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Nothing like co-opting the likes of Malcolm X crossed with a bit of preacher, who eerily resembles Anton LaVey to further the deception of Artificial Intelligence. Humans can't even preserve the natural environment provided for us that keeps our bodies nourished and healthy, why could be possibly be trusted to create life? It's becoming apparent that the future is going to branch off into two factions of people in the west or even globally-those who will buy into this enslavement and those who wish to live alternatively to that world being created.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Behavior Modification Praised By Christian-One Person Traumatizes You, Another Encourages You. GS!

This Christian whacked out idiot on the radio said
"Behavior modification is one person giving you a hard time then another encouraging you."

This obviously was ok in his sick mind becuz he didn't seem to condemn it. He sounded like a wanna be hard ass embracing it.

Thats all these idiots are doing. Messing up someone's mind in my case so I cant remember all these years of abuse or phone numbers or names or faces.

And the fake Christian scum who partake in this are getting truly disgusting.
I simply cannot take the recent switch to piousness and Christian values the African American COINTELPRO community has taken on recently.

Its way to much bullshit to shovel in a day.

If ever you get confused or fall into being brainwashed remember these people protect and support pedophile networks. Drug trade.
And the use of a system that covertly deprives humanity of true freewill , happiness, health, spirituality.

Mindless conformity based on torturing someone into submission as a means of making a person fit for society is not true peace.

This system denies human beings self determination. Free association. It denies humans their right to exist. Basic human rights.

Dont be fooled by the latest Christian disguise of this brainwashing, controlling system.

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