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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Being Given Conflicting Information About My Mother's Family Mysterious 'Syndicate' Connections

Im confused again.

Recently some guy told me about my mother and uncle that the 'syndicate' my mother mentioned was a powerful mafia family called the Angiulos. I looked that up and read about it. They were officially taken down in the 80s and many key people are now deceased.

The person who told me this knew things about my family he wouldn't have otherwise known.

Some nosey older men in a coffee place in York ME, at first simply being curious about my traveling but progressively becoming like interrogation. They also had that habit of sitting around the place, sparring and making wise cracks, teasing their friends who came in. More like old school Boston, Massachusetts than Maine.
This daily bonding ritual in Boston is used to keep the scene cohesive. To exchange information and most likely to release tension. It's also a familial sort of behavior. In Boston, they say 'If I don't like you I wouldn't tease you.'
It's a bit of a mental exercise in wit, quickness and how willing or sociable you are to being ribbed, with respectful limits of course. You don't want to start a fight in Boston, that's always the concern.

These guys were being smart asses though. They would ask me where in Boston I was from then suggest an answer like Dorchester, an area known for tough poor whites living in close proximity to blacks.
(Which is ridiculous becuz nobody beat down by an upbringing in Dot would have the ability to become a nationwide could happen but its unlikely. Boston is basically a prison after youth fades. Nowadays all those whites are nodding out on the trains and have all the ghetto problems that blacks do, thanks to Diversity and black ghetto prison culture now defining poverty and what's 'urban').

So this isnt the exchange I'm used to. I either get ignored nowadays becuz I'm permanently 'out' of Boston's social scene as the worst outcast ever or more sympathetic males tend to perform the flirting/teasing version, common with women and girls.

It got to where my mother worked in Boston and I told them the name of the long gone pub in Allston. I decided to test knowledge and mentioned that the Angiulos had owned this bar secretly, through a man with the pub's namesake as owner and an Armenian Jew as manager.

The grey haired blue eyed man with the little gold chain around his neck said with confidence that the Angiulos never owned any bars.
How did he know?
He used to be in the north end (Boston's Italian neighborhood)... "We used to hang out".

Just becuz you hung out or even maybe worked for them doesn't mean you knew all their business dealings does it. York ME is an expensive beach town to retire in though.
I should've asked him what HE did for a living. But then, I observe the old unspoken rule that's not a question one asks.

He said he was dead anyway. As if that has any bearing on the answers I'm seeking.

I weaved the question into conversation again. As he repeated that they never owned any bars, was this pathetic theatrical response so typical of the caged coddled humans of Boston and to a lesser extent NYC.
His eyes started to dart back and forth and he even slightly leaned forward and peaked around the drink cooler beside him slightly for effect.
As if anyone in a small coffee house in York, ME gives a sh*t. Especially about a dead man's affairs.

This was all a game as far as I am concerned. They know who I am or they at least know I am on the outs with the system-both shadow and official.

These people are all cowards. Even the younger middle aged guy, who's leathery skin tells me he disappears to Florida every year, when speaking of the state of America, said its not Obama its our endless greed. I mentioned I was trying to leave the USA.

One thing about these types opposed to people with badges, the military and other professional criminals is that these guys would always at some point have a small respect for the truth expressed in a moment such as this, perhaps for personal redemption or as can be afforded by people who don't have to tow an official line for the establishment.

I also now believe in my old age that there is an entire reality out there that men share that's never experienced by many women and all children.
They still keep the way things are run amongst themselves, still hide the true horrors males are capable of from women.

Its frightening to glimpse into their worlds or see in a moment just how truly insane, brutal and violent they are. How their hierarchies demand subservience and oppression to power while females are mostly helpful to each other upon meeting and even if not, if its an emergency even bitches can turn sympathetic to other females and assist.

In the 21st century militarized society males scare the shit out of me more frequently than ever or perhaps when estrogen starts to wane, the reality of males becomes apparent.

I often don't register being female a lot of the time anyways. I'm either 12 which isn't really any gender or I'm a 7ft tall male knight or soldier who has to deal with the constraints and advantages of a female body.

I'm one of those women that sees glimpses into the truth about men but unlike other women who support and stand by their ways I simply can't agree with a lot of what I see, in the United States anyway.

I don't understand the knuckle dragging man's girlfriends and wives.
How can they actually like male pro sports and wear those stupid team shirts? THERES NO FEMALE TEAMS! And the female pro sports that do exist require short skirts, shorts and make up or they are trying to out law the way we grunt in extreme physical activity-like during sex, childbirth or tennis.
They are so threatened by us, our bodies and the fact they depend us to procreate that they have this little forever private world unto themselves that now with endless wars and social violence malecentrism is completely out of control.

I wouldn't be surprised if the were secretly working wirh the Middle Eastern men (and black ghetto gang culture), agreeing on endless wars. 'Hey we can make lots of money and keep the bitches down, they way you do over there' except without the Female Genital Mutilation so popular in Muslim culture. America depends on Male Genital Mutilation for a miserable, oppressive society.

Quality of life is more than monetary or worldly power. Men are the ones who are so oppressed nowadays by the military culture that along with corporate culture, has made the USA absolutely miserable to exist in.

From what I've seen and experienced, the 'mafia' and organized crime in general hasnt been wiped out. Its gone legit through investments or still exists quietly without the revealing tell tale glitz and has a vested interest in the New World Order, the military industrial complex-all its related complexes and being with the elite in attempting the total enslavement of humanity.

Those posers were probably lying or simply know all of the true history of the mafia's investments. The leather faced guy as old blue eyes was doing his theatrics, said "They don't want to reveal themselves".

What? These people are dead/old and the bar is gone. Its a bank now. Arent they the most dangerous criminals nowadays, breaking the United States unapologetically?


Anonymous said...

These people they put out there for us to see and interact with. They all seem to truly think they are the badasses they are pretending to be. And a lot of the sheep I've encountered really think TI's are scum and that they, in contrast, as some sort of reality. But they all are so pampered. I don't see them out there making the tough hard journey's that TI's take. Just a bunch of pampered little bitches and fakes and people who think they're on the set of a western. I guess the guys think they are John Wayne.

But I've noticed that police in on the harassment tend to adhere to cover stories a lot more closely. If they have a job to do handling me, they always have this reason which I can tell is a cover story. But civilian perps won't divulge anything of a cover story. The police have to have an excuse to watch us, like "oh we've gotten complaints about you" when there wouldn't be anyone out there.

Anonymous said...

The mafia now exists in the form of unions and police forces, both state and local. How often do the police slow down and watch me? In some cases, asshole perps patrolling the streets get overlooked, despite disturbing the peace. But they always get overlooked who are doing the work of the evil system. The target is the criminal, not the assholes who don't know how to act like a civilized human in public.

haze42082 said...

Cool blog I really enjoy hearing ur experiences as a traveler. I dont have the courage to do what u do, I wish I did. I'm happy to see u correct urself when u said the people in the coffee shop must have known who u were, and then u said or atleast known ur a non conformist. Thats all it take is for people to recognize that ur different and u will receive persecution. Tell these people you dont like USA or tell them u dont work and they go nuts. The job is more important than the family unit these days and the country is even more important. The brainwashing is so severe. Either way people can tell ur different just by lookin at u. Ur a light that shines in the darkness.I dont know if u get my comments or not but anyway YAH bless!!!!!!!