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Sunday, February 14, 2016

WIRED Magazine Blog 'Danger Room' Has Discontinued It Seems

Danger Room was a blog that I have on my blog list that had given people like Targeted Individuals alot of fast information about what was going on in the world of the military industrial complex and focused on new technologies.

Whats interesting is that this blog seems to have writers who moved on and many of my other blogs I relied on from TIs are also slowing down considerably or have discontinued altogether.

Its a bit like being left alone in a desert and thats kind of whats been happening much of where I travel to  in the USA anyway definitely major cities and certainly my home area of metro Boston.

Its as if what was begun during Bush in earnest no longer matters. Like some takeover of our culture and the country is complete. Like TI activism doenst matter anymore. As if Targeted Individuals arent relevant.

Ive seen this before where many of the people who worked around a city in a certain environment during a specific time period have left around the same time, like troops being pulled out of a war zone.

Ive posted about this as there was a big move like this a few years ago. It seems to reflect phases the system is going through and each operation has certain people part of it.

Since everything is militarized now anyway and Ive heard 9-11 described as a military coup its not far fetched to say that we live in a military dictatorship. With the use of mass mind control one wouldnt realize what it is exactly. That its total rule over the people.

The problem Im encountering is that people generally no longer seem to care. The kids coming to the colleges now around here anyway are either totally into harassing Targets or they are oblivious to the fact anything was ever wrong or worth fighting against to begin with.

It feels like activism on this has disappeared or at least that is the impression actively fighting TIs are supposed to get which might be a phase to finish us off or shut us down completely which isnt hard as many of us exist in controlled environments due to being stalked and harassed or targeted 24-7.

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