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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Most Dangerous Drugs In The World Can Wipe Memories, Block Free WILL


Anonymous said...

No wonder they try to get TIs on drugs. If you get a smartass know-it-all physician's assistant that is involved with the system, they will try to con you on medication you don't need. They not only want TIs destroyed, but their immediate families and sometimes extended families destroyed, too.

And they all stick up for each other. Cowards have to all stick up for each other and especially their master in order to exist, because they lack the substance to exist by themselves. Hence, they need to become one of them against the few targets that remain.

Anonymous said...

It says the link is no longer available. Looks like they've taken the article down soon after you posted the link to it.

Looks like the Rats are trying to cover themselves. :-)

Anonymous said...

If that attack on Rather really happened, which I don't doubt, because he was in fact a high profile journalist. And 1986 was the year that Challenger disintegrated. I'll never believe that the 1986 Challenger disaster was an accident. It smells very stinky. as though deliberate negligence allowed it to accidentally happen. Probably they wanted to scrap the space program and focus more on hard-core "national defense", which is bullshit. How many times has Russia aimed missiles as the US? Does it really justify the amount of money we've poured into national defense? It's all one big hoax. Who knows what really went on in 1986? We were in the middle of the Iran-Contra affair, that's what happened. This is the very beginnings of what would become the ghetto woman-raping baddass genre of music starring assholes like Kanye West and Little Bitch Wayne. Assholes the world can do without, and we wouldn't have to deal with their drama queen sissy fake gangsta asses if it weren't for bullshit like what went down in 1985-1987 which is another milestone in the NWO era.

Yeah, those people on Challenger were useless to the NWO. Who cares about the future of the children when the Elite are raping them and getting sheep and yuppies to protect their crimes?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rathers was tackling the Iran-Contra affair when he got attacked. Figures.

So was it just a random, unprovoked attack? A case of mistaken identity? Were the attackers some kind of secret agents delivering a message to Rather to back off a particular news story (at the time, he was researching the Iran Contra affair and was set to expose new information)?

Anonymous said...