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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Certain Parts Of Govt Law Enforcement Have Extensive Surveillance Capabilities/Does Your Harassment Correlate With FBI Juristictions?


How the Government Uses Location Data from Mobile Apps
Published November 19, 2015 | By emptywheel

FBI Juristictions Nationwide:

When I was just looking this stuff up and researching it the gesturing harassment dropped and interface halted. It was like a major drop in activity.

Also people standing in the train station as I entered the turnstile, I could feel I was being watched.

I turned and those people looked very worried. Worried indeed.

Theres NO harassment on this train except for a clap or two and someone snapping their gum. In a group of young people thats feasible as totally random.

Most of all you can feel SOMEONE'S blood run cold as I went over this stuff and posted it.

I think TIs can be confident that we've found major sources of some Target's harassment. Under cover stories most likely if that could apply to you.

The FBI have been a constant pain in the ass to dissidents like with COINTELPRO.

Their part in 9-11 is questionable. Ive even heard a story from locals near a 9-11 related site during the event that feds intimidated locals by telling them "You didnt see anything".

As for MK Ultra either they work on behalf of that scum by way of cover stories and frame ups...or this is a great ploy to take me off the trail of whos really responsible.

I have to say that when Im near military bases the harassment is much more overt and violent and its run like an operation in a battlefield. Either that or its other content like more MK Ultra black project type related stuff. And its alot more sympathetic towards me in nature (New Mexico) if its not all out war like I said (Arizona).

I highly doubt if the FBI is doing M.I.L.A.Bs but if they were I'd laugh my ass off.

The people Ive dealt with specifically in the northeast are the nastiest most vindictive, self righteous spoilt brats to EVER take part in covert warfare ANYWHERE.

Just by the tone and manner in which the fed has played games over the phone in short contacts before fits this exact type of people and characteristic of what Ive dealt with from that organization.

The militsry base areas arent spoiled rotten arrogant c#nts-they are effective, quick killers.

Which Id rather deal with anyday.

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