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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mobsters Released From Prison 2014-Could This Be Part Of My Problem?

Ive only been told of the fact of my family association in the past year.  Question is I still don't know if my family did wrong by them or not. I assume not.

So what exactly is organized crime's problem with me? Even as a kid when we moved to RI I would wander into Federal Hill not knowing what it was and get this really bad feeling I wasn't welcome there. Why?

What connection does organized crime have to the intelligence services, military such as DARPA contractors and MK Ultra? Why am I so shunned, hated and it seems controlled in part by these kinds of people?

And I cannot BELIEVE how cultish this is. Ive learned that lesson from seeing how Providence is where they use Latinos and blacks nowadays. Its unbelievable. And from the photos I looked at online the younger mob kids dress and look gangsta not old days like gentlemen. That had me confused too.

Its not easy being born into something, people gas lighti8ng you all your life then being pissed when you try to break free and do something with your life.

Those in Reagan Administration Scandal(s) Found Guilty Got Same Sentences I Got For Writing On Side Of McDonalds In Central Sq Cambridge, MA

So let me get this straight.

 After I was BAITED and SET UP and AGITATED on purpose in order to cause me to react and I had (and have) been forced to live under duress in my own country as a US citizen and denied my Constitutional rights as well as had been a victim of US war crimes (MK Ultra unethical human experimentation) under international law and was SLEEP DEPRIVED and all other sorts of things lawyers could come up with I suffered from due to the situation I've been put in.  Especially since its now obvious that a large population of AFRICAN AMERICANS had largely been the major perpetrators of harassment in groups as well as present for the MILABs, one including Ritual Abuse.

And I had to travel 1000+ miles to TX in order to complete my 100 hours of community service due to interference from harassment and my lawyer had to intervene becuz the probation officer kept claim ing he did not receive the hours faxed to him?!!?? (And I only accepted the charge of destruction of property becuz my lawyer claimed that if I defaulted that I would only have to serve 2.5 months as opposed to the 2.5 years for tagging, so I was forced to accept becuz I was being messed with constantly trying to do community service and didn't know if I could make it or if I would be set up again etc.) And I had to live in fear of having to go to a moldy Boston jail or prison as this would have continued to brain damage and other tissue damage I sustained in that moldy apartment I sued the realty company for ( I should have sued HUD too. Well at least the Wiki page shows the source of rigging housing and grants-they use if for payoffs if you harass Targeted Individuals. Ive seen it at Pine Street Inn and Ive met enough perps doing harassment who claim they are desperate for housing.)
I got the worst headache I'd had in years just from spending the night in Cambridge jail the day I got arrested.
Then I had to deal with people around Cambridge trying to brainwash me into not being afraid to go to jail. WTF?


When I had no prior history of such levels of racism or any kind of acting out of this kind. I now see this is parallel with lone shooting incidents. That graffiti incident was a version of a lone shooting except it was for a female and someone on my level that they probably want to just gain control of and discredit not have killed or suffer the trauma of killing others.

Unlike these guys I got the opposite of a pardon by Bush. I got hunted and almost pushed into forced suicide. Ive had no life for 10 plus years.  Is this where the judge got the sentencing from? As a joke to revisit how pathetic the sentencing was for these clowns? Its just the kind of joke these people would use actually.

This explains why the employees  of that McDonalds leaned over one day and told me "don't worry they will be gone soon" in reference to the low class blacks in the Central Sq neighborhood. Yet, blacks blindly support other blacks and leaders even though COINTELPRO and obviously other stealth, psy ops based sick ass programs are alive and well in poor areas.

Fuck You.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lone Shootings Increased 10,000% Under Obama

Great way to get the guns away from anyone who's not complying with the system in the event of  marshall law etc.

You need to ask what is wrong with the country where people would do such things.

Our environment is being destroyed as to no longer sustain human or other life. Cultures that took thousands of years blood sweat and tears to create are being wiped away under the banner of ethnic revenge as if one certain group has been the only ones to ever be enslaved or another certain group the only ones genocided. Whos land do you think you are standing on? Unless you are part Native north American then its a genocided people. South America and Mexico are severely enslaved, mind controlled and disadvantaged peoples due to the actions of multiple races from various countries.

The same people that enslave and exploit are promising you a New World Order promise land that is a deception.

If this isnt so then why do they lie about the use of chemtrails, psy ops and electromagnetic, microwave and other technologies?

Why dont they allow the public to understand the abuses of power that are possible with the sinister use of current and future technogies?

Why arent I a councillor by now, in my own house doing artwork on the side as I planned for my life? Why do I live in the street when my cousin becomes a genetic engineer? Her father killed people. He went to jail for driving a get away car for Whitey Bulger's people. Hes full of shit as is both sides of my family.

Why do the worst people get rewarded?

Its  not becuz Im mentally ill its becuz Im the only one with the intelligence, creativity, athleticism and balls to fight life long enslavement and exploitation and tell everyone the horrors Ive experienced which spells out the REAL NWO.

Its slavery. Slavery is not peace. But to a weakened, terrorized population its relief.

'Gang Stalking' In All Its Forms Might Be Citizen's Trying To Avoid Committing Treason By Aiding An Enemy Of USA

"As a result of the contents of the "Invitation" video, he was charged with treason because "[h]e chose to join our enemy and to provide it with aid and comfort by acting as a propagandist for Al Qaeda," as Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty explained.[2] H"

Giving a homeless Target money may be aiding or providing comfort. Providing adequate medical care. NOT lying to or decieving the targeted person.
NOT harassing, stalking-partaking in psychological warfare may be providing comfort.

Being genuine with the person or treating the targeted person humanely may be considered providing aid or comfort.

NOT shunning and abusing.

Its amazing what kind of terrorism govts and their special interests cronies can come up with...with the help of shill lawyers of course.

I got this terrorists wiki from the next post that points out his grandfather was a prominent Jewish urologist.

A drone strike is so convenient becuz then no one can see a trial or hear what the person has to say.

And homegrown definition means that the person converted to a belief system so strongly that they were willing to destroy or harm their own country.

You mean like people who are greedy? Like why Cali is bankrupt becuz public workers scam the place by working elsewhere all their lives and transfering to Cali to get the pensions etc?

Or like the Satanic types who include Obama and the likes of his creepy cohorts in CT, the crisis actors for the Sandy Hook shooting? Complete with little girls posing like grown whores for cameras or making the sign of the horns sucking on their two middle fingers and wearing black and red?
Posing sitting on Obama's knees months before the shooting?

Or AfroCentrists or Multi Cultists who are destroying entire cities and middle to lower middle cultures in the USA or destroying thousands of years of history in Europe?

Know what? This is all through methods of mind control. This is elitist terrorism using expendable people.

And I can tell you from experience that rhe people responsible are THE most ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS people I have ever seen in all my life especially for such a large cohesive organized group.

They are absolutely convinced of their omnipotence and that they are unseen unexposed unsuspected and will never be caught for partaking in war crimes under international law.

Ive spent my life defending myself against these bastards who set people up for their patsy/useful idiot expendables programs.

Make sure they are wrong about their firm belief that they are fucking god. Who needs any belief systems when you've got the ultimate mob?

Newport RI Sex Scandal-A History Of Utilizing Infiltration and Deception
Seems like Newport has experienced a history of utilizing infiltration and deception for getting rid of enemies.
Didnt realize this place was super religious. Lately Im getting alot of people who are acting out that they are Christian. Thats been going on for approx two years.

Which I ignore becuz in early days they had kids with Satanic patches and bumper stickers (Nebraska) or tee shirts with pentagrams on them(Kenmore Sq Boston a very bad GS spot prob becuz of pro sports Red Sox Nation @ Fenway Park). Mind you the t shirt had creases in it like it had just been out of the package for the psy ops or gang stalking theatre. Like actors use constumes for a play.
I had groups of kids in the Burlington Mall (heavy Raytheon presence) saying directly to me "Where's your god now?". Becuz I guess I was profiled as Christian.
Then they read a TIs blogs and have people gather info from the person and change their game.

ITS ALL ATTEMPTED BRAINWASHING. THEY WANT YOU TO BE CULT MIND CONTROLLED IN A GANG. IT DOESNT MATTER WHICH ONE. JUST TO GET YOU TO JOIN A GROUP IS ENOUGH. Hive mind is what they want from everyone now but any lone freethinking smart Target with a belief system that challenges the NWO is a threat to the status quo now.

Join the military or a religion or a counter religion like Satanism or a gang or a corporation or a community group or...just be a cult member.

Actually being a Traveler or a TI makes you part of groups with thier own cultures but these arent controlled ebough for their liking. These are terrorist groups to thier way of thinking. Anyone who challenges the hive mind and ultimate hive known as the New World Order is a threat.
The harassment in Newport is constant from walking into population after waking to nighttime. Unlike Providence they dont harass me in my sleep spots. In Providence little shits walk by and yell "church!" if Im sleeping behind a wall in a church or theres constant noise campaigns which include cars with loud music and beeping and peeling out loudly as well as fire and ambulance which is quite uncommon nowadays as it was the norm during Bush in early 2000's.

Newport seems to be alot of the older males or couples who seem wealthy but not...WASPy. The older males are the worst and most aggressive. Ive experienced attempting to spit on me while they are jogging to purposely bumoing into me with their baskets in the small local healthfood store.

Its kind of funny actually- these testosterone deprived old men running around trying to hold their dominance over any and every part of society by random acts of old lady-like violence.

If i get hit with a cane or a walker, Im f*cking hitting the floor and going into a laughing fit.
Guess getting rich like they did required playing dirty but its so...immature.

Older ladies try to look pretty and do the hair tactic alot. Lately they've tried to start new tactics by attempting to expand on the originals like the pushing hair behind the ear for women is now becoming women brushing both sides of their hair in an insane looking way repeatedly. Women with long hair are putting their hair up eternally once they see me and only stop when they pass.

It could be becuz my own hair has grown out and they can no longer play on my insecurity about the awkward grow in phase after a shaved head grows in.

Younger males are acting like they are in a gang from the 1950s being intimidating with aggression in stances of vague threat yet laughably white and upper class.

I get ALOT of military and am very saddened to see uniformed Navy personelll partaking in psy ops. Maybe thats part of being in the military nowadays or defending the country.

I see alot of young plain clothes military either vetrans (lic plates) or guys on leave or not working who are very arrogant and thuggish about my being a target. They look like middle class types, low quality people who would be nowhere without the opportunities the military brings.

In the world of us upper, middle to lower middle and low class whites these are males (with stupid looking compliant airhead girlfriends) who I as a lower middle white female would not trust as males. They have rattish faces oe look like what our culture considers punks. As in cowards.

Alot of 'rich' looking people mess with me and I cant be sure if they are old or new money becuz they are young. Perhaps younger old money has lost its classiness and wordliniess and being cultured. Maybe they are just new moneu.

I deal with alot of middle class pukes who aspire to YUPpiedom or showing off by going to Newport on weekends. They will be gone soon.

Again people use their kids and its sickening. Not too many but there's been some and its always so sad.

The most annoying was two young teen males high fiving after they walked by me eating around the water front as they headed to the tourist area. What would two boys that age know about MK Ultra or ritual abuse or mass mind control? Its very disturbing.

And long time locals are either friendly and normal (thank goodness for the few real wealthy I run into or cool local) or if they do a bit of tactics while talking to me you can see they arent that into it. They usually have rich histories of business ownership in the area and are friendly with teachers at the military colleg etc.

Alot of the perps here seem to be from out of town.

I havent run into 'repeat' perps lately which are people you KNOW you've seen in other parts of the country before. Los Angeles is the place where Ive experienced seeing multiple people who were doing domestic psy ops in other locations of the USA. Creepy.
Kind of gives credence to the idea of 'crisis actors'. Hmm.

Of course alot of Jewish looking people here doing harassment as its an area of very old US Jewish money.
They could never be as viscous as Israelis are to me.

I disregard Jews regularly also. They love in a fantasy world created by a culture that doesnt seperate state and church as well as their culture lives deeply in denial of alot of things. They suffer greatly as a people without any outside help. In Providence two Rabbis looked like they were actually running from me as I approached where they were standing to walk by. Its unnecessary.
Im hard and determined to complete my task but I am fair. Besides Jews like Native Americans have always been to my care or benefit somehow in life even despite themselves. I dont know what their problem is but I try to ignore it. Also in Brookline MA theres been enough of them being helpful among the many perps there.
Jews historically always go off into thus golden calf phase or Tower Of Babel and always get put back in place by whatever force is their god. They may be the chosen people but they are very naughty determined children sometimes.

Also one must remember that this administration's game is to try to create white supremacy in people especially those who may be pushed to snap and become lone shooters.

Now they are confusing the public with this recent lone shooter who is black but gay and shooting two whites but they were wearing the colors of what seems like an African American power movement-black and red. (News casters recent shooting in Virginia. Gotta remember VA is where the Pentagon is located. Not Wash DC. Not Maryland. Ive been to 'the devils swamp'. Lockheed Martin was our neighbor. It had a weird energy and a strange combo of lots of churches and military contractors.)

Im so far removed from the United States as a country that I actually exist often times in the Native energies of whatever land Im on.

Guess there's ways of making someone leave the USA even if they don't get off the north American continent.

I still like this place and aside from creepy Raytheon to the north or the nuke plant over in CT it has a serenity and roots I need. I dont think I can write here or put my book together but Im not sure yet.

I may have to leave the US physically for that.

Im getting sick of 98% of the people I see touching their pockets or sides or putting their hands through their hair especially when people have conversations with me.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Are Not "All Targets"-Only The Targets Are Targets

Uh if you arent tormenting your coworkers or others mobbing them or arent a Targeted Individual then you probably wont be a target.

Get it into perspective here.

Lone Shooter Kills Former Co-workers Live TV, He Posted Vid-Possible Targeted Individual

Ok so its time to take our activism more seriously out here fellow TIs.

I now understand why it might bw useful to do street awareness for gang stalking becuz I thought it was fruitless for the self defense of just myself and other TIs whom Ive pretty much been isolated from in past few years to begin with.

As many people as possible now need to know about this system and how it works.

Also Ive been trying to get to a computer to do a post on lone shooters I now feel strangely about not having time. But it didnt seem like the guy knew about gang stalking which might have been what was going on with him.

I want people to take note that in the Charleston shooting of nine African Americans the main pastor of the church who was present and killed was a politician I believe a senator who was pushing for a bill that would require police to wear body cameras.

Conveniently he dies in the shooting and theres alot of suspicion of those circumstances.

Also please consider that RACISM on all sides is being induced on purpose. Just look at me. Ive been baited and pushed into acting out racially. Years ago I would have simply written "this establishment takes part in gang stalking activity" on the side of that McDonald's not written "Racist n*ggers and spics work here". Especially since I usually get along with Latinos easily. Even the Mexicans down near the border who do harassment alot Ive always found it more tolerable than African American harassment. Prob becuz it wasnt Mexicans who were perpetrating the war crimes of Ritual Abuse along with entire Greyhound buses of perp groups-it was exclusively African Americans or like in the MILAB they were present driving the bus.

Blacks were always the most brutal and abusive gang stalking harassers of any race or culture. And this is on top of my dealing with conflicts as a child in Boston during 70s 'bussing' or forced desegregation.

So after many years of abuse by blacks and they seeming to become more so arrogant and mean during Obama I and otjers simply become BRAINWASHED into racism or become racist from BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.

It was also due to some strong force that seemed to alter the environment that summer this occured and Id posted about general choas and AGGRESSION seeming to become prevalent in the area at this time last summer. The technologies possibly mixed with chemical influence are documented to be able to cause such effects on humans.

Lastly with all the events happening during Obama that are geared towards terrorizing the public into gun control that many suspect are FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS or HOAXES with CRISIS ACTORS possibly or at least compliant participants (prob intel types and families possibly Satanic as in Sandy Hook) we must consider that this is another hoax. It seems like theres enough witnesses and police involved but with the deception they are capable of its always in question.

The shooter had a long history of being agitated. So its a bit of a long act to be putting on. I suspect its real and he was targeted. It fits the profile for being targeted.

And look at the way I and other TIs have been being hit so hard past year or two. Its obvious they want TIs to snap. DONT.

You can travel between close locations like I do and try to keep friends though now you might have to get rid of anyone not being loyal or trustworthy.

Ive had people show their true colors recently and it hurts very much. But that just shows me the reality of them-that they werent real to begin with.

Find ways to cope and spread the word. Its no longer about us as TIs its about the Targets who dont understand their situations or the public who are now beig terrorized to unacceptable levels with statements like "WE ARE ALL TARGETS" in reference to this shooting.

I look at the face of that poor man who shot those people. He will be villianized for his anger and outbursts and of course those shot will never be seen as possibly agitators and bullies or guilty of workplace mobbing and it finally took its toll.

You have to remember that this generation of young people think these behaviors are ok moreso than prior generations. Everything from military service to terrorism to video games to psych meds has made these kids believe and think differently than we remember.

Plus they are young. The powers that be dupe young people all the time for political purpose plus youngsters are nust jerks. I was a jerk until I was 30. I just didn't grow any sensitivities til I was 30.

Note shes wearing BLACK AND RED. And the woman being interviewed is wearing black and white.
GS perps wear black and red in very high numbers with a high frequency specifically in communities that have strong or large African American communities. They regularly use this 'color harassment' on myself and other Targets.
Nash the mathemetician who recently died had complained of this and this period of his life is what A Beautiful Mind is based on. His alleged mental illness.

Also watch and observe GS perps closely. As a person targeted due to being a second generation MK Ultra experimentee and Ritual Abuse survivor I cannot imagine that alot of the common or lower class people I see doing harassment have an understandig of MK Ultra. Their concept seems to focus narrowly on "sex slaves" or some sort of having dealt with the devil in some capacity.

They understand it in terms of simple criminal activity or deceptions being used for sinister purposes.

So keep in mind that, in short these people are really fucking stupid. They do mobbing and harassment due to the human instinct for such behaviors and perhaps out of bad moral habits they picked up at home and have brought into adulthood from the playground.

These are NOT the pros that we've experienced as psychic warriors-Cheney's 'Spoon Benders'. They arent the people involved in the MILABs or other classified experimentation. They arent hardcore Satanic child programmers and killers like Eddy Cox from Louisiana from the Cajun mob which Ive had the displeasure of being stalked by (actually it was very informative).

These arent the groups from military base areas like AZ that approach you and try to break you down to join them by saying "I can make it stop you know" and then describe a 'job' of gang stalking people.

You can tell becuz the people out in public spaces who are on our asses every two minutes can be frightened easily. They are scared. They are shitty people but they are normal human beings.

They dont seem like hardened wealthy ryoes from the DARPA contracting companies who will easily kill etc for their agenda.

My suspicion is that they are just force multipliers so that it SEEMS like the whole world is against us and we are completely isolated.

Once you realize that this system has upped the anti in order to CREATE RACISM, START A RACE WAR and get Targets to snap so they for the gun control agenda and the maintain the need for certain industries with continued terror you should then disqualify yourself from being useful to them at all.

Its very hard right now but you have to stay in control. Realizing its all a set up even on a daily basis is very important and living with that in a way you dont get labeled for it.

Also it was very mean to abuse the camera like that and film his being fired. It was invasive and inappropriate. Gay slurs and racism is hurtful over time as well. These things can all be done by mobbing groups very sneakily especially if the person feels isolated.

Being Harassed To Be Homeless In NYC-Uh NO THANKS

Monday, August 24, 2015

Something Else Making RI Undesirable : Raytheon and Doom Gloom Nuclear Facility

Yeah Im all set with this bs. Newport isnt a relax spot for ME anymore I guess. This and whatever nuclear power reactor that can be seen off in the distance across the water on the way down to Newport. I think its in Connecticut.

No wonder the water seemed...not so refreshing and natural as it should have been.

When are humans going to get a clue? Stop creating stuff you cant get rid of. And you wonder why smart people become dissident against your systems? Becuz its insane. Its the workings of a bunch of short sighted simians who somehow got genetically spliced with a divinity or god like streak but are ill equipped to handle such capabilities.

Who the fuck creates PLASTIC? And then utilizes it in the careless and overuse that it is? Daily throw away cups for drinks? Are you insane? Perhaps IF if was even allowed to be manufactured it would only be used for medical necessity on a small scale or space travel or something less prevalent like that where necessity made its existence manageable.

Man is completely fucked and nuclear power is just one example. The waste it produces is dangerous to life and unatueal to the environment. Unless you can create a natural enemy or decomposing agent for nuclear waste you have no business creating it.

Its common sense like this that gets smart people targeted. Humans should be way more advanced and evolved for improced conditions and technologies that work WITH nature not against it or in the interest of its destruction than they are now.

Cant you see you've been manipulated? Yiur entire evolution has been interfered with. Duh.

And Raytheon is like all over the planet. Only countries like Norway, Russia the Middle East and most of Africa arent contaminated with their presence. Perhaps Im not completely informed to be fair. For all I know they protect countries and captives like me against worse forces than themselves if thats possible.

It was so sad to see that plant and the Raytheon sign going down there.

So much for a romanticized past of grand olde money and getting away from the commoners.

Ill go out there and squat a spot I dont give a shit. Becuz I dont take tours of mansions. Im not impressed. I know damn well I belong in one of them.

If i wasnt trying to leave the country id get a record by squatting one of em just for a statement.

I should own an island that size by now..and everyone knows it.

Reader Comments August 2015

"My advice is to stay angry at these faggots, but let it be a kind of angry that helps you stay focused at your goal of destroying them. Don't let it get to the point where it's breaking you down and making you look crazy. Their goal is to make TI's look mean and nasty with anger management issues. Remind yourself that these people are, nothing more than, mean little cowardly losers who need exposed and are trying to destroy us. Manage your anger, and use it to fight them. Don't let it consume you. Try not to use too much racial slurs, but instead stick to the concept of house slaves of cowardly little elite men who despise true talent. I can speak from experience, trust me. They have me yelling in public and gnashing my teeth at them. Stay angry, but only just enough to remind yourself that you need to fight fight fight."
 on New England's History Of Deception And Intrigue To Protect Its Interests And Cause Terror

Lay off the gays becuz I generally like gay people...if they arent trannies keeling me awake in a woman's shelter at 2am raving about their expertise at oral sex or trying to take over as head females in the natural hierarchies that form in women's day drop ins or other places women are left alone to exist without males around.

Its a shame that Ive seen alot of gay men and a few lesbian couples doing harassment but these are OBVIOUSLY part of the Obama era of frame ups and set ups against Liberal values and Equality etc or PC. They are creating racist lone shooters in high numbers nowadays so its expected they would try to get rid of us inconvenient people and make us useful during this administration.

During Bush it was oppressed blacks snapping or people up against the war oe NeoCons. Whoever is in office they desire to create home grown terrorism that attacks the value systems of the current admin.

Its a childs game but it is dangerous. Ive already been baited and framed up as a racist which wasn't my position during the last administration so its predictable that it would be attempted to get me to start hating gays or whoever else the current admin represents or champions.

They used to go only according to the history and psych profile but now they seem to just want to try whatever suits their agenda and you are either useful or you dont fall for it and are not but they always find something.

This morning one of the Harvard peon emoyees did directed conversation and said "whats your breaking point." about coffee I think to her peon friend but I cut that short.
This current campaign is to ensure DIVERSION from me getting legal council or working on material for my book. They obviously want me to waste time deeply engaged with them and not with my project.

Harvard police got an increase in budget from the new mayor who they reelected from 98 his popularity probably based on his lavishing them in the past.
I dont doubt the increase in the QUALITY and INTENSITY of harassment isnt either due to this or as a payoff.

There also isnt the intense tech as part of the psychomanagement that was present during the last governor and Boston and Cambridge past administrations.

So the first rule of thumb applies here:
Wherever there is heavy use of technologies
There will be less or very little stalking and harassment by human forces or in person stalkers.

Wherever there is heavy use of human forces or in person stalking and harassment
There will be less use of technologies.

Other than that this is pretty good advoce for readers. I dont know about the fighting part. Resisting is a better description.
Fighting constantly wastes time and burns you out. Street fighters tell you this that if u dont stay calm you will pass out in the middle of the physical altercation which may be very drawn out.

Keep Calm
And Resist

"Lately, I've been getting deluged delay with directives and suggestions about 1) that I need to get an attorney for my "situation", and 2) that I need to obtain a life insurance policy. I used to get a lot of directives about meds, and still do, but now they are focusing on the importance of me getting an attorney and taking out a life insurance policy. on Why is the harasemt so vad now and why so many people who seem?o hate ne"

I had this heavily during the past administration in Boston and before I got baited and arrested and before Menino died. I would get heavy ideations but they would be followed by blocking of the Willpower to accomplish or take action on such ideas. It truly was pure torture.

I think it was to associate getting a lawyer with failure or being paralysed-unable to move or make a move.

This works off experimentation and Ritual Abuse in my childhood. I was in Roslindale just a few years after returning from the foster home to my mother's care i was about 8 or 7. I awoke totally frozen and paralyzed and had to 'thaw out' my limbs one by one. I had had a dream about a man in a suit with glasses and a briefcase and perhaps a drugging from this person. He had the same stupid smile the more higher perps have. The ones who you trust a bit more but still hate becuz they seem..professionals and trained foe this work and from power and wealth not just the horrible common people who do gang stalking now.

I respect the original evil behind MK Ultra. I dont respect the people doing harassment now. I hate them all though.

The tech being used to do this seems faeke and weak compared to these experiences in my youth. Like the difference between psych meds and mind altering drugs from plants in Nature. The mind and body tell us that the psych meds are man made bullshit with no true coding designed by Nature to bond with our minds and bodies as the drug should.

Again we are dealing with technomancers who want to decode everything from the Mona Lisa to angels,devils and the gods themselves becuz they want that ultimate power.
Their latest Tower Of Babel.

Thus the social engineering the false environments even in public spaces. This is the very meaning of the NWO.

Their arrogance is laughable and their attempts should be distasteful to both Christian and Satanist. Theres no natural forces of the earth at work and if there is its something I dont understand in the context of life on this planet.

This kind of torture is akin to more Gitmo Bay material. More parallels with what the military was doing that could be understood by the public. Of course letting them know about it at all was simply to begin the process of normalizing torture.
Just as they've been normalizing torture in Target's lives for these past decades. Its so sad and such a waste.

And the life insurance policy is scary. Perhaps they just want you to get organized. For some periods theres people in power who support us and give us assistance but they leave or get fucked out of office by a set up etc.

It could be to cause death anxiety. Imeaving RI becuz in Providence this creepy feeling of deeep peace comes ove me as Im looking at a light coming through a window of a convenience store or whatever.
Uh THAT started to freak me out. That and the very heavy harassment from the mixed race and culture trash that now inhabits Providence especially Kennedy Plaza transit center.

I have a screen shot of a wifi port thats named HEART OF THE SWARM from Kennedy Plaza.

RI is so crooked and screwed up that is probably their idea of ANTI TERRORISM activity. I would laugh my ass off if I found out they actually paid those f*cks to harass peope. Picture a Medieval village peasant population who are wanna be gangstas-welcome to downtown Providence.

I seriously dont need to slip into a coma of mother Mary-esque peaceful death when Im trying to finish something this important.
RI is an old MA prison colony and Providence has alot of lets say 'oppressive' energy. The elitism used to be accessible to bohemians and outsider artists and now its not.

Much of the ghettoification of areas with art, wealth and interesting things is simply like putting a moat around your castle and adding crocodiles and alligators. Now your resources are inaccessible to 'outsiders'.

This isnt Diversity or multiculturalism. Its those labels used for class war. Ignorant motherfuckers who are dirty low down or third worlders who come from absolutely nothing in areas with horrible human rights policies are not the kind of people I would use to introduce into a decent community and represent those cultures. Get real.

So what you are getting  are blocks and death threats to cause stress and anxiety which is always their goal becuz it destroys physical health over time and theres no blame to them or anyone. It appears natural.

Think about decisions like these for your personal affairs quietly and in someplace where you can deliberate clearly without interference and dont be sleep deprived.

In the end its all intimidation and murder.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gawker: Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

New England's History Of Deception And Intrigue To Protect Its Interests And Cause Terror

The story of John Alden a prosperous man from Boston who gave an accurate account of the use of terrorism and deception by wealthy locals with special interests resulting in the Salem Witch Trials and witchcraft accusations.

They couldnt think of a better place to put the state mental hospital in Danvers (formerly Salem Village heart of the witch accusations and trials) other than on the grounds of the home of the most harsh hanging judge in the Salem Witch Trial$?

Ive seen this before in the USA but especially in the northeast. This perverse insistance on compiling bad energies and memories as a form of metaphysical terror if not psychological.

Auctioning off mentally ill people? Long after slavery had ended which the northeast was so adamant about.

How many of these people were just experimentees or inconvenient people or whistleblowers or dissidents?

It states that lobotomies were being performed on youngsters who acted up in school!

It seems accusations of witchcraft or mental illness kind of line up together. They serve similar purposes to special interests.

Which makes sense to build your state mental hospital on such a historical site. Build up that energy that serves to terrorize anyone not in like with wealth and power's agenda!

(This site by author My American Odyssey has a great tale of corruption in each location visited.)

Cant Get Away From Handler Whos Dangerous (Two Years Now)

(Update: i finally made a break and went somewhere he cant go. Its the weekend so it's easy. This weekdays will be the challenge. Also its cooling down so the heat wont be such a factor in being driven to lose control or become insecure enough to return to this person who is obviously part of the campaign either through gang association or being in with corrupt authorities to stay out of trouble.)

I cant get away from this awful man whos my handler. The psycho management during the week is so powerful in the last two years (approximately) that i cant think clearly or reason. There are other things being used as well.

This is the same guy whos been handling me for a few years and i cannot get away from him. Hes very good at deception and can act like he's normal and not in on the psy ops campaign but is very manipulative in actually doing tactics while convincing me he isn't.

Certain authorities have been trying to prevent him from being around me for years but his hold is too strong.
They will do things to show me he's a scumbag to.get me away from him or to punish him it seems for handling me but the controls over me from years of psychological warfare and tech/chemical influence thats so heavy handed in US cities now makes it impossible to get away from him.

If i try to they just harass me heavily until feel isolated and beaten down so i have only him as someone familiar to run to.

This also is due to Harvard Square being destroyed as a home for me with a family type environment.

The Obama administration's policy to end homelessness by 2015-2020 is obviously a way of gettinf rid of anyone targeted or resistant to the New World Order.

Keep in mind that the NWO is a false Promiseland put forth by special interests. If it were such a great idea then why dont they tell people about the use of technologies, chemtrails etc?

I dont know where to go thats safe and has other resistors. RI seems to be fully compliant but just not as brutally greedy as Massachusetts.

His job seems to be to get me to believe Im crazy or to move forth with the plan to make me appear mentally ill. This is being done by he doing tactics near constantly in small ways and then more obviously when another perp is doing it while talking to me or around me.

Thus I believe in him as a person and am attached to him so his doing gestures then denying it specifically when a perp whos overt about it is doing it is brainwashing me to deny what I see in front of me and thus wearing down my resistance.
Also him minimizing my situation and blowing it off then totally disrespecting me by actually doing tactical gesturing is wearing down everything from my resistance to determination.

This man is now a fugative from the law. He also suffers from hearing a voice he claims commands him to do violent things and he has spent a lifetime resisting this.

When i heard that yestersay it made it easier for me to let him go as he is going to try things out with another woman in another state (but supposedly if it doesnt work out come back to me). You'd think by logic i would stay away from the guy.

This is how heavy the mind control has become in the United States over the past two years. The Obama administration is very dangerous but people dont seem to understand this. Its another.major reason for all the racial diversions.
This handler of mine is also very dedicated to African Americans and claims to have been in a small gang down in Florida. Ive seen African Americans actually handling him before after he was injured in a bicycle accident where he fell.

Hes submissive to blacks and is drawn to them.

Once again, what am I doing with this guy?
After they destroyed the street scene in Harvard Sq Cambridge once the new administration took office that's when i began to become totally isolated. Its also when i got arrested for doing something totally out of my character (writing something on the side of the McDonalds in Central Sq).

Im so isolated and now being beaten down with heavy mind control in the environment that I dont have much control over my emotions.

It has been very hard to realize that Harvard Sq was really always run by these rich kids who were protecting the establishment and totally aligned with Harvard and the elite's interests only pretending to be fighting the system. In actuality their purpose was to ensure there is no truly alternative sub culture in Harvard Sq around the university.

Its probable that this was put in place decades ago during the COINTELPRO years or even before.

I notice they keep Harvard focused on protests like Black Lives Matter but no one is protesting automated warfare like drone strikes and the military industrial complex and its various other parts (prison, entertainment etc).

After going to live in Austin TX I see the brilliance in covering up the most conservative establishment power structures by immersing them or surrounding them with supposedly alternative subculture values and culture or the arts or bohemians.
The Liberal elitists simply do the same thing.

Harvard may have had some fight left but thats gone now. So is Harvard Sq. Only the Harvard grounds remain unaltered and that doesnt count for much if the people within are totally kept isolated from any messages of whats happening outside.

Much of the student body are now dedicated to becoming corporate professionals and they are firmly on the side of the gang stalking system (domestic psy ops against dissidents).

The main reason its impossible for me to stay away from this handler is that hes probably related to me. He looks exactly like my mother's sister Deborah at times with certain facial expressions and in much of his facial features. Hes red headed and she was very blonde but the similarities are striking.
Thus im genetically bonded to this man and his pheromones probably keep me attached to him.

Its either Irish or Dutch or thru Canada. It looks either Nordic or Dutch the ethnicity of he and my aunt.
Curiously my aunt is the only one in our family to have preferred black friends and black music and culture. Thats another similarity thats strange.

Its easy today becuz its Saturday but on Monday I will lose my Willpower and be unable to think clearly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Who Did SUBWAY Piss Off? (Spokesman Arrested For Pedophelia)
Pressure from the public and other food companies to change menu and drop dangerous chemicals from bread.

SUBWAY drops artificial ingredients by 2017.

Really? It took this long to catch this guy and this comes right after the announcements of changes to their food production?

Subway isnt at the top of the list for gang stalking harassment from employees or from customers nor is there any especially damaging tech seemingly being utilized via the security systems like McDonald's or DD or Walmart.

The authorities seem to play this littlw game akin to hanging a sword over peoples heads and it drops when you piss off the system or become useless as an asset and useful as a diversion or to make an example of to keep others in line.

They know whos doing what and they know full well whos innocent and whos guilty.

If you play along your nasty habits are tolerated.

This is part of the cover story potential for all operations. Things much worse than whats smattered all over the news.

Imagine headlines like "McDonalds gets indicted for complicity and perpetration of war crimes domestically and abroad under international law" or Walmart for the horrors they've partaken in via psy ops activity.

"Target took part in MK Ultra continued unethical human experimentation".

I suspect the same happened with Michael Jackson. People knew damn well his father created a monster all those years he pimped him out to pervert music industry people and others. People knew about his sickness. They waited until he made the wrong moves ans threatened the established system in place as well as bucked for freedom against his keepers.

Only then did his sick behavior become exposed.

Same thing with Cosby.

The question you have to ask is 'who did this person piss off?' or did they vecome useless to those in power or more useful as diversion.

The people running things are ruthless and brutal and dont care about people. They care about getting results and they will wheel and deal whatever is useful to them at the table to win the game.

Oregon Health and Science University: TI Harassment, MIT and DARPA Funding

OHSU takes DARPA money and is connected to MIT via such funding which would explain why they botched my abortion and I suspect added some sort of new chip or technology. Id already suspected some sort of simple chipping during my 1997 laparoscopy for IC. I NEVER should have had this done. I should have taken Elmiron instead and seen if that worked or not. I was conditioned at that time to accept invasive surgery for endometriosis and had no other medical experience other than that past conditioning.

After that surgery I always had issues with sexuality and during the worst torture years of Bush I had alot of sexual torment that eminated from that scar area. Magnets put over the area seemed to provide relief.

After my abortion at OHSU a couple of years ago this effect was renewed and I also feel as if some sort of surveillance technology has been introduced as the article claims is possible.

I also experienced a year or so of behavior modification and torture stemming from my abortion and it seemed to stem from the physical location of the womb itself.

This connection to MIT would explain why as I began to look up lawyers to sue OHSU for just the near hemorraging afterwards and the male doctor's inappropriate behavior at an emergency check up afterwards when i was bleeding- MIT police made a walk through the library I was in. It was so intimidating that I simply stopped my reseach and any idea of suing ever again.

New World War: Psychological Operations-Military Deception (MILDEC)

"A book published in 2000 by the DOD’s C4SI Cooperative Research Program, entitled Network Centric Warfare: Developing and Leveraging Information Superiority, mentioned that information operations (PsyOp) will be conducted entirely in the civilian sector where the military will be working closely with civilians."

"4 In this note I've listed some products and distribution channels that I've noticed are used to promote themes. Some of these appear in military documentation. Many of them are distributed using informants as agents of action. These products and channels correspond to the delusions of reference outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). The reason for this will be discussed in The Coverup chapter of Volume IV. The themes include: telephone conversations with business vendors, family, and friends; overheard telephone conversations by informants in public, as well as friends and family; regular person-to-person conversations with friends, family, and others handled by the DOD; and overheard conversations by people communicating with each other in public; spoofed web pages, newsgroup postings, and email; TV and radio programs; print material, both authentic and material that has seemingly been spoofed, such as books, newspapers, magazines, flyers, mail, and advertisement inserts; digital displays on electronic devices and appliances; PsyActs; billboards, including stationary print and electronic ones, as well as mobile ones on buses and taxis; license plates, bumper stickers, commercial logos, and lettering on vehicles; graffiti and litter; loudspeaker announcements in stores, libraries, and transportation systems; songs in businesses, stores, and restaurants, as well as ones played by passing vehicles; ATM displays which distribute symbols and keywords; register receipts; totals at checkout counters; novelty items with symbols and text; messages and symbols on clothing, and colors of clothing worn by swarming citizens. There are many, many more products that I've noticed. These products are used to communicate themes that are satanic and masonic. For instance, a TI may be swarmed by vehicles with license plates showing variations of the digits 666 or 33. This also applies to articles of clothing warn by people during swarms, digital clocks on appliances or electronic devices in the TI's environment. Pedophilia themes are commonly transmitted through a variety of channels. It is standard practice for the DOD to use children and their parents in public PsyActs for sexually degrading themes."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'A Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash (Game Theory Human Rivalry etc) Schizophrenia Consisted Of GS It Seems,_Jr.

Nash speaks of future of mankind:

I had posted a short bit about John Nash after an intelligent perp explained who he was and that he was likely murdered. Trust me when I tell you this was a person involved in organized stalking/psy op etc.  He even admitted to the atypical having been in trouble with the law which is one of the common reasons a person becomes involved in this system as a perpetrator.

He claimed this mathematician Nash had worked on game theories that govts and companies had used to arm their systems against the public.
He then claimed that Nash's later discoveries after further experimentation revealed that rivalries between humans cannot be relied on becuz someone always steps up and "does the right thing".  He then claimed after he brought these findings to these powerful entities "..that's when they killed him".

This is something I didnt find on the internet with the skimming research I did.

It does mention he worked on game theory that's used by companies and the military and some of it consisted of predicting human rivalries.

Looking up Nash again I found he died in a taxi cab in NJ on way to airport due to arriving too early for the limousine that was scheduled.
The cab driver had only been driving two weeks as this was a new business venture for him and his son said he had previously driven an ice cream truck.

Only Nash and his wife died after being ejected from the vehicle. Seat belt compliance became a renewed issue after their deaths (which in the world of the shadow govt I have come to suspect is a diversion as it reinforces the idea of an 'accident' in the public's mind and the fear of it possibly happening to them and diverts the mind away from beginning to consider the circumstances and people involved that might lead to questions or conspiracy theories).

He had just come back from Norway accepting another prize from the establishment for his work. There just days before his death he was speaking of his decades long project of REVISING EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY. He believed he had a better model.

In fact he had spoken to Einstein in the 50s but the conversation was "not productive".
This is just one more possible motive for his 'accident'..other than the possibility it was just an accident.

Yet with Nash its suspect. Ive found that his publicised schizophrenia was probably to silence, divert and even dumb him down. Another manipulation on the public is the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND based on Nash's life where now perceptions have been managed to lead people to believe that every truly smart person whos mind can be so abstract always has the potential to go off into crazy just as a general rule of the nature of such a mind.

Which means that movie and its propoganda about Nash's life serves to cover for every single gang stalking operation perpetrated against Targeted Individuals. Especially those who know something they shouldnt and are smart and naive enough to tell it. In my book I will also touch on how it seems certain minds are in danger of growing and expanding endlessly or to a point where the person becomes so advanced that he or she is a danger to society.

Inducing brain damage (as Nash basically claims the psych hospitals did to him) is an age old way of destroying dissidents. It was used in the USSR to dumb down such people and its used on many TIs.
MK Ultra and programming utilizes drugs like LSD and damaging specific brain areas in laying down programming as well as later behavior modification. Its utilized the way a sculptor uses a chisel to shape and form.

I also found that Nash's paranoid schizophrenia consisted of he starting to see men with red ties (known in TI community as COLOR HARASSMENT) in public spaces in some sort of conspiracy. He obviously had a mind more geared to math not crime or covert warfare and he began writing embassies warning that they were starting a Communist govt in the shadows or covertly.

Note McCarthyism was prevalent at the time. Red was and is the color of Communist countries like China. It would be normal for him to make such associations.

The deception from the system lies simply in the belief that an organized group was NOT using behavioral psychology to confuse him and create such associations in his mind and perception.
If such a covert activity were occuring such a reaction from him might be possible and quite normal.

This is the greatest problem with psychiatry that exists. No legit investigation into claims of criminal or covert spycraft or psychological warfare via psy ops type activity.

Many people experiencing these situations where clinical paranoia is actually induced are persons with great reason and credibility to actually HAVE such a situation occur in their lives.
Thats never considered. Psychiatry is a hammer put down on society and the public respond just as they did to they did to the church's Inquisition.

Dont question, dont think or reason. Do not counter the official tale or you will be persecuted as well.

Ironically one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy is the fact that organized religion is not questioned by psychiatry yet any other sort of  belief  is 'magical thinking' etc. So as long as you go to church and do as the herd does as a socially acceptable activity and believe in this god via the institution of organized religion or worship privately you are mentally sane.
If you go against the system becuz this god or any other force is guiding you or believe you are a prophet etc you then become mentally ill.

Well we wouldn't want to step on the toes of an institution of social control thats proven itself effective over many millenia. In fact psychiatry seems to serve to catch the modern day straglers who arent caught in the nets of traditional controls.

And anyone getting really out of line or posing a threat who is believable or qualified to prove such information will become mentally if timed like a clock. You could even hedge bets on it.

He had come from MIT. He had been to McLeans hospital. Ive been those places. Ive lived in this area. They are major gang stalking hotspots.

The man who told me that Nash was killed due to his possibly screwing up the game theories that power structures have now used to arm everything in our society against the public with his new discoveries from further game theory experiments was part Jewish. So is Hollywood. So is Norway academically.

Einstien is one of the jewels in their crown in the modern west. I just wonder if this was the motive not the Austin perp's claims. I dont have the understanding of his work to find evidence for the claim he had presented new findings for rivalry game theory.

But this in itself this entire post is a study in gang stalking and in Perp deceptions (agents whatever you want to call them). Knowing Im smart but uneducated childlike and somewhat naive by nature this may have been crafted as a sort of hallway and stairs leading nowhere.

They know MK Kids arent afraid to go down dark hallways and that if we get trapped in one we will simply sit and begin to amuse ourselves like children or we will accept what we find and walk out.

Im discovering that gang stalking is constant reprogramming of Survivors as if we are nothing but toy bots. Every tactic every story or explaination or words from perps are just equations or code.

This entire discovery of Nash's real situation  has made the daily tactical gesturing become meaningless.  If it can happen to him it can happen to us.

And we've benefitted from internet activism unlike he or my dad had the benefit of to save them from a label.

Btw how annoying is Russel Crowe? Looking at him in the movie pics then seeing Nash's real life makes the movie look like the piece of crap it is.
And I am totally sick of Opi too its director.

(Btw ive also realized why they keep us so isolated. Becuz then we will become paranoid and hate all Jews or all blacks or whatever. I just had an eye exam by Jews the other day and as usual genuine human decent Jews end up being favorable in my existence not the shitty people who perpetrate all the bad stuff in life. So dont give me any anti Semetic crap. Everyone is suspect on this blog and in this situation. Save the PC for the normals who still believe in psychiatry. They deserve it.)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

2002-2006 Spike In Mass Immigration Ireland Was Encouraged By Churches And Non Govt Entities (Companies)

Much of the mass immigration was done by companies wanting cheap labor.

Nigerians claim in their home country Catholic Churches and "non governmental" entities were responsible for giving them a positive outlook on immigrating to Ireland.

The NWO has progressed to a point where anyone in EU who knows whats going on and protests is jailed and in the USA we are discredited with COINTELPRO type programs which nowadays include the use of mind control and behavior modifocation tactics from the MK Ultra project and sub projects which include microwave and other military grade psy ops technologies so that one may be forced to act against ones Will or not in one's best interest if one is targeted.

I was never racist during Bush in the beginning of this but then as I discovered third world migration as one of the tools of creating a NWO for the purposes of enslavement of humanity, I began to be made more and more racially aware then made racist.

This is becuz now I can be discredited as simply a racist and mentally ill or the like. Mexican perps love to intimidate Im a Nazi. (How can that be when I believe the  Native American peoples were genocided and should be returned their land and that includes Mexicans. I think its ridiculous they have to get green cards to return to their own land and get menial jobs. Nazis and supremacists would reject me immediately. Its THE MEXICAN PEOPLE and culture who are actively continuing to destroy their  Native Mexican Indian ancestors even today.)

The NWO is about people being mindless greedy a-holes who dont care about anyone or anything outside their mob who will bully its way into an era of nothing but common people having decent jobs and big screen tvs without a care for the environment or culture or history.
Mind control is used daily and they are addicted to it (video games, internet, television and other media) so will do anything to get it and keep it and since technology is based on planned obsolescence they will have to keep buying it which of course is destroying the environment.

The NWO is nothing but a mob of comin people and hired thugs in a mob bullying their way into the enslavement of humanity all under a corporate culture that IS their god and IS their cultire, ethnicity and history.

Putting black gang members and other gang members into jobs around the country has resulted in every city being like East Germany. Obamas plan for Diversity through low income housing in every single US neighborhood is akin to mass immigration into Europe. These people will deal drugs, spy and do other dirty work for the system which is why rhey are used for this purpose.

Its like east Germany was but with third world immigrants, African Americans and Latinos.
Its not that organized harassment doesnt happen in all 'white' areas becuz it certainly does. But those people are trying to protect what they have or support the system or they are maintaining.

Harassment by the demographics mentioned is extremely brutalizing and damaging due to those people using org harassment as opportunity for advancement financially or in social status.

Their racism and sexism in perpetrating organized harassment is unprecidented. African Americans did nothing BUT spy on people before they gained freedom from slavery and in fact spying and having their own networks within communities and large extended families is how they gained their freedom and advancement in society primarily.

They dont care who is in the way and they dont care what other cultures they destroy.

The designers of the NWO have created entire armies of their socially engineered demographics to take over the world on their behalf.

These are not people who believe in the Constitution nor do they believe in freedo and liberty as America once stood for. In fact most have never experienced such concepts in practice.

They are the ultimate house slaves as Malcolm X coined the term. Which is wby he is dead and that ring master circus clown Farrakhan is alive and can tour the country spewing forth hatred and saying whatever he wants.

Switzerland who was smart enough to not join the EU and brave enough to dis Oprah (who used her power from a privileged class and position the US's '1%' in society to protest as if to be an underprivileged negro experiencing racism) keeps immigrants in encampments instead of releasing them into small village towns becuz they have proven a large percentage of the immigrants begin drug dealing networks and destroy whatever area they are released into.

This isnt multiculturalism. Thats a front. The entire ruse is completely insane and only through mass mind control and manipulation could any of this be pulled off.

Now that the diversions of Bush and early Obama have gone now its time to create racism as a focus so anyone realizing whats been going on while we were focused on war and anti terrorism or economy will be discredited for mapping out how mass immigration and Diversity is an intregal part of lowering the quality of life in every first world country so as to create a new Dark Ages so that therw will be no one left to counter the elite nor even care or understand what they are doing to oppress humanity.

You'll be too busy being dumbed down or intimidated in your own neighborhood or country. And the majority WILL support the corrupt system that gave them a 'step up'.  By having no conscience and being vicious in destroying your life through covert harassment.

East Germany type Stasi activity IS the problem with 'the browning of America' as well as violence intimidation and a loss of quality of life. Remember COINTELPRO began as all African Americans to infiltrate the Black Panthers.

People arent racist so much as they are trying to not be destroyed as well as have their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of dumbed down misery and daily intimidation and or violence (and thats for people who arent targeted).


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Harvard Sq Historical Account Of Harriet Jacobs Freed Slave/Activist Validates TI Activism

I came upon this last night. I ran from Providence due to being harassed too much there and it being so full of gang activity the culture is depressing to me.

I realized by reading this that the way I live that the perps and society at large makes me feel ashamed of or uncomfortable with lately is actually quite normal for a person BORN INTO SLAVERY, TRYING TO GET FREEDOM and working on activism for the freedom of other slaves and trying to tell my personal story and this world of slavery to the public.

Harriet Jacobs.
She went through the exact same things Im going through to fight and gain freeom and doing things Ive had to to comprise with an oppressive system or authority to survive.

I now realize the value of keeping history alive like this. A person wandering at 2 am might need to read this and perhaps only at that time in the quiet could a person see something like this so clearly without the noise or distraction of the modern world and too many people.

I am now thinking this is whats behind the destroying history and its symbols everywhere.  They are promising perfect new world yet are actually trying to ensure people cant recall a timw of true freedom of have history to recount how oppression was broken through.

This is olde Harvard. And they understood that the oppressed would seek something at a place like this. And we might need to see this. We might be the future Harriet Jacobs.

What made me think and connect was the 7 years living in her grandmother's crawl space above the stairs. Living as a targeted person being 'homeless' like thus is akin to that kind of restriction though I am forced to wander and she to live in confinement. They are both extreme.
And her having to keep moving to different locations bases on changing conditions. Having to use her female qualities to barter.

It also made me look at the African Americans involved in oppressing TIs differently.  I always knew there were blacks who helped keep slaves like her from being free or to help hunt her down and return her to enslavement but I never related to them like that as I did after reading this. Never did I see them so clearly.

If you are a Targeted Survivor of mind control programs or cults or ritual abuse you are doing exactly what you are supposed to. Even if society doesnt understand.

What I found so predictable was when she wrote her autobiography people found her account of slavery "too fantastical". No they f*cking didnt. They vlaimed it was so they could hide the damage being done until slavery was nicely cleared away so there wouldnt be public outcry just as they always do.

Either that or the public were in denial knowing better than to bite the hand that feeds.

Stay Away From Starbucks Harvard Yard aka 'The Yard'. New GM and Other Staff Changes

Cambridge still obsessing themselves with making me out to be a racist by having African Americans gang stalk me constantly and young black males act arrogantly.

After the difficult period in childhood I had being victimized by African Americans in the Bosron school system during desegregation in the 1970s and how racially charged Boston is by nature due to poor whites and poor blacks competing for the elites attentions favlr and benefits, its undoubtedly part of my childhood psych profile that this is a very sensitive area for me.

Then being victimized so severely as an experimentee in continued MK Ultra connected unethical human experimentation leaves my psych wounded enough to be easily manipulated into pure hatred.

As Ive posted before African Americans working for the system on CLASSIFIED levels are part of the process that seems to be creating racism and racists who act out often violently.

Being a woman the most they can get out of me is verbal expressed anger or written word.

I have a theory. Theres a conspiracy theory that the holocaust was actually set in motion by the elite and partially this was Rothschild.

Israel could not exist without it being partially a reaction to this event.

African peoples perhaps seek to build a similar powerful nation based on this level of oppression.

DO NOT BE MANIPULATED INTO THIS as you will be used to make ultimate martyrs of this population.

Theres also too much racism being CREATED as diversion from other political issues but also to serve the agenda of the elite.

These people dont care who the slaves are or who gets to be house slave and who serves beneath JUST SO LONG AS THEY HAVE SLAVES IN SOCIETY.

Got gang stalked in this Starbucks in a way and with an intrusiveness I had nevsr experienced before. THE PLACE ACTUALLY HAS A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE. I could 'feel' the difference when I was in line to order but couldnt realize what I was feeling.

Cancelled my order I was so disgusted. And I left calling the manager a two word nasty phrase the nature of which is EXACTLY what they want as Cambridge continues busying itself framing me up as a racist.

U suppose I simply dont understand the competitiveness instilled in Harvard's students and faculty. That alls fair asog as you dont get caught and that power should crush dissidents completely.

Then why am I here,why did my parents meet here and why do I have a deep connection to Harvard specifically writing this book I hope will help ALL people and get vengence for my parents?

Now they are trying to take out all the outdoor seating in front of Au Bon Pain including the chess tables.

So bohemian types and even homeless cant play chess in Harvard? In our community here we have an older black man who used to do Afro Centrism activiam who is a registered chess master. Bohemian type kids play chess out here with all types of people. Its a Harvard thing and like everything else truly Harvard these new people in charge want to destroy it.

I hope Harvard bites back at them.

I wonder if Im some sort of guardian. My own writing may have caused this as Ive made observations about Harvard's design being a magickal one.

People dont realize the NWO seeks to destroy the light.

Already there are chip cards replacing magnetic strips on credit cards. We know what the natural next step is.
Uh myself and others can say with confidence that chipping people has mulyiple possibilities for abuse of power the public arent being told about.

So they are trying to dumb down Harvard. Id say this is fairly dangerous but also it seems like people dont understand whats happening.

Thats becuz only the bohemians and the old money types and intellectuals are the only ones who understood what places like this were about and what their true value is-to society and to humanity.

Down in RI someone tols me your average person thinks RISD is some small unimportant school on a hill. ITS THE BEST ART SCHOOL IN THE USA. Its amazing or was. I modeled there late 80s. Teachers would challenge students by sternly telling them if they cant get excited about arms and feet and legs "then you dont belong here".
Its like those personal ads from artists who seek others and get disgusted with bs replies so put up pics of artwork and make the people replying name the artworks before entering a reply. (Yes i read personal ads for amusement).

The approach demanded only artists attend there not people trying to learn to draw.

The people infesting Harvard now seem to be color by number Da Vincis-while the rest of us suffer in silence watching our world be torn down.


This is how to destroy a rare thing or person or design-hand it over to the average public who now believe they are wealthy just becuz they may be rich.

They don't care what they are destroying or the price to humanity in the long term. They only want another mall to hang out in.

There are other Starbucks in Cambridge and surrounding areas and they seem to have kept their composure and class.

As much as I bitch about Starbucks being a major gs chain I did state that they do redeem themselves or are more normal or not by location. The Yard had alot of jerks coming in as customers. It also had one maybe two active perps. But others retained an old money or true wealth sort of WASP sympathy for life's hardships and they seemed politically informed.

Its part of the Harvard Mall now. The pleasant heavy weighted energy like that of a multigeneration heirloom made of something precious is gone now. And the chandelier made of antlers only added to that.


Saturday, August 8, 2015


African American vet working as truck driver ctold his sister and others he was being followed by people who were doing hand signs and gesturing.

He also had someone riding with him who was performing gesturing.

From what I know about the transportation industry being one of the prevalent sources of psy ops on Targeted Individuals it doesn't surprise me he snapped on an Amtrak train.

He allegedly stabbed some people.


Its along the same lines as causing people to become lone shooters.
They raise the stress levels to a point where fight or flight is IMPOSSIBLE to control.

And the fact a family member his sister twists the info he gave her to suit the cover story is amazing.

Not being professional physicians his sister and the author have decided that he was "a paranoid".

The US MILITARY? Uh the very fact hes a vet should be the first line of investigation.
Everything from was he being targeted due to sensitive info connected to his service or was he being experimented on or perhaps brain damage or psychological conditions from combat experience.

Gee I guess the Wounded Warrior Project doesnt exist for these people.

THATS BECUZ HE IS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and will be denied access to the assistance available to everyone else.

His rights as a US citizen doesnt exist. He isnt protected by international law.

So I am not the only one the 'gang stalking' system has decided lean heavy on in this way.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Providence RI Police Allegedly Watching Mentall Ill Or Anyone Self Talking...AS DIVERSION FROM DRUG DEALING VAGRANCY ETC

I am going to sue the living shit out of everyone humanly possible anyway but add to it that the scum who manage crime and contain some of the most corript people in the nation (New England authorities) are actually in some areas WATCHING people who self talk due to them being suspect of being FANGEROUS.

The public are so dumbed down nowadays as well as sheltered from how crime works, used to work and still does but is better hidden from them nowadays as well as they watch too much TV THAT THEY ACTUALLY CANNOT TELL WHO IS DANGEOEUS AND WHO ISN'T.

Some black lady at a bus stop pointed out a homeless black man who was obviously mentally ull (or a Targeted Individual who never understood his plight or both perhaps) and she was so conditioned to be a snob to this poor soul talking about his "black ass and stinkin,talkin to his self". Self hate much?

Then she said "the police is watchin him too." Because he talks to himself and that means he could be dangerous. She said that someone is a nut or crAzy that if turn your back on them it mifhr be your last day or some nonsense.

The police in NYC dont bother with such people nor do they do so in Boston as fR as I know and definitely not in California etc.

Why is RI specifically Providence obsessed with some guy like that?

So let me get this straight. The authorities are watching or surveilling someone but have not collected intel on this person such as mental health records etc to determine a true level of danger or the persons psych profile or history?

If this isnt more intimidation from the gangsta wanna be crowd that infests Kennedy Plaza and downtown Providence then if such a thing is true its ridiculous.

They need to clean up all the vagrants and dealers down at Kennedy Plaza and the downtown before focusing on some guy who self talks as a diversion.

Why is the bus stop area so screwed up anyway? And why are RIPTA police so corrupt?

Interfering with the bus system..peoples only means of traveling in and out of the city. Hmm we can go foe terrorism on that one as well as interfering with meaningful work etc etc etc.

Im sure i can find a lawyer with a stick up his ass against Prov or RIPTA and just sue constantly and be a pain in the ass until something comes out of it.

We'll make it sport..since the fucks down here seem to treat organized harassment as sport especially the arrogant males.

So you are framing people up and having idiots in trouble with the system agitate people in front of cameras and thinking this will discredit someone?

We can start with my sanity never being in question until a certain federal investigation in Boston came about and before that AFTER MY MOTHER WAS GOING TO GO TO THE PACHRE UNDER CLINTON IN 95.

Hmm only then did I begin having panic attacks and then sent to a psychatrist. Only then did strangers start parking outside my family's house and other forms of psychological harassment.

The Indians who own the 7-11 and their house niggas are ultimately arrogant and think this is just a joke and no one is going to listen to me.

Good luck in your insular little world in Providence RI.

Its not the good old days anymore and nust becuz authorities are the ones behind organized crime now doesn't mean that wont fall either.

The public are waking up to how THIS svam works too. Soon it will be time to find yet another way to hide what you do and intimidate the pubic effectively.

Keep laughing. People all around the world will love to know just how America works and just how arrogant protected peon size crimnals are here.

They think becuz I operate from bohemianism and poverty I wont win.

Typical pathetic middle class mindset.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Create Racism And Lone Shooters And You Can Get Rid Of Dissidents AND Divert Public Attention

Well if u use psy ops and organized psych harassment to condition inconvenient dissidents into racism (by having racist People Of Color mess with them near constantly as well as one certain race be heavily involved in WAR CRIMES from classified projects connected to MK Ultra such as ritual abuse and further unethical human experimentation then the Target or target forced to become.a dissident activist due to the situation in the furst place, then have a bunch of expendables many with anti govt blogs or pro white philosphies or past militarily service flip out and turn lone shooters then you can once again abuse the PATRIOT ACT or other such things created to be able to oppress anyone against the agenda you are actually TARGETING and HARASSING instead of simply monitoring to continue to discredit and silence that person.

Why not? Youve been abusing the same Target for fifteen years or so anyway definitely since post 9-11. Youve got your mind made up about them being a human sacrifice for society and the agenda anyways.

Its also imperative right now to clamp down on whistleblowers becuz of intel leaks and the public waking up to just what they've gotten themselves into.

You know why Rome lasted so long? Ive read it wasnt just their military and military culture in daily life which America is now obsessed with.

Its becuz they followed their own laws strictly. You see this in the movie Goodfellas where the main character complains the Italians were going through with getting rid of someone close to him simply becuz he messed up and broke rules and it was basically law to take care of him that way.

What the character misses in his Irishness or rather Hollywood special interests dont want Americans to understand about Rome's history is that a law is a law.

If the American public had impeached George W Bush as planned, according to the laws in place we would not be in thus predicament to begin with.

Americans are like children. Ones who are kept so imprisoned by American culture which is the modern west that we've forgotten most of our history from where we came from.

Something startles us and we are used to conflict overseas but not on our own land we cower and run to daddy even though we were just about to send him on his way for cheating the vote to get in. (Its no different from using mass mjnd control in the second election to make a large number of people oddly wanr to vote Republican even though that was not their intention the very day before.)

Americans have brought all these things that should not be on themselves.

Just becuz a group with special interests opens the gates (blowing the Twin Towers) doesnt mean you should be fooled into lettig whatever is there come through.

Im especially insulted at the intimation im dangerous due to the fact I have absolutely no knowledge of weapons or munitions.

Also im female. The day you get a female lone shooter let me know becuz the something seriously is wrong with humanity-estrogen has stopped working.

Good luck then becuz that means no one os going to put up with all your ridiculous war mongering profiteering murderous destructive bullshit and also have children for you so u can send them into the military industrial complex meat grinder.

I think they want to sucker some female TI into lone shooter status.

Then nothing will be safe or sacred and they can really hammer down on anyone not conforming to social norms and get more uptight about their little neighborhoods and stores and sidewalks belonging to THEM.

When are these people going to realize they now live like they are in a militarized zone or on a base?


Animals are so easy to train aren't theu?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Im Really Starting To Hate Dunkin Donuts

Why around the country is this chain one of the biggest douches ever? Walmart is f-cked yes but their business practices are f-cked to begin with so it makes sense. Even their hiring questionnaire is messed up.

It said I was too aggressive and had to much initiative years ago so this shows they are designing the standards for employment to support organized harassment among other things.

Most corporate chains have some gang stalking going on its just that certain ones are really bad like McDonalds,Wal-Mart, Target being the absolute worst woth Stsrbucks, Whole Foods and CVS, Walgreens either redeeming themselves depending on the political climate and whos in office or putting forth positive assistance for TIs depending on location or store in a certain location.

Dunkin Donuts now joins the ranks of the worst offenders nationally and I cannot figure out why since they are all franchises I thought but I also dont know anything about their business practices as a chain.

They used to be just a New England local shop many open twenty four hours.

They are connected to the New England Patriots for endorsements and any connection to organized pro sports is going to involve gang stalking.
Drugs, malecentricism, supporting the patriarchy and the military and hiding domestic violence and sexual assault are obvious reasons but also pro sports like Red Sox likes to hob nob with CIA etc.

So this is the price of success in the USA. Its not a true democracy and not everyone can get a fair chance nor doe business success depend on merely hard work and smart networking.

Its all bullshit. America is nothing but nepotism plain and simple.