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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

(intentional) Scent Harassment

Scent Harassment also known as intentional scent harassment.

When researching this, don't confuse this with 'smell harassment' which is a workplace issue, most recently in the news in places like Japan concerning offensive body odors in the workplace.

'Scent harassment' concerns the use of chemicals that effect a person's olfactory system. It can be used to make someone suffer who has chemical sensitivity but also as a means of triggering a memory so as to control the person. In GS theory, essentially scent harassment can be perceived as a form of chemical warfare or psychological warfare depending on the exact circumstances. 

Olfactory memories are strongest of all of our memories and in the link below it's obvious that memories or reactions can be triggered from something humans can smell.

Here is one legal case of chemical smells or scents used to harass a person referred to as "intentional scent harassment" in the case. The  harassment is perhaps an example  of 'workplace mobbing' and it's definitely an example of retaliation for complaining about workplace conditions.

Boardman Clark Labor Employment Updates

Disability Intentional scent harassment. A county jail dental assistant had severe reactions to scents. She requested accommodation of having air fresheners and sprays removed from break areas and restrooms. The sheriff’s office took no action. Then other employees, allegedly including the dentist she worked for, began planting cotton balls and paper towels soaked with strong scents and strong dental medications around her work area and by where she kept her coat and purse. The dentist told her she was ​“psycho” when she complained about the scents. The dental assistant suffered severe facial swelling, breathing difficulties, vision impairments and increased blood pressure due to the strong scents, and missed work. In spite of repeated complaints about the ongoing problems and the planted scents, the sheriff’s office failed to even investigate. The court found ample evidence for an ADA case. Mitter v. County of DuPage (N.C. Ill., 2013).

The case also shows how the chemicals used to produce scents or smells can be utilized as chemical warfare either to create new disabling conditions  over time or to cause the victim damage because the chemicals cause harm to the body or exacerbate a pre existing condition like chemical sensitivity, allergy or allergic reactions (anaphylaxis, hives, swelling heavy chest, trouble breathing).

Its obvious to any long term Target that the goal over time is to deny the victim  quality of life and to disable them by ruining their health. Its especially desirable to the GS system that Targeted Individuals appear to suffer under normal circumstances and from natural causes.  A person's health can be diminished over time and it can be made to appear to be a normal aging process. 

There are plenty of people in the medical profession who lack a spine and are career focused as well as the normal urge to protect their families, who will invalidate or deny even documented damage to a patient who's a TI. 
(And no I don't advocate discussing GS Theory with medical professionals because it's not relevant, unless one can relate it as being an unsafe situation or not feeling safe and it is extremely stressful. However, if there are specific situations that occur where there's direct action against a Target then certainly this can be mentioned so that the health care practitioner can be aware of any harassment or abuse even if it's not their department to deal with it. Informing a health care provider of any ongoing easily documented harassment or abuse will let them know that you're going through a stressful situation or that the abuse may effect your health issues.)

It's difficult to find any practitioners nowadays from big hospitals that take chemical sensitivity seriously which is sad because medicine was going in a holistic direction years ago. If I get a new PCP and they disregard or invalidate my severe exposure to mold two decades ago and invalidate how it's diminished my quality of life I simply disregard that practitioner and politely inform the office I am no longer a patient. 
This can also be considered a form of Passive Gang Stalking or passive harassment which utilizes negligence, purposeful ignorance etc in order to cause harm and this sort of harassment should be watched out for vigilantly as it can cause more harm over time than interference or action against a Target).

Intentional Scent Harassment can also be used to perform psychological harassment on a person. 
Inducing PTSD or using a person's PTSD as a weapon against them is common in GS psych harassment. Working on those nerves and that mechanism is something this system does best.

Inducing stress also seems to be a speciality as it's known that ongoing states of stress will cause corrosion of a person's health over time. 

It can also be a means of exerting control over a person and even attempted behavior modification. 

Linkedin: Emmanuel Smith on Gang Stalking

Emmanuel Smith's posts

Seems like this person has a good knowledge of GS theory and makes novel use of the website. 

Thanks Emmanuel if you read this!

69th Anniversary of MK Ultra/Evidence Projects Continue Today

69th anniversary of CIA mind control program            There is ample evidence that spy agencies continue experimenting with project

04/21/2022 Washington Journal Dr. Anand Parekh on U.S. COVID-19 Response

C-Span thank gods for actual scientists, the medical community and what remains of common sense and humans wited to help their fellow man..and C-SPAN of course. All the theatrics, bullsh*t and politicizing EVERYTHING has been damaging. if you want i survive this or anything else you have to stay balanced and pay attention to information that is also balanced.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Think Biden Is Actually Making Cuts To Military Spending?

Why the US is paying more for the military after the Afghanistan war is over

After living during a time of pretty basic games that power played with the public I now have the benefit of being able to reference that history I've grown up with to compare it to today where those games have become quite sophisticated. So much so that the public now seem oblivious they are being conned at all. 

Monday, April 4, 2022

Biden Has Created A National Counter Terrorism Unit

Biden’s New Domestic Terrorism Unit Bad for Freedom-Loving Americans

The dangerous incentive in a new domestic terror unit

Gibbs Leads Charge on Questioning New DOJ “Domestic Terror” Unit

The one positive other than the unit potentially actually doing their jobs and preventing genuine disasters like we've seen all too often in recent years, is that people like me-activists and others targeted for political reasons will perhaps be looked at more closely if we are say framed as I was, because it works be part of what's required to establish if there's an actual potential threat or not but perhaps this means it'll be done right it'll be done correctly instead of the hat hazard mess that I was involved in that was perpetrated by local corrupt law enforcement and the justice system that utilize an unofficial fusion center it wasn't part of Homeland security is fusion centers and a lot of other connections to greed corruption and people who worked in public service in law enforcement trying to make profit in the private sector through creating bogeymen for private sector anti-terrorism companies. 

In other words instead of local law enforcement politicians organized crime connected individuals individuals with a dislike for someone or a vengeance or whatever it is or vendetta all the things that made up my case in 2016 a bunch of local clowns decide that when there's an opportunity a window of opportunity a portal that's open here's their chance to go after someone and it's a local Petty minded frame up done by low level people in law enforcement compared to something much higher up and all they have to do is this little community locally goes after someone who's local and they utilize the federal system to do it because that's exactly what happened in my case. It could make it so these kinds of petty local little conflicts don't occur is easily because they'll be a national federal task Force if you will or organization looking at it from more of a removed point of view. And it'll be more impartial and it'll be not based on local politics or local dislike and community mobbing and etc they can come along with the pettiness of something that forms locally. Also the task force that's Federal would have to be more responsible I think. The problem with my case is that local pitiness took over and it became like a witch burning and it was really easy to get away with I think at the time because local authorities could use and abuse their access and exploit their access to something like a fusion center well Boston's fusion center is unofficial it's not a Homeland security fusion center so I have lived here long enough all my life to know how the corruption works around here and they're very good at putting on a good front and being manipulative so all they had to do was say oh we have this fusion center probably have some way of manipulating what information goes in and what they make a big deal of and what they want to keep quiet because it isn't actually a bona fide Homeland security Federal fusion center. 

Which is so typically Boston and so typically Massachusetts is so typically Northeast. If you keep the system small and under your control you can manipulate it to your liking and then present it in a way that looks like your bona fide power connected to the feds and all kinds of international stuff. When actually it's just another local frame up by local authorities and corrupt people.

Maybe having something that's actually for that purpose that I just stated would be better because then say someone like me after what they put me through in 2016 it can be clarified that a lot of the stuff wasn't done correctly a lot of things were false witness false testimony unreliable witness testimony using hearsay using anonymous emails that are hearsay all kinds of stuff that never should have happened breaking laws not doing interviews correctly not doing investigation correctly all kinds of procedures and rules were broken and no one's looking because it's all kept very local under wraps and then when it's made into a complete package to make it look like the person's dangerous then at that point is presented probably to the feds so what that means is that locally people can make up whatever they want they can cooperate with each other and then present it to the feds as if the person's a threat. This might actually prevent such things from happening because it has to be done from the getco by feds we don't maybe have a vested interest and maybe with all the connections to local universities local law enforcement local politicians local organized crime yeah they might have some pool in the organization one way or the other four or against person they wouldn't have that much pull they would only have a certain amount of pool because it would be Federal.

In other words they can't control the entire outcome they might just try to call in a favor or try to call in someone who's connected or try to work with someone who's originally from say Boston in my case to make it look a little more in their favor or should have the outcome be more in their favor but they wouldn't be able to do the total damage of the victim the way they did to me in 2016 because it wouldn't be constructed locally and then presented as legitimate two larger broader organizations that are either federal or international.

From the onslaught it would have to be done by a more impartial removed objective Federal organization.

So it might be a good thing for people who are in danger of being crushed by the way the system is set up now my case is a perfect example.

You have to remember that even the FBI isn't safe in this area you're talking about whitey bulger's FBI you're talking about a system that is so interconnected and corrupt there really is no way to get the truth out if something's happening because this area of the country makes sure that all their bases are covered and that things go exactly the way they want it to when there's something they want to cover up protect or there's someone that they want to neutralize or silence there's so many levels of authority here that are roped into a system of cohesion and compliance with corruption. So me being from this part of the country and seeing how the abuse of power is so well orchestrated and it's so sophisticated and artfully created maybe we need an impartial Federal organization.

Save for instance now after the creation of this Federal task force or organization say they look at my case from 2016 and determine reevaluate if you will if I need to be on certain lists if I need to be watched whatever it is if they reevaluate the case they'll find so many problems with it number one being that nobody ever sat me down once and asked me if I had any enemies if I am experiencing any stalking or harassment on my blogs or if I know who did it as far as writing the emails that's the number one thing that should have been done with the investigation and it never was everybody's main objective involved in all three emails to three different law enforcement agencies two of them the biggest most powerful colleges in Cambridge and one of them a dirty corrupt little small town on the border of New Hampshire that has a very powerful very corrupt International military contractor that basically runs the town, the main objective for all of these people involved in this was to make sure that it looked like I sent those emails. it wasn't to find out who actually sent it because they had multiple opportunities to do so they had multiple leads they had multiple pieces of evidence the whole point of the exercise from February 2016 until August 2016 was to find anything they could possibly find or make up or pull out of their ass to make it look like I sent those emails.

All that money all that time all that effort all the taxpayers dollars geared towards destroying one woman's life not to really find out who sent them not to getting Justice total abuse of the justice system and the taxpayers money.

Perhaps it could be avoided if we had a larger organization that took care of these issues because then you're dealing with the feds and I think that has to be a little more oversight. And maybe this particular organization unlike other organizations I just mentioned will not have a nasty sorted history of skeletons in their closets such as cointelpro or corruption from involvement with organized crime to make them ever suspect in their actual motivations for looking at someone for any kind of crime for activity.

I often sometimes think throughout this adventure that I've been on since 2006 I think that maybe it might be better sometimes to be watched or to have somebody listening to everything you're doing potentially on your phone like people are constantly mentioning that the NSA listens in on phone calls or is watching us or whatever it is well I don't claim to know that information because I don't have access to people that work in the NSA to sit them down and ask them because that's how I find out my information is from talking to people and reading up on stuff and getting weeds. I don't make things up and if I do I'm very clear that it's a theory. So I don't know how much surveillance people are under but the thing is is that if they were under that much surveillance it might be easier to catch something like a frame up which might explain why I'm walking around and I'm not buried underneath what the system tried to bury me underneath up in 2016. For all I know Federal forces did move in and decide to make it a little harder for locals to frame me I don't know what the hell went on it could be people in my family that work for such organizations as I've told that that is the case I really don't know. Maybe if we had a federal task force they would be able to catch corruption in law enforcement who's trying to frame someone for domestic terrorism not just trying to take our rights away and our liberties because we have to consider something first of all the feds work for us essentially if you look at it that way and George Bush said the Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper and he is correct-if you have recourse from the Constitution then you can take action that's what you're supposed to be doing.  there's no perfect world if they tell you there's a Utopia and a perfect world that's probably not realistic and it's an illusion.  

What you're supposed to have is the right to have recourse or to take action to defend yourself.

When the right to take recourse is taken away then being an American is taken away and that's what happened to me I was denied due process I was denied an investigation they conned me out of a jury trial they actually lied to me straight face to con me out of a jury trial and the things I was accused of I so repugnant to me and so insulting of my intelligence and everyone just acted like I did it there was no innocential proven guilty there was no impartial nothing of course that had to be backed up with no investigation and completely shoddy police work especially in New Hampshire where I have to hand it to Massachusetts at least when local law enforcement and investigators heard about that here there was a portion of people that were disgusted and vowed to at least make sure that the investigation for the final email was done correctly but that still doesn't change the damage that was done. I highly doubt without the locals beefing it up and feeling that sense of power that corrupt criminals feel by being able to use a federal unofficial fusion center for their frame up without access to that to use for their corrupt plot of evil design and legal terms if you will I highly doubt if it would have been that damaging to me because it wouldn't be all that hysteria and fervor that goes along with the angry mob coming to Lynch somebody, which is what happened to me. This part of the country for some reason they take a lot of personal and group pleasure and a lot of arrogance in neutralizing or framing someone it's almost like the enjoy it or it's an enjoyable pleasurable activity or they get off on it or like it's a drug of some kind and I've noticed drugs are very popular in the Northeast it's part of the way we live it has to be money or status or drugs or sex or food or money the Northeast is very much a place where people cannot live simply they have to be on something even if that is money and power. It's almost like they're riding a wave when they do something bad here there has been a lot of reward of the outlaw here and a lot of Robin Hood type attitude towards being an outlaw well that might have worked back in the old days because there was reason for that because the elite we're keeping everybody down however when you're now gone from making your bones by being outlaw to now being part of the elite now you have to be responsible for abusing power you can't keep playing The outlaw and doing whatever the hell you want. So these local attitudes would be neutralized if we had a federal organization instead of locals packaging someone up as dangerous and presenting them on the altar for sacrifice to the feds.

Like I said I often wonder how much people like us are protected not just from domestic terrorists but from corrupt authorities by the very surveillance that we don't like unfortunately you have to remember that authorities that are corrupt now have access to the same surveillance system that we're bitching about but then again people that are goodly and will do right by the law and are just also have access to it too so unless we plan to control this new world we live in where we all live under surveillance and potential frame up potential blackmail etc and other kinds of corruption unless we somehow plan to control this ourselves as we the people we're going to have to some point depend on the people we hire to protect us to actually do the right thing even going after their own level of people if they want to do the wrong thing to a citizen. Definitely there should be oversight and accountability which is why activists like me exist to point out for what sinister purposes this new surveillance and technologies can be used for. That's really my only purpose is through everything I've seen and been through and encountered to write something in the end like a book that's simply tells the public and anyone else interested in the private sector or government about the potential for abuse of power and sinister uses of the new technologies that are out there in the private and public sector. So you can't just keep looking at it from the perspective of this 19670s anti-government.

That's my mother's era and our parents had reasons for being anti-government but now people have to realize which I noticed nobody wants them to realize, they want to keep thinking it's the old days and it's not nowadays you have to watch out for the private sector the corporatocracy is where it's coming from not the government in fact from what I've seen the government is one of the things protecting us that's left dental protect us from the corporatocracy and these huge International companies that own everything they have no accountability and transparency to the public.

I noticed that when they want to discredit targeted individuals they wrote them into disinformation that keeps blaming "the government" for being responsible for orchestrated harassment campaigns theoretical or ones you can prove.

That is so ridiculously out of date. And that is something that will lead you to either being labeled by a psychiatrist or now it'll get you in trouble with this new domestic terrorism unit that claims to be going after people with anti-government attitudes well I think they're talking about the January 6th thing that we all know was kind of a beating weight that was probably instigated by the left so they could have bogeyman to make it look like their whole allowing antifa and BLM to burn down the cities during a pandemic wasn't such a bad thing so this is all politics and it's all back and forth BS that we can't involve ourselves in.

So one of the points of doing activism is to try to make people understand the truth about what's happening which is number one it probably is happening but number two it's probably not the government and if it is it's some part that's connected to greedy private sector stuff or people that are corrupt Think about the whole thing that happened this summer 2020 in itself. People did not have to go into the street and riot and burn and lose all they had to do was March refuse to pay their taxes or other kind of action demanding the government have the laws changed and finalize it once and for all and hold people accountable and threaten their pensions. But no the system decided to instigate it so that people went out and did terrorism during a pandemic. If anything part of our government itself our Congress specifically and our Senate should be responsible for being on lists for instigating domestic terrorism after the 2020.

The problem is that people don't know their rights anymore and they don't feel like they control their government anymore because they're not even exposed to their government they're not exposed to what their rights are they don't even know what government services exist everything is all about exposing people to something corporate and apps and the private sector people don't even know what their government does for them anymore. Because that's a way to start controlling people they become slaves of this corporatocracy plantation or feudal system. Which by the way is one of the biggest reasons that the constitution exists to begin with is to get away from that kind of system as well as church and state like a Christian European government for instance.

So if we can take this new domestic terrorism organization and make sure there's enough accountability and oversight and transparency these words that people like to use now to really just essentially describe we the people, perhaps will work for those of us that have been victimized the worst in the last 20 years as opposed to continuing to help the corruption that inherently exists in the system that's become so powerful and amplified and it's reach so much longer do to the progress and technology which isn't going away unfortunately.