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Saturday, February 20, 2016

So....It Seems Im Once Again Accused Of Domestic Terrorism (and was sectioned by the very dept I am going to the ACLU about)

Im not even going to go into the details. Except for when the police came for me last night they questioned me about making threats and intimated it came from "whoever you had the interaction with" in the Holyoke center a few days ago.

They then said they were there to determine if  I needed to be sectioned when in fact there was already paperwork made out.

They also claimed that the section 12 was written up by "a doctor working with the state".
Only in the emergency room did they reveal that the Harvard University Police Dept were who sectioned me.

This is right after I went to the ACLU today in relation to the domestic terrorism tip and police involvement.

The police's reaponse to their manipulating or altering information during this interaction was "its all hearsay".

So they actually pre defended themselves while manipulating the hell out of the situation last night.

They probably believe Im so marginalized and isolated at this point that this is easy for them.

They were extremely arrogant and dismissive concerning my explaining I was working with the ACLU and that was what I was talking to the officer about a few days ago. All I had to do was mention it and this one officer said "You can mention the ACLU all you want".
Well if you ask me a question...

They caught me off guard and flashed lights in my face. This strobe light for some reason probably part of psych warfare becuz this entire scenerio was psychological warfare.

Its annoying to think that I was one week from leaving MA so I could continue to work on my book (which Ive begun to make headway on again) and basically get away from this area due to how intolerant its become in the past two years.

I think a lawyer is in order as the ACLU is taking too long.

The staff at the hospital are ok. The doc seems decent. My nurse is a total bitch and haa been trying to get me agitated by being an obnoxious mean unprofessional menace for the entire duration. Im ignoring her.

BTW I have nothing but friendly interactios with police of all kinds around the area I even chat with a few when I see them. Ive even made nice with one of the cops who had been......difficult in relation to my activism.

Menino taught me that. Make friends of enemies.

I try but some people are just determined to have things their way and I cant control that.
But no ones going to control me either.

I also will say once agsin that my position has always been support of police since Ferguson and the NYC police situation with the mayor.  Ive never engaged in any protests nor any kind of anti police activity.

My mother's cousin is a detective on the Waltham MA police force. Both her parents were US Marines. Why would I harm police officers?

I have no record of doing so nor violent activity.

Im a woman why would I find male police officers that threatening? I grew up with a single parent who was a tall strong woman. I never had a father in my home.  Why would I be threatened in such a manner?

Also my mother had mulitple friends and acquaintances that were police related or EMTs.

Ive worked too hard these many years to be reduced to some two bit petty cop hater. I dont exactly fit the type found on shows like C.O.P.s. And I wont be lowered to that either.

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