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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Changing Location To Area With No Electromagnetic Pollution Ceases Mental and Emotional Disturbances/POSSIBLE NANOTECH THAT BEHAVES LIKE 'NAGWARE' BEING USED ON TARGETS (Behavior Modification)

Spent the night in a cabin near a lake far from any town and in the woods.

I'm surprised at the lack of electromagnetic pollution in areas like this. I felt like it was 2001 or 2 again before all this happened.

I also realized that the electromagnetic fields interfere with healing. My lower back which had been effected by a medical procedure over exactly a year ago and hurt every day since has had some healing just overnight.

It's shocking how much the campaign as well as the radiation in the environment has contributed to my body aging and becoming worn down.

Heavily managed environments seem to promote ill health but at the same time create some sort of effect where people are anesthetized and even pumped with a false sense of high energy, that actually helps burn you out quicker.

This campaign to discredit me- I simply couldn't win against it.
Whatever I did in the past two years or so, I feel people have stopped listening. I've lost respect and peoples support and respect.

Its not my fault that this system has increased its attack mode and method to trying to completely obliterate me and finish me off.

My memories are inaccessible or blocked my sense of self and esteem is rendered non existent, I am made racist and angry every day.

I don't seem to care to post to my blog anymore and making videos doesn't even cross my mind.

The problem is the system seems to have this incredible ability now to jam my mental processes like never before and also to keep me in a state of induced insanity by way of constant minute to minute interface that's driving me to insanity and creating the illusion to outsiders that I am mentally ill.

Whatever ability for logic I had is gone. It has to do with all the health issues and medical procedures I had packed into the last two years.
They really messsd me up badly.

I still can't stop having visions and ideations about returning to Portland, OR where I was miserable. Why would I go back there? Besides its totally radiated from Fukashima. Other effects there were that I felt like degenerating into a white trash fatass which is all that's on the outskirts of ghd city there. Downtown will make your sanity begin to unravel due to the homeless scene there and u feel yourself slipping into giving up by way of not caring anymore.

It rains too much and its moldy too things bad for my health. Besides rain is my least favorite weather. I hate it.
Let's not forget Fukushima radiation. Portland is one of the worst radiation hot spots in the USA. You can't even drink the milk. If u do u become emotionally flat and zombie-like, you can tell its totally unhealthy and effecting you.

Whatever they did don't want to relinquish control.
The constant nagging to return to Portland OR is akin to 'nag ware' on a computer. Pop up reminders that prompt the user to accept some offer or take an action they don't necessarily want to and it often appears on screen so user can't use the computer anymore, it blocks everything else going on.

The public doesn't seem to understand the evil agenda of the elite who now include the ranks of technology professionals.

Its amazing to me that the public trust technology in the hands of people who have historically at every turn tried to make common people into slaves.

This is what they do. This is their mind set. The elite with this sort of agenda aren't going to become wonderful and just human beings simply becuz we live in an era of constant surveillance in private and public areas, political correctness and authorities seeming to clean up crime while really they just help clean house of useful idiots and streamline their operations so the public doesn't see or know what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right on with that. Like you said in an earlier blog post, the king is in his castle, and he only gives to his servants. His slaves, he gives scraps to. For all of of this supposed grandeur, there is a very cowardly component to the entire system. Just because they can afford to hide and abuse people from a hidden position, I don't see the need to worship them. It's horseshit. Yeah, I can see the Elite and their rule over the masses with this, but to me, I'm unimpressed, and so are a lot of targets. It just looks like people with sick minds that pound dissidents, and lots and lots of stupid assholes. They've created a society where commoners can be snobby and have inflated egos, and there are so many ill-behaving loudmouths.

It seems the formula the system uses is this:

1.) Hide and deny what you're doing
2.) A weighted combination of sick minds and cowards who need entertainment
3.) Bullying of people who can see what's going on, and who need modifying to avoid detection
4.) Think the entire world is theirs, and think it's ok to ruin lives and see people as mere numbers of replaceable chess pieces to be manipulated for their advantage.

Sick cowards is all they are. That's why I am not impressed. Why would I be impressed by sheer numbers of loudmouths and idiots running around harassing people? LOL at the "Elite".

But still, the king in the castle is very spot-on. Someone, maybe powerful families as per the Illuminati conspiracy theorists, want to rule the world, and want certain people out of the picture. It's like the pedo in his bedroom jacking off to kiddy porn, and along comes some annoying talented jerkoff with moral values and intelligence comes along and sees what he's doing and is a threat to turning him in to authorities. That's what the Elite Kings here are: pedos jacking off in their bedrooms. That's why there are so many idiots and assholes and jackoffs in on this: because the "Elite" are the same type of moral fabric as they. They want everyone that interferes with their masturbation party out of the picture. And that's why so much effort goes into portraying the target as this type of person: because "they" are protecting the same types of people.

And the more you know, the more they harass you. Simple. I know there is gonna be some retaliation for commenting this, but too bad and I don't care. Because the truth doesn't change. I refuse to bow at the feet of people simply because they are male, females, negro house slaves, or whatever. Because we are targets and we know the truth about what they're doing and the truth is not gonna change simply because multitudes of cult-minded idiots believe lies about targets.

haze42082 said...

I wanted to say ur def. right that the technology is there and it is being used. I wonder why they dont do it to me? Im sorry if I made comments that seemed to doubt u. I just never had any tech used on me from the people I got spyin on and harassing me. I know it happens and I read ur blogs and wish I had the courage u did to resist the system. Let Jesus lead ur way and u will become unstoppable. Anyway YAH bless to u and stay strong. p.s... dont even post this comment please. I would have emailed you but I dont know how

Anonymous said...

So that's what happens when you do George Bush jokes at some point. The troops don't like them (they've been brainwashed and experimented upon without knowing it). And, you wind up dead somehow.