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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ghost Troop Claims Holocaust Museum Shooting Perhaps False Flag Operation

Israel Harvesting Organs Of Dead Palestinians

Reader Comment On David Icke Being A Credible Source Of Info/Be Wary Of All You Take In

"Hi Rachel, Pedophilia and Satanism are very closely linked because Satanists use children in their rituals. David Icke is a good source of information on that. XXXXX Lavoy on This Entire Gang Stalking Campaign Is A Diversion From International Pedophile Rings Not Just Classified or 'Black' Projects Like MK Ultra
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You'd be better off reading the testimonies and stories of countless Survivors of mind control and ritual abuse. More so survivors of high level programming and only very credible survivors of alleged ritual abuse.
Icke, just like Jones omits information or distorts it. And child abuse as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse are simply tools to create people that are useful to a huge international network for various purposes. Its alot more involved than just Satanists and pedos.

I've dealt with using Icke's info on the internet. Content pertaining to other Survivors' testimonies had a habit of disappearing conveniently when I discovered I was a mind controlled slave with high level programming that was deprogramming and going through 'suicide programming'.

I believe he is a tool of the British intelligence services but I am only guessing.

You can get some information from his sites but if its useful or credible it disappears. His book The Biggest Secret only served to confuse me as a Targeted Survivor and make me not want to look at the more unbelievable stuff going on within me and in my experiences as a Survivor and experimentee.

Thus his books are of use to the mind controllers who are keeping Survivors down or silenced.

For instance he has a woman he claims is a Survivor of programming and ritual abuse. Her claims sound credible but some of it doesn't. This is typical of Survivors who ARE genuine as they use us to confuse and misinform people becuz we don't really understand what is going on within us or without (outside of us) in the world around us being gang stalked. Its extremely difficult to make it out of internal programming specifically suicide sequences of programming, much less the traps that are laid out for us in the outside world as we are trying to deprogram and understand who and what we are and how this system works.

Its understandable that a mind controlled or programmed person might misunderstand what they have seen or experienced in life especially when they become targeted after their Internal Programming breaks down and they become prisoner of the 'Gang Stalking' system.

There seem to be different types of mind controlled slaves yet, many of us fit into a certain one of those types. Its strange the way many slaves resemble each other, genetically or in manner or the way we think. Its like a Mac computer recognizing another Mac as opposed to a Windows pc etc- but we know we are all computers. Its because we served in different capacities for different reasons but many of us have similar programming.

I am much more logical and need scientific proof than alot of mind control Survivors. Survivors are very easy to fool, like children becuz we are basically children as we never were allowed to grow as normal people do into adulthood. Dangerous children, lol.

It seems that Arizona Wilder's only mistake is that she is being used to spread disinformation by misunderstanding her very real experiences.

An example is that Icke, a supposed activist and outsider to mind control survivorship- should have the insight and enough separation from the subject matter to be a bit more objective than Arizona Wilder.
When she claims that she has actually seen human beings shape shift into reptilians he or anyone else thats removed from internal programming, gang stalking and mind control should look at her experiences logically and ask if there was a more logical explanation for what she experienced.

In that we see that no one is doing such a thing. She is being used to feed into ridiculous disinformation.

I personally have experienced this shape shifting of a human being into what was supposed to be a reptilian. However, I was very suspicious becuz it was AFTER I had taken a look at Icke's book a few years before where he writes about such things occurring allegedly.
Also, I had seen enough uses of chemical influences, technologies and psychological operations causing behavioral conditioning of TIs that it seemed such a thing could be pulled off as a hoax on a Target's mind.
The 'gang stalking' system as we call it among ourselves, in its most extreme form when Survivors are dealing with further unethical human experimentation and ritual abuse- utilizes chemicals to alter the Target's consciousness. You are dosed with LSD like substances. There are mind control drugs that get snuck into prescriptions from drug store pharmacies. I was fortunate enough to be warned by pharmacists as well as doctors in hospitals that took pity on me or admired my spiritedness in fighting back.  Some TIs are not so lucky and I truly believe many of us are helped through this phase of being targeted so that we are exposed to the tricks the system uses on Targets and on the unsuspecting public for purposes of mind control.

When I experienced this shape shifting I knew it was fake. I had enough experience with drugs in my youth to know it was bs. Also, there just happened to be a friend of the hostel owner hanging around the hostel frequently, former military, who's brother was a well respected expert on exotic psychedelic substances from fungi and mushrooms etc. After alot of horrible events that seemed like I was dosed and tortured using chemicals and technologies- this man magically returned to South America to do more research in his field, using a very hard to get govt grant he recently acquired. That is how this system pays off the people who do covert dirty work for them. You cant exactly prove that hard to get opportunities are pay offs but in the life of TIs you could show that too many people around them that they claim were part of the harassment campaigns seemed to be rewarded with elite prizes or opportunities forming a pattern. Still its hard to prove legally and thats all these people are afraid of.

So...I'm in St Louis where the use of tech was outrageous and very heavy. Horrible really. Some of the worst torment I experienced and this is during Hayden being head of the CIA. East St Louis was the most dangerous city in the USA at the time. There were a few lone shooters who snapped and killed people working for the city. The perps were certainly there at that time. And these were the worst of them: the expert chaos makers.
I almost succumbed to snapping myself but as usual estrogen has something to do with women not going postal. Testosterone along with a history of sexual abuse and an ongoing harassment campaign seems to be key in males finally giving in the going out in a blaze of glory.

There was a heavy use of tech in the area. There were more perps and the most viscous ones yet, in the area at that time. Add to that I had this botanist or whatever-psychedelic drug expert dosing me most likely. And the owner of the hostel had motive- he was a client of my career criminal friend that I had actually known in Boston but didnt recognize him due to having lived out my sex industry life in an alter personality.
There were perps coming into the hostel constantly. This is where Romney's family member, Laura, a young female college student-showed up. Then an entire perp group from MI showed up and worked with the people staying at the hostel- friends of the owner. Very sick, scary people at that. Clinically insane I would say and one of the women was a mother of a child not in school and without child services involved in thier lives. She seemed very much like a person who had been cult mind controlled severely.

Being dosed, the presence of heavy tech in use and at any time psychic warriors can be used against the Target in public spaces and even for purposes of remote viewing. I've experienced this to be for the purposes of spreading more disinformation becuz they show you things that cant possibly be proven to exist, like underground bases etc but that you might claim as real to the public becuz its very easy to claim you 'saw' something or were fed information when in fact it was only a vision or something made to seem real or credible.
This system plays with the heads of experimentees and Survivors so that none of us are credible enough to expose the way they work or who they are.

I was sitting in front of the owner of the hostel- an old money type from Cape Cod in MA related to the Cabots.  I had this sudden, unexplainable urge to physically harm this man in a very violent way. This has only happened two or three times in my life and each time Ive resisted becuz its illogical. Why should I harm another human being for no apparent reason?
After I resisted this urge, I sat there semi  listening to him talk about whatever- I then got this VISION that he was a reptilian. I DID NOT ACTUALLY SEE HIM PHYSICALLY SHAPE SHIFT. What I saw was akin to being shown something I might have assumed was another dimension. That it was interdimensional. Sort of like when the Hobbit puts on the Ring in Lord Of The Rings and he sees things in that dream like, hazy other-reality produced by the Ring itself.

I was then given the idea that these creatures were the ones that ruled the earth, were interdimensional and that I was of a caste that served them. Like their direct underlings.

First of all, my internal programming contains no such images or instructions and nothing about these creatures. Secondly, I serve no one and especially not in a hierarchy. If this is the case then I experience service to something more familiar to me as an Egyptian god or pharaoh. If, indeed, the true identity of such an image was that of a reptilian-why would I have to know that NOW at such a late age instead of it being put into my original internal programming structures as a child?
I already serve a function simply going off of my original programming. I help people by exposing war crimes like this and I am going to write a book telling of what I know and have experienced. That is my only function.

I think either some HUMAN idiots were and are playing games using technomancy- the methods I just listed that would cause such a hallucination. Drugs, then either a vision given to a person by tech or a psychic influencing the mind.

If not, and if it really did happen- if it is real, then it shouldnt be heeded anyway becuz it sounds like a dark entity playing games and trying to deceive people. It was this creature that looked very much like Sutek or the creature from the Stargate movies which is also suspect as this system of deception utilizes the media that humans take in as mass media entertainment.
 Things like taking the magick of real life experiences and reducing them to video games or sci fi movies so the public will think all people experiencing magickal events are simply delusional or have watched too much tv. Thats what psychiatry is for- to deny that magick exists in real life. So only the elite have access to it.

I highly suspect that what Arizona Wilder saw was a deception. A very well pulled off piece of brainwashing. Its very easy to drug Survivors and continue to show us things that arent real in the hopes that as adults our minds are still as impressionable as we were when we were infants and children being programmed in much the same way.

Its akin to many alien abductees who many of us suspect have been victims of the same kind of hoaxing- people deceiving the victims by dressing up in costumes and drugging the person so govt classified experimentation looks like disinformation.
If these experiences with aliens and reptilians were genuine- WHY DOES THEY HAVE TO ALWAYS MAKE SURE WE ARE DRUGGED?
Why would such powerful creatures need drugs and technologies to control people?

When I was a child and had returned to live with my mother from the foster home, I had nightmares about a man in a suit with a briefcase visiting me or being with me in another location.  I would then awake in my bed by morning, literally frozen with fear, stiff. Paralyzed. I would have to unfreeze my body limb by limb. This could be done with a drugging of the person as well as hypnosis. Mind control also, via a strong psychic's influence.

The problem with David Icke is that he isnt approaching things scientifically and gang stalking as well as mass mind control is nothing but technomancy- people increasing thier powers both psychic and otherwise via advances in the sciences, specifically technologies.

That should make people very suspect of Icke. People seem very mean to Wilder, calling her a disnfo agent. Its ridiculous to accuse any Survivor of such a thing as we never know if we are still being manipulated, lied to or shown falsehoods in order to use us for purposes of disinformation. Its like blaming a child for misunderstanding something they saw that someone lied to them about.

If Icke is such an expert then he should use less New Age bs and more science, logic, critical thinking and above all skepticism.

As usual, some of what Icke puts out is useful, real information but then the reader is fed bullshit so that one cant really map out exactly what is going on. Then it sounds like unbelievable events as opposed to war crimes.
Which works out nicely for the perpetrators-who Ive experienced as being ultra spoiled brats working for big military contractors. Whoever they are I've seen all sorts of resources, access and money at their feet as well as unbelievable numbers of people working for them nationwide. And, influential people either working with them or being victimized by them.

The man from Boston- the Cabot from the Cape, who I was urged to harm- he claimed that he had a bad time with the CIA, not directly but he intimated it. That he had to drop out of society becuz of his activism in the 60s and 70s, traveling through Iran, etc. Yet, much of his actions towards me was that of a gang stalking perp, yet it did seem like he was being taken advantage of by the truly nasty perps who were the people he was letting stay at his hostel.

Without access to an intelligence report like the gang stalking system has as a resource obviously, its difficult for Targets to know exactly what is going on with different people involved.

You can be sure however that, its less supernatural beings than it is science geeks responsible for this.

If Seth or Sutek or this reptilian is actually a real, inter-dimensional entity, I wouldnt be too afraid of it: he seems to need alot of help and assistance from a large number of stupid, low quality human beings as well as advanced technologies of humans in order to even appear in this dimension much less take over the world.

Read up on Icke's work. Read up on Alex Jones's. Read up on Cooper. Read everyone's work and take in all the interviews and books of Survivors like Cathy Obrien, Kathleen Sullivan, Susan Ford (Bryce Taylor), Paul Bonnacci, the victims of Boys Town, the MK Ultra testimonies from the PACHRE in 1995.
Then, try to decipher what is bullshit and what is useful information.

Infowar is exactly what is going on with this subject matter. And not many people have the time or understanding of the issues to try to find out what exactly the truth is. So they switch on Alex Jones for a quick listen and then go on with thier lives thus the public are kept controlled about war crimes in the 21st century.

The truth is very simple: a bunch of elitist assh*les now have the means to use technomancy to control society by having unfair advantage over the minds of human animals and the environment (earthquakes, weather patterns etc.)  And human beings' brains are like computers that can be programmed, which has been going on for a long time for use politically mostly as in spying, assassination and related things like drug running, sex work, hostage negotiations etc etc.

Icke would do better to look at the royal's (and past prime ministers') connections to international drug trade, perversion or the like than to focus on her majesty shape shifting into a reptilian and drinking blood at rituals.  Even if this WERE a factual truth and could be proven it still has no bearing on war crimes and the attempted take over or enslavement of humanity thats taking place. High society has been historically documented and suspected of such types of abuses and there are cases that point to such actions, in crimes where careless people were caught. Bathory is an example. She was a naive, careless woman who was taught such behaviors by those in high society but she wasnt inter-generational bloodline or elite life long so she was careless...and became maniacally greedy with her blood lust.
Its not the traditional abuses of power that are the problem- its the ability to control humans so completely and totally in the 21st century that is the problem. It makes it so man has no way to fight back or judge right from wrong for himself.

 And its advances in tech, chemicals and psychological conditioning that are being used, not some dark mystical powers of reptilians. There are black magick rituals utilized but thats always been. Its nothing new. The tech is just used to amplify the effects of these actions.
9-11 was 'amplified' by tech: news reports, the internet and of course the advanced tech used to influence human beings and the environment.
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, yes it makes a sound but that sound has no effect on humans that arent aware of it.

9-11 was a large scale black magick ritual using large scale architectural structures representing symbols and that action was amplified so that a large portion of humanity could experience it or be part of it, unwittingly for the most part.

The challenge of this sort of activism isnt to solve the problem of 'evil' in the world. Its always been. The point is to make the public aware, without a Christian mind set or ideology, of the presence of what people call 'evil' or anti human forces and actions on this planet so that humans may be free to choose if they WANT to be part of such things, or allow symbols into thier homes or people like Justin Bieber who are activily working for such a system yet he is marketed as non threatening in order to sneak this stuff into your home via innocent, dumb kids who are fans.

Its simply self defense. Awareness is essential. After that humanity can do as it likes. However, most people dont want to be spiritually responsible for themselves or thier communities so a large portion of humanity wont want to believe any of this nor deal with it, which is fine.
I am writing for people who are pained to see what is going on and are confused and need answers to gain peace in thier lives. The elite of the common man if you will. Everyone else can do as they like.

Also, everyone who's curious about this subject matter should be very suspicious of the fact that all activists involved in this who are high profile ARE MALES.  Why is that, when an overwhelming number of Survivors, abductees etc are FEMALES? And why are these activists like Cooper, Icke, Jones etc claiming they themselves aren't childhood victims or Survivors of this system?
I would have alot more respect for them if they were.

So be very wary of what you read, who you listen to or what you yourself perceive about even your own bizarre, strange experiences in this world. They can f*ck up your mind very badly if you let them but remember- no one can destroy the ultimate divine structures within YOU. They might try to convince you they can but as my mother used to say "..only if you let them".

They are more terrified of people waking up to the fact that a group of humans can psychically influence events with our own 'magick' from our consciousness. Thus religions stay in place while psychiatry picks up the stragglers. New Age disinformation ensures Seekers get lost and never find the truths about themselves or the world around them. Citizens are imprisoned by personal technologies and separated from Nature which is where humans can gain immense power from, though Nature is potentially dangerous.
What is the power of any thing invented by man, to a short earthquake that destroys a city man has taken long effort and labor the build? Storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans...Nature's power is frightening to man and it should be. What frightens them is, when you realize that you are  part of Nature...yet you have the intelligence to alter it.

Living in false environments created to keep you prisoner isn't intelligent- its the powers that be taking advantage of your ANIMAL nature. Preventing people from evolving.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

When Acquaintances Turn Perp/The Story Of Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee was a portly, hippie dippy type around Harvard. She was nice enough for the years I had known her, seeing her in the summers when I would come home.

Then she got employed. Then she got housed and lived in Central Sq.
A year ago she then started to do what seemed like mocking me on our social networking site in her posts.
She started to take profile pics of herself wearing black and red. She dyed her hair and wore her clothes specifically black and red. Not her usual neo-hippie style.

I got rid of her on the social networking site.

I come home this year and someone tells me that she had gotten involved with some people where she started to deal in large amounts of marijuana. She then was stupid enough to get busted. She was dumb enough  to bring a NARC to the river in Harvard Sq where she talked about drugs like an idiot and after this NARC got up and left, drug cops showed up.

So obviously, it appears as if when people get involved with drug running, they also start gaining thier success and opportunity like everyone else does nowadays- by taking part in Gang Stalking of TIs.

GS At Beth Isreal-Now A Program Of Handling An Old TI Like Me

Im noticing that the gang stalking in the food court at Beth Israel is still ridiculous. Its usually the African American security guard on duty.  I simply make fun of black males to get him to leave or ignore him. (Which I know helps discredit me but when people realize why I am doing it it makes sense. This is psychological warfare. I will use racism if necessary. Because IT WORKS. Even if the enemy thinks they are getting what they want by continuing to discredit me or to be able to motivate stupid, 'useful idiots' to gang stalk me by claiming its an anti-racism harassment campaign. It will ALL come out later either in a lawsuit or book hopefully both.)

There is an interesting method being used in the hospital on me as a Target. I certainly am getting the healthcare I need and the docs are very nice to me. Yet there is a sense of being handled. As long as I keep lollygagging and not focusing on my book or calling a lawyer- the longer I stay down and play dead- the more I am mind controlled daily to NOT take action becuz I am targeted so hard, then I will get what I need. In other words as long as I keep being silent and putting up with it, then they will keep being nice and giving me health care.

Yet, I AM being gs and handled. WHEN I SHOW UP FOR APPOINTMENTS there are often perps in the waiting rooms. They do subtle tactics. They make sure I am self conscous and know its them and they are there, focusing on me. The staff- at the desks mostly African American women with big time Afrocetrism issues and attitudes- are ALWAYS ready for me when I come in and its very demeaning. This of course feeds into creating more racism. At this point its uncertain if thats just more arrogant bs from this area thats typical or if its planned.
You see African Americans in this area somehow are VERY plugged into gang stalking Targets as part of thier agenda to get ahead in life- as a people it seems. Which is very scary in a racial sense.
Race war is being used in gang stalking in areas like Boston, most likely to motivate the black population here. Unlike other areas, Boston blacks need to be POLITICALLY MOTIVATED not just by money. More brainwashing, more compliance.

There is a disctinct presence of remote influence or tech being used for mind control. The results are I am kept down continuously and I am brainwashed by the hypnosis and suggestion (ideations) in the tech used. Usually its all to keep me right where I am at as well as continue to dissuade me from moving forward with writing  my book or calling lawyers who will actually take my case.

I realized this because I WALKED INTO AN OFFICE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND THEY WEREN'T EXPECTING ME AND NONE OF THE USUAL EFFECTS OCCURRED as they have every time I walk into an office or clinic for an appointment where they ARE expecting me.

Thats who I got something to comare it to so I now realize that all those times I was going to appointments they had the gs system there, waiting for me.

So I, an old TI to this area, am living a life that consists of nothing but being handled and continued to be managed.

Part of this lately seems to be also that I get a very comforting, non aggressive, safe feeling when going to MIT or other colleges, very different from the effects of just a year or few years ago where I was being tormented at colleges like MIT or Mass Art. The GS on the MBTA as well as outside is still heavy here and of course the tech is awful inside city limits.
The goal of this new program design  seems to be to force me or condition me into going to UMass finally. In short- the Target is being made to experience that outside is not safe- but inside college IS safe. Thus I will be driven to going into college.

Why, so that MA can truly claim to be progressive by producing the first female lone shooter?  No frickin way. I am not THAT stupid and careless yet. I will go to school once I have a lawyer protecting me and working on my case so no one tries anything.

Red Sox Nation's GS/Covert Warfare Cover For Boston Magazine

WHen holidays are here, its time to get alot done as organized stalking increases due to the tech/chem being lowered (in the metro Boston area thats how the pattern always has been. This area of elite people and institutions has always been heavily psycho managed and micro managed at that. A certain form of gs for summer for tourists and Red Sox nation etc and a certain psycho management program to ensure behavior/productivity during the school/work year. On the holidays you can plainly see that the brain fog that has created so many a yuppie drone that inhabits this place now, disappear considerably and the gang stalking by perps becomes more prevalent like in the summertime. Well, in the summertime its an all out war especially around Red Sox nation. That is the corporation that has board members that lend thier private jets to the CIA for interrogation runs. So in return I assume they get the best black ops outsourcing possible to ensure their investments pay off.


Just look at the cover of Boston Magazine with a player holding the trophy with a Sox hat on. Its black and red and the person is hiding thier face but you can plainly see a smirk showing- covert psychological warfare anyone?

The message to those in the know is that 'we won this in part with gang stalking and covert warfare on anyone or anything in the way of this team and this corporation winning this award'. And it should be illegal. Its not. Its just that the public dont know anything about it is the problem so the war crimes keep going on.
In the interest of corporate investments.

The results of course are human beings lives being destroyed, people being driven insane and lone shooters killing people. But that just helps thier agenda and increase sales of...securities, and of course will eventually disarm the American people.

The public doesnt realize the true cost of what they are purchasing. I dont think they realize the price of winning that trophy either. Then again, Red Sox nation has been brought up to be nothing more than a mind control cult. The hatred that these people have for locals and other 'outsiders' to thier 'nation' is a marked sign of cult mind control. They dont even understand thats what is wrong with them. They dont even care. Like everyone else nowadays they have been effectively brainwashed to believe they are defending what is thiers as well as 'winning' in the new globalist world. They dont want to see they are just reduced to what Jonestown was. In fact, they act exactly like the FBI tapes reveal about the cult members of Jonestown before the suicides/murders. )

Disinfo Campaign Continues Concerning Satanic Ritual Abuse- Still Using '80s 'Satanic Panic' As A Cover Up

"Transcripts from the McMartin Preschool abuse trial of 1987, which was similarly motivated by the Satanic ritual abuse panic of the 1980s."

No one does any research into the San Fransisco Presidio cases involving the military and Michael Aquino also people seem stuck in this old era where you could actually try and claim that it was a panic- becuz new cases have come up that prove that SRA isnt a witch hunt or a panic. Its very real.

They keep trying to make it like all Satanists are being persecuted. This isnt the case but there are real Satanic cults and very powerful ones that lead up to more involved secret societies that do practice ritual abuse which for them involves sexual abuse and covert warfare on victims who they lose control of.

The public is being disinformed about SRA and they disinfo agents keep using these old examples of a panic from the 80's. Which was a cover up anyway.

Wall Street...yeah lets believe what they have to say about the elite. Oh please.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

CCHR-The Hidden Enemy- High Numbers of Suicides Among Soldiers Linked To Psychiatry

If you are a vetran you need to realize that psy ops as well as military created technologies, chemical influences as well as unethical human experimentation (think the movie Jacob's Ladder) could potentially also be responsible for military suicides.

It's a way of getting rid of future costs in health care and housing vetrans are going to incur on the govt. It's also a way of getting rid of victim witnesses who can tell of the realities of war or of war crimes and illegal activities of the military overseas or domestically.

Veterans physical bodies might even be living evidence of certain things like chemical warfare or microchipping, experimentation with mind control etc.

Psychiatry regularly covers up for mind control experimentation and unethical human experimentation. They also assist abuses of power by utlizing punitive psychiatry upon anyone who is dissident such as radiation victims in Japan recently. Psychiatry is a perfect place for destruction of targeted people to begin.

Many Targeted Individuals get hit with technologies creating medical conditions that benefit the medical industrial complex but also create what seems like physical conditions like panic attacks so when the person goes to the ER thinking they had a heart attack, the doctors diagnose a panic attack. The patient is immediately sent to a psychiatrist which makes no sense for something that manifests physically.

This gets the targeted person into the psychiatric system and probably to be prescribed psych meds. Then, diagnosed. Often the person is kept down for life by living on disability especially if they were raised on assistance and conditioned for learned helplessness.

Survivors of mind control or experimentation like MK Ultra, high level programming, ritual abuse etc are handled by steps like this in the system. If they wake up at all espcially from drug abuse with the little bit of deprogramming that goes on in Narcotics Anonymous and similiar 12 step programs then the shadow system takes steps to get the Survivor into these situations so that they go from drug addiction and virtual poverty to a diagnoses and disability. Its explained away by saying that the person was dual diagnoses and was self medicating thier psychiatric condition(s) to begin with. Even if the person never had something like a panic attack with its physical manifestations before in thier lives.

Dr Cameron who was at the root of Project Paperclip and Mk Ultra became the head of psychiatry in his lifetime. Says enough I would think.

I have found that PTSD can be worsened or induced by these technologies. Running memories of traumatic experiences, especially in adulthood, repeatedly, is a result of the use of these technologies. They should be treating 'electromagnetic pollution' and sensitivity to start instead.

Michelle Obama Is Not Amused- Ninety Miles From Tyranny Blog

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Govt Contractors Creating Multiple False Persons To Influence Social Media

There is some documentation in this article for its claims.

"Internet users would be well advised to ask another question entirely: Are my “friends” even real people?

In the continuing saga of data security firm HBGary, a new caveat has come to light: not only did they plot to help destroy secrets outlet WikiLeaks and discredit progressive bloggers, they also crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online “personas,” allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they’d like.

The revelation was among those contained in the company’s emails, which were dumped onto bittorrent networks after hackers with cyber protest group “Anonymous” broke into their systems.

In another document unearthed by “Anonymous,” one of HBGary’s employees also mentioned gaming geolocation services to make it appear as though selected fake persons were at actual events.

“There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas,” it said."

Most Of Intelligence Work Now Done Being Outsourced To Private Contractors

"In April, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell was poised to publicize a year-long examination of outsourcing by U.S. intelligence agencies. But the report was inexplicably delayed -- and suddenly classified a national secret. What McConnell doesn't want you to know is that the private spy industry has succeeded where no foreign government has: It has penetrated the CIA and is running the show.

Over the past five years (some say almost a decade), there has been a revolution in the intelligence community toward wide-scale outsourcing. Private companies now perform key intelligence-agency functions, to the tune, I'm told, of more than $42 billion a year. Intelligence professionals tell me that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) -- the heart, brains and soul of the CIA -- has been outsourced to private firms such as Abraxas, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon."

Good ol' Raytheon right here in Waltham, MA the hometown of my maternal family for 123 years.  Ive seen cops in on this too. How does that tie in? Uniformed ones in marked cars. Waltham is absolutely terrible for gang stalking. Cops have no problem there being involved and that includes working with large gang stalking groups where tech is in use also in torturing the target. I have videos of this from a few years ago- back when they still did whatever they wanted to people without any oversight its seems.
I remember years ago it was very bad in Boston- they would only stop the extreme torture if you looked like you were in pain like showing outward signs of pain and suffering. Ambulances, helicopters. It was awful. The ambulances had people in them that would keep an eye on you and it seemed if they drove by and you looked really messed up and contorted it would stop.
This is why so many TIs hate First Responders. Ambulance drivers, medical professionals specifically nurses and secretaries, cops, firemen and anyone working on buses or trains (both public and private transport companies) are the nastiest most violent, sadistic 'gang stalking' perps that existed during Bush and early Obama (Hayden being head of CIA time period). Very evil and very into psychologically destroying the Target if not physically also. Its part of the mind-f*ck that the very people you are supposed to trust most in society to help you are the people doing the most damage. It also ingrains in you as part of behavior modification that you are run by or have to obey whatever abuse come down from trusted public servants in uniforms. It assists in behavior modifying dissidents to accept abusive, ultimate, omnipotent power and control from those in authority or who seemingly represent authority.
Survivors are treated no better than a K-9 dog they want to make into a lap dog for adoption.

Its why lone shooters snap and kill people- its what they arent telling you about how this all works.

These people have done whatever they want for the past ten years. They also have used tech along with these actions.

I wonder who warned the likes of me and other TI's? Was it some other faction that was doing the gang stalking and the private companies were hired to watch us and help us or was it the private companies doing the most horrible of stuff then somewhere, there was some sort of actual governmental forces left who actually still believed in taking care of thier citizens?

I would safely say that the contractors are scum bags. The gang stalkers Ive dealt with have revealed too much that ties them to contractors. How else could what we think is 'the government' be able to get away with what has gone on as well as seemingly just ignore the fact that it is indeed going on? No one is listening to Targets stories about this sort of thing going on and these are war crimes. How the hell are they going unnoticed? The only way would be via classification that was black project status or classified projects or its being done by the private sector so complaining about war crimes is useless anyway.

Is it possible that a system has been set up in which citizens have absolutely no legal recourse against private companies who are committing war crimes??? No legal action can be taken at all?? If thats true then people like me should certainly not be living in this country.

Then again when you are trying to take over the world by using classified technologies and hiding your experimentation for doing so under war time anti terror actions domestically..

The problem is that probably there is an opportunity for legal action. Its just that discrediting activists and whistle blowers is considered part of thier warfare thats justified so that anyone trying to get awareness out to the public so the public could possibly take legal action or prompt thier leaders and reps to do so is both silenced and in the minority. There could be changes made but not enough people are aware of whats really going on to do so, therefore they go on just crushing what small, insignificant opposition remains.

Intense Weather Interferes With Mass Mind Control

Btw the only reason that I am even able to make a coherent post like the previous is becuz due to xmas season and a northeaster snow storm here in Boston there aren't that many people out or in the libraries and colleges also, heavy snow, like a long heavy thunder storm, always interferes with mass mind control- it either screws up the tech or the chemical influences which I am not sure but it does something to thier systems plus perps are lazy, insecure, weak, loser a-holes who aren't going to come out in this weather to mess with people.

Notice how its calm, stays on the point and doesnt consist of me being angry, freaked out about the reverse racism being used in my campaign or any other of the diversions they have created so I discredit myself.

I feel almost normal today. It helps I was inside last night with friends and I started menstruating today. I notice that the hormonal activity and cycles of females out of thier 20's is weaved into their system of targeting women. This is probably by design as its been noted that alot of Targets are older women of high intelligence who have a history or even family history of activism and whistleblowing.

Its laughably obvious that they are screwing with the natural order of human life by blowing away the tribe's caretakers, shamans and elders- as things were before false orders like Abrahamic religion, industrialism etc were introduced we made to live by these as a societal structure.

The people behind this simply use technologies, chemical influence and psychological ops to shape society as they would like it to be. Eventually, entire time lines are altered leaving alot of human beings in a spiritual and mental living hell which of course you can escape from by accepting the falsified time lines or rather, the results of thier behavior modification and influence on your life and the altered world around you.

Which of course you shouldnt do but as long as you live they will make sure you stay marginalize and dont exist or have any sort of life in society. 

Govt Sued Over Drone Attacks On Americans

Perhaps this is why there seems to be a holding pattern now of Targets like myself. They know we could possibly organize and sue the contractors, the govt and the companies that make the tech or anything else for that matter maybe even private black ops companies. As well as misconduct by the feds and police departments nation wide.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cruel Experimentation On Homeless Animals-PETA

If people can do this to HOMELESS animals, why not homeless or disadvantaged people? Especially clicking on the stories about how the military practices medics on animals. So animals have to endure cruelty so that the military industrial complex can create profit from more wars???

Sounds like the continued and past covert use of unethical HUMAN experimentation done by the military. (MK Ultra being military and CIA projects).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Terrorism and Mental Health: The issue of psychological fragility Amin A. Muhammad Gadit ( Discipline of Psychiatry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL A1B 3V6 Canada)

Native American Womens' Forced Sterilization Under GHW Bush Population Control Program-Yet The Idea Made Sense..Sort Of..For Poor AMERICAN Citizens

1976: Government admits forced sterilization of Indian Women:

To be honest, I can understand why someone in power would take actions to sterilize growing numbers of poor people. Look how over populated the world is now, and as its suspected now in the NWO, the world powers that be are just going to kill us off with pollution, radiation from nuclear accidents or electromagnetic pollution or some more direct action to depopulate. Perhaps Bush was trying to be more...humane. Ive lived in African American community and poor white areas-there does need to be some sort of stop on the number of children women have as they often have them for the wrong reasons.

However, it should have been done more with education, a system of reforming welfare where women would be left to fend for themselves if they had more children than was a sane and reasonable number for thier income. Many poor women have more children to get more benefits and all of you out there who live or have lived in areas like I have DON'T FRICKIN LIE- you know its true.

Also, education about overpopulation and other incentives- not trickery, misinformation and outright decieving women or coercing. Using government funding yet.

I absolutely disagree with any of the above being done to Native women. Its thier land and Natives were genocided in larger numbers than any genocide in history through bio warfare, outright killing, relocation, starvation, slavery, forced sexual slavery etc.

To even suggest they should have their offspring's numbers limited is outright wrong.

I do agree with something fair and humane for every other ethnic group and culture in the USA however. The new independence of women, birth control and the welfare system is what created this problem and by the 70's it was getting pretty bad.

It should be obvious that this action was probably taken against Native women not just due to poverty but due to the Native American activism and 'Indian movement' going on in the 70's.

One of the reasons I want to leave the USA is that many problems here are due to many groups of people, classes and political parties not admitting to the truth about what those problems are to begin with. To be honest, an action like this is typical of thsi country as the poorer classes and Dems/ Liberals wont be honest about the truth of their culture and its pitfalls. I am sick of a country that simply changes its tactics every 4-8 years and solves its problems by scapegoating whatever group of people they decide to shift the problems to, so they can 'help' another group of people, most likely who have problems to begin with due to failures in the system as well as their own fault.

America wants unfairness, chaos and to keep a tug-of-war going between classes, races, religions and political parties always. Instead of finding centralist solutions that would create a sane, reasonable system that worked. It seems if you study the years that go by that wise people in positions of advantage always make money off of whatever shifts occur in America from politics to economy to social.

Most people are forced to weather the storm, riding on the dangerous waves of upset seas and like suckers, enjoy the few peaceful times that exist.

This is all by design.

Knowing that and taking that into consideration, what Bush did here is actually a noble attempt- in a typically brutal, upper class, dictorial manner. But its logical is the point and its PROBLEM SOLVING. It could be retaliation for the uprising but it seems that it was done to every poor ethnic group.

Which is crueler: solving a problem-though in a crass and immoral fashion or adding to that problem though you might appear a hero of the people as you coddle them and fund them..TO DEATH (eventually)?

My wish is that the public would stop acting like irresponsible children in this country and self govern more regularly. America is not exactly a place where people strive for independence based on character, reason or sanity. We strive for monetary power, ownership, material gain and status for the most part.

It seems that the system wants poor people to be ignorant and unable to self govern. There's always problems, always a mess and always a vote to be gotten by the ignorant useless eaters.
In the USA you have to chose between being the latter or the former and it seems nothing else is available nowadays. You cant live outside the system anymore-there's simply no place left to exist in this country like there used to be if you want to be 'alternative' and live probably more European like and get away from the two groups of raving a-holes I just mentioned.

So America is this predictable constant war between these two kinds of people. And never is a country created where reason reigns. And Americans seem to like it this way and not mind how time wasting, LIFE WASTING and totally f*cked this is...which is why I want to leave once I get my health together and attempt a lawsuit. No matter what happens I am leaving.

Because to be honest, Bush's idea made sense. Yet, the absolute lack of morality or decency towards specifically Native peoples did not.

Its the best you are going to get in the USA.

Monday, December 9, 2013

TI Soleilmavis Liu Has Published A Book:TWELVE YEARS IN THE GRAVE-Mind Control With Electromagnetic Spectrums, The Invisible Modern Concentration Camp

Her book has been published with lulu.

Twelve Years In The Grave
Subtitle: Mind Control With Electromagnetic Spectrums, The Invisible Modern Concentration Camp.

Author: Soleilmavis Liu

Go to the following link to see more details:


Press release:
"Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. It provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

Soleilmavis Liu is also a sponsor and activist of Peacepink: Worldwide Campaign to stop the abuse and torture with Mind Control technologies and Directed Energy Weapons for the past ten years, to bring public awareness and to help victims seek justice.

Readers of her book have come to learn of these technologies and the crimes, which - if not exposed and publicized – in the future humanity would no longer know the meaning of physical inviolability and privacy.

An interview with Soleilmavis Liu,"

Rap Is Directly Connected To Investments In The Corporate Prison System- An Insider Gives Testimony

The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music And Destroyed A Generation:

" The subject quickly changed as the speaker went on to tell us that the respective companies we represented had invested in a very profitable industry which could become even more rewarding with our active involvement. He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments."

"We were told that these prisons were built by privately owned companies who received funding from the government based on the number of inmates. The more inmates, the more money the government would pay these prisons. It was also made clear to us that since these prisons are privately owned, as they become publicly traded, we’d be able to buy shares."

" ...since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons."

I knew it and I told you so. I believe this story as it sounds a lot like what my uncle and mother made comment about that goes on in the music and drug industries and organized crime (my uncle had worked for a club and music promoter Don Law as well as an Italian mafia figure in the 70's in Boston).

It also sounds a lot like what I've been dealing with for years now in the gang stalking system. The muscling of people, the intimidation and the using of human beings as cattle and experimentees for profit.

Now, here, is something more concrete to back up my suspicions about hip hop and its effects on human beings especially poor, uneducated, angry people and specifically youths.

This also makes it more plausible that many industry people in entertainment might have investment in say, the military industrial complex and thus gang stalking and doing media psy ops is a way of pumping up their investment(s).

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Video: Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence - Former FBI agent and ACLU Policy Counsel Michael German

When he says that he claims he's heard that these investigations are used for good training for the undercover operatives- what if its also being done to Targeted Individuals?

If enough harassment is done to a TI its not for the cover story investigations- its for the purpose of MK Ultra.
The cover stories give the system the time and stream of harassment it needs to do enough damage to the brain and nervous system that is part of what MK Ultra was about- for behavior modification, mind control etc.
It sounds like the huge gaps in these systems are being taken advantage of by the higher level people who actually have, on classified levels, have the ability to keep track of all of whats going on and thus hiding THIER classified level operations within these sloppy, huge, cumbersome intel operations that are riddled with human error and bureaucratic confusion and slow processing.

In fact, that is exactly what is going on as that is how I have experienced these things going on over the past ten years. He even says that there isnt enough accountability. But someone...somewhere WITH ALOT OF RESOURCES, MONEY AND ACCESS DOES have the ability to see what is going on as if from a bird's eye view and they take advantage of it to put forth thier operations.

You have to remember that the 'gang stalkers' and perps seem almost non human. This is why so many people go off into the alien conspiracy theories. The tech and chemical influence(s) they use are biblical in nature. There has often been reported a burning reported in the presence of certain perp groups during certain operations. This is what was claimed by biblical writers when they came into contact with angelic beings or demonic ones. This could easily be the effects of microwave technologies.

The strange shape shifting say of people into reptilian entities, could be done by combining certain psychotropic or psychedelic drugs with tech or even psychic warriors (Dick Cheney's SPOON BENDERS or similar). I actually experienced this in the winter of 2008 in St Louis, MO. I knew it was bullshit when it occurred. I was being dosed and drugged at this hostel. There was a former military man present who was friends with the hostel owner. His brother was a unique and sought after botanist and expert on mushrooms and fungus and their drug properties. He liked to create psychedelic drugs for private use.

After his visit to his brother and to the hostel and after these horrible experiences I had when he was present HE LEFT TO RETURN TO SOUTH AMERICA AS HE HAD JUST ACQUIRED SOME ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ACQUIRE GOVERNMENT GRANT FUNDING for his further research into plants in that area.
Remember this is all connected to Harvard and other colleges. The SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW the movie and the book was about an actual Harvard professor seeking out the secrets of Haitian voodoo zombies and found the power is in the poison of the puffer fish. These progresses in chemistry and botany all tie into use with MK Ultra and other classified research of military/CIA and other entities.

You can make a lot of people see and believe things with drugs, tech and enough brain washing by human forces- which is all gang stalking is anyway. Those three things.

Ive seen these people infiltrate GREYHOUND and rent an entire bus to use for experimentation in the southwest. If the CIA can gain control of entire jets from thier buddies like the Red Sox Nation for interrogation flights, why couldnt some powerful entity gain access to a bus for a classified project? Its almost the same thing really.

Ive seen the 'gang stalkers' use driver-less cars before they were put out officially by DARPA (as expensive toys to impress the public with their technological progress.) Who could think that a driver-less car could be used in psychological warfare to further destroy a Target...or better yet perhaps to assist an important person connected to a politician who's long time child care assistant got out of hand and needed to be crushed in the family's driveway? It could have been done this way. (Some of you know the strange death I am referring to.)

They have the capacity to show up and perform a tactic in a moment in time in sync with the Target. Yes, they can read minds with tech, psychic warriors and they seem to be able to see forward in time but only in short time. This is why I believe they know what they are doing when they alter entire time lines.
All of this seems too far reaching for some people to grasp. I am just pointing out that the people who are working thier operations within the sloppiness, chaos and human error and slowness of what we DO see- have the superior abilities to utilize this to their advantage.

And this is exactly thier style: utilizing chaos, order-out-of-chaos is a common motto associated with secret societies. Also what I have dubbed 'Passive Gang Stalking' is present.
Its the practice of people around a Target dropping the ball, forgetting to do things or the TI suffering from what can be written off as bad luck, negligence, human error, systems that dont work, missing files- you name it. This is all bullshit. Its still gang stalking except the actions against the person are passive. They arent aggressive, outright actions. The damage is done by inaction of some sort.

This is exactly what is being created in these systems in order to allow them to be screwed up enough to appear ineffective and inefficient. If people understood that there is a system that can oversee all of this activity to take advantage of it to hide their own operations, then they would also understand that there exists a system that could run things properly so the chaos that exists in an inefficient system such as being discusses in this video is allowed to exist on purpose.

It is within this falsely created chaos, that the 'gang stalking' system with its many horrors connected to MK Ultra etc, exists. On classified levels of course and probably hidden in black budgets.

People start reading what I just wrote about the far reaching big picture and take it as an oddity or useful myth about whats really 'out there'. Its much closer to home than that.
Years ago citizens didnt have to live this way in order to survive. We now have a very low quality of life in America especially mentally and spiritually due to this system being in place. There is no way that anyone should have to live as we do now just so some shadow system can progress to infinite levels of power on earth. It wasnt this way why must it be now?

This is the essence and true meaning of The New World Order. Its what they arent telling people about this new order. Its an actual restructuring of society..and a very disturbing alteration of time lines.
 The way we are forced to live now daily, is a result of the monkey wrenching of the shadow people and thier system that operates within the cracks and ball-dropping screw ups of the legit system in place. It has created a reality that many people arent happy with. Unless you are rich and connected enough so that it doesnt effect you. Which is why its for the elite.