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Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Lovely Apology Letter To Cambridge, Central Sq McDonalds Via Probation

To McDonald’s and its employees:

I apologize for using offensive, racist language in my writing in sharpie marker upon the metal siding of the McDonald’s in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.
Even though I felt I was the one being discriminated against as well as harassed by employees I should have kept my composure and stayed on track with going through proper channels such as contacting Chin Management tenaciously until I got a reply or seeking legal representation if I felt it was severe enough.
This was an inappropriate way to deal with what I felt was grossly inappropriate from employees of that establishment.

E. Rachael Orban

(This place, as well as all of Central Sq is full of gang stalking, reverse racist garbage that deals drugs and pushes prostitution for the local corrupt cops. -------------- Cambridge someday for their years of gang stalking and harassment based on the fact that Harvard, MIT and other greedy elitist bastards are all still engaging in MK Ultra black projects. The police are greedy, evil pedos who are fully compliant thus the bogus police report claiming I did all of this just because I was given bad service. Your elitist based world dominance and power can’t last forever and you will pay for all the people you have destroyed- using your little black house slaves to accomplish that end as if it was 100 years ago. If anyone is grossly racist, it’s the authorities of Cambridge. I wonder if you will be smart enough to find this hidden message. Probably not. Which is why it takes thousands of gang stalking perps and dishonest set ups and frame ups to silence ONE woman with genius level intelligence who has no property, no assets and doesn’t put up with bullshit. Good luck..you're going to need it. There are many other NWO fighters out here. AND WE WILL WIN. Harvard giving a commencement to George H.W. Bush-the very man who gave the chilling and criminally insane New World Order speech himself, as well as the Wall St. darling , former NYC mayor Bloomberg shows just where Cambridge and Harvard have allegiances nowadays. That and allowing the horrid developers brought to immense power by Menino during his administration, people like Fish and that cabal of madmen- who have great 'plans' for the Boston’s future to basically shape our cities in more than just architecture.
You are bought and sold and having to write this letter while the real criminals run the city just motivates me further. The $50 dollars a month out of my small check I am forced to live on as a Targeted Individual has re ignited my motivation. What a farce nowadays-that you’ve cleaned up organized crime and the only enemies we have are foreign terrorists. The NWO prefers to have the government run the crime operations-utilizing street gangs who are not only controllable but are useful in filling up their corporate prisons.
Not everyone is asleep.)


  1. Count me in as the one who bought in to the media's portrayal of Bush as a wimp. Now I have a sort of new found respect for the man. I saw a picture of Bush, even now, the man still looks very evil. I look at what he and his family have accomplished, including his grandfather who funded the Nazi's rise to power. And you're right, they are very much like Nazi's, but the Nazi's got defeated, and the Roman Empire fell. So this can not last forever. Sooner or later, one big player is going to slip up or get exposed, and the whole empire will fall into the river like Atlantis. And then what will the sheep do? Go back to accepting that they are miserable mediocre people who hate their lives, and they will have to watch us be superior to them living under free will and they will be able to do nothing about it.

  2. You're not the one that needs to apologize. Your apology only shows that you're human and have a heart. The criminals that run the system never apologize cause they're soulless, mindless drones.

  3. I'll bet they were trying to get your criminal record blemished. I suspect targets will wind up with some sort of bogus charge on their records. But that's to be expected. Just keep fighting. There are plenty of innocent people in prison. There have been thousands of innocent people placed in prisons to protect the guilty, and there will continue to be thousands more. But the truly guilty don't always get prison time if they can manipulate the legal system. In fact, the irony here is some perps will have serious offenses of a sexual, predatory, and or violent nature wiped off their records, while targets will wind up with some bogus charge of criminal trespass or some sort of conspiracy to commit a crime.

    The whole problem with stuff like trespass related offenses, is they like P.F.A's, they are subject to interpretation, and they can be exploited to full legal effect by corrupt establishment owners. All a corrupt establishment owner has to do is write a letter to the local cops, most of whom are out stalking the target anyways, stating that so-and-so is not permitted into their premises. And they can make up a bogus reason. Targets will sometimes get trespass related charges. See, the thing is, when a target fights back, the system and all involved at lower levels sees them as trespassing on their property. But perp groups probably influence and threaten them. But if they allow perp groups to threaten them, they are really the tiniest of pussies. I suspect that they are pussies, but they are not afraid of backlash from perp groups, but rather love to leverage the power of the perp groups against the target and so they go along with it not out of fear of being targeted, but because they too enjoy punishing the target. They are all just little bitches with these tiny frail little egos, see. And they hate to see targets come on their property. It bothers them that a superior person is on their premises, when they know about the target being a target, intelligent, a fighter, etc. Bullies don't like people fighting back. It's like that one Christmas movie from the 80's where the bully kid gets pummeled, and now he screams and cries hysterically. Perps are such types of bullies. They scream and cry when we fight back and don't take their BS and don't back down from them.

  4. I'll have to take a look at the inflation rate. Something is very suspicious about that, the way TI's are forced to live on monthly amounts that even by 1970's standards was meager. Meanwhile, everyone else who turns a blind eye to gangstalking gets paid no less than $50,000 per year, which by now is considered peanuts for them. I've always thought software engineers got paid ridiculous amounts of money for what they did. The last time I had a software engineering gig, they paid me $10 and hour! And while a lot of the code was OK, there was some seriously spaghetti code that was atrocious that I, making a meager $10 per hour, had to untangle.

    So they're paying them upwards of 80 G's to write code for software that is bloated and makes new fast computers run like a 1980's IBM XT clunker? The software is bloated, and so are their egos and their paychecks. Everything is bloated these days. Everything is inflated and bloated. But TI's are forced into a mean and lean lifestyle, and we have to listen to perp coworkers laugh at us and tell us "It's over!!!". I hear a lot of that and allusions that I'm a "bum". That I don't earn my pay check. Hey, I used to write code for peanuts that yuppie programmers are getting paid 80K's and higher to write. And their software makes modern computers run like 80's clunkers. So obviously, people are overpaid here, inflation is outrageous, and there is so much legit and dirty money flying around here, that our society runs on low efficiency yet manages to slug through the mud with all the speed of a snail. But there is so much money and resources to push us through the mud.

  5. The people in on this don't realize that you can beat one or a few people down, but you can't change the truth. I think people in this day and age get off on the notion that they are buying time until the truth comes out and everyone will get busted from top to bottom. There are perps in the system who know about this, and all they have to do is come forward and flee the country like Snowden did. They know it will be a long time before any of the perps get busted, and the sheep know they won't be the ones paying the price, but people of the future instead.

    And maybe that's why they all get off on this "peace of mind" they all have, that while they know they can't change the truth, they can hide from it until the great "judgement day" in the future where people involved at that point in time (not the present perps) will get busted and pay some sort of price.

    It's like being pissed that an equation like x raised to the fourth power minus 4 equals zero has no real roots, so everyone has to jump into the pool of denial where yes, that equation does in fact have real roots, dammit, and it has real roots at x equals positive and negative two!! Because everyone else believes it, and the more people that believe something, the more the real truth will go away and the group believe will be the ultimate truth. The pure and simple fact is that equation has imaginary roots, plain and simple. Yet nobody in their connected stalking groups chooses to believe it, so the solution must be what everyone else believes. So quick and easy, right? And this is their mentality.

  6. There are many fake answers the perps and their cult followers believe in. Some of them include:

    1.) Myth: they are not protecting pedophiles, nor are they pedophiles, but the target is the pedophile. All the perps are saints! They can't be pedos or protecting pedos, right? Look at the power the perps give us over the poor single TI who did nothing wrong! So therefore, the victim must be the deviant, not the army of perps.

    2.) Myth #2: the target's situation isn't really that bad.

    3.) It is bad, yes, but the target deserves it.

    4.) The target will be a better person when this is all over and done with. The myth is the perps are really "friends" of the target trying to do the target a favor by reforming him or her. It's for the person's own good.

    5.) The target is pampered and thinks he or she is a prince/princess who is entitled to anything he/she wants.

    6.) The target has an easy life without complications, and therefore she or he needs some adversity to face in order to toughen him or her up.

    7.) The target is a big complainer, because his or her situation is really not that bad.

    8.) This myth has been used by various perps, used to downplay the talent/abilities the target has relative to the perps. This myth is that whatever skill the target can do with ease, well, it's not like it's that difficult in the first place. Like being good at math. "It's not like it's that hard or anything". Or playing a classical sonata: "It's not like it's that hard". This is where the perps start downplaying the ti's talent. The fact is, it doesn't seem that hard, because the target makes it look effortless with his or her talent and skill level, which far exceeds anything the perps can do. The fact is, some talented people are perps, but the downplaying the talent is coming from perps like in fast food places who really aren't smart enough to succeed at a junior college let alone do something the target is good at.

    I've had a perp say this in a directed conversation to another coworker. And this perp was behind the counter at a Subway restaurant, and she had this attitude like I did something to her to ruin her life or something, and she refused to serve me. So she was sandbagging, and being all snotty about serving me. She knows the cops would be on her side if she were to complain about me. She knows I'm a target, and that the cops and faceless mob are against me, so she thinks she can be all snotty. I think some of these perps are jealous because they know we are talented TI's with actual abilities, hence the directed conversation about what I can do as a skill not being all that impressive. Then why am I a target at all? Why isn't she studying math in school? Why can't she play Twinkle Twinkle on the piano, while I can play a sonata (kinda rough yet I can do it)? And yet she needs to downplay my talent?

    I think she's just another jealous asshole perp who knows the truth yet falls back on the denial beliefs 1-8 that I've listed here. When in doubt, they always have their perp rationales handy that I've listed. There are many more, but these are just a few I've listed. Another one that's big is the target committed a horrible crime, and never paid the price. That's another. So the faceless mob has to step in! Let that be #9. It's like when a murderer goes after someone, sometimes they will use a similar excuse in order to soften their crimes against the victim. So the 10 commandments of perp denial and excuses have to be used.

  7. Are they still hounding you with ideations to write your book? I've gotten messages from perps telling me to "write my book" three or four years ago. They've since subsided. Obviously, they must want us to reveal things in our books that would be beneficial to them. And I can see their point, that nobody will believe our stories anyways. They've reached critical mass with their gangstalking and mass mind control to the point where nobody realistically would care or believe it. They're having too much fun creeping around harassing targets and getting their "fix".

    When I was at the mall here in this area yesterday, I've noticed that nearly every person there was there for as long as I was there (nearly two hours). And I was told that they were paid to be there.

    So if we publish a book detailing our harassment, they would simply start dishing out more $$$$$$$ and start sending out more paid-off a$$holes to go out and swarm us. And almost everyone there knew something about my harassment campaign. Again, it all comes down to basic sheeplism, and it's interesting that our lives as TI's are so much more important and exciting than theirs that they have to make our lives the center of their daily routines and their lives instead of minding their own. Are their lives really that boring and empty? No, perps, you mind your own business, get lives, and take care of your own families. I can't tell you how many perps will bring their families and have their kids say scripted stuff to me. Child abuse is what it is.

    I guess child abuse is only important to them when it's connected to a coach of a sports team they hate. Other than that, they don't care if they are child abusers/molesters and protecting them. Seriously, I now know how prisoners feel when they beat the shit out of child abusers in prison. I'm a prisoner, and I hate child molesters who stalk me and who send out people to harass me. I feel like beating them up. But they know we can't get to them.

    We need more Ed Snowdens. One isn't going to cut it. Except, if I ever reveal them, I am not gonna flee, but stand here and fight.