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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Ive Found Special Meaning In David Bowie's Last Work. Others Should Find What They Can Out Of It.
My farewell to Harvard area after what they've done to me over the past two years.

But now I realize that its all been on purpose.
This is what the little snot rich kids meant on FB when they'd make fun of me by mentioning something about a "sacrificial lamb".
A lady I stayed with in AZ in 2007 mentioned the same phrase also.
Occult Symbolism In Bowie's Work.

If my theory is correct, for my situation anyway-THIS should be the "solitary candle". Maybe:
(The light in the Memorial Church steeple not the lamp).

Ive always noted that UC Berkeley has a very similar steeple and single flame on their campus.

Lucifer, Ive always thought. 

The one in Harvard actually looks like a pharaoh's crown.  Its very disturbing.

"Gangstar"  at first I thought 'gangster' but he's got this other video  The Stars Are Out Tonight. It could very easily be construed these stars in that vid are gang stalkers. Watch the video. Pretty interesting.

Theres other things in Blackstar I wont mention.  The references along with decoding occult symbolism-I get the basics.

I almost ended up like Diana lets just leave it at that...and I still could. At least now its clear whats going on.

I find the music in the Blackstar song disturbing. 
I also could be taking it positively when its supposed to be negative. 
I did use his video Heroes on this blog and it got attention to be referenced in a tv crime show. 
I did not like the album cover for The Next Day but perhaps thats also something that needed to be said. 

There are some sympathetic industry people out there. I think.

At first I was annoyed by Lazarus but..its good advice.  Constructive criticism perhaps that I needed to see. 

I suppose....thank you Bowie. David Jones. 

Im hoping he faked his death and hes alive somewhere else or even underground in special quarters made for the rich to survive whats coming from Fukushima etc.

Now that I can sense others have watched it and arent hearing it in a threatning way, it doenst sound scary anymore in my perception.
Sadly I can now hear that he did NOT sound good recording this. I can hear the weakness now of his voice.

I hope I can be as brave when my time comes.
A bit about Bowie's experiences. Perhaps he was targeted also.

“Once I found him f***ing a singer called Claudia Lennear. That’s when I realised I was hanging on to our marriage by my fingertips.”

"..I do have memories that I hate. David had started living largely in the dark, in the company of the other coke freaks.

I remember one occasion, when we got him back, when he looked at a photograph of us taken in happier times and freaked right out. He told us in his terror- stricken tremor that my arm circling his waist was black. In his scheme of things that meant that the witches were going to kill me to get to him.”
(David Bowie and Ex Wife Angie)

“I agreed, and it was there (Switzerland) that he asked me to divorce him. It was very cruel.

In the settlement he would not allow it to be said that I had ever helped him with anything, which wasn’t true. But I was erased, airbrushed from his life.

He told his people to destroy all of the pictures of us, and they destroyed them. I even heard that he fired anyone who mentioned my name afterwards.

He was always generous when we were together, so I have no idea why he turned on me. But I was punished twice. I’d lost both my job and my family.”

"According to Marc Spitz’s 2010 Bowie: A Biography, Bowie was “obsessed with using occult magic to attain success and protect himself from demonic forces.”

"Bowie: "My other fascination was with the Nazis and their search for the Holy Grail. ... I paid with the worst manic depression of my life. … My psyche went through the roof, it just fractured into pieces."

"At his wit’s end, Bowie reached out to Cherry Vanilla, a former employee of Bowie’s management company MainMan.....Cherry Vanilla verified the connection between Bowie and a “white witch”....the term is intended to distinguish witches whose effects are “good” and “evil”—who would purify his living premises. “He had this whole thing about these black girls who were trying to get him to impregnate them to make a devil baby,” says Vanilla. “He asked me to get him a white witch to take this curse off of him."

)))))!"I remember one occasion, when we got him back, when he looked at a photograph of us taken in happier times and freaked right out. He told us in his terror- stricken tremor that my arm circling his waist was black. In his scheme of things that meant that the witches were going to kill me to get to him.” ((((

Maybe fame and being part of a powerful isnt worth the trade off.

I respect the experiences of these people and am grateful for the wisdom.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Behavior Modification Praised By Christian-One Person Traumatizes You, Another Encourages You. GS!

This Christian whacked out idiot on the radio said
"Behavior modification is one person giving you a hard time then another encouraging you."

This obviously was ok in his sick mind becuz he didn't seem to condemn it. He sounded like a wanna be hard ass embracing it.

Thats all these idiots are doing. Messing up someone's mind in my case so I cant remember all these years of abuse or phone numbers or names or faces.

And the fake Christian scum who partake in this are getting truly disgusting.
I simply cannot take the recent switch to piousness and Christian values the African American COINTELPRO community has taken on recently.

Its way to much bullshit to shovel in a day.

If ever you get confused or fall into being brainwashed remember these people protect and support pedophile networks. Drug trade.
And the use of a system that covertly deprives humanity of true freewill , happiness, health, spirituality.

Mindless conformity based on torturing someone into submission as a means of making a person fit for society is not true peace.

This system denies human beings self determination. Free association. It denies humans their right to exist. Basic human rights.

Dont be fooled by the latest Christian disguise of this brainwashing, controlling system.

Harvard U PD Seems To Have A History Of Harassment-With Help Of Student Body

So it seems with all the 'Diversity' training and community sensitivity and other PC whatever, they've moved on from victimizing People Of Color to poor, middle aged, Caucasian female dissidents.
With the assistance of Harvard students of course as the article clearly reads.
That hasnt changed.

You see a leopard never changes its spots. It only learns to hide them and that depends on circumstances I suppose. Like whos in office. Exit Healey enter whoever pulls the strings now and its off of race onto class or gender or age.

Depends what bullshit politics the intelligentsia are feeding the kids I suppose.

Becuz the elite always have to victimize SOMEONE. They just keep rearranging whom that is-so no one notices or cares or theres no consequences.

And always remember that police are tools of much bigger powerful forces.

No matter how much they flex their little muscles I will always know their place on the chess board. They wont bring me down to the level of one whos concerned with police affairs.

They are going to have to bring their Napolean complex else where.

I dont duel with the help generally. Its not going to start now.

Looks as if the elitist animals in Harvard and their rabid guard dogs are obsessed with mobbing me and harassing me to suit their political ends recently.

Its terribly obvious that the olde money was right-lower types HAVE ruined the Ivy League from within.

Should have moved to the Cape when all the old blood did.

New money loves to analyze the Mona Lisa...and talk about it. Publicly in loud, psuedo well bred voices, reminiscent of 80s Valley Girl speak to sound intelligent.

Then out of resentment they throw it to their animals who carelessly tear it apart.

Becuz after all their analysis, study and discussion-they still can't paint one themselves.

Say Bye Bye my color by number friends. Im removing myself from the picture.

You got what you wanted.

But be careful what you wish for. I wouldn't expect people with money to understand the long term consequences that the long time truly wealthy have always known.

Harvard and its surroundings are metaphysical. You cant just alter it artificially to suite your selfish whims.

What do you expect from people who live by the understanding of only cyber reality?

Thats not reality. Theres more than just science and technology to the world around us.

Best of luck.

The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Being Transferred To Another Hospital Out Of Cambridge Hospital ER

Im being transferred to the Whidden Memorial in Everett near Chelsea MA. Wish me luck.

CrimethInc. Blog: Inside The FBI Entrapment Strategy

"The goal here is clearly to associate a form of activity—acting anonymously, defending oneself against police attacks—with a kind of people: terrorists, evildoers, monsters. This is a high priority for the authorities: they were able to crush the Occupy movement much more quickly, at least relative to its numbers, in cities where people did not act anonymously and defend themselves—hence Occupy Oakland’s longevity compared to other Occupy groups. The aim of the FBI and corporate media, with the collusion of Chris Hedges and others, is to ensure that when people see a masked crowd that refuses to kowtow to coercive authority, they don’t think, “Good for them for standing up for themselves,” but rather, “Oh no—a bunch of terrorist bombers.”

To recapitulate the FBI strategy:

-divide and conquer the movement by isolating the most combative participants
-stage-manage entrapments of vulnerable targets at the periphery
-use these arrests to delegitimize all but the most docile, and to justify ever-increasing police violence.

What Comes Next

The authorities are explicitly announcing that there will be more of these “sting operations”at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa. We can expect more and more “unsportsmanlike” entrapments in the years to come.

For decades now, movements have defended themselves against police surveillance and infiltration by practicing security culture. This has minimized the effectiveness of police operations against experienced activists. However, it can’t always protect those who are new to anarchism or activism, who haven’t had time to internalize complex habits and practices, and these are exactly the people that the FBI entrapment strategy targets.

Three years ago, we called for acollective security culture that could protect even newcomers against infiltrators. "

"If we are to protect the next generation of young people from these predators, our only hope is to mobilize a popular reaction against entrapment tactics. Only a blowback against the FBI themselves can halt this strategy. This will not be easy, but there is no better alternative.

Don’t stop speaking out, organizing, and fighting—that won’t stop them from repressing us or entrapping people. Retreating will only embolden them: we can only protect ourselves by increasing our power to fight back, not by withdrawing, not by hiding, not by behaving.

😲 The ER Psychiatrist Just Used The Word 'Punitive'

Something about how my stay wasnt going to be "punative" psychiatry.

Awww. They read my blog. So my freedom of speech is useless becuz my writing is totally used against me! So it seems.

And lets totally make fun of my lack of education becuz you have an education, by throwing a 'big word' back at me that I use with only a simple understanding of its meaning.

I also know another bunch of words that should be above my head and beyond me but Ive come to hold close to my heart in this situation for many years:

-First Do No Harm.

-To Protect And Serve.

I know its so old fashioned to expect people to adhere to virtues or standards.
And isnt that one of the things thats so annoying about me?

Lets hope theres another term Im not going to be victim to thats the way people do things nowadays:
Judicial activism.

But I have such a loose understanding of that term becuz Im SO uneducated.

There Is A Claim on the Sec 12 that An Email Threat Is Involved

The paperwork says that a threatening email was sent to Harvard PD saying I was going to "stab or hurt officers".

My phone was stolen out of a McDonalds bathroom around the 9th of February. Its locked but I guess it could be a source. I use public computers also and one email is publicly listed on this blog.

Since I always carry a knife for utilitarian purposes traveling this suites their purposes for a frame up. The cops took the knife so the doctor cant look at it which makes no sense in determing my sanity or safety.  Its a dinky walmart knife. The one that costs  $1.67. Every Traveler knows this knife its a joke becuz its like the cheapest knife you can buy anywhere.

The doctor claims part of his assessment is that the circumstances I came in under were "bizarre"- that there was a claim of an email threat including a knife and the cops stopped me late last night and took my knife from me!
I informed him that its standard procedure for police to ask about sharps and weapons then hold them during questioning or confiscate them during an arrest.
How is that bizarre?
Everyone knows I have a knife. The cops who searched and questioned me months ago joked with me about it. Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter had ruined my knives as I posted by putting them in a sharps container.
Other people who work for the city in authority know I carry a knife. Its common knowledge. I only pull it out for a utilitarian purpose and NEVER that often in the city becuz I know people nowadays especially might find it scary. Its an urban environment its not like when you're traveling.

Since they cant reach anyone on a weekend Im going to be transfered to another hospital.

That is where the true risk will begin becuz I will probably spend days trying to avoid getting harassed in a closed environment. If they can get that out of me they will be able to take action that puts me in danger like medicate me or isolate me so this is now the real challenge.

The police approached me with a totally different story. They never mentioned an email. And if they had such a claim on paperwork to section me why did they bother to question me with a different scenario?

Of course I must remember the officer's defense in advance: thats hearsay.

Did they talk to lawyers before they set this up?

This is another reason a new administration is not in my best interest in this area. People arent familiar with me or my character as before. These claims may be easier to pull over on people who dont know me.

Also the people that remain in Harvard street scene now are pretty sketchy. Its alot of chronic drunks and people who are easily comprimised becuz they are in trouble with the law.

And why would I jeopardize my years of hard work with such an email?  Emails take time to compose and send. You'd have time to think this was not a good idea lol. Besides Im too busy with my writing and trying to work on my project to write a violent email to anyone.

Punitive Psychiatry-American Style!

Yes these tactics remind one of good old mother Russia....or China or East Germany.

Since thats what is being attempted to be used Im not answering any questions and getting a lawyer asap. Im done with suprise attacks of questioning or questioning under duress or after intimidation.

So....It Seems Im Once Again Accused Of Domestic Terrorism (and was sectioned by the very dept I am going to the ACLU about)

Im not even going to go into the details. Except for when the police came for me last night they questioned me about making threats and intimated it came from "whoever you had the interaction with" in the Holyoke center a few days ago.

They then said they were there to determine if  I needed to be sectioned when in fact there was already paperwork made out.

They also claimed that the section 12 was written up by "a doctor working with the state".
Only in the emergency room did they reveal that the Harvard University Police Dept were who sectioned me.

This is right after I went to the ACLU today in relation to the domestic terrorism tip and police involvement.

The police's reaponse to their manipulating or altering information during this interaction was "its all hearsay".

So they actually pre defended themselves while manipulating the hell out of the situation last night.

They probably believe Im so marginalized and isolated at this point that this is easy for them.

They were extremely arrogant and dismissive concerning my explaining I was working with the ACLU and that was what I was talking to the officer about a few days ago. All I had to do was mention it and this one officer said "You can mention the ACLU all you want".
Well if you ask me a question...

They caught me off guard and flashed lights in my face. This strobe light for some reason probably part of psych warfare becuz this entire scenerio was psychological warfare.

Its annoying to think that I was one week from leaving MA so I could continue to work on my book (which Ive begun to make headway on again) and basically get away from this area due to how intolerant its become in the past two years.

I think a lawyer is in order as the ACLU is taking too long.

The staff at the hospital are ok. The doc seems decent. My nurse is a total bitch and haa been trying to get me agitated by being an obnoxious mean unprofessional menace for the entire duration. Im ignoring her.

BTW I have nothing but friendly interactios with police of all kinds around the area I even chat with a few when I see them. Ive even made nice with one of the cops who had been......difficult in relation to my activism.

Menino taught me that. Make friends of enemies.

I try but some people are just determined to have things their way and I cant control that.
But no ones going to control me either.

I also will say once agsin that my position has always been support of police since Ferguson and the NYC police situation with the mayor.  Ive never engaged in any protests nor any kind of anti police activity.

My mother's cousin is a detective on the Waltham MA police force. Both her parents were US Marines. Why would I harm police officers?

I have no record of doing so nor violent activity.

Im a woman why would I find male police officers that threatening? I grew up with a single parent who was a tall strong woman. I never had a father in my home.  Why would I be threatened in such a manner?

Also my mother had mulitple friends and acquaintances that were police related or EMTs.

Ive worked too hard these many years to be reduced to some two bit petty cop hater. I dont exactly fit the type found on shows like C.O.P.s. And I wont be lowered to that either.

Just picked up by police

I am BEING SECTIONED. BY THE STATE. I am being taken in an ambulance to Cambridge Hospital.

The officer I blogged about the other day in *Hokuoke *sais i made threats. I wrote a complaint to aclu today.  I believe this is retaliation

*Holyoke Center

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Info About Possible V2K Incident In CVS Two Days Ago (Or Whatever It Was)

Readers may recall that I posted a while ago concerning strange effects of what seemed like the tap water from the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter at the Lutheran Church in Cambridge, MA.

After staying in that building and drinking anything provided there made with tap water seemed to create a psychedelic effect, not a positive one either.

I realized that I had stayed there one or two nights before this incident at CVS downtown Boston.
I had actually been having the same negative unpleasant effects as last time I stayed at the HSHS but was so distracted this time I didn't realize.

I experimented by not drinking anything from HSHS  or showering. I noticed that only when I drank the tap water while staying at HSHS at the Lutheran Church that I had any strange effects. Just staying in the building overnight did not produce these effects. I had none of those effects except for the typical mold induced headache which was fairly mild.

I theorize thay whatever the effects were from the Lutheran's water supply (or the water provided to guests) caused this but I do find it curious that just as the CVS incident occurred I had been walking through the anti theft device of the store which does create a magnetic field.

This occurred within one day of staying at the Lutheran and ingesting the water.
(If I was forced to stay long enough in a 'sick' building the mold in these old buildings would be enough to further brain, eye, nasal, lung and other damages from my prior mold exposure depending on what kinds of molds. I would be left closer to a vegetable than a person along with the behavior modification other activists have written about being used in American prisons.)

I'm going to ask the church to have the water supply checked. It may just be old pipes or something weird getting into the water from church grounds or along the lines.

The alteration of consciousness it causes is terrible and shouldn't be experienced by anyone.

These efffects seem to clear after two days from ingesting the tap water at the HSHS but while they are occurring are disturbing and frightening, causing  mental anguish.

Candy Crush Jelly Queen Saga Ad Subliminals

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Domestic Terrorism False Tip Is Quite A Diversion From My Activism

So this latest diversion they've come up with so I am distracted from writing my book or doing anything related to my activism is still a concern.

They are so fuckin arrogat. After that Harvard cop casually questioned me the other day these kids coming into Holyoke as I was going out were acting like Im foolish for still being there. This has happened before DURING THIS NEW ADMINISTRATION. They pass by and convey the sentiment of havent I had enough and Im a fool for still being here.

Where would you little shits like me to go? If I leave now it looks like Im Actually guilty.

THESE ARE BUSH ERA TACTICS formerly used on me during post 9-11. I was told by someone in AZ that I never should have left Boston when I did becuz it made it look like I was running as if I was guilty of something. So it figures THERE WAS HARASSMENT TO GET ME TO LEAVE SO THIS WOULD BE THE DESIRED RESULT.

Why would I fall for that twice?  All this bullshit going on now is pure intimidation.

Be on the lookout for total bullshit.  I want to know what credible witness saw me with a gun. And why would you brag about being paid to shoot up Harvard campus? And who the fuck pays someone to shoot up a campus? It doenst even make any sense? The cops are playing games by changing the story and a lawyer I had for the last issue just the summer before that warned me never to trust them.

This is possible retaliation becuz I was going to file those photos I have of being stalked by that black detective car in east Cambridge with internal affairs.

Who ever is behind this desperately wants me to fight with them. Its like a smoke out operation.

Probably so they can discredit my work permanently before Obama leaves office. Whoever is doing this seems pressed for time according to  the presidential election. It seems...

Microaggressions, Safe Spaces and Triggers Are All NWO Social Engineering

Ive been a Targeted Individual for years. Its college students who are perps who've been the most viscous and cruel through these years and they've done the opposite of political correctness and sensitivity.  Everything and anything about my history and background has been used to harass me.


This is all bullshit from the intelligence presences on campus! Ive been to campuses around the country. Not one is without such a network. Some were lenient or supportive of me and didn't bother me.

Many however did and they've gotten more intolerant and protective since OCCUPY.

Ive been harassed at many colleges and universities. By people who are students who look like any other student. Sometines Id be mobbed and the student leading it would have no sensitivity at all for anything about me or my background which is especially cruel considering my work is activism dealing with war crimes and civil and human rights violations.
Though its very gritty and day to day at times as I take readers through daily battles that is the purpose of what Im doing.

No matter what else they try to make this about its always based in MK Ultra and related issues.

Its interesting how this censors people but also creates such a climate of fear that no one will have any brass in their balls or grit to face the unpleasant truly pressing issues at hand. It keeps people busy.

After what Ive seen these many years I truly believe this is being done by the same people who do other kinds of covert warfare on behalf of the system.

They tried this at some of the OCCUPY camps I went to.
These fake ass mambi-pambi leftist libtard types who seemed like professional activists or activist groupies would show up and drag proceedings or meetings down with focusing on petty details or getting hung up on semantics.

Its all agent stuff from decades of practice since COINTELPRO first began. Sabotage and infiltrate. Provocateurs.

Its also coming from a country that will do anything to not answer for its warcrimes. Subconsciously I think young people sense that to keep America going this has to be a way of life.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Just Had A Disturbing Experience At A CVS (rare)

Walked into CVS downtown crossing Boston.

In my head I heard very clearly "You're going to jail for a long time."

Only after entering the store and this happened exactly at the moment I went through the anti theft device.

For what pray tell?

Cool! I can finally have free time and peace and quiet to write my book!!  Yay?  The mold and brutal covert behavior modification technologies in there will probably leave me a vegetable but isnt that how this new admin seems to like their women?

Put this down in the Gitmo type tortures file.

This new head of FBI Boston, Shaw-Dont know much about him other than he is from the south shore of MA originally and in his new position in office, focused on potential terrorists and home grown threats. He recently transferred from NYC where he worked covering the span of post 9-11.

I also love how I'm being assumed guilty without due process and cops keep approaching me to ask questions without council.

Update: this incident was prob due to effects of contaminated water from the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter that uses the Lutheran Church in the Square ever winter. Its a very old building and its housed in its basement.

As of September 2016 I finally had a chance to send a letter to both the state and the city environmental health departments with concerns over what I experienced. This incident is deeply disturbing as construction around Boston and Cambridge is rampant and could contribute to making people sick as well as water main breakages could have caused contamination. 

So It Seems I Was Set Up Again Two Summers In A Row Now Since New Admins Took Office

So Ive never been in trouble the entire time Ive been writing this blog. No arrests no losing it.

Suddenly a new admin takes power in multiple positions state wide and the first summer Im all.of a sudden being harassed so intensely or whatever else was being done and I defend myself by writing in marker on the side of a McDonald's "RACIST n#ggers and spics work here!" ??

Then Im told that this summer WHILE I WAS AWAY IN RHODE ISLAND that a witness tipped off the FBI that I had a gun,  and was either bragging I was going to shoot up the police OR shoot up the Harvard campus (the Harvard police cant seem to decide which. I guess only the FBI have the correct accusation) and I also bragged I was being paid to shoot up the Harvard campus-in the scenerio which I was first told about when questioned and searched.

I was recently told by a Harvard policeman that there was a Be On The Lookout for mw due to this info from the FBI. Uh..but he thought it was becuz I threatened to shoot up the police. And he also at first said there was a warrant for my arrest then when I asked why I wasn't in jail he changed his story.

How could I threaten the police with a gun in Cambridge if I was away all summer?

Its interesting that he nervously asked where I was all summer.

Which means they realize that's a weak point in the frame up.

But the cop was scolding me to watch what I say to people and pressing the witness was credible as if to intimate I had made threats when I said I didn't.

And that doesnt even make sense becuz the original tip was that I HAD A GUN in my possession. That I had bragged about getting paid to do it.

And it was supposedly an anonymous tip. Now this cop claims it was just someone saying I SAID THINGS not witnessed a weapon being present also he claimed the witness was credible.

I thought it was an anonymous tip??

The harassment here is so bad and other things making the environment hard to function in I cant even put simple logic together.

that's more nights than Ive been inside in a very long time.

This all occured to me in a shower. I couldnt think straight to reason or put things together before now.

What these people are doing is just framing me up and then having me harassed intensely every day so it just piles up and gets worse.

The ACLU seems to have taken my case just becuz of this isolated incident which is all I care about. I dont want to not be able to leave the USA.  

I should have gotten a protection order years ago. I dont even want to fight with this locally becuz its so over the top ridiculous that it would be an indignity to respond. Ive had enough indignities over the past 16 years.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sites To View That Will Immediately Improve Morale-Celebrity Death and Plastic Surgery Pics

View them as graphic and realistic as you can stand.

Look up 'celebrity death photos' or whatever kind work. Accident scenes old and new. Whatever.

The point is that THEY ARE DEAD-YOU ARE ALIVE.

That should change up your head space and mental, emotional positioning.
Gang Stalking keeps Targets in a constant state of kept down non existence in society.
We live in the leading nation in the whole world and we have to live like peasant.

We are total victims of gross abuses of power.

As you look at the bodies and research suspect deaths you realize these people are just flesh.
They can be destroyed.
They perish.

Many of the deaths are obvious foul play. The shadow system behind celebrity. Conditions we know well that we live under everyday.

Especially if the perps make you feel small and you get constantly hit with reminders of how your life has been destroyed and they've wasted the best years of your life.
And if you've had alot of entertainment or other high profile people doing psych warfare through Media Psy Ops.

They dont truly have power.

They die.

The plastic surgery photos show us that who we percieve we are dealing with is not truly what's there.

They are fakes. Products of an industry.

Fuck them. Its all nepotism or TIs being kept from their own abilities assets and talents due to some power mongers' agenda(s).
Hope this helps.

Finding ways to strengthen our minds and re center ourselves is key.

I Have A Moment Of Clarity So This Post Matters-Whats Going On In Boston Area

While I have a clear few hours I want to put down what I can see clearly right now as I know that I will not retain this clarity.

Im inside, in a basement so underground in an older building. Always a good thing and its a Saturday night and extreme weather always seems to make this system not as effective.

Ive posted that since new administrations have taken over power positions in MA that its been very different here. They caught me off guard two summers ago after the changes here but I learned very quickly the differences between the old guard and the new people.

The new people are more viscous and like set ups and frame ups. There is less tech and mind control being used and much more gang stalking. It seems as if these areas dont have the access like they did just a few years ago and that might have something to do with important people leaving office or dying in the north east.

Dissidents arent being tolerated. The People Of Color part of the NWO has gotten powerful and gained protection from Black Lives Matter and the last years of Obama. Instead of focusing on what Bush had done, the war years, post 9-11 and foreign terrorism people are now more focused on domestic issues and 'injustices'. Which means trying to explain to anyone at this time about something like COINTELPRO and how it effects the black community today or that immigrants are vulnerable, desperate people who will do nasty things for green cards or are part of drug cartels etc isnt really going to work.

Theres alot of anti homelessness. Its as if Homeless Lives Dont Matter is a part of the new generations' mentality. They also seem to be aware that theres alot of dissidents or potential within the homeless community. Being dissident in the Boston area is somehow now equated with causing trouble and being a threat to the United States and thier own personal futures. Gone are attitudes about 9-11 or Bush or the war having been part of changes in the USA that are indicitive of something much bigger that MUST be addressed.

Boston and Cambridge are very DARK. Theres a darkness lingering over the area. Its not normal. Its miserable, terrible. Through tech, chem and then constant non stop harassment using behavioral psychology a TI like myself is reduced to a compliant, half crazed idiot who cant remember anything and they are also making me as a TI at least out to be THE BAD GUY and make me feel bad or guilty.
This is also being done by flooding the area with alot of fake Christianity in the form of YUPpie churches and religious types standing in MBTA transit stations with stands with literature-even Girl Scouts is considered religious now and they are also adding to the fake wholesomeness thats being used to cover for the war crimes and other horrors-pure evil in the northeast in the last 15 years.

Its amazing watching humans become brainwashed this quickly and effectively and so quickly.

The mind control within the city limits of Cambridge and Boston are now unbeatable. And there is no way to function under these conditions. Whatever they are using now you cant fight it. All you can do is find a safe space or 'Faraday cage' type environment which might be a bathroom or other area even part of a train station or building or wooded area.

Whatever they are using is like a net thats completely draped over the Boston-Cambridge area and a bit outside. Even going on the train to Quincy theres relief or the edges of the MBTA train line. The parameters are a bit the same as during Menino but differ slightly.

Whats noticeable to me as a New Englander or at least from Mass is that I no longer feel connected to the natural environment inside or outside the city while within these parameters.  Theres no pleasure or happiness derived from the environment itself. In other words the natural energy of the area is probably being subdued or outright covered up by this system in this area. I have been here long enough to recall a very different feeling during most of my existence here.

Once the net wears off like due to the circumstances I just described in these past few hours-I can feel the way it used to feel for years here. The natural peace, happiness etc that has always been such a part of this area. MA isnt just beautiful to look at. It has energy to match and its a very peaceful place.

Now within city limits theres created this reality of misery that just isnt normal.

Also theres this use of what seems like chemical warfare as I had written about and it also ends at the same city limits. If you stay in certain areas within the parameters you keep getting reinfected with whatever this is. Its very distracting especially being female and somewhat uncomfortable but I am dealing with it until I can remove myself from the area.

I have become very isolated and the system here now seems to actually want to try to keep me here and perform extreme behavior modification. Even today there was this sickening feeling of lovey-doveyness as well as over the top cooperation and friendliness with other citizens. I thought this was just the weather becuz we have a cold snap where its -5 but with wind chill it feels like -20 last night as well as its Valentines Day.

Then I WENT INTO ONE OF THE AREAS THATS A SAFE AREA FROM THE INFLUENCE IN THIS AREA and just the thought of things being so nice and happy in such a fake way made me ill. Especially since for weeks the environment has been totally miserable. A few months ago a bunch of people got killed by trains all in a few days and a driver accidentally let a train go with no driver (google it).

I also noticed that part of making changes to the Harvard Homeless scene at least has been people leaving and people dying. BUT THEY ALL DIED OFF WITHIN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. As well as a long time well known homeless man who used to sleep and basically live in front of a beautiful unused building owned by BU in Kenmore Square ALSO DIED AT AROUND THE SAME TIME. Within a few years many long time homeless have all died.

I was up early one day taking the train. I was at Park Street. It was unbelievable. People, mostly young people but everyone was silent. No one was talking and it was just so weird for Boston to be like that. It really reminded me of the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers movie-the one from the 70s or 80s.

The people in power now do things very differently than the old guard. Im sure they think they are helping or doing good but building a better, perfect world forgets one thing- humans have souls and spirits. Which somehow this new system believes people wont notice. I guess they want to get rid of everyone who DOES notice.

Im so isolated now and reacting badly to the environment they way it is and the way Im being targeted that Im doing alot of talking out loud in public. Interestingly if seem happy and content on a given day the gang stalking perps will simply harass me either intensely or catch me off guard (a signature of the new people in power now) until I start to self talk in public. Its definitely about discrediting me. But it also seems to be a tactic to make sure I cant get anything done on my project.
A great majority of people in this area are really getting alot of satisfaction out of this melt down Im in (just by being in this area). I am ignoring this becuz I know that once I get out of the city limits I will feel somewhat normally and regain a perception thats connected to reality and feel a freedom of mind and clarity.

Most of my posts now are misguided, reactionary to being harassed or totally off the point-not what I would be writing if I had clarity.

Whats keeping me down or what is being used to keep me down is alot of perceptions that are negative about my age, my health or how much time i have left or the futility of my work on this blog or trying to get a book out.
The system here seems to want to keep me here so they can force me to be a sort of babysitter of the homeless in this area. Sort of trying to get me to focus on that instead of finish what I started on this. They are really trying to manipulate my emotions on this subject.

Ive seen this before in organized crime-intelligence-law enforcement families which always include the use of mind control and it seems many members dont realize its a part of the family.

A woman has no other use or seems to be to strong to be manipulated into  or blackmailed into serving any other purpose for that system I just described and is getting older, no longer youthful will over time be terrorized with handlers and people generally destroying her mentally and emotionally until she BECOMES A CARETAKER of others and forgets about herself or her own hopes and dreams. Shes so traumatized by loss that she will become a caretaker of others. It helps if like myself the woman is childless.

Scott Ashmanski one of hte first abusive handlers that they put into my life when this campaign went 24-7 during early 2000s had  a sister and that is what it seemed like they did to her. His family fits the profile I just described.

Its certainly the most extensive and intense program Ive experienced to try to neutralize an enemy. I mean completely obliterate any recall in the persons mind or emotional drives that something like this project ever mattered to me at all.

So there it is. Im going to post a warning to readers that my posts for the past year or so much of it is misguided or reactionary and probably not of much use.

Im also tired alot. And Ive gained weight-Im at my heavest ever, almost 200 lbs but with my athleticism and height it just looks like Im this strong Traveler or hobo type woman. I still have a shape. Another reason I must leave is becuz within city limits IM HAVING TROUBLE NOT EATING AND EATING SUGARY FOODS. I can feel the changes just going outside the inner city parameters I mentioned on  the train system.
I cannot afford to be overweight. Its not an option healthwise. I usually lose weight when I start traveling again.

This constnat eating is also a direct result of losing my Harvard Sq street family or homeless scene which in part is my realizing that Ive always been surrounded by people I couldnt trust or its not healthy for me to be talking to such people. Losing my nest however and being isolated has resulted in the need to eat almost constantly.

I heard something on a creepy Christian show the other day on radio. That behavior modification consists of someone giving you a hard time  and harassing you one moment then someone else showing up after that or alternately to give you support or positive reinforcement.

Im not a material that needs to be molded. I have an internal structure and a mind of my own. No one is going to make me into something Im not.

This area was less sick and evil under Whitey Bulger and all that mess decades ago. Becuz it was an open secret. No one had any pious attitudes or uppitiness about the ugly truth of it. People were down to earth about what it was.
This seeing Christians and YUPpies being uppity, self righteous f*cks who are either compliant and hate Homeless or oblivious and arent smart enough to think maybe theres political oppression in America-who are now hiding all hte horrors of the last 16 years are just absolutely sickening and insufferable.

People want to whine about Whitey bringing in drugs into Southie or wherever. OK so hes in jail now and we have an opiate problem unlike the last administration. So whos responsible now?

Noting like a scapegoat whos not useful anymore or is only useful for that purpose. Im still wondering who Bill Cosby pissed off or did he just become obsolete to the agenda? Which is why I havent addressed that news story. Becuz its obvious that if it is true the authorities and people in the industry could have done something about it before now but chose not too becuz he served such a useful purpose to some agenda.

I WAS kind of warned about this a few years ago where it became clear leaving the area if not hte USA was advisable. Soldiers coming home and Obamacare, wikileaks-Snowden, NSA trials. Black Lives Matter as diversion. I had health issues etc and couldnt leave. At least now I see clearly that this area is UNlivable, that it will never change and its not worth staying.

WIRED Magazine Blog 'Danger Room' Has Discontinued It Seems

Danger Room was a blog that I have on my blog list that had given people like Targeted Individuals alot of fast information about what was going on in the world of the military industrial complex and focused on new technologies.

Whats interesting is that this blog seems to have writers who moved on and many of my other blogs I relied on from TIs are also slowing down considerably or have discontinued altogether.

Its a bit like being left alone in a desert and thats kind of whats been happening much of where I travel to  in the USA anyway definitely major cities and certainly my home area of metro Boston.

Its as if what was begun during Bush in earnest no longer matters. Like some takeover of our culture and the country is complete. Like TI activism doenst matter anymore. As if Targeted Individuals arent relevant.

Ive seen this before where many of the people who worked around a city in a certain environment during a specific time period have left around the same time, like troops being pulled out of a war zone.

Ive posted about this as there was a big move like this a few years ago. It seems to reflect phases the system is going through and each operation has certain people part of it.

Since everything is militarized now anyway and Ive heard 9-11 described as a military coup its not far fetched to say that we live in a military dictatorship. With the use of mass mind control one wouldnt realize what it is exactly. That its total rule over the people.

The problem Im encountering is that people generally no longer seem to care. The kids coming to the colleges now around here anyway are either totally into harassing Targets or they are oblivious to the fact anything was ever wrong or worth fighting against to begin with.

It feels like activism on this has disappeared or at least that is the impression actively fighting TIs are supposed to get which might be a phase to finish us off or shut us down completely which isnt hard as many of us exist in controlled environments due to being stalked and harassed or targeted 24-7.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I Keep Getting Heavy Harassment And Im Actually Trying To Change Residency!

I dont know why everyone is wasting their time because Ive been trying to get up the money and work around bad weather to leave anyway.  Im going to take up residency elsewhere probably New York. I think there will be more activists there and people who live in intentional communities who genuinely care about alternative lifestyles where one can improve society. Actually livng it not talking about it.

Ive just been here for medical stuff etc like having a bad tooth pulled.  Why would I stay here when its so differen, so anti dissident or activist and many of the people who made up my Harvard Square group of friends have either passed away or left?

I dont know whats going on but I aint gonna let it get in the way of my seeking somewhere else where I can be happy.

A Harvard Cop Tells Me To Watch What I Say In Connection To The FBI Tip

I was just told by a Harvard policeman to watch what I say to people in relation to the FBI tip I was searched and questioned for. He said in relation to the tip “Especially when the witness is credible.” (This was in Holyoke Center which the officer invited me into. I was apprehensive as I believe its Harvard property.)
About 20 minutes ago.)
He asked me what happened becuz he said he knew me and talked with me a few summers ago and that didn't seem like something I would do.
He first said that over the summer there was a warrant for my arrest. I said if that was so then why am I still walking around? I said that I was searched to police satisfaction of not having weapons or making threats so he said it must have been a Be On The Look Out not a warrant (which might explain cops following me in many places or seeming to stalk me).
He also said that what he heard was that I had threatened to shoot the police not shoot up the Harvard campus as the officers who searched me some months ago had claimed. He also claims a verbal trespass is as valid as a piece of paper.

On this blog as well as with multiple witnesses I’ve had verbal exchanges with, ever since Ferguson my official position has been in support of police in this specific situation.
Recently Ive experienced multiple people trying to attempt what seemed like baitng, making negative statements about police and trying to get me to agree, even condone violence. I disagreed with their position as I just stated.
I've always said that citizens have no idea just how much authorities do that they are unaware of and you wouldnt want to see the kinds of people you'd have to deal with WITHOUT police around.
On this blog I also have posted that I disagree with NYC mayor's actions handling police and can understand their turning their backs on him in protest. I’ve also been critical of Deblasio's asking Al Sharpton for advice on how to handle police.

I have no violent history on my record. I am not a militant activist though I am dedicated.
I have no prior knowledge of gun use or operations of weapons.
I have owned knives for utilitarian purposes while traveling and through California and other legal states have owned a taser as there are many stray animals in parts of TX and stray meth tweekers in northern California lol.

I informed the officer the ACLU was handling my case. I also told him I had noticed a change in my not being tolerated since the new administration took power in the local area and state wide.

All I care about is if it effects my ability to travel. If so thats what lawyers are for.

(Original post is available for viewing for legal purposes)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

omg the harassment has been so bad for weeks now

Im doing as many creative counter tactics as possible. It seems their main concern now is using a Project Chatter type program. Like the early years of this during Bush at my apartment in Brighton where obviously the place was wired for sound.

Harassing me until i start talking uncontrollably from extreme anxiety amd stress.

A new tactic is people im familiar with interrogating me but also feeding. me disinformation.

Many people in Harvard or from there even strangers are telling me complete bs about simple small stuff.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GS System Is Now Finding Ways To Block My Begging So I Can't Make Money To Leave

In past month its all about heavy harassment at my spots to make money but thats the norm now theyve added diversions like people showing up Ive never seen (who do gesturing) that ensure the spot is taken or other things like cops doing duties right where I beg in certain areas its a grey area if you can spange or not. Of course the junkies and drunks are tolerated in certain areas but Id get messed with for it like Boston.

This new method ensures
1 they dont have the noticeable evidence of multi stalkers doing tactical gesturing or group mobbing-blocking.
2 it requires less manpower.

This is monetary harassment or blocking making money. Govts do this with embargos or other means

Monday, February 8, 2016

Boston Is Now A Major Tech Hub

So this really illustrates that the area is bought and sold. The last administrations were the end of old school Boston politics.

Btw downtown crossing isnt "gentrification resistant". They just have always made money off of prostitution, drugs and other vices. It's tied into the people who work in those stores. And if people think its seedy now YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT DECADES AGO.

It was seedy and fun then urban rot set in.

Good luck getting rid of the ethnic crime groups.

So what my focus should be is how everything thats sinister, war crimes, organized crime, elitism, nepotism, etc is filtering through this new culture that's here. Gentrification hides the same old rot.

From far away from here. Its definitely not a safe environment for an activist or victim witness of my type.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Certain Parts Of Govt Law Enforcement Have Extensive Surveillance Capabilities/Does Your Harassment Correlate With FBI Juristictions?


How the Government Uses Location Data from Mobile Apps
Published November 19, 2015 | By emptywheel

FBI Juristictions Nationwide:

When I was just looking this stuff up and researching it the gesturing harassment dropped and interface halted. It was like a major drop in activity.

Also people standing in the train station as I entered the turnstile, I could feel I was being watched.

I turned and those people looked very worried. Worried indeed.

Theres NO harassment on this train except for a clap or two and someone snapping their gum. In a group of young people thats feasible as totally random.

Most of all you can feel SOMEONE'S blood run cold as I went over this stuff and posted it.

I think TIs can be confident that we've found major sources of some Target's harassment. Under cover stories most likely if that could apply to you.

The FBI have been a constant pain in the ass to dissidents like with COINTELPRO.

Their part in 9-11 is questionable. Ive even heard a story from locals near a 9-11 related site during the event that feds intimidated locals by telling them "You didnt see anything".

As for MK Ultra either they work on behalf of that scum by way of cover stories and frame ups...or this is a great ploy to take me off the trail of whos really responsible.

I have to say that when Im near military bases the harassment is much more overt and violent and its run like an operation in a battlefield. Either that or its other content like more MK Ultra black project type related stuff. And its alot more sympathetic towards me in nature (New Mexico) if its not all out war like I said (Arizona).

I highly doubt if the FBI is doing M.I.L.A.Bs but if they were I'd laugh my ass off.

The people Ive dealt with specifically in the northeast are the nastiest most vindictive, self righteous spoilt brats to EVER take part in covert warfare ANYWHERE.

Just by the tone and manner in which the fed has played games over the phone in short contacts before fits this exact type of people and characteristic of what Ive dealt with from that organization.

The militsry base areas arent spoiled rotten arrogant c#nts-they are effective, quick killers.

Which Id rather deal with anyday.

No Bullying.Com- What Is Gang Stalking?

Its generalized but at least its another site validating the experience.

Friday, February 5, 2016

My Tooth Extraction-Example Of People Restoring A TIs Faith In Humanity

The kind of deadly sheep who passive AGGRESSIVELY threatened me today at the Rotch library in MIT the new scum who have gotten librarian jobs there nowadays they want to take away any victory i had today by finally being brave enuf to take care of a tooth that needed pulling (or long drawn out expensive process of crowning).

The  African American female at the front desk who made me comfortable enough to come back to get this taken care of. It took two days but I finally made myself do it.

(This is a dental school where in 2008 I was intimidated out of getting any dental care at all by staff accusing me of stealing a large piece of equipment from the facility. Even though I had been sitting there all day. It was still Bush and real scum neocons were on the board of directors at that time.)

The great Jewish emergency doctor wearing a Yamuka that was pleasant to talk to and even tried to advocate for my other options than extraction to his superiors.

Yes other staff in the emergency area did gesturing but it was mild, infrequent and didn't interfere with my care.

The wonderful female African American resident who stepped in becuz I was being treated by two young male students who seemed to either not know what they were doing or wanted to cause further harm (shaving down the gums of my tooth before extraction??) just plucked the tooth right out.
I was shaking due to the past abuses from dentists. She was a fellow or further along in her education than they were. (Update as of 2017: she was the attending dentist or their teacher.)

She did what docs are supposed to do:
Good or at least Do No Harm.

Oaths arent legally binding and GS gets better opportunities...then why do oaths or craft exist?

Becuz some people know the true value of such things. Pure gold.

So as you can see GS is simply keeping a Target surrounded by a group of really ignorant sheep type who easily  mob outsiders or designated enemies or people whos job it is to constantly make the Target's environment as negative as possible daily.

Partially good van be done by people who can afford it as vulnerable people are easily comprimised and given horrible alternatives to NOT going along with corruption-like MY life as an example. Lol.

Its also that docs get into medicine as their nature is that of people who want to help or heal. Theres much very wrong with the amount of evil pieces of shit in all professions that have been hiding out and terrorizing people since 2002 in this country specifically the northeast.

So the blacks they send to interact with you, the Israelis, the Asians the poor whites, the YUPpies-they aren't real people. They are comprimised scum or maybe they posess an evil nature...but  not evil enough to be independent of a mob of total jerk offs who are powerless as individuals.

German Medical Science: Risk of psychiatric and neurological diseases in patients with workplace mobbing experience in Germany: a retrospective database analysis

Within the last few years, mobbing has emerged as an important factor influencing both the working performance and general health status of the population [1], [2]. There is a general consensus in that the terms mobbing, bullying and harassment can be used synonymously, although geographical preferences mean that one or the other term is used more frequently in certain regions [3]. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) or the International Labour Office (ILO), mobbing is defined as “repeated and over time, offensive behavior through vindictive, cruel or malicious attempts to humiliate or undermine an individual or groups of employees” [4]. Typical workplace mobbing actions include social isolation (e.g. exclusion from meetings), intrusion into privacy, verbal attacks or intimidation as well as organizational measures such as deprivation of competencies or allocation of low-order work tasks [5]. To fulfill all the criteria used by Leymann to identify mobbing, this behavior needs to take place on a frequent basis (at least once a week) and over a long period of time (at least 6 months) [1], [6]. It should be noted that bullying crosses all socio-demographic borders and can be observed in all categories of age, gender, ethnicity, academic achievement, and professional environment [7], although it seems to be especially common in the medical sector [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14]. Its general prevalence is estimated at between 2% and 15% [15], but a recent study indicated that it is even higher in adolescents, of whom 20–35% reported involvement in mobbing as a victim, a perpetrator or both [16], [17]. A special survey from 2004, initiated by the European Commission, revealed that 10.2% of women and 7.3% of men had been victims of workplace mobbing in the previous 12 months [18]. Tonini and colleagues discovered that women in the age group of 34 to 45 are especially likely to be the subjects of harassment, a phenomenon which can be explained by the increased level of family commitment in this age range, leading to a rise in stress [1]. The sequelae of mobbing are extensive and include social phobia [19], depression [2], [20], [21], [22], suicidality [21], [23], [24], posttraumatic stress disorder [1], [25] as well as substance abuse [7].

The goal of our study was to analyze the incidence of certain neurologic and psychiatric diseases as a consequence of mobbing as compared with a control group and to examine the possible influence of previous diseases that occurred within one year before the bullying took place (“index date”)."

MIT Librarians Just Threatened To Call MIT Police For A Tresspass If I Stay Longer Than Two Hours

(And it was done after I just got here. It was never mentioned before that 'theres been issues with me accidentally going over my time alottment. If I do go over two hours theyve just told me its time to go, no drama. Today they weren't nice about it. I've definitely been treated badly by the librarians that have been hired in the past few years. I still speak to the former ones who still work here and know me and they had always been nice. Ive been friendly with one longtime older female librarian for years.
I just had a tooth extracted a few hours ago...this isn't helping.)

My relations with MIT and Harvard has degenerated over the past year and I really don't understand what's going on.

Many years ago certain librarians in Hayden were blocking my writing this blog in Hayden Library but some students approached me and told me that no one should stop me from saying what I wanted to say or interfere with my right to say it. They seemed familiar with my work. That's when I sought out other libraries to use and did so without difficulty for years.

It seems my theory about the new administrations in Cambridge and Boston as well as other positions like Governor etc, seem to line up with the timing of my becoming less tolerated as an activist and houseless Traveler in this area.
There could possibly be an element of baiting going on.

Im sure MIT believes its infallible. There's always been a nasty anti activist segment here but that would be normal considering this institution's close ties to the military industrial complex and other elitist institutions.
Ive been angry in the past and made posts with my atypical careless crass style which for a time had become a sort of signature character. Nowadays however it seems you really need to watch what you say and the language you use.

Ive asked for the head of the library but lately the way these things are going why bother? I don't feel good anyway. It's discouraging.

These actions as well as what Harvard has done seem to be focused on keeping radicals off of campus. It almost seems it's to ensure that no true dissident is seen or heard or experienced by the student body of these types of institutions.

It may stem from the recent (and scary) 'safe spaces' movement where free speech only can exist in 'free speech' zones. I had overheard two Harvard female students discussing that my work is considered hate speech etc.

It could be diversionary methods from certain citizens who dont want to take responsibility for thier part in US war crimes both overseas and domestically. Unfortunately college campuses are full of desperate, whining Millennials who are afraid they cant get jobs to keep thier iPhones who could care less about drone strikes but will fall for other diversions of what's trendy to protest or care about politically.

There have been no protests against drone strikes or automated warfare- something MIT makes money off of in the long run as they receive huge amounts of govt funding for air, sea, space, ground research and education. They've been eerily cozy with GE.

These institutions used to be fair in that they tolerated dissent. Now they have become completely greedy and self serving. Which means the system has become totally corrupt and unhealthy as it refuses to tolerate dissdent agianst it that questions or tests it as an institution or a part of the establishment.

GE is moving the Boston and that will add to Raytheon, Lockheed Martin as well as Boston Dynamics and some Big Pharma thats also just moved in.

I can't stand when people who didn't go to such an institution such as MIT but simply work there decide to mob someone who's outside the mainstream. I always picture medieval peasants with pitchforks and torches in an angry mob.

I may have been able to attend MIT if my life had been different.

The librarians who work here that have come on recently dont seem to have the good character or disposition of those from years past.

Which makes me simply return to the early days of the blog when after getting harassed by librarians in Hayden trying to censor my work by denying me access to Blogger-a few hackers or at least people who believed in me sat next to me and told me not to be intimidated into stopping what I was doing. To be intimidated into not saying what I had to say, that I had a right to say it.

BTW I want to thank a certain librarian for supporting me for all these years- an older, civil rights era black woman who always renewed my faith in humanity with her civility and appreciation of my work even though we never discussed it outright-I spare people I like the risk of being compromised.
Becuz she remembers the real struggle. She recalls when feminism wasnt about screwing over poor women who were a threat to the system but helping them. (I'm very soured about what was allowed to happen to The Women's Center recently). I like to think Shes from an era where activists were savvy enough to know the difference between true dissent and whats out there now thats perhaps being guided ultimately by special interests.

Its the real people who help true dissent along. Theres just a surplus of cowardly, sheeple now that makes gaining headway or changing things at all near impossible.

Id be play smug too towards someone easy to pick on if I knew that I paid obably would never to attend the college I work at...nor go up against it either.

Also the MIT police used to be cool with me. But like I posted as of the last few years I either dont see them at all now or it seems there's some issue from them.

These actions lately ALWAYS have to involve getting police called. Its a very recent form of intimidation and often seems to involve baiting.
It's chilling to read that prison or jail is en vogue in anti dissident/activist actions all around the country recently even Canada for past few years now.

Being houseless it seems there are less and less places to sleep or hang out safely. Less and less places to use the computer and this has been nationwide over the past few years. One theory is that since OCCUPY authorities as well as the public may have realized that there are medium to high functioning smart people in the homeless sub culture that are capable of contributing to a political movement if there is structure and some loose provisions of basic needs. (Thus the 'End Homelessness' policies started by Obama as well as even our own mayor of Boston etc.)

Conspiracy theorists have pointed to mobbing, isolation and torture as contributing to lone shooters or any extremists. Possibly frustrated people who have been tortured and have had enough indignity for one lifetime. (I of course am impervious to anything lol this and have never fallen for baiting in my ten years as an activist and theorist...well except for the distasteful McDs debacle. Lesson learned.)
Its typical during this administration as lone shootings have risen dramatically.
Many people believe Obamabots often live in denial of their messiah's more sinister side.

One extreme theory is that in order to push gun control laws it seems Barry is going to cause as much trouble as he can before he leaves office.

It's not surpsuring that one of the main portly horrors behind the library counter can be seen wearing black and red regularly as well as acting as if Im the anti Christ in the flesh in the way she talks to me as much as possible. Hey everyone needs scape goats and diversions right now.

(I cant believe that Obama's Harvard yearbook actually says he was born in Kenya. No one noticed? Hmph. )

Monday, February 1, 2016

From Psy Ops To NeuroWar-International Studies Association

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"Biochemical Neuroweapons

Most of the publicly available information about offensive neuroweapons currently relates to the
potential use of biochemical agents as incapacitants and potentially for otherwise influencing the
behavior of an adversary. A frequently cited case is the use of the chemical fentanyl by the FSB
during the Moscow theatre siege in October 2002. The chemicals were intended to put the
Chechen terrorists to sleep, which also killed 128 hostages (out of over eight hundred) because of
a delayed and wrong medical emergency response.26 What is particularly interesting is that the
use of fentanyl was not internationally condemned as a violation of the Chemical Weapons
Convention, which suggests that governments consider the use of biochemical incapacitants as
legal. There could be a range of new neuropharmaceuticals under development that could
produce relatively predictable behavioral effects. One biochemical agent that seems to have
caught the interest of the military is the neurohormone oxytocin, which is naturally produced by
the brain and stimulates love or trust. Oxytocin could be used for manipulating adversaries into
(temporarily) trusting us and thereby reduce the occurrence of resistance. The U.S. military even
investigated the possibility of a ‘gay bomb’, which was meant to distract enemy forces by
inducing sexual arousal and disrupt morale.27 Even a ‘zombie bomb’ is imaginable: the alkaloid
drug scopolamine is known for putting people exposed to it in a highly suggestible state, in
which they lose their free will.28 Jonathan Moreno seems to be also concerned about future ‘brain
targeted bioweapons’ that could alter behavior. Microbiologists have recently discovered mind-
controlling parasites that can manipulate the behavior of their hosts according to their needs by
switching genes on or off.29 Since human behavior is at least partially influenced by their
genetics, nonlethal behavior modifying genetic bioweapons could thus be, in principle, possible.

25 Ibid.
26 David A. Koplow, Non-lethal Weapons: The Law and Policies of Revolutionary Technologies for the Military..."

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This is why I cant use my paid for nice gear in Cambridge or Providence city limits. This is why I have to leave this area.

No one is listening to claims of this kind either not the doctors especially and I dont know if the CDC or state BOH even took heed of my writing to them. They want to hear from doctors.

6 New Weapons Used To Subdue Unarmed People

Believe me, Targets KNOW the possibilities for abuse or misuse of such technologies.

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