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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Harvard U PD Seems To Have A History Of Harassment-With Help Of Student Body

So it seems with all the 'Diversity' training and community sensitivity and other PC whatever, they've moved on from victimizing People Of Color to poor, middle aged, Caucasian female dissidents.
With the assistance of Harvard students of course as the article clearly reads.
That hasnt changed.

You see a leopard never changes its spots. It only learns to hide them and that depends on circumstances I suppose. Like whos in office. Exit Healey enter whoever pulls the strings now and its off of race onto class or gender or age.

Depends what bullshit politics the intelligentsia are feeding the kids I suppose.

Becuz the elite always have to victimize SOMEONE. They just keep rearranging whom that is-so no one notices or cares or theres no consequences.

And always remember that police are tools of much bigger powerful forces.

No matter how much they flex their little muscles I will always know their place on the chess board. They wont bring me down to the level of one whos concerned with police affairs.

They are going to have to bring their Napolean complex else where.

I dont duel with the help generally. Its not going to start now.

Looks as if the elitist animals in Harvard and their rabid guard dogs are obsessed with mobbing me and harassing me to suit their political ends recently.

Its terribly obvious that the olde money was right-lower types HAVE ruined the Ivy League from within.

Should have moved to the Cape when all the old blood did.

New money loves to analyze the Mona Lisa...and talk about it. Publicly in loud, psuedo well bred voices, reminiscent of 80s Valley Girl speak to sound intelligent.

Then out of resentment they throw it to their animals who carelessly tear it apart.

Becuz after all their analysis, study and discussion-they still can't paint one themselves.

Say Bye Bye my color by number friends. Im removing myself from the picture.

You got what you wanted.

But be careful what you wish for. I wouldn't expect people with money to understand the long term consequences that the long time truly wealthy have always known.

Harvard and its surroundings are metaphysical. You cant just alter it artificially to suite your selfish whims.

What do you expect from people who live by the understanding of only cyber reality?

Thats not reality. Theres more than just science and technology to the world around us.

Best of luck.

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