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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Microaggressions, Safe Spaces and Triggers Are All NWO Social Engineering

Ive been a Targeted Individual for years. Its college students who are perps who've been the most viscous and cruel through these years and they've done the opposite of political correctness and sensitivity.  Everything and anything about my history and background has been used to harass me.


This is all bullshit from the intelligence presences on campus! Ive been to campuses around the country. Not one is without such a network. Some were lenient or supportive of me and didn't bother me.

Many however did and they've gotten more intolerant and protective since OCCUPY.

Ive been harassed at many colleges and universities. By people who are students who look like any other student. Sometines Id be mobbed and the student leading it would have no sensitivity at all for anything about me or my background which is especially cruel considering my work is activism dealing with war crimes and civil and human rights violations.
Though its very gritty and day to day at times as I take readers through daily battles that is the purpose of what Im doing.

No matter what else they try to make this about its always based in MK Ultra and related issues.

Its interesting how this censors people but also creates such a climate of fear that no one will have any brass in their balls or grit to face the unpleasant truly pressing issues at hand. It keeps people busy.

After what Ive seen these many years I truly believe this is being done by the same people who do other kinds of covert warfare on behalf of the system.

They tried this at some of the OCCUPY camps I went to.
These fake ass mambi-pambi leftist libtard types who seemed like professional activists or activist groupies would show up and drag proceedings or meetings down with focusing on petty details or getting hung up on semantics.

Its all agent stuff from decades of practice since COINTELPRO first began. Sabotage and infiltrate. Provocateurs.

Its also coming from a country that will do anything to not answer for its warcrimes. Subconsciously I think young people sense that to keep America going this has to be a way of life.

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mej313 said...

IF the students who are attacking you are indeed actual, "real" students and not agents dressed as such, it may mean that the concept of you finding a college or university attractive is a threat to them. If you become "educated", i.e. have a degree, you are no longer a "homeless" non-entity but have some credential in their system. You may also "learn" some survival skills out of your education, and the aggression you experience may be a kind of mental diversion to make you cringe at the thought of attending a university. I recall you mentioning that you have considered getting a degree or attending a uni in some of your earlier posts. I think they want to discourage you, which means it's a GOOD sign and it might behoove you to reconsider your former dismissal of going to university, being that much more a part of their machine but it is not futile to attend college and I highly recommend taking a course in "The Scientific Method", or reading about the process of analysis because you are analytical and could produce more cogent and tangible ideas to your book from having studied a bit of this process, which might eliminate unnecessary detail or fodder to your dissection of this gang stalking process. I have found it helpful myself, in my Criminal Justice studies, in one of the mandatory courses on scientific research methodology. You might be much more of a threat if you got a degree, which is why the heat is upped at university settings, I believe.