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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Can We Stop Focusing On Presidential Falls (or any other unfortunate medical issues or age related problems)

Can we stop talking about presidential falls on airplane steps or anywhere else? its f*cking immature...and I can be sophmoric frequently.

I'm middle aged at this point and Im just starting to understand how the body breaks down even with my good constitution from genetics and being a houseless Traveler for over a decade. I now have a bad hip due to medical negligence (as usual as a TI) where I was not made aware of a birth defect and over used it drastically traveling. I can push myself but I now understand that age or damage is restriction and that includes muscles working efficiently, bones, joints etc. And nothing can change that. 

Presidents tend to be much older people who have had very demanding professional lives which include heavy travel. With that kind of stress on the body along with age theres bound to be accidents. 

Ford fell all the goddamn time and he was an athlete. 

Theres other more important things to focus on right now.
Ok so Trump fell and Biden falls. HW Bush threw up at a dinner and it was a major issue. I posted about years ago being a low blow in using it for political commentary. The falls are just as irrelevant. This doenst warrant any face time from any news outlet on either side. I think it's pretty amazing for people in their 70s and beyond to still be working or having a demanding schedule. Bush went frickin skydiving before he died for godsake. Let's be a little more realistic here-geez. 

I bet theres a conspiracy theory that Bidens fall was fake lol. 😄

A history of the Air Force One stairs and presidential falls. 
Looks like there needs to be a change to those stairs. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

My Mission Stays The Same.. Regardless of What The System Does

 Let me remind you of something I've been doing this since 2006.  in 2016  I was framed by local law enforcement with complicity of the justice system here (because everything is so much nepotism so much Mafia connection and so crooked you're dealing with whitey bulges FBI do you really put it past these people and now they get anti-terrorism funding -your funding criminals essentially).

and I couldn't do anything about it in the 3 years I should have been able to Sue or file against people because I was being intimidated on a daily basis to not do so because that's the way the Northeast does things I grew up here and you develop this internalized outlaw mentality The outlaws are good well that was the old days when the mob would take care of poor people now the same authorities and justice system that were compliant with the mafia and were talking Italian Jewish and Irish organized crime they now basically work for the military industrial complex why not you have a ready-made corrupt authority and justice system it's perfect for them.

So it doesn't surprise me that when a connected family member of mine was terminally ill and dying as well as key people in office were shoe horned out of office so they could start their politically correct agenda in this state it doesn't surprise me that oh boy it's time to go after Rachel because now we can because we're not afraid of people either who she has dirt on or family members or people protecting her. now that's fair game I wasn't paying attention and they caught me off guard I'm also not a man I'm a woman I don't think like a man so again they win because this whole thing basically was a mob of men coming after me constantly.

and it's torture to me every single day for 4 years however I had a nice sponsor helping me after I got framed and helping me through the financial difficulties as well as I have family members back in my life and a partner who has helped me get through the court proceedings that was so bogus and such a waste of my time that prevented me from traveling ruined my health everything else you can imagine that was a pain in my ass as it was designed to be. Basically this was a way of silencing me and taking away my right to free speech by intimidating and scaring the s*** out of me as well as making it so I can't say anything on my blog because someone will magically send an email and I'll get put in jail again pretrial and then of course they'll let me go because they can't connect me to the email but they can harass you in the meantime and it's called cointelpro.

This is basically cointelpro modern day cointelpro even though people call gang stalking modern day coin telepro it isn't technically modern day coin telepro unless you're an activist and you can kind of align it with the same patterns of harassment and such and when you start having the legitimate justice system make up something about somebody and with gross negligence and just complete fabrication then it becomes coin telepro. quintelpro basically was the police can say anything they want they can make up anything they want they can lie people can they can you know be involved in having people send emails under your name using hackers or whatever and then turn around and have you go to court and of course it's your acquitted or you know it's dismissed or something like that but you have to keep getting arrested keep getting accused of stuff and they're going to figure that that will wear you down that's the purpose of it is to scare you it's intimidation because if the police can make up whatever they want or people can lie and fabricate stuff they're hoping that that will be so stressful and it will bring you down so badly that you want don't want to keep going to court because of course they know I don't know a lot about the law and I don't have money for lawyers so this is the perfect way to harass somebody and that's why they used to use it on the Black Panthers and other victims the native American movement in the 70s. The email frame up of me is the exact same tactics as coin telepro that's this is a good example trying to make an activist shut the f****** because she's using her freedom of speech on the internet and so now I can't say whatever I want on the internet because I have to be afraid that someone is going to frame me and send an email to my name I can't mention places I can't mention people I can't give my location I was told by lawyers do not give your location I can't say whatever I want on my blog for the last four years because of the frame up. 

so essentially they're using cointelpro to crush an activist and take away people's freedom of speech. 

So for the last 4 years I've been plagued by this and it's bothered me every morning I wake up in the morning that things have changed for me and I shouldn't have to be living like this as an activist or dealing with this at all she had my freedom back like I did in the beginning. 

so at this point all I can do is expose it on the internet with the advice of lawyers so I don't get more in trouble because of course they'll try to go through it and look for whatever legal b******* they can find to reframe you again because you said the wrong thing about the case publicly or whatever because the minute you put a case in the media they can actually sue you and s*** like that so you have to go to lawyers and have them advise you if you can expose it the other thing is I could ask for tolling time and go and try to sue them or go after them the people involved in the frame up but all the I can't see a judge around here actually doing that because they're all in people's pockets and they're all lap dogs I mean that's a generalization but it's hopeless around here because it is whitey bulges FBI it's corrupt from the get-go and if you're on the wrong side it's just like the mafia days you're not going to get any justice. 

The other thing I can do if I don't have any legal recourse left at all is to turn around and just get the laws changed because it should not have been easy to frame me like this this shouldn't be happening in the United States of America and it's ironic that it's happening in a place where they have all these Major law schools which is complete b******* the irony is not lost on me

either they didn't follow the laws like they were supposed to and they need to be held accountable or the laws suck and they need to be changed so that someone like me doesn't have to go through this ever against specially a woman with no money and no education who's alone and struggling for a cause and it was all a bunch of men coming after me constantly totally totally sexist and I've been told that men around here in positions of power again this is a generalization they basically like to knock their wives around you're dealing with a lot of an undercurrent of sexism here in Massachusetts because these guys can't stand the fact there's all this feminism there's Wellesley college and there's all this now there's me too and it drives them insane because they have to kiss these little college kids asses that are all into this feminism and protect them while they dis the police. even the regular guys the tradesmen the union guys it sucks for them that they have to actually deal with females and any respectful way again I'm generalizing so I think theoretically it seems to me I'm from here I know the way this place works and the way these people think the second they get an opportunity to harass a female or go after her or f*** with her or basically knock her around the way that they do their lives at home when no one's looking they're going to take it and that's exactly what my case is about cuz it was all men.

and I'm sick and tired of being afraid of speaking about this I'm tired of being afraid to write about it on my blog because somebody might take an email and and frame me again I like to see you try that again I don't care who's in office I don't care if anybody from this state is now in the f****** white house it doesn't change anything for me. I was framed people are going to be held accountable and I want my f****** life back and I want my freedom of speech to be able to be utilized again and I want everybody out of my damn way as an activist and an artist.

so now what they're doing is acting as if people who are conspiracy theorists are dangerous because they want to silence any activism or opposition to the system. and they think they're going to use these loan shootings by white males to do it why don't we focusing on black on black crime also cointelpro is intertwined with the black community you have to be realistic about that so I don't trust the black community when it comes to going up against the New world order if you will globalism. after what they did to them during cointelapro with how many black operatives there were if you were serious about going up against the system that is not the community you want to be dealing with even though there's a lot of self-proclaimed targeted individuals in the black community. your modern-day black activism is all about economic mobility upward mobility trying to get ahead working with the corps photocracy not interfering with it.

now somehow disrupting whiteness somehow in this crazy new world of corporate marxists activism is supposed to equate upward mobility in the corporateocracy because that is blm's main objective well if you're going to disrupt whiteness and I'm poor and an activist and that's really all I have to get me by walking down the street going to a new city or in my day-to-day life cuz I don't have anything else fine you do that then because I'm disrupting the system not kissing its ass with activism that has a seal of approval by the system. 

That being said now we have that to contend with the black community doesn't see on the same page as us anymore they have their own agenda basically they've abandoned poor white people and anybody going up against the system because they want their piece of the pie and nobody can blame them they built half this country with slave labor they're more American than I am my ancestors only came here at the turn of the century but that doesn't mean that we can trust them when it comes to going up against the system why do you think corporate is so on the same page as BLM and antifa?

if you go up against nuclear waste or nuclear power if you go up against the military industrial complex if you go up against a transhumanist agenda if you go up against big tech you're not going to have Maybelline commercials kissing your butt and secret deodorant telling you that you're a fierce feminist and you go girl. 

The very fact that the corporatocracy is on par with this identity politics activism shows that it has nothing to do with other kinds of activism that basically disrupt the system itself and this lip service towards the environment I don't trust it it's basically so the corporatocracy doesn't have to make any real changes instead of shutting down a pipeline and costing people their jobs the second you get into office why didn't Biden and carry go to China and tell them to clean up their act first by the way Carrie is a hypocrite and Massachusetts has been in the middle of a building boom that is taking away every last Green space you can imagine to build condos or to have California sprawl which doesn't belong here it belongs in California forget about the private jets just the building boom in Massachusetts that is unhealthy because there's too much building going on and it disturbs the environment you can't breathe the apartment palpitations the animals are completely displaced from Green spaces that's what people should be calling carry on that he's not a very good environmental guru because his state is nothing but greedy with the banksters and the real estate people and the construction people.  

and everyone wants to b**** about the homeless problem but they don't want to look at the building boom just placing people do you see what b******* the system is I'm not completely disruptive I live within the system and I understand that I have to work with it on a daily basis and I do but nobody is going to start making trouble for me framing me was enough trouble I don't particularly need people to now start saying that everyone who's a conspiracy theorist is a potential loan shooter or bomber I'm a white female and I'm 50 years old as of this year I'm not exactly the atypical candidate for that kind of thing and it doesn't matter how many emails you send under my name 

I don't fit the profile and that's the main problem with the frame up of me I don't fit the profile even one of the judges involved in this nonsense turned around to the a****** da in one of these corrupt states that I was involved in with the frame up and turned around to him and said how come she's been around the country for over 10 years and she's never had any other problems legally through traveling or trespassing or otherwise or through her blog. exactly.

and was far as the colleges involved in the frame up I hope they're definitely embarrassed by the whole Epstein scandal in the past couple of years they deserve it total abuse of power and now you can see it clearly with your own eyes what kind of people were coming after me in 2016.

That being said I've been using University computers and computer labs around this country since to since 2006 and sometimes with the dean's permission to do research again there's no pattern here other than this little frame up that they tried in my hometown or they think they know me they know my family and they think I'm going to crumble and they think they're smart and they're a bunch of crooks and corruption is part of the system here it always has been it always will be that isn't going to change with globalism in fact globalism gives them a good cover because there's a bunch of people moving in here that don't know how the place works like locals. 

I don't care who you put in the white house I don't care who comes in and out of office I don't care what you do what you say I don't care if you want to make it look like every single conspiracy theorist is a raving lunatic in a terrorist I don't give a s*** the Constitution stands it never should have happened to me and if conspiracy theorists are bad people and they're horrible then how come you're framing us and how come people like me like I've never been in trouble before something that I'm saying is a frame up how come it hasn't happened before if I'm so horrible? 

Because it's 100% b******* that's why so you can start having the feds who by the way and I'm not afraid to say this either I'm sick of being afraid okay by the way every single time there's a problem like the latest Nashville bombing the insurgency at the Capitol anything else you can think of even 911 there's always always I'll complaint by someone somewhere that just gets blown off and it shouldn't about how intelligence was available on the possibility of something going wrong and no one picked it up and no one paid attention and then they always apologize and go oh we're sorry it was we dropped the ball it was negligence oh nobody really know what was going on there was a lack of communication.  that's other b******* every single time something happens you look at the case and you study it and you see that there was intelligence available to some authority or some law enforcement organization or some intelligence part branch of one of the intelligence a branch of our intelligence services because there's a lot more now than there was before 9/11 and by the way it's most of it is done by private contractors and it's outsourced so you have to wonder about how much do we really want to deal with any of this when it's all private security companies?  

there's a few things in this country that people don't know that are affecting our way of life and threatening our way of life and making it so our freedom is at risk the first thing is that everything in this country is either owned by foreign people from foreign countries that don't necessarily are not on the same page with the way we live and are value systems are different the second thing is that everything in this country is basically owned nowadays if not the world by Major hedge fund companies international huge Bahamas that have their tentacles in everything everything from the cell phone towers that you use to get your cell phone service from to Starbucks they don't own it out right they own a controlling interest in a lot of stuff and people don't know that either we're talking about Black mountain Blackstone Incorporated Blackstone group rather vanguard Incorporated companies like that the other thing the third thing of course the military industrial complex is huge and it has a lot of connection to the stuff you use in your daily life that's been that way since world war II again people are unaware. Part of that that's so chilling is that not only do we use outsourced fighting forces in war so there's no government accountability which is your right as American citizens to have accountability and oversight over government operations that's how coin telepro got discovered that's how MK ultra got discovered and that's how the radiation experiments connected to MK ultra got discovered.

Now the intelligence services are actually outsourced just like we do in war and in war Black ops is outsourced you're dealing with private security companies then you have to ask yourself who has a controlling interest in that and are there any foreign actors also if you have people doing security for everyone and everything with a surveillance state then could they possibly blackmail people in power is that what's happening with Congress and Senate is that why everything is so ridiculous because everyone is being blackmailed? 

These aren't conspiracy theories these are things that you have to ask because they make sense and they're legitimate questions about oversight accountability abuse of power people having Superior knowledge using it to their advantage they don't allow it in the stock market because it would destroy everything we'd be back in like a 1920s crash so why would you allow it in the way that your country's run?

so go ahead and make it look like everybody who's a conspiracy theorist who's been accused of anything basically like me framed up is dangerous and needs to be watched and there's something wrong with them and also I wear crazy clothing too because it's part of my lifestyle that I've adopted cuz it's part of my growing up the subculture that I live in of traveling the music I listen to but it's also because it worked really well for me being an activist and there's another reason for it there's a method to my madness it's kind of hard to frame me on camera doing something if you don't get every exact patch on my jacket correct right it's pretty hard when you dress like I do because nobody else looks like me not as dumb as I look am I? 

so since this new person is in office go ahead and change the rules if you want to go ahead and become obnoxious because the guy is pumped full of Union money I don't care I'm going to win because that's what winners do and by the way this timeline I live in really sucks. There is no f****** way that somebody who is really good looking who is highly intelligent who is multi-talented who comes from a halfway decent home who has halfway decent DNA should be homeless especially for this long you could try to talk it up to mental illness but that is utter b*******.

I think what they're doing is they're trying to legitimize conspiracy theories and delegitimize conspiracy theories so basically everyone that talks about conspiracy theories that they don't like is dangerous and it leads to rioting and it leads to shooting and bombing and we have to watch out we have to protect people from these things and we have to stop freedom of speech Dan books Jesus these people are doing better than the normal majority in the 80s or the old book burnings in the 50s this is like Fahrenheit 451 but it's the left the very people that complained about such things decades ago. 

The other part of this little conspiracy theory is that if you take conspiracies and conspiracy theorists and people that believe in conspiracies and shut them down what they're doing conversely is like this morning I was in a coffee shop and I saw that the Pentagon was releasing files on UFO sightings well what they're doing is they're trying to quiet people's questions. They don't want any more mysteries that you can question so they're going to take some conspiracy theories and completely crush them and make it look like anyone that believes in them is dangerous or crazy and then the other conspiracy theories they're going to quiet you down from asking by taking away the mystery of mystery solved is what they're going to say here's the files end of story.

this is fascism end of story. I don't care if it's coming from the left or the right I don't care if it's coming from people that say they have a progressive agenda or people are doing it for your own good it censorship and fascism and that's the end of it. This is nothing new I know that we're dying to have a perfect Utopia now that we're on the internet and we think we see everything and know everything and we see each other and know each other that this is heaven on Earth and we're going to create this perfect world well if that happens you can damn well bet that all the scum and the sewage in humanity and all of the corruption is hiding underneath your new Utopia kind of like when they have a garbage dump and they cover it over and build condos on it there's still garbage buried underneath..

this is what people in power do they've been doing it for centuries for millennia over and over again it never stops there's no such thing as a perfect world there's no such thing as a perfect president there's no such thing as a perfect system a perfect country the Constitution is there for give you recourse and give you a right to have recourse in other words it gives you the tools you need to protect yourself and fight for your freedom of speech or whatever or Liberty or whatever nobody said it was guaranteed the difference is in this country they made a system where you have recourse to preserve it or regain it that's why the system works here if you're looking for a perfect world you're going to end up with something that's corrupt and deceptive and a lie it might be good enough for you but it's not good enough for me. 

so you can change things up all you want I'm used to it every 4 to 8 years you can come after me again you can frame me again you can frame me for a bombing if you want to good luck with that with the way I dress maybe you'll put a lot of effort into it and get my patches just right so it looks like me go ahead and keep trying the stupid ass s*** go ahead keep up with the coin telepro change your tactics I don't care I am going to write my books I am going to still do my blog and I am going to have the life that I want that was denied me and to get vengeance for my family that was destroyed by this and no one is going to get in my way

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Seems Like The Latest Conspiracy Is Making it Look As If Acts Of 'Lone Wolf' Violence Are Caused By Conspiracy Theories

FBI: Nashville bomber driven by conspiracies, paranoia 
The man who blew himself up in a Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville was grappling with feelings of paranoia and eccentric conspiracy theories before the explosion but did not appear to be motivated by political ideology 

In this article it is attempted to connect his choice of location for exploding himself in a small RV however other news outlets have stated that police recognize the vehicle for years becuz he had been parked there for a long amount of time regularly. 
 This latest article states that his girlfriend had reported to local police a year ago that he had been building bombs in the RV. 

Girlfriend warned Nashville police Anthony Warner was building bomb a year ago, report shows 

 It is thus irrelevant what motivated him becuz it could have been prevented.

One could theorize that he had chosen the RV's location for its proximity to the AT&T building theoretically to disrupt cell phone operations in planning to execute the bombing becuz it seems he was building bombs last year. However one would have to find out how long he had lived in the area and how long he had been parked there. He may have actually been using that space to park the vehicle long before building bombs. 

 We can also see that once again THE FBI OR OTHER HIGHER UP LAW ENFORCEMENT and AUTHORITIES HAD INFORMATION/INTEL THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED TO OTHER AGENCIES OR FOLLOWED UP ON. This is a common occurrence in everything from the Boston Bombing to 9-11 to the Capitol Insurgency or riot in January 2021 as well as various lone shootings. 

Russia Warned U.S. About Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Tsarnaev : report

Why Didnt The FBI and DHS Produce a Threat Report Ahead of the Capitol Insurrection?

In the end one has to realize that just becuz someone believes in a conspiracy theory or hears about it doesnt mean that is what leads to violence nor should one believe that conspiracy theories generally will lead to violence or that 'conspiracy theorists' are innately violent individuals. 

Its amazing that after this year of violence, deaths, injuries, property damage, harassment due to protests concerning police brutality that seems racially biased and manufactured by the corportocracy (made more traumatic by being perpetrated during a human plague outbreak of which the deaths seem unimportant in contrast)  one small RV exploding with a home made bomb within (after a warning was issued to avoid human casualties or injuries) made by a person without any training or education in war or terrorism can cause the psychological and collective fear and have such importance in comparison.  

This is the very definition of the psychological terrorism that is occurring by the 'framing up' a certain subject matter or the people who are involved in discussing such subject matter as 'dangerous' or deadly prompting the public to consider such people or content as dangerous and deemed necessary to block free speech as well as vilify those who are involved in such subject matter. 

How can the violence of one person compare to the violence of an entire group of extremists either on domestic soil or abroad? The horrors of automated warfare such as drone strikes dont even seem to enter the public's mind or the fact that it should be illegal in any country as a part of warfare anywhere on our planet.  Why does a lone actor scare people more than extremist groups or the future prospect of deadly horrifying automated warfare (that includes robotics)? Why is everything the media claims always excepted especially when its easy nowadays to produce fakes-both documents and online content? As well as producing motives or other info about a perpetrator who often is killed by police or kills themselves and the dead cant testify or defend themselves? 

Thats exactly why. Becuz dead people are like marionettes that can be used for any purpose that is desired not just as patsies but to be built up in the publics mind to serve the purpose of psychological terror and manipulation. 
On a conservative news station one of the anchors was complaining that as the Dr Suess books were being banned by PC sensibilities lately, he pointed out that one could still purchase books written by Hitler. That was the comparison he made-that a person could purchase and read works by Hitler but not Dr.Suess. Anyone whos thinking with a mind that looks for answers hidden in shadows or reflections from mirrors that reflect our worlds reality can easily spot the con involved: becuz its beneficial for the system to ensure that the public continue to read about Hitler. It serves a purpose.  Its also most likely that one is children's content and the other adult.  Its also likely that the act of banning books is in itself a tactic to intimidate the public as well as cause outrage and anger. 

An example is the reptilian conspiracy theory popularized by David Icke is one that no one in the conspiracy community who seeks serious alternative theories or facts takes seriously. It was always a kind of  tongue-in-cheek sort of thing.  The fact David Icke sold books and built a small empire based on this theory using an alleged SRA Survivor named Arizona Wilder actually shows how ridiculous the audience of conspiracies has become and how conspiracy culture has trickled down into pop culture. Any sort of consideration of reptilian energies etc that one could even debate existed would be more on the end of self indulgent theorizing and it would relate to occult material concerning The Orders or ancient sun worshipping cults etc. Even then it would be considered occult in nature, such as possession or a spiritual or inter dimensional theory. The idea that actual human beings would be able to shapeshift within this dimension being able to be viewed by other humans is ridiculous.  There exists beliefs from Native tribes about shapeshifting humans. Theres also theories about different kinds of alien entities that may exist within a dimensional world where they could fool humans by hiding thier existence by masking themselves using time and space etc.  These are all interesting theories but they are very much not relevant to humans day to day life in society unless one has seen something shocking first hand or is a UFO victim. One has to understand that a conspiracy theorist has to act like an astronomer that dabbles in astrology or a western doctor that partakes in herbalism or holistic medicine. You have to be responsible and try to find facts first and see if any alternative information fits into theories concerning reality not speculation about what reality is. 
For people to believe anything they read is always a danger. When one considers the factors as to why something causes violence one must ask why now and why here? I think people will find that in the past conspiracy theories weren't related to such issues and crazies were crazy all on thier own and formed their own insane theories (Son of Sam killer etc) and that the factors of whats going on in society at that moment might be more of a contributor than theories themselves. In a world we have today as it is now, anything may cause violence from the public and there's various factors involved in that.  None of which those in power will or want to change anytime soon. Chaos and Divide and Conquer traditionally give those in power control. Whats most shocking is that it still works in this day and age with humanity's 'progress'. In reality, human NATURE allows for these tactics to be used against human populations repeatedly. 

At some point I will map out that theres been an ongoing campaign to silence alternative information since whistleblowers Snowden, Manning and WikiLeaks started making people in power nervous during Obama. Theres been a multi year long, systematic ploy to discredit anyone presenting alternative facts or theorizing about official story lines or even conspiracy theories generally. Conspiracy theories are now on the table to be censored by the public being conditioned to perceive such things as being dangerous content or   'fake news', misinformation etc. Search engines like Google and Youtube are already censoring such content with algorithms.

Repeatedly linking unpredictable, deadly violence to anything is going to make the public more easily fear it and reject it. 

 For now lets just point out that during Obama, 'lone wolf' or lone actor violence (now dubbed 'domestic terrorism') was higher than any prior presidential administration. During his first term the violence often had no motive given. In his second term lone shootings began to be caused primarily by actors whos motives were allegedly due to white supremacy or some sort of gripe with non whites. We must remember that the second term of Obama had people in that administration seeking to get racism to be officially deemed a mental disorder by psychiatry. Seriously..I am not making this up. 

 With Trump coming in we saw the Vegas shooting which had all the plot holes of every other lone shooting throughout the past two administration but it defied the usual suspect profile.
The Vegas shooting began an era of such violence being allegedly motivated by conspiracy theories and paranoia and much of this was contrived by media and consisted of hearsay. 
In the Vegas shooting law enforcement in NV specifically stated that no material was found such as manifestos or conspiracy theories etc in the shooters computer. 
Las Vegas attack: What took police so long? 
Certain news outlets who've become questionable recently published sketchy articles claiming that authorities were supposedly claiming the shooter was a conspiracy nut due to people overhearing conversations he had in restaurants etc.
New documents suggest Las Vegas shooter was conspiracy theorist – what we know 

 If hearsay isnt admissible in a court room it certainly isnt a reliable source for an criminal or other kind of investigation. Testimony is quite a different thing than hearsay. This was noticed by many people both in the conspiracy community and otherwise but the intimations and bogus articles put out by news outlets that kiss the Left's butt like The Guardian are consumed by an unaware public and only their disinformation is retained. The Guardian was formerly trustworthy and something I would have used for info now degenerated into mere Leftist agenda peddling with no real journalistic integrity or objectivity but shockingly that is where I found the worst example of peddling the hearsay angle being worked in the Vegas shooter case. It was very sad for me to see that. 

 The biggest holes in info or intel about lone shootings is usually that theres a lack of video or photographic content that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person being blamed actually committed the act of violence or that they were acting alone etc. Just as the system has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an accused has committed a crime so this should be the case for people who are deceased. That's the other common factor that makes finding the truth problematic is that lone shooters end up dead at the scene far too often. If they don't, as in the brothers who allegedly did the Boston Bombing-they are guarded by authorities in a manner that appears as if they are trying to ensure that information does not get to the public that would put the official narrative in danger of being questioned or appear to be untrue or incomplete. Information war also includes omitting information or blocking it. Its the regulation of information therefore its manipulation not just creating false narratives for consumption.

Nashville is a center for entertainment especially downtown. It also has alot of corporation buildings that are international such as ATT. Travelers often make fun of this building becuz of its sinister appearance dubbing it Lex Luther's tower or Temple of Doom etc. Theres also a major train route that goes through the area. When you talk about the music business you are also talking about any unsavory vice you can think of and that is something to consider as a possible link to security as well. How can in this day and age a city like Nashville not know if someone is dangerous, has to be watched becuz they are becoming a serious threat or prevent an act of terrorism? Its unthinkable. 
 A city like Las Vegas? A major long time hotel chain that is a venue for big name entertainers? Vegas knows when math geniuses are cheating at card tables with home made counting devices hidden in their damn shoes. They didnt find the loads of bags the shooter brought in unusual? Why might that have been? Probably becuz gun runners will bring in that kind of luggage regularly and if Vegas knows who the guy is and hes doing 'business' but not causing any trouble-what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially if hes selling to anyone involved with their people etc. 

 What we have to ask about most of these stories is why are people who have been known somewhere for years doing the same things they have done for those years the same way- why are these people suddenly becoming radicalized as the official narrative claims? The radicalization process for most of the people supposedly responsible for lone shootings or bombings is around one to two years. Why? Theres either a very fast and strange radicalization or personality change in these people or as I've linked prior the authorities are warned but they take no action which in itself is suspect and way to convenient. 

Other factors are not presented to the public in any sort of report such as things that have become common denominators like a fatherless household or taking psychiatric medications. When presented with the presence of psychiatric medications as part of any lone shooters recent history one must introduce the very controversial but still valid possibility that a sinister plot may have been at work to reshape the individual into a violent person by means of possibly altering the contents of the medications. These are also claims made from theorists decades ago-that a person can be victimized by way of poisoning food or their environment. If one thinks about such a prospect in every day life it would seem paranoid or far fetched however, poisons are a classic part of spy craft back to earliest history. So is brainwashing and the creation of assassins or persons brainwashed to commit violence against thier own Will, usually using mind control methods and that usually includes chemical means such as drugging. It seems that part of getting society to stop truth seeking or searching for alternatives through theorizing is to also get them to forget about the very factual history of mind control, unethical human experimentation, spy craft throughout history, military atrocities, intrigue and that anything covert actually exists.
It helps considerably to have an army of brainwashed recruited youngsters believing that everything that is bad and wrong with the world exists right in plain sight and can be fixed with enough protesting, rioting, looting, whining, judging, censoring, cancel culture, silencing and re arranging societal demographics to achieve 'equality' when in fact the human animal is incapable of such a thing to begin with. 
Kids today seem to believe that everything covert went out with the Cold War. As if such things are not part of our very human nature and in actuality, pretty much is the way the world is actually run compared to what we are shown as part of our reality. To not believe or understand that something hidden exists beyond what you can see or perceive is very unwise. 
That is expected from young people- its the adult population that shocks me. However another part of this problem is that your average person who until recently had no access to any information about what was going on in the world at large is now exposed to a fraction of that information and that even seems to be too much. I think people didnt know what went in the world and now they see it they simply cannot handle it. A sort of bubble is formed for protection, to replace the natural filters we had before thus we live in not an enlightened society but one just as ignorant as pre internet or even more myopic. 
 What is happening in society now is a perfect example of why mobs arent supposed to rule and we have law and order. The blame lays on our society making people give up their faith in our system working as its supposed to and the corportacracy filling thier heads with fantasies of a perfect consumer world thus tempting them with irresponsibility instead of genuine civic mindedness which would lead to real change. We are now drowned in a population of new money known to olde money as 'the socially irresponsible rich' and with good reason. This global new wealth is a contributing factor in the degeneration of the quality of life for everyone else. 

An example of how damaging information war and media content has become is a family member I have that is a mid age Baby Boomer. If you are a Gen Xer you know there are degrees of Boomers. This person came of age a bit after the huge revolution years but close enough to be a typical young person during the early 70s. So they know enough about the revolution days but they werent quite involved like thier older siblings. This may account for a more selfish outlook (ME generation) as opposed to a more politically enlightened one as I have gotten from Boomers born early as to come of age in the mid 60s. This person has seen enough life to know the way things work and also has at least a two year college education. However during Trump like other loyal hardcore Democrats from traditional blue states, this person seemed to lose all sensibility. Towards Trumps last year in office this person was convinced of every story from CNN and any other news blip off of social media and basically came to perceive Trump was some sort of king who one must fear as he could do whatever he wanted. They also were misinformed that "Trumps white supremacist armies" were responsible for all of the Antifa/BLM rioting and looting this past summer. They also believed every other propaganda you could imagine pushed by the Left's media machine thats been created over these years where news outlets have lost any journalistic qualities are serve as mouthpieces for skewed, biased stories that serve an agenda. Part of the problem is also that this new loaded language from the progressive left PC culture (always a necessity in a cult) has become definitive of this new society thats been formed and many uneducated and older people cannot keep up. Its not fair and its manipulative and it adds to isolation and exclusion from the very system that claims to seek the opposite. I tried to remind this person about their education, that they must have learned about checks and balances in government. They actually claimed that the right and GOP didn't respect the US Constitution in our country. At election time they were totally unaware of Biden's progressive agenda and still believed every piece of disinformation about Trump. I had to do research and calm thier fears to show them that Trump was not planning to nor was he able to legally take away our social security system in this country-becuz the leftist news outlets had scared them with biased news stories. I told them that Trump can introduce any idea or bill he wants-such a bill would be doa in congress or senate. I found information from fact checking sites and more balanced news outlets explaining the issues more factually. I reminded them about our system of checks and balances. Each time they seemed to blame Trump for everything or have irrational fears of his actions they would become temporarily calmed but would consume more bad info on news channels and remain with the same mindset. This person actually said that FOX News was "fake news". I had to explain to them what 'fake news' actually means-a website created by someone claiming to be a legit news outlet with actual real journalists with degrees. I also told them that our system is still in place even with media for checks and balances and that a major national news network channel would not be allowed to be a fake station. They begrudgingly changed their statement to saying they "disliked" FOX News which is alot saner and more reasonable. 

 If anyone should be monitored for misinformation its some of the major news networks that exist today that are toxic to people and only serve to instill fear, perpetuate ignorance and cause divisions in society not censoring conspiracy theorists. Understanding how stressful the overload of conflicting often toxic info can be on your average sensible citizen imagine what our modern day overload can do to a person who is struggling with mental health issues or even trauma. 
 With so much social engineering going on and far too quickly some people who are already isolated could be effected adversely by the way the world is changing. It seems that even though people think they are more connected and involved than ever people can be more isolated than before the internet reality took over. This may be a factor in what motivates people who become shooters or blow something up. It's not their mental illness nor conspiracy theories. If it's not a set up with a patsy then the person responsible may have snapped due to personal reasons along with not being able to deal with a society that's left them behind or has become hostile towards them (due to social engineering making it weaponized against their demographic).
 Its a major mistake to allow the reality created by using the internet to become a replacement for the reality humans have known and understood before. If society loses it's humanity how can we not understand that individuals in such a society may do so to an extreme. Let's face it. The major bonding we all share nowadays is by being part of the corporate consumer culture and the world of the internet. 

 Another factor is that as I mentioned people get more information than they did before. We really dont know what comparative numbers of lone shootings or lone actor violent actions went on before the internet was around the deliver that information. Nor do are we fully aware of the extent of other human crimes like serial killers, murders, rapes etc. Humans are violent and just becuz an angry mob perpetrates violence in the name of a supposed good or moral cause does not change the fact its violent. 
Look at the situation we are dealing with in the past month: turn on each other and burn and loot and harass and destroy other citizens property, safety and peace of mind=GOOD. Turn on government employees and destroy government property, safety and thier peace of mind=BAD. The lesson of the outrageous actions in our nations Capitol recently should have been that if you allow lawlessness when you are in charge of enforcing it, it may turn on you where you think you are not effected becuz you think you are exempt. If the lawmakers had enforced peaceful protest laws and if our society was still sane and sensible enough to understand that changing the laws should come first by protesting THEN riot and loot and burn if that is not done then this never would have occurred. The entire year's violence seems manufactured somehow to many people it certainly seems by design and the timing is far too convenient. Every case of a violent act by someone who is isolated, mentally ill or suspiciously now dead and cant speak for themselves should require the kind of investigation that any other crime warrants and there should be a law that all information about the case and its findings be released to the public. Every single perpetrator of such violence should be psychologically evaluated on video and that should also be released to the public as well as an interview within custody right after being captured by authorities. There should be strict laws on drugging the suspect. Many people noticed how doped up the Colorado shooter was looking uncharacteristically deranged with wild orange hair. Again, looking and acting very differently than just a year or two prior. The bottom line that anyone has to understand to keep our society free from those that will manipulate vulnerable people and unfortunate situations like these for their own agendas especially over the next four years is that IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO COMMIT VIOLENCE FOR ANY REASON THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY. If not then there needs to be a thorough investigation as to what made the person become so distraught and so far gone from their own humanity that they would commit such an act on others and themselves. The TRUE answer is that INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET is only a part of this equation. There has to be an admission that our society is becoming so violent, so biased, tribalist, exclusionary (while pushing Inclusion), so corrupt and full of falsehoods and lacking in hope and so much disconnection while always being connected via cold, mindless technology that some people will react badly. Its been proven that PC culture, internet activism and globalism generally with thier concept of 'Community' actually causes people to be less civic minded generally. All that time and energy looting, rioting, tweeting etc etc for a biased, subjective agenda of special interests probably perpetrated and guided by corporate interest at its core hasnt fixed the real black lives that matter who are in Detroit being left behind by gentrification from globalism nor has it changed the lives of the elderly, the blind, the homeless, the disabled or the true inequality that exists between the western world and the rest of the world.

 EIther these lone actors are being manufactured through manipulation somehow and used as patsies or the world has become so inhumane that people are acting out in ways that may be totally normal given the circumstances-but then as I mentioned one must consider that this WOULD BE NORMAL behavior under such circumstances but we DONT HAVE ANY RECORDS OF IT prior to the i internet age as we do today. Perhaps a very learned history professor of a similar era (minus the internet factor of course) could tell us that this is what humans do under these conditions. But we arent asking those questions. 
Thats the main problem with any suspected false flags or whatever you want to call them. The most productive line of questioning is avoided if any is allowed at all. 

 As I was writing this I saw on TV that another shooting took place, one in Atlanta GA, a young white male shot up some message parlors. Immediately, a light skinned African American male who was a retired official from Pennsylvania claimed that he believes that it will turn out the motive for the shootings was "Asian hate". That is a hell of a statement to make in a society where the kid is supposed to get a trial to determine his guilt and an investigation is supposed to be done to determine motive, method, opportunity etc. So this man is judge and jury and detective. 

We have to stop and think-do not accept hearsay or mob rules. Who exactly is the man giving his 'expert' opinion? Are we going to do research on him and learn he has a past of corruption or it will surface in the future? Most people at this point like my relatives are so beaten down with the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome Ive ever seen a nation suffer from-that they wont even think critically or do research. They will choose thier side politically and believe what they are told immediately from that camp. Not much of a democracy and not much of a quality of life. Especially for the patsy, the victims and every person who is going ot suffer being censored or judged or vilified by such methods. What exactly does "hate" entail? What scenarios apply? Does the shooter "hate" the Asian women working at the message parlors becuz they are Chinese or some 'China Virus' type conspiracy theory of motive or does he hate them becuz hes angry with women or he got ripped off at a parlor or resents the kind of women who provide 'happy endings?' (Update: without a trial or even any evidence form interviewing the accused shooter, the Lefts experts, mouth pieces and propaganda machine are turning out opinions and ideology as fact. They are claiming "classism and racism and gender" issues is what caused the shooting. It's gotten so bad with mob rules.) 
 The ending is probably already written and we can assume that not just by the way these things usually play out in the media but by the 'expert' opinion from some retired agenda asshole who isnt even near that region or ever had any jurisdiction there. Sounds like hes a pissed off northerner who 'hates' southern whites. How do we know? Being able to produce theories that may help people understand a confusing, turbulent world better is a damn public service at this point. The only thing causing violence is the very same conditions that cause activists to have to form alternative theories to raise awareness against those conditions. We must keep making people think and keep them thinking.

(UPDATE: the hate content on the Altanta shooters Facebook has been deemed fake and has been taken down by FB. 
Fact check: Facebook post claiming to be from Atlanta spa shooting suspect is fake

However the damage is done. The public will only remember the propaganda they wont recieve enough blast on the fact the content was fake to frame the shooter for his motive. 

What we now should be asking is who produced and posted that Asian hate content to begin with? That is the crime that must be investigated. So now its that easy. A simple frame up and an agenda has its numbers of believers and supporters swell. This is the danger we must face. )