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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CBS Atlanta Publishes Gang Stalking Denial Article

Another totally illogical and irresponsible article from a major news source.

whats disturbing is the way this seems to be feeding into society's paranoias about loners, mentally ill people or anyone who is anti government etc-the kinds of people who might snap or go postal.

Its amazing what a hatchet job is done with the 1% disinfo tactic.

Its so...cut and paste. Just write the first half accurately in all truth and simply discredit it in the second half.

Its probably frighteningly effective is whats sad. It shouldnt be that easy.

The activities mentioned are so obviously MK Ultra related if you read the declassified documents as well as the article itself mentions historical sources of such activity from other countries especially Germany.

If youve ever been through Atlanta, GA as a traveling TI you know even just the Greyhound station is a harassment hot spot.
Whites and African Americans are involved and its very overt.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gang Stalking Tactical Use Of Gestures By Random Persons In Public At All Time High/Truman Show Effect Continues In Certain Locations- Celeb List

I think whats going on here is that people you just knew were 'in on it' are now showing how in on it they are by acting out and doing gestures as tactical gang stalking on Targets, at least thats whats happening to me in past few months.

This also seems to be due to the fact that THE TECH THAT WAS USED TO TORTURE AND SUPPRESS ME AS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL IS NOW NO LONGER IN USE. And the rule of thumb is always that
-Wherever there is the use of tech for management of the population, there will NOT be a lot if any, in person group stalking or harassment from human forces and visa-verse.

Most areas around Boston seem free of the torment that was present during the many years of Menino being mayor, more so after 9-11.  Menino may have protected the homeless more it seemed, but in reality there was a lot of torture and exploitation of Targeted Individuals during his administration.

Cambridge especially around Harvard University still has a use of heavy tech for remote influence and 'brain washing' through repeated suggestion and ideation but there's the marked lack of interface or feeling of being watched through the camera systems that are all over Harvard. During the past years that I made Harvard Square my home, there were horrendous things Ive experienced as a Targeted Individual in that small area, mostly due to the content being very much connected to MK Ultra's brainwashing program and behavior modification as well as outright torture of Targets like myself connected to Harvard, specifically the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

The in person harassment in public spaces is at an unbelievable high. Its being made to seem as if EVERYONE in the area is 'in on' gang stalking. So many people are acting out now, doing the same gestures and many of them are very mundane.
It seems that if you can quickly anchor the Target to a few gestures that are mundane, all you have to do is to have those few mundane gestures repeated consistently throughout the waking hours in public of the TI and what should be mundane and unable to influence anyone psychologically becomes very powerful tools to keep a Target brainwashed, in doubt and unable to function in thier daily lives.

Wallet tapping has now evolved..or devolved whichever point of view you subscribe to, into just a tap on the side of hip, usually more pronounced and repeated a few times or a simple grabbing of the back pocket just once or touching the back area.
 All of these are done with pockets that contain no items in them so that the TI knows its a tactic and does not have any doubt, that perhaps it was a genuine use of pockets for practical normal purposes.
What originally was meant to signify the message that 'you dont have any money' and 'you are homeless and a drain on society' or 'we have made sure you are smeared with the idea that you are greedy for money or making up things in order to get or hide illegal money' etc- now simply means that they have ultimate control, will continue to keep me down and that so many people in society are in on this that no one is going to care about my being victimized or read  my book, I have no chance at justice etc.

Hands through the hair, originally done by females with long hair to remind me of my shaving my head or cutting my hair short looked terrible, is now devolved into males running thier hands through thier hair when I pass by and women making sure they take a luxuriant caress and run through their hair, specifically when they have walked away from me.
I believe this is also used becuz its common in vice sting operations to have the female undercover officer thats entrapping a male for solicitation, to run her fingers through her hair to alert her male backup officers that its time to come and make an arrest, that the male has incriminated himself. Also another use of psych warfare and intimated smear.

Hands through hair is also being used with a touch to the face or the finger down the side of the face for some reason. Originally put into use a month or so ago.
Being done by males and females mostly younger yet its mind boggling the frequency of these tactics in public spaces now. It seems to be occurring everywhere, all the time, whereas in the past, I would be 'hit' by tactical use of gestures only in hot spot areas I knew were heavy with gang stalking or in increments that seemed more far apart with periods of normalcy throughout the day.

Whats also of interest is how fast these gestures were turned from having meaning into being used to have heavy control of the Target just by them all signifying that the gang stalkers and powers that be have control over society and are denying the Target any freedom or voice in society. I am wondering how, nowadays, they can seem to be able to so quickly go from a gesture having  meaning to all these gestures being mixed and matched, all being used on the Target for control of the person.

There also seems to be a great lack of ability to think or have any sort of autonomy of mind. The 'firewall' of the TI's mind seems to be completely hacked into, with little to no resistance with the technologies, chemical influences and psychological warfare (tactical harassment) being used now. Even a year ago this was not the case.

As a TI I feel I have absolutely no power whatsoever left in this area. I am completely powerless and totally controlled which was not the case just a year ago. I still think it is connected to the new city manager and mayor in Cambridge as well as the new mayor, police chief and police commissioner in Boston. All of the changes to the gang stalking system and its capabilities as well as power and ability to control came about with these administration changes.

I want to leave the country this time through an area where, unlike Maine, I cannot be stopped this time so easily. However, I have this unbelievable feeling of being trapped in the USA not just in New England but anywhere I might go this year. As if getting out is now totally impossible, yet I am cursed daily with reliving  my memories of years of harassment and torture done to me as well as being gang stalked every day.   Giving up  and becoming silent seems to be the goal as well as suicide which is being pushed as bad as it was during the post 9-11 Bush or Hayden as head of CIA years.

Being on probation certainly gives them incentive becuz if they can just get me into an institution of some variety even for just two months, the amount of either damage from gang stalking if not outright murder of me by an inmate or at least ongoing, daily behavior modification in an environment with true isolation and lack of outside stimuli (radio, computers, mp3, etc) might just be the final solution to thier 'problem'-my Survivorship and being a victim witness to these war crimes and beyond since 1997 if not life long, as an intergenerational Targeted Individual.

Im dating someone whom I do not trust as he is the profile of a typical handler. His former legal status is being used against me daily in suggested intimations by the system of brainwashing by suggestion using tech even though one of the only reasons I am with him at all is that a judge expunged the original issue from his record and his lawyer if fighting to get any and all legal damage removed, that shouldnt have been there to begin with.

What I also like about this person is that even though he was damaged as a child and acted out in his early teen years, he spent  years getting help for his problem by proven therapies, in another state. How does that compare to all the f*cked up people who were surrounding me, who are sick and sadistic, who sold me out to this system and who were handed rewards while I have lived in the street for these past many years?  The sickos in law enforcement and politics and positions of power here in this area and nation if not worldwide who are in on this campaign of gang stalking myself if not any other people who are threats to their elite pedophile networks and New World Order?
What about my own grandfather, the mailman, my mother's father, the typical pedophile-the family handler, found in every single mind control slave's family background? My mother always hated on me instead of facing her abusers and abandoning her family. For years he was worshiped like a king by all those fools in my maternal family I had to grow up with, instead of being called on what he did to all of his children I now suspect and perhaps others-and for his servicing of lonely Weston, MA housewives. In this case truly, you could be the child of the mail man.
He even had a mistress named Sandy, a librarian from Weston, who he and my grandmother befriended and used to visit regularly and hang out with him. I was disgusting. She was also very disrespectful to my mother and myself once I recall, referring to us as selfish. Whats the matter dear, jealous that your married man prefers his daughter to you? Just as jealous as I've seen my grandmother be of her own daughter.

These people are all sick f*cks and when you grow up and get into recovery you start to see how f*cked up everyone around you is. Then you start to see that most people in the recovery groups are staying recovered from DRUGS but dont want to change in other ways or grow up or change. THIS IS WHY NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS AND AA ARE RIDDLED WITH GANG STALKERS AND PERPS. So they can watch Survivors for any signs of deprogramming or literally- the threat of growth as human beings.
The boyfriend they used against me, who now lives in a 350,000 home in Los Angeles, who still puts sick crap on his social networking sight so I can see it in relation to destroying my life for gain, they got him WHEN HE GOT CLEAN OFF OF DRUGS and was in trouble with the law at the same time.

When you get clean you can be shaped and manipulated by this system. They grab people at vulnerable moments thinking its a great time to manipulate them to their side or use them for thier purposes.

Most of the people I once knew never changed or evolved or grew up or got better as human beings or improved themselves. All they did, every single one of them, was to find ways to hide behind what is deemed socially acceptable in modern American society, specifically a post Bush corporate world where human value is lacking.  They made sure they did what they had to to move up in society which is what the gang stalking system gives you in return for selling people out or doing harassment, and usually that serves as a cover for just how f*cked up a human being you are.

If all is played right, the TI is smeared and discredited and the most f*cked up, criminal people around that person are made to look like victims of the TI or unrelated to that person as if they did nothing to them at all. However, always its noted that fortunes of these people improve in a timely manner in relation to the misfortune of the Target or that at least the person got out of trouble for something that by logic they should have been screwed for- if the public even know about thier crimes at all. Most higher up people, rich or celebs have an ongoing relationship with this system so that whatever they can be blackmailed for is avoided as long as they do what this system needs.
The public never find out how f*cked up these people are becuz they stay where they are and get work to maintain by continuing to serve the system. Most likely many of them got where they are in part by doing some sort of dirty deed(s) to begin with, long ago.

In other words, what looks bad on paper for the guy who's my companion now, actually isn't once one knows the whole story and that compared to the sick, evil monsters WHO NEVER GOT ANY THERAPY OR HELP for themselves in life- is a person who is relatively good and  caring.

Once again the system thinks they have me over a barrel. But I know the reality. I know that the person I am with though I do not trust him as he has red flags here and there as perhaps working for this system, is not half as f*cked up as the sh*tbums who are working for the gang stalking system daily and who are still hiding in high places in Boston, Cambridge and beyond as active and adult pedophiles, rapists, murders, sexism extremists (people like the guy that worked in St Francis shelter in Boston, who was in on this GS system, who told me that all women need thier wings clipped nowadays and that the reason so many men are on the street is that women arent taking care of men anymore like they used to. F*ckers like that guy are in on daily stalking and harassment not just of female Targeted Survivors and Targeted Individuals but Ive seen them stalking women's safe spaces like drop ins and women on the street. Thier assholes and they are part of the gang stalking system but its a bigger problem than that. Look at all the harassment by jerk off guys in pick up trucks in Maine I documented this summer. Maine has a huge domestic abuse problem..yet there are hardly any if at all women's drop ins or safe spaces in the cities and towns in that state. ITS A CONSPIRACY and keeping women down is part of it. The Liberals and feminists you see arent any help becuz they either help the race war through practicing 20th century outdated feminism which only assists the NWO of the 21st century or they are too far out, irrelevant and theatrical or crazy to be taken seriously. A bunch of rich girls or Jewish women fighting daddy's authority is not the same as women who are fully aware of thier power as females, by nature, by birthright with out any regard for the existence of males or not. THAT is the women these bastards are afraid of, natural warriors like myself who arent reactionaries to male authority, but dont even recognize it at all unless its up to par with our own to begin with. They are deathly afraid that people like ME will reach women like them or those abused women in those safe spaces.  Not to worry- usually the safe spaces and drop ins are infiltrated by the babysitters who work for the gang stalking system to maintain the status quo. To keep women safe- but never go against the system in place. To prevent any and all of these gathering places from becoming revolutionary in any way or organizing against the system.

In the USA you deal with levels of oppression. Never the ability to fully become liberated. It would destroy the country and they know it. And now I fully understand that too.)

However through yet another part of my life where things are misunderstood, they can use this again as smear and for psych warfare, if he isnt working for them anyway to begin with as a handler.

Im also constantly bombarded in Harvard Sq and Cambridge generally with Truman Show Effect. Yes, the security and surveillance cameras are just windows for many people to watch my life like a reality show, all of them famous people. This is utterly annoying and Ive blogged this before. Whats still consistently wrong with the visions I get of these people is that they always appear younger than they would be in real life, if they were watching in reality at all, which I doubt they are. As this scenario has been used in MK Ultra behavior modification in the past- these famous people and celebrities are guiding me by approving of or disapproving of my decisions and actions daily. Actions and even thoughts are judged.
Yeah, come to think of it, all the shows like Idol and You Can Dance or whatever...have celebrity judges. Uh, it doesnt really work like that but I can see now the connection between the TV training the public how to think about something-to think a certain way, and now I see how for a Target it runs deeper into brainwashing, with the addition of the person being targeted with Truman Show Effect as part of behavior modification thats extreme.

I always saw those reality competition shows as a way to militarize the public. As a way to make them competitive, cut throat etc etc. Survivor, The Weakest Link and all the competition shows are to train the public like soldiers receive training. Along with the constant bombardment of police shows now where cops are always good guys and they do whatever they want above the law for the good of solving the case, target/vilify certain demographics on the shows etc-this makes for a public who are good soldiers under strict authority.

I always knew the cross section of television shows was behavior modification, for the general public who are stupid enough to watch them.  I never saw the connection of those celeb judge competitions to my behavior modification program. Its interesting.

Some of the people supposedly watching and giving advice or approval/disapproval are actual judges on those shows and some are simply famous people. Oddly enough, there are many people from the UK and the USA but no foriegn people except for one- Putin the Russian leader.

Its probably best that I list these people as its driving  me nuts. NOTE THAT THIS SYSTEM KNOWN AS TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT ONLY HAPPENS IN CERTAIN GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS. Its constant in Cambridge MA but once I cross over the city line to Boston it ceases. I HAVE DOCUMENTED FOR YEARS NOW THE PHENOMENA WHERE THE REMOTE INFLUENCE CHANGES AFTER CROSSING OVER THE MASS AVE BRIDGE THAT JOINS CAMBRIDGE TO BOSTON, MA.  Last before the Boston border, in Cambridge is MIT. Interesting huh?

This bridge and and the public transport over it is one of the key indicators of change in being targeted from one city to the next. Over these many years I have documented and posted of the significant differences between this line that exists within the parameters of the mind control system that exists within the metro Boston area.

I am not worried about being accused or feared for stalking celebs or being mentally ill becuz of my mother's MK Ultra documented status as a US Military radiation experimentee as well as the timely demise of my sanity and it being put into question, only during the federal investigation surrounding my associates who were successful career criminals- and all thier rich clients and crooked cop friends.  In other words- dont even try it. Getting me on probation after having those perps at McDonalds in Central Sq Cambridge badger me for years on end is all you are going to get from me, with the changes in administration to Boston and Cambridge. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Newcomers luck is all it was. And let it stay that way as just one lucky score on the board, newcomers with new tactics, catching me off guard. It wont happen again.

The ever present, annoying list of celebs supposedly watching and always judging or granting approval/disapproval is as follows, and note that they are always envisioned as much younger than they are which I dont understand at all really the purpose of this:
Jennifer Lopez
Sharon Osbourne
(occassionally Ozzy but not too often, again much younger looking)
Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue
Tommy Lee of Motley Crue
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, American Idol
Joe Perry of Aerosmith
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Queen Elizabeth
Prince William and his wife Kate
Prince Charles (much younger than in real life)
Kate Moss the model
Johnny Depp-Moss's ex boyfriend
Putin of Russia
former mayor of NYC Rudy Guliani
in years past frequently Donald Trump now only occasionally
not so often many Hollywood starlets like:
Brittney Spears
Nicole Richey
Paris Hilton
Steve-O from JackAss
directors (which is really weird)
Penny Marshall
Ron Howard
other Hollywood types like:
Leonard Nemoy
William Shatner
very occasionally Conan O'brien, Jay-Z and Beyonce
 and last but not least the ex boyfriend who now lives and works in Hollywood and got his foot in the door after helping to destroy my life with the help of none other than one of the local rock stars listed above.

Ad Naseum are Madonna, Jagger and Kate Moss as well as Tyler and Perry. Why these are so recurring I dont understand but its obnoxious. Madonna and Jagger probably being the most annoying and frequent.

Recall when I visited Las Vegas last year and I posted on how certain buildings on the strip seemed to beam out to passers by the mental images of Very Important Persons in that city. Donald Trump and whoever was starring in the shows at Ceasar's Palace of most notable mention.

These technologies are being used to make the public 'think' about public personalities as to increase thier influence and of course to create desire thus consumerism of them, as product.

This is not the firs time Ive experienced corporations utilizing these technologies to create consumers and consumerism in the United States.  Its simply that, with Targeted Individuals, the mediascape if you will, is utilized for harassment of that person in a way where parts of it are internalized and it seems the purpose is to create mental illness and discreditation. This may be so IF THE TARGETED PERSON OR EXPERIMENTEE DOESNT HANDLE IT CORRECTLY BUT IF THE PERPS KNOW THAT THE TARGET IS CAUTIOUS, SMART AND DETERMINED THEY ARE ESSENTIALLY USING THIS CREATION OF INTERNAL IMAGES AND ILLUSIONS FOR FURTHER BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION VIA MK ULTRA.

What seems normal on a tv show now is internalized, either unconsciously by members of the public or by a brainwashed TI who is kept down just enough so that these illusions can continue to be put into our minds and we will obey and respond. Gang stalking in person in public spaces fulfills this purpose. It keeps the Target or experimentee's attention just diverted enough, keeps us just stressed out enough so that we cant pay attention to whats going on.
Kind of like the doctor diverting a kids attention then sneakily administering a shot.

Whats intersting about this list is that most of these people have taken part in media psy ops or helping the system in some way or outright gang stalking. Many of them seem to have connections to the powerful elite knows as 'Illuminati' nowadays what they truly are I dont know but many of them seem blackmailed or brainwashed into converting to them.

There is ample evidence that Lady Ga Ga stole her persona from her former song collaborator, who the Illuminati killed off and somehow was able to have the whole thing be a sort of entertainment for them. Her death was portrayed in some music vids by black rappers associated with Ga Ga.  One with the lovely sentiment that dead girls cant withold putting out p*ssy or some such ghetto, slaver mentality bullsh*t so frequent among black males in America, who are so very dangerous due to having the DNA of sadistic slave owners and knowing nothing else but slavery for hundreds of years.
I recall hearing the same thing myself from one of the passing idiots from a local shelter early on when I was first homeless in this. That I should put out. Which of course was never going to happen.

Why should I? Technically Im simply just used military hardware that was supposed to self destruct under the MK Ultra program but someone else had other ideas, not just some bitch who was inconvenient to some connected jerks.  And the ongoing attempted modification of this machine continues in order to make me fit or safe to live in civilian society.

It seems some of the clowns in the Illuminati like to play with mind controlled slaves, or that sh*t heads like Black Water thought if they dug hard enough into Templar/Monk/Rosicrucian programming in mind controlled slaves they could fulfill founder Erik Prince's insane dream of a Christian New World Order partially by somehow gaining the power and legacy of the Templars themselves and thier heritage. The days of the Crusades, of the swords, are done and over. Are past into history and time and will never BE again. Unless you have a time machine...oh, wait. Its Bush we are talking about. Well, even then, what you could go back to you couldnt do now anyway. But its obvious they can and have altered the time lines in this world we live in now to some degree. Its wrong and it sucks, many lives are ruined, causalities of the false time lines- stateless people in these covert wars. Many of us homeless and deemed mentally ill when it was never meant to turn out that way. Theres no reason I should be homeless, discredited or appear crazy at all. And in order to preserve their false time line I have to be kept in check and harassed constantly every day. These false hoods, like lies, need constant upkeep-maintenance. Remember when young you were told that one lie leads to another in a string of never ending lies...thats if your family was somewhat decent. If you were Illuminati, elite or successful career criminal, you were raised to do this as an art form. Great for you.

I think people in the intel community or somewhere else more powerful than any of those ametuers at world domination intervened and thought otherwise. The people in and surrounding the Bush administration were all pretty crazy, very much like the villains in old Bond movies who want to take over the world. A decrepit, mechanical hand, stroking a cat with an eye patch in some lair somewhere under a volcano. Instead like Caligula, Nero, Pharisees -these mad men were right under our noses and in plain sight.

What exactly they are going for now Im not sure. It seems like they want me permanently silenced and to destroy me. I do however keep getting pushes to call lawyers and get legal councel and representation for all the damages to me over the years and the MK Ultra gang stalking situation. What good this will do I dont know.

it seems the more i publicly post these tactics that common locals use them more. like copycat killers the locals who wish they were in on real psy ops might actually start using tactics they read in this blog.
i also realize that what im on probation for discredits me further to a point where the gang stalkers are now doing constant harassment becuz they dont have to fear me as much now I'm discredited.
The list of people being used in Truman Show Effect was incomplete.
i forgot to add Barack Obama occasionally and sometimes Michele and this has been more frequent lately.
Gene Simmons was used heavily for some time but now isnt used at all.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sign of Horns In AP Photo From Recent Florida Shooting

Man in yellow shirt, hand with watch on viewer's right (his left hand), hanging out of pocket. Looks random but too many of these shootings have had people purposely wearing black and red, making the 'Satanic' sign-of-the-horns or other 'Satanic' scare tactic gestures.

Remember, this is ALL BRAINWASHING of victims and bystanders as well as cult mind control-recruitment and indoctrination of gullible people.

ITS ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS. From personal experience and other Target's stories it seems these people dont care what religion is used as long as the person, group or people targeted (everyone from an individual to the general public) ends up being influenced by the propaganda and psy ops content.

The gang or group/hive mentality is very important to the New World Order. This was seen in connections to Jim Jones's The People's Temple cult that had CIA connections and many Survivors like myself believe was part of the experimentation to control society- using cult mind control, so key to the NWO's success.

In other words: take note of it, realize its a mindf*ck, know its just more psy ops and then get over it. The one result desired is that these events and actions influence victims or targets to 'influence hearts and minds, and in lone shootings we are all victims as its to terrorize viewers, readers, American citizens and humanity at large.

Remember that warfare is what this is all about and the people doing this are ruthless and connected to military, power and intel agencies/private black ops companies etc- and human casualties in civilian society are now as common as battlefield deaths or casualties. This is the way these people think. You now live in an ongoing war or battle zone. They just dont want you to realize it. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Few Counter Tactics From My Experience On Beating This System

-If you are on foot and take public transportation like I do you will be followed by the gang stalkers and the tech easily. I dont know about having a vehicle becuz I assume having one owned or rented in your own name would be just as much of a problem.
*Taking a taxi gives the TI whos usually on foot a break in being under the control of the GS system.* Even for a short distance in a city.
The security camera systems seem to be whats used to keep track of Targets in cities and towns as well as thier spies. Of course, public transport is all wired as well as public spaces with cameras. If you have a RFID chipped card for the transit system in your area, it could in theory be used in a few ways by this system. Definitely monitoring location in the transit system itself and perhaps outside of it also.

 OUTRUNNING this system consists of being in a moving vehicle and often provides relief. Anything from buses to trucks on the highway will work (provided the truck doesn't have satellite radio which I notice only makes some parts of this worse, like the burns or physical tortures TIs receive or horrid dreams/nightmares.) This might be why there's a lot of gang stalking activity on Greyhound and other bus companies and Amtrak trains becuz the rule of thumb with this system concerning geographical location is

They use human forces and tech/chemical influences to cover every single inch of this country. That has been my experience traveling as a TI since 2006. There are very few places untouched by this system in the USA- but they do exist. Dustbowl, nowhere towns in TX that consist only of a few trailers and nothing else, the side of a mountain near Albuquerque, NM. Places they dont care about, that have no consumers, no civilization and nothing thats a threat to their New World Order.

-Underground (NOT public transit systems which are wired to the hilt and usually full of perps too) usually provides relief as microwaves, on the same bandwidth as cell phones, cant go underground thus we have cell towers for mobile phones nowadays.
Hospital emergency rooms, hospital basements and some government buildings provide relief from remote influence or the tech thats used. Many older buildings Ive noticed provide relief, Ive also noted that alot of these buildings are purposely renovated or even rebuilt with new materials and afterwards, dont provide the same amount of relief or safety as when older materials were present.

This might also be due to the presence of what people would refer to as haunted or spirits in these buildings-which is nothing more than electromagnetic fields thus those ghost hunter tv shows use electromagnetic meters to hunt for paranormal activity. This is also why targeted people often think thier home is haunted then if lucky enough to find gang stalking activism and become aware, realize it was the purposeful use of technologies as outlined in the MINDWAR papers by Aquino and Valelee in the '80s (US Military) and other easily accessed documents proving the existence of these technologies.
In other words, natural electromagnetic energy or left over energy signatures from natural sources like people and animals having lived in the building etc, might be beneficial for protection which is why they seem to want to destroy such influences.

There seems to be a purposeful and consistent campaign of destruction of any sort of building or structure that gets in the way of the NWO. Old solid buildings, structures that are obvious ancient sun worship related sites especially if they are on ley lines even statues of female deities like the Catholic Mother Mary (remember this could be construed as representing Isis and she is the one that Seth feared, not Osiris.)
It seems strange the things that threaten the people and beliefs behind this system but after a while the seasoned TI realizes it makes sense somehow and fits in metaphysically and scientifically and this is definately a work of magick. Unfortunately its mostly technomancy. The point is to destroy anything truly magickal from Nature or anyONE magickal. Transhumanism is an example of how insane and hateful of Nature these people are.

(I will try to continue this later. Sorry for short list and Ive been very bad about finishing incomplete posts I claim I will do later. : (

Reader Comment On Judge Ordered McDonalds Apology Letter

"You're not the one that needs to apologize. Your apology only shows that you're human and have a heart. The criminals that run the system never apologize cause they're soulless, mindless drones. on My Lovely Apology Letter To Cambridge, Central Sq McDonalds Via Probation

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on 8/29/14"

Thank you. Thank you very much.

MKULTRA Perpetrators & Victims Both Qualify as P.O.W.'s

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GS Now Consists Of Hand And Other Gesturing-Consistently Daily/The Plot To Destroy Revolution In The Streets For Good In The USA

Since being put on probation the gang stalking approach has been different. A friend mentioned when one is on probation you feel like you're walking on eggshells.

This is the psychological state they wanted me in as it renders me more docile and makes me less of a risk taker and probably renders me more suseptible to behavioral conditioning.

I have a friend with me now alot of the time and since they cant make me flip out as much or react or arent able to do as much overt activity as when im alone its been all hand gesturing since i got back. That and a few stare downs which my companion actually witnesssed and since they havent tried that again.

The people walkinhg by doing hand gestures has been near constant on a daily basis.

The wallet/back pocket with nothing in it tapping is still popular but now there are variations like tapping their sides/ hip area or front pockets.

Overtly smiling widely and staying smiling for abnormally long periods when theres no obvious stimuli or motive (such as one would do while talking on the phone or spotting a friend coming in the other direction) while driving by in a vehicle, while passing me in the street or simply standing very still in one spot so as to get noticed is another one used in the past occassionally and is now being used frequently, usually with a front pocket or backside/wallet pocket tap if its in passing on the street.

Head hanging when is in use just as much as it was before but is more effective now becuz the tactics they are utililizing are all gesturing and this is physical gesturing.

A new one is making the 666 hand sign while passing in the street. This is commonly sighted in the media by activists usually done by celebs and politicians. Its a variation of the American 'A-okay' hand gesture which consists of thumb meeting forefinger creating a circle leaving all other remaining three fingers up in the air.
Perps have been flashing a variation of this where the three fingers usually extended up are more compacted.

They are also now flashing gestures including the afore mentioned 666 sign in a manner where its obvious they are trying to hide what they are doing from cameras or other passer bys. This was not the case in Maine and has never been the case in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Pointing is being used again also but is being done so it almost resembles a gun being pointed at me by the perp, usually male and the stay hidden from detection way of doing as mentioned is being used.

Ever since i began spending time with this male companion mostly males, even uniformed policemen in vehicles (Brookline, older, grey haired officer in marked car) have been performing a tactic where a forefinger is put up to temple of head and rubbed up and down once.
The meaning is taken as I am stupid or not thinking by being with my companion.

Lastly, My recent companion has a red beard. I and others often pull on the goat-t part of his beard.
Male perps have exclusively been doing a gesture that imitates a male stroking the tip of his beard, except all the males performing this gesturing tactic DONT HAVE BEARDS!
Often the 'beard pull' is followed by the finger to the head.
I take these to mean that the GS system of mostly male perps is 'my daddy' or has hold of me, not my companion.
This gesture or combo of the two makes me feel like they rule my life and are interfering in our relationship or that they are going to find a way to take him from me. Also since alot of black males and police or males generally are doing this it also makes me feel raped by them or the system as if they are interfering and replacing him sexually.

I believe they had a blow delivered to thier side when my companion got the charge on his record that put him in jail EXPUNGED recently and his attorney is fighting the guilty plea thats led to his predicament which shouldnt have been put forth to begin with which is why the judge has expunged it.
All they can do is work off of what people still see on his record as I dont think it being expunged is visible to the public-more useful idiot Cause Stalkers or Community Watch types.
If his case goes thru it will set a precedent in MA for such cases and i have sensed their small defeat on this front since I've returned.

The basic jist however is that this man is not good enuf for me and as usual I'm supposed to find some rich guy and get involved in politics.

Do these people ever give up trying to milk as much slave like service out of a mind controlled slave or Survivor of programming in the victim's lifetime?

We never get to be left alone or make our own decisions putting forth our own Will.

Hes a kind, gentle man and a calming influence on me which they hate. He also seems to dissolve alot of my racial anger that black groups or gangs involved in harassment have incurred over the years.

Theres more anti homeless sentiment in Cambridge and surrounding areas lately which also adds pressure. Why cant homelessness be managed more efficiently instead of the too tolerant then zero tolerance? The authorities are probably told to let things go so that it gets disgusting and then people want zero tolerance. I as well as alot of other people dont want dirty, drunk homebums taking up all the bench spaces in Cambridge or other obviously stupid bullshit that shouldnt be tolerated. It would be so easy just to lay down the law with the homeless and create standards like if you are aggressive or harassing people or disgustingly messy or blocking public phones (like in Kenmore Sq) or other nonsense you cant panhandle or whatever. I believe that the most slovenly homeless people are allowed to blow up spaces in every city nowadays so that there can be a nationwide campaign to eradicate The Homeless or houseless people (including Travlers) from American culture altogether. They know damn well after OCCUPY that theres a percentage of people in the Homeless population that are high to medium functioning and can actually contribute meaningfully to an organic or grass roots type movement if space and organization is provided. Thats why they would sent the worst homeless drunks to disrupt OCCUPY camps. And its probably why Reagan let out all the crazies out of the state hospitals to begin with then his buddy Bush through Iran Contra etc created their little organized crime rings of black house slave street gangs to create the crack cocaine market- conveniently just as the authorities were taking down big organized crime like the Mafia families etc.

How do you distrupt anything left over from the 60's and ensure no organization or revolt from the streets ever occurs again? Exactly as its being done now.

They also know damn well how many Targeted Individuals exist in the Homeless population many of whom are activists and whistleblowers.

The purpose of all of this is to make sure i cant think straight or can't get anything done especially legal research or even day to day survival activities. To break me down further and ensure i cant fight back efficiently. Especially to ensure working on my blogging or book isnt part of my daily accomplishment.

Monday, September 1, 2014