Its now all Anglo-Saxon or the mock bullshit versions of European cultures like 'Italian' restaurants that arent genuine, nor is there any true Italianness left anywhere either. Its WASP, African American specifically the most negative aspects of that being established by corporate culture, Jewish, Mexican and new waves of immigrant cultures.

Its ALL corporate. All the cities Ive visited over the last few years are either corporate waste lands or corporate wonderlands-both of which have replaced what this country once was.

Its harder to live alternatively or be a Traveler so humans become dependant on this corporate structure, which is interconnected nation wide and repeats itself in every location one goes to. They are trying to make everyone tired, without hope and confused so people give up trying to find their way out (the truth) and go with the structure put around them or they've been led into. Isn't this what is done to cattle, albeit with a lot less effort?

If you are gang stalked and have made it this far with your true, genuine self intact, your memories, your history and your Will it may then be time to leave this place and establish a new life or even colony somewhere else.

The destruction of indigenous cultures, even the remnants of European pre Christian ones, seems key to creating this new order. This explains why anything 'folkish' or related to whites Germanic-ness if you will, has been phased out, extracted or wiped out in American culture. How much remains of what was once signs of Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Mediterranean or even Native American in this country's common areas, outside of specific areas where those cultures dominate?

Even in those locations such as Boston where I am from, corporate culture has done what it can to wipe out, cover, subvert and replace any such signs or symbols of the aforementioned cultures. From Colonial to Native American and all the dominant Euro folk in between that settled eastern MA, its mostly been subverted and replaced by corporate or YUPpie which I consider being rooted in low WASP cultures. White Anglo Saxon Protestants do NOT register as what is pre Christian European culture. Actually what remains of High WASP in places like Cambridge and Cape Cod are one of the only small sources of comfort left.

The only solace has been traveling for so long especially in places where humans havent conquered the land like Cali or the southwest and having learned to imagine the earthscape around me as it was BEFORE man built on it or at least with just Natives living there.

It's THE ONLY WAY to keep any sanity with the sprawling of the corporate cancer all around this country. Just totally disregard the new structures as completely invalid, unreal and as more of a disease on the land as opposed to agreeing any of it is acceptable.

It seems that the elite fear the European folk or the pre.Christian roots of Europe as much as they seem to fear Middle Eastern Aryans, Zoroastrianism, Mongolian prehistoric rooted cultures (Native Americans, Sami etc) or numerous other indigenous, pre Abrahamic religious cultures.

Thats becuz if the Abrahamic religions can no longer oppress people, the internet cures ignorance and lack of data and psychiatry doesnt work to fool everyone TECHNOMANCY must be utilized. In the form of using technologies in a web over humanity to destroy and repress human beings' natural energies or 'magick' if you will which is common and accepted in all the cultures I mentioned. Even when such peoples are oppressed by religions there still lies the possibility of the DNA expressing itself. Thus controls must be present, heavy handed ones that leave nothing in secret. That even invade a human being's inner life, mind, heart and spirit so that no rebellion remains nor no space on earth unaccounted for by the system.

Their are theories coming out about man's origns being more varied than imagined. Different kinds of humans co existed on earth such as Neanderthal etc and 'races' may indeed exist due to different ancestors (but not divided up as the racial divides we now understand-and PCer's dismiss as racist ignorance.)

Its logical to assume that the scientific comminity per usual knows alot more than it is telling and is manipulating what it knows about the population according to this information.

The real reason academia doesnt want people understanding 'race' if you will could be so that people dont find out the truth(s) about where they come from respectively and rediscover ancient powers, dormant within all human life.

This could also be why there's a New Age movement and its allegedly a creation of the disinfo machine.
Ive experienced that the intelligence and deception system like GS always provides a holding area for anyone who discovers whats going on and runs to expose it-enters an alternative area other than the system most normal people live in. New Age never sat right with me. There was always this lack of finding anything substantial that would last or that would propel one to another level of being.

I think all along these powers are to be found within the human body itself. And like any true power one can only gain access by alteration so abuse of such power by is less likely. Which is probably why its not tapped into by buying New Age books at some store.

The system seems determined not only to rip out the wiring not just of Survivors of programming, whos natural intergenerational psychic powers were being utilized under programming-but all of humanity, wherever humans still hang onto earth's natural environment.

If you were the elite-Rockefeller etc, wouldn't you want domination over humanity? Many of us, having that power, would behave just as the elite are behaving now. Historically this IS what absolute power does to the populace, the technologies and advances probably were never as advanced or available as today. If they were-like the college experiment done by students which proved that The Covenant in the Bible was merely a radio transmitter-we were moreso the victims not perpetrators as well as such tech was long forgotten throughout history.

Its laughable to think humans would be as gullible nowadays to believe the god of Abraham was 'talking' to them. (Btw, if this is truly what religion claims why isnt it condemed and removed by psychiatry? Becuz they dont dare interfere with established institutions of power as well that provide a good portion of social control over humans, thats why. Think of psychiatry as a supplement to today's social control system-for those who would like to believe in science for their well being and not religion. Unfortunately, it utter bullsh*t. Not totally but hey, all good mind controlling disinfo contains truth. Its the turn offs into lies and deceptions ya gotta watch out for.)

Yet many people are still this gullible. Especially during Bush if you notice this was common (big surprise).

For young people these problems might not be so relevant. I think Gen X has it very rough as we were born into whats essentially the pre-electromagnetic era, the end of the 20th century, and have reached adulthood just as the technologies such as cell towers (microwave spectrum) etc were becoming common in the environment as well as other pollution became very damaging to the environment.

Older people might have beennmore removed from the transition and younger kids were born native. It might even be more damaging to us not being born native to the current environment-our systems may not easily handle the noise, tech and heavier pollution.
However I see alot of kids who are messed up by this environment as well. Another thought is that its sensitives or empaths who are being most damaged. It would stand to reason that destroying people who are born strong in that natural energy I wrote of from birth would be desirable in this NWO plan.

Sick Of Being Blocked From Finishing My Mission, Gaining Closure

I am so sick of all this bullsh*t.

Why can't people just admit to the existence and validity of ritual abuse, programming and mind control? Instead of persecuting the Survivors?

People in this country will believe anything about a Targeted person as long as they can avoid dealing with the truth. I cannot believe how hard and long Ive been persecuted, targeted and gang stalked here in north America. Its been six years living on the road. And nine years since this campaign began 24-7.
And America hasnt changed-its simply gone completely flat. Its like a dead body now. Everywhere I go is devoid of the spirit of life that once existed, not just for Travelers but for the populations in these locations generally.

Leaving the US is the only way it seems to escqpe going any further down the tunnel if you will of this false time line.
Its come a time now to turn back around and go the other way, to try to escape where this line is going within the United States.

I now believe fully that even though gang stalking was and is cruel and f*cked up, its purpose partially is to lead the more intelligent, awakened peoples OUT of the United States before the culture closes in on itself completely.
We are people who would've been cast aside anyway and not fit in or we would've been such inconsistent forces or chinks in the newly woven fabric that we had to be removed, lest we wouldve simply been rubbed out some other way.

Thats why being Targeted is so lonely-not because TIs are mentally ill or crazy but becuz we have been removed from the time line in our culture and location that the majority of the population have been indoctrinated into. When you are shown how the trick is done there is now way you are going to be fooled-thus you dont fit in.

Its become really bad lately, with how severe the brainwashing of the public is now in this culture. People dont seem to recall anything about real world history nor is using critical thinking really popular anymore.

It feels like a ghost town, for those of you who've been to the south west or walked through the much abandoned mid western business districts in certain areas.

Everyone seems to be existing in a matrix or virtual world now. One which Targeted Individuals, especially Surviors of high level programming, have been pulled out of.

For me its gone from a nightmare to a sort of muted lobotomy. Those funny pics posted on the internet of Bush with the caption "Miss me yet?" say it all.
I'd rather the intensity of a nightmare than the state of dead calm Obama's era seems to keep me in. Most useless president in history. Its been like an anti-existence. The energy is terrible.
I feel much of the population is running on a different current and I can't connect. I can't plug in, I am cut off from any and all energies.

Its worse than a walking death-its an ultimate non existence. One that I can't tolerate much longer. It is the single most horrible experience in my life's history including even being tortured under Bush's administration. I'd rather fire than fog anyday.

The country's in a direction that cannot be stopped now. No matter what TIs do there's no changing whats been started. They are fully immersed and will now never reawaken again-not anytime soon.

Its so sad-an evolution was so close. Perhaps it was simply that in the 90's we were young and it simply seemed that way to our generation. Yet, there is something about Bush coming in and the false timeline being fully brought into existence-or rather humanity being pulled into it. As long as no one admits the truth or deals with the war crime status of the leaders of that era, we as a nation will always be living in a falsehood. And some of us can't forget and refuse to return to normal society without what was taken from us during all this time period.

Becuz that's what they want remember-is to keep all the energies and whatever else that was taken from countless peoples during the Bush era as well as before and now after.

I feel like there is a reality I can connect into like returning back home but it would require me to lie and say that I was temporarily crazy either from mental illness, drug use or both. Which of course I will never do. Ever. Becuz I'm greedy, territorial and attached to my true Self qnd want back simply what was mine to begin with, and will settle for nothing less than getting it all back or satisfying the debt by taking from those who took. Since this is being made unavailable to me, leaving is the only option.

Remember the perp in NM who told me that I would be very lonely if I told the truth? Well here now is the full meaning of what was meant. However, much of what I am feeling is being pumped out by whatever brainwashing is in the environment. One thin about Bush, at least you could fight back. This n*gger's administration is making it impossible to have any Willpower, rebellion, force or thought possible at all.
Its like having to drink luke warm, soapy dirty dishwater day after day after day and nothing else. Its worse than torture, much more uneventful and a hell of alot more mean spirited-becuz it does not allow man to suffer. To feel his own suffering but demands this be put aside in the interest of world peace, cooperation and 'social responsibility'.

It is so utterly horrible it is beyond description. Its worse than being dead. Its spiritual socialism or communism, where a (wo)man no longer has a right to his own mind, emotions or spirit.

Its obvious the goal is to break down individuals to get humans into some sort of interconnected system or network-spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
Perhaps this excludes the elite/those valued higher than average people or Targets or they are afforded more freedom.

It could also be that those of us who are Survivors of high level internal mind control programming were considered especially uncontrollable and a threat to such a system due to never having normal societal controls established within us to begin with like 'normal' or average people. So we had to be broken down -our internal worlds destroyed and shaped by the outside forces of behavior modification programs.

Thus for us, America is no longer a free country and never will be. Which may explain why emigrating seems like the only logical decision remaining.

Becuz there is no way in hell this country is going to admit their true history nor give Targets any sort of comfort for what they've taken.

What's so frightening about now is that resistance or fighting this system or interconnected network FROM WITHIN ONE'S SELF mentally, spiritually or emotionally is being taken away. Not just discouraged but outright denied.
This is the ultimate denial of freedom and liberty. Perhaps this explains the urge to go abroad.

"Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of spy planes exposed..

April 2012-

"Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S.
* Unmanned spy planes are being launched from locations in 20 states and owners include the military and universities."

May 2012-

"We don't want a situation where every time we walk out of our front door we have to look up and wonder whether some invisible eye in the sky is monitoring us, you know, constantly"...

[Gee, welcome to my world..that IS what a TI experiences nowadays. And not just a constant monitoring but an interface to ensure you know this process is indeed going on.]

... "They're not going to be used for constant surveillance -- typically they can stay in the air for about 30 minutes, so they're only going to be used for specific missions," said Gretchen West, executive vice president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International."

[Could TIs be considered one of these 'special missions'? If not drones then how is the constant surveillance being done? With an interface along with it? It could just be an illusion, trucking the mind into believing there's actual constant physical surveillance. The system certainly has done extreme experiments with conscousness of space of the human mind-by the mind's own perception. Why not feed it the perception the body is being monitored from above? Then again the military does have satellites that can watch earth that clearly.
They could also lie about drones capacities if classified level ones exist for classified or black projects.]

March 19, 2013-

No More Drones For The CIA

Btw- a "force multiplier" for cops??? These are the same guys who traditionallu have always been involved in managing organized crime by taking payoffs, and watching over thibgs is that correct??? And when the hell did.that change? If youu are an American citizen and can still obtain drugs, prostitutes, after hours clubs or scalped tickets.etc, then be sure the police are still involved in organized crime.

These are guys you want to be able to just pop over to.the local Homeland Security and.'borrow' a drone like a cup of sugar from a neighbor??? Notice they did NOT explain the particular legal procedure that was the "borrowing" process.

They are still treating the public like children and idiots while they and the other complexes roll in money, resources, access and keep the public trapped in the 20th century while they bask in the 21st.

The public are essentially kept in a bubble like never before while all this is going on outside it. They've created the ultimate false environment for modern humans and its amazing people are naive enough to believe they are told whats going on.

As if technology itself.provided some sort of divinity-by-default for the human race. Its unbelievable people are not applying humanity's historical track record to this age of advanced technology.

That perception management is the ultimate false environment.