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Friday, February 5, 2016

MIT Librarians Just Threatened To Call MIT Police For A Tresspass If I Stay Longer Than Two Hours

(And it was done after I just got here. It was never mentioned before that 'theres been issues with me accidentally going over my time alottment. If I do go over two hours theyve just told me its time to go, no drama. Today they weren't nice about it. I've definitely been treated badly by the librarians that have been hired in the past few years. I still speak to the former ones who still work here and know me and they had always been nice. Ive been friendly with one longtime older female librarian for years.
I just had a tooth extracted a few hours ago...this isn't helping.)

My relations with MIT and Harvard has degenerated over the past year and I really don't understand what's going on.

Many years ago certain librarians in Hayden were blocking my writing this blog in Hayden Library but some students approached me and told me that no one should stop me from saying what I wanted to say or interfere with my right to say it. They seemed familiar with my work. That's when I sought out other libraries to use and did so without difficulty for years.

It seems my theory about the new administrations in Cambridge and Boston as well as other positions like Governor etc, seem to line up with the timing of my becoming less tolerated as an activist and houseless Traveler in this area.
There could possibly be an element of baiting going on.

Im sure MIT believes its infallible. There's always been a nasty anti activist segment here but that would be normal considering this institution's close ties to the military industrial complex and other elitist institutions.
Ive been angry in the past and made posts with my atypical careless crass style which for a time had become a sort of signature character. Nowadays however it seems you really need to watch what you say and the language you use.

Ive asked for the head of the library but lately the way these things are going why bother? I don't feel good anyway. It's discouraging.

These actions as well as what Harvard has done seem to be focused on keeping radicals off of campus. It almost seems it's to ensure that no true dissident is seen or heard or experienced by the student body of these types of institutions.

It may stem from the recent (and scary) 'safe spaces' movement where free speech only can exist in 'free speech' zones. I had overheard two Harvard female students discussing that my work is considered hate speech etc.

It could be diversionary methods from certain citizens who dont want to take responsibility for thier part in US war crimes both overseas and domestically. Unfortunately college campuses are full of desperate, whining Millennials who are afraid they cant get jobs to keep thier iPhones who could care less about drone strikes but will fall for other diversions of what's trendy to protest or care about politically.

There have been no protests against drone strikes or automated warfare- something MIT makes money off of in the long run as they receive huge amounts of govt funding for air, sea, space, ground research and education. They've been eerily cozy with GE.

These institutions used to be fair in that they tolerated dissent. Now they have become completely greedy and self serving. Which means the system has become totally corrupt and unhealthy as it refuses to tolerate dissdent agianst it that questions or tests it as an institution or a part of the establishment.

GE is moving the Boston and that will add to Raytheon, Lockheed Martin as well as Boston Dynamics and some Big Pharma thats also just moved in.

I can't stand when people who didn't go to such an institution such as MIT but simply work there decide to mob someone who's outside the mainstream. I always picture medieval peasants with pitchforks and torches in an angry mob.

I may have been able to attend MIT if my life had been different.

The librarians who work here that have come on recently dont seem to have the good character or disposition of those from years past.

Which makes me simply return to the early days of the blog when after getting harassed by librarians in Hayden trying to censor my work by denying me access to Blogger-a few hackers or at least people who believed in me sat next to me and told me not to be intimidated into stopping what I was doing. To be intimidated into not saying what I had to say, that I had a right to say it.

BTW I want to thank a certain librarian for supporting me for all these years- an older, civil rights era black woman who always renewed my faith in humanity with her civility and appreciation of my work even though we never discussed it outright-I spare people I like the risk of being compromised.
Becuz she remembers the real struggle. She recalls when feminism wasnt about screwing over poor women who were a threat to the system but helping them. (I'm very soured about what was allowed to happen to The Women's Center recently). I like to think Shes from an era where activists were savvy enough to know the difference between true dissent and whats out there now thats perhaps being guided ultimately by special interests.

Its the real people who help true dissent along. Theres just a surplus of cowardly, sheeple now that makes gaining headway or changing things at all near impossible.

Id be play smug too towards someone easy to pick on if I knew that I paid obably would never to attend the college I work at...nor go up against it either.

Also the MIT police used to be cool with me. But like I posted as of the last few years I either dont see them at all now or it seems there's some issue from them.

These actions lately ALWAYS have to involve getting police called. Its a very recent form of intimidation and often seems to involve baiting.
It's chilling to read that prison or jail is en vogue in anti dissident/activist actions all around the country recently even Canada for past few years now.

Being houseless it seems there are less and less places to sleep or hang out safely. Less and less places to use the computer and this has been nationwide over the past few years. One theory is that since OCCUPY authorities as well as the public may have realized that there are medium to high functioning smart people in the homeless sub culture that are capable of contributing to a political movement if there is structure and some loose provisions of basic needs. (Thus the 'End Homelessness' policies started by Obama as well as even our own mayor of Boston etc.)

Conspiracy theorists have pointed to mobbing, isolation and torture as contributing to lone shooters or any extremists. Possibly frustrated people who have been tortured and have had enough indignity for one lifetime. (I of course am impervious to anything lol this and have never fallen for baiting in my ten years as an activist and theorist...well except for the distasteful McDs debacle. Lesson learned.)
Its typical during this administration as lone shootings have risen dramatically.
Many people believe Obamabots often live in denial of their messiah's more sinister side.

One extreme theory is that in order to push gun control laws it seems Barry is going to cause as much trouble as he can before he leaves office.

It's not surpsuring that one of the main portly horrors behind the library counter can be seen wearing black and red regularly as well as acting as if Im the anti Christ in the flesh in the way she talks to me as much as possible. Hey everyone needs scape goats and diversions right now.

(I cant believe that Obama's Harvard yearbook actually says he was born in Kenya. No one noticed? Hmph. )

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