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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth and Born Again Christians

Perhaps hes simply doing his best. Such big changes do take time.

One has to realistically consider the desire to continue his lifestyle which I am sure he's used to having money by now and being rich. Also giving up the public eye might be impossible for him.

His new work looks like hes just selling the same ideas as his former albums but from a standpoint of warning not advocating for such events to take place.

I wouldn't trust anyone in any media industry anyway.

Mustaine is part Jewish and was raised Mormon. Ive seen alot of people from LDS roots involved in GS and media psy ops. Its hard to tell if this is from programming and they arent even aware of their true motives or if they keep ties with the LDS community very quietly throughout life. Alice Cooper is also one such person.

My theory is that Jews by DNA have a tie to their Abrahamic god and it seems that in their spiritual issues in their lives that comes into play at some point during their lifetimes.

He can do as likes with his private life and career but when people start appearing on Alex Jones and putting material out into the mediascape you have to start scrutinizing what they are doing in the game-how do they fit on the chess board?

Ive been harassed first by people appearing overtly Satanic then when I revealed in my writings that certain programming schemes contain small sections of Satanic content, especially in SRA survivors-making this part of the nature of the person and that I'd bee studying various occult subjects since age 14 then the GS campaign decides to send plenty of Jesus content my way even having people in public spaces berate and pressure me for not becoming Christian, even Jewish!


I don't bother with Abrahamic religions becuz the forces we r dealing with were around long before Jews 'borrowed' from other ancient religions in the Middle Eastern region and went from a polytheist religion to a monotheistic one.

If a Survivor has high-level programming then their might be a major section that deals with ancient Egypt and things more connected to Rosicrucianism, Hermetics- Masonic type content.

The system seems much more threatened by these spiritual systems than Abrahamic ones.

Ive heard some low lifes in Cambridge years ago during this campaign intimating that I still insisted on being involved with metal music and Satanic content etc even though it ruined my life.

Being born into this and having compartmentalization is a different situation than entering into such things as a youngster.

And many people involved in this at street level are no-nothing-NObodies who KNOW NOTHING about high level programming. For that we need to look at the acedemics involved in the classified projects connected to SRA-the psychologists and mathematicians.

Many talented famous people are programmed and dont realize this is where alot of their motivations come from.

Be mindful that everyone who is a product of programming from infancy, birth or pre birth are all lifetime participants in this chess game. Its like World Of Warcraft except you dont join voluntarily and it occurs on deep hidden levels.

I dont even know if its possible to disengage from the 'game' willfully. But one of the goals of the GS system seems to be to cause such brain damage, such deprivation from stimuli and accomplishment and such ill health that these very special people are broken down into average citizens whose only experince of earthly reality is that of mundane day to day life of the average human being functioning with no understanding of this hidden world.

I suppose its better to change armor and levels than to become an accountant or something.

Its also normal for SRA survivors to protect Satanism until the day they die. However just becuz you belong to a certain family doesn't mean you cant rebel or expose them for your remaining days instead of take part in what they do.

Abrahmic religions sort of clutter up the issue of what's really going on becuz its not really about these very recent creations of belief. Its about things much older than that.

And I no longer trust Alex Jones for shit anyway. Ive seen too many celebs including Geraldo on his show who think they are smarter than TIs and play good-media-figure/bad-media-figure with Jones too often as disinfo for a gullible, mind controlled, tired public who just want someone to tell them the truth without risking being accused of terrorism or mental illness.


  1. Fighting this takes so much of my time. I know this must be one of the desired outcomes... to have targets wasting time researching gangstalking, mind control, knowing they will truly never ever be able to reach the ultimate perps at the highest levels. This in itself seems to be a form of control, keeping the target from escaping their control, which is ironic, because we spend so much time fighting it. But fighting them and the system is what contributes to us being further controlled. Getting some mind-blanking now. Yesterday, I got one of those perps in a vehicle they have me sensitized to. They arrived at my eating out place ahead of me, and no matter how much time I killed, they still wouldn't leave. Finally, I gave up, and what did they do? They just did a simple two-word harassment and then left. And I was left devastated. I'm thinking, who in the hell has that much time on their hands to show up ahead of the target, and wait seemingly forever, and then leave only after the target arrives? So it must be true, they use useful idiots here at the lowest levels. Nobody who is worth anything shows up at a place like a group of stalkers, and then kills that much time. They have so much time to burn. I'm thinking they could've been offered money to do this. It's like some of these stalkers are "on the clock" the way they seem to have an infinite amount of time to burn up like it was nothing to them.

  2. Anoymous comment posted "two word harrasement left me devastated" I found that exposing the words they use to harrass you is helpful, post them somewhere explain how they trigger you. So the opposers of gangstalking can know exactly what to look for, and how gangstalking is done while going unnoticed by random people around you. Expose their key words, expose their signals, and keep on doing so, as they will have to change these communications over and over, and makes things harder for them.