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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Domestic Terrorism False Tip Is Quite A Diversion From My Activism

So this latest diversion they've come up with so I am distracted from writing my book or doing anything related to my activism is still a concern.

They are so fuckin arrogat. After that Harvard cop casually questioned me the other day these kids coming into Holyoke as I was going out were acting like Im foolish for still being there. This has happened before DURING THIS NEW ADMINISTRATION. They pass by and convey the sentiment of havent I had enough and Im a fool for still being here.

Where would you little shits like me to go? If I leave now it looks like Im Actually guilty.

THESE ARE BUSH ERA TACTICS formerly used on me during post 9-11. I was told by someone in AZ that I never should have left Boston when I did becuz it made it look like I was running as if I was guilty of something. So it figures THERE WAS HARASSMENT TO GET ME TO LEAVE SO THIS WOULD BE THE DESIRED RESULT.

Why would I fall for that twice?  All this bullshit going on now is pure intimidation.

Be on the lookout for total bullshit.  I want to know what credible witness saw me with a gun. And why would you brag about being paid to shoot up Harvard campus? And who the fuck pays someone to shoot up a campus? It doenst even make any sense? The cops are playing games by changing the story and a lawyer I had for the last issue just the summer before that warned me never to trust them.

This is possible retaliation becuz I was going to file those photos I have of being stalked by that black detective car in east Cambridge with internal affairs.

Who ever is behind this desperately wants me to fight with them. Its like a smoke out operation.

Probably so they can discredit my work permanently before Obama leaves office. Whoever is doing this seems pressed for time according to  the presidential election. It seems...

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