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Monday, February 8, 2016

Boston Is Now A Major Tech Hub

So this really illustrates that the area is bought and sold. The last administrations were the end of old school Boston politics.

Btw downtown crossing isnt "gentrification resistant". They just have always made money off of prostitution, drugs and other vices. It's tied into the people who work in those stores. And if people think its seedy now YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT DECADES AGO.

It was seedy and fun then urban rot set in.

Good luck getting rid of the ethnic crime groups.

So what my focus should be is how everything thats sinister, war crimes, organized crime, elitism, nepotism, etc is filtering through this new culture that's here. Gentrification hides the same old rot.

From far away from here. Its definitely not a safe environment for an activist or victim witness of my type.

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