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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

You Might Be Moving Here Soon!These states have banned vaccine passport mandates or do not require them

Blackstone Virtue Signals Gun Control/Hilton and Other Hotels Owned By Multinationals

 I just realized that Blackstone owns Hilton brands hotels. Well I won't be going back there again unless it's absolutely necessary. 

It's hard to not partake in any business that's run by these transnationals and multinationals I'm sure they're not all bad but a lot of them have their hands in complex contractors and a lot of them have their hands in secret arms dealing drugs whatever you want Jeffrey Epstein that kind of thing etc it's just gotten out of control. And there's a certain companies where some are just worse than others let's say that. I would say that the use of surveillance the coming 5G domination by billionaires like Elon musk is absolutely fucking ridiculous by the way. And that's what the woke revolution is about since when do people like this give a shit about anybody's lives mattering? What they're doing is if you placate he only people that are new enough to our civilization to have an innocent eye enough to point out that conditions are bad such as say African Americans and actually fight and get results for civil rights if you want to call it that that's just a small part of a bigger wave of change that should have occurred rooted in that movement if you placate that population you're never going to have anybody writing songs like whitey on the moon again when they should be writing songs like billionaires in space. So the woke movements one of its purposes is to placate one of the only people that actually says something about bad conditions and knows how to get results using music their religious annotation connection to their Church Life their tribalism etc and what we used to call Seoul which I see less and less of in the woke community in the colleges and in the cities and all the social climbers in the upwardly mobile people I see real black folk still stuck there real people but if that population goes the way that the corporations want them to go they'll be less and less voices heard. You have to remember European people's and other people's on this planet are used to being overlorded in these systems such as the feudal system and conquered with constant War constant famine in the European population was basically broke by the church we're talking about 1,400 years of dominance over an entire continent of different kinds of people's that slavery. In fact people of European descent can be the most enslaved people mentally as a people ethnically a lot of the culture you see in Europe is a result of the church which is why America was created to get back to the rights of the free man of the people before the church is influenced. So we're getting back to that again white people will not complain about being institutionalized or put into a system like this because it's what they're used to from Europe

I love when companies like this make a pious move like this to make it look like they have causes they care about which really resembles the corporateography run woke movement and the fake environmental movement going on now. So they can make sure that they can control what gets changed so it doesn't interfere with their profit and their bottom line instead of real environmentalism which should have been done 30 plus years ago. And of course forces like that can't wait to try to take your guns away. It's these large multinationals you need to be careful of right now especially with the growing use of military-grade psyops technology and surveillance the public seems unaware that these multinationals and transnationals are the new danger not the government the government of the United States at least anyone with a constitution is the only thing really protecting us from these multinationals that don't have accountability to us don't have transparency and are not accountable to us. Also politicians have decided that they qualify as actual people so in court it might be a bloodbath for the public to even defend themselves it's got to be a huge problem and we warned people about this in the 90s my entire generation and no one wants to listen and because it's so sophisticated they don't even understand how it works now the public. The public are not paying attention to how big these companies are getting and how they own everything and largely their responsible for all of the mess you're seeing I don't even think there's any power in many of these governments anymore because the people who have the surveillance and the security and the technology are going to be the ones that run things really what you're dealing with is these big multinationals building new feudal systems where they are the Lord and the castle on the house on the hill and you are going to be the peasantry on the subjects outside we're going through this all over again. We dealt with this 1,000 plus years ago and you're going to have to fight is hard as your ancestors did then for your freedom. People have to realize there's a good reason the Constitution was created it's to stop this from happening all over again and it's happening again.

With an edge in technologies and surveillance and manpower and covert warfare in theory it's very common you really looking at a recreation of ancient European enslavement in a feudal system by overlords most of Europeans have long forgotten their freedoms from 2000 years ago. So if you play Kate the population that does remember its freedoms and has a way of pointing out bad conditions and regaining freedom and we're lost as far as nobody saying anything anymore. In other words for some reason disenfranchised people and people of color their voices seem to only matter when it comes to pointing out bad conditions it seems that when other kind of people try to point out bad conditions nobody's listening there's a reason that the homeless are being left behind as well because if anybody can point out flaws in the system it's the people that are put into the human dumping grounds for a society that isn't perfect. And those are the stories that they really don't want you to hear.

So we have to keep fighting and you have to keep on sticking to the idea that you're not going to be forgotten about as well as we just need to reintroduce the public to this idea without the Alex Jones's without the crazy books from the guy over in England that wrote the biggest secret claiming that the Queen of England is secretly a lizard monster without the aliens without the disinformation without the new AG CIA created new age movement without all of the smoke and mirrors. We have this opportunity now if we don't take it we will be left behind and we will be forgotten about and crushed and taken out of history is if we did not exist we've got to remind the public that targeted individuals exist and if anything the way society is getting set up it's easier than ever. It doesn't surprise me that these big multinationals are going to cowtown to public opinion to try to take guns away which benefits their power and influence as well as they can get rid of help to get rid of anybody who's a dissident against worldwide domination by these 1984ish means by Knowing damn well that TI is exist and you can use surveillance and military-grade psyops on them or huge groups of people like the masses. The point is to use domestic terrorism to scare the public into not remembering all of the information that came out in the '80s early 90s and even some of the stuff that people like Alex Jones and stuff had said that actually are accurate that these technologies are going to be used to suppress dissident people and to oppress the public and to make it so that you are the perfect consumer citizen in the globalist New world order. If they get enough people to freak out and be lone shooters if they have enough ways of destroying your reputation of making you uncomfortable making you stop your activism silencing you intimidating you then they can control the outcome and they can stop the public from remembering every video every documentary every book everything that was ever written that clearly shows that this is totally feasible. They going to make it so the public don't care because they just want to live their lives and be comfortable kind of like the Stasi in East Germany you want to live normally? You be part of the system that leaves out certain people so that they don't have lives that is becoming normalized now. People are becoming blind to the existence of any kind of covert warfare. We have to remind them gently that this is part of History it's part of spycraft and to stop believing that it exists is very childish these people want to live in Disney world and they've been living in Disney world more so since the pandemic because all they're doing is ignoring the number of deaths and the dead from the pandemic and focusing on buying things on Amazon and going on zoom because that means that they survived and they're alive and they're scared to death locked in their houses. And now with passport mandates for vaccination is going to be more segregation more people being left behind more people being forgotten about you've got to make sure that you keep on fighting and keep on hanging on to the truth because Alex Jones is going to come and go.  the real TI community is always going to be there because they'll always be people that the people that the man on the house in the hill or up in the castle will find inconvenience. We have got to gently wake up the public out of their newfound stupor or we're going into another dark age all over again.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

An Amusing Story and Good Advice/invasion of personal space is now in theory a major tactic being used in my area be on the lookout

 Amusing story happened this evening. However this story is representative of something that's happening way too often and this is just an extreme example. 

Is it happen stance or desperation on the part of the power structure all we can do is theorize. 

Going to my local supermarket where I'm friendly with the staff. Don't cause any trouble on good terms. Purchased items on the phone with somebody hang up the phone went to go out the exit to go to the drugstore next door to buy something. Upon trying to exit the door from the self-checkout going towards the drugstore a male about 30s maybe was standing in the hallway after the exit door the first one that opens automatically as I go to exit and I have the right away he rushes me at the door to try to get in he's not wearing a mask thank goodness I was still wearing mine he's literally nose to nose with me and I'm not moving because if you didn't know this before now you know I don't move I'm not moving not at this age and not carrying a backpack and I've been a backpacker since 2006 even without my pack on I don't move why should I have the right of way there's one thing that even my enemies can tell you I am stubborn and I'll dig my heels in and defend my territory. It's just the way it is in my family very territorial I was told that from a very young age and it's one of the weaknesses that's used against me frequently by anybody that has an eye for that to take advantage of and believe me it is used against me a lot because it's a very deeply ingrained part of my nature it's probably genetic.

So I turned to this person and say I need to get out repeatedly because I'm not moving or stopping and so the person has to go to the extreme right side of me of course that means they're left to get in they're pissed off about it so they're rambling and ranting and raving which is the mental instability part of it about fuck you who are you I'm going to get you outside and all these sort of threats with these mumbles. So I follow the person back into the store and I turn around and go I don't care if you lost your stuff it's not my problem and who am I that's neither here nor there all I'm here to tell you is that when anybody is coming out the door and has the right away you don't rush somebody at the door especially if it's in somebody older carrying groceries. So if you watch the store video and the manager did guarantee me that it was on video and that I personally had nothing to worry about and of course I always go to the manager after these incidents as I've been doing for many years especially since I was framed in 2016. Because believe me this kind of aggressive assault was happening in the first 3 years after I was framed during the statute of limitations with a frequency and with an outrageousness in the scenarios that has to be seen to be believed. And one day you the public will see it but not until I finish collecting and documenting and filing.

It seems like the same outrageous oh my God this can't be a coincidence kind of stuff is happening once again. However the staff and the management distinctly told me that this does happen around the holidays and in the summertime when it's hot when people get pissed off which I can understand that's another weakness I know gets used against me cuz I've heard people mention it in conversation that they know damn well that people get agitated in the heat in the summertime so TI's you've got to watch out for that kind of thing cuz they know that you get aggravated in the summertime if the heat bothers you you see all these weaknesses the theory of GS you've got to know what your limitations and weaknesses are because believe me they know what they are in theory.

So the scenario is I'm coming out a guy rushes me I go in and tell him don't ever do that again and put your mask on and he's mumbling who are you fuck you who are you fuck you repeatedly repeatedly and then how he's going to get me outside and lay me out outside and I basically told him not with my family it'll be the last thing you do and then I just walked away and I filmed him and his car and his license plate of course he drives a hooptie. Then of course I went in and discussed everything with everybody who was a witness and people had already vouched for me by telling management there was something crazy going on and I made sure I showed them with the guy looks like cuz no one has ever seen him before including me and he's going to be watched if he comes in there again. So if this isn't coincidence and he's a fucking clown well he can keep his ass out of this place cuz this is a one-time deal for his ass because they're going to be watching him from now on because everyone agrees that he could do something crazy again cuz he's obviously unstable. I of course have been dealing with this shit for years on end especially being a traveler I know how to stay calm articulately tell somebody how it's going to be and how it is put them in their place and calmly walk away that's what you get when you're 50 years old life experience it's something you can't buy on a shelf.

That's another thing older TI's and especially nowadays this generation the younger people they're very ageist even though they claim ageism is something there against they really are just like our parents if you're a gen xer they cannot stand anybody who is older than them with gray hair they really really can't stand us and they are very disrespectful to anybody old so the demographics also are changing in these areas in the cities and along with that the lawlessness is here because of this new administration and the danger you need to watch out for if you're older is that they're going to try to use your aging and your weakness against you by having young people mess with you all the time along with I think what they're doing in theory is there trying to make it look like it's under the heading of all this random violence lately. Which means they're going to do a bait and wait they're going to get you triggered they want you to have a fight and they want some kind of violence to ensue or they want you to be scared or they want something to happen then it'll be covered underneath this headlines lately with random violence and nobody's going to think anything of it and nobody's going to care because everyone's desensitized because of all the crazy random violence and the smash and grab with the jewelry stores and shit so this kind of surprise assault is going to get crazier because they can hide it underneath the random violence with the lawlessness going on because of this new administration's policies so it's something you got to watch out for.

No as some of you may know I have this blog and I have a sister blog Wordpress. Haven't written in that one in a while because of difficulties with the new owners of wordpress I'll do a post on that but I'm going to be leaving that forum pretty soon they're completely irresponsible. As you know the other blog is a specialty blog on MK ultra mind control etc related subjects to the gang stalking theory and it's specialized it's only for a certain population of those that are interested in gs theory and as you know my mother is a documented radiation experimentee and those experiments are connected to MK ultra and as you know many of us suspect that this whole thing has been taken over by private contractors because this way there's no accountability you can't apply for a Freedom of information act and find out what's going on like you could decades ago. So the reason that my mother is a documented radiation experimentee is because both her parents are US Marines and she was brought to an army hospital in Massachusetts she was born in Bethesda Maryland and brought to a hospital to shrink her tonsils and they use radium suppositories and radium treatments and of course it didn't work but that was what they did with the radiation experiments and as you know I've told you that she tried to go to during Clinton and 95 the class action lawsuit and she dropped it for reasons of her fearing for her life which she'll probably never admit again so my mother has a US Marine sticker on her car as well so having this in mind the next part of this tale is quite intriguing.

After I finish filming I walk in to talk to someone in charge who knows me and I know them I'm known to them and as I approach employees and the person in charge there's someone who seems once again another mentally unstable person this time it's a Caucasian male in his maybe 40s or 50s who's speaking to the manager about how there's too many birds outside and it's going to cause disease and how you can get rid of the birds and as the managers patiently listening to this person he talks about how you should use police lights to get rid of people and to get rid of birds outside because there's too many druggies outside which I actually have never seen sometimes there's homeless people in the park that drink in the summer and I think that's about it there's nobody around in this area because of winter time I haven't seen anybody though I'm not here that often everybody's gone and the park is really just full of people from condos and people with kids and stuff the park is used by families I don't think there'd be druggies around for very long in this area cuz the family people and the condo people wouldn't put up with it. There is a problem with too many pigeons and there's a huge rat problem which I'm sure they'll get to eventually on the plaza property there's holes everywhere on the ground and so when you have too many rats and you have too many pigeons yeah I'm sure that can be a premise for something happening like disease but I think most people know not to eat drink sleep or walk through areas that have signs of contamination or infestation. So this guy is a little off the wall and his suggestion of using blue police lights to get rid of people outside that don't belong there as well as pigeons what he said to him was oh you know blue police lights it scares everybody right well you should use that to get rid of all the pigeons outside. Just to be polite because I wanted to get him away from the manager so I can talk to him I interject and I go yes there's a rat problem outside too the guy turns to me and aggressively says there's too many rats around there's rats wherever you go their cops and their lawyers and of course we know at that point that he's not a reasonable person I guess he could be considered opinionated and negative but he's manic and he's ranting. The guy doesn't look homeless he doesn't look crazy he doesn't look like he's on drugs he's pulled together he's just looks like a frazzled asshole and he probably is mentally unstable but he looks like he's pulled together he doesn't have any signs of being homeless also by the way. I politely pull out of the conversation realizing the person isn't a reasonable person and proceed to wait my turn to speak to the employees and finally the guy leaves and I turn to the person I want to talk to and go look I have something to show you because I want him to see what the gentleman looks like who bum rushed me at the door and I also wanted to be known that I didn't do anything wrong because of course I'm always in danger of being set up.

So the same guy that was saying use the blue police lights you know how it scares people to get rid of the pigeons as well as ranting about being US Marines which I highly doubt if this guy was in the Marines he got discharged very very quickly because he's fucking unstable I know military and he is not one of them you would not believe the amount of people I see claim they were US military if they were it was for like a month and they got rid of them immediately. I highly doubt if this guy is Marines believe me I know. So remember he's talking about how blue police lights scare people and he's also talking about how he's US Marines take note of those two things then when I approach the manager after we get rid of this guy he comes around again he also is not wearing a mask just like the gentleman who accosted me at the door and he approaches me when I'm showing the video to the employees of the gentleman who accosted me at the door and says oh is it somebody homeless I'm homeless let me look at the video and once again invading physical space trying to get right up near me thank God I had a mask up and I said no it's not anybody homeless excuse me I'm talking to someone and he went away.

Now keep in mind the comment about being a US Marine the comment about using blue police flights to scare people and the comment about is it somebody homeless homelessness now I'm a houseless traveler activist have been for many years but of course I'm working off of a completely different system than home bums and shelter rats I'm working off of The Traveler system as well as I'm working off of what's called the shared economy I'm out there trying to do something I have my affairs in order we all know that there's a difference. But still homelessness was mentioned homelessness was pushed and the guy does not look homeless also he wasn't wearing a mask neither was the other guy that accosted me space invasion was used him trying to get right up near me without a mask the other guy getting right nose to nose with me invading my space without a mask. Also the blue police lights when the guy left who had accosted me at the door trying to get in the beginning of this entire situation of which I was showing the employees and the people in charge the video while I was filming that said video after I was accosted at the door when the guy is leaving in the video to go to his car he's obviously oblivious of me filming or he's just too scared at that point you can see clearly and hear police lights and police sirens at the edge of the plaza at the opposite exit for no obvious reason police showed up with their sirens and their lights on at the exit of the plaza after this happened to me while I was filming and I don't see any particular reason why they were there or what the hell they were doing but of course those are the police lights they're supposed to scare people I assume?

This is a lesson in seeing a pattern but doing it in a way where you understand how intelligence works how psyops works and how psychological warfare works anchoring sensitizing pavlovian psychology and the abuse of it in these games. Always look for patterns and study neuro-linguistic programming and you always want to look for associations and similarities in your own life that are being used against you mirroring all of it Street theater all of it all the old cointelapro stuff all the psyops stuff all of the abuse of psychology pavloving and especially and just the dirty games at the dirty tricks department plays this is how intelligence works.

And you have to do it in a way that makes sense so that you can fight back and make counter moves you cannot however become clinically paranoid and start being messy. This is what happens to people that don't have a knack for this kind of thing that know how to sift through the bullshit and find the stuff that actually matters and of course that's what's used against you when you're a targeted. They know you have very good language skills maybe they know you have very good powers of observation so theoretically they would use that against you. The point is to intimidate you psychologically and of course the typical GS making it all look like it's random. And what better time to hide aggressive actions like this then at a time when there's random violence?

Another thing is that space invasion has been a huge pain in the ass lately I posted about that but I haven't seen desperation this heavy since 2016-17 and 18 into 2019 and after the statute of limitations ran out the insane scenarios dropped off and being shadowed dropped off but so did people being afraid of me I assume or what I was going to do legally.

You know just today I wrote over messenger to an acquaintance of mine and I met in the county jail when I was being held pretrial when I was being framed and I told her that I have vowed to go back to that jail system and that state and expose it and clean it up because it's a mess and everybody in that small town is being totally exploited because there's no recovery the guards are sleeping with the prisoners it's a small town and that is the worst county jail other criminals have told me that they've ever seen as well as guards. They're completely irresponsible and they're crazy and BAE systems owns the town so what the hell do you think is going on of course. So I can just imagine that maybe that messenger text somebody might have gotten a hold of that and they just didn't like what they read but who can tell. I also told her that there needs to be accountability oversight and transparency and they're absolutely is none in the state just north of me where this happened because there's no watchdog groups and there's no law schools and major colleges and ivy league universities to watch what the people in charge are doing. Well it doesn't matter what happens to me and it doesn't matter how many times shit like this occurs I'm still going to do what I vowed to do.


Whether it's now or 10 years from now or on my deathbed if you don't pay then maybe your grandchildren will have to if you're not embarrassed then maybe they will be I don't know I don't give a fuck however long this takes. It is my obligation to report what I've seen and change it that's what I do that's what I'm on this Earth for. As well as I'm also going to make sure that the laws get changed I don't care how much of a mess these clowns are going to make in the next 4 years that's why we have a US Constitution if you're afraid of Biden and company don't be my mother and everyone like her was afraid of trump I could say we could be afraid of Biden don't be afraid of any of them. You have a US Constitution and a Bill of Rights and a state by state legal system for a damn reason because the forefathers saw these clowns coming down the pike hundreds of years ago and that's why this is set up the way it is like no other place on this planet America is the best game in town and still is for all of its faults.

I'd love it if there was a perfect Utopia where it worked off of some communal system we could all get along but you know what even if you found something like that and you made it work somebody would come along and ruin it so guaranteed that there's never going to be a perfect system but a system where you have protection from abusive power checks and balances and recourse is probably the best system and that's what we have. The point now isn't to try to fix who's in office it's to try to make sure our system that guarantees us the things I just mentioned stays in place fuck who's in office.

I'm not afraid of trump I'm not afraid to Biden I'm not afraid of any of them I'm afraid of them taking away the system that protects us and gives us recourse which is of course what they want to do probably the power is it be as usual.

So the laws will get changed to make sure that this never again happens to another woman who has nothing who's just writing a blog and you don't like her opinion or you want to teach her a lesson or put her on her place or anybody who has a dissident opinion. It was far too easy to frame me so either they didn't follow the laws and for that everybody needs to be punished and exposed or there needs to be laws that get changed or new laws to make it so it never happens again especially to a public person on the internet.

So the problem with most people who are activists that are involved in a coin telpro type system in theory of course is that they don't realize they're in it and they become clinically paranoid distraught aggravated and of course they kill you with stress in the end don't let them take years off your life learn how this works come up with counter moves and always stay in control and film film recording document everyone all the time. Expose and file go through proper channels it's what they don't want you to do.

Example of disinformation to screw you up is conspiracy theories like when they start going crazy with say the 9/11 conspiracy theories for instance and they start using all these numbers like saying that nine and 11 equal this and this is the date of this and if you add all those numbers together you come up with 9/11 and all this crap unless you've studied numerology and you're a mathematician I wouldn't start messing around with trying to figure out the meanings of numbers I'm a math retard. I have like a sixth grade education in math the only reason I understand anything is because I've had to buy things and survive and buy food and I'm an adult now so I can kind of understand how it works I also come from a lot of ancestry where we're traveling merchant trades people so I understand the value of things but I don't do well with the abstract theory of numbers of course this is also probably used against me who knows LOL. 

So unless you know what you're doing with math the last thing you should be doing is listening to conspiracy theories where they bring you down this endless road that leads nowhere and to the darkness of this numerology lesson with conspiracy theories that's one kind of disinformation another one is associating things with other things when they have no real association you can become clinically paranoid doing something that's stupid. But you've got to pay attention to is the stuff that actually makes sense.

In theory what people would want to do to somebody like me is of course they want to invade my space I'm not vaccinated so it's going to be almost like a threat with a deadly weapon. But nobody really sees it that way directly other than the person who's on vaccinated. But essentially they're using covid as a deadly weapon if you catch it you're probably going to die which is another reason I filmed the guy because if I get covid he's going to get contacted by the CDC and I hope I can put him in jail because he's not wearing a mask and he's in my face on purpose.

This is the third time two times tonight and a person jogging by me the other day that I've had people without masks getting my face and then act aggressive about it. But I would expect nothing less from the system because they're desperate and what a perfect way to scare somebody or try to actually kill them and this is what these assholes do don't forget these pieces of shit want results by any means necessary and they're ruthless. You've seen the case the eBay case in with the native couple right? Well the people that did that didn't work for eBay they were outsourced people who come from the intelligence field and they were working outsourced you know working for eBay not for the company directly but they're working for eBay as intelligence people and they just went too crazy with it went too far and got caught well I noticed that case went away really fast of course it did they don't want you to see how it works that it does exist and that it's connected to the intelligence world and this is how they do things and that case was really crazy if you look it even just a newspaper clippings is crazy if you look at the legal paperwork documented in the case it's extremely crazy this shit that they got up to to get their way to get their mission accomplished it's totally crooked it's deceptive and it's totally illegal well welcome to the world of gang stalking as well same thing.

So don't put it past them to not try to kill you off or try to intimidate you because you're not vaccinated with really aggressive invasion of your physical space with people that aren't masked. Now lately there's been a lot of invasion of physical space such as your walking and people just seem to wait for you to get near them and then they get in your way on purpose well I guess I could keep a camera on me at all times and when I get sick of it lately I'll put on the camera and walk around the store or walk around and film cuz it's been really outrageous in the past couple of weeks.

Also remember that usually I go inside some place for the winter but because the establishments I go to are being greedy this year trying to make up for covid losses last year and the year before I haven't gone inside any place permanent yet and I think the system might be pissed off because when they get you in one place and they have your routines down it's easier for them and your job is to suffer of course it is to make everything easier for that lol.

so what better way to try to get somebody to go inside faster so you can get them in one place and get a system down around them in one location as you usually do in the winter then to intimidate the crap out of them when they're outside?

So this is an example of what you need to watch out for is lately it's been space invasion I don't know if anybody else is getting it if you're in the Northeast area you might want to watch out it seems to be en Vogue right now with the perps in theory of course, lol.

But it's also getting really aggressive and that's because they can write it off as random violence or Christmas craziness or that's because everyone's gone for the holidays and there's nobody to see how crazy it is there's no oversight who knows or because there's not as many people around to do mobbing they have to be more aggressive with the people they do have to keep the ti under control? always test out your theories it's okay to theorize even about being a TI generally because remember this is all just theory. The second you get any legal proof or recourse you go to a lawyer and you get legal counsel and you go after people. Because there have been people that are targeted individuals that have collected evidence they had the money they had the opportunity in the means and they collected evidence and went right after people and they won. So for legal reasons and for your own safety always put this down as theory but when you do get enough evidence that's solid get a lawyer and if you have a case go go for it because I am and I will and I would.

So you see the difference between disinformation and conspiracy theories on the internet where they take loose associations and try to tie them together and they don't really work and the example of what I've been saying in this particular case where it's obvious that there's probably a 75% chance this is all bullshit from the system. What are the chances that after having a lot of obvious blocking of my path lately that this person is just waiting outside the door to get in they're playing with their phone they wait till I come to the door they barge in I don't move they get pissed off they threaten me and I simply tell them don't do it again film them and then go to the employees and the people in charge to make sure I cover my ass. And as I do that there's another guy without a mask who's crazy talking about US Marines and blue lights and that's exactly what I just experienced for no apparent reason while I was filming the guy that first accosted me and again the same guy that was talking about that also talks about homelessness as he tries to without a mask invade my physical space. It's pretty easy to see a pattern of the system going really in the aggressive extreme to try to freak me out.

But that's also that it could be random happenstance the chances are really slim but it could be that's another way you have to stay sane with this system is you have to make sure that you always consider that you could be wrong the way that people lose their minds in these games is that they give in to thinking too much or being afraid or giving up or thinking it might be easier to just give in to society's opinion of this stuff which nowadays is just really horrible they've taken away just a lot of exposure that we had before and a lot of good standing that we had and they're making us all look like we're potential loan shooters if we're conspiracy theorists and were being totally drowned out by identity politics it's really bad but I believe we will make a comeback because covert warfare and covert ops isn't going away and neither are we the people that fight back and won't give in.

I won't be intimidated.

So you always have to make sure you keep a level head stay in control make sure you think about what other people are going to think and by the way other people can make up whatever they want see I have to think to myself just because the employee sided with me to my face and told me that was all on film it doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to privately discuss amongst themselves that I was an innocent victim and that I'm completely competent and saying for all I know they could be discussing that I'm completely fucking nuts and that I don't know I'm at fault or something else or that that guy shouldn't have done that but I'm crazy anyway who the hell knows and basically who cares that's another thing you can't give in to opinions because if you're looking at a group of five people that work in a store or whatever it is one of those people might be an on-board per an infiltrator just like activists talk about cointelpro you don't know who's in that Circle and they might guide the discussion or they might guide the perception of a targeted individual in the community.   

And then you have people who are part of the public that don't know what's really going on and they're just believe whatever they're told these are the zombies in the video game in the background do you know what I'm saying when you play video games and there's zombies always coming out I know I look at my partner's video games and I'm amused all the time there's always some background character that are just like zombies that are walking around and they're in the background and they're like not really what the game is about they're not really what the first person is hunting in the game that they're playing but they're in the background and they're in the way and they're constantly roaming around in the way you have to shoot them to get through the area to get what your real Target is. Well you're common person who's your average citizen is kind of like that zombie in that video game they're in the way they're constantly everywhere and you just have to get them out of the way constantly while you're trying to do your job and go and deal with the real person that's the problem. Which of course their Force multipliers for the people who do know what's going on it works very well to get them to do shit by proxy. But you've got to remember that they really don't matter I know it's hard but they don't matter because whether they want know what's going on or they don't it doesn't matter they're not a serious threat just push them aside and disregard their opinions. Because people like that the second that you make a major victory they have to change their opinions because their opinions go according to what they're told by authority or whoever they're scared of that's in control and once you make your victory that will change another words say that I go and do a complete legal thing with my frame up and I get complete results that I want and laws are changed and I get exposure and maybe say that I had a lawsuit or something how would they have a choice but to change their opinions? I know it's mean to call people sheep but you kind of have to look at it that way they're basically guided and hurted and they really aren't a big deal even though it's a pain in the butt to deal with because they do get in the way everyday all the time because they don't know what the hell is going on or they're scared to death of it happening to them.

well if you're still reading this and you're still fighting after all these years if you too became a victim after 9/11 in Earnest if you're still fighting and you're still saying and you're still out there then it's not your job to pay attention to them because you're kind of like a soldier and a war they're kind of just civilians running around screaming in the background is the bombs go off you have to sort of ignore them you're here to fight the enemy directly and you are outgunned outmanned out resourced you don't have Intel you don't have knowledge you're going blindly against feeling against the walls and the dark and you still succeed everyday and this story is just another story of how I aceduation and I have a system in place that is full of counter moves and counter tactics. And it doesn't matter what people think or say it's documented on the video of the store I reported it to the people in charge witnesses vouch for me even before I showed up and I recorded it myself and now I'm putting it on the blog.

So I win. The only thing the system can try to do is to do what it did back in 2016 which is something I wasn't aware of and when I became aware of it during the frame up this is why I do what I do this way now. In 2016 the system was trying to build a bullshit case load or reputation or something against me by having people piss me off freak me out harass me and do horrible things to me of which I have video of some of them on my YouTube account connected to this blog. And even though I always went through proper channels I always meant to management they tried to make it look like I was a troublemaker that the police had to be called like one instance at a Goodwill where I had to go to the manager because one of the employees was so disrespectful I filmed it it's actually on my YouTube account and they thought they were going to get away with having the police come after I left for no reason at all I didn't see anything I didn't do anything wrong and it's on video for Christ's sakes me talking to the manager I recorded it and they still tried to make it look like a trumped-up bunch of bullshit that there was something wrong with me and I'm in troublemaker which doesn't even make sense.  they actually tried to put it in one to the one of the email cases in court would you believe that they actually tried to take that incident at the Goodwill and put it into the courtroom at one of the Court cases in Massachusetts for the email where I was framed by a cyber stalker who sent those emails to authorities under my name? But I've been told that when a prosecutor doesn't have a case he tries to destroy your reputation and he goes after your character which is the only recourse he has which is exactly what they were doing but it was unbelievable to me that they would try to do something like that.

Another thing was that something stupid happened at a McDonald's and I reacted in a normal way for a typical Bostonian who had been victimized and I wrote something on the side of a metal plate in a magic marker and it was like a race an hour later by one of the staff literally it was magic marker on a metal plate on the side of the building and because my lawyer was full of shit she told me to go with a charge of malicious destruction because that was only two and a half months in jail if I didn't do my community service and stay out of trouble for a year opposed to tagging cuz if I failed tagging is like two and a half years because of the gang affiliation. Well I thought she was doing me a favor. Little did I realize a few years later when this happened they were trying to make it look like I'm dangerous and violent because there's a charge of malicious destruction on my records! 

Along with the bizarre Goodwill thing which is nothing to do with emails and the video I have in my YouTube clearly shows me talking to the management about a bad employee which was not require the police to be called and if it's the police were called how come I wasn't notified ever.

So while the frame up was happening I forget where it was it was like one of the courtrooms he's sitting there looking really desperate because he knows this is wrong and he's sitting there talking to the lawyers going well guys Melissa's destruction could mean that I crushed a paper cup in my hand that could be malicious destruction and he's looking at me while he's saying that and I think he's looking at me going lady you know nothing about the law you're completely ignorant of how the real world works and I want to get the message to you because I'm a righteous judge and everybody in here is a complete on the take snake please wake up and realize that they are totally trying to screw you and that the way that the law thinks is different than the way reality thinks and you have to learn how this works because they are going to railroad you.

Well I kind of got the message when he was looking right at me saying I can destroy a paper cup in my hand and that could be malicious destruction. Lol. I think I got it that this entire thing is just total character assassination and trumped up bullshit which of course is the definition of what? Coin telepro you got it it's amazing that this system exists in its present form in this day and age. But that's what happens when you have most likely private contractors doing stuff and doing covert operations opposed to the government where there's oversight accountability and transparency with a Freedom of information act request. so for those of you that are so down on our government and for those of you that are trying to get rid of our government at the behest of corporate funded fake activism probably is well as China etc the government is actually accountable to people there is transparency and they're probably the only entity left protecting you from the international massive Bahamas that are doing all this shit to people that are targets as well as to the American public generally.

Is there a reason that billionaire Ellen musk is starting his own 5G satellite army and without any say from the public about if it's okay to destroy the night sky if it's okay to put out that many satellites even scientists are complaining that his satellite company system is interfering with scientific research being able to see the skies at night astronomers are complaining the government and the scientists and all the things that work for the people are actually failing because of billionaires like him. That's what you have to watch out for. And that's why modern day coin telpro is so feasible because if it's done by private companies with people that have all this money and power paying for it how in the hell are you going to know? It's not like you can send into foia request.

And that's why their only recourse is to make you sound crazy put it down as delusion or then start making it look like everyone who's a conspiracy theorist is a lone shooter or something stupid. Because they know damn well that if you made sense to the public and told them who really runs the world they live in nowadays and that these games are a lot more feasible now that it would make sense to them. I don't think the public are stupid or that their sheep I think they're just trusting they don't know what the shadow system looks like that runs their world and they're asleep. But once you show them the reality I think they would be very capable of understanding what's happening.

Which of course is why it's so necessary to get rid of anybody with a level head who keeps on fighting that won't be silenced and as you get older if you're a TI I'm sure it's just going to get harder but also what you have going for you is you have natural authority you have life experience you've been doing this for so long you know how to stay in control so the only thing they can do is just get more and more desperate and crazy especially during this random violence patch.

So I would watch out for anything that can be hidden under the random violence I would watch out for what I call vaccination warfare which is if you're not vaccinated they're going to have people come up next to you and I don't think they're just doing it to try to scare you as a TI I think they're trying to make you sick and kill you which doesn't surprise me.

And you have to watch out for invasion of space and people getting in your path when you walk it's almost like the message is you're getting old aren't you? In other words we're going to get in your way because you're not as quick as you used to be and you don't matter anymore and you're aging and you're getting isolated from the public and your opinion doesn't matter because you're not good looking and no one's going to listen to you everything they do that seems like a small thing in a pattern especially if it makes a pattern it's to make you of course it's behavior modification it's to change your perceptions and your behavior but the small things they do believe me they're all either Trojan horses or their containing big huge bombs that are going to just destroy your mind and your determination if you're not careful if you don't stay vigilant but not hypervigilant which is unhealthy, and if you don't immediately recognize this stuff and come up with countermeasures and expose it.

I think the other threat as we age those of us that are older is to do extreme and violent things even if they're not directly violent because it's supposed to reflect everything in the newspapers about random violence and as you older of course you're going to think oh I don't want to be victimized by random violence I'm not as quick and strong as I used to be how am I going to defend myself you get tired of being afraid or you become afraid of physical violence well of course they're going to become more physically intimidating as you age because that's something that you start to worry about as you age LOL.

there was a period of time before all of my internal programming if you read my other blog of course was stripped away there was a period of time where in the early days 2008 9 where I noticed distinctly people either talk to me calmly to gain information to use against me or they were instructed specifically you can tell to stay arms length away from me now even in my old age I'm pretty big and I'm much more athletic than my mom was cuz of my dad. And my lifestyle is physically demanding but age they're going to use it against you. But just remember when you were young it's obvious they were instructed to stay the hell away from you because somebody somewhere must have known that you were physically capable of some damage. And that's another thing they often do the inverse when you're older as conditions change they change. For instance when I was young and beautiful I got a lot of harassment and gang stalking from people that were extremely ugly mentally ill very crazy really bad teeth really fucked up looking because of course that was to scare me that's scary when you're young and you don't have any acquaintance with this system and you're new and you're young and beautiful still so they attack you with ugliness.

As I became older and still try to keep up my appearance of course in the last many years it's been nothing but gorgeous women walking in front of me young girls with gorgeous full heads of hair girls with cute outfits like I used to wear of course now that I'm becoming old and ugly they attack me with youth and beauty.

Remember always when you read about the Stasi the part that you can distinctly read right there about one of their tactics was to make sure that the victim of the Stasi always was disappointed in life. It's right in the documentation of the history of the Stasi that they wanted the person to live a life of disappointment. And that's a direct quote from the Stasi instruction book or manual or historical writing of their tactics. This is why TI's will notice that they take every victory away from you.

As you many of you know my mother had a medical event recently and of course I'm a hero so I'm over there all the time in the beginning helping and now I'm over there frequently trying to still keep helping with my mother's situation and I'll do that for anybody I believe was wronged by the system she's the original Target of course and that's only a theory and I like a lot of people I've seen these people are just not as equipped as my generation as well as I am to deal with this kind of thing so they need to be protected. It's not easy that's another thing I was warned about years ago early on in the beginning by women who were my age back then the elders in the ti community of which I am one now and they were after 9/11 they warned me that they will try to get TI's to fight with each other to break you up so you can't work together that was a major warning in the beginning and it's definitely true because this is the most high stress position anybody can be in because there's no vacations and you don't get to be safe and unlike somebody who's in a high stress battle situation and the military a lot of times you don't have brothers in arms you don't have actual weapons you don't have any training you don't have any instruction and you don't get no damn medals or even any acknowledgment.

So after years of stress and being abused of course people are going to be difficult try to be understanding of someone if you think they're targeted especially if you can't say that to them directly and you're trying to help them.

You might be their only hope or a link to reality still.

My point was is after I leave my mom's house in the last month or so I now have to be careful that after I leave a safe environment like being inside or my mother's house or a relative's place I get just hooked all over again the minute I walk outside I mean they want to make sure that you realize that when you come out of a safe environment you are not safe anymore outside.

No also I have to take into consideration which you should too if you're targeted changes in key positions of power in government local and otherwise. We all know that the presidential administration has changed in my state a lot of the mayorship as well as the governorship is now going to change and you have to pay attention to that you have to pay attention to who's in charge of the CIA Homeland security you have to pay attention to a lot of key positions of power because when those change your luck might change if you know what I'm saying.

Years ago I could predict if I was going to have an easier time or a harder time just by all of the different changes in leadership of one position in government a major one that I won't mention because it makes me sound paranoid but it always came to pass that when a bad person was in charge of this particular key position of power my life was hell when somebody halfway decent or maybe connected to people who had a favorable view of what I'm doing was in charge my life was easier

It all depends on who your friends are who you connections are who your family is who sides with you who wants to get you justice and who doesn't. Just because you have smooth sailing for 4 years or a few years or in a certain location doesn't mean it's going to last for all I know I'll be 80 years old and accomplished everything I set out to do and somebody could get into office where that's the person where they just get me and that's it's over there's no guarantee of safety ever and when you have a false sense of security that's when they get you good.

Try to enjoy the holidays whatever your holiday is but also realize that there's always a wolf at the door in theory of course LOL.

But you've got to try to have a life do the things you want to do and try to also take care of and protect the people that you feel are worthy of your care and protection and advocacy because if you don't do it nobody else will for yourself and others. Another thing about being houseless is people nowadays see us as the bottom of the barrel because of course humans aren't capable of real equality so they have to pick on us because they can't tell tit and watermelon jokes anymore at the water cooler, so there's a buttload of antsy homelessness out there they got to blame someone. So would you have to remember is that actually houseless people have a really low carbon footprint think about it we basically live in a communal environment and we reuse everything but of course no one's considering that. I'm obsessive about my recycling and I'm obsessive about repurposing and secondhand stuff because I want to sleep at night and die with a good conscience and that's just for me. but whenever I see a piece of trash of course with covid and consideration if it's safe to recycle it and it's on my way to recycling why wouldn't I just grab it and do it it's kind of like saying it's not your problem but if it's not your problem then whose is it then. This is the communal attitude of shared responsibility that our world does not have which is why a lot of us don't like the PC system in place and it's total bullshit especially if you have auntie homelessness. If you're down on homeless people you know that their system of social change is complete bullshit because it's flawed and that just ends it right there with it being a perfect system.

So it's kind of like the same the ti community or with people that need help if it's not your problem whose is it?

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Anti Slavery Act of 2015

Descent-Based Slavery

Americans need to read up on this and understand that the things we purchase have alot going on before they reach the end user.

Specifically, consider the info in this section of Modern Slavery awareness, before you mindlessly send money to Africa or African based causes or dis the USA as a nation or want to get rid of Capitalism and go Communist.

I notice that this issue is glaringly absent from the media in the USA. Once again playing race politics, pandering, focusing on Victimhood and special interest groups and weaponizing these against the public and other groups serves as diversion from global change and improvement to the system on a larger scale. 

The US appeals to it's citizens selfishness and animal drives in order to manipulate the populous away from long awaited change that is significant and meaningful. 

I see people obsessed with skin color and a vague, caricature-like definition of ethnicity as well as an entire younger generation that are more separatist, reverse racist and ignorant about other ethnic groups they co-exist with than previous generations. We in traditional Liberal areas had more diversity and co existence based on genuine human interaction and understanding from free association and naturally occurring conditions than people do today. Self determination motivated by seeking to be the dominant group in society or based solely on upward mobility IS NOT SOCIAL CHANGE and it is the epitome of Capitalism. Utilizing Communist trickery like public shaming, brainwashing and humiliation of the people by way of culture and media to reach these goals is nothing more than doing so by any means necessary and using an outdated, old political system's ideology and means of mind control of the masses as a means to that end. Real Communism is very ugly and inefficient and unfair. It may work in very small countries but it never works in large nations. Just ask the Orthodox Jews who are predominantly Russian, voted Trump and keenly remember the horrors of Communism or ask the Chinese how one gets around their laughable Social Credit System where one has to conform and be socially fit in order to get a bank account and live. In China one simply hires organized crime to fix a bad Social Credit rating. So the system favors those with means and doesn't work correctly anyway.

Just like Capitalism! 

Humans are greedy, murderous animals who will act to survive or dominate. As long as there's wars and nuclear anything I'm not buying into ideology or claims of a utopia. I want to see actual changes that seem real and genuine not smoke and mirrors that hide the fact that humans are still acting in a selfish way where greed, violence and murder and dominance is still their motive and means of operation. 

 In our society today I see weaponization, Divide and Conquer not an evolving society.  Increased selfishness, induced hatred that is a construct of Left wing Liberal culture, virtue signalling and 'feel good' activism and self/group promotion instead replacing common sense, common decency and true civic mindedness. 

People or demographics without Identity Politic or Victimhood cards are being left behind, disregarded, culturally genocided or behavior modified to suite Globalist and corporate agendas (such as the homeless population as one example-a population being denied self determination. The irony of a demographic that the is a true example of communal living and culture being shunned and slowly squeezed out of a culture that increasingly claims it prefers Communist and Socialist politics and culture). 

People are being taught that if they take part in virtue signalling feel good activism or hateful separatism that this is civic minded and that since they afford humanity to only those with Victimhood criteria that this gives them the freedom to exist as mindless, selfish consumerists that don't have to care about anything other than what's required by the new PC structure they now exist in. 

Sounds pretty Capitalist to me...except it has alot of denial involved and utilizes excuses for behavior. 

Real change has eluded us. The link above is an example of true global change for a better world, for humanity not for just those chosen that can be useful to those in power to continue to exploit humanity. 

Realize that there's a difference between actually doing something that improves conditions for everyone as opposed to simply playing a shell game where one group gets traded out into exchanging their position for the misery of another. 

That changes nothing. That's social engineering not evolution. 

Some of us want to see human evolution in our life times- not to be re enslaved to a new fuedal system or plantation by those in power. 

This is the website I was reading in which caused me to become aware of the 2015 act as well as the issues:

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

WI Xmas Parade Rampage/Crooked, Agenda Laden Justice System Manipulate The Public

 The headlines on the newspaper saddened me a few days ago. Now, it angers me.

In 2016 I was denied due process multiple times, held for four months pre trial in NH with a dangerousness trial where the justice system used testimony from an anonymous email as well as info about other threatening communications from an unofficial, non DHS fusion center in Boston and denied requests for the system to discuss alternatives with me for release as well as forcibly taken for an involuntary three day eval in MA for another threatening email communication, harassed in the hospital and the NH jail in attempts to make me fail/plea out/cave in to intimidation, or to separate myself from gen population which would have hurt my case. I was only allowed cash bail once for three emails threatening authorities under my name. 

No one did proper investigation. Evidence that would have help track down the cyber stalker or troll who did this using my name wasn't utilized used and no attempt to do so was ever made. The justice system was arrogant and completely convinced of their omnipotent power throughout.  The injustice done to me, our justice system and our Constitution was treated with total disregard. 

All I did was write a blog, live an alternative lifestyle as a Traveler and try to take care of my health and other affairs as I always did while being in my hometown. 

I was cyberstalked by a troll over many years time with harassing comments on my blog before the email/faxes-the language of which  closely resembles the language used in the threatening emails sent to authorities under my name.

 Three threatening email/faxes were sent under my name to authorities in February and April of 2016 using information that was readily available on my public blog. 

The way in which I was treated and processed was not appropriate according to the charges or crimes and I suspect not even legal. 

Why was I tortured and intimidated by this gross abuse of power so easily when firstly I WAS A VICTIM to begin with of cyberstalking and a frame up and secondly they were email threats written and sent via internet and I have no history of violence, no knowledge of guns and no illegal weapons such as knives over the legal limit. Even if I had sent them, the eval in MA and dangerousness hearing in NH using an anti terrorism fusion center is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. 

My attorney in Cambridge on the last email told me I wouldn't get a fair trial because the Las Vegas lone shooting happened during my case. What's any news stories got to do with me or what a jury decides? That's supposed to be illegal to let jurists who are influenced by news stories to sit on the jury. 

Yet, some guy who's JUST RECENTLY COMMITTED A VIOLENT ACT like running over his girlfriend with the same vehicle as he used in the parade rampage, was only charged $1,000 bail and released. My bail in NH was 10, 000 I believe, of which I had 2000 cash but didn't have anyone to get it for me and was told I was not allowed to bail myself out. 

As I stated, I was charged with one threatening communication sent to authorities with no prior violent history and I provided every lawyer with the history of harassing communications from the troll on my blog and stressed that this person had knowledge of the threatening email/faxes ONLY THE PERSON WHO WROTE AND SENT THEM WOULD HAVE HAD. 

I was never questioned. No investigation was ever done. Yet I was denied due process and justice for my being a victim of cyber stalking. This was done BY THE SAME LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE, LEFTIST, DEMOCRAT system in MA and NH that is responsible for lenient treatment and low bails for genuinely dangerous persons like the man who killed all these people in the Wisconsin Xmas parade rampage.

I don't even own a fucking car. 

I get annoyed seeing all the scum that have homes and cars nowadays like nice SUVs and they are such shitty people like this guy. 

I live out of a storage space and urban camp partially due to my environmental illnesses, caused mostly by the corrupt system here in MA and that includes the now corporate medical industry and partially because I'm a damn good activist and whistleblower. 

I bet the asshole who killed those kids also has a home to go to. The news made some issue about his being homeless at one time but the fact he's got a big SUV to run kids over with should tell you that his stint being homeless or his false claims of homelessness have no bearing on his violent tendencies or this crime. 

How many homeless lone shooters, bombers or vehicular massacres have you heard of? 

Even the guy who made a bomb in his trailer in Nashville that he exploded after pre recorded announcements had an RMV to plan his crime, execute it and store the materials used. 

Homeless people don't really have the opportunity plan and carry out elaborate crimes. (Which is why they had to use emails and the internet for my frame up because the means and opportunity had to be something available and accessible to a person without a residence).

Why are courts taking away cash bail, manipulating the amounts of cash bail based on identity politics or left wing agendas or abusing dangerousness hearings so an innocent person like myself is tortured and suffers unjustifiably but it's not utilized properly to protect the public from people like the man who perpetrated this horrible act in WI? 

Because the legal system is so infiltrated and so controlled by the influence of the private sector and politics that there is no actual law and order. It's all a show for the public. 

One expects the legal system to be corrupt and for the nature of power to be potentially abusive. This is why we have a Construction-to get recourse. People expect a perfect system that acts noblely and works flawlessly and that's just not realistic for humans. The point is to have recourse available and be raised as a US citizen to know such rights exist. 

The way I was treated shows clearly that the justice system is fully aware of the fact most people do not have access to legal knowledge or understand any system of self defense. This also has to change.

The reason things are falling apart in this country is because the pubic generally nowadays do not understand the way their country works. They don't know the laws, their rights nor how to think in a logical sensible way. It's straight up brainwashing that's controlling our citizens. 

Anyone who is a reasonable person by legal definition would understand that expecting any system to be effortless or perfected by the very power structure that often is corrupt would be foolish and would be nothing short of a fantasy.

The only promised land is one where the citizens have a guaranteed system in place to defend themselves against oppression. Expecting any system o work perfectly is asking for trouble. 

Any 'progress' for one demographic that's made without time, wisdom, free association or self determination has probably been achieved by a degress or throw backwards for another and the promised quick 'fix it' to the system that seems so successful IS GOING TO HE HIDING ITS FLAWS AND CORRUPTION from the public. 

My condolences to the people in WI and all of the communities that have suffered such tragedies over the past years.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Interesting news story might shed some light on reasons why theoretical gangstalking possibly is so bad on public transit in Metro Boston

Could this have something to do with the obnoxious riders on public transit? 

That and probably the many derailments they've had over past few years. The line that had a horrid derailment just a month or two ago is now guaranteed to have assholes on every ride including arrogant butt hurt snyde drivers. 

There's no shortage of recruitment. 

New Tactic: Anti Vaxx Space Invasion

I've discovered a possible new ruthless nasty and potentially deadly way of perhaps bait and weight triggering and or actually making somebody sick and getting them to die. We know that space invasion is part of GS activity when I was younger because of probably my status in MKUltra as well as some other factors unknown to me some of which I can guess someone which I'll never know people harassing me would make sure that if they surrounded me closely it was when I was in a bed in a hostel or something and I'd wake up at 1 in the morning surrounded by a circle of people messing with me but other than that nobody ever got close to me unless they sat next to me on a bus and tried to pump me for information and conversation was all done very civilized no one ever did any aggressive invasion of my personal space when they would approach me often times you could see that they stayed arms-length away from me physically as if that was a specific instruction. I think I was just too big and strong when I was young and I was healthy and nobody wanted to get people hurt. It may have been also that people that are family members of mine as well as key people in different positions of power didn't want to see me go to jail for an assault charge and also fighting in public was much more acceptable back then only recently have people drawing attention people being loud or screaming or fighting in public in Northeast cities as it being unusual this is what I call the suburbanization of our Urban cities. 

I've met other people who are targeted who have nothing but attempts at invasion of their space and they told me that has gone on for decades so I guess it depends on what they know about the person person psychological profile and the person's physical strength etc.

In the past few years the system is definitely tried to start using physical invasion of space when I came back from New Hampshire I posted that four years ago groups of  people were actually running into me and knocking me down only in the MBTA stations. well the Old guard was still in office then thank goodness and I posted it and it stopped I highly doubt if that would happen today.

Right when the restrictions were breaking and people started getting vaccinated many months ago I noticed that people on the trains started to try to invade space again because on the public transit trains here not the commuter rails the long-distance lines but the local city lines especially the green lines for some reason people use space invasion constantly but not personal space like when you're standing somewhere they use it on the train so for instance they use the excuse of a crowded train to invade your space and I've known people where they step on their feet or they keep putting their crotch our asses in their face on purpose or a group of people that are dressed as specific way look like a certain demographic all crowd around one person to intimidate them so the train is the perfect place for these theaters actually the train is a major place public transportation is a major place for Street theater and usually involve psychological warfare as well as physical warfare tactics if not gesturing. I don't actually see a lot of gesturing anymore but I see a lot of psychological and physical tactics.

Well covid hadn't really broken yet so she just told people to get the hell out of our space and they looked so disappointed is if wow I'm not going to be able to complete my mission or my job today for the stupid perp system. Like literally that was the look on their face normal people don't act like that when you ask them to move out of because of covid-19 in other words there was nobody on the train the train was empty so why would they come over and try to stand right near us it didn't make any sense and normal people would go oh my God I'm so sorry I didn't realize because they know they covid is killing people well that's a red flag and an alarm Bell that shows you that they're not normal and they're not real people and they're not random because random real people don't look as if they're disappointed when they can't crowd your public space on a train during covid lol.

So now I'm noticing that there's a space invasion game based on probably them knowing that you're not vaccinated and if they know this about you which they can get from your medical records or hear you talking about it or hear it from somebody who sent it to someone else either by eavesdropping or through looking at your records or through having somebody in your crowd that's a snitch to them. So if they know you're not vaccinated what they're doing it seems like it's using anti-vax space invasion is what I call it. It's not that I'm Nancy backs it's just I have a lot of allergic reaction issues and my family has predisposition to heart trouble and strokes usually at a very late age like around 90 but after my aunt and my mother had the vaccine they both had the same kind of stroke literally one after the other and I feel like the medical community should have been watching them informed them that there's a stroke side effect and give them plavix or something to prevent it from happening. So there's another reason I'm not quite keen on it and there's a lot of people don't seem to know about covid-19 and because of this experience I had today I was going to do a video on it now I definitely am because people need to know if they're listening with the real deal is with the covid. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area with a lot of people that I need in places like a phase etcetera or at bus stops or whatever it is you have a conversation because that's part of the culture here or what's left of it and people start telling me that they're working for some big pharmacy company or that they are a medical school or whatever research it is science and they'll tell you kind of what the public should know what they haven't really grasped yet months before that happens. So I'm looking to be privy to information and I also sort of has a scientific or medical thinking mind you because we were raised with it here and the Irish are especially attentive to their health I come from white lace curtain Irish or white glove Irish which means I'm Norman Irish from Norman Invaders and they pay more attention to their health as well as up here in the Northeast the nuns used to clean which means you could eat off the floor and the other thing would be that there's Lysol is very popular I noticed Lysol isn't very popular down south which damn well it should be because it's so much damn staff and the bathrooms well the thing is is that there was a huge flu epidemic here in the twenties and lots of people died in New York and in the Northeast and I think people up here remember that and that's why Lysol is so mandatory as part of your wintertime cleaning and health regiment it mean you're just raised with it.

So because we live close to a medical Mecca as well as just the way people are in the Northeast I mean Irish people are attentive to preventing colds and flus and germs and Italian people are just paranoid constantly they're going to catch something. Who knows maybe the Italians of all of their conquering and ruling the word for thousands of years maybe one of our greatest Achilles heel is maybe we have a lower resistance to bacteria who knows this is stuff that the doctors are going to tell you and it's stuff that Dylan wants to research even though they ask you your genetic background at the hospital now days when you applied to be part of a hospital network is part of your medical profile probably to see what you're predisposed to.

So the thing that happened this morning was the last straw. A young girl ran by me jogging and she literally scraped by my face with her face she had her mouth open she was jogging and exercising she was breathing heavily which means any kind of spit or particles could be coming out of her mouth and delivered into my face because of the activity of exercise she didn't have a mask on which I don't expect people to wear masks outside when they're exercising I thought that was stupid before the vaccinations but you have to do social distancing mastin up inside and doing social distancing and doing social distancing outside without a mask is definitely the way to go. And I screamed at her down the street and my booming loud voice made sure that she could hear me because she was jogging away like nothing happened and I said you can still catch covid and you can still spread it to someone else even if you're vaccinated. She came back the other way I said you're crazy and I think that's a very strange attitude coming from Boston and especially because she's probably in college down in BC or working somewhere in the area cuz it was around the DC area. So first of all you're not a doctor and you're not a scientist and if you are we're all fact when you get a job because you're terrible and not qualified you certainly don't have the right attitude and you thinking the right way the other thing would be that you're not a forensic psychiatrist so you can determine if I'm a quote-unquote crazy she's probably one of these people that wanted Trump out of office because a bunch of people that didn't know him who are libtards and their psychiatrist or judging Trump is insane when we know damn well there's legal precedence and laws against that because of that horrible case where one of the candidates wives many decades ago was put into a mental institution by one of the other candidates in order to increase his chances of getting elected by a doctor who had not seen this woman saying she was crazy so that's why we have laws against people making judgments about the psychological & psychiatric well-being of any elected official without seeing them first. 

Any chance we get to stop unit of psychiatry which is the political abuse of psychiatry is a good thing when I'm done with my cases once I get to them I'm going to make sure that no one ever gets framed the way I was friend ever again because it was too easy and either they weren't following the laws in place and I'm going to make sure that they get followed from now on or there's going to be consequences or there's no laws in place for venting the way that my frame up when it never should have happened and it shouldn't be legal in the United States.

So saying something to me like I'm crazy doesn't do anything because I know the laws and if you're 20 years old and you think you're going to win because I'm older now you're wrong because the thing about being older as I have life experience wisdom and knowledge and you cannot buy that mommy and daddy can't buy it for you you can't get it from the gang stalking system by playing for the dirty tricks department to get what you want or to stay out of jail you can't acquire it it has to be earned through years of being alive and a lot of these young kids are under estimating me but it doesn't matter because they're just so obnoxious and selfish because they're young they're not even going to remember they did this chick to somebody 20 years from now that's why they use a lot of young people. 

So it's only happened a few times and each time it's happened in many many months it's usually it's always our young kids and it's always them being arrogant and careless. And when I respond by telling them that they're wrong and they have to use social distancing and they covid not over they usually react badly because they're young and arrogant and that's fine.

But this girl turning around and jogging the other way just so she could say you're crazy to me that tells me that this isn't random and I turned to myself and I said oh my God you just fell for a bait and wait your triggered.

So it's not just space invasion from trains they're actually potentially in theory feasibly using people to jog close to you and breathe on you literally brushing right by your face and then when you react they know you're not vaccinated then they can sit there and say well this girl was screaming in the street. She's crazy and we don't know what she was screaming about something about covid-19 said to her made sense but the fact that I said it loudly is something that they can use especially in this area down here because we had some kids going to the police recently claiming that I spit on them and said something crazy about black lives matters in an alleyway which is totally insane and the minute that I put it on the internet and I told some local people who know us it stopped.  

Because everybody knows that me running around screaming black lives matters and spitting it young kids that are in high school in a dark alley is not going to fucking happen in reality. 

However it does make sense that they would try something like that in this area because it seems like this area is right near that Park where that accusation came out of so it would make sense for them to try to get me screaming and yelling in the street right around with that Park was she have to look at this like a timeline like a pattern so every time you get accused of something always be careful in that physical area that you got accused of doing something because they might actually try to do something again so that the local people can identify you as doing the same thing or oh look at this behavior it shows that she's possibly potentially capable of doing the other things she was accused of do you have to keep every slight and your minds especially when it gets to a police department you've got to keep it in your mind in a file and always try to keep an eye on who said it where they said it happened and what the nature of it was because they're going to try it again or they're going to try to add on to it to make something out of it it's bigger when there's nothing there.

Notice how would the email frame up with MIT and Harvard University Police department and Manchester New Hampshire they had to do it three goddamn times once wasn't enough because they really wanted me to let you make it look like it's real when it's not.

And she was jogging beside me this morning with two people on one side of the sidewalk walking in the other direction and me and my partner with our gear walking the other way so she slid in between for people on the sidewalk getting close to my face of course in order to jog by why didn't she just jog off the sidewalk into the street for a second or why didn't she just wait or why didn't she go around or there's a million other things she could have done and I would have just put it down to her being young because it's happened before this way the fact that she turned around and took time to drug the other way back towards us then call me crazy tells me that it might not be random. So here we have a potentially new tactic it's a good theory where people are using the fact they know you're not vaccinated to freak you out and scare you and get you going.

Well like I'm going to say in the video here's what I'm going to do the next time anybody pulls that I'm going to film you if I can get you jogging or walking away I will and then I'm going to say what I have to say calmly and sternly if not loudly if necessary so you can hear me or not depending on how far away you are it's all going to be reasonable and I'm going to tell you exactly what I said to this girl about covid and about not being vaccinated and still being able to spread covid 2 people that aren't vaccinated and social distancing and masks then I'm going to put you on the internet and I'm going to let everybody know and every college and every single place that you go that you're in a major medical area and you're studying here or working here and you're totally not paying attention to the realities of covid-19. And if I film you and I can get your face everyone's going to know that you are a complete ridiculous. You do something stupid like say anything to me that snide or nasty or turn around and call me crazy everyone's going to hate you because then you're picking on a homeless person and an activist who's trying to do something that's meaningful I'm living out of a storage space will you probably have a summer home and your parents have a rich house and you're going to college here or you're working here and they bought your condo. So I'm going to make sure I ruin your life the next time you jog by me or walk by me and coughing my face or breathing my face and act like it's going to be easy way if you could get away with this crap everyone will hate you and everyone will think you're an idiot.

Mob Rules Is Especially Damaging For Targeted Individuals

Though this is useful for the average person it's especially important for TI's to remember the common sense in the above article.

Because we are being left behind along with the homeless more than any other group and globalism.

And it's especially damaging for a demographic of people who have been literally mobbed over their lifetime and especially overly since 9/11. A society bowing down to the mob can constant harassment from mob rules leaves were scarring on TI Sykes and any other demographic.

I deer say it seems to me that the culture wars cancel culture and political correctness agendas are being used against anyone questioning or resisting the system or power structure in a real and meaningful way it would result in genuine true change for all of humanity. This is being done by basically canceling t.I.'s and conspiracy theory culture by way of leaving us out of identity politics and victimhood culture and also by way of leaving us behind if we're homeless because in globalism the homeless are left behind. This is also being done buy at the same time culture wars are occurring there has been a strong campaign over the last many years to tie acts of violence loan shootings and mental illness to any and all conspiracy theorists or anybody seeking alternative information or theories. 

I now see clearly that before the culture War has occurred in such a damaging way that's gotten control over our society activists like me had to be framed up and our brands destroyed our voice is silenced and our work abandoned by the public at the same time I saw all of the college's begin to close their doors to the public outsiders or dissidents or even the homeless this is also the same time that local universities began becoming gentrified through globalism- the new McHarvard is in prime example. 

I personally saw this University being destroyed as a local entity a small neighborhood campus where people cared about local issues and local people and local business and there was a colorful street scene of artists colorful characters travelers really and uneducated undisciplined minds and maybe the next Great American novel authors. That was systematically dismantled through underhanded means especially utilizing intrigue and some of the worst known and suspected intelligence methods that you can think of, not very sophisticated but brutal in their simplicity and effectiveness. It makes sense now that I had to be framed before this dismantling and rebuilding occurred. 

And it also makes sense that his society would not be captured and held prisoner and held captive by the culture wars and the mob rules during covid-19 using fear and death to their advantage which just goes to show that there's an entire timeline where it's almost as if the people in power knew that covid was going to come about and the whole thing was planned.

But that's just another conspiracy theory. 

It's frightening to use hindsight and look back and see did it to the entire 10-year plan that was executed. Why else would keep people have to be framed and gotten out of the way before colleges were taken prisoner and the students it was a chore that they wouldn't communicate or Friday nights any longer with Street people or anybody who had a dissident opinion. It's all clear now that it was planned. 

And now that we're living in a prison what exactly do we do about it?

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Zoombombing Is Federal Offense/Zoombombing As Cyberstalking

'Zoombombing’ Becomes a Dangerous Organized Effort

Zoombombing’ is a federal offense that could result in imprisonment, prosecutors warn

It's nice to see that zoombombing has now become a federal offense because nobody should have to deal with that especially because zoombombing comes during a time when people have to use zoom out of the desperation of not wanting to die due to covid-19..

I've talked to a lot of truckers over the years and I've been told that the CB which was the classic way that these people would communicate while driving has been jammed by seemingly random people. ever since the FCC/FTC HAS STOPPED MONITORING AND MANAGING THE CD SYSTEM THE JAMMING STARTED BECAUSE IN THE OLD DAYS THE FCC WOULD FIND YOUR SIGNAL AND THEY WOULD CHARGE YOU AND PREVENT YOU FROM USING THE CB IF YOU INTERFERED WITH THE AIRWAVES. I met one guy who was driving a truck but he said he was former military and he was kind of shady is a black dude and used to drive those big trucks to carry the car is on them truckers call in parking lots so he get on there and jam people not to the extent of other people that do it but the fact he was doing it was really questionable and then again there's a military connection. And there's a coin tell pro connection potentially because he's African-American. I mean those are far-fetched theories and they're just theories to percentage is kind of lower than if I heard somebody do it over the airwaves methodically but there are chances there that those theories at the odds that they might be true. Well what I've heard in other truckers vehicles like when it's really bad the jamming is somebody just gets on the horn and they do it for hours and they do it in a methodical way that seems very purposeful it's crazy-making it's chaos making and that's a specialty of psyops and that's a specialty of gang stalking there's a lot of bait and wait.
I guess people could just simply claim that it's just a bunch of rednecks and Hicks high on meth getting on the CB and making trouble for hours on it but the way that it's done with the noise and way it's done with the shit that they say in the way they do it it's almost like a script or it's like methods that somebody came up with and they just keep doing it and then you go to wonder what's the motive? Why would you want to interfere with truckers?
Especially if you're from the same culture and the same areas?

After remember that a convoy is now considered terrorism you can't have trucker convoys anymore because homeland security has a hand in protecting the food supply chain in our country. One of the biggest threats to the corporate system is independent truckers and the ended pendant trucker groups and unions so it's very interesting that people would magically decide the FCC should monitor the airways anymore and then people magically get on there and methodically for hours on end start jamming and it really doesn't make a lot of sense unless you look at it from the perspective of conspiracy theory. Because the stuff that I was shown it's not random I can just tell by the way that the jammers are working and there's a bunch of them which also makes no sense.

And it's had the desired effect, truckers no longer turn their CVs on and they don't communicate and more and more people that want to do trucking or just giving up and going with bigger companies where the communication is all text over the phone and you have a GPS thing on the truck that tracks your location and instead of having a subculture based on truckers talking to each other now you have a corporate run system where people just work for the company store once again without any subculture and they're isolated in their trucks and it's miserable The truck stops are all fast food now nobody cooks hardly anymore truckers health is terrible it's become a miserable factory job basically unless you are a successful owner operator work for a good small trucking company or live in the right areas.

So when you look at something like trolling or you looking something like zoombombing you don't have to wonder if it's the same thing is it not really just random groups and if they are then what's their motive so if the motive is to break up a certain party break up a group maybe it's intelligence connected or maybe it's a private security company hired to do that kind of thing to break up certain zoom groups also if you're a targeted individual and you don't know it may be magically all of a sudden your zoom group keeps getting zoombombed so maybe there's a bunch of Targets in the group they don't even know their targets and they decide to zoombomb them and it's not just random.

like I've said before the system is trying to keep people in the twentieth century reality while the people at the top live in the twenty-first century reality. And one of the ways that they do this is by convincing you that there's no need for government so the government is actually one of the only things less protecting you from the international corporate ocracy. Going against the government was kind of more my mother's generation baby boomers. because back in the old days the government was the one that would do all this kind of stuff where they would be up to no good or get caught doing something and the reason they got caught was because of transparency and accountability even if drug like during Watergate they had to go in and Rob the FBI to get the files to expose them to the public somewhere somehow there was files or there was a paper trail of a money trail in government files well the government got hip to this and they turned around and said well how can we get away with doing stuff or how can whatever people at the top or in power want something done how can they get away with it now we don't have the government do it because they'll get caught because the public especially now with the internet can get transparency and accountability simply with a Freedom of information act order. So what you do is you outsourced to private companies the way that we do with our intelligence services the way that we do with men fighting overseas you private hire private mercenary companies and there's no government accountability for war crimes.

So corporate are the ones that are now doing all the stuff that we should be looking at and there's a theory that MK ultra continues and is being put into practice domestically because it's done by some private sector company where we wouldn't even know. The thing about these big international Bahamas is it they stay hidden from the public do people naturally want to blame the government that's the old days. It's the corporate talk or so you need to be looking at for transparency and accountability now. That's why it's so important to keep people focused on anti-government activity because the government is actually one of the only things left protecting you. Just like defend the police yet another tactic to try to get rid of local power like State county city and town so that they can federalize the police and that of course includes all kinds of private-sector companies being in control. And I'm sure they will replace them with robots or private security you don't want any of this you want to make sure that people are accountable. We have to start looking at corporate and not the government. The example I gave you of the truckers and the CB proves that the government was protecting the airwaves for the truckers and now that they're not it's easy for some other entity that wants to break up their livelihoods and their culture the private citizens to go in and do so because there's no government protection.

So I'm glad to see that zoombombing is now a federal offense but I don't think the this was acted on fast enough during covid-19 probably by design.