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Monday, August 11, 2014

Net Neutrality Gone-New Rules

I hope that geeks simply create an alternative system if the internet as we know it gets completely bought and sold.

That's been a hallmark of the NWO-trying to destroy anything GENUINELY alternative. Treating scenes, people and projects as if they are terrorism. They want the public to perceive anything OE anyone that doesn't go along with the being bought and sold system as terrorist(s).

You can't crush the human spirit or mans innovation and creativity but that's exactly what they are trying to do.

We own everything, we own you and this time-dont try to resist rebel revolt or think your way around the system/problem.

Just another sign of the NWO and total enslavement of humanity..
The public are under mass mind control and can't think, see what's going on and accurately understand its a threat..nor act to counter these moves and defend themselves.

1 comment:

haze42082 said...

so true! Resist church and state. The system kills the truth. They killed the truth out of media, television, school, and even church. Resist church and state. YAH bless!!!!!!!