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Monday, August 18, 2014

Being Delayed In Maine, Heavy Brainwashing and Harassment Since Turned Back From Going To Nova Scotia

Being hit with something that's causing self hatred, an urge to self injure and racing adrenaline.

Chest pains like too much stress and heart being overworked. Anxiety

Still in Maine trying to get out.

Realize.I was brainwashed/mind controlled to come here and I recall I've been being urged or driven to go to Nova Scotia every summer for last few years and since I couldn't escape to California due to Fukashima so I stayed too long in Northeast this year and finally went for it.

Like I said the system.seems to be going for total destruction of at least me as a dissident now maybe others as well. The authoritoes certainly are out to get rid of the homeless in most American cities that's for sure.

Perhaps they realize fully the amount of Targeted Individuals and dissidents in this population.

I can't believe after years of duckjnh this I finally fell for being conned into coming to northern Maine.

Its been nothing but abuse and heavy handed behavior modification especially around Saco (Saco Defense Inc) and in Machias where places are so isolated that no one cares if the gang stalkjng and mobbjnh are obvious and a lot of people are involved.

I got crushed in Scarborough then Saco then the worst in Kennebunk, Maine. The abuse from people going by in cars and trucks was extreme. So extreme that I went into a state of being passed out while holding my sign asking for a ride. The abuse was so severe it made me revert to passing out I was so traumatized so they must have been using tech at rhw same time.

While I was in this sleeping sort of unconscious state a modification of my programming took place. It was very ritualistic. They took something out or removed something, some part that I have been using heavily to hold my ground and fight them for years now.

So that's why the system has been trying to get me up here every summer for past few years.

MAINE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. ITS ALL HICKS AND MIKITARY CONTRACTORS AND MILITARY INSTALLATIONS IN UPPER MAINE/NOVA SCOTIA and a lot of radar stations up there, communications centers stuff I don't need to be around.

Cali was for all its harassmwnt a good influence and a break from all this military activity and oppression.

I now suspect that there were a lot of co.outer tech types maybe from Silicon valley that were either going up against the military complex agenda at least in preserving the Cali culture or actually using tech to counter it. It might be why they got hit twice with nuclear accidents: Fukushima, Japan and Carlsbad, NM last year.

Someone wants the freedom loving west coast,independent minded northwest and Native American strong south west with its vortexes and energy centers to be completely neutralized.

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haze42082 said...

Man thats hard as a reader to hear your story about flyin a sign for a ride. People are so ignorant, self centered, arrogant, and just out right cold. That pisses me off to hear that the everyday Joe six pack thinks its cool or funny to harass people whom are homeless. Im sorry u went through that. My wife and I are pretty close to being homeless from the workplace harassment. These gangstalkers infiltrate everyone in your life. Stay strong out there and remember there are people out there who care. Love ur blog here, one love, YAH bless!!!!!!!