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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Robin William's Interview On Jay Leno Revealing

"One more thing: in a recent interview with MoviesOnline, Williams said that “you can’t poke fun

religions,” noting that “we just made major fun of the Catholic Church but hey, they don’t blow you up.” So not only is Williams a liar, he’s also a coward. No wonder he's so well received in Tinseltown."

So perhaps instead of "blowing you up" said religion gets you to suicide by hanging yourself eventually? Maybe the very religion he was intimating would "blow you up" (Islam? Israel? Did he get sick of his status in Hollywood of 'honorary Jew'?) instead coerced him to suicide?

He's made too many movies with Spielberg for me to believe he wasnt sick with some sort of nasty habits.


Anonymous said...

Spielberg, too should be very suspect because of the nature of his movies. Close encounters, the Exorcist, deal with some kind of trauma-based programming, like he's making entertainment out of it. For example, remember the obsession with Devil's Mountain in Close Encounters? And of course, there is the ever-present UFO-human experimentation theme, where people are abducted in that film. And of course, the public doesn't really know UFOs are the government's (or more appropriately, the military's) method of creating diversions for the secret weapons they are developing. And victims of mind control have been abducted by humans; body snatchers (both dead and living) have been around since the earliest days of modern science. And what better way of covering for the body snatchers but to put forth an elaborate hoax that aliens are kidnapping humans and experimenting on them, instead of insane unethical human monsters working for the Dark Side.

This whole storyline of "Greys" is all govt.-sponsored disinfo. Notice the consistency in the description of these aliens. I believe the psych. warfare dept. somewhere has scripted these descriptions, and put them forth, and victims of human abductions are being brainwashed into accepting them. Hence, the consistency amount the accounts of what Greys look like.

In Exorcist, Spielberg is doing nothing more than portraying badly-damaged sex slaves as being "possessed". Like the eyes rolling into the back of the head while convulsing and saying "F--- me!". It's because they are programmed sex slaves with their destructive programming being activated. Of course, who knew about this system of slavery back in those days? And the general public are too stupid to comprehend these types of horrors, and they think they are watching true, made-up sci-fi.

Anonymous said...

Spielberg is probably the psy-ops delivery man for the assholes and their system of mind control. Selling out like this by doing the dirty work in cooperation with the psyops directors means bigger profits at the box office as well as big nameshare. It's like Spielberg equals titan, when he really didn't earn it the way the other titans like Beethoven or Michaelangelo did. For example, the mere mention of the name Beethoven conjures up classical music icon. But he didn't have to sell his soul to the psyops people in order to get his notoriety. Impressive that people like he and Mozart have managed to maintain this for over 200 years. 200 years from now, will be be able to say the same thing about Spielberg? Oh but he did sell out by doing psyops for the assholes in the mind control business. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Plus the Catholic Church has a lot of money and wealth, to render someone's wealthy like Williams' insignificant. Plus, the selfish assholes who run psych. warfare campaigns understand that a lot of people loved Williams and his work, as well as grew up watching shows like Mork and Mindy. It doesn't really seem all that long ago I was a child watching that show.
And by setting about the machinery where he would commit suicide would surely demoralize a lot of people. Remember the type of talent he had, his quick wit, compared to the "actors" the perps install now as part of their shows. It seems they are very expendable and cookie cutter, as though they are willing pawns and chess pieces.

Ew, I'm sure the pedos who are living inside of me with their toys and weapons are getting a hard on with me talking about being a child again. I know the world is run by pedophiles and cowards now. With someone Williams' age, they understand that a lot of people grew up watching his work over the years. Who's next, David Letterman? John Belushi? Oh wait, the pedophiles and cowards already offed him years ago.

The world is run by selfish greedy idiots who could care less about the morale of the people, as long as they get their sheep to do what they want and hide their activities.