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Saturday, February 2, 2013

McDonald's In Dinng Room TV Channel's Creepy NWO and Brainwashing Content

I was in Chila Vista around December 28 @ a MacDonalds.

They had this tv channel up and running.

Unlike other Carl Jr's or Wendy's in dining room tvs this seemed to cover alot more news, political content as well as some very creepy ads which seemed to be focusing on a conformity reminiscent of 80's Communist China.

One particular news clip of interest type pieces featured a store in NYC I believe, named The Circus Store or Circus Shop.

It was created by an African American man who collected alot of antiques, memorobilia etc. Many African American celebrities were shown wearing the t-shirt with his shop on it and speaking positively about it.

He made a statement I will not soon forget. He said that he wanted to preserve some history from this culture that was built by those who came before his generation".. that our generation is trying so hard to destroy".

I wont soon forget that and I couldnt BELIEVE what I was hearing.

Here is a person in media for everyone to see openly admitting that there is in fact a New World Order type movement, attitude or even multiple people conspiring to destroy an entire culture.

What separates TIs from the rest of society is that we have seen the more sinister mechanics of it. What they aren't telling the public. No one is being upfront about the utilization of advanced technology or psy ops. The torture and loss involved.


  1. I'm looking at the relationship between the use of LSD in mind control, and the subsequent "hippie movement" that came soon after. And it's possible that this particular drug was investigated for its control on selected victims first, and then pushed onto the mainstream, knowing that people singing and dancing and getting high and tripping on acid would not notice the sinister plans going on behind the scenes. And if true, such people could be controlled easier via suggestion.

    Early CIA efforts focused on LSD, which later came to dominate many of MKUltra's programs. Technical Services Staff officials understood that LSD distorted a person's sense of reality, and they felt compelled to learn whether it could alter someone's basic loyalties.[33] The CIA wanted to know if they could make Russian spies defect against their will and whether the Russians could do the same to their own operatives.

  2. And maybe LSD isn't needed anymore, because they have mass hypnosis via electronic means, effectively entrancing the mind in a similar way LSD does. Hence, MK-ULTRA was terminated. Interesting that shortly after MKULTRA was terminated, Jonestown was in full-swing. So I believe a lot of these movements and incidents involving cults are planned out by some controlling powerful entities somewhere.

  3. Quote from a former CIA director:

    “We do not target American citizens . . . The nation must to a degree take it on faith that we who lead the Cia are honorable men, devoted to the nation’s service.” — Richard Helms, former CIA director