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Monday, August 18, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide: Learn From This, There Are Other Alternatives

Listen up.
If u r famous, rich or powerful you shouldn't kill yourself. You've got a wealth of knowledge that can be used for any number of causes or people anywhere in the world.

If u insist on 'dying' then why not choose a transformation as a sort of death as opposed to actual physical death.

You've got a lot of life experience. Why not move somewhere that you can pass this on to others like far away in some underprivileged area in the world.

Yer gonna give up on your current life anyways. Then why not give that up by reinventing yourself?

If you are famous don't worry the fickle asshole public will forget about you eventually. And go somewhere that the media and papanazzi won't keep reminding them by keeping your image plastered everywhere. Since you ditched the slave system, the images will probably be most unflattering....until they get the end result they originally wanted.

If your old 'friends' are trying to murder you, then outsmart them. Use what money you have to pay anyone off you have to. Escape with very little if necessary.
If you are blackmailed and the content is pretty damning, then you have to judge just how damning upon exposure to the public and if you can wade through order to get to that new life elsewhere.

If the family and ex or current spouse are greedy murderous leeching assholes then hand them whatever you have to, use diversions. Every prison can be broken out of.

How desperate are you? You might actually be being targeted into suicide and degenerating mentally or emotionally.
So fight that firstly and things like my blog and other info on the internet are here just for this purpose.

Unless you are faking your own death then hats off to you. Wish I had the means.

My mother used to see this manipulative ad on TV in the 70s for the suicide hotline. It was atypical 70s artfulness based on a pre-80s money obsession type style-an obsession with the jet set and genuinely wealthy people and 'classiness'.
A rose with a delicate gloved hand, some bs like that, talking about suicide.

She responded in the eras typical tough minded way, by calling the people who committed suicide "stupid shits".
Perhaps this was also a reflection of her parents being US Marines, toughness as a requirement.

I was only about 9 or so and asked her why she would be so mean as to refer to suffering people as such.
"Those stupid shits. Why commit suicide? It's what the world wants."
"Don't give them what they want".

After that I kind of saw the reality of suicide, and that our culture's way of candy-assing things...can actually be deadly enough to get people killed.
It was the world or forces in it vs. any one individual or spirit in a person.

Most likely my mother-the original experimentee connected to MK Ultra in my family (documented) had been experiencing gang stalking all her life.
Once or twice she spoke in a way that sounded like she actually believed the harassment was from " the syndicate" all along.
The only time she mentioned harassment from anything to do with MK Ultra or radiation experimentee status is when she dropped her claims against the US Govt during her involvement in the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation (1995) becuz she "was followed".

She is so controlled and compartmentalized that she genuinely may not have ever put it all together.
Her and my father didn't have the benefit of the internet and hacker culture like I do and younger people.

Its always hidden under a cover story like her and her brothers involvement with the Angiulo family. In my case they keep using that to make me out to be from a 'bad' family..or families due to my fathers family's having a guy named 'Johnny no-neck' who did secret service work or something for Kennedy. (Both of which I only learned about in some detail a few months ago from a complete stranger. My family and no one else in Boston could have clued me in on info like that?).
Plus whatever of my own personal life they want to use against me.
I'm bad I'm horrible by association, j must be up to no good-I deserve a horrible existence.

Its ALL BULLSHIT. The MK Ultra system makes sure these Mk kids and other programmed or mind controlled people are involved in the underworld to begin with.

Its when you try to leave and have a normal life that they come after you, NOT becuz you were unsavory or immoral to begin with.

They will do anything to hide mind control from the public and all the abuse involved.

Its true that there are too many humans on the planet and I think medicine and science keeps weak humans alive that nature would have cleared away, as babies, in old age and in between.

But maybe you do have value in the world, you simply have to transfer it to something else, some other form now.

This system can really convince a person to kill themselves. The physical, mental and emotional pain they can cause becomes unbearable.
And they can convince people to dislike or hate you in ways that are very subconscious.
For years I dislikes my own mother and even used to look at her resting in an easy chair and think she'd be better off dead-resting permanently.

All people see is an aggressive, frantically fighting person. They don't know all the secret battles that have gone on or know about the covert activities around them, bases on them that focus on them.

Becuz who would believe us?

Just think of others before you die this way, people you havent met that might need your expertise or experience.

Also we don't know about the details in Williams case. I've read he supposedly had an illness coming on that was degenerative and didn't want to live through it.

That horrid fake picture put on the internet by internet trolls was perhaps psych warfare to prevent the public from sympathizing too greatly....and thus asking too many questions. Sort of a threat. Like 'hey, we are the hidden hand that can ruin your funeral...we control life and death nowadays. We control information and how it's viewed. WE CONTROL PUBLIC PERCEPTION.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the meds he was taking played a role.

That's what happens when you rely on man-made drugs to cure everything. They can affect the brain in ways that aren't good. They can cause imbalances in the brain that impair judgement.

No wonder the perps want TI's to take them: so they can take them out for good and they don't have to worry about them anymore.

mej313 said...

I have the feeling that Williams was a target and was in fact "suicided", drugged and under mind control with the usual mental illness diagnosis. I think a lot of celebrities are being targeted if they aren't completely cooperative with the mind control agenda, which Williams may have been too "liberal" to agree with. Seems that his suicide was unnatural and his supposed "depression" may have been induced. If you do actually get this message, Rachael, I wonder how many of my previous messages you have gotten in the past, because I thought that your blog was being hacked into and false articles posted, and I really don't know. Your "voice" is more "normal" to your personality because I stopped going to your site for a long time. I still haven't found what I consider to be a credible gs site, and my internet is so heavily hacked into and other sites rearranged, I can't trust any site. Glad to see you are still doing relatively well.