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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trying To Leave MA Again But Something Preventing Ot

Im getting hit daily and gang stalked/harassed constantly and want tp leave like i end up doing every year but a very strong force is making it hard to leave.

That i shud stay with my companion who i am attached to and fight for all the various things i need to get done.

But they make it impossible here.

It's driving me nuts. Im sick of not being able towm to walk down a street proudly like i used to.

I cant save the man i love nor trust him or anyone else.
 The book was one thing. They've taken the discreditation campaign to a a
A whole othee level where its a major diversion from my project.

Deserved love after all ive been thru and they want to take that away too. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Street Gang Crime Networks Perpetrate 'Organized Stalking And Harassment' Psy Ops For The Powers That Be

Also see the 2011 FBI Gang Threat Assessment which isnt in PDF form.
What seasoned Targets know by now is the FBI helps cover up for alot of covert activity in the USA so these assessments dont telll the public nearly how bad this has gotten or that these gangs are now serving as the house slaves for the elite and national if not international interests.
How many years did they cover for Whitey Bulger and only bust him afrer alot of messy business concerning murders was done with due to people dying of old age or statutes eunning out? 
What about what witnesses have told many others about first hand experience with the FBI concerning 9-11?
If you look at the pics of these gangs flashing signs etc they obviously exist in hell.

They exude an evil reminiscent of Anton Lavey, Michael Aquino and every element involved in engineering the horrible reality we now live in from thw days of MK Ultra through the Church Of Satan's heydey in the 60s which interestingly only years afterwards came about COINTELPROs infiltration of African American activist groups-an FBI operation.
Jim Jones's People's Temple, a predominantly black cult had CIA connections and fBI tapes show the level of mind control these people lived under.
Much of the gang signing resembles Neuro linguistic Programming and the use of colors to intimidate is psych warfare and also mind controlling.

Ive seen these gang members infiltrating normal civilized society, now involved in day to day operations of businesses etc. The Boston and Cambridge area are prime examples. Right under white Liberals noses African Americans slyly flash signs when signing on to work in a restaurant in Harvard Sq around the university.
Ive come to understand that there's not many blacks in major cities who are not part of some outfit.
They are so obviously living under mind control via these gangs.
It seems many non blacks are also part of these cult gangs.
According to the pics red and black and red are Bloods. These people have been on my asa for years and they really hate me. They have been the most viscous ignorant brainwashed evil obnoxious little shits in all my experience of being targeted.

Their pride in displaying a red outfit to a TI for the purpose of intimidation is beyond pathetic.

Most of these people under the color were total loser trash.

Them stealing a victimized Target's energy through the feeling of fear and being trapped experienced by a TI is nothing short of a ritual akin to magickal human sacrifice.

The sign for Bloods in the pics is basically the sign of the horns used by Satanists.

Its laughably obvious these gangs are mind control cults engineered by the intel services in collaboration with who knows-the CIA, military psy ops, even secret societies.

Actually ut shud be quite worrisome, the now large membership in the supposed illuminati and other secret societies by gang members or former members-generally people coming out of that environment.

Some older guy told me Cent Central Sq Cambridge MA is mostly folk nation but does that explain why its been one of the worst gang stalking areas? What are gangs like bloods and gang conglomerates like folk nation doing in an area righr between Harvard University and Massachusetts institute Of Technology (both now rated the best schools in the USA.?

These two institutions have also taken part in mind control going back to their documented involvement in MK Ultra.

This is growing into a worldwide problem and has basically ruined the United States.
For anyone without the money to not have to be effected by these people.

African American involvement in the gangs and Satanic cults as well as military all cintersect with my experience as a human experimentee being involved in MILABs which involved very real people not little green men. Military abductions not alien and the humans involved in many operations were predominantly black, of which some seemed very mind controlled and almost backwards and others had highly specialized, sophisticated training and powers.

They were by far the most obnoxious participants.

Whereas whites lacked conscience the black's involved exhibited a high level of sadistic pleasure from their actions and behaved more like wild animals on a frenzy as a group as opposed to trained agents or military personnel. Does CIA act that way? They did when they murdered the cult members of Jonestown from the People's Temple it's said.

They also exuded a much darker, stronger very rotten evil as opposed to the other people involved.

They perpetrated more harassment on Greyhound and involvement in key positions during MILABs than anyone else.

Ita no surprise they now are used to populate such mind c control cults as well as be used to deal the higher ups drugs and then fill their corporate prisons.

And the public have been brainwashed to become more oblivious to organized crime and non terrorist covert activity.

They are so terrorized by design by terrorism threats they probably think ganga being everywhere is desirable becuz they mind and watch areas are known to authorities and acr aa a sort of ..say-civilian security force?
And if they appear in legit jobs the PC insanity like diversity will protect them.

Companion Has Family Member In Military

Relative named Eric is cyber systems operator IS Air Force.
Yep. Hes gone.

Leaving in a week trying to leave USA again.

Cambridge MA is totally sold out now and the kids suck this year real bad. MA is one big steaming pile of sh*t..a sh*thole for rich people.

Gonna hafta make sure don't return this time. I need to once and for all avoid that recurring mistake.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Official Visit To Harvard And Police Fanfare Remind Me Of My Purpose

Then as i rested w my companion a very noisy parade of cops came through Harvard. The street was cleared. An older white cop roughly grabbed a young woman to get her out of the street, the crowd disapproved, a train hopping Traveler was the only one to call him on it as he walked past, the black scrawny motorcycle cop directing traffic who had been dramatically scteaming at people to get out of the street stated that she could have been hit by a motorcycle and had to add an unprofessional statement of "mind your own business", which is just about what i wud expect from him actually. A bit new to a position of power are we? hmph.

The Traveler had long since disappeared into the crowd to tend to whatever business he had, basically ignoring the mainstresm and trying to survive like the rest of us.
The old cop is just OLD school anyway which is less annoying than that other bs where police conduct or public servants are none of the public's business.
Besides, even if hes an old school Irish pain hes ours and we are familiar with him on a daily basis. Who is this guy that rides the highway on his bike all day anyway?

After a bunch of sort of funny riding cops on motorcycles, SWAT/bomb suvs and a helicopter for added effect a black Cadillac rode past with what looked like an official seal on the side. Maybe presidential couldnt tell.
Then an ambulance, then another few cops then the second official seal Cadi.

Why this is done to shock the public i can only guess it may be a security measure so would be assasins cant take advantage.of old, small streets but it might just be more psych warfare from the powers and their militarized police state.

I was afraid there for a minute that marshall law was in use finally and either TIs and the homeless were f*cked or they would worry about us last and least becuz of our almost gypsy-like status.

I wonder if tech was used to cause confusion or subdue the public.

Right after it was over people wandered back into the street as if waking from a short dream or in the Matrix movie when everyone is frozen in time, in place except for those causing the stop of time.

I got this lasting impression almost like a lingering message or signature from the Cadillacs- to not forget my project. Thats what I was supposed to be doing, have been doing all this time.

The perps have been making me forget slowly. They r very successful in the past year.

I remember now..that what i was doing was, is importwnt and must be completed.

Update To 'Seeming Harassment At Showcase Laundromat' Post. Latin Mafia Active In Area It Seems

An Asian Oriental woman who manages or owns Beacon St laundromat, Somerville (near Porter Square, Cambridge) who was so neurotic that she didn't want us to dry our backpacks in her dryers as they were wet and wet things might damage her dryers. She also charged me money to utilize her sink to pre wash my Osprey pack which only needed scrubbing on the back.

The blonde that works there who was there before her was a bit suspect anyway. Why is Porter Square, Cambridge such a gang stalking hot spot for all these years? I of course have little access to information, even the simplest things are kept from me, so it might be obvious to others but to me its a mystery still. Ive been kept in ignorance for years and its like being kept prisoner in a dark tower.

We lugged our wet stuff over to the laundromat where that creepy kid works, even though I was afraid to go back there due to the severity of the harassment. Only when I was alone never when my male companion was with me.

There were nice people working on this particular day. I told them about the creepy, stalking kid and other people who seemed to be his friends or worked there too on that shift.
Much to my delight I found that I am correct in my assesemnt of that place, with that kid and his friends being completely corrupt and shady.

Its been mentioned to the other employees on several occassions about the young male's behavior, especially towards females. Its also been mentioned that the place is a zoo when he is on, that a certain environment is created there with certain shady types part of it.

Someone mentioned that they had experienced these people actually pulling up in thier cars when they thought that Latino kid was going to be working and when they saw he was not there on his usual shift, they got right back in thier cars and left.

I guess laundry isnt that important to large Latino families in the area and its only attractive to get it done in a large group that takes over the place, only when this kid is working.

The theory is its gang activity or that 'something' is being sold there during the time that those particular people fill up that laundromat on that kid's shift.

Its also obvious that whatever gang they are in, that harassment of Targeted Individuals is part of the gang's roster of services, which most informed TIs already know.

Allston, MA has also turned into a largely Latino area and there is some harassment there from locals at the laundry on Commonwealth Ave but only occasionally and the owners seem nice-family type people. Not that the gang that comes to showcase doesnt have kids but their behavior isnt reflective of family or peaceful Latinos- its gang behavior.

Its so disheartening becuz I get on well with Latinos. Its sad really. Im Italian, a bit Spanish from Ireland and they are Native American and I am Arctic Native from eastern Europe near Russia. These are the genetic similarities I can sense we bond over. All it takes is a knowing smile, Latin to Latin and we understand each other.

I also know that, like African Americans, they were enslaved or in this case taken off thier land and are basically forced to live this was as house slaves to the military and other American powers to survive. Im always a little more sympathetic to Natives as its thier land ultimately, not really Europeans. Supremacists would argue that with me but its my belief.
One must look around and question why Native Americans are the ones driving the buses, doing security in businesses or other typical jobs African Americans do. Becuz they wouldn't have it thats why. The issue of land ownership was too close for them and they are less likely to be brainwashed or conned into the idea that house slavery is the route to freedom, which I have heard outright from African Americans.

As a blue eyed Indian said to me some years ago-"You know why they had to destroy us? Becuz we wont play sports, we wont sing or dance- we dont entertain people." and mentioned alot of things that blacks do to make it in a white world in America.

Mexicans have been bred to the point where they are viscous to thier own ancestors, the Natives, in thier own land. The overlords have got them and I suppose intend to utilize them for the NWO, just like every other ethnic gang they have now thats replaced the old Italian and Irish mafias..(what happened to the Jewish mafia? No one ever makes mention of that now but its in books, records and even movies. They have such a great system. Its been working for thousands of years and will work for thousands more.)

It seems any area that cant afford to defend itself from the rot brought on by the NWO has to turn to this kind of activity. And no one cares becuz only someone Targeted whos a threat to thier perfect reality is going to suffer anyway.

YUPpies dont care and dont want to know. They want to live in a world where all the corruption that goes on, has gone on to built places like Boston and NYC and will continue to go on has nothing to do with them and doesnt touch thier lives- even though every day they benefit from it.

Now do you understand why people dislike or even hate the modern YUPpy (and in some places Hipsters)?
(What is up with every single Hipster in Austin, TX being a major gang stalking pain in the ass???)

I was told it would be mentioned to the owners who are very hands off and too nice. Interestingly, some of the employees have complained about strange, crazy people who give them a hard time yet, even with erratic behaviors- drive vehicles like..a Lexus.
When they mention these odd people to that Latino kid who harassed me, he will simply say the person seems nice and has never given him a problem.

Gang stalking to get rid of anyone who isnt complying with everything the NWO and its corrupt authorities want done, seems to be the norm.

Update To 'Market On The Square' Post. Amusing.

Update on this.

An African American male who panhandles there also told me she is very friendly with him always. And alot of other facts too:

-The woman isnt Russian she's Norwegian. Remind me never to visit Norway. I now fully understand why those black metal bands I love came into existence. Imagine having to deal with snobby, aggressive little trolls like her daily if you are different or stand out.

This is a country that unlike Sweden, has been relatively poor historically. Whereas the Swedes will refer to themselves in third person, Norwegians are seen as hicks-in part.(Though hard working, with alot of energy and very active outdoors. I think its a much healthier culture.) Much of thier towns and cities are separated by land structures that keep them isolated.
They came upon oil money in recent history and are taught in school nowadays about their past of poverty. (Which if they keep allowing sh*tty, violent, disrespectful immigrants in from the worst countries possible, is a financial state they will return to in the near future.)

(As always when mentioning Scandinavia I want people to know that much of the population derives from being interbred with the Asiatic, indigenous Arctic tribes known as Saami people.
Many of us with Slavic or Russian DNA can clearly tell that we also have the DNA of some Arctic indigenous tribe.
As far as I am concerned this is known to the powers that are behind oppressing humanity. They must know what ancestries possess what powers and abilities. Stone age DNA is powerful and I believe they know that too.)   This refers to them as being from the far north but I find it hard to believe that when people arrived from perhaps the Middle East or India on our long journey across the globe that they didn't populate most of the land and simply got integrated with and pushed north. Unlike in the USA it seems very hushed up in Scandinavia to admit you are 'part native' but its a joke denying it as some of these people look like outright Indians here in the USA especially when older, as with whites in the US. Strangely, people with Jewish DNA and whites with Native DNA who appear very European or blonde types exhibit clear signs of possessing the aforementioned genes when they get into old age. Hollywood has been using this to thier advantage for years.
There was a story in the news a few years back about some Natives in the American south west possessing a gene that is only carried by Jews. What this could be is the Jews trying to avoid admitting that due to thier heavy presence in eastern Europe and Russia, they've picked up a lot of indigenous Arctic DNA, as all the Israelis Ive ever met live in a childlike reality of bible stories, creationism and denying that any of them possess DNA from mixing with local European populations. They are worse than Christians except they allow you to hate god or ask a lot of questions. What good does that do when ultimately you have to obey the male-centric, vengeful, angry sky god anyway?)

So this woman's nouveau riche, snobbery-no-class attitude is probably what annoyed me. New money sucks a lot of times, its destroyed Harvard Square's old money, insular culture and my ancestors having come to the US as house servants in old money homes, gives me a particularly low threshold for this sort of person. Many are nice but in social situations under pressure or when it comes to issues of thier financial security they balk, become frightened and often revert to acting like animals becuz they have no intergenerational cultural guidelines on how to behave in such situations. They've relied on thier new found wealth to bring them along but when its time to show character- its a fail.
They are draining to deal with really. YUPpies who are upper-middle who have taken over Harvard and every American city really are just as exhausting. Boston for some reason has a population of truly horrid, militant YUppies, almost like a core or YUPpie Nazis who act as if the culture and style of dress they have taken on that defines them is a militant one.
No one is going to stop them from getting a job or succeeding in this economy or decline of civilization- not even reality or human decency. Nope.
Old money people might be nastier to deal with but somehow, less annoying. I like to respect the people out to destroy me, you know?

-this Norwegian woman is married to the fatty big, light skinned black male with glasses who sat next to the antagonist George on the bench after his wife tried to think she was smarter than I and also after my male companion arrived.

It's so typical of newly rich people to rely on snobbery and not real power. ' MY store' is such a typical sentiment from someone like that. A bit insecure about ownership are we?
-Thats becuz she's lying anyway: the building belongs to her and a group of other investors. Thus her being full of sh*t.
That kind of weakness in wealth reminds me of crap my mother used to pull in her pathetic attempts at being upper middle. She would move into the nicest part of a crappy town bordering on a wealther town or part of a city and act as if she lived in the nice area. She would also brag about small sh*t as if the world revolved around that fact. Think of  anything going on in the world, then end it with ..."because I recently purchased a house!"  Everything revolved around this woman's mediocre accomplishments.
 This convenience store owner from my mother's hometown of Waltham who used to mess with me all the time in my youth when I worked there, when he bought a Jaguar he bragged endlessly about it and showed us the brochure on it before he bought it. BORING.
I imagined myself in his position and swore if I was making such a purchase I would quietly buy the vehicle, simply appear one day with a new car and perhaps the extent of my bragging would consist of loudly dropping keys on the counter but now I am bragging myself.
This is the crooked cop connected guy who had Joe Malone come in there and ask for free cigars once and when I didnt know who he was, he said his name as if Ceasar had been insulted.
Hmm, Malone got screwed over by a bunch of his fellow Italians doing a lottery ticket scam didnt he? And in Watertown this sucker is revered for "keeping his mouth shut about those lottery tickets."  Typical low class crime b*llshit thats just so embarrassing. I learned early in life that people have knives in thier hands behind thier backs waiting for you. Humans are animals. Civilization is fake. We arent civilized.  We just agree that we are depending on the culture.
Waltham is where the military industrial complex's Route 128 is, which includes the lovely company known as Raytheon- which is unbelievably evil to the core. And all the bastards in that city work for the scumbag corporations there.

I wouldnt trade anything in the world for the experience I got in my twenties being around people from serious money, no matter what they've done to screw me over. To never have to live with the ignorance of this woman or my mother or that ghetto ass Italian convenience store owner, to understand even vaguely what true wealth is about and brush with the culture of the high WASP is one of the greatest gifts I've received in this life.

This awful Norwegian woman will now be mercilessly referred to as "annoying little racist troll woman" in her native language.

"irriterende lille rasistisk troll kvinne"
My hoodie with all the badass patches I have to sew on it, including my nationalities which I am proud to display is going nicely, thanks. Its being restored and maintained with my always artful hand and its obvious still that I am and always will be- multitalented. No matter what pathetic, corrupt, jealous, hateful America does to prove otherwise.

America has always won its battles by tonnage. Alot of really stupid or average people or firepower to out man or out gun/bomb the enemy. That is all they can do. Superiority is something America and the NWO wants to destroy in every country around the world.

Why do we hate the peoples of the desert out in the Middle East so much? Well firstly Zionists want everything destroyed but thier preserved culture so that eventually the fallacy that they are the root of the world (via Abrahamic religion) will become true. In reality, Judaism is simply a religion of borrowed ideas and rituals from the ancient cultures surrounding them.

Secondly, people who live simply off nature cannot be turned into good little NWO citizen-consumers. They must be modernized.

Thirdly, Muslims dont drink, live on psych meds, listen to stupid modern music meant to enslave or depress or take recreational drugs. They avoid certain unhealthy foods.
You are then dealing with a people who see reality clearly for what it is and are more connected to Nature.
This is the true threat to western culture they represent. They arent all whacked out on sugar, drugs, liquor or high fashion which is basically a bunch of woman-hating gay males out to turn everyone into anorexic, drug addled walking dead bodies...who look fabulous. If you are into nothing but sex and death I suppose. And if you are out of your 20s you should pretty much be done with those obsessions or experimenting to test your meddle with those things.
Anyone seeing reality clearly or able to point out how unhealthy, insane and enslaving western culture is must be neutralized in the NWO. 

Everything this system does including wars etc is for profit and too keep humans away from Nature, our own inner power and force as granted by our ancestors or DNA and as slaves. Its that simple.

And throughout this ordeal Ive met human after human who is weak, frightened and will side with the enslavers at any cost. And they must continue to be fought against until a Target's last breath.

And that includes all thier tiny little trolls. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lady Gaga Stole Her Teen Collaborater's Persona/Organized Crime Infiltrated And Run By Government

Becuz nothing can be real or genuine. In order for these powers to control your daily reality every icon or pillar idolized must be a fabrication.

Also a priveledged Italian girl from Manhattan is going to alot more controllable in the long term than a person tough enough to immigrate from Russia.

Females with truly dark tragic pasts are also a high risk for wanting to change the status quo and improve social conditions when they are older.

The secret socities behind all this are a bunch of scared little boys who fear ultimate female power from Nature. They have banded together for millenia to prevent sliding back into a matriarchal society. Every system they have and structure they build is to prevent this.
Which is why there are so many targeted older women.

Their system may be all about worshipping goddesses but ultimately this is to control the female force.

The people behind creating twisted unnatural reflections of female force like GaGa and Monroe seem to be even more lowly and hateful than the classical loving groups historically.

This parody of womanhood and beauty is purely American and very much a Hollywood style of destroying or denying everything great and mighty ever evolved over thousands of years in other foriegn cultures like Europe etc.

If u do a comparison between younger teen Gaga and her later incarnation, do the same with Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe-you will see how truly normal natural beauties get turned into twisted trash by the creators of these personas.
Morgana though unpolished in her act was a naturally beautiful girl. There are much better photos of her.

However Nature's health strength and beauty wont sell the sickness of drug use or the fashion industry or any other business a celebrity could be used to represent or market for.

Besides a big ugly black male connected to this modern joke known as 'illuminati' (really just a special collection of the most successful house slaves) is pictured with Gaga, who helped her get where she is today and one of his sentiments concerning the video made by Gaga which depicts Morganas suicide is that 'pretty dead girls dont put out' or something that basically speaks to the idea that Morgana was a young lady who didn't want any part of doing anything with anyone (or animal) to make it in today's disgusting (CIA created) gang ridden music business.

Remember around the Bush/Reagan administration the authorities baaically got rid of the mob families (who didn't escape into legitimacy) and notice around the same time you have the Iran Contra scandal and the use of black gangs to put crack into ghettos. (Considered conspiracy theory now documented, accepted fact).
This is all AFTER the COINTELPRO era.

So they must have infiltrated tje black community via COINTELPRO and then engineered things from there and street gangs or less powerful ethnocities more loyal to America than Italians, Irish etc (African American, Mexican, South American) who are easier to control who don't care if women, children or their neighborhoods get destroyed were put in place to conduct organized crime. All tightly controlled pawns of various factions of govt (military, FBI, CIA etc).

Black magick and Satanic practice were always in the music industry but now technology makes ritual practice and abuse much easier.
As well as the use of occult practice-as-brainwashing or as cult mind control.

The constant use of color patterns like black and red etc as well as symbols and gestures is simply a non stop brainwash campaign on the public.

Only fabrications can be allowed to create our modern reality. A sort of virtual magickal world to rival the Natural one, which through video games and movies, they convince people doesnt exist anyway.

Remember this is an age of Technomancers taking over the world and are very threatened by anyone truly powerful magickally by nature or dna if u will. Under the correct conditions I guess.

I believe her mother is correct about using Morganas life energy. Its been done to me or attempted-to give a president the personal dynamicism he needed to take the country when taking office and to put countless people ahead in life while i get left behind to live on the streets.

This is why suicide is a bad ending. If Morgana were alive though probably targeted she could still leave behind a first person claim from the living about what Gaga and her handlers did to steal from her and become what she is today.

As long as you stay alive you have a chance for revenge, to gain back what was stolen from you or to create new energies-this time understanding you generate so much power that people are going to take from you.

Gang stalking is to ensure ritual abuse victims continue to be able to be stolen from or never are able to recover or rebuild themselves or to ensure you regrow in a way that makes sure your natural occult powers are no longer present.

What they want is naturally powerful people they can control (Bush) or to co opt naturally powerful people's energy onto people who they construct as puppets-like Obama and Michelle, Gaga etc.

Monday, October 20, 2014

CIA MK ULTRA Experiments-Carol Rutz's Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003

Experiments on Children:

"As you can see, there was a clear pattern of using innocent children who had no way of protecting themselves.

Peter Lewis, who had biomedical experiments performed on him received proof after the death of his adoptive father who had served in Army Medical Research. Peter and his sister Carol were adopted from Germany in the early 50's. His adoptive mother told him he was bought for $1000 and that the army owned him. They even gave him dog tags. According to Peter his adoptive father told her, "He's your project." Peter also wrote she admitted to putting a substance from Walter Reed doctors in their breakfast cereal and when they wouldn't eat it because of the taste they were beaten unmercifully. There were occasions when his arms and thighs were covered with very painful boils. I wonder if this wasn't from Radiation poisoning like at Fernald School for the mentally retarded where they fed them radioactive cereal. Peter's mom said "I did my duty."

She reportedly gave Peter pills from Walter Reed that caused hallucinations and nightmares. Since LSD was part of the MK-ULTRA experiments, I am assuming this is probably what the substance was. I guess when we look at the case of the four New Jersey children who hit headlines last week; we understand anything is possible especially when you use the words "It's good for National Security." The New Jersey children were alleged to have been systematically starved by their adoptive parents while the system stood by and did nothing.

Peter said, "My understanding is the sole purpose of adoption of me was for experiments. We have documents and hospital papers for much of this to back this up. Since my dad died, we were able to go through all the papers and find documents, papers, and photographs. These are military photographs he was ordered to destroy, but he brought some home and didn't destroy everything."

Peter has a picture of himself and other Boy Scouts at Walter Reed in 1958 where radioactive experiments were done. In 2000 Peter told me about some of the experiments including a number of bone biopsy's done after he drank radioactive material. He called them Gamma Radiation Experiments. He says they used numbers instead of names to identify him, which is what I too remember - being given a number. Isn't that what they used in the concentration camps?

Peter said they did so many bone biopsies on him that people started asking questions, so they tried to deem him retarded. His IQ is 128. I guess that speaks for itself. His sister, Carol died with Brain cancer from the radiation. The doctor found a crust on her brain and told her she had it for 20, 25 years--at the time the radiation experiments were done.

It is not hard to understand how devastating it would be to learn that you had been adopted for the sole purpose of being a human guinea pig."

"Karen was responsible for spurring me on to obtain information through FOIA requests that would help me validate my memories. She was always banging on doors, persistent to get the truth out, especially when she found out there were so many other kids who were used as human guinea pigs. The Department of Energy had told her she was the only one, but she said that Pentagon sources had personally told her they "didn't want our stories out at any cost. The plan was to pay off a few token victims and blow the rest off." Karen did not live to see any of us receive validation or vindication."

They did more than just 'blow the rest off'. They have found out who is weak, vulnerable and open to pay offs or black male or plain old intimidation and chosen experimentees even their children FOR FURTHER EXPERIMENTATION. My mother is a documented radiation experimentee, both parents US Marines. She claimed she dropped her claim with the PACHRE due to "I was followed". She has been used to being intimidated in a similar fashion all her adult life, as she is very compartmentalized and switches over the belief that the harassment is from an organized crime syndicate her and my uncle worked for in a bar that a local Italian family owned secretly. Either that, or she had crooked law suits and hidden money I suspect, which made her open to black mail as well as everyone else around me had some dirt on them or else wanted to further their careers, get grants etc which is how a lot of these pay offs work so they go undetected.

Survivors are easily brainwashed so its hard to tell just how much of what my mother- the original documented experimentee, actually was aware of her part in selling me out to this system in a 24/7 gang stalking campaign.

How the govt is getting away with the same experiments with the same exact things happening that were documented by survivors and experimentees decades ago I will never understand. Its their version of the legal loop hole Double Jeopardy in a way. You cant have MK Ultra secret projects happen again, with private contractors and security firms in the modern era, when the original experiments were already admitted to, damages paid to a few experimentees and an apology by the President during the inquiry.

As far as I am concerned, the entire thing should be dug up again because these are war crimes. Why was there not an international inquiry on that level or a military tribunal? Im no lawyer but a concept as quaint as an 'advisory committee' to the head of the govt at that time when in fact its factions of the govt itself who committed the crimes seems like conflict of interest or something similar.

Becuz something is making it way to easy for them to strike testimony from the records of the original advisory committee as well as every single committee we experimentees and Survivors attend from there on until the present as well as simply not deal with the legal repercussions of their actions past, present and future.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chem Trails In Area Cause Miserable Effects, Disappear During Important Tourist Events

This vid was taken on a busy weekend where there were multiple events, one important one specifically where there would be not just tourists but old money elite types attending:

I noted that in days prior there were a lot of criss crossing trails in the sky, that looked as if they were left by planes from exhaust. So how can there be so many in the sky on certain days or better yet- an absence of them on certain days?

One of the events was Head of The Charles rowing races on the Charles River a historical event centering around Harvard competitors, prizing the fact women teams compete. This was on Sat and Sun.
The other was a book signing in Brookline, MA from a tv actor on Saturday night the 18th and politician Scott Brown came through Boston in a motorcade then to Cambridge on the Charles River also on Saturday.

The days when there were a lot of trails in the sky the effects were awful. Depression, brain fog, aggression. Just a miserable environment. And it seems that the effects of what is supposed to be tech are amplified by whatever is in those chemtrails.

On these days when there was not one trail in the sky, things were clear, pleasant, happy and the environment seemed normal in a way that reminded me of years past. Before the horrors brought in the year 2003 that have rarely ceased since.

(its sideways and I don't have the time or tech know how to fix it. I will try later. Just make do).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Market On The Square In Harvard Square, Cambridge Is Organized Crime/Foreign Money (harassment)

Getting so much subtle harassment its ridiculous. More perps mixed in with normal people than I've ever seen anywhere at anytime before even during Bush.

Hopefully its just Boston and not the whole USA.

Was being harassed non stop by gestures in Harvard Sq, Cambridge, MA today. Usually i don't stay all day in Harvard but today was an exception.

This older black male walked by me and looked down on me pan handling across from Market On the Square convenience store in Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA.

I mentioned something to that effect and he started an argument that could only be for the purposes of gang stalking harassment to escalate and get me to flip out or due to he being.just a shitty person. (After this situation got complicated he sat on a bench in front of me doing the same gestures perps are doing lately so that answers that.) Remember ever since Rossi became city manager and Maher mayor of Cambridge and the new admin in Boston (new mauyor, police chief and commissioner) as well the system here has had heavy, intense harassment designed to break me and get me institutionalized, not only to silence me thru incarceration but for total and final discreditation. (Uh, is that guy from the Rossi crime family? If her is it might explain a bit about whats going on. Hmmm).

He kept talking over me and eventually used the same lines of psychological harassment that many perps use when working off the angle of my being homeless.
He said that Im just another low life, I would never do anything for myself etc etc. I have heard these exact lines before from perps trying to get into my head and mind f*ck me working on the homeless angle.

The GS has come to a point where all the people involved can do is repeat themselves-with gestures used and the verbal brainwashing/abuse involved.

Ive heard those exact lines many times from different people always in reference to my homelessness. Just like Ive heard repeatedly in reference to my gang stalking activism and blogging that "It gives your life meaning". How can different people over many years time think exactly the same things about a person always in reference to the same part of their lives...and express it in exactly the same phrases?!

Its attempted brainwashing plain and simple.
This man also had that condition many low level perps have: mentally slow or disadvantaged and/or creepy and leering as would appear a person possibly in trouble or becoming part of the network of pedos pervs and offenders trying not to get exposed for such behaviors.

Looking back after it was over it was all well orchestrated.

i was alone, he sat on the bench in front of the store refusing to leave as part of fighting with me. As he sat there multiple people from the neighborhood came over and said hi to him and he told them why he was sitting there thus trying to create a community mobbing situation.
Most of them brushed him off kindly making it appear he is indeed perceived as slow and a bit troublesome by locals. "oh George!" One woman kindly exclaimed as if he mite get into these situations frequently.

I had ended the verbal argument long before when he stated i was a low life etc by telling him that he arrived walking by me with that perception to begin with so i was correct to be offended originally.

I sit quietly sewing and ignored him only focusing on passer byes occasionally being friendly of course.

I called my companion as it was our arranged meeting time. He arrived and as he did a blonde short woman was talking to this man on the bench who I believe was named George. She is a foreign woman who claims Market On Square is her store.
She was the biggest douche of a b*tch Ive encountered in years in any of these situations.

 I will tell you what she did but I want to add that through the years the Mexican males who are employed at this store have been a bit nasty and many recently giving me those knowing perp dirty looks one the other day even performed the mind control tactic of 'The Interview': all kinds of personal questions in a process resembling interrogation that always ends up including where have you been and "Where are you going next?" which I ace nowadays by being vague or lying outright.
One man-the late night cashier has been consistently kind and friendly to me. Everyone else either looks down in shame when they see me or gives me intimidating looks..which I ignore.

The blonde woman seems Russian by her accent but I cant tell. Shes not Mexican.

Someone out here told me the Mexican employees were listening to music in there at night and when asked what kind of music it was they claimed it was "mafia music". 

I dont mess with anyone unless I get toyed with first and everybody knows it. Im peaceable above and beyond the call of duty (as thats the motive for much of my self control to begin with) considering what I go thru still and have been put through.

So lastly lets run down what the horrid blonde did...becuz its totally screwed up but also entertaining.

The idea that people with property and money who side with the corrupt system somehow believe they are more clever and wily than those of us put out here to fight the system who happen to be without alot of visible resources is always amusing to me.

After chatting with the older black male still sitting on the bench, a short  blonde woman with an accent approached me and my companion who had joined me awaiting to leave. We were  both sitting across and to the side of the market, on a public side walk.
 She told me nastily not to ask people coming out of her store to buy me anything as shes had trouble with this. (Which I believe is a fabrication becuz the only other panhandler who frequents this location is an older black man who I am friendly with due to his civilized, old school and diplomatic nature. He is very reflective, from Los Angeles originally and peaceable. I regularly get on with African American males from Cali, with Oakland being the exception, as they seem more friendly, chill and less interested in being political or greedy, self aggrandizing, power hungry, abusive assh*les like Massachusetts. Even NYC is better than here. Farrakhanland I guess.)  I replied to her that I dont do that anyway, my focus is whoever is on the public street areas and my sign does the work for me anyway. I dont engage in aggressive panhandling.

I then POLITELY inquired if she owned just the store or the entire building. I was curious as property owners do turn up and its best to know their views on people like us being around as well as possibly try to make nice or at least be diplomatic.

She became nervous, balked and didnt answer. I explained kindly the motives I just wrote above.

She became aggressive herself, actually and asked "Do you own that whole sweater?"  referencing the Traveler hoodie I was refurbishing and I replied spiritedly that I had better (own it) if Im sewing it. She then retorted snottily "Oh its lovely" and rolled her eyes in an attempt to piss me off as obviously to the average person in this culture it simply looks ripped up and ragged (as opposed to having respectability in the Traveler culture).
I replied that it certainly was a piece of hard work. (becuz i work fuckin' hard to live like this well as do my activism project. In fact..I kick major amounts of ass so f*ck all these people's ignorant opinions).
Then ignored her.

She went back to talk to George on the bench and as she left our personal space and got back on her own territory I commented to my companion that this is simply a sign of the foriegn money taking over Harvard...and how they and their underpriveledged helpers from the communities surrounding well off areas share the same low standards of human rights and lack of conscience.

This was said of course of people taking part in GS and not generalizing all foriegn investors.

My companion and I began to get up and leave as he only showed up to retrieve me anyway. I noted that after the store owner left a younger large black male had sat next to George almost serving as a guardian due to the arrival of my male companion. He looked guarded, nervous and made sure he stayed on the phone.

When we left he may have been an attempt at an arrogant perp smirk but it was more of smiling rather nervously.
As if the operation would not go well and end as planned...but he was trying to make that the result.

ive learned to ace these situations by delivering a calculated aggressive controlled counter attack, then disengage and if possible try to use the perp to my advantage.
George served as a buffer against further harassment from gesturing perps the entire time he sat on that bench.

These desperate attempts are to keep me down and silenced in a brainwashed terrorized state so I cant make anymore strides with my project or take legal action.
I have love and support now I did not have before as well as whatever remains of the heart and soul in areas like Harvard and Brookline etc which is why they have to work so hard now.

I sense alot of people just want to see this resolved.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

TI Blog:

Putin Truly NWO Resistor or more polarizing Religions To Force Us To Choose

It looks so good from afar. I wish i could trust this assessment but would anyone truly against the NWO actually be allowed in any position of power?

Its very suspect considering omce again polarizing religious beliefs are involved.

If its just simply a case of the Abrahamic god vs high level 'satanists' then where does a powwrful force like Blackwater fit in with a leader like Erik Prince and his insane vision of a Christian world order..misguidedly based on stealing Templar heritage and legacy?

This isn't freedom or freedom fighting its more theatrics in the world theatre.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Seeming Harassment At SHOWCASE LAUNDROMAT in Porter Sq Cambridge

HRun and frequented by Latinos, its unfortunate but Latinos are a large demographic in on gang stalking, usually not as frequently as whites or African Americans and usually far less evil and annoying than the last two aforementioned demographics involved.

This laundry has always been a gs hot spot in the sense that pro p perps wud show up there in years past and take up a large chunk of my time as well as engage in heavier than usual mind gaming conversation. Usually stuff about perps claiming to have had been US military and having been told not to do their jobs during Bush. Always with a creepy pedophile vibe to them..just like every other perp in existence...well alot of them.

Theres a creepy goofy skinny kid here that runs the place at night that usually psychologically harassea me from the moment I arrive to the second I leave.

He makes sure he begins stalking me when i arrive by staring ans looking over my back pack and then as i take my things out say to wash my pack he will stalk me and draw attwntion to my possessio s in the cart, he is always watching me being very obaessive and controlling.

Telling me i can't use the sink to wash things id i wont use a machine becuz the excuse is the sink mite break and it's brand new(all metal big and strong.

If i go outside to ring some things out he has said i cant be outside and tonite he kept watching me outside from acroas the store.

He constantly circles around me ams if my clothes in the dryer just finish and i am five seconds not noticing he comes by and focuses on cleaning the dryer doors that my clothes are in while staring back at me as if to intimidatw me to take action right then and there.

He is real creepy young and completely obsesses with me the entire time I'm here.

If this isn't gang stalking its anti homeless tactics which ive seen alot of lately in Cambridge and i believe some group or law enforcement ia giving businesses these harassment tactics to handle homeless people.

A few times ive mentioned gang stalking and security guards who are stalking my friend and i as homeless people will back off with surprised looks leading me to deduce tactics and campaigns similar to gang stalking individuals are being used in cities against homeless people to eradicate them (us) and discourage the lifestyle.

All of what this little shit does at this laundry can be seen on camera clearly.

Also these antics and theatrics are whats been used over the years to cause me to act or react in public to make me appear crazy and lately racist against blacks (or cause actual real racism in a Target-a form of modification )
for the purpose of discreditation and of course to keep me feeling isolated and cornered so i cant reach out to lawyers or any authorities in an appropriate manner.

The harassment would only cause me to reach out to authorities in a manner akin to confessing under extreme torture or say becoming useful to them in some capacity as part of trying to make the harassment stop (compliance under torture).

Why Porter Sq Cambridge in fact all of north Cambridge been a very rough area for gang stalking and always consistent i wish i knew. Its been that way for years.

Im ignoring the little f*ck becuz its all stuff i can bring to the owner.
Unless hes in on this sort of sexist, harassing behavior also which i doubt hed be as careless as this kid.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Murder Of White Power Activist Ian Stuart Sheds Light On Gang Stalking Activity

"On 24 January 1990 at Ilkeston
Police Station in Derbyshire, DC
1111 Frank Bailey told seriously
injured activist Simon Smith that
Ian Stuart had “to be stopped by
any means necessary.”

DC Bailey hated Ian Stuart with a
passion and he was the number
one target to be eliminated by
Derbyshire Police Special Branch.
Blood & Honour and the British
National Party was exploded on to
the scene and the corrupt status
quo was terrified of it.

It should be noted that at the time
Class War was penetrated by
undercover agents of the Special
Demonstration Squad [Special
Branch] and MI5. They have
always known who murdered Ian
Stuart and Stephen Flint and have
no interest in investigating the
murders of two nationalists.

To mark the occasion, we are
publishing an extract from Simon
Tomlin’s book THE FANATICS first
published in 2004 to
commemorate the murder of two
political activists engaged in a
dirty, secret war.

The Special Branch motto is “by
any means necessary” and this is
what “by any means necessary”
leads to…"

Recall that "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is what my ex boyfriend J. Hamilton and his Hollywood connected partner in movie making titled their first low budget horror film, the artwork that got his foot in the industry door as well as showered with a ridiculous amount of awards at the time of its release. A time when I was becoming heavily targeted, learning about gang stalking from activists and generally having my life and identity thoroughly destroyed.

It is also the same motto or saying that appeared on a Shepard Fairey poster that was put right putside Pine Street Inn women's shelter where I had been staying at that time, featured a heavyset male musician who strongly resembled my ex Jake, playing a bass guitar which was his instrument also in his local Boston band THERE. The musician in the poster was also eerily made to appear possibly African American like the strongly romanticized image in the USA of the classic blues musician of the American south. One of Shepards specialities is skewing race in his artwork as in the infamous Obama "HOPE" campaign posters.

Fairey is also local to Boston, I actually recall being an art model at RISD in 1989 when his now famous images on stickers of André The Giant appeared around Providence, RI at gas station pumps and the like. Seeing a very zine looking image of Andre The Giant Has A Possee was funny back then. Obviously as an artist he got frozen and stuck on his good idea and original success and stopped evolving and simply evolved that one image into his success-the OBEY clothing and art line.
Why would an artist get stuck like that? Its very unatural. Most likely his talent was picked up by the intelligence services or other powers that be and his original idea served a long term purpose in the propaganda dept and for mass mind control.
You cant get any better than the American public walking around with shirts that say OBEY on them, no matter what the artist's clams are to the real meaning.
And the fact he is soo embraced by Lberal elitist society is also a tip off. Harvard Square near the university has a restaurant named Tory Row (after the original British loyalists during the American Revolution) thats walls are covered with his artworks.
That in itself is telling in relation to this post about British intelligence being involved in gang stalking in the USA.

An African American woman who works at On The Rise (womens homeless drop in/TI holding area really) named Tina once commented about having to call her male friend who was in MI5. Which I simply took as just another mind f*ck from the people who work in that place but now it might have had some significance. It wouldnt be the first time a civil rights era black woman warned me about what was really going on-while still working for the enemy. It could have just been part of the psy ops however.

Also Ive noted that in my experience and traveling all these years the American rivalry between Anarchists and Patriots is very much acted out and scripted by covert agents who've infiltrated those groups.
Just as the article linked above says of the leftist political party involved in Stuart's death or in the backround of it.

JFK said something about secret societies being the largest threat to America's future. No one believes the Masons or a more hidden entity is reaponsible for such activities perhaps other parties acting through them using them as puppets. The Masons recruiting large numbers of people in communities in recent years is part of the problem and seems to be based more in the experiment using Jim Jones, Jonestown and other cults: cult mind control will control society effectively.

Notice how everyone now has to be in some sort of group or gang. Masons, Bloods, Crips, Illuminati, corporate conglomerates, religous affiliations-even identities built around ethnic groups or shared psychiatric disorders.

The loner or free thinker,rebel etc has been slowly villified and associated with mental illness and possible terrorist activity.

This is why its so important to get a Survivor of RA and programming like myself to choose a group base affiliation-they dont care what it is just so long as internal progamming is blocked. The person can't act alone or from internal conscience against what the article linked referred to as "corrupt status quo".
The gang stalking system has pushed everything from Satanism to Christianity to Judaism to White Supremacy in order to get me as a Target to finally succumb to a group as identity or in reality-to finally be kept under cult mind control.

Anyone operating independently against the NWO can be killed off, discredited or eventually comprimised or nuetralized. Anyone who forms a group that group will be infiltrated and either destroyed or used for the infiltrators purposes or as social experiment to further refine their methods of controllng human society.

Either those original phrases used in my psych warfare campaign were indicative of who is truly reaponsible or the purpose is to divert attention away from other responsble parties.

Mossad was mentioned which seems logical but no TI really knows enough about intelligence ops to know what truly falls under the range of each faction's operations.

This is how its so easy to keep Targets confused.

Obviously as a TI whos situation arises from MK Ultra through my mother being a documented US military radiation experimentee from the 50s I can keep coming back to that point of reference so I dont get lost and led astray but how much involvement would British intelligence have in MK Ultra? Theres never any reference Ive seen to the project outside the USA other than Canada's cooperation with Dr Cameron.

By Any Means Necessary.

F*ck You.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vice President Biden In Cambridge Explains Two Days Of Relief And Reduced Gang Stalking Activity

Was wondering why the area Im in seemed so NOT targeted yesterday but especially today. Feels like the 90s least before 2003.

I saw a helicopter fly by low. Unusual very much like on a battlefield or in urban warfare.

Then i saw the Cambridge police-the ones dressed all in black who all basically look the same physically as well.
Bomb sniffing dogs etc.

Strangely these guys seem more hardcore and way less annoying, crooked and petty than local cops. Probably becuz their job doesnt entail 'managing' crime in the local population..thus being prone to being full of shit.

Their function seems to rely on them doing a straight forward task. Payoffs, crime rings and working with local organized crime/local business doesn't really fit the description of what they do.

I learned that the vice president is in town. This wud explain the area not being psychomanaged as it has been so heavily during Obama's second term.

Earlier today, myself and a female acquaintence who is part time houseless in Harvard Square were talking very productively about taking first steps towards real and practical activism concerning oppression of the homeless in Harvard Sq, women's issues involved in that and our being harassed by police.
THIS IS NEVER ABLE TO BE ACCOMPLISHED USUALLY in this area. Not in any meaningful way. The place is so psychomanaged by technologies, chemtrails and psychological operations that none of us are able to organize effectively.
Most of us seem targeted at different times to cause the appearance of mental illness and many times its been observed by me that an entire area is targeted TO CAUSE CHAOS AND UNREST by this summer before i left for Canada to attempt to flea the country by ship.

Not only did the unsavory undesirables like myself react and fall into that trap but YUPpies and tourists also seemed targeted. Alot of tickets were written and when i saw that around me I fled to another area-RI as i recall then ME.

Its very revealing to me that our minds were so clear and focused and our Wills present that we could communicate and organize so effectively. It was so simple. No fear, forgetfulness, brain fog, lack of Willpower or sinking into apathy or complacency after discussing good ideas.

It is now completely clear to me that the population of this country is being constantly psychomanaged in order to prevent any organizing against oppression from authorities and forces working in the interest of the NWO.

Its AMAZING the clarity. No interface, no Truman Show effect, no insanity or doubt. Depression or feeling angered or aggressive is unknown during this kind of clarity.
It's a return to reality. A natural, undisturbed environment.

It has never been more clear that our environment is being altered daily. That we are not being allowed to exist normally as nature would intend. The external natural world and our internal design-DNA.

However i did find myself despising the Biden/Obama fanbase that came to Harvard to view the spectacle. I am surprised at myself for favoring the more military like, straightforward bombsquad cops...and thinking of those photos of Bush captioned "Miss Me Yet?".

Id rather be tortured to death and see my enemy clearly than be social engineered and modified out of existence.