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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tech And GS At Dangerous Levels Last Year Or So

Its Sunday I believe so its clear but every other day of the week the tech seems to be approachi g very dangerous levels, actually its been that way for a year or so now. B
Its absolutely horrible. I can see now the comparisons to a holocaust.

The internet also seems to be more interferred with like censored in some way and with my blog and youtibe being interferred with like back in the days of the post 9-11 Bush era.

Staying in the north east all year was a huge mistake.


Anonymous said...

Lots of sheep out making comments at the mall. Funny how they all think they're such royalty. Today's society is a large cult of little paens who seem to think we're dirty white trash. Probably they have handlers telling them these lies. And they're the ones who are immersed in dirty, filthy corruption.

And how many sonatas can the sheep play on piano again? Oh yea that's right. Thinking is too hard for them, let alone drawing art or playing music.

Anonymous said...

Proof that pedophile networks have always been involved in the entertainment industry. Wow, and a lot of the pedos we encounter also think 16 year olds are "too old". What a coincidence that is!

In Britain, her star faded almost as fast. During an early 1963 tour of the country, she was confronted with a damning headline in Melody Maker: "Is Helen Shapiro a 'Has-Been' at 16?" One of her tour mates, a young Liverpudlian named John Lennon, tried to cheer her up. "You don't want to be bothered with that rubbish," he said, insisting she'd have a long and prosperous career.