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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Next President Will Continue The Globalist Agenda and Continue The Insanity As Long As We Are Held Captive In A Post 9-11 Deception

I'm in a quiet bathroom in the tub. Finishing that last post I heard that Trumps been impeached.

In this quiet room I can now hear the cheers and celebrations as they must sound around the US especially in an obnoxious Liberal Elitist strong hold like Boston area has become.

I dread going into the city soon as I will havw to tolerate the ongoing grind of self satisfied people who feel validated and bonded by their 'victory' in accomplishing the goals of their political party and ideologies just like Boston sports fans after their team has won.

This area of the country like many others but more so then many other parts of the country engages in a kind of blind loyalty to their team I will celebrate getting their way as they always do without really knowing anything about the issues or anything about the president that they hate so much just like they didn't really know much of anything about the president before that nor will they really know a lot about the president that's coming in. Because what's more important is Towing the line put forth by their team. Many of these people are just common people and shockingly in this area of the country many of them have higher education like a lot of Education until they choose to run with propaganda instead of the real issues it's going to be quite painful.

I would prefer living in a place where people pointed out all of the mistakes and misgivings and problems with Obama but you can hear a pin drop in this city when it came to that but there's those of us that had to live through it and I'm sure that the children killed in drone strikes when automated Warfare should be illegal in our world I've had to live through haar's as well well nobody pays attention because we can't go up against our team can we. Nor will they pay attention to the horrible things that we're going on at the end of the Obama Administration that second term which Trump which I'd like to thank him and all of the people with him for has fixed including the mess over at the FBI.

I think Russia is a huge problem and I think that Russia coming down communism falling and everything from Russia being for sale whether it be KGB agent Consulting skills or nuclear subs which organized criminals are buying I think it's very dangerous the government should have been pulled down like that without safeguards and a lot of what you're seeing I think he is bleed over from that I think both parties are involved with Ukraine and Russia and that's what needs to be looked at. What needs to be looked at is this new monetary system that India China and Russia are trying to form together and destroy the West that's what he needs to be looked at by the public not who's sitting in the throne. Again the powers-that-be keep the public in a 20th century reality while they live in a twenty-first-century reality who's president I don't even think it matters and if it does matter to you then you need to make sure that the next person you put in office deals with global issues and you need to know what the global issues are stop living locally because it's not like that anymore especially with business trade in politics.

You have to hand it to Trump and Company at least see cleaned up the FBI and he's right upon seeing the new Authority in the FBI he said with an attitude like that you're never going to clean up and change the FBI.

Someone fixes one abuse of power from the last Administration yet Trump pushing 5G Towers may just help another kind of abuse of power so it doesn't matter who's in office you have to pay attention to the issues and what makes me so mad about people in this area of the country in which I'm going to have to tolerate in the next few days listening to this crap coming out of their mouth they act as if their party is totally blameless and they don't do anything wrong I mean the stakes are getting really high in these Global games megacities building booms technology that some of us don't want and nobody's resisting it except a few cities here and there yeah you could move to San Francisco for health reasons to get away from 5G cuz they're blocking it but then you've got the effects of Fukushima Canta to contend with. Yeah you could try to escape America and go back to Europe like many of us have thought about but Mass immigration that's undocumented and no freedom of speech and no right to bear arms there's no place to go home to it's pointless you've got a better deal here as long as you defend the Constitution but now they're finding ways around that.

Let's look at what Trump has done that's positive and you have absolutely no idea I'm not saying the collusion with Russia didn't occur I'm not saying that a lot of people including myself being framed up at the end of the Obama Administration before Trump got in and all of the weird interference from Facebook and Russia and that company in London Cambridge Analytics that the whole thing who knows who is really behind all the frame-ups including Mayan during that time. Was it Trump and company coming in or was it the Obama Administration and Company was Hillary they didn't want to go out somebody got really crazy and they went too far and it seems as if it's been dealt with and it definitely had something to do with Russia and the FBI but the danger here is the public not seeing these over steps of authority if you thought the bush era was bad the last 4 years of Obama was horrible. And if we don't look at these issues these open doors now that the people in power have access to to go through an abused power in ways that people do not see and the potential abuse of power of these Technologies and the exclusion that's going to work her if these megacities come and the building boom keeps pushing people out well people are brainwashed by corporate diversity politics which isn't the real world outside of a corporation or an institution like a college which increasingly is becoming people's only understanding of an environment. We have to start understanding how globalism is real and how it has restructured Society outside of the scope of what we see including it and how we think about our world on a daily basis and looking at the things that have changed 10 years ago I highly doubt if I would have been framed the way that I was or anyone that was framed at that time. It was an activist and it was right after we kileak some Bradley Manning. With that kind of access to that kind of Firepower or ability to act illegally or two abused power that to that extent to that severity you have to ask yourself about the 5G Towers or selling Boston Dynamics robots to anybody in the private sector over the public sector and how the 5G towers are going to connect devices probably eventually robotic devices and how does a I fit into this the public are focused on the wrong things there are those of us that have seen how bad this is gotten with the advancement of technology and the growing of globalism and all of these side shows are just smoke screens. Hate is blind in the public along with a lot of other factors has been going on since in the in the post 9/11 World that's what the public needs to pay attention to not who's in the throne that doesn't even matter anymore pay attention to the issues that are being dealt with by the guy in the throne and the people around him.

just because you think that the left or Democrats are good and the other side is evil it doesn't work that way both of them have self-interest and special interest and both of them do really bad things and both of them are capable of accomplishing helpful things to people and really good things.
I shouldn't expect the public to change, and people are only going to be concerned with their Breads and circuses and this is typical behavior for the public the danger here is that as the internet makes the world seem smaller which I don't even understand that concept at all but I guess they do with our minds work the world is more connected let's say you think you know everything but you probably know less or you don't know as much as you think and as the world becomes connected and people live in this virtual world in the internet our cities are becoming more spread out and people are being pushed out and excluded are people becoming completely lost in their own cities and towns well this smokescreen of inclusion that isn't part of human nature and doesn't really exist outside of Institutions and corporate jobs covers for the in justices that are happening.
What I've seen over the last 15 16 years from the ground level has become really scary it's extremely frightening and it has nothing to do with who's in office I mean it does but ironically some of the most scary things I've seen four years ago seemed to be put to rest by the man that's being impeached you have to realize there is no good and evil side There's globalist issues that are facing all of humanity that need to be dealt with and you need to pay attention instead of thinking in this old Twentieth Century way where it's like oh between the parties or my team wins or there's some very pressing issues right now and no one is paying attention because they think they know what's going on because of the internet and as you pay more attention to this fake virtual world you're actually not paying attention to what's going on in your local communities.

You have an entire generation of kids that don't nothing but technology and endless war as normal they're completely brainwashed a lot of them are either growing up out of it has broken the control of the system and know what's going on or some of them are smart enough not to fall for it to begin with but there's a lot of really scary people who think that their social justice Warriors and they're just common people who wouldn't be doing this kind of shit if it was given to them by access to the internet so which is why they're so bad at it and was twice such a disaster because not everybody can be an activist or a warrior and you getting all these people that have absolutely no self-esteem and they're nobodies and they have the power of the mob and pure power and they just are not handling it correctly I have to constantly be schooled bossed around and basically feel like I have someone having a thority over me that is young enough to be my kid in this area of the country almost constantly and it is really really obnoxious.

I don't know if they're brainwashed or they just don't know that they're wrong or don't want to admit they're wrong I have no idea how these kids think I don't have kids but the whole thing is really scary to watch and if anybody is really really really good at recruiting Youth and getting them to work for their policies it's the people in power that are corrupt and the kids don't realize they're working for the corrupt power structure do you have an entire generation of young people that cannot be trusted to be involved in a fight for Global Justice or the fight to make sure Humanity generally survives and is an enslaved those are pretty scary odds.

And unfortunately living in the Northeast being around major colleges around the country I have seen that these little RB our creations of the left and what's called The Deep state I think we can all deal in this country those of us over 40 with the oppression that comes from Neo cons and Republicans to the right it's been a complete mine blower to have the left start turning on us and turn into whatever the hell it is they are now but you have to pull back and remember that it's all part of this globalist problem it's a global problem so each side probably wants some of the same things and they have these bulshit fights in front of people and they have this bipartisan hatred on the public is Falls for it if he comes Breads and circuses it becomes entertainment something to do something to be part of and it's really a pain in the ass I mean a serious endurance to anybody right now in a major city trying to do real activism it is shocking how bad traditionally Democratic cities have become.

It wasn't racism that got Trump elected it was the insanity of two presidents prior and people becoming sick of a growing surveillance State Police State corporate liberal elitist posing as doing good but just working for a globalist agenda not allowed to ask questions deceptions and the fact it had to do with a constant presence of the same political group Hillary Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Obama Bush it was always the same people a lot of people got sick of career politicians.
That anyone who was a decent activist it's worth their weight on this subject matters can produce an interview or a speech from every single one of the people in that group just mentioned that has given a speech or an interview mentioning the New World Order the World Order of Things Trump is in interrupting the world order from Bush to Clinton to Obama to whoever that's part of what got him elected.
The people that voted for Trump I'm sure that they know he's just as big of a piece of shit is any of them he's a wheeler-dealer he's a businessman he went bankrupt went to Russia and sold houses and condos to those people to get back on his feet who knows who the hell owns is ass but there's a point where you have to send in a Maverick because it just gets too ridiculous when the same people are in power for too long and they start doing really crazy shit. And the frame apps of all those dissidents and activist including myself after Bradley Manning and after WikiLeaks it's hard to even tell if it's one camp or the other or if it's outside influence moving both of them but all of us know one thing it's a way of denying us our freedom of speech in a country that guarantees it by the Constitution because someone somewhere does not want us any of us that are doing a line of actors of activism that actually has an effect on their agenda doesn't want us speaking out and what we're saying You must have some weight to it and has an effect and it's about global issues like the military industrial complex takeover of our culture and endless war under false pretenses how wrong it is to have automated Warfare AI robots 5G LED lights I can keep going. All of the issues that affect Humanity globally and it seems like anybody that has anything to say about those issues that actually is confident and articulate and is making good points that's who got framed and of course Alex Jones after his wife did seem to be protection for him divorce sound because nobody should take Alex Jones 100% seriously but the fact that now conspiracy theories are going to become lone Shooters and that's the sphere I conspiracy theory in Excel and now you're not allowed to speak and you have to be afraid and if you put forth a conspiracy theory the FBI FBI again is saying that it's dangerous and all this other nonsense how many times do we have to have free speech blocked by the sneaky deceptive ways to realize that there must be something to what people are saying that they don't want you to hear. So the next person that you voted into office be very careful because as far as a lot of us can see cool lives through the absolute horrors of the past 5 years beginning in 2015 or 16 not 2017/2016 and it really started to become creepy kind of around like 2013 actually those of us that have seen how bad this is it can only get worse if the public don't wake up to the fact that it's not about bipartisan hate or being a little brat doesn't even know how the world Works yet thinking that you don't have to listen to people that are 20 years older than you and you know everything because you have the peer power of the mob.

I think Trump's only mistake was that he didn't realize that he can't wheel and deal the way that he does over Italy and his boardroom and the the Oval Office or white house cuz every other president probably does the same shit I can imagine Bush doing the same thing but doing it much more delicately. The Sun the father of course much much more delicately like the criminal genius that he was like a surgeon you know I mean they say Trump is a street fighter well I think Bush did the same things but HW Bush just did it very delicately and we didn't have the internet. So you can impeach whatever you want you can elect whoever you want the same problems are going to be there and I'm sick and tired of the public becoming actually the biggest endurance two real activists trying to get anything done on a global scale for all of humanity not just some petty agenda on either side watching Fox News pitted against CNN this entire time has just shown me how marketable this is two rings at a three ring circus watch whichever ring you want that's all the CNN and fox was this whole time. Was actually really scary is what's going on behind the curtain make sure you decide correctly next time because this can only get worse

Monday, December 16, 2019

5g Towers and Other Horrors Are Being Implemented While We Are Diverted With Impeachment

While everyone was kept occupied w/faux impeachment trials the patriot act was passed with flying colors and record breaking trillions to the pentagon:

5G And Drones- A Bleak Future:

Physicians for Safe Technology
5th Generation (5G) Telecommunications Uses Gigahertz (GHz) Millimeter Sized Wavelengths

There could soon be ugly and 'dangerous' cell towers everywhere

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death

Map shows the cities where deadly 5G cell towers are being rolled out… do you live in one of these?

5G: The Most Dangerous Technological Development of the Millennium

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

5G Radiation Dangers – Get The Facts!

Alfred Hitchcock or 5G? Birds are Dying Near Newly Installed Towers?

Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California

5G Networks Use Same Frequency As Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons

5G Radiation Uses Same Frequencies As Pentagon’s “Active Denial System” Crowd Control Weapons

5G network is designed for mass mind control of citizens

5G Apocalypse – The London Event’ facilitated an expert panel on the 5G existential threat at the iconic Chelsea Old Town Hall in England.

This Week in Washington: Security in 5G Networks, Setting Standards, for AI and Promoting Civil Liberties in CIA Data Collection

CIA Admits They Are Spying On You Through Your Appliances- 5G Internet Of Things

There's hope if people become aware and cities and towns keep fighting the installation. Some are already saying no to this technology.
Surpisingly San Francisco is one of them.

California is Fighting 50,000 New 5G Cell Towers Linked to Cancer Risk. Bills in THESE States Will Permit Their Installation in YOUR Backyard

Major City Blocking 5G Cell Towers Over Concerns They Can Cause Cancer

Amid the political diversions politicians have been fast tracking this tech just like the new LED lights that are causing so many health issues for humans and animals and destroying our environment we need for health and well being even further.

Now we see the usefulness of rolling out caracitures like Gerta the
16 yr old from Sweden with no degree who doesn't even know how the real world works yet. it's possibly a diversion to stop people from seeing the new kinds of pollution.

It's shocking that this is being pushed by governments like the LED lights. The 5G Towers under the guise of some kind of race against China for technologic dominance.

Trump campaign pushes government intervention on 5G

Trump wants 5G 'and even 6G' in US as soon as possible

Scoop: Trump team considers nationalizing 5G network

Politicians and the system have also quietly gone after public lands while our backs were turned paying attention to the circus and the side shows and it's really worrisome that even if you escape the cities you won't be able to get away from 5G because now it's implemented on public land.

Trump Signs Executive Order Expediting Rural Broadband with Federal Lands, Towers and Fiber

Trump's New Rural Broadband Executive Order Doesn't Actually Do Much Of Anything

Business as usual they go after native land still if there's something they want on it or to build a pipeline through but now they're going after public lands and the actions of three presidents are being repealed to do this. I think it only one case they pulled back their efforts which was Utah public has Utah wouldn't put up with it.

A Timeline of Donald Trump's War on Public Lands

Open for Business: The Trump Revolution on America’s Public Lands

Op-Ed: The Trump administration is redefining the ‘public’ in ‘public lands’

The Great Western Public Land Robbery

Trump officials reverse course on selling public lands

So while everyone is wasting their time with antifa and fake riots probably instigated by agents or some private security company employees and the circus show likely put on by both sides, remember the more you focus on hating the president the less you're going to pay attention to the issues that really matter. Nobody paid attention to Fukushima to the extent they should've. I run into people that don't even know what it is but they know what all the bombings are shootings are.
What kind of world are we going to be left with if this continues?

Maybe if we had listened to people like the Union of Concerned Scientists and the like back in the 80s

Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings

It should have been dealt with then. Environmentalism was part of the 90s culture but I doubt if there's been much institutional change. In post 9/11 culture technology became popular with the public and it seemed that planned obsolescence was a normal part of life along with endless war. Environmental issues fell by the wayside.

Corporations prefer the studies done by scientists who are career ambitious that put out stats and results fits their agendas. it's typical that the public is becoming so dumb down and so terrorized into slow thinking that they're paying attention to a 16 year old autistic girl who has no degree and no worldly influence. it's another sideshow.

It doesn't matter who you impeach now. It doesn't matter who's President.
As long as this country does not want to know what happened on 9/11 everything after that is part of an ongoing deception or mistake. Also, not impeaching George Bush for election fraud and other crimes at that same time frame.
We should have been following our laws which is why you have clown after clown in office now because in a sense its a falsified timeline or a result of undue influence.

Yes, Bush v. Gore Did Steal the Election

US Presidential Election Fraud 2000

Why did some people want to impeach GW Bush

H.Res. 1258 (110th)

Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Little Justification

As long as this country doesn't solve that mystery and learn the truth and everything that happened along with it's going to keep on going just the way it's been going regardless of whos in office.

Friday, December 6, 2019

BAE Systems NH Location President in 2016 now named CEO

I always keep up with relevant current news.

I'll always be around.

I'm not going anywhere.

And neither is this blog.