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Friday, February 26, 2016

Ive Found Special Meaning In David Bowie's Last Work. Others Should Find What They Can Out Of It.
My farewell to Harvard area after what they've done to me over the past two years.

But now I realize that its all been on purpose.
This is what the little snot rich kids meant on FB when they'd make fun of me by mentioning something about a "sacrificial lamb".
A lady I stayed with in AZ in 2007 mentioned the same phrase also.
Occult Symbolism In Bowie's Work.

If my theory is correct, for my situation anyway-THIS should be the "solitary candle". Maybe:
(The light in the Memorial Church steeple not the lamp).

Ive always noted that UC Berkeley has a very similar steeple and single flame on their campus.

Lucifer, Ive always thought. 

The one in Harvard actually looks like a pharaoh's crown.  Its very disturbing.

"Gangstar"  at first I thought 'gangster' but he's got this other video  The Stars Are Out Tonight. It could very easily be construed these stars in that vid are gang stalkers. Watch the video. Pretty interesting.

Theres other things in Blackstar I wont mention.  The references along with decoding occult symbolism-I get the basics.

I almost ended up like Diana lets just leave it at that...and I still could. At least now its clear whats going on.

I find the music in the Blackstar song disturbing. 
I also could be taking it positively when its supposed to be negative. 
I did use his video Heroes on this blog and it got attention to be referenced in a tv crime show. 
I did not like the album cover for The Next Day but perhaps thats also something that needed to be said. 

There are some sympathetic industry people out there. I think.

At first I was annoyed by Lazarus but..its good advice.  Constructive criticism perhaps that I needed to see. 

I suppose....thank you Bowie. David Jones. 

Im hoping he faked his death and hes alive somewhere else or even underground in special quarters made for the rich to survive whats coming from Fukushima etc.

Now that I can sense others have watched it and arent hearing it in a threatning way, it doenst sound scary anymore in my perception.
Sadly I can now hear that he did NOT sound good recording this. I can hear the weakness now of his voice.

I hope I can be as brave when my time comes.
A bit about Bowie's experiences. Perhaps he was targeted also.

“Once I found him f***ing a singer called Claudia Lennear. That’s when I realised I was hanging on to our marriage by my fingertips.”

"..I do have memories that I hate. David had started living largely in the dark, in the company of the other coke freaks.

I remember one occasion, when we got him back, when he looked at a photograph of us taken in happier times and freaked right out. He told us in his terror- stricken tremor that my arm circling his waist was black. In his scheme of things that meant that the witches were going to kill me to get to him.”
(David Bowie and Ex Wife Angie)

“I agreed, and it was there (Switzerland) that he asked me to divorce him. It was very cruel.

In the settlement he would not allow it to be said that I had ever helped him with anything, which wasn’t true. But I was erased, airbrushed from his life.

He told his people to destroy all of the pictures of us, and they destroyed them. I even heard that he fired anyone who mentioned my name afterwards.

He was always generous when we were together, so I have no idea why he turned on me. But I was punished twice. I’d lost both my job and my family.”

"According to Marc Spitz’s 2010 Bowie: A Biography, Bowie was “obsessed with using occult magic to attain success and protect himself from demonic forces.”

"Bowie: "My other fascination was with the Nazis and their search for the Holy Grail. ... I paid with the worst manic depression of my life. … My psyche went through the roof, it just fractured into pieces."

"At his wit’s end, Bowie reached out to Cherry Vanilla, a former employee of Bowie’s management company MainMan.....Cherry Vanilla verified the connection between Bowie and a “white witch”....the term is intended to distinguish witches whose effects are “good” and “evil”—who would purify his living premises. “He had this whole thing about these black girls who were trying to get him to impregnate them to make a devil baby,” says Vanilla. “He asked me to get him a white witch to take this curse off of him."

)))))!"I remember one occasion, when we got him back, when he looked at a photograph of us taken in happier times and freaked right out. He told us in his terror- stricken tremor that my arm circling his waist was black. In his scheme of things that meant that the witches were going to kill me to get to him.” ((((

Maybe fame and being part of a powerful isnt worth the trade off.

I respect the experiences of these people and am grateful for the wisdom.

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