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Friday, February 5, 2016

My Tooth Extraction-Example Of People Restoring A TIs Faith In Humanity

The kind of deadly sheep who passive AGGRESSIVELY threatened me today at the Rotch library in MIT the new scum who have gotten librarian jobs there nowadays they want to take away any victory i had today by finally being brave enuf to take care of a tooth that needed pulling (or long drawn out expensive process of crowning).

The  African American female at the front desk who made me comfortable enough to come back to get this taken care of. It took two days but I finally made myself do it.

(This is a dental school where in 2008 I was intimidated out of getting any dental care at all by staff accusing me of stealing a large piece of equipment from the facility. Even though I had been sitting there all day. It was still Bush and real scum neocons were on the board of directors at that time.)

The great Jewish emergency doctor wearing a Yamuka that was pleasant to talk to and even tried to advocate for my other options than extraction to his superiors.

Yes other staff in the emergency area did gesturing but it was mild, infrequent and didn't interfere with my care.

The wonderful African American resident who stepped in with two students I wasnt sure about and just plucked the tooth right out.
I was shaking due to the past abuses from dentists.

She did what docs are supposed to do:
Good or at least Do No Harm.

Oaths arent legally binding and GS gets better opportunities...then why do oaths or craft exist?

Becuz some people know the true value of such things. Pure gold.

So as you can see GS is simply keeping a Target surrounded by a group of really ignorant sheep type who easily  mob outsiders or designated enemies or people whos job it is to constantly make the Target's environment as negative as possible daily.

Partially good van be done by people who can afford it as vulnerable people are easily comprimised and given horrible alternatives to NOT going along with corruption-like MY life as an example. Lol.

Its also that docs get into medicine as their nature is that of people who want to help or heal. Theres much very wrong with the amount of evil pieces of shit in all professions that have been hiding out and terrorizing people since 2002 in this country specifically the northeast.

So the blacks they send to interact with you, the Israelis, the Asians the poor whites, the YUPpies-they aren't real people. They are comprimised scum or maybe they posess an evil nature...but  not evil enough to be independent of a mob of total jerk offs who are powerless as individuals.

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