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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

There Is A Claim on the Sec 12 that An Email Threat Is Involved

The paperwork says that a threatening email was sent to Harvard PD saying I was going to "stab or hurt officers".

My phone was stolen out of a McDonalds bathroom around the 9th of February. Its locked but I guess it could be a source. I use public computers also and one email is publicly listed on this blog.

Since I always carry a knife for utilitarian purposes traveling this suites their purposes for a frame up. The cops took the knife so the doctor cant look at it which makes no sense in determing my sanity or safety.  Its a dinky walmart knife. The one that costs  $1.67. Every Traveler knows this knife its a joke becuz its like the cheapest knife you can buy anywhere.

The doctor claims part of his assessment is that the circumstances I came in under were "bizarre"- that there was a claim of an email threat including a knife and the cops stopped me late last night and took my knife from me!
I informed him that its standard procedure for police to ask about sharps and weapons then hold them during questioning or confiscate them during an arrest.
How is that bizarre?
Everyone knows I have a knife. The cops who searched and questioned me months ago joked with me about it. Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter had ruined my knives as I posted by putting them in a sharps container.
Other people who work for the city in authority know I carry a knife. Its common knowledge. I only pull it out for a utilitarian purpose and NEVER that often in the city becuz I know people nowadays especially might find it scary. Its an urban environment its not like when you're traveling.

Since they cant reach anyone on a weekend Im going to be transfered to another hospital.

That is where the true risk will begin becuz I will probably spend days trying to avoid getting harassed in a closed environment. If they can get that out of me they will be able to take action that puts me in danger like medicate me or isolate me so this is now the real challenge.

The police approached me with a totally different story. They never mentioned an email. And if they had such a claim on paperwork to section me why did they bother to question me with a different scenario?

Of course I must remember the officer's defense in advance: thats hearsay.

Did they talk to lawyers before they set this up?

This is another reason a new administration is not in my best interest in this area. People arent familiar with me or my character as before. These claims may be easier to pull over on people who dont know me.

Also the people that remain in Harvard street scene now are pretty sketchy. Its alot of chronic drunks and people who are easily comprimised becuz they are in trouble with the law.

And why would I jeopardize my years of hard work with such an email?  Emails take time to compose and send. You'd have time to think this was not a good idea lol. Besides Im too busy with my writing and trying to work on my project to write a violent email to anyone.

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