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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reader Comment Sums Up The Dangers Of 'Useful Idiots' In The United States

"I don't think the sheep really care if they were protecting vicious pedos, as long as they "get revenge" on the TI. A lot of what goes on in gangstalking is purely revenge-based, in my opinion. The "master reason" may be for a higher oppressive dictatorship operating covertly to beat down a threat, but at lower levels, revenge seems to be the prime motive. We must get revenge on the TI for being bigger, stronger, prettier, smarter, more talented. And now they are jealous because a few TI's have youthful good looks, and it bothers the perps and the sheep and all the sleazy trash in on this. Little creeps is all they are. I won't let them bother you. They have a Napolean complex, which is why they need to screech "we won" and "it's over" all the fucking time. Little bitches is all they are. Little bitches who wish they were as strong as us, as healthy, as pretty, as talented. And all they can do is shove their jealous attitudes down TI's throats and assault them physically and on Locals Explain Possible Causes For Rockland Over The Top Harassment Publish | Delete | Spam"

I will never forget this fat old German b*tch from that Christian sober house in San Antonio-the one run by the guy who's family has a long standing in the community as Christians helping people but the women living there said he was a pervert who got his female tenants into sexual relationships.

I forget what I said but her reply was "I don't think anyone hates you THAT much"... I probably leaked some info about some part of the campaign or more likely made allusions to it's severity.

Americans just don't get it generally.
That's why im leaving the country. They have now and for as long as I've been dealing with this system-NO IDEA what kind of a country they are living in. What the system they are living under consists of.

How horrible it is. War crimes. Torture. Constant spying. Spying and mind control technologies. People Michael Aquino, the Satanic factions involved, the Satanic Jews and Zionists and what they are capable of.

They simply CAN NOT fathom the extent of evil and brutal violence and abuse I have seen in the works over these years if not in my lifetime.

They are so incredibly naive and therefore extremely dangerous.

They unconsciously take part in extreme violence but only perceive their small part. They don't understand the full gamut of what the Target has been through so they perceive the small offenses they know about or commit as negligible.

When someone has been ritually abused by gang stalking and torture after being am RA survivor from childhood to begin with as well as further experimented on with MILABs (military abductions connected to covertly continued MK Ultra projects) , poisoned, dosed, gassed and hit with microwave weapons-a person putting peanut butter on the TIs mattress when the TI has acquired a life threatening nut allergy, who is supposed to be a female living in a female safe space, in a Christian environment-that small action simply adds to the years of brutal, mind tearing torture.

In the TIs estimation you are threatening their life and once again no place is safe. People can't be trusted anywhere.

This is what helps create lone shooters. The public helps create these violent dangerous people and they refuse to acknowledge their part in it and take responsibility.

This is typical in the USA and it makes me sick.

Yes, YOU STUPID, DUMB FAKE CHRISTIAN C*NT, people do hate someone THAT much. It's called ritual abuse and unethical human experimentation.

The military don't hate at all. They are ultimately ruthless and get results at any cost. Hate, Satanic ritual abuse or whatever else ARE ALL just useful to them in getting a desired result.

These morons have no idea who they are dealing with. Only cops, families of cops or anyone familiar with the military even has an insight into what I am dealing with from the get go.

Civilians are so pathetically unaware of the nature of this culture and its people.

Its ,ridiculous how many Christian are involved in Gang Stalking TIs who are Survivors of these horrible classified black projects.

All you have to do a lot of times is mention something to any of the stupid people involved in gang stalking or who think they at least know what the campaign is about then they immediately seem lost and confused. Its obvious many of these clowns actually have no idea the extent of what a been going on for years now and the severity of it.

Americans seem dangerous becuz they seem to believe they are entitled to abuse someone based on whatever rationalizes that behavior from them, without they having the sense to question the situation in its entirety. Automatically they assume its only severe as what they are being told. They are innocent and naive and very stupid about just how viscous and evil the USA can be.

Many of them probably think I'm over reacting by trying to leave the USA. Even if this blog is up and they've read it they still don't seem to have grasped the weight of what they and the USA has done.
Boston was especially true of this. Most people there had read my blog. Especially the blacks involved, in the homeless culture either as staff or homeless people.

Many black people in on this will purposely reveal what's really going on as a power trip which of course I find ways of immediately punishing them for as deserved.
They are so evil by nature for the most part its not hard to get a good percentage in on GS. There are worthy and decent ones but they are either destroyed, modified or overpowered by the evil majority in the USA now.
At least they have some sort of understanding of the true extent of violence and abuse involved from slavery and oppression.

Look at that German idiot in San Antonio. No clue as to what is really going on. Most whites, unless they are the real sickies the system picks up from prison or pedo/rape types-most have no idea how outrageous these activities are.

Which makes them dangerous becuz they will keep abusing the TI thinking the person deserves it based on jealousy.

I think Europe due to WW2 and a long history of wars, oppression and insane power mongering people as well as the Inquisition have a better understanding of how real abuse of power can be.

America is full of dangerous and psychotic children who continue to be of use to the out of control powers that be here.


  1. And like you, the system has always done things like use images of the intimates who betrayed us. And they glorify the people who have betrayed us, and the people associated with them who've helped them. A good example is that piece on Joe Perry who paints him as a nice guy and humanitarian. I think the system does stuff like that deliberately, knowing that if you ever saw it, it would cause psychological grief. They know that you know what kind of people they are, so of course, they make sure writers who work for them glorify them in some way or paint them to be the type of people you know they aren't just to get you all mad.

    And using constant reminders of ex's who've betrayed us, they do that all the time. They will do things like have people who look like the betrayer portrayed in a positive light or they try to make them look like angels or gods or goddesses and they keep doing this over and over again to make sure we see it and it triggers memories of them betraying us, handling us, destroying us. This is done to damage us further.

  2. The people in on this thing don't care one whit about what kind of personal failings they have, as long as they quash the target in any way possible. The people running this are doing so at the behest of large monopolies such as Intel, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and since they are under contract to keep threats to their empires at bay, it follows that all the conventional rules are being thrown out the window. Technically, monopolies are illegal, and the first giant monopoly was Standard Oil with the Rockerfellers at the helm. I think that's sufficient evidence that in order to keep their precious company out in front, they must squash all competition. And of course, he must repress all info about the harm this is doing to the environment. I'm sure scientists knew at the turn of the 1900's the threat of oil and gas pollution, and J. Rockerfeller probably want balls out to keep lawsuits from happening.

    Same with targets. They are doing everything they can to squash us. There is so much negative human emotions that factor into this, which is all the more to make it a hate crime, not just a war crime. It's both a hate and a war crime, because of the insane amount of chauvinism and jealousy that goes on. We are playing the same role the "niggers" did a long time ago; we are the slaves that are hated and repressed and beaten and whipped.

  3. Chauvinism is one of the biggest principles gangstalking runs on. I've seen this shoved in my face and it's been constant since 2006. It's like the powers that be are degrading society, and society now runs on greed, hate, chauvinism, jealousy, and ignorance. It's purely that and only that. And sheep are so stupid they immediately suck it up like a sponge, and now use it as their "moral compass". We must laugh at targets, we must believe the same outrageous lies.

  4. And they are always saturating the media with worthless Yuppie dream queens that appeal to those sheep who think our current society is so wonderful.. We have wonderful diversions like Kim Kardashian. And what is so special about that bitch, I don't know. I suspect she is targeted, but I think her purpose is to serve as a diversion. Have Yuppie hound dogs salivating over her and others they think are so great, like J-Lo, Paula Abdul, and Madonna. Really, those 4 don't represent feminism well at all. Madonna sort of does, but a lot of what she does seems to be for the sake of causing a stir (chaos) rather than for pushing for what a true female artist can accomplish. But Yuppies love her and Mariah Carey and others.

    And now they are pushing Caitlyn Rice as someone I should be bowing at the feet of because of her muscular physique.


    HAHA, and seriously, the perps want me to feel bad because I am not as "awesome" as her. They put certain females out there as handlers for me to cower and bow too. She certainly doesn't look very special. Looks like a Yuppie dream queen, as I like to call them. White trash who happen to be muscular like so many other filthy types they love to show down our throats. I guess the system needs Yuppie diversions so the clueless public won't notice the stronger than ever mind control slavery that protects pedo rings that the Elite make use of. And of course, they protect the illicit drug trade. All the corrupt law enforcement elements are inside the "ring" as I like to call it, and I believe judges and lawyers are part of their special club too. No wonder there is so much chauvinism and hatred against targets: the sheep worship the types of trash who perpetrate violence against women, and so of course, they inherit their moral value systems, which not very strong. So that's why there are so many immature psychotic assholes who are sheep who hate targets. It's time to clean up this cesspit and help bring down the Elite and their cult members who support pedos and child sex slavery

  5. read this article. ( Controversy over shocking people with autism) ,and this done in boston. highly likely that wireless advanced forms of this was done on targets for so called studies or experiments. notice in the article how fda will only ban this particular treatment center. i knew there was more to this autism aspergers b.s.