Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship

Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship
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What Furture Will Be If We Keep Supporting Companies Like Boston Dynamics (Minus The Stupid Ending)

Ok so this is obviously the atypical British ideals of quests, knights, Holy Grail (beer at World's End) and anarchy which is the ending of this movie. It's pretty cool and a bit funny til the World's End pub scene where drunk guys defend humanity's ridiculous shortcomings and the intergalactic order destroys the area in an oddly disorderly, messy dramatic explosion. Can't say I didn't like the homeless community living scenes with zero tech.



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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sites To View That Will Immediately Improve Morale-Celebrity Death and Plastic Surgery Pics

View them as graphic and realistic as you can stand.

Look up 'celebrity death photos' or whatever kind work. Accident scenes old and new. Whatever.

The point is that THEY ARE DEAD-YOU ARE ALIVE.

That should change up your head space and mental, emotional positioning.
Gang Stalking keeps Targets in a constant state of kept down non existence in society.
We live in the leading nation in the whole world and we have to live like peasant.

We are total victims of gross abuses of power.

As you look at the bodies and research suspect deaths you realize these people are just flesh.
They can be destroyed.
They perish.

Many of the deaths are obvious foul play. The shadow system behind celebrity. Conditions we know well that we live under everyday.

Especially if the perps make you feel small and you get constantly hit with reminders of how your life has been destroyed and they've wasted the best years of your life.
And if you've had alot of entertainment or other high profile people doing psych warfare through Media Psy Ops.

They dont truly have power.

They die.

The plastic surgery photos show us that who we percieve we are dealing with is not truly what's there.

They are fakes. Products of an industry.

Fuck them. Its all nepotism or TIs being kept from their own abilities assets and talents due to some power mongers' agenda(s).
Hope this helps.

Finding ways to strengthen our minds and re center ourselves is key.

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