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Friday, August 8, 2014

Circumcision: A Main Reason For American Males To Be Violent And Have Trouble Processing Emotions. USA! USA! USA!

The procedure was not historically as violent as it is today.

Its the perfect way to create a militarized slave society specifically one that villifies women becuz we are not denied the full potential of our bodies' pleasure.

Each society seems to find methods to keep people down and wound males ams then them afainst their women and wound them for life.

Now u can realize exactly who the testosterone filled morons are who chant this mantra everywhere from sporting events to a mobbing group.

As usual Jewish religion comes up with the most vile, brutalizing rituals possie. Wtf?

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Anonymous said...

I can see the point. Since I was circumcised since birth, it's hard for me to compare a "before" and "after" circumcision. I will never know how much it effects arousal. I've also always assumed there was a medical and cosmetic reason for this. Our society has simply always done this, so there was no "reason" to change the practice.

I've always thought that there was enough skin left on the penis to cause arousal, and it could be the same effect like in deaf people, how the brain and nerve endings rewire themselves to "hear" through the "other" means. I've always wondered if deaf people could actually hear via their hands and tactile sensations. I've read that studies show that the brain rewires itself in deaf people so that the region responsible for touch and feel (the tactile sensation region) can cross over to the area responsible for auditory sensations. Hence, the effect is they can "hear" via vibrations felt on their skin.

Probably it would work similarly with the foreskin cut off. The other areas could compensate, but the effect is still greatly muted, much like a deaf person can hear with their hands moreso than a normal person, but they can never hear like a normal person would.