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Monday, February 15, 2016

So It Seems I Was Set Up Again Two Summers In A Row Now Since New Admins Took Office

So Ive never been in trouble the entire time Ive been writing this blog. No arrests no losing it.

Suddenly a new admin takes power in multiple positions state wide and the first summer Im all.of a sudden being harassed so intensely or whatever else was being done and I defend myself by writing in marker on the side of a McDonald's "RACIST n#ggers and spics work here!" ??

Then Im told that this summer WHILE I WAS AWAY IN RHODE ISLAND that a witness tipped off the FBI that I had a gun,  and was either bragging I was going to shoot up the police OR shoot up the Harvard campus (the Harvard police cant seem to decide which. I guess only the FBI have the correct accusation) and I also bragged I was being paid to shoot up the Harvard campus-in the scenerio which I was first told about when questioned and searched.

I was recently told by a Harvard policeman that there was a Be On The Lookout for mw due to this info from the FBI. Uh..but he thought it was becuz I threatened to shoot up the police. And he also at first said there was a warrant for my arrest then when I asked why I wasn't in jail he changed his story.

How could I threaten the police with a gun in Cambridge if I was away all summer?

Its interesting that he nervously asked where I was all summer.

Which means they realize that's a weak point in the frame up.

But the cop was scolding me to watch what I say to people and pressing the witness was credible as if to intimate I had made threats when I said I didn't.

And that doesnt even make sense becuz the original tip was that I HAD A GUN in my possession. That I had bragged about getting paid to do it.

And it was supposedly an anonymous tip. Now this cop claims it was just someone saying I SAID THINGS not witnessed a weapon being present also he claimed the witness was credible.

I thought it was an anonymous tip??

The harassment here is so bad and other things making the environment hard to function in I cant even put simple logic together.

that's more nights than Ive been inside in a very long time.

This all occured to me in a shower. I couldnt think straight to reason or put things together before now.

What these people are doing is just framing me up and then having me harassed intensely every day so it just piles up and gets worse.

The ACLU seems to have taken my case just becuz of this isolated incident which is all I care about. I dont want to not be able to leave the USA.  

I should have gotten a protection order years ago. I dont even want to fight with this locally becuz its so over the top ridiculous that it would be an indignity to respond. Ive had enough indignities over the past 16 years.

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