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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

American Big Cities Have Degenerated Into Crime Infested War Zones

Sunday, February 24, 2013

US Liquidating Dissidents-Truthers Claiming Harassment, Hit With Weapons Technology

Ah the white vans. I won't soon forget (nor forgive) those bastards.

There's a joke among those in the know: 'the white vans and the black helicopters'..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jimi Hendrix-Genius Out Of Poverty And Strife

Just LOOK at Hendrix's history.

One realizes that there's a marked lack of genius or anything interesting in entertainment lately.

Many talented people like this die early on or simply don't exist at all now.

My theory is many artists would've posed a threat to society's controls by becoming activists later in life or creating things that might reveal too much about the ways the world really works.

Kids are not left alone to their own lives now and even adults' lives are managed by the system now in place-people are not allowed free association. We are told how to think about everything now.

And honestly, having access to media in the hands of the public might have been a novel idea in the 90's but after late Clinton and 9-11 its not the same.

Now people must look at the system of control called the 'gang stalking' system as well as other forms of social control in place and realize that if truly alternative voices or genius coming out of nowhere are oppressed and never allowed to form naturally without hindrance all that anyone is going to experience is expressions of a very CONTROLLED public.

Free speech and access to expression through media are useless if people are being prevented from being heard or saying what they really want to begin with.

Also if only the public with means can gain access to media, it then marginalizes people once again just as before public access was possible.

With too many voices and too much info floating around genius could actually get lost or the public wouldnt know anything outside of whats acceptable for the average.

Most people are NOT going to understand artists or what kind of environments are needed to nurture such talents. Recently the media has been used to control even destroy talent by exposing artists, their lifestyles and their faults to the public. With the artist and the public focused on image and spying no one can focus on talent or accomplishment.

If someone is targeted and either destroyed before they truly bloom or are stifled so they are never heard to begin with and the system is covert and unacknowledged by the public, you then have a world even more easily controlled and managed becuz the public believe they are free and that everyone has access to expressing themselves.

The reason America doesnt produce any truly great artists, a common complaint from abroad, is becuz anyone here showing signs of talent or genius (who is percieved as not easily controlled) is targeted so they don't ever grow naturally.
America never left the old plantation model. This place is about industry and money-never truly great art.

America is about slavery to their ideals and norms. And theres a system of extreme control in place now that ensures that people dont stray from those norms.
Kid's lives are so controlled and monitored that there can never be another Hendrix or Tupac or Lennon etc ever again. And if you are female forget even getting as far as they did.

Strangley the system seems to stifle females more from expressing such genius yet doesnt kill women off so frequently.

Free speech is non existent if people are controlled covertly and not allowed to even think clearly or form associations or grow and evolve naturally.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being Hit In Las Vegas NV

Quickly here's whats happening.

We are in Las Vegas for a rest this month. The hotels are off season cheap and the air is warm, 20% humidity which I needed for my health as I didn't hit the southwest last year.

I lived here for six months over a decade ago so its a location I've had experience with before 2003 when the gs went 24/7. When I lived here before i experienced bad luck which certainly couldve been being targeted.

So going to locations that have been experienced before 2003 give the TI an advantage. Strangely i have little retained memory of how this place was from before-a result of all old life and memories being destroyed by behavior modification and brain damage/brain washing.

The hotels are fine on the first night but a campaign usually starts after that. Since we got harassment on Greyhound complete with attempts at info gathering, and in the station by a guy saying "yeah make sure you dont forget to blow out of town", he also made fun of something I said in San Diego frequently which is thst I go there every year for winter, except he kept taunting "we come here every year". This was part of directed conversation with two other men. A reference was also made to my small stuffed animal pig thats attached to my backpack (Piggy is our mascot so screw you!). I'm a girl, dumbass-I like stuffed animals. Whats the problem?

And he somehow tied the pig into a put down about girls in the sex industry but this was very subtle as well as he made sure to mention a stuffed animal pig, so I knew this was directed conversation. The comment about making surs to leave town was more direct.

When we arrived also outside the window there was a guy on a bike who made sure I saw him look at us and then ride away.
Florida is like this also-they are waiting for the Target right at the Greyhound station.

I gave this guy the finger. I then gave the finger promptly to every moron I experienced harassment from as I expected to be hit hard upon going into the city. A few cab drivers and an Italian looking guy in a suit with two friends who looked non Italian. The two non Italians tried to mess with me but I blatantly told them to fuck off-the Italian kid actually wouldnt look right at me and either was oblivious or pretended to be. To be quite obvious the Italian seemed mafia and the two white dudes seemed like some sort of crooked law enforcement. Becuz of their arrogance. When I was confrontational they, like every other cop in gs history then no longer looked right at me nor did they react normally with a woman shouting at them in public.

Ive discovered that ANYTHING under my name brings on torture and heavy gs in some places or simply very heavy tech with behavior mod, induced aggression, depression and extreme thought by thought interface. This ends upon the morning of check out.

Arizona Charlie's on Boulder highway is the worst. Heavy gs from maids, other guests and in the 7-11 nearby (foriegn rich kid owner is an overt perp) and of course Walmart nearby. Its a ghetto area away from the casino and these are usually heavy with gs perps.

The tech is pure torture and I often wondered if it had anything to do with the security system in place there-there's surveillance cameras in the walkways in front of the rooms which are typical Vegas style-doors outside with a walkway and railing, two to three units high. More like a motel.

Its also owned by Icahn, a corporate raider and Zionist with alleged connections to 9-11.

This hotel is also outside Vegas juristiction I believe in county. We seem to get harassed in this area as well as in the transit center downtown and on only certain buses but not say east of the strip.

The Travelodge Ambassador near the airport under my name has been horrible with tech only but not as bad as AZ Charlie's.

Its been proven that anything under my name through Priceline brings on heavy misery.

Friday, February 15, 2013

African American Organized Crime Connected To CIA Drug Running Has Become Very Powerful, Legit And Socially Acceptable

Harassment Of Government Benefit Recipients

The cover story is probably that they are trying to stop fraud or save the govt money.

I have just noted that a perp group left as well as much of the targeting has stopped (heavy behaviour mod here though not alot of gs in this hotel. Its a corporate chain and the people who run it seem ok as opposed to where we stayed a few days ago which was hellish due to its owners being corrupt and certainly the kind to be part of GS.I will tell the whole story AFTER we leave this area as we are getting a badly needed rest-my only month inside for the year-usually I take Jan and February inside but not this year. Im 41 with health issues remember and Ive been running ragged for this cause for years now.)

My companion just got a deposit into his bank account this morning by a relative.

We also have also received something else on disposable card from a relative.both of which cleared or were deposited today.

Now usually my companion and I run on assistance. I am not sure what his is from but mine is mostly disability FROM THE AMOUNT I PUT INTO THE SYSTEM WHEN I WAS EMPLOYED over various years I worked .

We've run into some overt harassment over this trio aand i have in the past been told by a Harvard pit kid that there's a campaign of harassment on people receiving social security.

First of all I got this when I needed help then after a time WANTED TO GET OFF OF IT by going to UMass to become a councilor. (Im denied going to college but my blonde Christian cousin gets to be a PhD in genetic engineering. My mother's family always needed a white wash and she's it.)

I have kept it due to my health issues and needing the insurance

I also kept it becuz just as I was trying to change my life this system became 24/7 and I now couldn't work or school even if I wanted to. I'd be harassd hounded and targeted regardless of where I went just to keep me silenced and discredited.

Im also brain damaged from mold exposure and whats been done over the years.

Ive noticed in places like Cali and MA especially that when I get money in my account from assistance the style of harassment from end of month struggling switches to a program more geared towards getting me to spend money quickly.

Ive always just begged at the end of the mo the month by flying a sign as many Travelers do and my companion does the same.

Ive also noted that I feel watched and monitored when I go to banks and if i get cash from begging or had taken money and put aside from my assistance on a disposable card, that the system seems to be very aware of this. That they fully DEPEND ON A TARGET RUNNING OUT OF RESOURCES LIKE MONEY so they can start harassing the Target harder.

Its so consistentwith the way this goes according to deposits thstnit seems like whoever is doing this is doing this is bound by some sort of laws or rules which are dependant on the TI recieving govt money in order to be considered a Target.

Well..if the govt didnt want me taking their money they shouldnt have started this entire mess with my family to begin with. ESPECIALLY since my grandmother and grandfather served as US Marines-my grandfather going to Japan, Germany, the Phillipines and Korea. And then they just use my mother as a human radiation experimentee in return for his service.

They think they cqn hide their war crimes behind some nonsense about Conservative views on govt assistance...but they cant hide or bullshit the public forever.

THEY started this with me...always remember that.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Billy Corgan On Alex Jones-Another Questionable Celeb

Hmm lets see.

Corgan goes on Howard Stern show in June 2012 to promote new work by his band.

Then goes on Alex Jones show in July 2012 to talk HAARP, 'Illuminati' and the NWO.

Has a long history with Courtney Love. Has said of Kurt Cobain that 'the guy obviously had problems' mentally and emotionally which explains suicide.

Yeah this one I don't trust.
Lately alot of people who have pasts that connect to Satanism, music industry or entertainment biz are showing up on Jone's show. Its not to say that from their perspective, without being RA Survivors or MILAB/human experimentees-that they dont simply just exist on a level of reality where they havent seen how deep this all goes or all the activities this covers (like gang stalking etc).

I cant imagine however that they wouldnt realize Jones is suspect. That's what makes me stop, think and just simply disbelieve anyone involved in the entertainment industries who goes on Jone's show.

I WANT to believe their genuine. I want allies for TI's and Survivors who are alternative and actually have the pull to get people to listen.
Perhaps even, they are targeted due to non compliance, knowing too much etc and they simply dont talk about it but are countering the situation by presenting it on Jone's show.

They just havent been dragged deep enough into the abyss to understand the other levels that exist-that Jone's behavior at OCCUPY Austin revealed him to be a fake, even a sabotuer. His little games he plays with other media figures like Geraldo when both of them are obviously in on it. His rants about using guns and violence to solve problems connected to harassment.

His choosing the Patriot side in the Patriot/Anarchist divide-both of which contain heavy numbers of operatives and agents and who have done gang stalking on Targeted Individuals and Survivors.

Could it be that these artists simply do not have enough damaging information? Or that they are actually trapped at a level of holding pattern where the system offers help and a chance at activism from someone like Jones who seems to be a legit way to fight back, but is actually just another controlled level of the system? In other words, yes, Jones is an agent but no, these gullible dont know that.

The celeb can only be suspected of being in on it if one believes that they too are fully aware of what they are involved in.

Many creative, talented people are under mind control from the entertainment industries and dont realize it.

Growing out of and leaving the entire deception surrounding being programmed is like leaving your home you've lived in for years, then leaving the neighborhood, then the city, the county..and onwards until you've left the limits of civilization as humans know it. How many people are willing to leave a familiar reality entirely?

Las Vegas is a perfect example. Look on a map and you'll see its a city in the desert. It just ends at its parameters. If you are in a building high enough up at night you can see the city lights just end and theirs nothing beyond but darkness.
How many people are going to be willing or brave or even curious enough to venture out that far-past the parameters?
Especially ones who have successful careers and social networks which provide incentives NOT to venture too far and abandon them.

Its an entitely new way of life out here.
Every successful Target lives outside the accepted reality of the Western world. We are successful becuz we've avoided being labeled which of course would gaurantee the lowest status possible in the majority reality as well as sealing our fate as discredited.

Many TIs provide enough of a body of work that stacks up against the enemy's attempts to take us prisoner-like a fortress, and many of us also have info that could damage lives so we use this as leverage.
Gang Stalking is the enemy attacking that little safe area, the fortress, every day in an attempt to take us prisoner back to their world. The accepted reality and perceptions of the public and the oppressive power structure that runs their world.

Many of us are seeking a new place to pioneer, free of the influence of and out of the grasp of the system that protects that majority's reality so viscously.

After we secure a fortress many of us plan our big get away-an escape from this reality entirely. For those TIs who are not in so deeply often leaving their country where difficulty started is enough.
Sadly many hopeful Targets find the GS system follows them internationally. For a lifetime.

Who but those with no other options would want to disconnect themselves from society? Artists with ongoing successful careers have options.
The only thing I can think of is that theyve been toyed with, screwed over or targeted and these actions are their counter moves. They perhaps arent insightful enough from their perspective to know Jones and others like him are actually part of the system.

Just like certain TI forums and acrivist groups, these things are holding areas for wayward Targets or Survivors.
Picture a little fishy who swims from the big pond and ends up in a smaller pool of water away from the main area, with a small water passage to it. Thus the runnaway fishies are held in this area, believing they escaped yet are connected to the big pond.

This is a trick they pull on TIs who are newly informed about GS and related subjectmatter.

The decision one makes from there-to either accept the strangely socially acceptable 'alternative' culture of Jones, conspiracy theories etc-or to see the inconsistencies of this level and continue truth seeking, is often dependent on what the Target has going for them that tethers them to the accepted majority reality.

For some of us seeking out lies and deceptions is absolutely compulsory. Its part of our natures.

Then again, these people coming forward might be simply doing what they need to do to stay successful, retain protection from being exposed for behaviors, crimes etc. They may be fully aware of the deception taking place and take part for their own benefit.

Its hard to tell. The most stubborn and true of us are always completely cut off from society with no power.

Especially those of us who see what Jones and the like are really up to.

We most of all are kept from knowing whats really going on in reality. Its just as a Mex gang stalker said once in San Antonio "..yes, but you can be controlled".
Many people know that TIs are people who cannot be bought, intimidated or coaxed into selling out so the only thing the system can do is control us so we remain powerless, blacklisted and silenced without a voice in the majority reality.

It makes it hard to determine if these artists coming forward are part of the deception or if they are just using their fame, wealth and power to protect themselves and provide a voice.

When one asks why Jones doesnt ask say me or other hard hit, long suffering activists on his show (or any of the many alternative shows that deals with these subjects) instead of celebrity artists who do not have a clear motive for their activism, one can only answer that these people are still a part of the system. Whether they are willingly deceptive or simply being fooled themselves is always in question.

Corgan's former associations and actions are suspect. Yet he may have become targeted and changed his mindset.

If he knows so much why isnt he dead? Why is he going on Howard Stern's show who's been a well known perp for years just one month prior to Jone's show?

Mustaine recently claimed at a concert that Obama planned the lone shootings that have occurred. That is not activism.

Have i ever posted such accusations? No becuz Obama is not privy to every single classified action going on out there. He might also be on a tight leash himself and know intuitively that whatever is going on he's gotta go with it.
Here is a president who also spoke of a New World Order. Yet he spoke of it like he was a mere pawn-"..a new world order everyone seems to want..". Yes but what about he himself? Deep down-is this what Barry would really want for humanity?

Most of the people being used to pull this off cant even trust themselves for f*cks sake. Looking for gurus in this is very detrimental to finding the truth or understanding when it is found.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seville Child Sex Abuse Scandal Connected To SRA

Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Involving The BBC, British Establishment

Sadly this kind of exposure will never occur in the United States especially Hollywood.

Helsna Bonham Carter: Aristocrat Related To Rothchilds

If ever any Targets have experienced this actress or others tied to her involved in media psy ops I believe Ive found the explaination:

She is tied in with actors and her husband who seem to be focused on the dark side in recent years. Specifically remaking alot of children's stories with occult, programming and 'Illuminati' symbolism.

I always kept wondering whu is she so incredibly nasty? Whats the motive? MI5 or something along that line or perhaps simply being involved in the British media which Ive read is as corrupt as Hollywood in some ways.

This one always bugged me. I could not figure it out.

And shes so highly regarded by the press as endlessly wonderful and such a nice person etc.

Well it makes sense and I can forget about her, this crowd she creates crap to fool the public with and every hurtful piece of vicscous psy op she's ever done.

This was an added bonus which drew my attention:

Either this was truly an accident or it could have been a way of showing her shes not infallible.

It also could have been a blood sacrifice. Many people involved in these kinds of things have family members die tragically around them in such a manner once they've reached a certain level. Its thought such actions are to perpetuate their fame and fortune or perhaps get them into higher levels.

Yet with this kind of family ties it seems one would already be connected to a high levels of power and corruption from birth.

Hmph. Its a relief-she and that group of total nitwits she makes movies with now no longer exists for me.

Very freeing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Former FBI Claims Term 'Gang Stalking' Is Detrimental To TI Activist Movement

If this were debated in court one could counter that many specialized groups use loaded language to deal with a specific subject matter. Particularly, laymen who are not highly educated.

Many 12 Step groups utilize a loaded language. This helps people identify specifics within the subject matter so that things can be identified more easily to thw addicts so then they may make the issues involved more manageable and under their control.

Being in recovery is often like working in an ER or other emergency situation type professions where there must be an communication scheme thats understood by fellow professionals quickly and efficiently.
Recovery is a battle. Yet its with something within the addict themselves thus there needs to be a language formed to address that and to connect the lone addict to the greater group of others going through the same process.
To render an out of control situation controllable.

Thus this is what Targets have done with our laymen's terms for what legally and officially mighr be referred to as war crimes harassment etc etc.

Also consider that many official and governing bodies do nor acknowledge Target's situations as valid or realistic-its not like lawyers who are expert in legalese are flocking to assist the TI community and represent us or even map out exactly whats going on, who's responsible or the proper legal and commonly accepted terms for what we experience.

Humans being creative and using language to explain the world around us by nature will create a set of terms to communicate. Thats all TIs have done-the isolated lab rats, refugees in a camp or an isolated community have set about to surviving in unknown territory. As humans have been doing throughout history.

The other issue I have with this is that using this term also leaves it open ended as to exactly who is behind these activities.
What actual proof do Targets have that it is indeed 'the government' thats responsible for perpetrating these crimes? Governments are usually complex entities. Which part specifically?

How do we determine exactly who is responsible? Also, this would take a paper trail of money or other things of value traded for services.

Claiming 'the government' is responsible might get you suspected of being delusional just as easily as claiming its 'gang stalking' in this society.

All TIs need do is clearly state that the term is a specialized one used by a community of people experiencing events outside the norm who have leads that certain parties are responsible yet have no concrete proof that could twist the legal system's arm and force officials to substantiate such claims to such activities.

In other words-if these f*ckers wanna play cat and mouse or play dead we can also do the same Why should they go around destroying people with unbelievable stealth (and resources) completely protected from being detected or brought to justice while TIs make spectacles of themselves?

TIs are only trying to congregate for safety and survival to protect themselves. This is naturally what humans do in such a scenario.

GS is the ultimate bullying on the playground by the principal's son and his friends, who the principal sent to begin with but will disavow all knowledge of the kid's actions.

The best many of us can do is huddle in a corner together and try to understand whats happening.

When this former fed offers to map out exactly what is going on, how it works and whos responsible (like he would have graphed out a complex crime gang in his former job) as well as provide a frickin glossary of terms more useful to us than the one we have now, then I will accept his warning and criticism as valid.

He did give us something to think about however.

I think by now seasoned TIs know that David Lawsons book is incorrect and have a fair yet vague idea as to who's responsible.

Two More TI Blogs

A blog from a Target looking at possibility Michael Jackson may have been Targeted Individual

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth and Born Again Christians

Perhaps hes simply doing his best. Such big changes do take time.

One has to realistically consider the desire to continue his lifestyle which I am sure he's used to having money by now and being rich. Also giving up the public eye might be impossible for him.

His new work looks like hes just selling the same ideas as his former albums but from a standpoint of warning not advocating for such events to take place.

I wouldn't trust anyone in any media industry anyway.

Mustaine is part Jewish and was raised Mormon. Ive seen alot of people from LDS roots involved in GS and media psy ops. Its hard to tell if this is from programming and they arent even aware of their true motives or if they keep ties with the LDS community very quietly throughout life. Alice Cooper is also one such person.

My theory is that Jews by DNA have a tie to their Abrahamic god and it seems that in their spiritual issues in their lives that comes into play at some point during their lifetimes.

He can do as likes with his private life and career but when people start appearing on Alex Jones and putting material out into the mediascape you have to start scrutinizing what they are doing in the game-how do they fit on the chess board?

Ive been harassed first by people appearing overtly Satanic then when I revealed in my writings that certain programming schemes contain small sections of Satanic content, especially in SRA survivors-making this part of the nature of the person and that I'd bee studying various occult subjects since age 14 then the GS campaign decides to send plenty of Jesus content my way even having people in public spaces berate and pressure me for not becoming Christian, even Jewish!


I don't bother with Abrahamic religions becuz the forces we r dealing with were around long before Jews 'borrowed' from other ancient religions in the Middle Eastern region and went from a polytheist religion to a monotheistic one.

If a Survivor has high-level programming then their might be a major section that deals with ancient Egypt and things more connected to Rosicrucianism, Hermetics- Masonic type content.

The system seems much more threatened by these spiritual systems than Abrahamic ones.

Ive heard some low lifes in Cambridge years ago during this campaign intimating that I still insisted on being involved with metal music and Satanic content etc even though it ruined my life.

Being born into this and having compartmentalization is a different situation than entering into such things as a youngster.

And many people involved in this at street level are no-nothing-NObodies who KNOW NOTHING about high level programming. For that we need to look at the acedemics involved in the classified projects connected to SRA-the psychologists and mathematicians.

Many talented famous people are programmed and dont realize this is where alot of their motivations come from.

Be mindful that everyone who is a product of programming from infancy, birth or pre birth are all lifetime participants in this chess game. Its like World Of Warcraft except you dont join voluntarily and it occurs on deep hidden levels.

I dont even know if its possible to disengage from the 'game' willfully. But one of the goals of the GS system seems to be to cause such brain damage, such deprivation from stimuli and accomplishment and such ill health that these very special people are broken down into average citizens whose only experince of earthly reality is that of mundane day to day life of the average human being functioning with no understanding of this hidden world.

I suppose its better to change armor and levels than to become an accountant or something.

Its also normal for SRA survivors to protect Satanism until the day they die. However just becuz you belong to a certain family doesn't mean you cant rebel or expose them for your remaining days instead of take part in what they do.

Abrahmic religions sort of clutter up the issue of what's really going on becuz its not really about these very recent creations of belief. Its about things much older than that.

And I no longer trust Alex Jones for shit anyway. Ive seen too many celebs including Geraldo on his show who think they are smarter than TIs and play good-media-figure/bad-media-figure with Jones too often as disinfo for a gullible, mind controlled, tired public who just want someone to tell them the truth without risking being accused of terrorism or mental illness.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Induced Aggression Past Few Days

Heavy GS last few days. Last night became aggressive. This aggression STOPPED DEAD AND DROPPED OFF AT 12:30 am exactly. I felt myself return to a normal calm state.

Got harassed basically mobbed at Walmart near Lemon Grove. 3412 College Ave.

We did not realize the neighborhood was sketchy.

Security stalked around and there was one really stupid overt perp who did repeated wallet tapping tactic and then kept looking at me to see if I paid attention.

I ignored the perps and security but this female loudmouth shopping with her whole female clan and kids decided to verbally draw attention to my limp (my left leg goes out on me now for some reason, something in the hip socket) and since I dont take bs at this age from younger people...well they got me.

Yet the aggressiom was something in the area. Something man made. My companion also felt that.

Whats of note is that I stayed in that state until 12:30 am.

i also feel similar today.

The harassment activity has certainly increased or something's making me more aggressive.

I am wondering if this jas any thing to do with it being close to Supwrbowl Sunday. Imagine how much more compliance u cud get wirh that social event as well as consumerism for the event and patronage at businsees connected to the event?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

McDonald's In Dinng Room TV Channel's Creepy NWO and Brainwashing Content

I was in Chila Vista around December 28 @ a MacDonalds.

They had this tv channel up and running.

Unlike other Carl Jr's or Wendy's in dining room tvs this seemed to cover alot more news, political content as well as some very creepy ads which seemed to be focusing on a conformity reminiscent of 80's Communist China.

One particular news clip of interest type pieces featured a store in NYC I believe, named The Circus Store or Circus Shop.

It was created by an African American man who collected alot of antiques, memorobilia etc. Many African American celebrities were shown wearing the t-shirt with his shop on it and speaking positively about it.

He made a statement I will not soon forget. He said that he wanted to preserve some history from this culture that was built by those who came before his generation".. that our generation is trying so hard to destroy".

I wont soon forget that and I couldnt BELIEVE what I was hearing.

Here is a person in media for everyone to see openly admitting that there is in fact a New World Order type movement, attitude or even multiple people conspiring to destroy an entire culture.

What separates TIs from the rest of society is that we have seen the more sinister mechanics of it. What they aren't telling the public. No one is being upfront about the utilization of advanced technology or psy ops. The torture and loss involved.

New Biography Claims MI5 Set Up Rolling Stones For Drug Bust

Discrediting Disinformation Is Actually Part Of Sophisticated Disinfo Campaigns

"4,000 Jews Warned? A hoax to discredit evidence for foreknowledge"

The original more ridiculous disinformation serves as bait, diversion and for many a threat or deterrent from seeking the truth: