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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, February 1, 2016

From Psy Ops To NeuroWar-International Studies Association

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"Biochemical Neuroweapons

Most of the publicly available information about offensive neuroweapons currently relates to the
potential use of biochemical agents as incapacitants and potentially for otherwise influencing the
behavior of an adversary. A frequently cited case is the use of the chemical fentanyl by the FSB
during the Moscow theatre siege in October 2002. The chemicals were intended to put the
Chechen terrorists to sleep, which also killed 128 hostages (out of over eight hundred) because of
a delayed and wrong medical emergency response.26 What is particularly interesting is that the
use of fentanyl was not internationally condemned as a violation of the Chemical Weapons
Convention, which suggests that governments consider the use of biochemical incapacitants as
legal. There could be a range of new neuropharmaceuticals under development that could
produce relatively predictable behavioral effects. One biochemical agent that seems to have
caught the interest of the military is the neurohormone oxytocin, which is naturally produced by
the brain and stimulates love or trust. Oxytocin could be used for manipulating adversaries into
(temporarily) trusting us and thereby reduce the occurrence of resistance. The U.S. military even
investigated the possibility of a ‘gay bomb’, which was meant to distract enemy forces by
inducing sexual arousal and disrupt morale.27 Even a ‘zombie bomb’ is imaginable: the alkaloid
drug scopolamine is known for putting people exposed to it in a highly suggestible state, in
which they lose their free will.28 Jonathan Moreno seems to be also concerned about future ‘brain
targeted bioweapons’ that could alter behavior. Microbiologists have recently discovered mind-
controlling parasites that can manipulate the behavior of their hosts according to their needs by
switching genes on or off.29 Since human behavior is at least partially influenced by their
genetics, nonlethal behavior modifying genetic bioweapons could thus be, in principle, possible.

25 Ibid.
26 David A. Koplow, Non-lethal Weapons: The Law and Policies of Revolutionary Technologies for the Military..."

You mean like the crap that STICKS TO SURFACES and CLOTHING so you keep catching it, that seems to reach up inside the female organs AND CAUSES AROUSAL so one's Will is weakened or morale is by sexual arousal as well as its distracting as hell AND THE CONSTANT PRESENCE OF PAIN inside the female organs is distracting and definitely DISRUPTS MORALE."

This is why I cant use my paid for nice gear in Cambridge or Providence city limits. This is why I have to leave this area.

No one is listening to claims of this kind either not the doctors especially and I dont know if the CDC or state BOH even took heed of my writing to them. They want to hear from doctors.

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