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Friday, July 25, 2014

Rockland Maine. Ridiculous Overt Organized Stalking, Hasn't Been The Norm Lately(I Guess Rockland Thinks Its Still 2008)

In Rockland, Maine, USA. Its the first town/city on this trip that's done overt and ridiculously over the top gang stalking/organized harassment.

There were police involved and lots of beefed up trucks with special numbered plates. Also what looked like local red neck kids in their inexpensive cars being used. A few hipster looking guys in cheap wanna be sports cars (Camaro etc) who have numerous times employed the tactic of screeching tires and burning rubber in the street while passing by me of course being obvious about it by gawking at me first.

Doing such disruptive things near the McDonalds away from the gentrified tourist area is one thing but most of this harassment which is noisy disruptive and overt was and is being done in the gentrified tourist area near the marina, on Main St, which is very narrow and small.

Other cities and towns lately have done harassment under the guise of legit law enforcement or policing. This is the first location in  months that has done overt harassment when all I did was sit down to rest on a stone bench on Main St while talking to a friend on the phone in front of Farnsworth Museum.

Sitting down on a bench on Main St in Rockland in the evening speaking on a phone is NOT  legit reason enuf to warrant even feigned policing or community policing to cover for gang stalking much less the kind of extreme and overt  systematic  harassment that locals and law enforcement (and special lic plates) just engaged in.

I filmed a lot of it while sitting on the bench.
Strangely when I sat on the other side of the sidewalk with my back to the museum much of the activities stopped.

Then it only consisted of arrogant upper class kids going by obviously in on it, a few hipster/redneck looking locals and people on bikes saying something to me quickly just as the perps had done in cars and trucks when I was on the bench.

I think they realized not only could I get a better video of the harassment from that perspective but they would have to be even more overt loud and over the top to get to me further away from the street.

The reason I am blogging this is becuz the harassment campaign here was completely unwarranted, obnoxious and overkill. It was the most ridiculous and arrogant as I've seen in years.

The reason I got out of McDonalds was becuz a lot of tourist looking people with NY and Boston based logos on clothes showed up as well as creepy types outside. I probably would have been victimized in that area becuz its not part of the gentrification tourist area so it could be covered up under that.

So their only alternative was to act ridiculously on gentrified Main St.

This is why I am leaving the USA. Its become a completely lawless place (by govt and law enforcement!) where anyone can be victimized or harassed and no one cares and there's no recourse. All to protect the elite, the YUPpies and the various complexes as well as organized crime which now consists mostly of military, govt and various crime gangs that govt can control-like black gangs for instance.

I also have seen blacks here and at least one was part of the perp parade on Main St.
Unfortunately the rule is if you see African Americans in a town or city there's going to be heavy gang stalking. I haven't experienced many of the towns  up here having blacks at all and many of these places have been either peaceful or just tech psycho managed or just small scale gang stalking often done carefully under cover of legit policing.

If any city I've been in lately deserves to be exposed it's the arrogant assholes in Rockland ME.

Let's so those pumped up rich redneck smirks and smiles now, assholes. Especially the cops that drove by.

Very bad form. Could you possibly feign professionalism?

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  1. Cops as we known them don't exist anymore. Sure, they still go after the classic acts of crime, like domestic disputes and robberies. But they are complete puppets for the system. Consider that I was banned from a place that I frequented for many years, and the owner of the place wrote an actual letter stating that "xxx is not permitted into the premises" and it listed the legal code for "criminal tresspass". I know this is retaliation by the system for something I did. It's just the system showing that it has complete control over certain branches over the legal system, and that the perps can actually madate that a TI get arrested and banned from a premises just because the TI stands up to the corrupt system.

    And to this day, I didn't let their threats of legal action deter me. I stay out of the premises, and I feel the whole thing isn't just the system being childish and retaliatory, but it is in fact part of the behavior modification process, and the one person involved said "yeah we need you to stay out of there". For some reason, it's part of their behavior modification tactics.

    There was a cover story for my ban along the lines that "oh those girls said you were making sexual comments and they didn't feel comfortable around you". But that doesn't make sense, does it? Consider that at least 3 weirdos go into fast food places per day, and the "girls" don't feel confortable around them, yet they don't get banned. And besides, it's so subjective and not an objective legal reason. It's a cover story, because they need to "explain" it in a "conventional" way. But they know I was banned because the system is doing an "isolation test", which requires me to "stay out of there", like the one guy who felt bad and told it to me straight. It's all cover stories as part of the behavior modification or their plan to incarcerate certain ti's who are a major threat whom they want out of their way and destroyed in isolation.

    The police chief, the mayor, the store manager are all involved in this behavior modification. And they all have excuses, and they all get extremely angry when I don't do as they tell me.

    If they were really uncomfortable enough to have me legally banned, then why even work at that dinky little store? Why not quit and go to the WalMart a short distance away, and get better hours and better pay and treated better? Because they are all involved in my behavior modification campaign, and they are all bit players and getting paid very well.