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Friday, August 15, 2014

Being Heavily Harassed In Scarborough Maine Trying To Get Ride South

Getting heavily Scarborough Maine on rt 1 South trying to get ride back down south.

Funny how easy it was to get rides up here but IRA like they wantnto keep me here now.

Like I'm not leave.

Just like I got harassed out of Machias ME so I couldn't go further and see Canada.

They are also attempting i think to beat me down again becuz when I arrived this old trucker had been someone I'd come to depend on having him on the phone constantly and he had been attempting to become my handler.

Once again this is someone who has been in trouble with the law for accused paedophilia. Supposedly the police didn't have enough to keep them on and he claims that he was innocent all along anyway.

I simply don't trust that because the way that this system seems to want to keep me around pedophiles and sex pervert as handlers as a way to eventually force me back into adult entertainment, it's been a near constant process as long as I can remember in my adulthood and even my childhood.

I was with this older German guy who's a Canadian citizen who I met when he gave me a ride south out of Machias ME.
It's like he wanted to try to keep me with him and go up to Canada and the system was trying to keep me in the car with him.

He started out as just nice and friendly and eventually was thinking that there might be something more. And also like every other person who tries to get close to me he made allusions to his stepdaughter blaming him for her life being messed up possibly from child molestation.

Every single person that they send to get close to me its either somebody who's been in trouble for a sex offense or somebody who needs money that's in trouble with the law usually the former not the latter.

And what's so disgusting about all of this is that they're using my former lifestyle against me to make me look like I'm the one who's immoral fact they're the ones trying to push me back into immorality.
And I absolutely cannot believe how many cops are involved in this system nationwide city to city down to town.

I know that if I leave the country I'm going to have to deal with the same kind of bullshit anywhere I go I just don't want to deal with it in the United States anymore.

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