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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, April 30, 2012

An Opposing View From The Same Religious System

We have some religious types supporting the NWO and here we have some who are against it.
I resent the blame being put squarely on 'The occult'.
The point really is the such knowledge can be used according to man's Will to enslave humans or enlighten them. And not all Orders are involved in enslaving humanities. Some are working hard to prevent this from happening.
Both of these perspectives are from Christians. Which illustrates why religion has no place in government.
No one is addressing the legal issues involved in taking over the world and dictating to humanity what 'peace' should entail for everyone. Nor are they dealing with legal issues concerning using these technologies to basically commit war crimes to reach their ends.
This New World Order will resemble the Middle Ages when the Inquisition tortured and intimidated humanity into submission to the church.

Which then kept humanity in the dark ages for a thousand years.
Any real peace on earth has to.come from the desires of mankind wanting to cease being manipulated into wars and famines and the like.
A system by design put you into such chaos and a system by design promises to put you into peace.

Christians Spreading Deception Of New World Order By Advocating For Peace<
They are trying to make Israel the capital of the NWO.

This is.why its so important to stay focused on the use of technologies and torture that's being.used as part of this deception.
If its truly peace they want then why are they deceiving humanity by using terrorism torture psychological warfare chemical controls and technologies to.beat down.mankind and use.behavior.modification to create basically one world.wide cult?
Doesn't thier book also speak of a deception in the last days?

That man will be deceived?
From what I.have seen the people behind.this are powerful greedy perverse self serving elite who only.want humanity subdued in a world wide enslavement. Not true freedom, enlightenment and understanding between peoples. That could be possible but they prefer to CAUSE chaos and wars so that this solution of world peace via NWO seems a grand solution.
Even this site lies by leaving out information.

It claims man has technologies for war but doesn't mention those technologies are capable of manipulating and deceiving mankind. Torturing alternately with creating FALSE states of bliss, rapture good feelings. Anxiety aggression and other emotional states.
I understand now why they want to ensure the public stays ignorant of these technologies at all costs.
They want the public to actually believe this is the work of a higher power. A god or supreme spiritual being.
All to further this deception.
I and other Targets have lived through torment.and.horrors at the hands of the deceivers and they are NOT a peaceable lot.

The public.needs to know that.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've Met Survivors Of Teen Modification Programs Very Similar To Forced Deprogramming

You know what? I had a person close to me once who was a survivor of one of those programs. And it did nothing, X became the biggest pot.head ever and almost suicidal with eating, drinking and taking downers.
I didn't really put it.together till now....but X's parents must have known X was abused by a family member and wanted X to not act out or start talking.
After X became a mess they always coddled X and gave X whatever he wanted. X felt smothered by X's mother's codependence who also wanted to keep X down as an artist.
One day while X was very stoned I got X to talk and X revealed it was a gay family member but not someone of the immediate family.

I often wonder if this wasn't a lie and it was actually someone closer. Whatever the case X's parents would do anything to keep things as they were and blame any outsider that caused change instead of looking at themselves.

Now I have seen multiple examples of this as a way to keep victim witnesses quiet.

Multiple survivors of the teen camp version of this control method claim they were abused at home and seemed to be just acting out or gay and their parents didn't approve.

Mitt Romney's Associates In Legal Messes For Teen Behavior Modification Camps-Thread, No Links

Why doesn't this surprise me?  I've posted about various teen survivorship activist groups concerning survivors of teen behavior modification camps.

It.sounds exactly like what goes on in Utah programs.and others that abduct teens to bring them out of the country for these sick programs. The parents either don't realize what's going on or they are abusers/ molesters or their accomplices so they want the kid to.shut up and stop acting out.

What's so striking is how similar this is to what's done to Targeted Survivors to prevent them from acting out or 'telling' also.

Storage Space Getting Unlocked I Supect New Employee

I am pretty sure the new employee at my storage is a gang stalking perp if not there is new activity in this.locating unknown.source.

CASTLE STORAGE facility South Boston

His name is with held until I can discuss this with other employees.

New employee:

Risk factors: Latino.
(Update 2015: Later I would realize that the use of People Of Color during this time in gang stalking was to create racism during late Obama administration. There would begin to be racist lone shooters and much racial division due to what can only be described as purposeful creation of racism or racial hostility using psychological operations. COINTELPRO lives on.  Then racial profile shootings by police would become a focus sadly to serve as diversion from other issues as well as begin the process of gun control and censorship on campuses even harassment of academics on campus by students. I would even eventually be driven to react in a racially charged manner which resulted in my arrest and a major discreditation- a victory for the enemy.

The Irish guys who worked here would mess with me too but just never as overtly as this.  I believe that the introduction of People Of Color that are more aggressive at the same time protected by Diversity is to create anger and a feeling of helplessness among victims. To create terrorists and lone shooters which it did as this sort of infiltration into communities intensified. It also served to split up a once unified front against the NWO and the Bush admin. Now those of us who see Diversity being abused using a COINTELPRO like operation to further the NWO and covert operations are seen as crazies or outright racists. Now we see the true purpose of the Obama admin working in the interest of the NWO to continue what Bush started.)

-gang related possibility. High instance of this in my experience.
(Update 2015:After city manager Healey left Cambridge, a Latino cartel would take over at least visibly in Harvard Square Cambridge. The HSHS would also begin to be infiltrated by chaos causing African Americans and cronies wearing black and red as well as be forced to change thier admissions process to a lottery instead of a first come first serve phone call system that kept the Harvard shelter pretty much for the Harvard homeless local around the shelter.
This is during a slow process of what I now understand is the bigger old ethnic organized crime syndicates handing down operations on lower levels to Latinos and more control to African Americans. This is very obvious in places like Providence RI. My theory is in order to continue operations these gangs have to do Dirty Tricks Dept dirty work.)

-Also in the northeast Latins have a complex becuz the WASPy and.Irish very white people with a fair look actually treat ethnic peoples like black sheeps....even in families. I am only Italian and my.maternal family considers that too ethnic. Its very old racism from Europe that lingers here in the northeast. this, these types often feels they can fuck over or use vulnerable whites to subconsciously get revenge on whites. That's been my experience. This is less of an issue down near the border where other demographics are the enemies of Latins ans Whites are seen as allies. It all depends on dynamics.
(Update 2015: You can see my assessing of the situation becoming  more racially focused. This would continue and is right in line with the Obama admin creating a racially polarized society, using POC to help destroy the middle and lower classes of Euro Americans in order to help along gentrification and sadly to create a feeling of being trapped and cornered in the NWO).

-he has two jobs and is greedy for money obviously. He's said he wants quality in his life like shopping at whole foods instead of fast food etc.

-male. (Possibly needs to feel control over vulnerable females. Threatened by strong lone females. Also I've experienced sexism that seems like something from organized groups of males who believe feminism is to blame for the downfall of society to be partaking in gang stalking of female Targets.  [One male working at a infamous shelter said men being homeless is becuz women aren't "good'" anymore, have too much freedom and "need to have their wings clipped"] . This may be connected to the sex trade human trafficking. )

Update 2015: Here is a picture of the male who said that to me. Again its a Latino male working in a very African American based shelter mostly serving males.

-married early, kids, divorced in past few years. (Possible resentment towards women relationships etc. Also one wonder why divorced.)

I have been dealing with this storage company.for literally years on end. I have NEVER had a problem with my storage space. The staff consisted of an older Caucasian female and a Caucasian male who works here regularly. Its managed by an older Caucasian male.

The older female recently left. The male now in question has been hired only recently like 2 weeks or so.

I have only experienced problems with my storage unit in the time he has been employed here.

He has also exhibited other things which in my experience have been tell tale of gang stalking perpetrators.

Once asked me where I was going after I was leaving the facility. I asked him why he needed to know and he said "So I know where you are". I believe I avoided the question gracefully.

Just today as I am writing this, he mentioned that I was here last week. I claimed I don't recall as I don't keep track of these things. He then proceeds to narrow down the day I was here with and that I had my earphones on. He seemed to take great pleasure in being able to narrow down these details about me, my whereabouts and my activities or what I was wearing etc.

He then proceeded to claim.that I had my earphones on so I couldn't hear him. "You couldn't hear me. I was saying things like 'everyone in this room sucks but me'". I ignored this and took note. I behaved passively becuz I wanted to hear what he would day if he felt he had a power position.

I don't.feel that doing something that childish in the workplace is professional. The man who's been working here for years is solid and would never do such a thing.

Its also a bit abusive isn't it? Saying that everyone sucks in but him and I am in the room?

The issue I have been dealing with my storage space is the lock has now twice been found unlocked.

The first time the other employee was given my.lock by another tenant found ON THE FLOOR next to my unit.

I came in today and found it unlocked again and the lock turned was obvious it was unlocked.

I EXPLAINED TO CEASAR THAT THIS HAD HAPPENED REPEATEDLY AND HE SAID I WAS FORGETTING TO LOCK IT. Even after I told him that I pull it and make.sure.its locked before I leave he did not.listen.

I told him that some girls share my space have a key they claim to have lost so there is another key floating around out there. I explained also that there as homeless people locally who also store here and they might be involved very possibly.
(Update 2015: I dont know why I didnt want to realize it was probably them or them in cahoots with him messing with me)

I didn't suspect him yet and said you don't know my situation. He kept resisting and saying I WAS LEAVING IT UNLOCKED.

I even stupidly explained a bit of the cover story becuz that's easy for people to believe. Crooked cops and untouchable career criminals along with homeless people involved in being informants and crime at local shelters or in the streets is pretty standard fare in Boston.

Just a bit.of a story outline. He kept insisting that he walks around everyday. That no one comes in here that he doesn't know.


This kind.of response as well as his totally disregarding my explaining my situation is TYPICAL IN A GAS LIGHTING CAMPAIGN.

I don't trust the district manager who was training him while the usual guy was away either. There was something about him last month when I came in. Something I did not like that was suspect.

Now the man who usually works here who's known me for years WAS concerned about my lock being opened and found on the floor. He did listen when.I said there was a key supposedly lost by someone who shares my storage.



The other issue is that there's a difference between an unlocked unit and a lock found on the floor.

(He just commented that life isn't so bad...and that.I am probably happier than the common people). Hmph.

This guy might be totally innocent and.its someone else or connected to another employee. Just trying to figure it out. Its simply the timing lines up with him getting hired here that's all....which of a great cover.for another employee or a fellow renter. one more possibility. The two younger people I have been squatting with locally I don't trust fully as they are both facing some harsh charges with significant jail time. The female.of this couple has been to my storage space recently and this also coincides with the timing.of these new problems with my unit. Her father is a policeman near the Lawrence MA area.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deniro Embarrassing? So Whats New?

He's been an embarazsmdnt for years anyway. Hollywood is terrified of European ethnics making them and all their relatives they give look like the boring repetitive pieces of sh*t they are.

Antonio Banderos had to play an Arab in 1000 AD (didn't see full movie but read the book. Again Hollywood fears the true Pagan past of European peoples).

They know damned well that Europeans excel in fashion, the arts,  and being generally healthier and.classicially beautiful and built so they hide this from American audiences whenever they can.

I.have never seen any Italians that represent true Italianess from the old country. Even Italian Americans are misrepresented by the likes of Pacino, DeNiro, and Peschi (is.he even full blooded or mixed?).

They couldn't all Italians in the GodFather so its a joke when you watch it becuz you can recognize the Jewish actors playing Italians-badly I might add.

Frank Sinatra...great voice. But again....something was amiss.

Ever seen how scrawny Deniro was in the GodFather? He looks like an Italian I wouldn't trust. And still don't

Deniro is part of the American fantasy world built by its designers and delivered by the ever talented, dreaming Jews.

Sometimes the DNA calls out and peoples of European descent find something is lacking. They yearn for the real deal. Something solid.

You will find much more convincing specimens of Italian men simply walking around NYC as 'regular guys' than on any movie screen.

Please exclude anyone from Jersey Shore and realize Mob Wives only focuses on a specific demographic.

Stallone is half Jewish, goofy as hell, destroyed how respectable Ramble could have been as a serious movie about Vietnam veterans and his mother is such a total nightmare I am wanting to assume shes the typical smothering female in Jewish culture.

He was never as convincing as a badass as, say Dolphin Lundgren or even Van Damme. Both Europeans of course.

America is a dream factory. Lately its taking itself far to seriously compensating for its weaknesses with tyranny, fascism and a covert police state.

And for.those of us who have outgrown American culture and seek our homelands again the false environments created by HollywoodLand and all its players is usually very painful to us.

We've woken up. And the dream is now percieved as nightmare. A lonely one at that. Where nothing is real only America. For America. Which for us doesn't even exist anymore.

Deniro is part of a decadent, self indulgent past that America claims it can no longer afford. Yet it also refuses to truly grow up and face its problems and evolve.

All thats left is a Clock Work Orange like environment where we are forced to take in whatever media content is put in front of us, eyes held open against our Will and behavior modification for a better perfect society its end. Obama never should have been elected. He and his wife are racist AfroCentrics. Hillary Clinton is a crook. There are actual African Americans with a long history in this country who could be president and deserve to be. Who would serve the interests of ALL poor people not just one racial demographic. But the Powers don't want that. America refused Bush and all the people involved in the takeover of this country so now they are destined to be manipulated and abused until the Powers get the results they want. America is as dead as God. Except at least with gods, old and new they can always be revisited and reanimated to life through human faith in them. America can not. The question.should be why are all these older guys still acting anyways? Its not like they have Shakespearian quality talents into their twilight years. (Pacino actually attempting to do Shakespeare should have illustrated that clearly. Another embarrassing moment.) But Hollywood knows best. If you live in the Dream Machine.

Womens Lunch Place New Internet Page-Black, Red and More Leftist Agenda

Note the black and red put specifically in the center.

Black and red.seems to be something to do.with Democrats, the Left and specifically supporting the African and African American agenda.

I've seen overt perps wearing bright red t-shirts for years.

The site that over half their.clients are 'women of color' which reflects a growing trend of poverty.

Yeah IN.THAT AREA. Also you can gauge a trend of anything becuz many whites and Mexicans won't go into these places and prefer to not deal with ghetto bs.

'People of color' cannot gauge a trend becuz it doesn't represent a.specific racial demographic. In fact its one of the most racist phrases in use.

What does SKIN COLOR have to do with ethnicity, cultural background or race? Sicilians are 'people of color' then.

Also many of.these women are NOT HOMELESS. They come in for freebies, to socialize and get waited on.and paid attention to.

These people activiley gang stalked myself and another woman and also mobbed another target

in a violent scene and I couldn't do.anything about it.

They are part of an agenda in this country that supports Diversity, PC and Equality not to create a better world but to assist the New World Order.

Just as.I have posted about the Boule, gangs dealing for the CIA/DEA, black pop culture being used to subvert poor and middle class whites and anyone else they can culturally as well as blacks being kept down so being house slaves is their only way up-the African American is no longer a solid trusted ally for poor whites or feminists. Not to mention thier history of involvement in COINTELPRO.

Democrats, Liberals and the Left are no longer what they once were. No political party can be trusted as.both are working together to.create a system akin to the fuedal system.

Historically also poor.whites and blacks have caused revolutions and.riots against the ruling.classes here in.the USA so keeping everyone divided with race is essential in avoiding a class war.

This place is not poor women helping other poor women. Its run by the same upper crust who does charity work all over eastern MA.

What does that tell you?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Remember this particular 7-11 has been involved in some very hardcore nasty harassment.over.the years. Perp groups large ones.with very overt members.would come to Kenmore and.just beat me down years ago.

There is an African male working there who during this period was talked into gang by one.of the pros in.the gang whispering into his ear, literally and figuratively speaking.

That male from.then.on wore a bright red t-shirt to work everyday where as he had not before.

This is also the 7-11 that is right next to the daycare for slightly handicapped kids 'Kids Are People Too'.  It's the place I had been harassed at.and.documented.for years as allowing Joe the old black (former military)  drunk to sit out front for hours and pan handle and this woman-anyone black but The school's employees specifically targeted me. And the employees at the 7-11 were in on it too. I've documented that as well.

The plainly run by African Americans as well as caters to their children.

Joe has openly spoken about my gang stalking case and.said "It never.should have happened to begin with" of what happened in Brighton but then other times he vehemently denies gang stalking exists. "Gang Stalking doesn't exist." Then how do you know about it then?

Upon seeing me return homeless year after year and guilty. Another dumb ass.who believes the cover story that local.cops are the sole reason for my homelessness and the original campaign.

Hes one of many locals who just doesn't get it. I've had informants in the Harvard Square who reek of being cops without any introductions and blurt out "Why ya still homeless, Rach?" So you know my name?


I am still alive becuz I always had it inside me to know what the people behind this are about. They are much nastier and sick than any local crooked cop could come up with.

That's if he wasn't trying to make me think that they are that naive. I've seen some media psy ops material.that suggested that the storyline most likely consists of these.local.idiots being told I was get a fraction of.the campaign I got. Which is probably true..or.maybe not. The perps are ultimately decievers. They peoples weaknesses and blind spots- like local cops and others who think they are powerful enough to put a human being through a controlled situation that's potentially destructive.

The gang stalking higher ups will eventually show them they don't have control at all. Its their way of punishing and overpowering such people, its a way.of punishing the betrayers who sell a TI out- even though this is what they need for.the campaign I think.they still find the little people- the mob and locals in power, to be distasteful for their cowardly actions against another human being usually a much weaker and vulnerable one.

Even though their assignment is to destroy the Target one gets the idea over time that a strong smart individual TI.that fights them and has real moral value as a person is respected by them much moreso than.the weak, mobbing average people who sell us out.

I've experiemced that the public are much easier for.them to fool and use whereas the Target is targeted specifically becuz we posses some sort of strength that a the system to begin with.

The aversge people involved in GS think.they are dark and evil and bad ass but truly the serpents are the true perps- the trained agents and worse- people like Eddie Cox...

And of course the Target themselves.

Only we know how very potentially dangerous the other is. Eddie Cox was more cautious these untrained field agents. Becuz being a programmer he knows what made.up.of.and what I would be capable of.

To.the untrained people its.just a big joke. At least it seemed that way throughout. Low lifes thinking I was weak vulnerable.and.this was all just so damned easy.

Eddie Cox (Cajun Mafia, programmer and alleged Satanist/pedo/ child killer) is dangerous becuz he possesses the knowledge and skill to be dangerous.

The public and the dupes in petty power positions are dangerous becuz of them mobbing together with other average people and their naivety and stupidity get you killed or captured by this system becuz THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TRULY SICK EVIL BLACKHEARTED PEOPLE LIE IN WAIT THROUGH THE HALLS OF THE REAL POWERS BEHIND WORLD AFFAIRS.

They are the joke. And they are used repeatedly by truly evil people by being kept in the perception they are badasses due to ganging up on one lone Target. Whom they have no idea the kind of torture and torment we go through to be end up where we are usually.

They are so stupid that they can.actually be convinced.that a sex.worker will end.up logically in the same position as a heavily targeted Survivor of programming.

Why would a mere sex worker much attention? Or sustain so much damage?

Logically it doesn't make sense. But this is why the sex industry is kept in.the dark, not legalized and.the public really not understanding works. The perception of sex workers is kept to sheer hatred- a constantly perpetuated moral judgement so that it can be used as cover stories for such horrors as RA, programming and human experimentation.

Why in the 21st century would society still hold such perceptions? Becuz these illogical ways of thinking are needed to cover for things so awful that the public outcry would be tremendous if the public found out. It.keeps the Target hated so that the real story never gets through, no one wants to believe the Target and they are not percieved as Targets at all but merely the kind of person.who deserves their fate due to a label.

It works especially well in.countries that are conditioned to be denied sex but are given a lot.of violence instead. Also are war mongering and have a high quality of life exploiting other peoples and nations.

Such a country has such subconscious guilt trained to feel they have the privilege to have gain due to violence that they would rather penalize scapegoats  people (sacrifices) than to.give.up or pay.for the things they have gained through ill gotten means.

America is easily such a rotten place. Their being shown they are only allowed to exist by certifiable total psychos is one of the only small pleasures I've experienced throughout.

Hopefully my expose will bring me any other revenge.

An Employee at 7-11 Kenmore Looks Like A Mr Atifi From Iran

There's this wiseass over at 7-11 in Kenmore Square Boston. I know I recognize his face. But from a job where we.worked together, where I saw him everyday not just from some other place of business.

He may have worked at the Dunkin Donuts next door to this 7-11. But the memory of him is something more intimate than a short casual few minute long encounter...but NOT something physically intimate or of that nature.

And he's been extremely defensive towards me from the beginning of recognising him at this 7-11.

And he is unusually rude to me as well-leading and tryng to get away from the subject by calling me baby and looking me up and down.

He seems very defensive and always tries to blow.this subject off. Like I am making trouble for him.

Yet this is upsetting to me becuz I recall that during my knowing the past from wherever, he was polite with every interaction.

If it was just the Dunkin Donuts then why are my memories.of him consisting.of working with him?

If he was.employed at 7-11 or Dunkin somewhere.else he was polite and now hes very rushed and rude. I recall he wouldn't be the kind of person who would treat me that way in our last interactions.

There was this place I worked for, a furniture store in the Arsenal Mall that was there for a short time. It was.owned by PERSIANS as they described themselves.

And one.white older Irish woman.was their accountant.

The owner was a woman named Hanoush or Anoush. Her father was a wealthy man who ran an import rug business.

The whole scenerio of working for.them now looking back just reeks of gang stalking. I was made manager and I really wasn't qualified. Of.course I was

There was a real weirdo who was former US military working at headquarters office in Southie. And Hanoush's male relatives- a young guy who had this odd habit of opening his eyes real wide intermittently and they were bulbous like in hyperthyroidism. And a bit older skinny guy with glasses and consistently bad breath who did all stuff as he was IT I believe.

After the store closed they had me headquarters to waste my time. Fat Hanoush was doing this to please her father so he'd get off her back becuz she quite some schooling for a professional career.

Everyone who worked there in now looking.back.seemed off especially this skinny Spanish gay kid.

The person who looks exactly like the guy at 7-11 was a man who managed the store for Hanoush and her family named Mr. Atifi. the one who.told me a story about living through the Shah of.Irans time and then Iatola's regime where he accidentally wrote an address on an envelope as one would during the Shah and the police took him in for questioning.

He also is the one who told me that "we are sleeping. Everything is planned for us..." as far as the way the world works.

He also once told me of pricing items that "The people must be misled..." another piece of advice about the way our world works.

When I questioned him just now and mentioned the Atifi name and Hanoush he was wise ass enough to repeat back the correct pronunciation of the word with a heavy accent.

He actually was focused for a moment when he did so as opposed to the mocking shit he'd been.doing.

I.asked.him where he was from. He.kept using this black woman who works in there as a lean to divert from the conversation.

He then.gave multiple locations of origin even claiming to be from China and being distasteful enough to stretch his eyes back. None of his claims included Morroco which is where the worker from Dunkin Dounuts was from that I with next door. Also that employee was considerate, gentle and kind to people. Not the same person.

Then again I did have a lot if weird sympathies from Middle Eastern and Morrocan types up until recently which may have changed becuz I.have been dissing ALL Abrahamic religions and claiming the Middle East is THIER problem not the world's.

When I went to go get something down the aisle of the store he leaned into this fat black lady and with this evil look at me was saying something very nasty about me. Making fun of me.

Yet this is also not what I recall about the Morrocans who worked D&D next door.

It would be however the reactions of someone who was very defensive about not wanting his past revealed.

I could be mistaken. He could just be that other D&D employee and has had a hard time so.hes become That just doesnt fit though.

Dr Anne Emmerich of Mass General Hospital: Guilty Of Conspiracy Or Assistance?

Dr Anne Emmerich is the psychiatrist I had for years who teetered on the fence while I was being targeted heavily in Brighton, tried to protect me for a bit, told me verbatim that "THEY need to know someone is advocating for you" yet never disclosed to me fully what was going on.

She also kept.dancing around subjects and stonewalling. An art teacher friend of mine told me that she wasn't doing her job and to do something about it.

When asked if she thought I had PTSD she would reply " You could have it. We don't know".

Yet only AFTER I was chased out of town to.Phoenix AZ by years of gang stalking and people telling me I.should leave town or even leave the country, when I asked her for a referral letter she sent me something that basically was a math formula that equaled the profile of someone who was a ticking time bomb who was going to snap and was.extremely dangerous.

She wrote that I DID have PTSD and recall she would stall on that in sessions. And that I had trouble with motivation which is curious considering my.visit to McCleans both times.was.due to all the symptoms similar to what executives get when.overworked AND THEY ARE LISTED THAT WAY AS WELL.

(This is before I knew what gs was and how it worked).

That I had "paranoid ideations". I forget what else but paranoid ideations plus PTSD plus other schizo tell tale signs (lack of motivation) equalled a lone shooter or someone ready to snap. And she wrote it like a math formula.

To.this day I can't figure out if she was trying to warn me or trying to frame me or play both sides with that letter.

None of that was in my records. Only anxiety and depression. The only thing she dismissed was my claim that I may have had parasitic disease. When posed with the.logic that we live in mammalian bodies and mammals have parasites plus I had various risk factors. Multiple ones. To this she replied only as if she was me at a party instead of being serious: "But I'm a PSYCHIATRIST!"

Not becuz she doesn't have enough of a medical background but becuz the psychiatric industry knows.damned well that they cover for humans having infectious diseases by diagnosing just the resulting disease as mental illness instead of looking at exactly what is wrong with the brain to begin with as an organ.

I had come.up with a very workable theory that parasitic disease in western cultures makes all sorts of doctors and drugs companies a lot.of money by treating various diseases that result from parasitic disease of the body, various organs etc.

I had read that this was something America wanted to keep hidden. I had been warned by rich kids in N.A. that they personally knew of a liver specialist in Mexico who had been RUN OUT.OF AMERICA becuz he had.found a better more effective way to treat liver disease other than.interferon and invasive surgery.

They were trying to tell me to leave as well in that conversation.

In fact a lot.of rich people locally were telling me " Somebody is mad at you. Leave the country" or one amusing suggestion was "Go live in a tent down south" (a doctor at the Marino Center Cambridge MA where I was being treated for the mold exposure from that apartment.

This was ALL GAS LIGHTING. Telling the Target only parts of what's going on and not tellng them enough to defend themselves effectively.



So much for.advice from professionals.and wealthy pillars of the community and trust fund kids.

We are talking about a huge conspiracy involving a large part.of the population of Boston Cambridge and.surrounding areas. fully believe.this all ties into 9-11, that there is much information being hidden and diverted becuz this was all during a federal that involved Phoenix AZ, Florida and Boston.


Why was this mess all right after 9-11? Why were.there so many operatives involved especially in the.local communities? So close to NYC? We all know that the terrorists were seeing girls locally in escort services.

And why so many Israelis involved???

I think 9-11 made a lot of money for a lot.of people and from what I.saw they are hiding money trails and also this era was.used to clean house: to.destroy inconvenient people.

They still want to keep the story from coming out. Why I don't know.

No side with me.

Look at all those credible people around her. Look at all that black and red.

Everyone thinks I am just going to get sick and go quietly and they will all get away with this.

I won't.let.them.

Stop Thinking So Hard Perps

U geniuses in TX keep entrap me for.fraud.I back down there and.make your lives.miserable. Do.not.f*ck with me.

BMC got exactly yesterday.

And.its only going to.get more entertaining.for the.betrayers one and.all. You aren't smarter.than me. You have.superior knowledge of.the system and.greater.numbers.

And.that's ALL.u.have.and don't


What I am.owed.for.whats me is in the millions-I know it and u know it.

WLP Showers Was A Wifi Safe Zone Until Last Week

The new shower area in Womens Lunch I noted HAD NO CELL RECEPTION!

I didn't want to say anything a few weeks ago.

Recently the showers were closed for a day due to a flood supposedly.

Now theres full 3g in there.

Isn't that wonderful? Another safe space/ wit fi free zone gone.

Womens Lunch Place Celebrating April Birthdays

What a convenient day to.have a birthday cake and celebrate all April B-days.

Did I ever.mention.this place got renovated and stopped catering the scum of the city and greedy Haitian immigrants by stopping giving away clothes? of the staff.who was connected to the petty crime syndicate connected women caught stealing

Lenny the staff who hissed at me one day that basically I was still alive becuz "you've got friends Rachael" left but they claim she moved on to another job. Probably a better position as gang stalking gets u these opportunities.

Yeah I was.told they do this every last Friday.of the month. Needless to say I ignored the.entire bullshit scene. so depressing...becuz I know the truth about this. Its.sad.and.disgusting

Perps Probably At Israel's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Israel's 64th birthday so you know they've made a weekend of it.

64 years of being harassed to actually care about something that shouldn't concern anyone in Europe outside of Jews and whoever else is connected to that area.

As long this scam continues and controls non Middle Eastern peoples who've been brain washed to believe they are part of Israel and Judaism by way.of invading Abrahamic religions, there will never be peace on earth.

I see now how disruptive this power center is due to the connection to Christianity. And as far as gang stalking goes they are into it up to.their necks. They will even target other Jews, rabbis even.

I won't soon forget the Israelis and the Hasidics and others in.Brookline who were part of that gang stalking campaign during Bush.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Is The Perception Of Being Mentioned On This Blog

I wonder how embarrassing it is to be featured, mentioned or even have your music used on this I wonder sometimes what is the perception of the public or specific groups. Does it mean anything? Is it ignored or is it credible? Or is it just thoroughly, horribly embarrassing?

I assume I was supposed to just go die somewhere and allow all my destroyers, detractors and betrayers to just go on with pieces of my soul passed among them.

I think not. I will do what I please on this blog. Its the only place I am allowed to do anything really. And this isnt my doing is it? Believe me, the book is going to be much much worse for those who deserve it.
But you realize...I bleed fairness. Nothing comes out unless its fit to do so. And I give respect where its due and credit as well as criticism.

My destroyers dont want fair- the want WIN.
It doesnt work that way.

People Cooker

The descriptions of harassment are questionable and they don't include things I can really relate to generally. The details I mean. I have had a few of these things occur but remember I left the original place I lived where this first went 24-7 and continued to keep moving. The only time I had anything as bad occur it was when I stayed for six months in that hostel in St Louis, MO.

What is interesting is the claim that 1 out of every 20 people in this country has some connection to intelligence services. That would certainly explain alot. I wish the author of this provided a link to documentation for that or how he came up with those numbers.

Also, the site is compelling becuz of its simplicity. Calling this People Cooker is much more guerrilla war fare sounding than the way modern warfare is described. The military industrial complex now uses deceptive, coniving language like 'non lethal weapons'. What the hell kind of weapon is non lethal? If it was non lethal it wouldn't be called a weapon. Der.

These Blogs Serve the Perps Best

I do believe that everything written by Target's in our blogs might possibly being used simply to further the effectiveness of the gang stalking campaigns.

Also to test and see why some people rebel, become terrorist threats etc. And how to handle such people.

Even though they know damn well that much of this is due to abuse by the covert system itself, they dont care. Becuz no time soon are they going to stop keeping slaves by these means for sex, drugs, couriers, spies assasins etc. They simply want to better understand how to control such people. Forcing TIs to write blogs in the interest of saving our lives gives them just this opportunity.

They also believe they have me controlled becuz I have a serious health issue now. And that finally I will stay and be forced to conform and comply.

Menino..Does Anyone Really Care Why Anymore?

The BPL is one of the only places left in the Copley area where I had never felt targeted but rather supported. It was a safe haven for years.
Its becuz nowadays not complying can mean refusing to engage in targeting a Targeted Individual using various methods.

Also, a city obsessed with being world class in a globalized society as well as, covertly a part of the NWO which includes mass mind control and the targeting of dissidents who are a threat to the agenda is going to target and harass in any way possible anyone creating a 'break' in the web of control over the total environment. And that can mean many things- the overt ways in which they remained independent and in the ways I described that are more about covert activity.

Here's another story-

We CAN explain it or at least provide a theory. During the Romney/Bush years there were riots in Boston and alot of violence. During the Sox winning and the Superbowl there were riots in the streets. This came at the same time of the way, post 9-11 and most of all the Democratic Convention giving lots of money and toys to the local cops and the excuse to use them. Seems there were protests and riots everywhere for the war and sports related incidents. Strange, huh that such a conincidence occurs right when they need to spend the money they got on crowd control, and those toys. A young woman getting shot with rubber bullets was a big story I recall.

These technologies can be used to make people violent, passive, anxious and a variety of other emotions either for individuals or entire populations.

Doesnt Menino speak alot about gun control policies? Isnt that a big thing with Democrats?

Yes it DOES have to stop. The use of these technologies has to stop and the conniving corrupt bs in the NWO. They are using loudmouth, obvious and careless old fashioned type criminals as diversions to make the public think crime is being slowly dissolved from society completely, when in fact the system has learned how to hide crime as well as stream line it.

If you can buy drugs in the USA they have not busted all the drug lords. If there are still any escort services around then there are protected untouchable career criminals still around and they HAVE TO PAY OFF COPS to exist.

So these displays of power where these fat cats sit in thier fancy chairs and pontificate about welfare fraud and mob guys getting busted etc are just a show for the public. Whats disgusting about this era in America is that these tyrants who treat the public like dumbed down children are in charge of everything. From Obama to Menino. To think he represents Boston is disgusting. Corruption as part of the system is one thing. An overbearing, slovenly bossy slob telling everyone how its going to be and pretending to be this coddling father figure (especially to the naive poor and desperate immigrant) while supposedly cleaning up crime is once again having the fact crime is part of the power structure shoved in your face. You are actually supposed to believe these versions of events.
This obvious absolute bullshit. While Boston and NY are turned into YUPpie corporate hell holes that favor only certain classes, races and demographics and allow corporate powers to take over the cities, they make it look as if crime is being deterred or done away with. ITS ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EXPENDABLE OR ARENT NEEDED ANYMORE THAT ARE BEING BUSTED.
They are allowing criminals they prefer, like, need or who contribute the most to the economy and cities to still operate. Its the elite criminals they are allowing to exist.

They want to ensure that the public doesnt wake up from the brain wash that the truth is that crime cannot be done away with in the USA completely as its a part of the economy as well as we have actual demand for vices here.

Yet they choose to pick on addicts not drug rings. They state in papers today that they will send more drug cops into Southy. As far as I can see Southy is crawling with covert activity and a presence as it is now. There are lookouts everywhere and I get perped constantly just walking down the street there.
But the dealers or other businesses who matter that are black market wont be busted. Thats becuz they are trying to create a world where only those who can afford vices may have them. And that now includes privacy, dignity, respect and even livlihood. If you cant compete, if you dont fit in, if you arent what they are looking for then YOU dont even get any of those simple things most citizens get.

Boston is working very hard to cover its ass in an era where the naive, dumbed down, plugged in public believe that every homeless person, every drug user whos not wealthy, every person NOT LIKE THEM is akin to a terrorist. They want nothing more than an insular world where everyone is just like them. They can no longer deal with variances, inconsistencies and anything that DOES NOT CONFORM.

This was part of the purpose all along of letting the nut cases out of the institutions during Reagan as well as starting crack cocaine to be such a problem in inner cities, as well as more prisons, pushing gangsta culture and destroying a more relaxed lower class white culture of casual drug use and rock and roll music. Then after the 90's when those things made homelessness, drug culture and the inner cities unbearable to average people- then 9-11, the war, anti terror came.
People now are so trauma based mind controlled that all the want is to be 'safe'. There are plants all over Boston in key areas who's job it is it seems to just harass the homeless with psychological warfare. That along with the tech in use is going to produce alot of homeless people freaking out and acting out in public spaces.
Ive seen it with my own eyes and I have personally experienced that certain locations produce these results more than others, usually do to what seems like much more aggressive, heavy tech in use.
Copley, Central Square Cambridge-these are just a few places where the feel is more prone to violent outburst. I KNOW from experience its those damn towers and the cameras overhead.

I dont care if no one believes me. Ive documented enough. THE POWERS THAT BE CREATE THESE SITUATIONS.

In a world where crime is not tolerated people have to cover their asses really well. This means having police aggressively going after expendables and that being used as diversion. And people with means having to pay alot more and do alot more to not be discovered. You can no longer hide it from the public, you can no longer just have them as accomplices by having low rents, interesting night life and everyone either happily drunk or high on pot. A simple life.

If you want to control the people, you have to constantly make them feel dependent on you as well as well as then FOOL the public since you can no longer hide corruption from them. They must be aggressively controlled, misdirected, diverted and made fearful of not conforming or complying.

This place is a prison and Menino is a big bully like all the rest. A tyrant. I dont mind human behaviors like greed and corruption as this is age old. I do mind self righteousness among total liars and aggressive, fat slobs who want to be my dad while continuing to serve only the rich and thier house slaves by destroying my city and making it welcome to only certain kinds of people.

Screw Boston. Its world class now. It doesnt need people like me. It needs the elite, thier house slaves and the new waves of immigrants. And obviously Southie is convenient for diverting attention for drug busts. Yeah, PICK ON THE POOR ETHNIC WHITES.

See? Its the trend now.

And anyone who does not conform to the new design will be targeted- institutions, individuals etc.
The city belongs to them now. The rest of us are unwelcome. And Southie has been handed over to blacks and obnoxious foreigners who abuse and overcharge the poor white population there as they own all the convenience stores and laundries.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I've Never Seen America More Clearly Than Now

I America for what it is now. And it scares me. I evil the northeast. Their greed, lie to themselves constantly.

All of the beauty here superficial. Its on the surface.

This place is just evil ill gotten old money, their slaves and other later arriving ethnic groups who become murderers and criminals to make it here.

Its totally evil. America is evil.

There is no way I can ever live here. I can never return to Boston. Ever. And never to the northeast again.

The trained agents-the true gang stalking perps are always more intense and interesting compared to the untrained field agent types.

Long ago who was a former history teacher told me "You can't be who you want in this country". Or that you can't be who you really are.

He was truly correct it turns out. Most of what the agents tell you, the info they drop is correct. I am talking.about things they WANT you to know so they just throw it at you out of nowhere.

Years later you realize through all their sickness and their own.twistedness, they had a deep understanding of this system. And they more than anyone else will end.up seeming most sympathetic to you when most other people who know who you are seem just self serving and just into mobbing you.

This country is completely disgusting to me.

Now I out without them.framing me up for.some lone.shooting or terrorist actions. Which you know they r try to use everything I.have.written

FBI Is Using No Fly Lists To Coerce People Into Becoming Informants/Claims of "Torture By Proxy"

This article describes situations very very similar to what TIs have to deal with. It even says that the FBI did torture through proxy.

It also states that people on no fly lists are being duped then told to become informants via coercion like "Dont you love your family? Dont you want to make real money?"

Do I seem like a terrorist to anyone out there? I have no connections, no training in weapons no money or education and I am not religious.
Could this be the agency who, as I have posted, after gang stalking me in Mesa AZ, one of the two young men said "I can make it stop Rachael". Then offered me a 'job' where I travel every month to a new location and get paid every three weeks.

Sounds an awful lot like what this scum in the feds has been pulling for a long time now. Its a total parellel. And I posted about one guy in Fremont asking me "What are you doing in Freemont Rachael..RUNNING FROM THE FBI?" What absolute arrogance.
Without a subpeona how would I know WHO THE FUCK I AM RUNNING FROM DUMBASSES???

This is your government. This is YOUR country. And you know what? This Muslim who feels persecuted doesnt understand that he is one of the lucky ones. Becuz even though he cant get his name off the No Fly list becuz they wont tell him why hes on it go begin with, AT LEAST HE'S GOT LEGAL PROOF THEY ARE MESSING WITH HIM.

Note how they make sure they say things like their agents are trained to go within the laws so they dont have to answer in courts to wrong doing. WELL IF YOU DO THINGS COVERTLY YOU CERTAINLY GET AROUND THAT DONT YOU?

I will tell you what I think and what I have experienced: you have some very sick fucks in the feds and the military. People in power who are utilizing all the anti terror capabilities and beyond who know they cannot be caught for their WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and individuals. They are basically akin to serial killers. And what kind of highly intelligent serial killer or rapist or pedo wouldnt get themselves into such positions of power if they could? Think about it.

What kind of mind does it take to catch criminals? A criminal one. We have all seen corruption get exposed in the ranks of the police. But you never see the real heavies, higher up. Imagine how absolutely depraved these people are. From what I have experienced they do not care about anything other than serving very special interests. Human life means nothing to them. They will kill anyone and stop at nothing to get thier way.

They enjoy being in power and having THIS much tech, human forces and other goodies that are definately up there with crimes against humanity at thier behest. In this kind of mess, the boys in the US military might actually be more disciplined and just that the sick feds. At least the military and the cops may have their own brotherhoods- sort of their own codes of behaviors and honor considering they are both ancient in existence. I dont think the feds have all the power or I wouldnt be sitting here.

All of this nonsense is being used to cover up for the implementation of the NWO and mass mind control. I actually had a friend who showed me paperwork saying that the feds did the exact same thing to him and thats when I realized that some one is doing the exact same thing to Targets, except its covert. Trying to make gang stalkers out of Targets by systematically beating us down, knowing those of us that are mind control Survivors, thinking they can beat us down.

And the claim that they tortured him by proxy is outstanding. I hope that gets into everyone's case files. I have now posted two instances of gang stalking that is being brought up by people other than persons who identify as TI's who are calling it other things but its the same thing.

Its not about getting information- ITS ABOUT CONTROLLING PEOPLE. Whoever is behind this is absolutely obsessed with it. And they are insane about constantly expanding thier networks. More and more and more victims becoming spies for them or harassers. DONT TELL ME THAT ISNT PART OF A NEW WORLD ORDER TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF MANKIND plan for humanity. Becuz no one should be that obsessed with ever expanding networks of humans unless they wanted to control the entire world...or at least the entire US.

Just consider the huge amount of people I have documented in this blog over years that perform harassment and other horrors on TIs nationwide. You have a country that is nothing but that nowadays. Just total scum working for the fed in some way.
And torturing innocent people is what they are calling National Security or anti terror.

When in fact I have documented that WHOEVER IS DOING THIS HAS BEEN TRYING TO PRESSURE ME INTO AN ACT OF AGGRESSION OR TERRORISM. Trying to drive me or frame me up to doing something like that.

This country sucks ass. Its a nightmare. Its an extremely evil empire. I wish I had left during Bush or before. Its the absolute worst cancer on the planet and if this is what they are doing to people on record it certainly accouts for how sick they are off record and unofficially. The feds and other entities are out of control. Threatening people's families and bribing people, just so they can add one more person to thier network? No way I am ashamed to be American. I have been duped long enough.
The country as it was does not exist. Its no longer America as I was born into it. Its completely out of control and run by serial killers and rapists who hide from the public who are more than happy to comply.

If you arent careful they will keep you living on the old American dreams and strings of FALSE HOPE forever until you just live your life away in this sort of dream, being delusional thinking you are helping your country and your fellow citizens when in fact they are totally in agreement with the corrupt authority.

So they basically manipulate people like me to keep us busy thinking we are helping whatever true Americans are left and there will be a return to the true America but its just to keep us out of the way WHILE THEY LIVE GREAT LIVES. How long have I been at this while people gently smile in my face mocking me? While everyone who betrayed me went on to live great lives and I have suffered and struggled begging and sleeping on the street and neglecting my health?

THE UNITED STATES IS NOT MY HOME any longer. It hates me and it has abused me and the people involved have done nothing but keep me down for the best years of my life and most people here dont care or think its ok.

Unlike the guy in this story I cant sue. What am I going to prove? All I can do is leave and become as anti American as possible becuz this is not the real America. Its the scumbag new America and anyone with any sense has ALREADY LEFT.

Michael Jackson Murdered/People Turned Into Puppets

This is why alot of famous, talented people end up either being targeted into submission or snuffed out completely.

Once they wake up or decide to break away from the abusive industry, they reveal much more to the public than just the industry's corruption and means of control over people. The information they reveal would threaten to begin to wake the public up to the general scam that is pop culture to begin with. The industry puts out material meant to keep people interested, imprisoned, consuming. If key people or famous people with alot of media muscle begin to become spiritual, drop out of that world or worse- reveal how the tricks are done- it actually could threaten the entire society at large. So much control of the population is achieved through media, through the entertainment industries.

These are inconsistencies the system cannot afford. Remember, when looking at it from a Luciferian programming perspective its ALL MATH. Its all geometry it always about perfection. Its a structure, a system. Just as with an alter, a programmed person has a master programmer within that can 'kill' off an alter who has stopped functioning properly thus THREATENS THE ENTIRE SYSTEM to break down if they continue to break down.
So the alter is destroyed just as if it were a person. Thus, PEOPLE who are programmed as part of the Luciferian system are killed or attempted to be destroyed or made a non threat to the sysetem at large. The difference from a human perspective is: ALTERS are creations within a human being that can be destroye without much loss. PEOPLE are actual human creatures where there is a great loss if they are destroyed simply for now being out of 'order' or in line with the perfect order of the Luciferian system.

The Luciferian perspective or that of the system at large?- That there IS NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN ALTERS AND HUMAN BEINGS. IT IS BELOW AS IT IS ABOVE. To the controls and authority of the master system there is no distinction. Remember this...mindset only understands math, perfection and is emotionless. It only seeks to balance, put in place and keep its structure together and PERFECT in a world of very changing movement. EVERYTHING IS ACCOUNTED FOR.

This is what makes being targeted so hard. The Luciferian programming system has no malice or human hatred or emotions. You dont really feel anything...humanly viscous towards you when you are killed off by pre planned programming. Human 'emotions' are simply utilized to force you as a human being to kill yourself. BUT ITS NOTHING PERSONAL.
That is whats so confusing for a programmed person who becomes targeted. The Satanic types or whatever they are who come after you seem to want to keep you alive but...remove you from this world of impersonality and emotionless programming and action. They desire that you get pissed and care and take things personally. They torment you in a way that only hateful human beings could achieve. The Luciferian programmming system doesnt 'hate' human beings, it uses them for its ends. Its function is to keep achieving this mathematical pefection, this state of balance if you will.

Thats why I dont trust this theory about the NWO being about Luciferian groups and Satanists as Luciferians. Their level of hatred is far too personal, petty and disgusting really for them to seem truly interested in perfection. They are arrogant whereas the Luciferian system is just does what it does without human emotions. It actually contains alot of elements of making things painless for humans it is utilizing or it seems to work so slowly compared to normal human affairs that it doesnt register as normal human 'pain'.

It almost appears that humans in power have decided to try to create thier own Luciferian type system without any true connection to any entity that creates, destroys or keeps order like the 'Luciferian' system does.

I still dont understand it. Why humans do these things. When the Luciferian system destroys something or someone it does so out of trying to keep a system at large functioning. There is nothing emotional or personal about that. Its much more peaceable and...desirable compared to what I have had to experience these past 10 or so years having to deal with the full on hatred and arrogance and venom of humanity.

It would be far more desirable to die of suicide programming than to be murdered by humans in these awful ways or beaten down into just an average person like so many of us have had to deal with.

Anyway that is why such people cant be allowed to wake up and defeat suicide programming or then if they do, move onto being spiritual. What I dont understand is why so many of us were starting to defeat suicide programming to begin with. Its perhaps part of the human experimentation. I was told that whats been done to me is to see how programming breaks down. So who are the programmers then???

I much prefered to be compartmentalized with a full internal world and to slip away without even bein conscous of what was happening to me than to be abused for years the way I have been to basically have so much brain damage and total lack of being allowed to have stimuli or education that you become like an autistic person.

Wasnt it those idiots years ago I posted that some moronic Satanic group was claiming there were 'Latter Day Satanists' and they wanted to see if they could create mind control slaves by causing so much brain damage that they actually caused an Autistic state? They claimed it was for sex slaves but it seems its for whats going on world wide. Its posted way the hell back there somewhere, it was some bondage group that were really extreme and got shut down but thier claims sounded very parellel to whats going on on a large scale with behavior modification of terrorists (overtly) and with people with high level programming (covertly).

They are basically creating people who are so wiped of any personality or brains that we simply are like a blank slate mentally most of the time and simply do as we are instructed via the technologies and the gang stalking perps.

At night sometimes close to 12 midnight I really try to reflect in my own mind and all I can get is that its blank nowadays. Memories only occassionally float through my mind. Usually I can tell that the memories I do have during the day, are put there by the tech system, or a psychic whatever they use, becuz they come out of the mental 'darkness' and they are flashes of memory and the speed and how they come out are very superficial and not natural.
And they always connect to some ideation or some suggestion of something the system wants me to do nowadays (namely get a lawyer and sue for the believable stuff, which I am being hounded about repeatedly daily in this location).

But at night I wish I could go into my mind the way I used to be able to. And theres nothing there. Its blank. Like a blank slate. Theres no inner worlds, no dimensions, no inner life at all. This is especially depressing after 12 midnight when the tech stops usually. At least one can be at peace and things are....of the timeline or they way they are supposed to be finally, at least for 6 glorious hours. But the damaged mind never recovers from years of this.

If I do every get to dream its unusual. Has been for years. When I do it reminds me of my former life before this system took my hostage and wiped my mind and made me into basically a puppet that it pushes around daily and tries to make do what it wants or designs me the way it wants.
Even my fighting the system is used to make me a fake doll for whatever reactions it wants me to give.

THIS IS WHAT GANG STALKING DOES TO PROGRAMMED PEOPLE AND EXPERIMENTEES. Its not evil and its not funny nor is it vindictive. It just makes people who were alive into living dead puppets.

The Traveler persona I have is an alter thats been created out of trying to have some kind of life while going through this. It is not who I really am. Who I really am is wrapped up in being targeted and I cant tell anyone about that can I? And as long as the tech exists so strongly in some locations I am just a puppet. Even my anger is used against me.

In locations with less control than Boston, I may be able to exhibit personality traits in reactions to my environment and situations. Still the real me is trapped back there at 335 Washington Street Brighton and will be forever as long as no one allows me to be truthful and gives me justice to truly play out what really happened.

Considering the NWO is all about using this system to control the minds of the public, change the timeline and basically have these assholes play gods, thats never going to happen.

Isnt it interesting the more they push for lawyers and nonsense like legal action, the more it postpones me working on my expose? Once again diversions.

Much of the time I feel like my situation is just entertainment for very rich bored sophisticated people who like the fact I write this all for free and they can experience whats happening to me. Like its a great story line for them, not a social injustice they should do something about.

Another reason most of the human world sucks and is worthless.

The War on Rock Stars And The New Left (The Old Left Now)

Yeah, the truly 'new' left is a horror show of infiltrated bs that supports drone like obedience to wearing black and red and destroying cultures in order to create one world people and government. No one can be trusted anymore.

"Why would de la Parra get such well-known facts wrong? Is he so ignorant that he genuinely does not know that Hendrix died before Joplin? This seems difficult to believe, given that he saw them both in Berlin at one of Hendrix’s final performances. Was it a typo? Given the detailed word choice used, that hardly seems likely either. Was de la Parra deliberately trying to confuse readers? That appears to be the most likely scenario, but why create confusion over such a seemingly trivial issue? In the propaganda world, great pains are taken to seem believable without giving up too much information. When sensitive information is revealed, for whatever reason, it is often written in a manner that can easily be discredited or recanted later. For example, sometimes good articles about controversial issues appear in the Daily Worker, a Communist newspaper. Sure the facts are right on the money, but who’s going to believe a bunch of Communists? That is the mindset of propagandists. As books begin to be published on controversial topics, as genuine articles appear in journals from time to time, as truth begins to emerge from various sources, the propagandists’ jobs are to suppress or taint the truth. To do this, they are sometimes forced to "come clean", but coming clean usually means telling only what has already been written, and no more, but with a special spin which often includes publication in a discredited newspaper, or endorsed by a discredited public figure."
A bit of a lesson on propogandists.

Hells Angels Do The FBI's Bidding:
"It is commonly believed that the Hell’s Angels has a military lineage, founded by former members of the Hell's Angels Bomber B-17 Group from World War II. I am not certain if this is true, but the Angels also have a history of harassing rock stars, which suggests they work with the FBI. I cannot state absolutely that Terry and Marlane McGarry are on the FBI’s payroll, but their backgrounds certainly have all the earmarks of FBI informants."

Funny because I always got harassed at the Los Angelos truck stops and areas that are commonly known to be 'run' by the Angels. A must read about thier activities basically destroying rock festival's credibility.

It may not be the FBI specifically but someone is definately cleaning house constantly.

Christopher Story and the New Underworld Order

Book-The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism, Dark Actors Playing Games: the Global Fantasies of the Geomasonic Illuminati

Author- a very interesting man who Targets should read up on.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mossad Agents Posed As CIA Agents everyone going to admit that Israel gets.its.way? If the powerful Jews don't like you then they are allowed to do as they please. If they are threatened by you in some way.

I had many instances and still do of Israelis involved in my being targeted. A lot of what they do seems based on this so called mythical stereotype of their intense hatred for any gentile with power who they are threatened by specifically spiritual power.

The Jews in power are dangerous many of us feel not.becuz of untrue stereotypes but becuz Jews have a country called Israel that does not seperate church and.state. Their entire country is based off of a religious believe. Their communities are governed traditionally by a religion and their spiritual beliefs.

They seemed particularly freaked out by my having an innate understanding of programming.

Perhaps the kind that might create suicide the kind that would serve on either side of their own conflict. The Middle East is the origin of the word Assassin. Hashassins-drugging people and conditioning them to believe promises of the after life were much more desirable than anything they would gain on earth.

And how viscous are intelligence agents going to be when they are doing what they do based off religious and ancestral beliefs as opposed to being more geared towards just serving their country.

Also laughibly I recall two things that happened where I was being told basically that I was persecuted by this system becuz I am part Iranian and don't realize it. One perp made sure to inform me that Italy was closely associated with Iran, after.I stated I was part Italian.

Abrahamic religions are dangerous to human life. They do nothing but oppress women, keep human potential down and force people to worship an unseen king.

Gang Stalking On The Internet Is Getting Class Action Lawsuit- Probably Because It Wasn't Referred To As GS

Interesting that you can get a class action lawsuit legitimized and payed attention to which include claims.of GOVERNMENT AGENTS POSING AS NORMAL CITIZENS HARASSING A TARGETED long as you refer to the alleged agents as "bashers" and not 'perps' or 'gang stalking perpetrators'.

Lucky them, huh?

Monday, April 23, 2012

JFK Assasination Deathbed Confession Ignored By Mass Media

Finally Found What My Paternal Grandfather Did At Raytheon

Wow rough posting yesterday. Honest at least.

So I found out what my father's father was doing for a living at Raytheon:

Why would my aunt lie to me and all of his children and himself omit not only that he worked at Raytheon but that he did technical drafts for engineers? Why did they tell me he was a carpenter growing up?

I find it rather suspect that not only is Raytheon in my mother's ancestral hometown of Waltham but that my grandfather was a draftsman there and the foster home I was sent to the father there worked at Raytheon as a janitor as well as one of his daughters was well to do becuz her husband worked at Raytheon, what he did I dont know. But his kids were screwed up for life save one.

When dealing with MK Ultra especially connected to the military as it is with my mother's parents both being US Marines and her being a radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland, everything has to be considered. These are military contractors and they are NOT above reproach. Theyve been sited in the past for corruption pertaining to contracts.

Perhaps my father's family was just greedy, selfish and didnt want to have to share any wealth with me. Which is odd becuz my aunt was showering me with material things when I was 19, which I wasnt ready for, as long as she could control my life. They again lied to me and told me to come live with them and they would send me to art school. I got there and she then said that I would be going to business school becuz "Thats where the money is". And her husband, a financial advisor, told me to work in something I can tolerate for the money and then use that money to do things I like on the side.

Real nightmares. Needless to say I subconscously wanted out of that so badly that I created a 'situation'. I crashed their car and since they didnt have any children they flipped out. I was free was all I could consider.

And the entire family was...just weird. They had all these issues. As if they were in possession of a massive amount of...power as in creative power but not expressing was making them mental. My aunt especially.

And my grandmother seemed nervous, in denial and that weird family of hers, all these Italians who looked like me kind of. She introduced me to some guy in sun glasses and a suit telling me he did Secret Service work for Kennedy. I dont know which one. At the time I though JFK but I thought he was too young. I didnt even consider Ted or others. And that Chappaquitick incident may have put Ted in the pockets of some very sinster people who probably claimed to 'help' him out of his situation.
Rumour has it that the CIA drugged him, set that entire thing up and even filmed it. They would be that tasteless too. I then considered that the politician in the GodFather who was set up and blackmailed in the same way is an example of how this can work to get legit people 'in your pocket'.

Also my mother kept telling me her mother in law would brag about her family being in the Mafia. So here we have Secret Service, the mob and a military industrial complex contractor.

Its just too close. And they dont seem to mind thier son, my father is half out of his mind. If he worked for Secret Service wouldnt he at least be AWARE of my father being targeted becuz he spoke out that my mother and her family were part of a secret govt experiment involving the military and the CIA? (Which years later, her records of being a radiation experimentee proves that he was correct).

Also my paternal uncle, Ron was just weird and kind of really scary like cold hearted as well. Menacing. The other brother is a science teacher. I seem to have scientists and artists in my families. ALL BLOCKED ARTISTS. Except for my grandfather becuz obviously he could take his draftsmen job and branch out.

And what are some of the qualities that the perps look for in female mind controlled slaves, especially couriers who have to photograph information mentally? Artistry, creativity and being highly verbal (which would be my maternal grandmother, certainly not my paternal side).

This system routinely and systematically keeps the people they are controlling from becoming artists especially music or studying math.

I dont understand why they would have to have lied to me about his job. And why they acted so weird. Unless they are hiding something. And whats with trying to trick me into business school. They whined about me crashing that damned car for years but as far as I am concerned, a 19 year old kid's emotions need to be considered instead of material things. Its one of the incidents that this system used to show what a selfish and horrible person I am most likely.

Come to think of it, there was an incident with a perp during Bush where they used information about that car crash that ONLY I WOULD KNOW, THE PEOPLE AT THE GARAGE WOULD HAVE KNOWN OR MY PATERNAL AUNT AND HER HUSBAND. It was used basically to let me know they were watching me and know things about me even back then.

Screw you, still. I really dont care. Of course you would know about a second generation experimentee, you selfish, heartless pieces of garbage.

And I am still going to get you. Laugh it up now, and revel in the fact you think I have no power. Becuz your position wont last.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Brit Ranks On America

Please try to remember that so many Americans are stuck here and cant leave. Many of us who are of the lower classes are actually the ones who have tried to live off the grid by becoming travelers etc. And those of us who get targeted, forget it. The system tries to beat you down into being a mindless over patriotic American anyway. Then even though you are fighting Americanism and you know your country is doing wrong, YOU have to feel like a complete asshole in your own country for life because they slander you and set you up and frame you up if you know too much or if they think you are going to be an effective leader against the agenda.

And the American people ARE isolated. Why do you think they believe everything thats fed to them? There has been a great dumb down here. They are making sure certain classes are given psyche meds just to keep them controlled. Instead of improving society.

Americans dont have other surrounding countries to compare things with. We are afraid of Mexico and South America due to them being violent places and truthfully most white Americans are afraid of the Latin culture because its foreign. Actually alot of the Americas are still Native with Latin mixed in and that is foriegn to people of European descent.

Canada is sort of ignored becuz its percieved as far too cold to exist in. We sort of percieve it as....empty in a way. And being in the northeast we are told to not go there becuz the French Canadians will destroy us with being exceedingly mean.

Cuba is well, off limits to most people like Mexico is. And the Caribbean is perceived only a vacation spot for rich people. And its full of blacks who....might be as unpredictable as Mexicans. I dont think most Americans realize how close Haiti is to America.

America is surrounded by Mexicans, South Americans, Cubans and Caribbean blacks. Then there's Canada, a too cold place with some French portions that hate us already.

Surrounded by that and what of Europe? Its so far away that we are afraid to leave. What if something happens? What if we get stuck? Deep down Americans of my class anyway are terrified of Europeans. They are so much better than us and probably smarter. What if they fool us in some way or deceive us and we get arrested over there?

Many Americans dont have the luxury of rich kids who, during high school or after before college take that backpacking trip to Europe with their parents help or at least their assistance in an emergency. Even now as I consider emigrating and disappearing into the 'old country' to get away from America what keeps stopping me or at least makes going there a suicide mission is that I am convinced I will be deceived there or hated for being an American and have no lines out to escape a cruel fate. I have no family to call if any incident were to occur. And knowing good old Rach's life, some incident will probably occur.

Ive traveled enough of America to have experienced alot of the rest of this country outside a cosmpolitan place like NY or Boston as being very self defining in its culture, and certainly not considering Europe aside from the source of its genetics or 'whiteness'. Places like Texas or the Southwest or the Northwestern USA. The MidWest certainly. These people deal with agriculture primarily and they are land locked. If you are from a coastal city you understand the process of feeling landlocked in these locations and having to leave after a time to survive. These people live thier whole lives 'landlocked' inside a state or entire region. Imagine living in a place like Texas. Its very self sufficient. And it teaches that to its citizens. I liked that about Texas. But you wont learn alot about foriegn cultures there as I did growing up in New England.

Most Americans are so isolated in thier areas of the country as well as in the country itself that they dont get the exposure they need to understand whats going on outside America. And only after reading that link above and considering where my country is and how I perceive it did I become conscious of exactly how we Americans perceive the other nations around us.

Yeah, now I see we are pretty much trapped here, IN AMERICA. Its not like visiting South America is super easy. Its not like being in England and saying you will just pop over to some neighboring country. I suppose we do that, within America itself. Like being up north and going to Florida for a vacation.

America has also become much more isolated by design over the years. You dont see French or Italian vogue in your face on the newsstands anymore. You dont even see news stands! Its all about pushing for tech, the military industrial complex and science...and of course keeping psychiatry legitimized.

Americans have become imprisoned within thier own country and there are other means this is done, things I cover in this blog that alot of people dont want to believe but its true. Chemtrails is just one example.

How exactly, are such a people supposed to behave? And I have been around the country traveling as poor as you can imagine.
Ive never starved to death, Ive always gotten rides from true Americans left over from the old REAL AMERICAN CULTURE who by the nature of their industry can fight the cultural take over, at least until the old school guys die out- the trucking industry. Ive seen people buy nice comforters and drop them off to strange homeless people under bridges in San Diego. Ive been fed, cared for, given money, rides. The only problem is you cant really squat any place anymore but also due to my situation I am not the greatest squatter either. Its hard for me to hook up with people becuz I cant trust just anyone. And I dont go to places where squatters might meet me.

The people in this country are being brainwashed and held captive not only be the media as everyone already seems to know but by the covert system, which people dont seem to know about. If you take a hard look at my claims over the years, thats a hell of alot of field agents in this country out and about. AND I AM JUST ONE TARGET. Imagine the numbers of people who are dealing with other Targets as well.

America is a huge country. Most people dont have the interconnected communications system that the 'gang stalking' or intelligence people have. THAT IS WHY THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY DO TO INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS TURN THE NATION INTO WHATEVER THEY WANT.

Because your average American cant really comprehend the sheer size of thier country. In many ways, Americans, I guess Whites, are still very European in thier mindset- their perception of where they live. Come to think of it, blacks are always connecting to other black people like family they have around the country or say, in the south or MidWest. Mexicans always are looking towards the border for family, friends and connections and other American-Mex communities.
I think people in gangs probably have a much better idea of an interconnectedness within the huge space that is the USA also.
And yes, I meant those two demographics but also any ethnic group involved in gang activity or organized crime is going to have this understanding of interconnectedness come to think of it.

So that means your average citizen who isnt in any kind of business that gives them a perspective of interconnectedness within this large land mass would probably be very localized outside of going on vacation and visiting relatives.

This average sort of person isnt going to understand how something like an organized stalking and harassment system can exist using military grade surveillance systems. Its outside thier realm of experience. Just the idea of interconnectedness within the US is outside thier perception.

So how do you expect such a large number of people to understand whats going on in thier country, whether its more overt like Bush stealing the first election or..covert (like him stealing the second election, lol) like an interconnected system of people who's job it is to make sure the country and its affairs goes a certain way and anyone who threatens those plans is marginalized- for life. The US is a big place. I have learned that you can disappear, by your own doing or by someone elses and you can be forced into exile within your own country and when you get back home no one even realizes you left, that you traveled so far for so many years. That is how isolated Americans are.

They dont even know they are prisoners. They just know that terrorists blew something up and they are used to it happening overseas not here. So they go along with whatever the jailers tell them, not understanding they are in jail basically.

Americans cant help it if we are stuck here. And the ones who dont know whats really going on are so brainwashed and kept drugged by psychiatry that they cant see straight anyways.
They are made dim.

America is far too big and populated to generalize 'Americans'. There are people here who know whats going on, who cant leave but fight it any way we can, some of us extreme like myself and some just act out against the system by giving me rides or assistance or by going to OCCUPY. Alot of working Americans actually dropped out and downshifted to create OCCUPY. Alot of people dont appreciate just how much of a switch that is from the YUPpies who have taken over our cities and gentrified everything so we cant just live or travel anywhere anymore. I was very proud of those young Americans even though I was a Traveler trying to squat at Occupy I always helped out, stayed at night and wasnt a 'fringe' homebum type.

America is too big for Americans to understand what goes on nationally even though they think they know from the news and the internet. Its like the USSR I imagine was years ago. A big country, isolated from other nations, being told what its government wants them to hear and being forced to obey.
This country has been smart enough to have that same system but offer Capitalist rewards for compliance with Stasi like forces. You get paid off, you keep from getting exposed or arrested or you get to join a mob and destroy someone for petty personal reasons- whatever the perps motives are. If they are field agents then its thier job isnt it. Ive had indications that some of the spying done early on in places like St Louis were military and they were feeling very bad about what they had to do here and there.
But they had to do it anyway.

There's the naive ignorant Americans mostly under mind control, there's the ones who know and agree with the corruption becuz they believe America will be strong, there's the perps who are most likely working for organizations and agencies and then there's us. The Occupiers, squatters, Targeted Individuals, protesters, Travelers, down shifters, activists-people that see whats going on and take action but still for whatever reason stay in the country.
There are people like this that actually are productive that somehow put their beliefs in an alternative system into their work. But that takes a lot of support and a good education.

Mostly the entire nation is under those towers, chemtrails and whatever propaganda and intimidation they have brainwashed everyone with over the past 20 years. Believe me, I have seen the change from Reagan on down and when 2001 came around it was definitely the end.

As far as Americans being...well Ugly Americans or all the things the post says about Americans, thats just from being raised that way. Like I said, no other cultural exposure other than America how are they supposed to act? They really are prisoners and they dont even know any better. Parts of their brain are just permanently disabled due to the way we are raised and schooled here.
Why be mean to a dumb animal? Kind of pointless really.

I am just kind to those who help me when I need it and try to understand even they are capable of being ignorant of exactly what is going on here. Most people dont even see or understand that covert activity is around them every day. They loooovve thier spy movies but do they then leave the theatre having learned that this kind of activity is indeed going on in spaces public and private in thier daily lives? NO.

If they did they would be spies If they broke out of the mental prison and could 'see' agents or see THEM or see whats going on around them thats covert activity, this system would isolate them pretty quickly. If they were lucky they would get recruited, if they were 'awake' and not in line with the country's agenda like me, they get destroyed or corralled off- like being put into solitary confinement for years on end. And labeled of course, even if its not official they have thier little perps out there who always have to help the cover story. Just yesterday in this Tedeschi's convenience store, some coons were in there (why are there so many in Southie now? U guys have become really weak) and of course they started saying shit from like 2004 still. STILL saying the same shit. "I hear she's crazy" "did you see how she did like dat? She dropped her bag o chips" blah blah blah. Well since I had gotten so much harassment from blacks who are so nasty I have since taken up racism 101 and i mean really taken it up the culture of it, from people who are serious about it and learned to use it self defense.

Since these are animals and not people, goes the philosophy of Supremacy, what they say does not matter. They of course are sitting there playing Keno like lazy n*ggers instead of being at work in the middle of the day. Also they are men, so they really dont matter for shit.

I have had to train myself to think this way, not out of true racism but becuz African Americans are so into organized crime to survive in the USA, the covert systems use them to handle Targets and they are not trained like real agents per say and they just are way too rough, viscous and destructive and obviously they are still living in 2004. So they have to be handled with the ferocity of a slave master's whip- psychologically. I have learned to laugh at them like a racist. I have learned to disregard them as human beings. THEY DID THIS NOT ME. Becuz the American system still keeps them down as house slaves they really dont know whats going on.

This is another piece of terrorism used against American citizens- white flight. The covert system knows that these gangs can be used as domestic terrorism against Americans that might fight thier government or corporate empires, all the while certain ethnic groups involved in these gangs terrorizing America can cry 'racist!' in order to get out of being realized for what they are and what they do.

If we go to Europe, the radical Muslims and Africans from horribly war torn countries are being used for the same ends it seems. To destroy good people. And its not just race, theres alot of blacks that dont want to deal with the destructive blacks, but what can they do? THEIR COMMUNITIES ARE RUN BY ORGANIZED CRIME AND THE POWERS THAT BE IF THEY DONT COMPLY THEY WILL SURELY GET NOWHERE.

This is just a taste of whats going on in America. Whats wrong with it, whats right with it. The main problem is that most Americans are allowed to be happy, work, have families and achieve thier life goals. The things that have happened barely scarred the country in ways that would cause a revolution. THE COUNTRY IS SO BIG IT CAN AFFORD TO HAVE A DISPOSABLE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE. PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF AND BLACK COMMUNITIES THEY KEEP DOWN OR USE AS HOUSE SLAVES OR TURN TO CRIME FOR SURVIVAL. Most Americans are not made so unhappy that they are going to revolt.

So there you have your explanation of why Americans are the way they are. They are raised here in an isolated area and dont realize there's a world out there. They are raised to believe they are safe and have human and civil rights that will be respected. Most of them are allowed their freedoms and the truly horrible corruption is effectively hidden from them so that they dont get hip to what really goes on in thier country.

I have seen this method in homeless shelters. Those of us who are targeted are treated like complete dirt and basically terrorized and given no services or information is kept from us about services.
Some people get preferential treatment or can get away with crime becuz they have a working relationship with the shelter in some way or local police.
These are 'shelter rats' and usually arent there becuz they need to be they are there becuz they want to be, are on drugs, prostitutes working with organized crime tied into cops etc or wannabe gang members or they are waiting for housing and want to get into the mix while they take a long wait there.

Then I have seen perfectly nice average normal citizens go into these places. I am shocked at how niceley they are treated and how quickly they are given services and are on thier way to housing or if its a long wait what little difficulty they have. They are the ones that help keep up the reputation of these shelters in the homeless industry, so that no one knows about how corrupt they really are. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE UNITED STATES DOES WITH ITS CITIZENS.

So Europe you have to understand, its a prison, and only those of us who are of interest, of use or are a threat are persecuted and want out but cant leave. Many people hate America but feel they cant leave...and they are helpless to do anything about what they feel is wrong. They just get the 'fuck its' and either feed the prison system or dont vote which are both stupid choices against an oppressor.

A majority of citizens are allowed to have the freedoms promised by the Constitution and much of what is interconnected that is sinister they only see as fleeting moments of corruption and injustice or the system screwing up. They are satisfied with thier lives here, they enjoy the culture. So why would they go against it?