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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Use Of JANTE LAW In Behavior Modification Program In GS Seems Prevalent During Obama Era

This seems to be in use in the most recent incarnation of the GS campaign and behavior modification program at least with me anyway as a Target.

It seems to have come about with this administration as well but that might be just my perception.

This next link writes of how this Jante Law culture in Scandinavia destroys everything that made the Vikings.

It certainly is an effective way of getting people under control and oppressed.

Specifically peoples with a strong Germanic type of spirit which MK Ultra as well as the NWO is dedicated to destroying...forever.

These systems have to be created and implemented-becuz they know no one can truly behavior modify down to the DNA.

Its easy to abuse Scandinavians. No one seems to understand how much Arctic indigenous stone age DNA is mixed into the population. Any strongly pagan or magickal people like Native Americans for instance are more easily brainwashed. Its common knowledge in mind control.

(Post didn't get saved becuz of 30 min internet limit. I will fix later.)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Locals Explain Possible Causes For Rockland Over The Top Harassment

Was informed by a local to this area of small towns that the cops in Rockland are terrible. I was misinformed by the kids I got a ride from perhaps out of ignorance.

Many people have informed me the police there are awful. Also the last local I spoke alleged there was a specific officer on the force who is a pedophile..and this local lives a few towns away. I won't mention any names. Locals seem to know and I simply didn't get good info before going into that town.
Drug problems, pedos on the force, hardcore cops and a gentrified downtown that pushed out locals a bit too quickly makes a living hell for me as a TI and whistleblower.

There might be a protected perv network there so that's why they were so outrageous and severe.

Explains a lot..and locals know. The people in the town were just as f*cked as the gang stalkers.

I now see where Stephen King gets these little creepy Maine towns and towns people for his novels.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

SF Thread About Gang Stalking..Whoda Thought?

"Then your friend is one of the luckier ones because his/her mind could not handle the inflicted and deliberate induced ).

There's a guy in Idaho right now that has had DEAD BODIES placed in his vehicle while he was in a store shopping.

A woman in the Northeast has been raped repeatedly while she slept (drugged). She wakes up with a sock in her mouth.
Total strangers make it a point to show her their socks several times a day.

A friend got dizzy in a WalMart and told her mother. When they got to the car the oldies tune "Dizzy" was playing on the radio.

I've never had major engine trouble until 1992 and I've never had a flat tire.
Since 1992 I have lost FOUR vehicles in a row due to the NUMBER THREE cylinder shaft breaking at the crank. I have had over 50 flat tires and replaced all four 6 fracking times because some moron shot or pounded a nail into my sidewalls. And I'm not going to mention how many windshields I've replaced because oncoming cars have developed a thirst for throwing rocks and firing BB guns at it right after I tell a faggot or nagger to get outa my face.

This was not invented by WN, the KKK or any other WHITE group.
The name of the game is COINTELPRO. The brain child of the FBI.
Only an idiot or the supremely naive believe it was shut down in the early 70's.

It is a FORCED behavioral change program geared towards determining who will be a problem for the government when it turns socialist.

The operatives within the program use many fronts to prevent anything from coming back to the agency.
For instance: Some pretend to be mafia while others use the front of freemasonry or COPS neighborhood watch. They try to use whatever they think you may be afraid of to FORCE you to cower to their demands.

Don't pity your friend. Pity those who can handle it and refuse to be forced into a life of emotional slavery. The attacks are 24/7/365.

See how it works the Title GangStalking.

I counsel people and teach them how to overcome a global phenomenon that Police Departments WORLDWIDE have been ordered to ignore.

I listen to rants, raves and some very scared people who don't have a clue as to why they've been targeted for PUBLIC and COVERT emotional and physical abuse. Ritual abuse.

Piper, your friend is lucky. The bottom line intended for the TI's or Targeted Individuals is to force them to commit SUICIDE. The perfect crime of MURDER by PROXY."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Washington County ME Has Huge Oxycontin Problem

Oh yeah someone warned me that Washington county has a huge Oxy problem...maybe that's part of whats going on.

Rockland Maine. Ridiculous Overt Organized Stalking, Hasn't Been The Norm Lately(I Guess Rockland Thinks Its Still 2008)

In Rockland, Maine, USA. Its the first town/city on this trip that's done overt and ridiculously over the top gang stalking/organized harassment.

There were police involved and lots of beefed up trucks with special numbered plates. Also what looked like local red neck kids in their inexpensive cars being used. A few hipster looking guys in cheap wanna be sports cars (Camaro etc) who have numerous times employed the tactic of screeching tires and burning rubber in the street while passing by me of course being obvious about it by gawking at me first.

Doing such disruptive things near the McDonalds away from the gentrified tourist area is one thing but most of this harassment which is noisy disruptive and overt was and is being done in the gentrified tourist area near the marina, on Main St, which is very narrow and small.

Other cities and towns lately have done harassment under the guise of legit law enforcement or policing. This is the first location in  months that has done overt harassment when all I did was sit down to rest on a stone bench on Main St while talking to a friend on the phone in front of Farnsworth Museum.

Sitting down on a bench on Main St in Rockland in the evening speaking on a phone is NOT  legit reason enuf to warrant even feigned policing or community policing to cover for gang stalking much less the kind of extreme and overt  systematic  harassment that locals and law enforcement (and special lic plates) just engaged in.

I filmed a lot of it while sitting on the bench.
Strangely when I sat on the other side of the sidewalk with my back to the museum much of the activities stopped.

Then it only consisted of arrogant upper class kids going by obviously in on it, a few hipster/redneck looking locals and people on bikes saying something to me quickly just as the perps had done in cars and trucks when I was on the bench.

I think they realized not only could I get a better video of the harassment from that perspective but they would have to be even more overt loud and over the top to get to me further away from the street.

The reason I am blogging this is becuz the harassment campaign here was completely unwarranted, obnoxious and overkill. It was the most ridiculous and arrogant as I've seen in years.

The reason I got out of McDonalds was becuz a lot of tourist looking people with NY and Boston based logos on clothes showed up as well as creepy types outside. I probably would have been victimized in that area becuz its not part of the gentrification tourist area so it could be covered up under that.

So their only alternative was to act ridiculously on gentrified Main St.

This is why I am leaving the USA. Its become a completely lawless place (by govt and law enforcement!) where anyone can be victimized or harassed and no one cares and there's no recourse. All to protect the elite, the YUPpies and the various complexes as well as organized crime which now consists mostly of military, govt and various crime gangs that govt can control-like black gangs for instance.

I also have seen blacks here and at least one was part of the perp parade on Main St.
Unfortunately the rule is if you see African Americans in a town or city there's going to be heavy gang stalking. I haven't experienced many of the towns  up here having blacks at all and many of these places have been either peaceful or just tech psycho managed or just small scale gang stalking often done carefully under cover of legit policing.

If any city I've been in lately deserves to be exposed it's the arrogant assholes in Rockland ME.

Let's so those pumped up rich redneck smirks and smiles now, assholes. Especially the cops that drove by.

Very bad form. Could you possibly feign professionalism?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Losing My Grip Lately..And I Know Why

Whatever was done to me in Portland OR last year during that abortion procedure is one of the major factors in my losing my mind lately.

I've had lower back pain since that procedure that's been debilitating and something feels very wrong inside my womb or uterus. Like scarring and pain or a foreign object in there or just something amiss inside since that procedure.

I was a citizen of Portland OR when it was done so I've got to remember the laws on experimentees, torture or whatever else could be different there.
I should have come back to Boston and had it done.

I could be chipped or any number of things to influence my behavior.

As of lately I can't fight the remote influence which has gotten really strong compared to years before. I feel the difference in intensity.

Lately I've been talking to myself a lot in public places partially due to the conditions of traveling alone and sleep deprivation but also becuz I am targeted frequently now by tech and perps in a way that makes it impossible to ignore the stimuli or to resist reacting.

The fact I don't have enuf buffer zone left to realize I'm reacting and prevent it shows me I'm different somehow compared to a short time ago.

The factors seem to be the stress and trauma of travelng with my last companion part of which was spending a lot of time in cities and towns while traveling and getting overt gang stalking while there, not resting in the trucker culture or shelters and having to ride greyhound and getting gang stalked while doing so which brought up past trauma from years ago like MILAB in 2007 or 8 on a Greyhound bus.
Also having to dedicate energy to dealing with him as well as his presence somehow seeming to make my reactions to bring gang stalked very volatile.

Exposure to Fukishima radiation on the west coast by staying a year instead of my usual few months last year. This also included pollution from Mexico in Ocean Beach San Diego area and that microwave tower in Hillcrest as well as various other environment stressors unique to experimentees and their families.

The stress of a colonoscopy on the road last year I didn't take enuf time to heal from.

The tribal street scene of my long time home base of Harvard Sq basically being destroyed by powers that be.

Not being able to return to my second home, California and the south west and that also includes the health benefits like being targeted  with less tech in west and the health benefits of drying out from further damaging mold exposure in other locations specifically Massachusetts.

Cities around the country chipping away at the traveling circuit with anti homeless and traveling laws (hitch hiking, truck stops etc).

Being on the west coast for a year exposed to Fukishima and dealing with traveling much rougher with less rest dealing with my traveling companion has made me visibly age more rapidly.

This phase of travel with him plus the colonoscopy then add the episode in Oregon-a relationship an abortion with mysterious complications and some sort of exposure to some thing really unhealthy in the house there my partner lived in. Plus staying thru the winter in MA this year.

Its all destroyed whatwver health I had preserved over the years of being gang stalked prior.

I never realized how healing and healthy California was and even the south west.

And I seem to have a pronounced lack of allies in Boston area now which I had maintained for years..

These factors all seem to have come together to create my weakened state. I'm losing my grip and there's not the places to run to for healing or lessened harasent there was before.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Conscious Life News: MK Ultra

Friday, July 18, 2014

Police Using Social Media To Solve Crimes Might Be Utilizing Same To Track And Harass TIs

Sigh. It was so peaceful down near the border of NH. Idyllic really. Then came the armpit known as Biddeford. Now I'm obviously too close to Portland, an funky hipster college shithole I was going to avoid anyways due to the fact that they have African Americans there doing gang stalking harassment as well as they use the imported Somalian immigrants to do their dirty work there, according to locals.

They have a pathetic sea side tourist area which is lame..and a huge microwave drum on a tower that, just like Hillcrest in San Diego CA, makes me sick every time I get near it. Except in Portland ME I always end up in the emergency room with actual physical symptoms of an injury. This is documented in both my visits to this disgusting town.

It's built on obnoxious hills and I inevitably end up walking all thru town all night long due to being targeted and it being so aggro and sketchy that there's nowhere to sleep.

Typical YUPpy, Hipster, black ghetto, third world foreigner population demographics that make up every single hip and cool NWO nightmare city nowadays. And as always the gang stalking is nasty, immediate and constant.

And whoever  or whatever company is behind that microwave tower can go f*ck themselves.

This is the fuckin home stretch, the end game. I'm too seasoned to be stupid enuf to set foot in Portland ME. Don't flatter yourselves.

I wonder what corruption is so important in this area that the gs has to always be so overkill.

And laughably this little town has sent nothing but undercover cop looking motherf*ckers the entire time I've been dealing with this tonight.

Suggestion: put all under covers on mandated diets. Every single one of these guys is pushing medically defined obesity.

I'm leaving this piece of shit nation and if I get jailed I will just leave after that. I don't give a fuck. Whatever little games our Intel people are playing with Russia and whoever else is not going to end well.

These bastards are pushing for marshal law or total collapse or some drama so they can further their agenda.

I don't want to be here. Its only q matter of time til I get framed up for some act of terrorism or profiled as a lone shooter or whatever. JUST GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT so I can enjoy my last remaining 20 years around sane, civilized adult people in a nation where people do things other than want to fight all the time.

America is a war mongering, immature, greedy piece of shit that believes in committing constant war crimes to support its standard of living. Its a malecentric military dictatorship which I want no part of.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Does US Dept Of Defense Show Up In Middle Of Major Outlet Shopping Area In Maine?

Well...this explains a lot anyway.

For the first time ever in the histou of my gs campaign I was harassed overtly by perps wearing military fatigues. On way thru Kittery.

Who's to say they were genuinely military personnel? Anyone can buy fatigues...light green-bluish
digital cammos.
Three youngish white males hanging out of car at fuel island at gas station.

They were ignored. And then i mentioned how their genera5ion is afraid of everything as I walked away.

Its partially a message-we don't care who's sees or knows now.

Brain Research Projects On Official Levels Still Being Used To Cover Up Continued Unethical Human Experimentation

Targeted Individuals are put through hell and tortured as experimentees in continued black projects while the perpetrators of these war crimes often present results and research as official with accountability.

Every new article I read that tells where research like this is going is usually a few years behind classified levels (what TIs experience as experimenters) but always these news articles describe the new conditions of many TIs lives as experimentees.

They usually describe accurately whatever is new that the system seems to be doing to Targeted Individuals. So accurately that its obvious that these official projects with their supposed lofty goals and altruistic motivations are simly covering up for unethical human experimentation on classified levels or black projects if you will.

I found an article I can't quite place right now though I will keep looking. I believe it was in a NY newspaper like the Times.

It mentioned tampering with memory and the ethics of that. Also healing soldiers a nice cover of course. Becuz anyone logical understands at these levels of human invention and technological advancements there shouldn't be anymore wars anyway, another reason to hide from the public how advanced the elite are compared to what is revealed to the public.

Something about reading thoughts and reacting to them in real time. That has been something that's been going on lately and its different than in years prior.

Why people do not understand the obvious potential for abuse of power and oppression these advances create can only be explained with the use of mass mind control...and manipulation of informatiom.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Escaped Massachusetts/Diversity-Equality Major Source Of GS Perps and Cover Up

Unfortunately for some reason foreigners from third world countries and African Americans, all under the Diversity/Equality/Political Correctness culture or movement-the 'multi cult'- are a major source of people performing harassment of Targeted Individuals.

Partially its to frame up the TI to look intolerant and racist but it might also be to actually assist in brainwashing Targets to become White Supremacists and from there, forms of acting out now known as terrorism, arent far behind, born of frustration.

The movie Walking Tall would now be considered terrorism. So would vigilantism. Plainly what they are doing is using covert actions in on ongoing warfare campaign domestically to create domestic unrest like terrorism, angry citizens, chaos and even to induce apathy or isolation of people from organizing to counter oppression and abuse of power.

I am now safely removed from areas where foreigners and African Americans are plentiful in the population (Boston, Cambridge- Massachusetts  and Rhode Island in general). This has provided some relief and return to sanity and some healing but not much unfortunately because the organized stalking is still occurring, probably due to the fact that I am traveling alone this trip and I am traveling in the northeast where I have been since October as I cannot travel west any longer due to the radiation from Fukishima. (People have to realize that my mother is a documented radiation experimentee as well as I have been exposed to mold for three years which made me chemically sensitive and I have been being gang stalked intensely since 2003. Which means exposure to being gassed, poisoned which includes being 'dosed' with various drugs-hit with microwave weapons as well as the wear and tear of sleep deprivation and years of travel, carrying a backpack etc. I am sensitive to the radiation on the west coast end of story. It does exist and anyone who thinks its all lies or imagined, just see the cancer rates years from now. Birth defects are already being recorded in high numbers in Washington state.)

The gang stalking is now everywhere, everyday but not as intense as during Bush but consistent. Along with this it seems that the technological influence or brainwashing in stores,  buildings and out in public spaces has changed to something that I can no longer fight mentally. This all might be the result of having stayed in this area since October which I normally do not do, I have fled across the country every year since 2006. This pattern of travel had created an environment of relief and made my situation manageable. California for all of its constant gang stalking is not as horrible a experience, probably due to the lack of intensity of the campaign. In small New England, everyone in every town seems to be in on the harassment. Entire towns or small cities are saturated and infiltrated with what seems to be agents or what we lay people call 'gang stalkers'. Even if they are not performing harassment there seems to be a heavy presence of community watch types or people in vehicles guarding these areas.

In Cali, say in San Diego I may experience some jerk try to run me down at a stop light, literally trying to run me over not an accident- but the next few hours might be fairly enjoyable- meeting new people, other Travelers, being left the hell alone generally. Even the rest of the day perhaps!

Also the nature of the tech used for suggestion and brainwashing seems to have changed. Monday through Friday its so intense it absolutely cannot be fought or countered with mental Will any longer.  The areas have changed thier styles or intent for a particular TI.

For instance in Cambridge and Boston there is now something very nasty that is being beamed out it seems to force people to become aggro or violent and act out or freak out generally. And Saturdays are not relief days there, in fact in the heart of Boston/Cambridge, Saturdays bring the worst torture of the week specifically Sat nights. Getting out of the city on a Sat night is highly suggested.
I had to leave the area due to this new force being used is what was partially responsible for my acting out and getting arrested.

I am in a nearby state where they do not believe in selling out regular people to Yuppies and foreigners and they have never allowed ghetto culture or African Americans to take over or even co exist in some areas. (Burlington VT has been infiltrated by blacks mostly males who are destroying the area probably as part of a drug dealing syndicate. THis is very different from what I experienced culturally n that area in 2006. Most cities are having some population of 'people of color' injected into them under some Equality scheme which partly involves HUD and housing developments. In reality these populations are either gang connected or something that seems like COINTELPRO...whatever the theory is on why so many African Americans are part of gang stalking and covert activity in the United States right now.  Unfortunately, Diversity and all of the concepts that are supposed to be being put forth to create a better world are being utilized to create far beyond a police state-a world where agents of this system occupy every area as to keep tight control, spy, cause chaos, destroy society and cause people to become apathetic or afraid of organizing and rising up against oppression and the destruction of America.

Also Saturdays are a 'clear' day here as opposed to MA and its very sad to notice the difference in the environment. How normal, clear and nice life is if only these methods were not being used on a massive scale daily to create a horrible reality and to destroy the country.

The nearby state I am in seems to be putting forth strong mind control and suggestion to get me to stay in the area and get a place to stay and a job. What does not make sense is why would I go back to the areas I have just gone through where I was stalked and harassed by large organized groups? I wasnt treated very well in the last town I was in. Its also far too close to a nuclear power plant which is unhealthy.

I have been being given flashes of vision and strong suggestion to go to places that are unhealthy and obvious sources of radiation exposure: the north west, California, Las Vegas NV and the last place I traveled through with the nuclear power plant. These are horrible and unhealthy options which are being presented as great guidance for me to get to a safe place or further my goals.

Obviously they are deceptions. Which are becoming harder and harder to fight, counter and recognize lately.

I am still being gang stalked daily and hit with tech that seems to be unbeatable. I fall for being brainwashed daily and somehow shake it off at some point.

America is comfortable prison. I am being mercilessly beaten down with brainwashing and behavior mod tactics in order to force me to settle down and take part in that.

It almost feels like I am running for my life at this point yet not in a physical sense as was the case during Bush and 9-11 when this first started in earnest or perhaps some version of The Most Dangerous Game which other Survivors who are more high level and published have written and spoke about- the elite playing a deadly hunting game with children as amusement.

Much of what is occurring in MA might be for the purpose of increasing  crime therefore increasing arrest, incarceration and getting people into the criminal justice system for various purposes- from behavior modification to human experimentation or eventual recruitment into covert activity like gang stalking or informants or perhaps just to create an excuse for the person to be watched or whatever it is.

I feel like ive lost alot of readers. Perhaps many of them were African American due to the high number of black people being TIs. Perhaps Ive lost sympathizers due to losing my equilibrium or dignity lately as Ive slowly lost grip or having to have been around people or worked with resources that people disapproved of.

Going against a system like this and trying to get a book written as I was doing requires sometimes for compromises to be made. In order to get something done that is impossible you have to sometimes trade off things for something thats needed in order to get the main result. If anyone is purist enough to believe that any person is all good all the time or that heroes are in real life like in movies you need to become more realistic.
THe gang stalking system is always changing and evolving. Im never ready for it just as other TIs arent I am sure. As soon as I become seasoned at having counter measures and armor if you will for the way the system works things change. It may take years but it changes. Much change seems to depend on who occupies power like a new police chief or city manager or president etc or new laws etc.
One must remember that all of what is official is used and manipulated to get at people who are held in the system of covert activity and warfare. THe shadow system that governs and runs things.

What seemed hopeful a few years ago like getting started on my book or contacting lawyers seems now to be impossible and totally out of reach. Why that is I have absolutely no idea. I feel more hated, shunned and rejected moreso in the past year than I have since this campaign started or even..ever in my life. I have no idea what changed or why this has become my reality. I only know how to react to survive.
Perhaps its as simple as a change in administration, hidden allies leaving power or simply a statute of limitations ran out on my being able to hold parties accountable.
Like I said they manipulate the legal system to their advantage.

That seems to entail never returning to Cambridge or MA ever again.

Its too bad that racial awareness is now a necessary part of the counter measures involved in my being a gangs stalking target but it does seem like the black army of perps has expanded and that includes much of the foreigners from third world nations who now own many small businesses in cities as well as hold much of the service industry jobs like major chains of coffee shops, drug stores etc. Keep in mind that these are all corporations that harass TIs via thier surveillance security system. It sounds paranoid but its totally happening and ONLY in corporate chains. Corporations? They totally have motive, resources as well as thier nature is as such that its in thier character and culture to do such things.

Making someone go Mel Gibson seems to now be the thing to do- to create extremists as well as perhaps terrorists, including lone shooters. Also to discredit the Target.

If you find yourself becoming brainwashed and harassed into extreme racism or acting out or becoming extremist or even dangerous the only way out now is to LEAVE THE AREA and go to a location where there isnt any Diversity or even any 'people of color'. 
Its very very sad but its not a Target's fault that there are many greedy, desperate people who will take part in GS. From what i have experienced like in that McDonald's in Cambridge talking to employees, they are actually involved in a covert campaign to rid the cities of anyone that is deemed undesirable specifically to corporations and businesses. Many of the people involved seem more socially motivated as if they are out to create a perfrect social environment- kind of like Hitler wanted to create a Master Race. Like the multi cult people believe that racism will only be gone once all races are mixed which is the sickest thing Ive ever heard and totally disrespectful and unappreciative of what Nature has created on this planet.

People feel so powerless against thier governments and corruption that they have taken to spying and covert warfare to 'control' thier environment.  Humanity is extremely dangerous right now due to being brainwashed in high numbers as well as it seems not having any grasp on the fact they are involved in committing war crimes as defined internationally. It doesnt matter to them. They are cult mind controlled and working for thier cult. THat is how thier minds work as well as being sheep they are only concerned with thier immediate environment..even though they seem to be being used in a world wide conspiracy (blacks wearing red t-shirts around the world for instance seemingly as a sign of thier affiliation with what appears to be a pro African American dominance agenda.)  Whether these groups understand the whole situation with the use of technologies for mass mind control is questionable. It would be frightening to learn they are in full knowledge of a totally psycho-civilized society that utilizes covert warfare to make things they way they want them.

Friday, July 4, 2014

gang stalker in Seabrook NH

New Hampshire. Lic plate 718 521 blonde, Russian. or some eastern European. country.  Older. . Unattractive.

Cleans at Seabrook One Stop Mini Mart.

She's a perpetual.